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Sotomayor Round-up: It’s about more than abortion

But if you are of child bearing age, stock up on Plan B.

Realistically, the Republicans have already won the Roe v. Wade battle.  Anthony Kennedy is persuadable, given the right case.  He nearly caved on Webster v. Casey back when Sandra Day O’Connor was on the bench.  She had to talk him out of it but it was touch and go for awhile there.  Kennedy only reluctantly agreed with her in the end.  There’s no Sandra Day around anymore but there are a whole lot more blustering, former altar boys on the bench.

Sotomayor may not be an Antonin Scalia but the sense I am getting from her is that she’s no Souter either.  I was stunned to learn from Gibbs that Obama never asked her what she thinks of Roe.  It’s probably because he doesn’t need to know.  It’s beneficial to both parties for Roe to stay on the books.  So, it’s likely that a test case like Webster will never come up again.  No, instead we will have more of the kind of cases where the right to have an abortion remains but the actuality of obtaining one is very difficult.  Maybe we’ll go back to the days of the early 70’s where you had to take a trip to New York.  And Sotomayor will probably be just fine with that.  It allows her a certain amount of cognitive dissonance.  She never has to outlaw it or condone it outright.  She can be technically pro-choice while being practically pro-life.

This doesn’t come as any surprise to those of us who followed Obama’s rhetoric on the subject last year.  It was above his paygrade to comment on it but any such decision needs a supermajority from all of your friends, family and religious authorities.  Women, you can’t do this by yourself.  Your eency-weency brains and underdeveloped sense of morality require the assistance of others wiser than you.  If you decide you want an abortion after all, they can shame you for being a wanton woman and if you decide to put the kid up for adoption they can call you heartless and non-maternal.  If you keep it, you will be a burden to your family.  Gosh, don’t you miss the olden days when it was everyone else’s business to know what is going on in your life and pass judgment on it?  I doubt that Obama appointed a truly pro-choice nominee because the evangelical base might desert him.  He’s not too worried about you 20 somethings.  I mean, where else are you going to go?  As long as he is also technically pro-choice, he’s going to be heads and tails better than any Republican, right?  Oh, right, they already have 5 votes to overturn Roe.  Funny, they had that *before* the 2008 election too.

I sure feel smart that I voted for the woman:

Sotomayor has accumulated a record on church-state issues, insurance cases and employment law.  I haven’t read everything and I don’t claim to understand all of it anyway.  But my sense is that she is very deferential to authority.  Maybe that’s why George H. W. Bush appointed her as a judge in the first place and why she was offered by the Democrats to the Republicans during the last administration.  It may very well be the case that her upbringing will have an impact on her judicial temperament but not in the way Republicans fear.  In fact, they almost seem to be playing tar-baby with Sotomayor.  What kind of person comes out of an ethnic, urban, working class, Catholic upbringing, who spent years in a parochial school and excelled at pleasing those paragons of virtue and authority, the formidable Catholic nun?  What kind of person does that produce?  I mean, other than Maureen Dowd and Chris Matthews?

Yeah, imagine Chris Matthews on the SCOTUS.  That’s Sotomayor.

90 Responses

  1. obama justice department dropped all charges against 3 black panthers who tried to obstruct voters on election day in philadelphia, what a guy, now, next time there will be 12 instead of 3 probably, yeah, we sure dont want to be able to vote

  2. That’s the clip where Imoan has an O-gasm on camera.

  3. Well, when you’re in the throes of ecstasy, it’s hard to think straight. She probably had a post coital headache.

    • I’m not familiar with those – all I have ever seen are the pre-coital type.

      (aka – “not tonight”)

      • Try brushing your teeth. See if that works.

      • Both of them?

      • you two are way too funny – have you considered a stand up career?

      • if brushing the two teeth doesn’t work, try talking to her in more than grunts during the day. You’d be amazed what actual conversation does for a woman’s feelings of affection.

        Oh wait, you aren’t my ex husband and probably don’t need that lecture. = )

      • What, grunting is not sexy? Man have I had it wrong all these years. That explains a lot.

  4. A black robed Tweety. Such a visual.

    • oh nooooooooooooo, I just thought of that judge who got caught with the penis pump under his bench. Apparently he used to get off while on the job.
      I am sorry but Tweety in a black rob is a horrifying picture. I’d hate to think what he would do with the tingle up his leg and his love of bush in a flight suit. What would be next?

  5. Well, actually that kind of background often produces rebellious, liberal, activist women who are sick of being pushed around.

    Not saying Sotomayor is one of them.

  6. I could never obey the nuns. Sotomayor has been married once. Maybe she knows life doesn’t work out perfectly. Maybe she has empathy. Of course, empathy can be extended to lots of things: failing corporations, tanking insurance companies, bankrupt automakers. Maybe I will send her Edith Stein’s dissertation on Empathy, written just as one of the world’s most cultured nations descended into barbarism and fascism.

    • Empathy can be directed to fetuses and withheld from children and adult women.

  7. With maybe a little Kwaanza and a dash of Ramadan for good measure?

    • good thing she didn’t mention any buddhist holidays which are based on celebrating wisdom beings (including my monthly favorite, dakini day)

  8. Sotomayor, Naomigasm, and the Black Panthers, all in one eyeful-yuck!

    On a cheerier note, Obama will announce his “Cyber-Czar” today-and I don’t think he picked myiq.

    • It will probably be Cass Sunstein. We may soon lose what’s left of our first amendment rights on the internet.

      • not sure, Dr. B (sounds good, no? 😉

        I’m guessing Sunstein is waiting in the wings to replace Sotomayor
        as the SJC nominee.

        • yes, I have speculated that he doesn’t exspect Sotomayor to get through. I think that he has a more conservative man (or maybe woman) up his sleeve. Though Sonia is probably too conservative for me and also to much of an activist.

    • WTF do we need a cyber czar for?

      • To protect the Obots from the likes of us of course.

      • stopping cyber sex?

      • To go after grandmothers and little kids doing evil things on the internet. I mention that because the majority of Obama’s justice department 2nd and 3rd tier picks have come from RIAA lawyers who have been terrorizing grandmothers and kids for years now.

        • I was going to wonder why he is so hot for those lawyers, but I am guessing that the music industry and those lawyers in particular spent a lot on Visa gift cards during the primaries.

        • My guess as well. They have no functioning business model any more, but they still have lots of money. So if they can buy the government to artificially keep them alive, it’s party time.

      • Controlling speech; limiting people’s ability connect, communicate, and plan; and monitoring dissent all necessitate controlling the internet.


        • Oh, no, I’m sure he’s appointing an internet czar to prevent presidential candidates from disabling the fraud devices on their campaign donation website…. not.

  9. “. . . What kind of person comes out of an ethnic, urban, working class, Catholic upbringing, who spent years in a parochial school and excelled at pleasing those paragons of virtue and authority, the formidable Catholic nun? What kind of person does that produce?. . .”

    That would be my mother and her sisters. They were Brooklyn born and raised, Depression era kids, daughters of a New York city cop; and they were all very, very Catholic. They were also very, very pro-choice. They grew up during times when abortions were illegal and none of them wanted to see those times return.

    The fire in their eyes was a wonder to behold whenever we’d talk about threats to overthrow Roe v. Wade. There was genuine rage in their souls. They did not want younger women to endure a return to such times.

    Being a devout Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights is not the contradiction that the Catholic church would like it to be.

    Long time lurker, briefly appearing for this post, then quickly vanishing back into lurkerdom.

    • Very true. More Catholics support the right to choose than the general population. They know what happens when you can’t control how many times you get pregnant.

      And please keep commenting!

    • I agree, but not totally. It isn’t really her pro-choice position that concerns me. Whether she is or not doesn’t change the fact that her vote is irrelevant. What does concern me is the deference to authority that I mentioned before. For every story of rebellious young women, we have instances of people already in power who cite their Catholic parochial school upbringing as being responsible for them not questioning authority. They admit to a mind limiting indoctrination of sorts. Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews talk about this openly. MoDo is a passive aggressive type. She wants to rebel but she doesn’t. Versailles loves her.
      Sotomayor was elevated to the bench by Bush 1. She had to have kissed some GOP butts to get there. She was offered as a SCOTUS nominee to Bush 2. She may not care for the unitary executive theory or torture. But I’m betting she would be fine and dandy with the business community.

      • SOD,

        Very interesting and no I hadn’t seen this. Thanks.

      • I’m a few years younger than Sotomayer and attended a Brooklyn Catholic school at the time she was in the Bronx. Many of the nuns were pretty cool then. They went back to using their real names and lost the ‘habits’. It was the era of Folk Masses and girl alter servers. In most city schools the girls and boys went to separate schools and learned leadership skills that helped them in the future.

    • MTC you are right. But I wonder if younger women feel that way now. They have no real memory of abortion being illegal and the church has stepped up it’s right wing brain washing trend. Bussing thousands of teen to DC every year for a pro-life march and rally horrifies me. Nothing like some brain washing.
      I also suspect that people who are politically ambitious are willing to play to the prejudice of the powerful to get ahead.

      • yes, and I still remember one of the full service women’s health doctors in Omaha Nebraska tell me about the time a very outspoken Catholic, active in the the Right to Life movement in Nebraska had him do a midnight abortion on her daughter so no one would find out about her personal feelings on choice. To this day, I wonder which one of them it was, but of course he couldn’t tell.

        • I live in a VERY catholic area if PA. No offense to catholics but sometimes it is a pleasure to be a protestant because I can say what I want and not have to worry about getting kicked out of communion (presbies have an open communion anyway, everyone is welcome).
          Once a man came in to my Rendell office in 2002. I was running a county office. He told me the local bishop would not like what I was doing working for Rendell. I had the pleasure of shocking him with “I don’t give a flying f*ck what Bishop Timlin thinks, I am a PROTESTANT, get out of my office”.
          The guy was so furious he slammed the door and kicked the walls. It gave me a lot of satisfaction.

        • Wow, that’s a bit disturbing that there is such strong arming. I’ve got you beat, I was raised neither Catholic nor Protestant, but instead in the middle way netherworld of the social club of the Anglican Communion (Episcopal). They still crack me up. Uh oh the Archbishop of Canterbury will not be pleased with me. 🙂

  10. I am in complete agreement with you on this one RD! I too spent a lot of time the past few days reading everything I could get my hands on about Sotomayor. I found many things that concern me greatly. Roe isn’t one of them. As RD pointed out SCOTUS has had the votes to overturn Roe since Alito was confirmed. They could have done it if they wanted to so why didn’t they?

    I was convinced that Obama wouldn’t nominate a true “liberal” to the court. I’m getting more concerned everytime he proves me right.

    And the women like Naomi Wolf disgust me beyond expression. I don’t like men that do all their thinking with their manly parts and I don’t like women with their little orgasmic thinking either.

    Between the ears people, lets get out from between the sheets and think with what we got between the ears!

    • somtimes I think the best thing that could happen to women’s future equality is for Roe to be overturned. It is going to take something like that to wake women, particularly young women up to the fact that they should be more loyal to women and the idea of women taking their share of the power in this country and world. I am disgusted with all democratic women who bashed Hillary and voted for Obama in the primaries.

      • Well, it’s hard now for most young women in rural or poor urban areas to get abortions without having money to go to bigger cities. If you can get your hands on money, you just have to travel to one or the reasonable states. They’ve basically created a hostile environment for clinics too. The only thing that is beginning to undue the damage is access to Plan B which is why they’re pushing for Pharmacists to not dispense it.

        • yup, but I imagine women who do not have access blame themselves for being poor…along with the guilt they probably feel at wanting an abortion anyway.
          I worked in a woman’s clinic in south florida. Several days a week a doctor would come in and perform abortions up to 14 weeks.
          My job was to teach them birth control and get them to form some sort of plan for a better birth control plan. You would be amazed how many women even have guilt about taking charge by competently using birth control and how many others told me they would lose their boy friends if they made them use condoms.
          This was in the mid 90s and I think things have only gotten worse.
          This time around, I suspect that women will have equipment and know how to use it. Plan B is great but doesn’t do much for a woman who is two months gone.

        • My daughter (the ob gyn resident) says that they can use regular birth control pills to do what Plan B does also.

  11. Ahmadinejad Suspected of Giving the Poor Potatoes for Votes

    i didnt know ACORN or maybe it’s called SPUDS were in Iran LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  12. I absolutely love that clip of Hillary. What intelligence and grace. And without a teleprompter.

    I am so sick of arguments about access to abortions in foreign countries. Why is there more concern for the plight of a possible future fetus in a thirld world country than there is for women anywhere? Why are we still supporting regimes that allow women to be beaten and murdered? But goddess forbid we allow abortion.

    Jeebus! Frickin! Criminey!

    • Not filled with rapid fire uh, uh, uh, uh, either. She didn’t have to search for thoughts, restart her sentences with a different subject mid-way because she finally found the words to change the subject and stop the uncomfortable line of questioning.

    • because women do not take the power they have with their votes and do something with it. We allow the democratic party to take us for granted.

      • I know more women who would be ashamed to be identified as a feminist than I know (in person) who are feminist.

        I’m not optimistic about women taking the power of their votes any time soon. Maybe – if the young ones figure out that they have not reached parity with men – there will be hope in the future that women will use their votes to MAKE things more equal rather than wait to become some man’s priority.

  13. Blah blah blabbity-blah

    {{{ drool }}}

    (edited for amusement)
    (edited for amusement again)

  14. This was supposed to be our time to get a liberal on the court. If we can’t do it now, we won’t do it ever. Makes me ill.

  15. I liked Naomi Wolf once.

  16. It isn’t Pro-Life the position is best described as Anti-Abortion.
    Have you noticed that the so called Pro-Lifers usually support the death penalty and the war in Iraq.
    While an argument might be made about the guilt of the condemned, how do you reconcile the deaths of Iraqi children and fetuses(sp?) when the mother is blown to bits?
    In deciding for insurance companies or corporations did Judge Sotomayor follow established case law or stray from it?
    Remember there is a difference between legal and moral.

    • Exactly! They want to control. A woman can’t end a pregnancy, but if she delivers the baby without the means (financial or emotional) they want nothing to do with paying for assistance for the child.

  17. Oh my but the obots and the idiots who thought they were voting for a Democrat have been played, and played good ‘n hard to boot. If it wasn’t so damn depressing I’d be laughing my a$$ off.

  18. But this is what identity politics gets you.

    W2 is black so therefore his is both feminist and liberal. Just like Uncle Thomas!?!? Right? (Brilliant move by daddy bush, btw, putting old Clarence in the black SC seat.)

    I felt so good supporting Hills because she is so unbelievably smart and strong and qualified. The fact that she is a woman is truly just a coincidence.

    The wrong woman is just as bad as the wrong man. Just like the wrong brother (Obiteme) is a bad as the wrong son (W).

    Sotomayor scares me because I worry that she has a conservaitve streak, not because she is female, latina or catholic.

    • or to put it another way, a mediocre man is no better than an mediocre women. We should be voting for the mediocre woman if we ever want to run our own lives.

      Here in PA, we got Bob Casey shoved down our throats by Rendell and Schumer. Chucky said “I am not going to be held hostage by a “special interest group” (women) when chosing who to run for a senate seat”.
      Nice huh? Now if the pugs had any damn sense they would run pro-choice women and if we as women (not you Ron, I realize you are a guy…though join us if you like) had any damn sense we would start voting for all women candidates bno matter what party. We might as well, we sure vote for some stinkty democratic men who do not give a damn about our rights unless they have to for the votes.

      • I’m with ya, teresainpa! I’ll take a mediocre woman over a mediocre man any day of the week. Heck, we’ve been inundated with mediocre men for too damn long. It’s time to let the women shake things up.

      • Bob Casey Jr. Was one of those hold your nose and vote types. Remember they needed a name to go up against Rick Santorum.
        Anybody but Bob and we would have Rick in there again.
        That he is pro-life didn’t hurt and probably got him some moderate republican votes.

  19. It blows my mind that any discussion of Supreme Court Justice nominations quickly degenerates into a Roe v. Wade argument. It’s as if this, and possibly gay marriage, are the only two questions of any importance facing our country. Hot button issues, that in reality, affect only a very small percentage of the population, have hijacked the discussion and thrown common sense out the window. Where is the uproar on eminent domain or the constitutionality of the Federal Income Tax?

    • Small percentage? Um Roe affects women of reproductive ages directly. And indirectly all women. And indirectly any men that are interested in human rights. And the same for gay rights. It all comes down to basic human rights. The fact that we’re still battling over what should be seen as back human rights is of course very sad. But since we are that kind if stays a hot button issue.

      Of course it’s very telling that both parties like those human rights to not be fixed in law. And I have to say if this time around with the kind of majority they have the Democrats don’t make serious progress here, then it will be clear there is no difference on those topics between the parties. Sure one party says they’re against and one party says they’re for, but actions are what matter.

    • because those are the two rights republicans want to make sure to not exist. If they didn’t discuss it neither would we. But If you are a straight male you have little idea what loss of any particular right means because you have always been in the most privileged group in this country and most of the world.
      I do agree with you that other things are important and should be discussed. However we probably disagree about the eminent domain ruling of a few years ago. I found it to be the correct ruling based on the law and in fact the SCOTUS urged state legislatures to correct their laws to protect private property if they needed to.
      I LIKE that they ruled based on existing law and didn’t “make policy”.

    • It really comes down to the privacy of the individual and control over our lives (for both abortion and gay marriage).

      If you want to understand the wider issue, think about FISA or other forms of privacy that are eroding at an idividual level. Think about your medical records being used by employers before they make a hiring decision. Do you believe that can’t happen?

    • Holy cr@p. Since when do women constitute a “small percentage” of the population?

      Roe v. Wade affects all women, even those who would not choose to terminate a pregnancy. It affects all of us because it upholds the idea that we have the brains and the scruples to make our own life decisions. Free will and self-determination are fundamental American ideals that extend to all Americans, even us womenfolk.

  20. OT
    At No Quarter there is a wonderful post about the coal companies stripping the mountain tops and the protesters.
    This is a subject where the Puma movement might make a difference.
    Also what are judge Sotomayor’s opinions on the environment?
    This question affects all Americans.



    • Thanks for the heads up. That’s a topic near and dear to me. It’s very sad that the go ahead for some strip mining projects was given by Obama even where GWB wouldn’t go that far. It’s very clear that Obama has no concern about the environment or about basic human rights.

      This strip mining has been one of the biggest environmental disasters in a century. But I’m so glad Demarcates are on the job. /snark.

  21. The clip of Hilary shows what true leadership looks like. She is so brave and passionate. She speaks for me, and makes me proud.

    It is abundantly clear what her point is, unlike the nuanced blah blah of the potus. There is no doubt that she will create real change for women in the world.

    • http://thehill.com/dick-morris/the-incredible-shrinking-clintons-2009-05-26.html

      And, this article describes how very little authority Obushma has actually given her in this important role. He makes me sick.

      • Dick blames Hillary for his getting fired when he was caught with a toe-jam hooker.

        (I never could figure out if he was paying her to suck his toes or to let him suck hers)

      • who gives two shits what the toe sucker thinks? If Hillary is so pitifully invisible, then why is her approval rating higher than Bam’s, as 71%? What a vindictive, psychotic imbecile. His hatred for the Clintons clouds his judgement on just about everything, and he is also irrelevent.

      • I mean really, who actually cares what he thinks? Nasty, disgusting, icky man.

      • I obviously didn’t make my point clear. I’m well aware of the slime factor in the disgusting man, and his non-stop effort to defame the Clintons.

        Despite his effort to make this about Hillary, I read it as about Obama and how he managed to carve away the position of SOS just for Hillary…to diminish her ability to do greater things in her capacity as SOS than he will ever be able to do in his.

      • I never thought Obama was a stupid man.

        If Morris is right then Obama is dumber than a bag of hammers. He needs Hillary to succeed as SoS.

      • lol! I have been hearing about the” incredible-shrinking-clintons ” for nearly 20 years. Funny how long they are taking to “shrink” . Where’s the article on the incredible-shrinking Kennedy’s ?

      • ….and another thing. Since memory in DC has the life span of the sand fly, perhaps I should remind our media friends ( ha! ) how under the radar Hill was when she got to the Senate?…. Hello?

        kids, It’s called : WORKING

  22. Jeez RD — I always love your Posts and you NEVER disappoint

  23. Perhaps the two of them will be responsible for abortions by coathanger? Maybe that is their paygrade? Frankly given her background she should come out with a statement on this pronto?

    Given that history I’ll just assume she knows a bit about feminism ala 70’s no?

    Empathy is in order out of this crew but that isn’t a possibility.
    It’s a paygrade thing.

    Oh, and if she were smart maybe she’d want to look into that new pill or the vacines for young girls? Kinda strange. We’ll just have to see whether she is a feminist or not?

    Oh, for Hillary.

  24. Great Post RD, primo!
    I am also worried. I can’t imagine Bam picking a true liberal.

  25. Sotomayor will do as she’s told and is happy to do so.
    She would not be there if the case was otherwise.

    • I know. He’s speaking of a sitting judge. No one should have to experience being talked about publicly with such disdain simply for their gender and nationality.

      His disgusting outburst is the only effort I’ve noticed so far that actually looks like the Repubs are hoping she gets in. The earlier complaints wouldn’t get nearly as much sympathy.

    • Rachel Maddow: Sotomayor-haters & racists (Republicans) get their daily spanking

      This pretty much seems to under cut their ‘alarm’ bells of the Fear of the 50 foot woman.

      Newt is busy flaming the flames when its a woman…’Run Boyz, Run for your lives’…yup, 50 feet and growing and may speak two languages (code for run faster…because they can only hurl insults in one).

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