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Paper Delivery

  • Did Obama Go For The “Safest” Pick?
  • MyIQ got the ball rolling on this last night. Did Obama choose a stealth candidate? Did he choose the candidate he wouldn’t really have to fight for? Did he choose the candidate the GOP could easily accept?
    Once more, did he treat his Liberal base as a bunch of suckers? Should Liberals worry about the pick?
    Sotomayor Pick a Product of Lessons From Past Battles

    President Obama’s aides were laying down the law. They had invited liberal activists to the White House two weeks ago to discuss his coming Supreme Court selection, but they were not asking for candidates.

    Instead, they told the activists not to lobby for their favorites in the news media or talk down candidates they opposed. The message, as one surprised visitor heard it, was “get on board or get out of the way.”

    Ain’t that nice!

    Obama’s Anti-Roberts

    Republicans would be foolish to fight the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court because she is the most conservative choice that President Obama could have made.

    ‘Not a dyed in the wool liberal’

    Some liberal legal groups are raising questions about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, citing her relatively moderate judicial record and her skimpy paper trail on crucial issues like abortion, gay marriage and the death penalty.

    “She is a mixed bag. I would not call her a left liberal,” Marjorie Cohn, president of the progressive National Lawyers Guild, said in an interview on Air America.

    I don’t know what type of SC Justice Judge Sotomayor would be. However, I find it aggravating that Republican Presidents are allowed to choose absolute Right Wing freaks like Rehnquist, Fat Tony Scalia, Sam Alito, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, they can confer with the likes of Chuck Dobson, but a Dem President with a super majority cannot choose a “dyed in the wool liberal”? Liberal activist are told to “get on board or get out of the way.”?

  • The GOP Leadership
  • Shock jocks: Voice of unreason

    Glenn Beck is the fastest-rising star on American TV. He’s part of a right-wing broadcasting boom that’s become the most powerful opposition to the President.

    Fight For Equality
    Gay marriage fight isn’t over in California, activists vow

    Gay Rights: From Stonewall To Prop 8

  • Economy Watch
  • Why Beijing Wants a Strong Dollar

    China won’t torpedo the economy by dumping our bonds.

    US recovery: Less believable and more believable pundits

    The US and UK need more stimulus

    Increasing debt is not the problem. If anything, the US and UK have enacted fiscal stimulus packages that are much too small

  • “Torturegate”
  • Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’

    At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

    Does Obama really want to sweep these war crimes under the rug?

  • The life of Bill Clinton as FPOTUS
  • It’s Not About Bill (Excellent article)

  • Forget The Plagiarism
  • Maureen Dowd’s plagiarism isn’t her No. 1 problem: She has shown a penchant for ‘mailing in’ columns

    An accusation of plagiarism is merely a symptom of Dowd’s recent penchant for relying on clever, witty and pithy observations. What’s missing is the substance to back them up. Her approach smacks of laziness.

  • Ugh!
  • Serial cat killer hunted in Miami

    A reward has been offered for the arrest of serial cat murderer thought to have killed at least 25 pets near Miami.

  • Good Ending
  • Saberi Thanks Clinton for Support


    55 Responses

    1. Paul Krugman:

      The thing that is really driving conservatives crazy, I think, is that their identity politics just isn’t working like it used to. Their whole approach has been based on the belief that Americans vote as if they live in Mayberry, and fear and hate anyone who looks a bit different; now that the country just isn’t like that, they’ve gone mad.

    2. …but a Dem President with a super majority cannot choose a “dyed in the wool liberal”? Liberal activist are told to “get on board or get out of the way.”?

      Having lived through the Democratic primaries, this sounds very familiar. It’s funny to see NARAL and other Obot groups getting the bus treatment. Well, it’s funny in that sad, inevitable sort of way. “I told you so” would feel better if it weren’t so tragic.

      So why should we vote Democratic again? It’s pretty bad when you could get a more liberal president from the Republican party.

      • Having said that and seeing Krugmans’ bit quoted by Myiq, the other side of the coin is that the Republicans’ kind of don’t know what to do here. There is a seemingly conservative president in office, but not in their party. So everything they’re doing just doesn’t seem to work. The things they’re doing are so amazingly preposterous that it’s a bit sad to watch. So there is at least that circus to watch if nothing else.

        • Barry has taken over their corner. He’s doing what they would most likely do. He’s funneling money to the upper crust , busting unions AND he’s gets the left to like it ……what’s left for the GOP but laughingly pretend he’s a socialist? As long as Barry keeps attacking the safety net and sends money to the wealthy, he’ll be unassailable.

          • What happened is: a sufficient percentage of the misruling class finally realized they screwed up royally in installing the Chimperor and Darth Cheney, so they needed to find some plausibly leftist, charismatic fellow willing to sell his soul to be Preznit to run as the nominally Democratic nominee. Otherwise, they’d have to settle for Hillary, with her icky girl cooties.

            The GOP’s talking heads and politicos have not quite absorbed the fact that many of their puppet masters have discarded them as no longer useful, at least for now, and they don’t know what to do now.

          • It took me a long time to realize what the misruling class was doing. I noticed the Corporate Propaganda Media (CPM hereafter) was trashing Hillary and metaphorically fellating Obama, but I assumed they were still working for the GOP and were just trying to saddle the Democrats with a weaker candidate. I figured that once Obama was nominated and the Democrats were stuck with him, the CPM would turn on Obama like the pack of jackals they are, in favor of their old barbecue buddy McCain.

            Instead, Tingle Leg Tweety and the rest of the CPM turned on McCain, with the exception of those whose public image was so right-wing they couldn’t plausibly do that. Since the misruling class controls the CPM, I realized that this could only mean that a preponderance of the misruling class actually wanted Obama, which meant that he must be their man this time. [Of course, the owners of the CPM are not servants of the misruling class, but members in good standing of that class.]

    3. And congrats Dr. bb !

    4. BBPhD!!

      • You mean BB, PhD or Boston Boomer, PhD.

        That should be her new signature.

        • Absolutely: BB,PhD. It seems to fit well.

        • Thanks, MABlue, but I don’t think I’ll do that. But it will be fun to tell my students this summer that they can call me Dr.

    5. Congratulations, Dr. BB!

    6. Congratulations, Dr. BostonBoomer!

    7. Thanks, mablue2 for the daily read.
      How refreshing to read an article on Bill Clinton that contained so little negativity. And one whose author actually had access to and several interviews with President Clinton.
      I’ve always loved Bill Clinton and I feel very protective of him and Hillary Clinton probably, because unlike most of our politicians, they seem like real people.
      That and they make sure the “little guys and gals” get at least a small piece of the pie.

      • When I read that article about Bill yesterday, I thought it was the nicest thing I’ve read in ages. My family sure did well with Bill in the White House and I still miss him a lot.

    8. Congratulations Doctor Boomer!

      Seeing as there’s such a wealth of PhD’s here, do we get credit for reading this blog? 😉

      • Don’t give me any credit, please. I want nothing more to do with formal education for the rest of my days. In case anyone wants to guesstimate how many days those will be, I turned 46 on the 13th.

    9. Whether or not Brand Obama wants to sweep Brand Bush’s war crimes under the rug is irrelevant. Brand Obama’s puppet masters want them swept under the rug, so swept they will be.

      • Now you’re talking. That is exactly the perspective I’d like to see emphasized. The puppet masters are in control. Obama doesn’t think any of this out for himself.

      • Just like the homes of the wealthy…if you can see the house from the road, you aren’t in the wealthiest neighborhood. Whoever is visible in the news, isn’t the puppet master. It’s not really correct to say Obama decides even what he’ll have for lunch

    10. BO hits Bev Hills (with Dodd & Specter–gag) to raise $3M.
      Oh, he’s just so hip and “with it” isn’t he? Cool man.

      Playing to a friendly crowd Wednesday night at a DNC fundraiser in Los Angeles, Obama patted himself on the back while running through the list of his administration’s accomplishments.

      “We’ve made some progress. Yes we have,” Obama said. “We have more work to do..but I’m confident that we’re gonna get it done.”

      “So take heart in the change we have already brought. But I want you to know Los Angeles, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.”


      • ugh….I never saw Barry looking more rested. This event was like a hit of oxygen for him ….all that love from the famous coming in waves. For a time it almost makes up his father’s rejection….until he needs the next hit

        • And the question is: what is he bragging about? And how stupid are these faux-liberals who do not even understand or know that he is Republican-lite?

          DOMA or DADT repeals? Not so much.

          Universal Health care? Not really–a sort of compromised, watered down version.

          FISA or executive powers restricted? Uh, no, that would be hard!

          War crimes investigations? Nah-gunna-do-it.

          Abortion rights clarified? Nuh-uh.

          Housing crisis rectified? Not so much.

          Banks bailed out by their Favorite Son? You Betcha!

          Wow–they must all be so proud of all his great progressive accomplishments?

      • If you look in the dictionary under ‘grace under fire,’ it will say Barack Obama.”


    11. Ted Kennedy’s article about health care reform–I accidentally deleted the headline:

      By Edward M. Kennedy


      • Now, if only Ted could be trusted…

        “We’re also hearing that some Americans want the choice of enrolling in a health insurance program backed by the government for the public good, not private profit – so that option will be available too.”

        They sure seem to be fighting this option. He should tell that to Baucus.

        • The insurance companies don’t want this option. If they come up with the public option then the insurance companies have threatened to hold their breath stomp their feet and not cough up the trillions in savings they can’t decide whether they offered or not.

      • Quite accidentally, I heard on the Schultz show on the Olberman channel (Can’t think of the name right now) Rovert Reich was saying that they are removing the public option from the Senate version of the health care bill. According to him, removing the public option will leave absolutely no incentive for the private insurers to reduce their rates. He also mentioned that they were also talking about taxing some portion of the employer supplied insurance, and if they did that it would reduce the number of small businesses that provided health insurance.

        • OMG!!! It figures….

        • When over 60% of the public, when polled, wants a single payer health system there is something deeply wrong with a government which refuses to consider it. Either that government has been bought or worse, they really believe their own bullshit.

          • Dare I say it, if a socialist was in charge we’d get single payer. It needs to be the refrain every friggin’ time we hear that Barack and the Democrats are socialist.

    12. From The Nation re: the bail outs:

      The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold


    13. Faced with the choice between a black man and a white woman, the misruling class anointed the black man. This proves that misogyny trumps r@ci$m, at least among the misruling class.

      Am I hogging the comments? Apologies if yes.

    14. Good ‘ole BO, always lookin’ out for us wimminz!

      On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Are Uneasy

      But in his briefing to reporters on Tuesday, the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, was asked whether Mr. Obama had asked Judge Sotomayor about abortion or privacy rights. Mr. Gibbs replied that Mr. Obama “did not ask that specifically.”


    15. This idiot is battling with Sheila Bair at the FDIC, because he blames everything on the small community banks, and not the poor, poor huge financial institutions that have been gobbling up money.

      The Big Banks’ Best Friend in Washington

      For it seems the too-big-to-fail crowd has found an unapologetic advocate in John Dugan, the comptroller of the currency and the very regulator whose job it was to prevent the banks from getting into this much trouble in the first place.

      Given this history, it requires a particularly warped sense of justice to complain about how unfairly the big banks are now being treated. It also gives a pretty good indication of how thoroughly the thinking of the nation’s top bank supervisor has been co-opted by the very institutions he is supposed to regulate.


    16. Lastly: I know it’s The Weekly Standard (don’t get your panties in a bunch MABlue ☺ ), but this is a very funny parody of the MSM and it’s narcissism.

      Some Industries Deserve Bankruptcy
      ‘Newsweek’ and Katie and Maureen–oh my!


      • Of course I’ll “get [my] panties in bunch”. The Weekly Standard is a louse infestation full of sub-humans.

        Go read this article:

        The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage

        You actually did a great job on that drivel yesterday:

        Maybe someone can do a post on the Weekly Standard piece regarding gay marriage. It’s really unbelievable. Marriage is all about the exploitation of female sexuality–didn-cha know?
        I don’t think these guys can be funny if their lives depended on it.

        • I read that article, and I posted a large section of it here, asking someone to do a post on it, because it was so patently absurd. What you never seem to understand is that some pieces have sections or relevant information that can be referenced and commented on, regardless of source. I can read something that is funny and witty and appreciate it, and also condemn a source for other ideological dogma. They are not mutually exclusive–but you never seem to get that. PUMAS are flexible cats.

    17. (new post)

    18. My comments keep evaporating on the new thread. Congratulations, BB,PhD.

    19. Congrats BB

    20. Still unable to post on the new thread.

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