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    • What’s the matter with Kansas?
      The stupid is winning. Early last month, commissioners rejected McKenney’s proposal for a mask mandate. But as COVID-19 cases in the county and across the state surged and Kelly reiterated her call for a statewide policy, they agreed to consider a compromise.Most of the people who showed up for a public hearing opposed the mandate … Continue reading What’s t […]
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      We are now just over $7k raised, putting us about $1,000 from the second tier, of: Three more articles, this set most likely on the conditions that create golden Ages, including one on how to create an ecological Golden Age (what we need next.) If you like my writing, and you can afford to, please […]
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Your Breakfast Read, Served By The Confluence

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And a nice surprise for a change…
Obama Chooses Sotomayor for Supreme Court Nominee (h/t BostonBoomer)

President Obama will nominate Judge Sonia Sotomayor of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as his first appointment to the court, officials said Tuesday, and has scheduled an announcement for 10:15 a.m. at the White House.

I say to Right Wing Freaks: “Bring. It. On!”

  • Little Midget Wants to Play With The Bigz
  • Reports: NKorea test-fires 2 short-range missiles

    North Korea launched tests Tuesday of two more short-range missiles a day after conducting a nuclear test, news reports said, pushing the regime’s confrontation with world powers further despite the threat of U.N. Security Council action.

    Korean Blast Draws Outrage

    Nations around the world voiced alarm and frustration about what could be done to rein in the growing security threat from North Korea after the isolated regime set off what it said was its most powerful nuclear test yet.
    Along with an underground detonation that registered on seismic stations as far away as Texas, North Korea tested three short-range missiles, including one from the same site from which it fired a long-range missile over Japan in April.

    Tested Early by North Korea, Obama Has Few Options

    Tensions rise on Korean peninsula

    A day after North Korea’s nuclear test, tensions on the Korean Peninsula rose further as Seoul announced that it would join a U.S.-led initiative to curb nuclear trade and the North reportedly test-launched two more short-range missiles.

    Blast by N. Korea tests US policy

    North Korea’s nuclear test yesterday morning, its most defiant move since President Obama took office, presents a direct challenge to the new US administration’s more conciliatory approach to ending North Korea’s nuclear program, according to current and former US officials and arms control specialists.

    No more sunshine in North Korea

    There are three explanations for North Korea’s nuclear test today, none of them palatable

  • So Long, Suckers
  • Favorites of Left Don’t Make Obama’s Court List

    Pamela S. Karlan is a champion of gay rights, criminal defendants’ rights and voting rights. She is considered brilliant, outspoken and, in her own words, “sort of snarky.” To liberal supporters, she is an Antonin Scalia for the left.

    But Ms. Karlan does not expect President Obama to appoint her to succeed Justice David H. Souter, who is retiring.

    Why Obama Owes Bush an Apology

    Mr Obama is adjusting the Bush administration’s policies here and there and seeks to put them on a sounder legal footing. This recalibration is significant and wise, but it is by no means the entirely new approach that he led everybody to expect.
    Mr Obama is in the right, in my view, but he owes his supporters an apology for misleading them. He also owes George W. Bush an apology for saying that the last administration’s thinking was an affront to US values, whereas his own policies would be entirely consonant with them.

  • This Week’s Must-Watch
  • Obama To Reveal Supreme Court Pick

    Gay-Marriage Fight to Persist in California

    Democrats, Republicans to address health care

    Regulation war: business in crosshairs

    The Treasury Department this week is expected to unveil its plan for revamping the patchwork of agencies that oversee the financial industry.

    Crunch time looms for GM, Chrysler restructuring

  • Economy Watch
  • The question isn’t whether Social Security will be around but how we’ll pay for it

    “Is Social Security still going to be around when I retire?”
    That’s a question that concerned American workers are asking at a time when employers are increasingly opting not to provide traditional pension plans or freezing existing ones. Meanwhile, 401(k) plans have been ravaged by a prolonged stock-market free fall, and some employers have ceased matching contributions for them.
    The concern about retirement security escalated another notch May 12, when Social Security trustees projected that payroll tax revenues flowing into the program will fall below program costs by 2016 — a scant seven years away and a year earlier than forecast last year.

    US Economy Could Begin Growing This Year: Krugman

    “I will not be surprised to see world trade stabilise, world industrial production stabilise and start to grow two months from now,” Krugman told a seminar. “I would not be surprised to see flat to positive GDP growth in the United States, and maybe even in Europe, in the second half of the year.”

    Secret of Googlenomics: Data-Fueled Recipe Brews Profitability

    Selling ads doesn’t generate only profits; it also generates torrents of data about users’ tastes and habits, data that Google then sifts and processes in order to predict future consumer behavior, find ways to improve its products, and sell more ads. This is the heart and soul of Googlenomics. It’s a system of constant self-analysis: a data-fueled feedback loop that defines not only Google’s future but the future of anyone who does business online.

    Mr. President, Show Me the Stimulus Money

    Three months after the passage of a much ballyhooed stimulus package aimed at resuscitating the economy and creating jobs, precious little federal money has actually been paid out.

    Where Is TARP Money Going? How Much Is Left?

  • “War On The Terror”: The Sequel
  • Autopsies of War Dead Reveal Ways to Save Others

    Who Killed Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi?

    Nothing better illustrates the farce of the Bush administration’s involvements in the Middle East than the brutal detention and mysterious death of Ali al-Fakhiri, better known in the media by his nom de guerre, Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi.

    Ex-Detainee Describes Struggle for Exoneration

    When the nightmare finally ended — seven years at Guantanamo Bay, two years of force-feeding through a tube in his right nostril, the long struggle to proclaim his innocence before a judge, and finally 10 days of hospitalization — Lakhdar Boumediene celebrated with pizza for lunch in a little Paris dive.

    From Albania, freed Guantánamo prisoner watches detainee debate unfold

    If Obama cedes ground on torture to Cheney, we’ll all pay a heavy price

  • Headaches Galore
  • 3 Soldiers Killed in Afghan Bombing

    Gates Says Taliban Have Momentum in Afghanistan

    Mr. Gates said the momentum in Afghanistan is with the Taliban, who are inflicting heavy U.S. casualties and hold de facto control of swaths of the country.

    Iran rejects proposal to freeze its atomic programme

    Pakistan battles Taliban, humanitarian crisis looms

  • HRC and Yale: A Love Affair
  • Cheers and honors for Clinton at Yale

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got a standing ovation as well as an honorary degree at Yale University’s 308th graduation ceremony yesterday.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton Surprises Yale Graduates

    53 Responses

    1. Ain’t it cute how they call Pamela Karlan ” a Scalia of the left”? By this measure, Obama looks good by skipping her, right?
      The Financial Times article is something else! All the RW advance the thesis that Obama “didn’t know the complicated realities” that would make him dictatorial. However, if one watches the calculated manipulation of different political segments,
      one realizes that there were no surprises. Obama is doing what he was installed for to do.

      • Installed, interesting and accurate choice of words.

        W2 is a “carbon copy” of W. (The Denzell Washington – George Segall reference is totally intentional.) 🙂

    2. Regulation war: business in crosshairs
      The Treasury Department this week is expected to unveil its plan for revamping the patchwork of agencies that oversee the financial industry.

      Seems to me I’ve heard that phrase before, “patchwork of agencies that oversee…” I’ve heard it about food safety, in news stories about Katrina, and in news stories leading up to the creation of the Dept of Homeland Security. Of course, no one will take responsibility for having made them inot the “patchworks” they became when there was once a pretty decent security blanket.

    3. this is what i think the golden child will do about the North Korea issue . 1st of all he will blme it on bush if he has not done so already . then he will do what he ussaly dose nothing & let TOTUS handel it …. . after that im sure he will call in hillary to save the day…

    4. Breaking!!!!

      Sotomayor will be the nominee!

      • The misogynist-in-chief is going nominate a woman for the Supreme Court according to Politico. Will wonders never cease?

        • I’m thinking that the Hispanic factor was the more important qualifier.

          • He’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

          • Edited to reflect MABlue’s sensa huma.

          • What makes you say she is liberal? And what is your point anyway?

          • Huh???

            I smell a troll of the way across the ocean.

          • Sotomayor was named to the federal district bench in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush. I am surprised he picked a woman; I am not surprised he picked someone as non-controversial and non-liberal as her. Another minus is that Sotomayor’s record on abortion rights, the death penalty, national security and overall judicial philosophy is almost entirely unknown. I suspected he’d nominate a Catholic. I don’t know for a fact if she’s a practicing Catholic but she’s Puerto Rican and most were at least baptized Catholics. If she is that will make six Catholics on the bench. (I am Catholic, but even I think that is overmuch.) I will bet she is pro-death penalty.

          • hey dmd

            Newsflash, she was appointed to the bench by George HW Bush. She’s a moderate, not a liberal.

            As for Obama if he’s such a pal to women why hasn’t he reversed conscience clauses as he promised? Why did he believe it was okay to toss low income women under the bus to get the GOP to vote for stimulus(which they promptly didn’t do anyway)? Why is the group that is supposed to be committed to women and girls comprised mainly of men? Why does he have worse numbers than George W Bush when it comes to appointing talented women to his cabinet?

            It’s swell that he picked a girl for the SC but it was pretty much a no brainer and definitely does not even begin to make up for the misogyny of “tea parties” or declaring women should be discussing reproductive choices with pastors and men. We’ll not even get into the buttwipe he has creating speeches for him(evidently he’s ditched his maxim model for an actress and there seems to be a niche for women who want to date cretins who advertise that they get their dates drunk so they can grope them. Go figure.)

      • I can’t believe that Obama is actually willing to fight the Repubs on this one.
        You know what? Good for him.

    5. I hope it is true. Now, we need to make sure that she can get all of the public support she needs. I think she is also a lesbian, so the knives will be out all around.

      • The official announcement is at 10:15.

        • Wow!

          At bthe beginning I said here Obama had no choice but to nominate a Hispanic woman but as days went by my skepticism grew.

          That’s one surprise move after all the head fakes Obama’s team sent.

          • She could be rejected, and then Cass Sunstein could be next. If she is really gay and gets on the Supreme Court, that would be something to celebrate!

            On the other hand, Obama may want to make Sunstein the “Cybersecurity Czar,” to be announced soon. We can’t allow too much freedom of speech–WOT, ya know.

      • If she’s a lesbian, she way in the closet. I don’t see how that helps if you are too ashamed to admit it. She was married once, but that means nothing. If she’s uber-catholic though then she couldn’t remarry in the Church.

    6. the story of Hillary at Yale made me smile…

      go, Hillary, go…

      oh, excuse me! DR. CLINTON…!

    7. Congrats to Sonia Sotomayor. I wrote at my blog that I don’t know much about her. She will get Obama points with Latino voters. Score one for women.

    8. also, Prop 8 ruling this morning from the CA Supreme Court…

      if this goes wrong, it’s going to be a bad day in California.

    9. Breaking on AP–It’s Sotomayor.

    10. Wups. Didn’t see bb’s post.

    11. VERY glod to see the appointment nod go to Sotomayor. About time we have someone like her on the court!

    12. I am listening to the Sotomayor announcment right now. I haven’t listened to Obama in months–literally. I still can’t. It’s a strange phenomenon, as soon as he starts to talk, my mind zones out. The monotonous drone lulls me into a spaciness. Anyway, he just said that a SC judge needs to “interpret what was put down on paper more than 20 CENTURIES ago.”

      Huh?! Teleprompter must have had a glitch.

      Regardless of his “save my ass” political choice, appeasing Latinos, women and the Left as anger rises toward him–I am very happy about the choice. It’s great to see a very qualified, intelligent and accomplished woman honored. One of the few things he’s done that I’ve been happy about, and I wish her all the best. She decided at 8 that she wanted to be a judge from watching Perry Mason on TV 🙂

      • I’m in my office watching cnn online.

        Judge Sotomayor is really a very accomplished person.

        I have to give it to BO, he’s doing a great job presenting her.

        At 6pm, I’ll go home and will make it a point to listen to Rush Limbaugh. That’s where you’ll get the first couple of talking points in the “war on Sotomayor”.

        • They will not win. They don’t dare alienate the Latino community, but will get in their talking points about identity politics. She will be on the bench–no doubt.

          • I think they’ll try to damage her as much as possible. I’m curious to see how much Dems on the Senate will go to bat for her.

            There are other appointments coming on all other court and possibly on the SC.

          • I’m not convinced there is going to be a fight. Everything I have read points to her being moderate. She even is on the record as stating the government had a right to favor an anti abortion viewpoint and could use public funds to do so. That should make the GOP pee their pants with glee(it certainly doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy).

    13. She’s a cutie. Can you say that about a Supreme Court nominee?

    14. She just said her mother is her life’s inspiration. Now I’m crying. She worked two jobs to help support them after Dad did in the Bronx. “I am all that I am because of all that she did, and I am only half the woman she is.” Very sincere.

    15. ie: Dad died.

    16. chimera wrote: Another minus is that Sotomayor’s record on abortion rights, the death penalty, national security and overall judicial philosophy is almost entirely unknown.

      Hmmm…that’s a bit worrisome.

    17. A footnote to the news. Darwin’s great, great, grandaughter, Padel, recently resigned her new post as Oxford poet that acknowledged her poetic biography of Darwin’s life structuring the biography on his works and words. She resigned because of a bruhaha about the selection process. I found this note about the dust up rather telling:

      “Padel denied any involvement in the poison-pen letters but tendered her resignation after admitting that she had “naively — and with hindsight unwisely — passed on to two journalists … information that was already in the public domain.” Her departure proved as polarizing as her election. “What she has done is so much more trivial than her contribution to poetry,” said the novelist Jeannette Winterson. “We ought to be able to look beyond the woman to the poetry. This is a way of reducing women; it wouldn’t have happened to a man. But then Oxford is a sexist little dump.”

      And so it goes on the female frontier.

    18. Is it totally un-pc (or in any other way inadmissible) to ask:
      Why not a caucasian woman?

    19. Cwaltz, that bothers me a lot too. Add to that her known record of being pro corporate/ anti labor union and I’m not happy.

    20. The simple fact that Obama selected is grounds for suspicion. I doubt any good will come of this.

    21. I think Sotomayor is a feint to the left. He is nominating a Latino woman…but he thinks she will not be confirmed. She has been reversed way over the average number of times and she has been sent a letter by another Clinton appointee criticizing her for not paying attention to the constitution in her opinions.
      She has said in speeches that she is for activism or creating law.
      So who does Obama really want?

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