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Thursday: Read it and Weep, Jon Corzine

Chris Christie (R) leads Jon Corzine (D?) in the polls for governor.

From RealClearPolitics:

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Christie (R) Corzine (D) Und. Spread
RCP Average 04/17 – 05/18 44.5 36.8 14.0 Christie +7.7
Quinnipiac 05/12 – 05/18 2532 RV 45 38 13 Christie +7
Rasmussen Reports 05/12 – 05/12 500 LV 47 38 9 Christie +9
Monmouth/Gannett 04/23 – 04/27 609 RV 39 35 18 Christie +4
Strategic Vision (R) 04/17 – 04/19 800 LV 47 36 16 Christie +11

See All New Jersey Governor – Corzine vs. Christie Polling Data

Oh, I’m sure Jon will pull it out in the end.  Maybe.  I mean, it’s not like we haven’t had Republican governors before and nothing awful happened.  The state didn’t fall into the ocean or anything.  True, our property taxes didn’t go down, but then again, they didn’t go down under Corzine’s leadership either.  In fact, he was less than ineffectual in reducing them.  He just sort of threw up his hands and said the legislature should work it out.  Thanks, Jon.  It’s not like there aren’t plenty of more equitable ways to fund the state.  We have Pennsylvania, right next door, that has a mix of funding mechanisms as an example of how it could be done.   But WE, the homeowners of NJ, have to fund *everything*.  Excuse us for expecting you to hit up your friends in the business community and the wealthy feudal lords of Bergen and Morris counties to foot some of the bills.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing, er, ventured.  If Corzine isn’t going to do anything about moving the property tax issue off of dead center, NJ might as well punish him for giving away ALL of our delegates to Obama at the Democratic convention last year.  I’m not about to start campaigning for Christie, a former federal prosecutor who sucked up to the Bushies.  As far as I’m concerned, Republicans are intellectually and morally bankrupt and I’m not voting for them.  But Corzine’s going to have to go it alone on this one.  I want him to have to fight and fight hard for every vote.  I want him to OWE us big time.  I want him to realize how hard it was for Hillary last year when everyone in the world was against her and her friends were abandoning her left and right.  I want him to have a cathartic moment and finally understand that voters should be respected and their ballots are sacred things, not to be capriciously tossed away for some hot young thing with billionaire bankers funding him.

Let’s hope that Christie gives Corzine a run for the money and uses the clip from the Convention in his ads with something like this as a tagline: “He didn’t listen to you in 2008.  What makes you think he’s going to listen to you in 2010?”

Karma’s a bitch, Jon.

29 Responses

  1. Here in Big Smoggy we’re looking for a stunt double to play a leader when the irresistible force meets an immovable object..

    Ahnold can’t cut spending and can’t raise taxes.

  2. RD, you are right on! They are all scum!

  3. Trust me: New Jersey does NOT want Chris Christie for governor — he is a THUG.

    Plus, Christie has already been spending $millions on TV ads while Corzine has spent none, so this polling does not surprise me at all.

    Furthermore, Mr. Christie is a disciple of Alberto Gonzales; is THAT what NJ wants?

    I don’t think so.

    He’s thug, but I repeat myself.

  4. The other Christie….Whitman….screwed up the MVD bigtime, messed up the state pensions credit rating, and added TONS of fees…oh, but didn’t raise taxes?

    We got out of Jersey 10 years ago this September when I realized that I would never be able to retire and live there because of the costs…(oh, and the damp and pollution were killing my lungs)

    But I’m still a Jersey Girl, when push comes to shove…

    • I hear you. When I was on the Board of Ed, I felt really bad for retirees. They couldn’t afford to live in their modest little houses and fund the schools at the same time. Property taxes fund everything here. Income taxes aren’t so egregious, there are no sales taxes to speak of and there is no occupation tax like they have in some places in PA. It’s getting to be ridiculous. My property taxes on my little townhouse went up by 40% since I bought this place in 2000. I refinanced in 2004 and I’m right back to my original mortgage payment now. Everytime I get a raise, I just see it frittered away to the municipal authorities. The schools have cut back in some of the most important areas and everything is getting more and more expensive here. The cost of food in NJ is going through the roof. Where is the deflation they promised us???

    • You’ve stumbled upon the best fix for a state running amok, leave. It’s of course not very easy for some. But I find it to be a good solution. I took a good hard look at energy prices in CA among other things and made like a flight attendant and said: by by, by now, by by, etc.

  5. Trust me: New Jersey does NOT want Chris Christie for governor — he is a THUG.

    Plus Christie has already spent $millions on TV ads while Corzine has spent none, so this polling does not surprise me at all.

    Mr. Christie is a disciple of Alberto Gonzales; is THAT what NJ wants?

    I don’t think so.

    He’s thug, but I repeat myself.

    • Who said I wanted Christie? I don’t. I just don’t like my alternative much either. You don’t think it was thuggish to toss away my vote and the votes of millions of other New Jersey voters after we spent millions of dollars on a primary? Who the fuck gave Corzine the right to do that without consulting us? He wasted our money. The primary was a sham. He substituted his own judgement for that of the voters. I consider that thuggish. He shouldn’t be rewarded for that. And if it turns out that Christie manages to get elected because those of us who might have voted for Corzine are too disgusted to vote, so be it.

      • Have you even followed Christie’s career as U.S. Attorney?

        I would stick with an unfaithful husband before I would marry Caligula.

        That’s a parable, in case you were wondering.

        You would not be punishing Corzine by withholding your vote; in allowing Christie to win the governorship, you would be punishing all New Jerseyans.

        • Sorry to here you guys have such a lovely choice. A corrupt thug who abhors and actively tries to destroy democracy itself, and this Christie person.

          I really wish we had a mandatory “none of the above” for every election where if NOTA won, the election would have to be done again with the current contenders not allowed to be in the race. That would fix a lot of things I think.

        • Or hear… jeeez.

        • New Jerseyans probably deserve to be punished.

          I’m sick and tired of a system that only offers two options to choose from – shitty and very shitty.

          I would rather have a shitty Republican now and hope for a good Democrat next time. If we take the shitty Democrat now we get a shitty Republican next.

        • You have a point. Jim Florio tried to bring some fiscal responsibility to NJ by raising the sales tax by a penny. The Rethugs ran a very successful campaign demonizing him and asking for his impeachment. Then, along comes CT Whitman and promises a tax break and that’s when NJ started to go down the tubes. She gave people 40 dollars a year break and then she hikes up everything else. Services were cut and so local property taxes went through the roof. McGreevey was not much better and now Corzine is stuck with all the garbage. Corzine is not perfect but a Repub could do even more damage.

        • My reply was intended for turtlesoup.

        • Turtle, let me explain how this works: I have a vote. I can choose to do with it as I wish. I can vote for Christie, Corzine, the Socialist, some other party or no one at all. If Corzine doesn’t perform well as a governor, if he throws my vote away because stupid young obots just gotta have Barry, if he ignores me and my industry in order to court the finance crowd, he doesn’t deserve my vote. That is not me punishing the voters of NJ. That is me deciding that I do not wish to reward this man with a vote that he hasn’t earned.
          See, it isn’t incumbent on me to save NJ’s and Corzine’s bacon. It’s HIS responsibility to do the right thing. So far, he hasn’t.
          Don’t fucking lecture me about who’s going to take the blame for it if Corzine fails. If Chris Christie wins, it will be CORZINE’S fault for having blown every advantage in the world to govern as a Democrat during a time when Republicans have shot their credibility to hell.

        • Good point RD. In other words, Donna’s “where else are you going to go” just doesn’t cut it for you. 🙂

        • Y’all just don’t understand party unity.

      • I’m in California, where the same sort of process went on. It was infuriating, and it has changed my perspective forever.

        I didn’t vote on Tuesday because 2008 convinced me that voting in our country is a sham. I just could not make myself go. From a manipulative media, to illegal campaign donations, to false registrations, to trucking in voters, to cheating on caucuses, to voting machines that are figuratively black holes, to results that cannot be reliably verified, its a sham.

        And when the voters have spoken, loud and clear, despite all that is against our voices, someone like Corzine steps in and makes the process even more irrelevant.

        That’s not judgment on his part, that’s corruption.

        • After 2000, 2004, and 2008, it couldn’t be more clear that many political figures, esp. at the top, are selected and us mere voters are irrelevant. It’s very hard to be motivated after that.

          It’s a very good test of a politician seeking office, or seeking reelection though. If they don’t acknowledge what happened and have a proposal to fix it, absolutely don’t vote for them. No matter who they are. Here are a couple of possible questions they have to answer for me to consider them: Q1: Comment on the general elections of 2000 and 2004, and the Dem primary of 2008, and especially on any problems that may have occurred. Q2: If you think there were problems, what solutions do you propose.

        • Despite the travesty of the “Roll Call Vote’ in Denver that the petition of 300 forced, I voted again —In Pennsylvania. Democrats ‘endorsed’ a couple guys for Commonwealth Court, but two women, dissed just as ruthlessly as HRC was in ’08, proved what we all know: Women win honest primaries. Corzine is lucky a woman isn’t challenging him for the nomination.

  6. In PA businesses pay property taxes too not just homeowners.

    • In California Prop 13 also applies to corporations that own real estate.

      Individual homeowners eventually die and their properties are reappraised. Corporations never die.

      • Yea, that was a bit of a mistake. I can understand the motives behind Prop 13 for older people especially, but having corporations included in that was really bad.

        Where to get tax revenue is always a tricky thing. I’ve noticed that city councils always want more money no matter what. So if their main money is through businesses or sales tax, they approve zillions of strip malls so they get more money. If it’s through property tax they approve zillions of new mega residential developments to get more money. Some balance is needed of course, but the real problem is the appetite for more money no matter the economic conditions or real needs.

  7. I am from Pa. also and Iam hoping KARMA bites all those traitors hard!! …..It will make a difference everytime I vote,I WILL think of the betrayal of Hillary and us.

    I think Karma is already getting to the thugs that fixed the election,its all coming at once i think and when you need to answer to so many masters and you aren’t experienced at all it seems to be hard for him Ob to manage.

  8. I just found out that in Canada in order to vote, a person has to present their certificate of Canadian citizenship. This is more or less the size of a driving licence and has foto-id.

    In a similar way, here in Italy you have to have your identity card-official foto-id again.

    Wherever voter’s votes count-there you can find UHC etc.

    I remember that Obama working as a lawyer for Acorn argued against foto-id-wonder why.

    Honest elections are the mainstay of Democracy.

    Otherwise all you get is machine politics.

    • Forcing poor people to buy photo id’s is analogous to what happened to black people in the Old South. Those in power (whites) used literacy tests and fees to keep blacks from voting. If the id card were free and distributed with minimal difficulty for elderly, handicapped, and poor people, maybe it would be OK.

      Furthermore, no matter how much you work to keep voters honest, that does nothing to fight election fraud. Voter fraud is rare. Election fraud is rampant. What we need are paper ballots and transparent counting of votes, with trusted observers present.

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