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Thursday Night Zodiac Open Thread

As of late, I have developed something of an obsession or a muse with Astrology. I have been asking everyone, random people even, what their signs are.

I am a Taurus, so being as stubborn as I am, it takes a lot for me to love something and commit to it, but when I do, you won’t get me to budge. I have a moon in Leo, which makes me more sociable and charismatic then other Taurus’. As a Taurus, my planet is in Venus, so I am all about the love.

It is Thursday night. From now on, every Thursday Night at the Confluence, I will do a Zodiac related post as an open thread. Conflueceans may discuss anything they want, as long as it is tied into the Zodiac in some way. Discussions of your signs are also welcome. (This is what I am after.)

57 Responses

  1. I’ll play. I am a Libra married to a Taurus for 23 years. Is there any hope that it will last? He is very stubborn and I like to keep things up in the air (scales and all).

    • any sign is capable of relating to another, even romantically. There is no “perfect” love match as far as signs go. A Taurus and a Libra is interesting. My big brother is a Libra and he is my favorite sibling, I get along with him very well.

      Libra is an air sign, and I have always liked water signs and fire signs myself, but I can see how that kind of match would last a while, depending on certain factors, like your moons and planets and other things.

  2. I wish I knew more about astrology. I’m an aquarius and haven’t the faintest idea where my planet is,my moon, or duh….
    You can tell me anything about it; I’m listening.

  3. I know nothing about this subject: I just realized that I have no idea what my husband’s sign is.

  4. I’m also a Libra. I’m married to another Libra. Our value systems are fairly similar but our temperaments are like night and day. I am right on the cusp of Scorpio though born in the evening of the 22nd of October. I have a fairly intense personality.

  5. I’m a scorpio, cancer rising, moon in pisces.

  6. I have a strange chart, it’s all on one side and I have no earth signs.

    I’m a scorpio

    • Hey, Scorp, I’m a fish.

      • kewl, two most compatible on the wheel of fortune!

        • 6 of 9 my planets are in water, too.
          Haven’t had a chart done in years, but I remember that.

        • some one in my shakespeare lit class at university did a paper on the role of astrology in his stuff … did our horoscopes and then talked about things like star crossed lovers in her presentation … I still have the chart she drew out for me

  7. cancer moon

  8. three fire signs three air and one water … no earth … that’ll show you how imbalanced i am 😉

    • lol! I am an earth sign, at least you aren’t a perfectionist :p

    • Earth and air become the fire, from the fire comes the rain, water mixes with the earth, and the cycle starts again. Sounds balanced to me.

      I am also a scorpio.

      • The role the stars and astrology has played in history and literature is extremely interesting. Have you ever read up on the Mayan version or the Chinese version? Such a big part of the ancient world, i guess it’s no wonder why it still hangs around today … much like all the old tribal religions too. I guess some things are difficult to give up.

  9. oh and none are mutable, all either cardinal or fixed

  10. I am a fixed sign, so I love other fixed signs… scorpios, leos, aquariuses

  11. my ascendent is libra

  12. The Cardinal signs

    The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn which are the signs of dynamic change, movement and great vitality.

    The Fixed signs

    The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and relate to stability, earthiness and fixity. The determination of the Fixed signs expresses itself in the form of great willpower.

    The Mutable signs

    The Mutable signs cover Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces which are the adaptable and interchangeable signs capable of moulding and modifying circumstances and conditions in life.

  13. Anywho, I am going to bed! Carry on without me!

  14. I’m Pisces, and a Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope- a Water Rabbit that is – totally peace-loving, no wonder I wear peace signs all the time!
    When my one kitty died at Xmas, I got a fish to entertain my old Kat. I never knew what personalities a fish could have. He’s a betta so is solo in his little tank, but comes up to the side to greet me, or the cat if we get near. And he jumps for his food!

  15. Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces, Aquarius Ascendant, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Leo. I’m kindhearted, creative, Wiccan, loyal friend, bleeding heart liberal, but hurt someone I care about or betray my friendship and that Mars Leo exerts itself- “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” indeed. I have no tolerance, nor believe I should, for sexism or misogyny. I’m also disgusted by classism, homophobia, and actual racism. Not too keen either on the far rights trashing of Wicca as evil or the sneering derision of it by fauxgressive self-righteous, pompous atheists.

    • you absolutely have the right to believe whatever you wish … that’s the kewl thing about this country. it doesn’t establish religions and it doesn’t block their practice … many people look to outside things to establish inner control… whatever floats your boat! Wiccan’s haven’t been the sources of any major wars like the old Abrahamic tribal religions and their eventual spin offs designed to overtake and control other tribes

    • write it down, record it in stone tablets, ect. This wiccan is your twin. I believe the exact same thing!

  16. I was born under the sign of the clown, with trouser moon and sociopath ascendant

  17. Pluto in Capricorn means a Pluto return for America. Guess what that means? Well, it will probably take a lot longer than I would like, and I’m hoping it will not entail another revolution, but corruption and the broken systems we have are starting to be exposed. If you’re at all into astrology AND politics, it’s definitely something to read up on.

    Aquarius Sun and Moon, Aries rising here. I probably “read” as a Pisces to most people but I don’t want to get into my entire chart.

    Thanks for starting this thread.

    • every Thursday 🙂 look for it.

    • If your sun and moon are around 24 degrees Aquarius, expect the unexpected for the rest of the year.

      • Neptune has already crossed both for me (I assume that’s what you’re talking about?) and it’s been….interesting to say the least. Neptune is not as benign as many astrologers believe, IMO.

        Anyone know what degree Obama’s Aquarius rising is? I think Neptune was pretty closely conjunct around election day, IIRC. Neptune, the planet of illusions. America’s moon is also in Aquarius and the moon represents the people of a nation so we’ve been rethinking this American dream thing as of late and coming awake (hopefully) to the propaganda machine. We’ve still got a ways to go, though.

        • Would an authentic birth certificate give us Obama’s Aquarius rising?

        • Oh for Pete’s sake! Enough with the birth certificate. Take it somewhere else please.

  18. cap sun 3rd, gem moon 8th, scorp rising…


  19. hmmmmm im a Taurus, also

  20. Liz Greene

  21. Chart details are very personal. Anyone can chart a day but the Ascendant and houses are based on the time and place of birth. Charts are very revealing. Some people demonstrate certain signs outwardly and other signs inwardly. Based on one of my signs I am ahead of my time. I am always out of sync with the present. I am now disagreeing with the majority. It takes a while but time proves me right as my chart indicates. I notice that the people here tonight have a lot in common.

  22. Taurus should have it easy until 2012, when Saturn moves into Scorpio.

    Any Virgo and Pisces readers?
    August and September will be stressful to a a few Pisces and Virgo signs, particularly those born around the mid (13 – 16) March and September.

  23. Little Isis
    look on you blog I left you a message.

    I am virgo with an aries rising.



  24. Another Libran here.

  25. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone.

  26. I’m a Virgo, born of 2 Scorpios. My grandson is also a Virgo born of 2 Scorpios. He and I see eye-to-eye. The rest of the world looks at us as if we had three heads. We are both considered “excessive” personalities. From our standpoint, the rest of the world just doesn’t see the full picture.

  27. ps: if anybody wants a free chart so they can participate, and read a few Liz Greene articles you can get that at http://www.astro.com out of Switzerland!


    have fun….
    & thanks little isis…

  28. As a Taurus, you borrow Venus as your ruling planet, according to Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, footnote, page 49. You patiently await the rediscovery of your true planet, Pan-Horus which will give you a range of new ‘powers.’ Libra, the only inanimate object in the Zodiac, can co-inhabit the same planet with the Bull, reasonably developing more balance, less force in the growing baby who would damage other houses as it did its own. Pan-Horus merely put Taurus in a time-out where Venus guides and influences the required discipline. The Universe NEEDS the Bull’s strength, but must first establish all necessary self control in the use of its power.

  29. I’m a Leo married to another Leo for 45 years this July – and we’re still best friends! 😀

  30. I was an astrologer for about 12 yrs- and i gave some very good readings- was chased down for readings till I finally got rid of most of the books and just decided i must have the ability within me – and never did another reading.

    Now i study dreams and true to form can have predictive dreams- deaths, changes, politics. I am putting a list of symbols togeather to point out what my dreams mean. I have been studing dreams with Eckankar for almost 3 yrs now. It has really taken the place of Astrology as far as one of my passions. I believe dreams are the last frontier. We can learn so much from them.

    But Astrology is definantely a method of discovering yourself and others. it opened my mind. It is a valid method of finding things about yourself unless you let it control you- ultimately we do have free will and we can with preserverance change our inclinations and make a new path . It certainly isnt for the feeble minded.

    I am a Saggittarius with a gibbious moon in Gemini- that is almost a full moon. The only sign I have in earth is my mercury at 0 degrees in capricorn. So I am not very grounded although my husband is a Virgo with a saggittarius moon. I also have Scorpion rising with pluto conjunct my midheaven in leo. I studied the progression and regression of the planets as I got good at it – the progressions give you a whole new set of planets and nodes and so does the regressions, so you end up reading the aspects for @ 90 planets as they circle the chart.

    In learning Astrology you began to synthesise (sp) your character- you learn to bring it togeather so you dont have any rough edges anymore- it is a form of alchemy- like turning brass to gold.

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