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Ginger for President!

Change we can believe in, and she doesn’t even use a teleprompter!

And on top of that, she can yodel.

53 Responses

  1. I wish I still had a cat.

  2. Finally our government does something useful. I’ve been getting these annoying calls for months!


    An U.S. federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday shutting down a telemarketing campaign that made hundreds of millions of alleged deceptive “robocalls” promoting vehicle warranty contracts.

    The request for the restraining order granted by Judge John Grady of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois was filed by the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday.

    The FTC said the telemarketing scheme has prompted “tens of thousands of complaints from consumers who are either on the Do Not Call Registry or asked not to be called.” This is a violation of federal law.

    The pre-recorded, automated telemarketing calls made to cell phones and landlines have been deceiving consumers into thinking their car warranties are expiring, and pitching sales of service contracts falsely portrayed as extended warranties, the commission said.

    • I have stopped answering my land line unless I know who is calling. Whatever happened to the “No Call” list?? My answering machine is clogged up with robo-call hang ups.

    • This story about Robo call vigilantes will warm your heart.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124234497033421649.html

    • This is funny. They called me and left a message yesterday, Friday afternoon. I guess it was a last ditch effort. My car is 14 years old. Don’t think anyone would be offering an extended warranty. : )

    • yes, and to my cell phone -those calls end up costing the recipient $ – they were infuriating – intrusive – so I was glad to hear it as well. I bought a used car with no warranty to begin with.

  3. Hey, my cats yodel every time they’re about to barf.

  4. Yeah, those guys are engineers, no doubt about it.

    • I think they are funny, but I guess I’m alone in that at least at TC.

      • nah, it’s funny cute … I’m just exhausted.

        • Me too. I feel like a zombie. I was printing out copies of my dissertation this morning and my printer stopped working. It must have over heated. Anyway, I just threw in the towel for the day. I’m beat!

      • they are funny….the engineers I know all seem to have Asberger’s and aren’t funny at all!

        • They have other funny videos on their you tube channel.

        • My brother is an engineer and he’s funny. But he’s a civil engineer. Maybe they are funnier than chemical and electrical engineers.

        • mechanical engineers, specifically in the auto industry, are those that I know…now they probably have depression to add to their humorlessness.

  5. It’s a bad sign when you fall asleep typing out your comments… I’m so boring, I put myself to sleep!

  6. Steven: I just have to ask about the statue in your avatar … who is it?

    • dakinikat,


      He is a fascinating read because, for the most part, his work feels present day. I’m a fan of biologically-based philosophy of which Aristotle is an exemplar. Plato, on the other hand, represents a math based model.

      I absolutely love the landline comment. Obviously, blogging exhausted doesn’t hamper your wit.


      PS I don’t know if you saw the helicopter money query. When your feeling regenerated, and if you please, do you think it is correct to see the bailout of the financial system as an example of an application of Friedman’s notion of giving away money to certain institutions as a way of freeing up liquidity?


      • yup, yup that’s why they call Bernanke Helicopter Ben

        • dakinikat,

          Am I wrong to think that the moral implications of how this was handled, should be a knee-capping indictment of Obama’s presidency?

          This is why I think so. The little I know about helicopter money is that the central problem in implementing the airlift is a moral problem. Some group has to be chosen as a beneficiary of the free gift. Accordingly, other groups are necessarily not the beneficiaries, which means that they have to paly by the usual rules.
          Furthermore, the creation of the free gift, in this case, is actually a massive transfer of wealth, inasmuch as the non-beneficiaries are paying for the gift.

          Obama placed himself in a political knee-capping position, in terms of his ability to run next term, on two counts.

          The first knee-cap is that he chose to indebt the general population to create a massive free gift to the financial sector.

          The second knee-cap is that he did not have the integrity to explain to the American people that his administration believed the only way out of the financial morass was to implement this massive transfer of wealth.

          What do you think?


        • Well, i have to teach you the quantity theory of money first …and then we can talk about that

        • or you can google it and figure it out and then we can talk

        • When your tasks are complete and you are ready to introduce your student to the arcane arts, I shall be humbly grateful, Mistress.


        • Well, how about when i haven’t consumed so much Coteaux du Languedoc?

        • Sounds good (both the wine and the lesson).

          Do you think the draft that’s in the loop is suitable for posting in its non-video embedded form, or should I wait?

        • I’m thinking the video is forthcoming … but the entire thing needs to be sent to the little darlins that have nitpicked its robust minutia on Monday … after that I’m all yours

        • OK

          It’s probably best to do the video at a later time. It’s not something that relies on timeliness.

          It’s been a long day. Have a good night.

  7. Does she have any conservative feline friends?

    • How do you know Ginger isn’t a conservative, Afrocity? As a matter of fact, I think she belongs to the Unparty.

  8. The cat yodeling was pretty funny. Well, in a dry, low intensity, engineering humor sort of way. Annoy your cat into yodeling today. Meow.

    • I’ve always found annoying my cats to be fun. They are so above it all, I like to get a rise out of them.

  9. Yawn.

    My cat says “helloooo”, comes when he’s called every. single. time., follows the dog and I on our walk (only when he feels like it, of course), and looks both ways before he crosses the street.


  10. Funny! I’m for Ginger

  11. Moderator:

    Thrall in “EEEwwww …” post, May 15th, 2009 at 1:29 pm.

  12. It’s late but I hope this doesn’t get overlooked. Maybe someone can mention it again in the morning. Let’s help Alegre out with this.


  13. LOLOL Boomer, the funniest was the Carrier landing, with the colored strings for arrest cables…

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