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      Water. As I’ve said for many years. The world is facing an imminent water crisis, with demand expected to outstrip the supply of fresh water by 40 percent by the end of this decade, experts have said on the eve of a crucial UN water summit. I’ll use the US as an example, though this going to effect almost all countries, some much worse than others, and it wi […]
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Your Breakfast Read, Served By The Confluence

Morning Read

The “homosexual agenda” on the march
After MA, CT, IA, VT, ME too has decided to get into the “marriage-ruining” business. NH is waiting around the corner.
Maine Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Gov. John Baldacci of Maine signed a same-sex marriage bill on Wednesday minutes after the Legislature sent it to his desk, saying he had reversed his position because gay couples were entitled to the state Constitution’s equal rights protections.

Isn’t it about time Obama undertakes something about this pervasive homosexual agenda? So far he’s been silent on DADT, hasn’t said a word about the proliferation of gay marriages, and has kept mum while some are talking about a gay Justice on the SCOTUS. At least we know Hillary would have shot gays in the face.
With Gay Issues in View, Obama Is Pressed to Engage

Dems to Specter: Watch out!
I count myself amount those who were happy Arlen Specter left the Republican Party to join to Dems, not for the sake of Specter himself but simply because it’s a zero-sum game. He has to be reminded that Dems have him by the nuts sack.
Meltdown: Specter stands alone

Since declaring himself a Democrat last Tuesday, Specter has defied Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the White House on virtually everything that’s come down the pike: the budget, mortgage reform, the Al Franken-Norm Coleman race, even President Barack Obama’s appointment of Dawn Johnsen to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.
All while quibbling over whether he said he’d be a “loyal Democrat” — and insisting that he had an “entitlement” to transfer his Senate seniority from one side of the aisle to the other.

Specter Isn’t Sitting Too Pretty These Days

What to do with “Torturegate” architects?
Bush attorneys who wrote terror memo face backlash

Iraq, the good and the bad

The Good:
Blackwater era ending in Iraq

The Bad:
Ambush by an Ally Chills Trust in Iraqi Units

When the gunfire broke out, Capt. Sean K. Keneally scrambled over to Master Sgt. Anthony Davis, who was lying flat on his back, and dragged him to a nearby building.
It was too late. Sergeant Davis, a member of a small team of American military advisers embedded with an Iraqi Army battalion in this remote town, was dead.

Civilian Deaths Imperil Support for Afghan War

Clinton expresses ‘deep regret’ over deadly US airstrike in Afghanistan

Pakistan Strife Fills a Hospital With Refugees

Obama applauds Afghan and Pakistan cooperation

Entertainment recommendation for SoS Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton, Watch These Movies!

High Noon, Godfather II, Grand Illusion, and 22 other indispensable movies for understanding war and diplomacy.

Staving off a Depression
Budget Proposes Cuts in 121 Programs

President Barack Obama’s detailed 2010 budget plan, due out Thursday, will propose to eliminate or consolidate 121 domestic and defense programs to save $17 billion, administration officials said Wednesday.

After being stress-tested, BofA needs another $34,000,000,000, Wells Fargo $15,000,000,000 and Citi $5,000,000,000
Fed’s Bank Results ‘Reassuring,’ Show No Insolvency

Banks Need at Least $65 Billion in Capital

American stocks surge after leaked results of banking stress tests bring relief to investors

Timmy explains the methodology. (Wasn’t it some giant Monte Carlo simulation?)
How We Tested the Big Banks (Timothy Geithner)

U.S., Europe Are Ocean Apart on Human Toll of Joblessness

Rupert wants to charge the Internets
News Corp will charge for newspaper websites, says Rupert Murdoch

He wasn’t only a big time crook
The Bernard Madoff I knew: former secretary tells of sexist, sex-mad swindler

What Does “Qualified” Mean?
People opposed to identity politics on the SCOTUS like to propagate the trope about the “most qualified” person for the job. Let’s forget the fact that a SC Justice doesn’t have to be a lawyer, there are a gazillion people with a law degree in the US. Who’s the most “qualified” for any single job among them? “The SCOTUS is not the place for identity politics.”Really? Why not? It’s all about the best fit.
Identity Politics Not New to Supreme Court

W.E.B. Du Bois was quick to endorse the appointment of Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court. “As a Jew,” Du Bois said, quoting Isaiah, Brandeis knows the experience of “being despised and rejected of men.”

Prepare to be awed by Odd Day

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52 Responses

  1. First!

    Why is everything underlined? My head is spinning.

    • Oops!

      I was trying to experiment with some of the commands but it got out of hand.

  2. “What to do with “Torturegate” architects?
    Bush attorneys who wrote terror memo face backlash”

    I won’t be satisfied until it goes all the way to the top. Making the case on Bill Moyers Journal:


    • Every one of them should be in federal prison–and not a country club for white collar criminals either.

    • The Danish doctor Inge Genefke, who initiated the Danish/and International Center for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims RCT/IRCT doesn’t hold the tormentors accountable, but the people who orders the torture to be executed: Putin, Cheney, Rumsfeld … She views those as the true executioners, and the ones who should be indicted.

      Link to IRCT:


      • As a sad sidenote to the subject torture: When Inge Genefke’s husband was teaching police forces in Zambia, that torture was never acceptable, the chief of police said:

        “But Professor, if you aren’t allowed to hit them, then how are you ever going to get them to confess to what they have done?”

      • Thanks for the link, Pips. I am no sure which article you are referring to though. One article asserts that everyone should be held accountable – http://www.irct.org/Default.aspx?ID=159&M=News&PID=5&NewsID=1809

        • Sorry purplefinn, that I didn’t make it clear, that it was the personal belief of Inge Genefke. I know not all agree.

          If you’re interested in knowing more about the organization, here’s the link to the Danish site in English:


      • I do not understand how the lawyers, who gave their opinions at the request of their superiors, can be held accountable for the acts of torture. They were just giving legal opinions, but they were not responsible for making the decision to use these techniques. IMO, the administration does not want to use the political capital that would be necessary to go after those that authorized the torture, so they are using the lawyers as a consolation prize to try and satiate the Left, and remove the political pressure.

        • I agree, fif. They gave a legal assessment, and did their jobs. They did not torture, nor did they compel anyone to torture.

          Doesn’t this feel like a token bit of meat thrown to the angry masses? Let people rip on these lawyers and ignore the responsible parties. One commenter I heard on a local radio show said that by letting the lawyers state bars handle things, the standard of evidence has been reduced, ie: they can be punished heavily/disbarred without trial.

          • I don’t think it’s just anti-lawyer hatred. The faculty at the law school where I work are, without exception, howling for Yoo and Bybee’s heads.

  3. mablue2, thanks for the news! The graphic looks yummy too.

  4. Yeay for Maine! By the time NY finally gets to it, we’ll be last in line!
    As for the torture attorneys, they’ll get off the hook all right – CNN poll sez we don’t care about investigations. We only get all moral when a woman wants to decide about her body

  5. Let’s make congress accountable to us. Even influential donors are speaking out:

    “Deep-pocketed donors want campaign finance reform
    Posted: 06:45 PM ET

    From CNN Political Editor Mark Preston
    Democratic donors are seeking to limit campaign donations.
    Democratic donors are seeking to limit campaign donations.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – After giving more than $16 million in political contributions, a group of Democratic donors is saying enough is enough – it’s time for Congress to scrap the current campaign funding system and encourage a new hybrid model of small dollar donations and public financing.”


    • As a gay woman, I have one thing to say, Nancy: “FUCK YOU!”

      • Nancy Pelosi has to be one of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever seen in politics.

        Nancy “_______ is off the table” Pelosi

        Pick any liberal issue, and fill in the blank.

        • Exactly. But, for me, it’s the gay issue. For others, different issues.

          As if PBO would ever come out in support of my rights. Not.

          • PBO will never come out in support of anything except his own ego.

        • Absolutely Scrubs. And Boomer, your fill in the blank really says it all about Pelosi.

          Funny thing, she wins handily in her SF district. I live across the bay, have almost no friends who like Pelosi (and we were all pretty happy when she became speaker), and just don’t get it. I don’t think they’ll ever throw her out. So far, there’s never been a strong opponent to her, so maybe she holds her post by default–and money, she’s really loaded.

          If there ever is a challenger who seems viable, I will work my you-know-what off for that person.

      • I normally would never swear, but since she thinks her D.C. friends elected her and is acting as if she is from the Bible Belt…your comment is very succinct and most in her district would most like give her the same reaction!

      • As a straight guy let me echo your sentiment, scrubs57.

    • Shocking and she is from WHERE? OH, that is right…SAN FRANCISCO….CAN WE HEAR RECALL!!! She is not representing her constituents, she is doing the bidding of someone (maybe her self interests…remember the TUNA) but it is no her congressional district.

    • Why does her Northern CA constituency tolerate this? You would think they would want to wring her neck. I read the NY Times piece this morning, and various gay rights factions are getting impatient with BO’s “cautious” approach, but others, including the Human Rights Campaign, met with the W.H. and they claim there is a “plan.” The admin is “building coalitions.” In other words, God forbid anyone should take a stand on principle and fight for it out in the open.

      I can’t stand the way this admin. does business–same as in the primaries. All sunshine and love on the outside, and all thuggery and dealing behind the scenes. I still can’t believe they can get away with threatening a lawyer’s client’s reputation (using the press corps), forcing him to accept a government deal. It’s the same M.O.: the end justifies the means. In my view, they do not hesitate to stomp all over constitutional rights to twist a few arms if needed. Fascist tendencies.

  6. saw this as well

    Bank stress tests show some banks need more funds
    WASHINGTON – Some of the nation’s largest banks will be scrambling to demonstrate that they can raise capital after results of government stress tests leaked out, showing many need more funds.

    Color me surprised…..not . This isn’t news, it’s orchestration . oh well, I enjoyed the lull in the hyper speed looting while it lasted

    • “This town needs an enema” The Joker.
      I think of that phrase every time I read or hear about the bail outs. Perhaps the American public will finally wake to what our legislators have been doing to us because this time around it’s going to hurt a lot of people.

  7. “At least we know Hillary would have shot gays in the face.”

    What does this mean? HRC’s stand has always been to the left of Obama on gay issues and so far as I’m aware, she doesn’t associate with and promote homophobic religious leaders.

    • Long sigh!!!

      • As tiring as it may be, sigh registered, the inclusion of “snark” after an observation can be helpful. Some of us are just knee-jerk literal!

        • I visit blue and red sites every day. And I make no assumptions that people I agree with on one thing agree with what I think on another.

          That said, during my quick read this morning, I should have remembered where I was. Chalk it up to needing more coffee. 🙂

  8. I love your morning posts Mablue!

    I have to laugh when reading about “identity politics.” We live in a country with a history of absurdly pervasive identity politics designed to keep white men in power. They’ve been running things for freakin’ ever but it’s only when we want to shake things up with diversity and fair representation that the idea of “identity politics” gets trotted out.

    • I’m always amused to see a bunch of white men (as is always the case) whine about “identity politics”.

      It’s always the case when the screams for anything but a white man become justifiably much louder.

  9. Hillary? Shoot gays in the face? Maybe Bill, after all he did it to Monica.
    Obama is running for a second term so don’t expect anything earth shaking in the way of legislation to protect the GLBT community.

  10. Rupert wants to charge the Internets
    News Corp will charge for newspaper websites, says Rupert Murdoch
    I thought the ads we see took care of that, does he want our first child too?

  11. Spammy is slicing and dicing my comments. 😦

  12. At least we know Hillary would have shot gays in the face.

    Is that a typo?

  13. Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16 Year Old Boy & its Own Citizens !


    Have you all seen this? It is shocking, absolutely leaves you wondering…

    • It says, “Error occurred, please try again later.”

    • Why isn’t this headline news? I guess Bo the dog is more important than locking kids up without cause.

    • Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online
      Teenage Bomb Threat Suspect Was Internet Prank-Call Star

      * By Kevin Poulsen Email Author
      * May 7, 2009 |

      A 16-year-old North Carolina boy arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat against Purdue University had a secret identity as a superstar in an unusual online subculture — one dedicated to making prank phone calls for a live internet audience, his mother admitted Thursday.

      “I heard the prank phone calls he made,” says Annette Lundeby of Oxford. “They were really funny prank phone calls…. He made phone calls to, like, Walmart.”

      “People would pay about five dollars, and they get to submit a number,” says Jason Bennett, a 19-year-old college student in Syndey, Australia. “It was getting way out of hand.”


      It turns out we were duped, the kid is a social menace and needs to be held because his mom wasn’t helping to bring reality to him ‘Don’t threaten people’ and he even made international threats.

      I don’t like that the mom didn’t admit to knowing and was using our good faith and good will in caring about his welfare. He needs tough love, and time out.

      Thank you wired.com for looking into it.

      • Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online
        Bloggers, TV, Go Nuts Over Misleading ‘Patriot Act’ Arrest Claim

        * By Kevin Poulsen Email Author
        * May 6, 2009 |
        * 8:02 pm |
        * Categories: The Courts, The Ridiculous

        Update: Teenage Bomb Threat Suspect Was Internet Prank-Call Star
        It’s the false TV news report heard ’round the world. Raleigh, North Carolina’s WRAL-5 reported last week that a 16-year-old bomb hoax suspect was hauled out of his mother’s home by federal agents, and is now being held without any legal rights on the authority of the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act, which “supersedes the Constitution.”

        Someone serve me some humble pie, as I truly believed this mother and the local TV station. Humble pie for me and a class on parenting skills for mom who refuses to recognize that she has a teenager with some serious issues.

  14. Yet another deadly US air strike on women and children in Afghanistan by the Moveon.org Prezzie. Disgusting.

    • Obama: troops just airraiding villages and killing civilians

      Mr. Blame our troops during the campaign and I wonder if he now realizes it isn’t all that cut and dry. That the wrong coordences are often the cause and that the machines aren’t that precise. Also, it has long been known that Al Qaeda/Taliban uses women and children to hide behind and that they use them to their own ends.

      Pentagon: Taliban Used Hand Grenades On Women & Children Blames US Airstrikes!

      • Sorry, as soon as I saw it was the bearded weasel I didn’t click on the link. No way do I support CNN with hits on any of their sites.

  15. Michelle Antoinette moment of the day:


    “Work life balance is hard — everybody should have a staff!”

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