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Bob Somerby Howls (UPDATED)


This is one of the most succinct (for Bob) explanations of what’s wrong with our news media:

The bailout will go down as the biggest heist in monetary history?
Is there any chance that’s true? For ourselves, we have no idea—in part, because we watch Maddow and Olbermann. At a time of massive upheaval, they flood their domestic coverage with utterly silly pseudo-events, giving almost no coverage at all to the monumental events Klein was discussing. (Or to health care. Or to low-income schools. Or to Obama’s budget, for good or for ill—except as a chance to shout sexual insults at the rival tribe.) A few weeks ago, we wondered why someone as smart and as central as Klein had never appeared on Maddow’s show—had appeared on Olbermann’s show only once. (In 2007, during her book tour. Right before Paris Hilton.) Today, we raise that question again, pointing to last evening’s statement.

Is there any chance the ongoing bailouts will go down as history’s biggest heist? We don’t have the slightest idea! We watch progressive news programs.

We now have several 24/7/365 “news” channels in this country and we still don’t know what the f*ck is going on.


But they will tell us (ad nauseum) that Carrie Prejean had a boob job and Bristol Palin didn’t use protection and the Obamas got a dog and  we’re all gonna die from swine mexican flying devil pig flu (or maybe not.)



I must be psychic.  From Tennessee Guerrilla Women:

MSNBC is reporting that the biblically correct Miss California will be stripped of her crown today. Carrie Prejean has apparently broken pageant rules, or lied to pageant officials about nude photos in her past.

Carrie Prejean was 1st runner-up.  Can anybody name Miss USA?

She got ambushed by Perez Hilton, the media trashed her, and now she’ll be famous.

I’ll bet Ms. Prejean will be crying all the way to the bank.

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122 Responses

  1. Love those Social Links!

  2. speaking of which, is the confluence twittering?

    I’d love to follow you on twitter if you are.

    • I don’t think we are. I’m not sure how we’d manage it?

      • Yup…someone would have to do a post on lessons of twittering for people like me.

        • oh it’s wicked easy. trust me — if i can do it anybody can. basically it’s simply a way to broadcast text messages. You simply post a little update whenever you have a new post up or want to share a link or something.


          fast, easy, and free.

          I know I sound like a shill (sorry!) but I’m trying to help us all get our message out there in as many ways as we can.

  3. myiq2xu,

    Don’t scare people with that photo of Mr. Misogynist Keith Olbermann…I think I have whip lash from looking at it albeit ever so briefly.

    • I actually had trouble loading it – I think it made WordPress sick too.

      • My God, think of Comrade Spamy. He must be dizzy and confused about what is spam with that picture of spam personified. 🙂

    • remember when all the women and half the men at dkos had a huge crush on the guy?
      Seriously, it was nice to have someone speaking from the left against Bush after all the years of bush worship on TV (from the likes of Tweety and others…I media networks tell their pundits who to love and like the whores they are, they do it…), but it only took me about months to get tired of even that.

  4. You mean the economy’s really not getting better?

    • Who knows?

      But didja hear Carrie Prejean posed for some racy photos?

      News at 11

      • Oh yes, and the trend setting First Lady is hanging out with Elmo.

        • I hear she is going to set the tone for all first ladies to come and that she is the first one to break the traditional first lady mold. Can you imagine?

          • By “tone” you mean her arms?

          • Oh but she’s such a trend setter. You know, Jackie O and Michelle O. They are just so similar. It’s Camelot all over again.

          • The O in Jackie O stands for Onassis….years beyond her life as a First Lady. So, that blows the parallel.

          • No, meeee2, you’re definitely wrong on that one: the parallel fits perfectly. Jackie O is inextricably linked to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy…no one thinks of her any longer as Jackie Kennedy, no matter what phase of life we’re referring to.

          • NO ONE? I do.

        • I wonder if she’ll spend some time with Rosa explaining why Even start needs to be cut out of the budget. Furthermore, I wonder if the Democrats like Hoyer who howled when Bush attempted to cut it will howl again or roll over and play dead since the guy doing the proposing is on the same “team” as they are(which makes it unlikely they will score big political points for their grandstanding).

      • Delegate Selection (10:58 Donna Brazile is the ‘influential individual’)

        If she was a minor, aren’t they passing on child porn. If she was a minor I don’t think they should be posting them and she should file a complaint.

        If they want to argue the point, do, but it is not helping to slime her. Gay Rights are Civil Rights and that is clear and to the point. I dare them to take on Donna Brazile and as she took LGBT issues of the Democratic platform as ‘an influential individual’. So, until Perez Hilton asks her about the Dean Deposition, he has no credibility with me.

        • Hah!! Next we’ll hear the photographer is indicted and jailed for his role in those photos. She says he tricked her into posing.

          Amusing, but the problem stems from that one question on the application for the contestants: “Did you ever pose nude or partially nude for photos?” Answer choices: YES or NO. She willingly chose to LIE.

          • Vanessa Williams willingly chose to lie too.

            How did that work out for her?

          • Very, very true. But, she actually had/has talent.

            She won the bigger title and lost her crown, too. As little as those titles mean to me, I can’t tell you the names of any pagent winners if they didn’t make it to acting and mentioned as a former title holder. I had completely forgotten about Williams until many years later when I noticed she was singing professionally 🙂

          • Vanessa Williams, is cool she actually gave Hillary her Kudos and said she wasn’t going there and stayed neutral. I liked that, she did a silly thing when young, but she is a class act and can she sing.

        • From what I understand the media has said the pictures aren’t that racy. You don’t see nipples or anything. She looks no worse than the mag cover they had of Miley Cyrus. Her breast are covered by her arms and she is wearing a pair of bikini underwear. Now they are saying that they have a pic of her in lingerie. Evidently giving her 15 minutes isn’t enough. They want to give her enough ammo for a crusade.

          • I didn’t even know they were having the Miss USA pageant until afterwards. I couldn’t have told you who Miss California was if my life depended on it. I could care less what her opinions are about anything.

            There are a whole bunch of people who hold elective and life-tenured appointed offices in this country whose opinions do matter. One of them is Barack Obama, who last time I checked agreed with Carrie Prejean about gay marriage (I could be wrong, is this an odd or even day?)

          • Gee and I wonder who Perez voted for?Every single flippin’ coward of a politician(including Hillary) has had the same position on marriage being between a man and a woman. Barack took it one step further by giving a guy who believes gayness is an “affliction” a political platform in SC. Evidently, Perez and California want to follow in his footsteps by giving Ms. Prejean plently of publicity.

            I disagree with Ms. Prejean on the subject of marriage equality but I find the behavior of Perez and the California committee even more disagreeable. Evidently they have never been told that two wrongs do not make a right.

      • It will take a while and the little people haven’t gotten any relief only the big boyz on Wall Street. Greta said the Bonuses where almost triple what people thought…

    • it’s like the bush economy when they kept telling us how great that was. It is a jobless “recovery”, so who feck cares?

  5. I must be psychic. From TGW:

    MSNBC is reporting that the biblically correct Miss California will be stripped of her crown today. Carrie Prejean has apparently broken pageant rules, or lied to pageant officials about nude photos in her past.

    Carrie Prejean was 1st runner-up. Can anybody name Miss USA?

    She got ambushed by Perez Hilton, the media trashed her, and now she’ll be famous.

    I’ll bet Ms. Prejean will be crying all the way to the bank.

    • I put these in minus the spaces and they come out all mixed up. What do you do to get them all nice (quotes)?

    • Ugh!

      What a bunch annoying and worthless people: MSNBC, Carie Prejean, Ms CA, anti-gay marriage crowd.

      None of them is worth a sh@t about.

      • Frankly, I think we should stick to the message of Gay Rights are Civil Rights and Family Rights too. I took some very special pictures of families in the LGBT community and when you see all the kids, only someone that is heartless could deny their parents and them too, equal protection and equal rights…not to mention human rights.

      • If they had simply ignored her then her 15 minutes of fame would be over by now.

    • I am so confused about this. Prejean came in second so how is she losing the title? Gosh, these beauty pageants are hard to follow.

      • She’s losing the title of “Miss California” (because we don’t want our state associated with women in skimpy clothing)

        • She violated the agreement, to not represent any other group while holding the title. She blew it, in her gusto/bravado and crossed her contractual agreement. She now can lobby with any group she wants, minus the title.

          I support her free speech, but think she should have known what she agreed too and thought long and hard before doing ads with a lobby group.

        • Really? I don’t recall her wearing a burkha for the bathing suit competition.

          I guess Gary isn’t the only one who finds boobs(which by the way the committee paid for) scary.

          • (It was Charles not Gary who was terrified of boobs)

          • My apologies to Gary then. I just find it interesting that the group who paid for this girl’s breasts would find it problematic that she showed them off.

            It’s hypocritical IMO.

          • All women have breasts (guys do too, but they’re usually smaller)

            Showing them in public (even to breastfeed) is a religious taboo.

            It’s just a smaller version of a burkha.

          • So in other words Carrie Prejean and the Miss California committee are truly birds of a feather.

            She is against gay marriage (for religious reasons) and they are against exposed breasts(for religious reasons.)

            it’s ironic that both sides can’t see the hypocrisy in their positions considering their behavior.

            Next year perhaps they can include a “script” for their representative to follow(they can fit it in between getting the lucky gal surgery to correct all her “deficits”). That way they can ensure their candidate have the “correct” position on issues. Geez Louise.

      • She violated the contractual agreement in going out and using her title for the lobby group of anti-marriage equality. As you may know, each county has a winner, then those winners compete, but those counties also have non-discrimination clauses which include the LGBT community. In essence it is standard boiler plate and is to prevent discrimination and she blew it. She should have read the small print.

        She can have her views, but she can’t use the Miss California title to platform those views and give the lobby groups media access via her title.

        • I’ll bet her contractual violations prove far more lucrative than what she would have received from being Miss California.

        • Anyone else find it ironic that a group who uses appearance and other criteria to discriminate until left with a single candidate has a non discrimination clause?

          While I like the fact that some women have been able to use pagaentry to further their education or receive opportunities they might have missed otherwise I dislike the fact that they are pretending that a huge part of the criteria for winning these pagaents is discriminating among the candidates based on criteria such as appearance.

      • She’s losing her Ms. California title, not the Ms. USA title.

        The rules seem to be a little arbitarily enforced for these pagaents. Trump gave the last Ms USA a reprieve for underage drinking after she agreed to rehab. Ms. Nevada meanwhile got the axe for nude photos.

        Personally, I don’t see why nude photos are all that objectionable myself particularly when you have candidates parading around in string bikinis for “judgement” and you are paying for a candidate’s boob job(and YES the Ms. California committee paid for Ms. Prejean’s breast augmentation). It seems like hypocrisy to me.

        • There’s a ton of hypocrisy involved. The whole beauty pageant thing is an anachronism that needs to go.

    • Now stop googling Carrie P, myiq! 😉

  6. Elizabeth Edwards On ‘Facing Life’s Adversities’

    Since the revelation of John Edwards’ affair, some people have expressed anger at both John and Elizabeth Edwards for pursing the presidency in spite of his infidelities. Some Hilary Clinton supporters believe that Edwards’ role in the primary might have had an impact on the election.


    Yup, I believe it had an impact and he stayed in hoping to be tapped as VP and then someone dropped the dime on him.

    • oh yeah, I remember his and Obama and their double teaming Clinton. I also remember how up the butt of Obamabot Edward’s campaign manager was. I often wondered exactly who he was really working for…Trippi, what a jerk.

      I am glad someone posted something on this though, because I am completely unsympathetic of Elizabeth Dole. She made some of the most sexist remarks every about then Senator Clinton. She wais Hillary had to “act like a man” to get where she was and that she, Elizabeth Edwards had a happier life because she had made different choices. HA!
      Then the topper for me was the lying to primary voters that her end stage cancer was cronic and manageble just like diabetis. Ugh, what would happen if he had been the nominee and she ended up on her death bed. What monumental ego does it take for both of them to believe that after one term in the senate the contry just HAD TO HAVE Edwards in office no matter what?
      I said years ago when he first appeared on the scene that he seemed like the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife and every one jumped down my throat…last laugh is mine.

      • ge, my above comment was a masive homage to the art of typos.

      • Her cancer is worse than they said? Really? I hadn’t heard that.

        • I hope she truly has been able to come to terms and find some peace with his betrayal. It must be one of the most difficult decisions a woman would ever have to make deciding whether to toss away years of a relationship for an indiscretion or move on because the betrayal breached trust and it can never be completely regained after it is lost. Couple that with her health being in a persistent state of flux while raising two very young children and you have an even more difficult decision.

          I don’t envy her situation one bit. It’s a nightmare.

      • Now that you mention it, I do recall Elizabeth saying Edwards was better for women. I only now realized that she knew about the affair before and not when we all learned about it. Well, she is fighting for her life and that had to have played a role and he didn’t tell her ‘the WHOLE TRUTH’. Piecemeal is a hard pill to swallow, especially when it is the AFFAIR PILL.

  7. I hate the f*cking media. Absolutely hate them for all those huge salaries priming tiny, messed up, endlessly scheming brains and super-sized egos. The MSM have played and continue to play a key role in the political and economic downfall of this country. Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

    • nodding…I can’t watch any of it anymore–it’s poisonous. What a bunch of vapid self-serving hypocrites. We passed the dumbing down of America a few years ago–now it’s complete, corrupting nonsense.

  8. wow
    straight to the dungeon I go.
    Perez is here and he is not a happy boy..

    • However much money she makes off her newly jumpstarted career, Perez should get a cut.

      If not for him she’d be “whats-her-name” the 1st runner-up

      • I actually feel sympathy for this young woman. She’s gone under the microscope simply because she doesn’t have the “correct” position on a particular topic.

        It reminds me of how Joe the plumber got a rectal exam following his position on Barack Obama.

        If I, who am on the side of gay equality, find this girl sympathetic then I wonder how many Perez alienated with his little political stunt?

        • He’s turned her from a bigot into a victim

          • Pretty much. She’s young and impressionable. He comes off looking like a bully. It would have been smarter had he said that it made him sad that he could embrace Carrie and her lifestyle choices and it was a shame she could not reciprocate. Instead he chose to rant like a lunatic(because he was justifiably upset) and then drum up a witch hunt (which is what this looks like when you consider that they PAID for her breasts for the competition)because they didn’t like her position.

            Personally, I’m sure the Miss USA pagaent is happy for the drama as well. It seems like it goes through a revamp yearly and has been in a state of decline. There are usually better things to watch then a bunch of young women parading around in bathing suits with the hopes that someone will catch a “slip up” they can play gotcha with on the news. Then again, I’m not much into “demonizing” attractive women. That seems to be the media’s new game.

          • Now that’s she’s lost her title, does she have to give the breasts back?

          • Pageant paid for implants

            Wow, I thought you were being snarky, but they did, they did pay for her to get implants. WOW, they in essence are telling women that you are as valuable as your breast size. 😯 I think they need to be disqualified for advocating 19 year young women to have
            unnecessary surgery. Learn some thing every day.

        • Perez is getting his 15 minutes too, but I would pick Prejean over him any day of the week. I also support gay marriage, but I support Prejean’s right to answer a question honestly. Perez is being a putz.

  9. Help me out, how is Carrie Prejean’s position any different the “W2” Obama and half the prominent Democrats in Washington. They did not ask her opinion of “gays”, they asked her about gay marriage. I support gay marriage, she disagrees with me. So what? For that she deserves to hounded?

    • My irony meter pegged when I saw feminists gleeful over the “slut-shaming” of a woman who is being kicked out of a sexist beauty pageant for posing in her underwear (and showing off the pre-enhanced breasts the pageant bought for her)

      It’s So Happy It’s Thursday (SHIT Day) but if feels like a WTF Wednesday

      • The pictures are awfully tame anyway, but who cares. Since when are softcore big haired lust objects a new thing for conservatives? I think that’s the reason most national winners are from the south. Virginal sluts. It’s their thing. This isn’t about hypocrisy though. It is about hurting someone who said something you didn’t like, and intimidating others who might also hold views you don’t like. It’s exactly what I hate about neocons and the Christian right. Libberals aren’t supposed to do this. That is what is bothering me. Let the woman have her say. At least she didn’t spin out a big disgusting “non-offensive” lie.

        And what’s more, it certainly seems like same sex marriage is winning the battle in the states.

        • As far as I’m concerned I’m willing to take her at her word that she posed for these pictures with hopes she would get a modeling gig and it has nothing to do with her sex life or lack thereof. Let’s not charecterize her as a “virginal slut”. It sounds like something Perez Hilton would say.

          • I certainly did not mean to call Carrie Prejean anything at all. The objectification of women in weird Madonna/Whore combos is something that the right seems to really love. Sorry it came off like that. The slur was entirely aimed at the right wing, not Miss California.

          • I say file a complaint against the photographer and those posting the photos of her as a minor. The law is the law.

          • She was taken advantage of, that part is very clear.

    • W2 agrees with Carrie Prejean. However, due to the complete hypocrisy of what passes for the “Left”, that can’t be mentioned.

      W2 must be cheered and supported in all things or he might get his precious little Bushian feelings hurt.

      • You said it!

      • The majority in the state of California agreed with Carrie Prejean, sadly enough.

        Furthermore, the House Speaker(from California) doesn’t even think that Congress should entertain the idea of granting same sex couples federal benefits that hetero couples enjoy.

        Isn’t it grand that Perez and his cabal are wasting their time looking for smut on a 21 year old who they don’t agree with? It’s sooooooo constructive. Not.

    • Half? I’d peg that number as over 3/4. Not only that but Carrie Prejeans position is actually consistent with the state she represented(prop. 8 hello?)Evidently hounding Carrie Prejean is far more important than addressing this…….


      Perez and his cabal have their priorities assbackwards. If they wanted to pitch a hissy fit they should have done so at the “real” people standing in the way of equal benefits, not some wet behind the ears 21 year old.

      • Good points . So what is Pelosi’s point? “Don’t make us a take a public position that might reveal how full of sh*t we are!”

        If something got passed in congress W2 would have to veto it or admit that he really doesn’t have a conviction for or against it, he just panders as necessary.

        • Yeah my guess is Pelosi doesn’t want to rock the boat. The Dems are courting the evangelicals and counting on them to deliver the WH and Congress in 2010 and 2012. They are going to do to the gay constituency what they’ve done to women. on choice…..”where are you going to go? The GOP? Heh, we’ve got you even if we don’t actually stand for the principles we espouse because you have nowhere else to go.”

          The Democratic party should be renamed the Capitulation Party.

          • Plus, we Blacks are a very homophobic bunch. Particularly in our chrurches. If W2 actually stood up for gay rights it could cause a rift. Not enough to lose him much Black support, but any criticism might cast a shadow on his “Chosen One” halo. Better to sell to out LGBT’s and hope for no repercussions.

        • His name is OBUSH III…just as I didn’t know who you were speaking of.

          • Seriously, if the model was 17 at the time isn’t that a violation. The pics did not show much but I think they were wink-wink sexual and she was semi-nude. I did not think you could do that.

          • Someone should file a complaint, as it was clear that she was taken advantage of and that no modeling offers came of the photo…other than abusing her with them.

        • That’s the best statement of Pelosi’s position I’ve seen yet. Nothing else really makes much common sense.

  10. Re: Swine Flu

    Does anyone have the figures on the number of verified Deaths this thing has caused worldwide since it started?

    Now that you are Googling, look up the number of Deaths in this country alone PER DAY of the “NORMAL” flu……

  11. He he he:

    Perhaps not wanting to incur the wrath of Perez Hilton, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs deflected questions on gay marriage today.

    Gibbs was asked by ABC’s Jake Tapper if President Obama had any reaction to the news that Maine had become the fifth state to allow same-sex marriage.

    “No, I think the president’s position on same-sex marriage is — has been talked about and discussed,” Gibbs curtly replied.

    “He opposes same-sex marriage?” Tapper asked.

    “He supports civil unions,” Gibbs said, not really answering the question.

    • Mealy mouth bastards!!!

      How can you be mad at Miss California?

      She stated her viewed and took the hits for it.

      Our freaking leaders can’t do that!

  12. A good friend of mine, a woman and a Democratic (but a fanatical Obamatron) called me yesterday to rail against Bristol Palin advocating for abstinence. She was livid. She said it was the hypocrisy etc. I told her that in AA they say that one drinker can help another in ways that a tea-totaller never could, and that I think that Bristol’s heart is in the rght place.

    Dead silence…then after a minute she said, “Well I just hate them. I hate them all.” I said, “Yeah, I can tell.” She said, “Ok, bye.”

    I say all this to say that the demonization of Palin has not been called off since W2 was sworn in, and exactly like the Right wing had no boundaries whatsoever when it came to spewing hate at the Clinton’s, the new left now has no boundaries or limits or decency when attacking it’s perceived enemies. For some inexplicable reason, almost always WOMEN!!!

    What’s wrong with a teenaged mother sharing her experiences with other young girls in hopes that they won’t make choice that prematurely complicate their lives.

    • Think about that – she hates them all.

      What has Sarah or Bristol Palin done that would justify hating them?

      The hate is irrational – if they say “I hate the Palins because of X” and you prove that X isn’t true, they still hate the Palins anyway.

    • All this ridiculous demonization. The Right had it toward the Clintons and now the so-called Left has it toward the Palin family. It’s like some weird form of mass hysteria with no reason to it. This could probably be classified as a form of mental illness.

    • Exactly. It is “Through The Looking Glass.” The hatefulness that was apparent back in the Democratic Primaries and that is still festering and growing has come as a total shock. I though “WE” the left were good and “THEY” the right were bad. But it appears that the left has learned and adopted the very worst of parts the neocon right.

      • Yeah, and Bristol Palin is a kid. What kind of person gets their hate on for a child? Who thinks a kid is a hypocrite instead of giving her the benefit of the doubt? Is it because kids had better reasons for supporting obama than their parents that we’re now supposed to invest them with adult qualities, including of course, praternatural tendencies toward scheming and primordial evil for the girls?

    • Heh, yeah how dare that young woman attempt to sway young impressionable women to wait because the consequences of having sex can be life changing.

      Bristol Palin isn’t the only one who has been advocating and the tour isn’t even focused on abstinence. Hayden Pantinierre is also advocating on the tour. They are advocating abstinence first(since it is the only proven method to guarantee 100% chance of not getting pregnant)and if you are sexually active to educate yourself so that it does not become life altering. They want to bring different viewpoints to the table.

      The left wing nut jobs(and yes people who don’t bother to figure out what is actually being taught before spouting off are nutjobs) need to pipe down or at least educate themselves before they go off.

  13. The thing is, I am sure that my friend wants her children to wait to have sex, but anyone who has the audacity to oppose the Precious on any level is evil. They don’t even deserve common decency.

    The hate for the Palins, the all out assault on Carrie Prejean, all of it is indicative of the same thing.

    Fanaticism makes you HATE non-believers and IT is evil and dangerous.

  14. A couple of things here.

    1. I feel badly that there isn’t half of the compassion exhibited for the years, decades, centuries of mistreatment of people in the lesbian and gay community as is exhibited here for Ms. Prejean over a few words from Perez Hilton. I’ve been on this earth for over 6 decades and I’ve heard more, excuses, explanations, sympathy and empathy expressed for Ms. California in the past week, than I’ve heard expressed for the gay community in my entire life.
    And I think it’s worth noting that if Ms. California loses her crown it’s because she lied about posing for nude photos (those photos were first made public by thedirty.com, which is not a gay website) and violated the terms of her contract by partnering with NOM. You can’t blame gay people for that, but I think you are.

    2. I ask you to please quit equating all folks in the LGBTQ with Obama supporters and how they treated Palin or her family, it’s unfair and untrue and feels like an underhanded way to lash out at gay people by equating us with all the evil obots. Do you besmirch hispanics for the treatment of Palin because hispanics voted for Barack?

    3. Most gay people would have voted for a viable candidate of any party that supported gay marriage, or full parity for gays in civil law, where was that candidate? There wasn’t one. McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden had literally the same position on the subject. Many in the gay community felt (AS USUAL) abandoned because there was no candidate who would really go to bat for us, or even gave a damn about our lives, so on that issue it was a toss-up. Folks vote what’s in their best interests, their political convictions or use their vote as a protest, mine was a protest vote. Almost all of the gay folks I know and I know many, either voted for McCain/Palin, an independent candidate, or didn’t vote at all because most of us felt out of the loop. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that folks like Sullivan and Aravosis speak for all of us, I can promise you they DO NOT! Anymore than Chris Matthews or Bill O’Reilly speaks for all of you.

    4. Ms. California was entitled to her opinion (no matter how prejudice), but so are folks in the gay community who she believes aren’t suitable for marriage. Within 24 hours of the badmouth attack from Hilton, she hooked up with NOM and vowed to do everything in her power to “protect marriage”. Marriage definitely needs protecting, but not from gay people. Surely y’all know that!!!

    5. Those of you who defend Ms. Prejean’s right to tell the truth, do you not see her “truth” as you call it, also a form of religiously stoked prejudice? I hear Ms. Prejeans sort of bullshit all the time and when I hear it I defend myself against it, but with Prejean I should be silent because Perez Hilton treated her mean right after she said it? Please, how would you feel if tomorrow morning you heard someone on TV say, “heterosexuals shouldn’t be treated as equals under the law and the constitution because that’s the way I was raised? Ms. Cali apparently isn’t clued in enough to say it that way, but that is exactly what she said and precisely what she meant.

    6. If anyone thinks, even for a second, that threatening the LGBTQ community with a “backlash of anti-gay” feelings (wow, I didn’t know there was so much pro-gay feeling out there or in here that could be so easily swayed against us over Ms.Prejean) for calling Ms.Prejean out on her phobia and hypocrisy is going to scare us into silent submission, I would suggest you don’t know many gay people. You can’t put us back in the box because we’re making the beauty queen or those who think she’s an innocent victim uncomfortable.

    7. If you think the gay community isn’t giving Obama hell, you’re not paying attention. Both GLAAD and HRC (Human Rights Campaign) are all over our issues and working tirelessly to bring this administration to the correct position on civil marriage, domestic partner benefits and other issues that concern the gay community including DOMA and DADT. Obama has caught hell for not making enough openly gay appointments, he is being criticized for not moving fast enough on DADT and DOMA. And in case you didn’t notice he caught hell during the campaign for not attending pride marches and functions and causes supported by the LGBTQ community, not to mention the hell he caught over his mish/mash position on Prop 8. I belong to both groups so I know what is being worked for and how both groups petition members of both parties for parity in the law.

    8. I hope Carrie Prejean makes a million dollars as a spokesperson for Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins “Left behind” series. I’d prefer to receive my rapture here, 2 budweisers will do the trick!

    Now peace to all of you and I implore you, try to find a little love for the 3% of us who aren’t like you.

    Should I put on my motorcycle helmet and flack jacket?
    No, I think I’ll just go to bed and try to dream of a world that sees the injustice and tries to fix it. G’night!

    • My point is that continuing to attack Carrie Prejean is pointless and counterproductive. Instead of gaining support and sympathy for your cause you’re making people feel sorry for her.

      My mother is also a devout Christian who thinks gay marriage is wrong. I don’t try to change her mind by calling her a bigot and proclaiming that she’s a hypocrite because she failed to live a perfect life.

      The best thing to do with Carrie Prejean is ignore her. Let her 15 minutes of fame be over.

      • It’s not like she entered the pageant on a platform of anti-marriage equality. Chances are, nobody would ever know her opinions on it if Perez Hilton hadn’t put her on the spot. If he’s going to track down everyone in CA to find out who did or didn’t vote for Prop 8, he’d better get going and lay off harassing the beauty queen. She didn’t volunteer her opinion. No one is defending her position, but Hilton’s “few words” were “b(;//” and “c—.” Not defensible no matter how angry he is. Marriage is a civil right, but I don’t think Miss CA, as bigoted as her view is, is the one person in America preventing equality. It’s like she’s a safe person to pile on, like Palin or Octomom, so all the anger is being misplaced on to her and away from anyone who’s actually in a position to affect policy (and I’m talking about the media, the ones driving this frenzy, not the GLBT community).

        Please don’t act like anyone who can’t get behind a pointless pileon is anti-equality, anti-compassion, anti-gay.

    • I didn’t notice anything said here that was against the LGBT community. Instead my reading of this post and the comments is that it’s about the hypocrisy found in the media and among the kool-aid drinkers. The main point being they’re trying to destroy this person because she has exactly the same opinion as Obama and most liberal politicians. I think the nude photos are irrelevant. They would have found some way to destroy her regardless. I think most everyone who posts and comments here supports or are members the LGBT community, so saying “the 3% of us who aren’t like you” is way off the mark.

      • Actually, Prejean was originally introduced into the post because the idiots at MSNBC and other members of the “progressive” media devote time and attention to her boob job and racy photos instead of talking about serious issues. To quote:

        We now have several 24/7/365 “news” channels in this country and we still don’t know what the f*ck is going on.


        But they will tell us (ad nauseum) that Carrie Prejean had a boob job and Bristol Palin didn’t use protection and the Obamas got a dog and we’re all gonna die from swine mexican flying devil pig flu (or maybe not.)

        Carrie Prejean is not news, she is tabloid gossip. Ignore her and she will go away.

        • Ignore who? I don’t even know who you’re talking about.. 🙂

  15. I have devout christians in my family too, perhaps you’d attempt to change her mind if you were a gay man, If you were a gay man you would feel the pain that many of us have felt everyday of our lives. If she saw that in your eyes,maybe then she’d reconsider.

    Now Keith Olbermann isn’t gay and the gay community has, for the most part, backed off Prejean, it’s now the tabloids, the rags and the Ms.California committee that Carrie will answer to. She has no “fame”, she’s just a silly person who gave an answer from a place of bigotry.

    You know MyIQ. My family (catholic/christian) disowned me when I first came out, pushed me out of family events, didn’t want to talk to me, see me, or even think about me. My mother and I didn’t talk for several years, but I never stopped trying to talk to her. She became ill in the late 80’s and I stayed at her side for over 5 years, until she passed in the mid 90’s, she died in my arms. She apologized to me many times before she passed. She came to accept me unconditionally and learned to love my partner and we shared our lives with her. I took care of both of my parents until their deaths and in the end it wasn’t about what their religion said about me, it was their hearts said about me. That was all that mattered.

    The worse treatment I’ve received in my adult life has come at the hands of so-called christians. In fact, I rethought my faith and left it because I realized through personal experience and mistreatment that I didn’t know any christians in word and deed, just christians in name.

    Ms. Prejean’s fame will be fleeting, but the defense of her “truthful” homophobia in the blogosphere by straight people, many of whom I thought were friends of lesbians and gays, has been the biggest eye-opener I’ve had in 20 years and the effects of it won’t be fleeting.


    • I never said I’m not trying to change my mother’s mind on gay marriage, I said I’m not trying to do it by calling her a bigot and a hypocrite.

      Almost everyone here at TC supports gay marriage. The few that don’t think government shouldn’t be in the marriage business at all.

      If people that are already on your side on this issue are bothered by the attacks on Carrie Prejean, how do you think the people that aren’t on your side feel about it? You need to win their hearts and minds, not harden them against you.

      I understand how emotional this issue is for you. What I want to know is how attacking, mocking and vilifying Carrie Prejean will help make gay marriages legal.

      • I had a long battle with my mother about these issues, and she’s very liberal. She had always been supportive in that nice liberal patronizing way. But she felt for a long time that it was sort of a phase or some sort of arrested development of some such crap. The position held by shrinks back in the day. I didn’t battle her by calling her a bigot or ignorant or anything like that. I did it with logic and science and reason. It worked.

        • That’s not to say it would be so easy with fundy parents. I know about that brick wall.

  16. By the way, I love Bob. The succinct (for Bob) bit was especially funny. He’s been on a roll lately about the crazies at MSNBC. What am I saying, he’s been railing against them for a long time. First he was weirded out and worried about the Catholic bent, but now he’s just weirded out because they’re completely batsh*t. He started to get a clue about TPM for a few posts, but still feel back to thinking Josh actually had a brain. Oh well, he almost got there….

  17. Dandy tiger: Read the thread, it is there.

    • Sorry, just don’t see it. I see people who want gay marriage to be legal who are upset about hypocrisy and stupidity on the part of the media. Targeting this person for having that opinion and destroying her because of that opinion is a stunningly bad idea. And what’s sad here is I don’t think the media is doing it because they want gay marriage.

  18. The picture of that blowhard is still scaring me every time I refresh. I’m going to have nightmares now…

  19. That pic was taken by Suzy kolber when he was chasing her around the halls of ESPN.

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