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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Bad Commercial Contest

Bring out your worst.









Winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to Captain Spaulding’s basement.

I think I got the threadwinner here:

137 Responses

  1. How does that Head On stuff work anyway?

  2. The only thing that would make the “Head On” commercial more annoying would be if Gilbert Gottfried did the speaking part.

    • Feels like it ought to be some kind of disorder, but I both like and dislike that ad.

  3. Sheesh, there are so many godawful commercials that I am overwhelmed by the task. Instead, I will post one of my favorite commercials.

    Aspercreme ad

    Sadly, it was only allowed to air for a few weeks before it was pulled due to complaints from some busybody moral majoritarians, including the annoying Jeff Foxworthy.

    • Good one! I’ve never seen it before tonight.

      • It’s just really, really horrible acting. I don’t know where they find these “actors” but I’m guessing they must be related to the camera crew because no one outside of their family would ever imagine hiring them.

    • That is weird.

  4. This was probably when astroturfing began:

  5. Can someone please tell me how to embed the videos in the comment window?

    • Sure. On the YouTube page, there’s a URL field and and Embed field. Copy the contents of the Embed field and paste it into our Confluence Reply textbox.

  6. This one is for Obots

  7. distasteful and sad. i guess this was intended to be funny?

  8. Sexist Burger King commercial with Hootie and the Blowfish

  9. I miss these:

  10. Bill Clinton voodoo doll?

  11. My gawd, I must have been living on another planet – I only saw the Coke and the Winston commercials – I do believe that the Eagle was the absolute worst! 😦

  12. This is your brain:

    • PSAs deserve their own special category. My favorite: VD is for everybody.

  13. Speaking of “what’s up front that counts:”

  14. I would SO be returning that thing…I mean kid.

  15. Have a headache?

    • Well, we certainly have come a long way in what is considered appropriate? Anyway, do you think they ended up going to the PTA meeting?

    • BB I think this is the winner! This had mr cracking up!
      Nothing like a product that can supress our urge to murder your family!

    • lol – I love that anacin has the power of “an extra ingredient” which remains unnamed

  16. BACK FROM THE DEAD… my computer had that swine flu virus – had to re format the C: drive – UNTIL TODAY.

    Because I’m such a non-conformist, here’s one of the BEST commercials I’ve seen so far – from T-Mobile UK & include the very American and very kick ass Pink (but very briefly but you can hear her singing through the crowd) from T-Mobile:

    • It reminds me of the Coca-Cola Commercial:

    • whodathunk that the individually tone deaf (except for Pink – LOVE HER!!) could group together so well

      • I had to post this ad – it’s probably the best ad in ten or twebnty years IMHO – it’s the bridging of people and that T-MOBILE UK did it with Pink?????

        Triple amazing – it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

  17. My pick for best (or worst, whichever) ad jingle.

  18. Clearly the worst named product in history.

    • I remember this ad & thought WTF are they thinking?

      • yeah, I was around 8 or 9 when it came out and it was right before the epidemic hit….at that time though I actually thought it was a nice sounding product. So helpful and all.

        If I’d have done the copy I would have had it read: “I felt sooo fat and I didn’t know what to do. But my boyfriend sure did, he gave me ayde’s to help me lose weight, and if it didn’t work like a sumofabitch!”

    • oh yeah, trust me – there were a ton of bad jokes with this in the 80’s when the AIDS epidemic started – none of them funny.

    • “I walked in with hemmoroids and I walked out without ’em”


  19. oh my…late to the party. But so glad no one put this one up yet.

    Nothing like a man in a boat in your toilet.

  20. For me, commercials are bad by definition, so I ain’t got nothing to contribute here. They’re the biggest reason I rarely ever turn on the boob toob. How other people can put up with their constant, stoopid interruptions is beyond me. Seems for every five minutes of programming, the price is ten minutes of commercials. Yuck. Hiss. Boo.

  21. And I’m quite partial to the homemade local commercials. Welcome to “JONES BIG ASS TRUCK RENTAL & STORAGE”

    • That can’t be real. (Is it?)

      • I think so. Here’s his website


        • The site is real, but I’m wondering how many people are really “storing” their stuff there. Is retrieval a reasonable expectation? Seems like more of a place to leave it because you don’t want it any more. I think it’s a front for the T-Shirt sales.

          • In many places these local businesses become iconic because of their commercials and t-shirts are not uncommon. I wish I could find the appliance store ad we saw in Daytona Beach several years ago — it was hysterical. I’ll never forget the one line:

            “How do you tell a good oven??? A chicken and a fan!”

    • I LOVE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is campy & dirty south!!!!!

  22. Okay, it’s not real, but it’s tastefully done.

  23. I HATED THIS COMMERCIAL GROWING UP = the ancient Chinese Secret:

    How would Bruce Lee (one of the sexiest dead celebrities just next to Tupac Shakur & Elvis) feel about this commercial?

  24. I hate the Progressive insurance ads. They seem to be set in some strange hellish other-world. This is the first one I noticed:

  25. I’m an insurance agent – I’m also the brother of 3 sisters and oppose any type of humor promoting violence against women in ANY fashion……..but not this one – I HATE her! 🙂

  26. Another one of my favorite local commercials:

    Stinky’s Septic

  27. ………………………………game over……………………………………………

  28. Hurt? Jim “the Hammer” Shapiro’s the injury attorney you want.

  29. geez, maybe her husband could wash his nasty neck….

    • Yeah…wtf was up with that? didn’t people bathe daily back then?

      • I hated that commercial because HIS dirty neck was portrayed as HER shame

        • Yeah – that damn ring around the collar was HER FAULT?

          Who told his ass to sweat so much?

  30. it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature…

  31. OH GOD – I had to post this commercial – this is from Orlando Florida – this man is a good friend of my brother – TACKY & CAMPY – preciously bad – but GOOD TOO! He’s an icon in Central Florida:

    • That’s the one I was talking about above. It’s the best! He’s got an oven and dishwasher one that is even funnier.

    • Here’s the same place – “How do we test our dishwashers? Put a cake in it!”

      There are none better!

    • He’s such a campy legend in the O-town – there’s even a video remix of his commercials:

      • LOLOLOL!!! We loved these so much when we were in Daytona one year. Some were 30 minutes long!

        • The lady that appears in his commercials slapping the truck is his wife. I met them once at a party a few years ago at my sister in law’s baby shower. He’s a friend of my brother in Orlando. They are VERY COOL and it’s like they are in on the joke with their commercials – and are very very very rich as a result of it.

          They do their own advertising and the wackiness is what makes them so famous & memorable. Not exactly the strategy I would’ve recommended, but he fills a room with his personality.

  32. How could we forget this one?

    Clara Peller

  33. Where’s Mr. Whipple and his Charmin fetish?

  34. myiq — did you see the injury attorney one above? It reminded me of Captain Spaulding

    • I HATE how Jim Jones & Bushites & Obots messed with the ultimate ghetto champagne.

      And I grew up with commercial – sigh.

  35. There’s a whole lotta bad in this thread.

    Hootie’s BK and the Eagle Man commercials are my picks for winners.

  36. For your consideration:

  37. Here’s some goofy ones:

  38. remember Joe Isuzu?

  39. OK… PLACING THIS 2 TIMES – for SOD – since she actually saw Mr. Appliance Direct , introducing Mr. Central Florida Legend himself & lovely wife slapping the truck in an homage remix – PLEASE WATCH – Wakkie Nu Nu for the WORLD!!!!!!!! (ps: nobody in Tampa is this wacky):

  40. For the New Yorkers:

    • CRAZY EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!

      Cine – you just brought me back, back in the day!

      I remember him from when I lived in NYC . Here’s another classic Crazy Eddie – but I don’t exactly consider them “bad” per se. because the mission is to get people into the store, right? More like, campy good, but bad. Here’s this one from a summer I spent in NYC as a kid, still remember it!:


  41. Here’s a funny Hyundai commercial:

    • Vive le difference!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And that guy the older man had, WHO-EEE, hotness.

  42. arghhh….I keep crashing on this thread

  43. I tried loading firefox but since I got a new computer with Vista it doesn’t work right (firefox that is).

    • Aren’t you sick of the “new and improved” versions of Windows that don’t work as well as the ones they replaced?

      • amen to that. and you’re basically given zero choice in the matter.

  44. I am at work so I cannot see all the posts here.
    The most insulting ad on tv has to be the one for
    I am not a prudish person and I do not shock easy but this ad makes me sick.
    What does it tell young people? Have no respect for yourselves or one another.



  45. I will have to wait until I get home from work to see what you posted.



  46. And how could you have this contest without the strangest, a Ray Bradbury Prune commercial:

    • Bradbury was right about the wall-to-wall televisions

      The pneumatic people tubes not so much.

      • It’s always funny to see the 60’s idea of what the future would be. Kind of like Tomorrowland at DisneyWorld. Sort of weird and interesting at the same time, and funny how off they were. I’m still waiting for my flying cars dammit.

  47. OK, I found it. Dark Shadow horror head toys. it’s really bad.

    And to think, I ran home from school every day to watch Dark Shadows too.

  48. Okay I’m late, bad weather in the area and round 2 heading in.

    Somebody got my older gay/younger hottie one 😦
    However, here’s this one:

  49. It’s always good to learn a new language.

  50. I see we have a winner. And I agree, those head-on commercials are really horrible. I get a head ache every time I see them.

    But I couldn’t go without just one more. This one is a window into the difference in the sexes in the 60’s. It’s Mystery Date. Don’t get a dude. But most importantly, play your cards right to be lucky enough for a dream boat. Oh brother.

  51. I think that mamma says I can commercial takes the cake, but so far no-one’s posted this which got on my nerves almost as much as the buy the world a coke one:

  52. And in the foreign category-(don’t worry it’s short) for sheer tackiness:

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