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Rewriting History


Sometimes you start reading an article and you see something that says “Stop here – no need to read further” because the author is obviously full of shit.

From “The Myth of 100 Days” by Mark Schmitt at The American Prospect:

But Barack Obama is one of the great mythbusters in American history. The misleading idea that if a president is going to accomplish anything, he or she has to do it, or at least get it on track, in the first 100 days is remarkably similar to another great political myth: the myth of momentum in the presidential primaries. The conventional wisdom held that to win a presidential nomination, especially as an insurgent, you needed enormous momentum coming out of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. Obama invented an entirely new way of winning the presidency, first setting up the conditions for victory and then grinding it out, delegate by delegate. No delegate, it turned out, was more important than any other.

Remember how Hillary was pronounced DOA by Tweety and the boiz at MSNBO after Iowa?  Do you recall their shock and dismay when she came back and won New Hampshire?  How they gleefully coronated Obama after he won South Carolina?  How about all the talk about how Hillary was trying to “kneecap” Obama? (a term first used by Obama himself)

It wasn’t Obama that continued to grind it out, it was Hillary.  Despite the enthusiastic proclamations of the media that Obama was “inevitable”  she kept winning primaries, some by huge margins.  If the DNC and the boys from Brazile hadn’t dragged their Unity Pony across the finish line you would now be hearing the term “Madam President” used to address the POTUS.

I have some advice for Mr. Schmitt:

Get off your knees and don’t talk with your mouth full.

75 Responses

  1. If the DNC and the boys from Brazile hadn’t dragged their Unity Pony across the finish line

    That made me laugh. I had to read it twice.

  2. His cheating is why I will never like him. The best the Obama camp can hope from my camp is that I don’t spit on his legacy come 2012. So far, I have found his performance on the domestic front less than stellar.

    • I am with you. I love you guys and I dispise Obama and all those who are part of his election team.
      From now on I vote women and that is that. I will gladly vote for Palin against him in 2012.
      Even when he does something decent (so far nothing stellar has happened and what he has done you could expect from any democrat) I can’t stand him because of his cheating, race baiting, character assasination of Hillary etc….
      I never thought I would be so disgusted that I would hate a democratic president the way I hated Bush and Reagan…. but I do, only worse.

      The other day some dipshit of a small j “journalist” asked him a mulitple part question (what pleased you, dismayed you, delighted you etc….complete bullshit question) and the media pratically had on air orgasms saying how thoughtfully he answered the question and how “wow he had no talking points to fall back on, isn’t he a f*cking demi-god of a president…”
      But all I could think of was that once again, Obama was talking all about him, how presidentin is hard and his feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings. Good God, who cares?

    • And the only reason we are pleased about how things are going on the international front is because the true President is Secretary of State Clinton and she is doing everything right…………covering PBO’s butt nicely.

  3. They aren’t just rewriting history. They’re bringing fiction to life. As I mentioned last night, we are living Orwell’s 1984 and the scariest part is that most folks haven’t even noticed.

    • Remember when the “reality-based community” mocked Bushco for creating their own reality?

      I wanted to beat the GOP, not become them.

    • Exactly right! That’s what bothers me the most. They are rewriting history. I read 1984 during the primaries because I felt like I was living it.

  4. Re your advice (in the last line): tee hee!

  5. Hah. Love you MYIQ2XU. You don’t need to write a lot of words to get your points across in an entertaining way. Schmitt either has amnesia or he is totally full of sh*t. Not only after the Iowa caucus but after every other caucus – even in red states with little turnout – the media whores gave Obama the momentum he needed to push the inevitability factor.

    • Remember when they sat on the Indiana results so they could talk about Obama’s big win in NC?

      How about the way they treated the MI/FL results (non-binding beauty contests)

      Hillary won the Texas primary but they gave more attention to the same-day TX caucus.

      They were determined to make it look like Obama had momentum

      • remember when they stuffed the ballot boxes in Gary In and NO ONE reported on it?

      • They managed to convince everyone that Hillary lost the first super tuesday. She did so badly despite of the fact that she won MA and CA even after Kerry, Oprah, Shriver and Kennedy both endorsed Obambi.
        She also lost NY. I swear I can never forget some female reporter talking about her win in NY. The way she talked you would think Hillary had lost her state.

      • Which is why I am still uncertain about whether to vote in the Democratic Party primary next time around. We voted early in the last primary and went to the precinct meeting on the evening of Election Day. (Technically, Texas does not have a caucus in the same way that most states do — it’s essentially a precinct meeting to select delegates for the district meeting — but it was widely abused this last time around.)

        But when my vote did not count at the Democratic Convention, it was my last straw. Catch 22 between the Republicans and Democrats.

        • I’m with ya. I think: Why bother? Luckily Virginia has an open primary so I can vote either Dem or Rep. But then I come back to that question that won’t go away: Why bother?

        • All our effort to get Hillary’s name on the nominating ballot gave her a stronger bargaining position for the SoS job.

          I have mixed feelings about that.

        • I’m voting for all the women on the ballot, regardless of their political party. It has come to that for me.

          • Me too.

            I used to just vote for the Democrat but that isn’t working so well anymore.

            Voting “Gynocrat” sure couldn’t do any worse.

      • I remember all of that, myiq and more. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil again. No wonder I felt crazy for a year. 1984, we are there.

    • or he’s just full of stupid

      • Your comment was so far from the original I had to check three times to make sure you weren’t talking about me.

        (You weren’t, were you?)

  6. I asked this earlier, but no response:

    Has BO done anything other than say that he is planing to have an action to make a speech about the “conscience rule” for drs. and pharms?????

  7. Schmitt’s article is an effing myth. These guys have really underestimated us.

  8. On the positive side, an Obama aide has tested positive for swine flu. How fitting! Maybe Teh One will succumb?

  9. Heh:

    “Lie to Me” Tops Obama News Conference

    Just In: FOX, the only one of the Big Four networks that did not carry Pres. Obama’s news conference last night, finished first in the 8pmET hour with a new episode of “Lie to Me.” The drama averaged 7.9 million Total Viewers, according to Nielsen overnights.

    NBC’s coverage of the Obama newser came in second with 6.7 million Total Viewers.

    Overall, Obama’s news conference was seen by nearly 19 million viewers across NBC, ABC, CBS according to the early numbers. (Reminder: fast nationals measure only timeslot and not actual program data). Final ratings will be released later today.

    • Shouldn’t an Obama news conference be called “Lie to me?”

    • Did you hear that after his petulant comment about “the network that doesn’t like me,” (ie: FOX) he refused to call on the FOX reporter at the presser, but chose all the other network journalists. What a brat.

  10. There is nothing anyone can do. There are making an HBO movie about the 2008 presidential primary. You bet there won’t be anything about the caucus fraud, DNC giving him his opponent’s delegates, voter intimidation, Nancy and Harry changing the rules (SDs should vote according to the popular vote. When Hillary had the higher popular vote then it should be about their conscious).
    Obama ran the best campaign evah and everyone else stunk. There also won’t be anything about the voter registration fraud in the GE. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do. The truth will always be known by the few.

    • We can keep telling the truth.

      That’s how political blogging started, before the big blogger boiz sold out

    • I saw an interview with Salman Rushdie in his new hometown N.Y. After a while he went into adoration mode over the utter greatness of Obama. Great optimism in the country. He’s openminded. Hope&Change … “Now that there’s a black man in The White House, it has ended that subject.” And about Hillary Clinton’s run for the nomination:

      “ … what her candidacy did, was destroy the subject of whether a woman can do the job. You know, the next time a woman runs for public office or higher office, nobody is going to say: Is it a good thing, that she is a woman or not? – You know, that subject is gone.”

      Oh, the ignorance of even the most intelligent, ought-to-be-well-informed citizens.

    • Yes, it will until they tell others and blog about it and… whatever they do to get other messages out – keeping it a secret won’t help expose the nakedness of teh ONE – 😕

    • Rushdie also called Obama a cosmopolitan, you know Africa, Indonesia, family ties to Hawaii … and recalled how awsome it was, when Obama at the Inauguration made the Shaka Sign. Imagine! The US now “… has a President so cool, that he even knows the Shaka Sign.”!?

      So Conflucians, why should I believe you instead of all these smart, learned, intelligent people all over the world, who tell me a different story?

      Or maybe I should refrase that to, how do I learn to live with the constant putdown it is, learning how ignorant people I really (used to) admire, actually are?

      It breaks, if not my heart, then my spirit every single time.

      • All those “smart, learned, intelligent people” said Iraq would be a cakewalk and that Saddam was behind 9/11

      • The US now “… has a President so cool, that he even knows the Shaka Sign.”

        He does not, however, know his ass from a hole in the ground.

        And just like senile old Ronnie, he doesn’t need to cuz peepuhlz gonna lurve him ennyway.

  11. Get off your knees and don’t talk with your mouth full. —- this cracks me up and I am gonna steal it for future use !!

  12. It is patently obvious that the media is re-writing history. We’ve recently learned that GE’s CEO told the folks at MSNBC that they had to speak nicely and supportive of Obama. Isn’t it likely that the same or similar instructions have been handed down everywhere else. Even Fox tries to counter balance their nighttime cable and morning show’s criticism of Obama with the occasional cheerleading guest. I know this is Management’s doing. If your job is threatened, and its not hard to let everyone know what management expects even without an overt threat, then I can’t really fault people for towing the line. Look at Ken Lewis, he buckled to save his job and he makes millions. At what point do we say that a person can’t sell out? And, how do we get our Corp leaders to reverse this pressure? I am convinced that the journalists of the past would have buckled too if management had not supported their objective reporting. We have to do something, and the only thing I can think of is a serious campaign aimed at advertisers. I think we should direct our aim at the Auto industry. They are really hurting and are the focus of Obama’s team at this point. If we had a serious campaign that Americans got behind namely: we won’t buy any cars from company A, unless they stop advertising on say: MSNBC. Then tell MSNBC that we are going to boycott you until they start reporting the news objectively. More is needed:

    Would folks here support such a boycott?

    • I’d prefer to target MSNBC directly and I would suggest any item that was targeted be something where you could gauge a significant impact on quickly. Most folks aren’t running out and buying cars anyway. I’d go for something smaller scale in price.

    • Yes, I always thought organized boycotts would be the most effective resistance. All they care about is money anyway. Then again, CNN & NBC are in last place and they don’t seem to care about ratings. They keep shoveling the same garbage–I guess because it helps the CEO’s with their larger financial interests.

    • I call them all the time and tell them how biased and worthless they are and that they are like a third world tv station propaganda machineand pretty much ruining our country by this propaganda of ob the great

  13. I meant to add that the Auto industry spends a lot of money on advertising so they seem like a good candidate.

    • So do oil companies and beer companies and a myriad of other products that are lower cost. People aren’t running out and impulsively buying cars and I would hate to mislead the auto industry into believing that if they stopped advertising I’m going to run out and buy a car.

  14. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/29/obama-caroline-kennedy-pl_n_192905.html

    I was suckered into looking at the photos of Obama playing around in the Oval Office with Caroline–he obviously had seen photos of JFK and the children.
    What struck me was the difference between Kennedy’s desk surface and that of
    Obama. One’s desk indicates multiple interests and lots of work to do!

    The other looks like a sterile set piece.

    I didn’t find BO’s attempt at humor very funny…closer to Bush looking for the
    Weapons of Mass Destruction under the desk.

  15. Remember how Hillary just keep winning, in spite of the media big sell of Teh Precious. She was winning to the very end–Puerto Rico even!

    Agreed, I never thought I would detest the Democratic Party the way I do.

    Will the DNC stay in Chicago? What is Rezko up to these days?

  16. I read a few LGBT blogs. One of them, “Queerty” just did a story on “What has Obama done for us” and answered it with “nothing”. You jsut would not believe the attacks from readers toward the editor of that blog. All with excuses about how Obama has Swine Flu and the Economy to deal with. How could he possibly get around to opening up DADT again or talking about gay rights. They (the coments) did mention that Obama had called on an openly gay reporter. Oh man. I had to comment that the gay community has really set the bar pretty low. First, he’s put off a review of DADT, he’s surrounded himself with the most homophobic religious advisors, he’s talked about expanding the Faith Based Initiative with the caveat that they can teach intolerance of gays, he’s not spoken out once about gay rights nor did he help when all the gay marriage bills passed in California and Florida.
    I live in Florida and can never forget how Hillary’s 1.8 million voters here were overlooked and ignored like we never even bothered to go to the polls in the primary, yet 20,000 voters or caucus goers in a state like Missouri became a great win for Obama. YUK!

    • I’m sure when he does decide to address the inequities towards our gay and lesbian brethern it will also merit holding hands with the bigots and their “concerns” will need to be taken into consideration.

    • I grew up in the Queer community (that’s what happens when you come out at 13). They betrayed me last year by backing Obama. Since then, I can’t really go home again. It just kills me seeing my community kissing Obama’s ass when he has never and will never do a thing for them.

  17. imagine that,fox had lie to me.and the other stations had.
    bamboozling you..

  18. Get off your knees and don’t talk with your mouth full.

    That’s great advice for most Obamabots!

    I love it!!!

  19. Remember when Hillary ate his lunch in WV and the very next morning that Rockefeller endorsed Obama right in his consituents’ faces? He had a lot of nerve mentioning kneecaps, considering he not only bribed, threatened with primaries and browbeat superdelegates, he even needed to steal some of her delegate count to drag his ass over the line.

    • …..even cheating and bullying people in caucuses didn’t get him there. He couldn’t close then and he can’t close now.

    • Byrd endorsed him as well. Hell will freeze over before I forget that he had to poach 4 delegates on top of getting credit for a race he never participated in.

      They can say “He won” all they want. I know the truth. The DNC manipulated the election and his “win” was a sham and an insult to the men and women who have fought and died in the name of democracy.

      • Byrd endorsed him after Hillary won WV by 41 points.

        Remember when the Obots were saying the super delegates should vote the way their constituents did?

    • So did Byrd (and coincidentally, one of his biggest contributors is MoveOn.org).

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