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BREAKING NEWS – Souter to retire

Associate Justice David Souter

Associate Justice David Souter


Supreme Court Justice David Souter plans to retire, after more than 19 years on the court, once the current term ends in late June, NBC News reported Thursday night.

A retirement by Souter, 69, would give President Barack Obama his first chance to nominate a justice and the next few months would bring Senate confirmation hearings. His departure, however, isn’t likely to change the court’s liberal-conservative composition, because his successor will almost certainly be moderate to liberal, NBC News correspondent Pete Williams reported.

At 69, Souter is not the oldest member of the court. He has indicated in the past that he wanted to leave Washington and return to his native New Hampshire. Souter’s early signaling of his intention to step down is almost certainly a move to let the White House get prepared to nominate a replacement, Williams reported.

Souter was appointed by Poppy Bush



NPR has more

45 Responses

  1. Well, now we’ll find out if Cass Sunstein will be Obama’s first SCOTUS appointment

  2. Michelle “Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage” Malkin is upset, so that’s a good sign.

  3. fantastic. Welcome to the court, justice sunstein.

  4. Unless Obama appoints a conservative then Souter’s retirement won’t have much short-term effect.

    Souter is already a reliable “lefty” vote on closely divided decisions.

    It’s Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito that are the hard right bloc with Anthony Kennedy as the swing vote.

  5. sunstein’s only 54, he’ll be on the Court for the next 30 years

  6. Oh gawd. Cass Sunstein. There’s a cheerful thought.

    • i’m lighting candles, incense, and sending everything I can to the wisdom beings as we speak

    • Fun fact, sunstein is supposedly Kyle from one-L, the character who inscribed all his class notes in leather bound books for posterity and backstabbed the nice older lady he had complaining to the prof on his behalf.

  7. Well, now PBO is going to REALLY show his true colors to the lefties. I wonder how many of them will wake up from their kool-aid dreams at that point?

    Well, maybe PBO will surprise us and do the right thing for once.

    (Too afraid to hold my breath on that one.)

    • I predict they’re not going to do their usual moan for 5 minutes then pretend it never happened.

      This time the moaning will run 7 and a half minutes, easy.

  8. I nominate ME. I can do it. I promise to hit Scalia over the head with a cantaloupe at least.

  9. Don’t worry.. Obama will nominate someone reliably left and the balance of the court won’t change much. Then again justices can surprise once they’re on the bench.

    • Who do you think it’ll be, elderj?

      I don’t trust him at all. If sunstein doesn’t make it I bet it will be someone even worse.

      • I have no idea… the buzz is that he’ll pick a woman, but I’m wondering if he’ll want to go for a hispanic or another black to make “a point”

        • You’re right, if it’s a woman then it probably will be a woman of color. Zero likes to make color points and he has mommy issues so I doubt he’d pick a white woman. (Unless the price was too good to pass up.)

        • I just can’t read an article that starts with a quote from sunstein to the effect that TOTUS will be extraordinarily involved with the selection because he’s a constitutional law “scholar,” then says the only question is whether his picks will be more liberal than Clinton’s. 🙂 fantasyland looks like the worst part of Disneyland.

      • Seriously, I’m worried too. If Obama plays this true to type, the spot will be sold to the highest bidder.

  10. From the NPR thing:

    Given his first appointment to the high court, most observers expect Obama will appoint a woman, since the court currently has only one female justice and Obama was elected with strong support from women

    LOL! They think he’ll appoint a woman because he owes them something just because they voted for him? ROTFLMAO!!

    • But look at how, after cheating the nomination away he chose to break the gender barrier by putting a woman on the ticket!

    • Maybe he will appoint an African American woman. I nominate Anita Hill.

  11. myiq2xu — that is just too easy

  12. OT – the banks win again. The Senate voted against the “cram down” mortgage relief for homeowners.


    • It garnered only 45 votes in a Senate with a Democratic supermajority.

      Does Alito have a twin brother? I hear there’s a vacancy.

  13. He could fulfill W’s wish and appoint Harriet Miers. (heehee, joking…..)

  14. ZOMG. Per wikipedia:
    “On July 4, 2008, Sunstein married Samantha Power…”

  15. “His departure, however, isn’t likely to change the court’s liberal-conservative composition, because his successor will almost certainly be moderate to liberal, NBC News correspondent Pete Williams reported.”

    Yeah right, NBC and MSNBC… dream on. Obama’s choice will not be anywhere close to liberal. When are they gonna notice he sways right more than left? How long can his adoring (bought and paid for) media pretend that he’s nothing more than wishy- washy politician who only does things half-assed and won’t really take a stand on anything? What is he? He never called himself a Democrat or criticized the Republican party’s platform. He just wants to be all things to all people. The primary and the GE were bad enough, but now I’m just getting creeped out. I dread seeing what this faux-Democrat and Congress are going to do next.

    • GAgal, sadly (very sadly) the thought of an Obama appointment scares the crap outta me. Let’s throw a farewell party for our liberties.

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