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The First 100 Days of…



Today is the day when the world waits with baited breath to hear all about the accomplishments of the leader of the free world.  We here at the Confluence are no different.  We anxiously await the spectacular run down.  So let us begin by reminiscing about some of TOTUS’s phenomenal moments.

So,…what has TOTUS done in his/her’s/its first 100 days?

Started a blog

Barack Obama’s Telepromter Blog

Twittered (or is that tweating?)

TOTUStelepromt on Twitter

Kept POTUS’s neck muscles nice and limber (2 words left, 3 words right, 3 words left, 3 words right)

Started a private line of Swag

Barack Obama’s Teleprompter Shop

Called in Sick once or twice

Held its own ‘presser’ to publically list contract demands

and Punk’d POTUS real good on several occasions

So, what’s your favorite TOTUS moment? photo? anecdote? Share Conflucians…share!  We’re all entranced by the smooth (surfaced) talker!


114 Responses

  1. I checked and nothing was scheduled.

    So I post and BAM, there you are

    I took mine down

  2. In all fairness, that teleprompter’s been going strong for over 100 days.

    I wish I had a teleprompter. I’d rather have a teleprompter than a pony.

    Damn, is he still the Preznit? This seems sooo 100 days ago.

  3. You already posted my favorite, the contract demands.

    You know, they really should add some voice software to TOTUS so it can hold press conferences on its own.

  4. I just gotta get one of those “Readership You Can Believe In” t-shirts. TOTUS has neat swag for an inanimate object.

  5. Any normal human being would be embarrassed to need a crutch like Totus. I wonder if they will have the new TV prompt system in place by tonight? Or will he have that huge screen thingy in the middle of the room again?

  6. Barack Obama snuggy!

    • Emanual is gross. And Geithner?! Give me a break.

      • Well, those dim bulbs on “the View” were all fizzing abnd popping over Barky and his boney ass, so the ladeez’s gush over who they’re told to gush over, apparently.

        • Apparently.

        • Entertainment personalities are one thing, but “journalists” (of which Baba Wawa claims to be one) should never “gush” over a politician.

          • Huh? They all do now…

          • Bill Maher, Andrea Mitchell, Larry King, David Letterman, Tina Fey, Katie Couric, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Colbert, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, Chris Matthews, Charles Gibson, and many others pay homage to Obama, their one true love.

            She is soooo in-LOVE there is no objectivity, just look at how she goes after Palin and swoons over Obama.

        • I’ll never watch that show again, even in passing, after last year. They are repellent.

  7. My favorite was when he was reading the British prime minister’s teleprompter part and thanking himself.
    He just kept on reading and thanking himself. He had no idea it wasn’t his part to read until the prime minister and the audience started laughing and he sitll kinda didn’t ‘get it’ still. Still!
    Pathetic man. Plain pitiful.

    • Y’know, they must have scrubbed that video from youtube because I looked and looked but could not find it.

      • It’s been scrubbed SOD. I saw it a bit ago and I tried to find it today. It no longer “Exist.”

        • It’s so damn scary. We are living Orwell’s 1984. And the scariest part is how many people don’t even notice.

      • Scrub, Scrub, Scrub, Scrub a dub dub,
        Scrub the net away,
        Scrub, Scrub, Scrub, Scrub a dub dub…

        It cleans is scrubs,
        It doesn’t leave a trace of bad press…
        Order your ‘Obama Internet Scrub a dub dub’ today! 😯

    • ROFL!!! I love it~!

    • That was definitely a TOTUS punk on POTUS.

    • Empty suit–literally–there is no one home.

    • Since Obama will read anything off a teleprompter, I wonder if he will ever do a Ron Burgundy?

  8. Oh, and it’s gonna be a long four years if he is allowed to remain the squatter in chief.

  9. This message is for quixote7 on her post “Sue not lest ye be discovered”.I’m surprised that you would take anything the New York Times wrote on face value. In fact, the NYT took the quote out of context and simply lied about the report. See the following for some facts re: the deliberate misrepresentation:

    How many times must it be said that we should not take what we read at face value. A healthy skepticsm is a good thing.

    • I can’t wait to see the NY Times go under–they have lost all credibility.

      • Ditto. Given a little training, InStyle mag could probably do a better job of covering the news. With a few exceptions here and there (most notably Paul K), the NYTimes has become a complete sell-out. And not on the newsstands.

  10. As if PBO would EVER give his teleprompter top billing, let alone those other demands.

    Some of those “uh, uh, uh” moments are absolutely shocking. It shows us just how much Koolaid those in his crowds have had since they still went out and voted for him after hearing how lost he was without the teleprompter.

  11. GOOD NEWS, Only 995 days to go. I wonder if we’ll survive? Swine Flu, no jobs, banks on the verge of collapse, Chrysler bankrupt, GM near bankruptcy and all we got was the chance to pay for a $2 Trillion Tarp Wall Street bailout, and a $787 Billion dollar recovery package that won’t give MOST OF US a damned thing.

    I’d say chin up, but that means a face lift and who can afford one.

  12. Whoops I was too optimistic, I left off 365 days.

    REVISION: ONLY 1360 DAYS LEFT ON OBAMA’S WATCH, UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I perused some YouTubes on Obama and torture. I didn’t find anything concise enough to post. I wanted something with Obama speaking. The more I listened to Obama, the less I knew. It actually became painful to seek a clear message from him. It’s only been 100 days?

  14. Is anyone going to watch or listen to the press conference?

  15. The more I listened to Obama, the less I knew. I think we aren’t gonna do it. Some people may be prosecuted and maybe not. Only the AG knows or will know. I watched a YouTube with the AG talking to a reporter while walking. It didn’t inspire confidence.

    I liked the Tom in Paine post: http://tominpaine.blogspot.com/2009/04/obama-tortures-country-playing-poltics.html

  16. Uhh…Ahhhh..Ummmm..ahhh.ummm…Wash your hands.

  17. Watching FOX myself. They opted not to air yet another one of his yap-yaps. Proceeding instead with their original lineup, starting with “Lie To Me”. Ha, indeed.

  18. This press conference is making me quiver in my Rahmbo underoos

  19. News Flash: The AP actually calls BO out on his lies and exaggerations!

    FACT CHECK: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape


  20. Obama seems a lot more confident in this press conference. He’s still boring though.

    • Really??? I think he sounds worse. The speech was like 4 minutes.

      • I didn’t say he was good, just confident. He didn’t seem quite so uptight. I think they figured out the right drug cocktail. Actually he could probably use a little more uppers. He was way too laid back.

  21. He’s calling on some of the biggies this time. CNN right now.

  22. How’s the eye contact?

  23. You don’t need the Republicans votes to pass anything so stfu.
    Now he brings up Iowa and beating Hillary
    He is a jackass

    • That’s what made me shut it off. He’s in love with his own reflection in TOTUS.

      • awwww…TOTUS! So how does our flat glassy hero look tonight? New cord? ultra slim pole? new raw umber tinting?

    • Yeah and Hillary kicked his $$ in Michigan until he had his cronies revise history and poach 4 of her delegates on top of rewarding him for not participating on a ballot. If I were him I’d STFU about anything having to do with his primary “win”.

  24. OK, I couldn’t take anymore. He actually said some good things, but he’s just too self-satisfied and full of himself.

  25. Wow Obama did you think as president you only get to deal with one issue at a time?

  26. Change comes slow..No sh!t

  27. “the lowliest private”

    His answer to this question makes him sound very and tragically naive.

  28. Is this guy from Ebony magazine?

  29. Is it over yet? I swear…if he cuts into the first few critical minutes of “Criminal Minds” I’m going to flip

  30. Damn Major Garret did not get called.

  31. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2009141364_craigslist29m.html

    A Craigslist ad seeking a woman willing to have sex and then be killed led police to arrest a 24-year-old Kent man on Monday when he showed up at a Seattle hotel with a length of chain and a knife.

  32. Boomer…it’s really ironic that your two consecutive questions were about the same thing.


    • Too true.

    • ROFLOL! So true.

    • that might be a neat compromise for national security purposes. Instead of waterboarding, we could make the terrorists listen to nonstop Obama press conferences and speeches.

      • did you hear that for a fundraiser auction for the girl’s school he donated an autographed a copy of a magazine cover of him and then Michelle did the same with her front cover picture of Vanity Fair?

        I guess the school was irritated because the Clintons used to donate things like a round of golf with the President.

        Doesn’t any one know the meaning of humility these days?

        • NQ had a hilarious thread up last night re the cheapo Obamas, with a long list of alternate gift suggestions. It was definite LOL material – simply nailed it.

  33. Yes do you want to grow government…Don’t Lie Obama. You did it here in Illinois. Argh…cant stand it..

  34. David Gergen has a serious mancrush on Barack Obama. It’s enough to turn your stomach. There’s no fool like an old fool.

    • You’re right and when Gergen said that it’s been a very long time since we’ve had such an intelligent and articulate (I’m paraphrasing) President, I started yelling at the screen, “What about Bill Clinton, you ungrateful, old !@@##$%^&*!!”
      Everyone in Big Media just tries to pretend that Clinton never existed.
      Having said all that, I thought Obama did pretty well tonight.

      • I thought it was better than the first two disasters. He still has a tendency to ramble on an on after he has already answered the question though. It’s boring.

        • yeah, definitely seemed more on top of issues and things this time but the pauses filled with ahhhhs,still grate to me. I’d hate to spend a semester with that speech problem, frankly.

          I had one econ T/A that taught money and banking that used to grab the podium, rock up and down on his toes, say, ahhhhh and ummm a lot then push his thick black framed glasses back up his nose. We used to call him porkchop because he was portly also. Any time you have to listen to some one with an obvious speech issue over time, it doesn’t sit well. Probably why he clings to TOTUS, he can read and not do that, but then we get the rhythmic back and forth of the head. I can’t figure out which annoys me more. The one thing about the Bush’s is their made-up words always made for a speech event.

    • I turned CNN off at that point. I was just writing the ECON thread I just posted. It was just to much of a disconnect with reality.

  35. I don’t have to watch the presser.

  36. No need to go slow now. It should be one right after another.

    • You’re in the drivers seat that is for sure.

      • Not me. I want to go on the record as having nothing to do with the train wreck we have in the White House and I have no affinity for Pelosi or Reid either. Their agenda is not my agenda.

    • Here’s where we can separate the wheat from the chaffe.

  37. Please conflucians help kick this fraud out of the WH! Cannot listen to the annoying voice of Soetoro any longer…

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