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    Beata on Dana Loesch says the quiet par…
    jmac on Dana Loesch says the quiet par…
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    riverdaughter on I am not a general…
    riverdaughter on I am not a general…
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    lililam on I am not a general…
    Propertius on I am not a general…
    Propertius on I am not a general…
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    • I knew Republicans wouldn’t care
      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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    • Rationality Is A Process, Not A Conclusion (Nuclear Weapons Edition)
      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Morning Papers

  • The world get serious about the swine flu
    WHO Raises Global Threat Level As Reports of Swine Flu Increase

    Borders Are Tightened as Flu Cases Rise

    EU Advises Travellers to Avoid Mexico and US

    ‘Panic Can Spread More Quickly Than Swine Flu’

  • Flu continues to weigh on markets

  • The sad, sad legacy of the Bush regime. But hey, Dick Cheney has discovered the virtues of full disclosure,so let’s go for it.
    New Evidence of Torture Prison in Poland

    The current debate in the US on the “special interrogation methods” sanctioned by the Bush administration could soon reach Europe. It has long been clear that the CIA used the Szymany military airbase in Poland for extraordinary renditions. Now there is evidence of a secret prison nearby.

  • (2x) 100 Days.
    A look at key events during the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s presidency

    The Arena: The GOP’s hundred days

  • No kidding! What a surprise!
    Evening Newscasts Have Covered Obama More Than Bush & Clinton Combined
  • Good news. Views on race relations are improving.
    Obama Is Nudging Views on Race, a Survey Finds

    Barack Obama’s presidency seems to be altering the public perception of race relations in the United States. Two-thirds of Americans now say race relations are generally good, and the percentage of blacks who say so has doubled since last July, according to the latest New York Times/ CBS News poll.

    Despite that, half of blacks still say whites have a better chance of getting ahead in American society, the poll found.

    There are still some hiccups like this.
    Among college-educated, African Americans hardest hit by unemployment

    Fifteen months into a deep recession, college-educated white workers still had a relatively low unemployment rate of 3.8% in March of this year. The same could not be said for African Americans with four-year degrees. The March 2009 unemployment rate for college-educated blacks was 7.2%—almost twice as high as the white rate—and up 4.5 percentage points from March 2007, before the start of the current recession (see chart). Hispanics and Asian Americans with college degrees were in between, both with March 2009 unemployment rates of 5%.

  • I guess the stress test didn’t go too well.
    U.S. urges BofA, Citi to increase capital

    U.S. regulators have told Bank of America Corp and Citigroup Inc they may need to raise more capital following stress testing of the two banks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    The shortfall amounts to billions of dollars at BofA, the paper said on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the bank, adding it is likely the Federal Reserve will have determined other banks might also need more capital.

  • Hooray! We are about to own a (formerly) gigantic car company.
    US to take majority GM stake

    US taxpayers would take a majority shareholding in General Motors under a sweeping debt-for-equity restructuring proposal that the carmaker revealed on Monday in a bid to avoid bankruptcy.

  • GM to become a much smaller car company
    G.M.’s Latest Plan Envisions a Much Smaller Automaker

    G.M. expects to have only 38,000 union workers and 34 factories left in the United States, compared with 395,000 workers in more than 150 plants at its peak employment in 1970.

  • Union to be majority holder of a restructured Chrysler. Way to go!
    UAW to Get 55% Stake in Chrysler for Concessions

    The United Auto Workers union would eventually own 55% of the stock in a restructured Chrysler LLC under the deal reached by the union and the auto maker, according to a summary of the agreement that was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

    Fiat SpA “eventually” will own 35%, and the U.S. government and Chrysler’s secured lenders together will end up owning 10% of the company once it is reorganized, that summary said.

  • The never ending story.
    US ‘saddened’ by deadly Iraq raid

    Ex-soldier bragged about Iraqi rape, deaths: lawyer

  • Ross Douthat is off to a good start as op-ed columnist in the Old Lady
    Cheney for President
  • Michael Tomasky is happy with Hillary’s performance in Lebanon
    Hillary in Lebanon
  • Finally! Some smart guys try to answer my question.
    Secrets of the Phallus: Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?
  • If you’ve ever had a good, long look at the human phallus, whether yours or someone else’s, you’ve probably scratched your head over such a peculiarly shaped device.

  • Don’t die in China. It’s really expensive.
    Chinese face rising cost of dying
  • Who said guys couldn’t throw? Take that ladies.
    Florida High School Senior to Try for Fifth Consecutive No-Hitter
  • Deep thought: If you smell like a skunk, you would be easy to identify.
    Foul-smelling man accused of money laundering

    Court records show that during his trips to a Eugene bank a man drew attention to himself because of a foul odor, possibly linked to fertilizer. A teller vomited. Customers complained.

  • Talk about giving someone a test of his own medicine.
    Police arrest woman they say used Taser on officer
  • 14 Responses

    1. mablue, This is a great compendium. Thanks.

    2. Thanks for the round up! I’m watching the GM story cause I feel it ‘s an indication of how Social Security will be handled…..pensions and such….

      Glad someone approves of the job Hill is doing….of course they are in the UK. You can tell she’s doing well here because of the US press silence on the topic. When it comes to the US media, one learns the news mostly though inference…

      Any word on the faxes to Nancy? When her aid said “…..makes us do it” , it reminded me of Bush’s “bring it on “. Be careful what you wish for!

    3. ps

      Ross Douthat is off to a good start as op-ed columnist in the Old Lady
      Cheney for President

      Mr. Douthat ‘s headline should be
      Cheney for President ….again

      • Good one. I do think that the “decider” was ultimately calling the shots – he just delegated so much! He slowed down deferring to Cheney at the end.

        “The latest Libby flap has injected fresh strains in a relationship that had become more businesslike than warm in recent years.

        Ten days before leaving office, Bush hailed Cheney as “a fabulous vice president.”

        About the same time, however, an official who has worked closely with both men mused that the relationship “isn’t what it was” when Bush tapped Cheney as his running mate in 2000.

        “It’s been a long, long time since I’ve heard the President say, ‘Run that by the vice president’s office.’ You used to hear that all the time.”


        • Good one. I do think that the “decider” was ultimately calling the shots – he just delegated so much! He slowed down deferring to Cheney at the end….

          I think even if that’s the case, Bush was carefully spoon fed stuff so he would make the calls Dick wanted., For a time Cheney was the approving father Bush always wanted and could manipulate him pretty well . At the end Cheney wasn’t as interested anymore, since Bush was a leaving office and Bush got upset over the withdrawal…. it was Dick who dumped Bush…..just my take on it

    4. I love this new morning addition to TC. Thanks mablue!

    5. I agree, this is a great way to get a well-rounded mentally nutritious breakfast for my mind!

      Re: “GM to become a much smaller car company”
      Does this mean they will no longer be to big to fail?
      I’m not trying to be callous to those who are facing financial disaster and loss of benefits because of the downsizing. I am just curious since that was brought up as a reason to save some companies and not others, where is the line for too big to fail, and does a company keep that status even if they downsize as drastically as GM is proposing to do?

    6. What a great list of reading materials!

      I read that 100 day list though. What a friggin’ crock!

    7. Evidently if you are Obama you get credit for someone else withdrawing their name from consideration, even if you should have never nominated him to begin with.

    8. The woman who tased the cop was charged with “aggravated assault”

      That kinda goes against the idea that getting tased is no big deal, doesn’t it?

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