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How to scare the crap out of NYC (UPDATED)

Have a jumbo jet (an Air Force One look-a-like) followed by fighter jets buzz Manhattan, turn around and come back for another pass.

For maximum effect, make sure that the citizens aren’t given any warning:

President Obama’s White House was forced to issue an apology Monday after a photo opportunity gone wrong — an Air Force 747 plane did a low flyover lower Manhattan, prompting terrified citizens to flee from their offices and high-profile accusations of government insensitivity.

White House Military Office director Louis Caldera issued a brief statement.

Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision,” he said. “While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, its clear that the mission created confusion and disruption. I apologize and take responsibility for any distress that flight caused.”

The panic started Monday morning when a backup 747 used as Air Force One flew by lower Manhattan with a fighter jet closely following, rattling windows and causing some limited evacuations.


An administration official said the Federal Aviation Administration was informed this would be taking places, and notified Mr. Bloomberg’s office on April 22.

The problem was the FAA was told the information was classified and did not alert the press to warn the public.

Here’s how people on the ground reacted:

This has got to be the most oblivious administration ever.  What’s next, crop dusting Capitol Hill with white powder?



Now that the feces has hit the air flow device:

When President Obama was told about the incident, he was “furious,” a White House official says.

Caldera was called into a meeting with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and deputy chief of staff Jim Messina.

“It didn’t sound like a fun meeting,” the White House official says.

It’s never HIS fault, is it?



Now I’m really pissed:

An administration official says a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet flew low near ground zero in New York City Monday because the White House Military Office wanted to update its file photo of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.

Tens of thousands of tax dollars spent, Koresh knows how many people scared shitless, all for an “update” of a file phote.  Somebody should be unemployed by tomorrow morning.

60 Responses

  1. What absolute blooming idiots. This has got to tell people something.

    It makes me think of him being from Chicago and not knowing where the Great Lakes are (!), but, of course, this is much worse. It’s a good thing nobody had a heart attack.

  2. A ‘photo-op’??? I am speechless and you all know how rarely I am speechless.

  3. I hope they have better judgement about what to do in the event of an ctual emergency. And he campaigned on a claim of having better judgement than Hillary? BWAHAHAHA!

  4. That “ctual” should be “actual”.

  5. criminy, can’t these imbeciles get ANYthing RIGHT???

    Top to bottom, this is a high class, intelligent operation the American people have put into place… I can hardly believe my luck, I did not vote for them, but by golly, they sure have got things under control!!!

  6. the “Pampers in Chief’s” administration might as well have said:

    “How could any of you stupid New Yorkers thought this was a hijacking? Oh-blah -Blah is in charge that is sooo R@cist to think a hijacking could happen during President Pampers term of Office? The state of New York and all those R@cist Chicken New Yorkers owe President Pampers an Appology!”

    “WE know what we are doing, we are handling the swine flue with the same amount of sensitivity! Now go shopping and save the economy.”

    • Hi Fuzzy!

    • Fuzzy,… the saddest part of your post is the realization that those converations are oh so possible.

      • I just call them as I see them! I hope I wasnt the only one that noticed the posibility for the astroturfing of this!

  7. WTF!


  8. If they had warned people what they were doing but still scared a few people that would have been bad enough, but the way they did it was clueless.

    Breaking the ban on flights over NYC for a photo-op is mondo stupid no matter how well planned.

    • myiq —

      you’re totally right… even if some knew via the media there would always be some who weren’t aware of it .. can we call him President Doofus now?

  9. Two questions:

    What was the purpose of the photo-op?

    How much did it cost?

    • well if Jebus could walk on water…Oblahblah can soar over everybody body from rising east to west like a national messiah….

      Myiq-Ms Dowd and Ms maddow will surely call you a R@cist for questioning Oblahblah wonton spending of the public purse!

  10. So, Obama scares the Hopium outta people and all he can say is…Oops, my bad.

    • actually that was supposed to be Hopium comming out of the jets tailpipe but the poor airman filling up the tank got confused and put “fear factor # 9” in instead! Oops!

    • Of course, he gets someone else to say the “oops … my bad” part. As MyIQ knows, it’s never His fault.


  11. They’ve had all day. Have they shot themselves in the other foot yet?

  12. Back Bay Style, on April 27th, 2009 at 6:42 pm Said:
    They’ve had all day. Have they shot themselves in the other foot yet?

    Well, the day’s not done. There’s still time.

  13. A “photo-op”?? Nice. Now there’s leadership… though it gets blamed on the staff. Again. Now, that’s a great leader, eh? Hangs the staff out to dangle while protecting his own sorry behind.

    Lately, this runs through my head, a lot: “If this were Bush….”

    Good thing it’s not an irrational and hypocritical cult of personality of anything.

    • Good point. How long will it be before the staff start holding back on necessary but potentially unpopular actions because they know they might be sacrificed to protect his image? I think it is already happening with people simply not accepting nominations to positions in the government. There are a lot of good people who won’t work for that kind of “leader.”

  14. We’ll get digitized records (Hillary’s idea) and a committee to talk about smokers and obese people.

    • And we’re all going to be really obese from living on pasta and peanut butter. Buy hey, once they’ve killed us off at a much younger age than our parents generation, they won’t have to worry about paying us social security and medicare.

    • The next stunt planned is re-flooding us lil people in New Orleans so he can come down here for a photo-op opportunity of him parting Lake Ponchatrain.

      • Well, he can also use it for a “you’re doing a heckuva job” moment.

  15. Talk about sick. Everyone who was involved in the flyover should be fired.

  16. Same day, different reason to hate on the man.

    He didn’t know this was happening but it somehow still serves as a perfect example of his decision making.

    I know this makes sense on Planet Puma, but . . .

    [You folks still fear opposing opinion I see. No matter, at least one of you sees this brilliance.]

    • I see you’re unacquainted with the concept “The Buck Stops Here”

      (Don’t go away, just drop back to the previous thread and worship the Smirking Jeebus)

    • To their credit, the Rumproasters agree this was a bad idea.

      (Unlike HBG, who has yet to find anything to criticize Teh Precious about)

      • ps: Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to pay RR another compliment anytime soon

      • HBG fantasizes about being on the downlow with Obama, can’t have anything harsh his “happy” because his ED pill funds has shrunk to nothing with the limp economy. only way he can get a woody now is dreaming about a lovenest with himself and Obama.

    • Several Obama supporters thought it was a mistake for Obama to appoint this idiot in the first place (see comments below article).

    • Jaysus HGB – you are the walkiing definition of pathetic in your all out worship of the Ojob.

    • LOL! Whenever Bambi does something stupid, you can count on HBG to show up and WORM WORM WORM!

      Here’s his reasoning:

      If it’s a BAD thing, Obama is never responsible.

      If it’s a GOOD thing, it’s ALL CREDIT TO THE MAN!

      What happened to “the buck stops here?”

      • ha ha! I posted before reading, and see myiq wrote the exact same phrase above! Great PUMA minds…

  17. IIRC jet fuel is expensive and 747’s burn lots of it per minute.

    It’s bad enough when Teh Precious runs up the nation’s Chevron card to speechify at townhall meetings, but what was the purpose of this little boondoggle?

    Couldn’t they photoshop AF1 over the NYC skyline for a lot less?

  18. I was on Wall Street the morning of 9/11 and I can tell you that my heart is racing after just watching those videos while sitting here in Georgia.

    It’s just unbelievable that anyone would think of doing something like that over NYC. Even if they had warned people ahead of time I still think it is terribly insensitive to dredge up those memories for a photo op. I am so furious about this.

  19. Sure….right…

    • Of course he is SOD!

      It is all that damn Racist pilot’s fault! I wonder how long it will take the Daily Kooks to suggest that one? Any bets?

  20. Jesus. That is unconscionable.

  21. Good to see I’m not alone here. This is UNBELIEVABLE! How do these idiots get their jobs. I wrote all this also on my BLOG EduClaytion.

  22. Apparently, they did NOT alert Bloomberg, and he is furious. Can you imagine–they did not tell the friggin’ mayor?!!

  23. Okay, so NO ONE on the “crack marketing team” that is the Obama Administration has heard of Photoshop?

    • Apparently not…even though you can get a workable copy for 79.99 at Costco.

  24. what a colossal eff-up.

    i’m stunned that no-one involved thought to, or was able to, put the brakes to this.


  25. relax! The Daily news says “insiders said Obama was furious” (kinds like W about the Plame “leak” – another Daily News headline). So, it’s all cool. let’s talk some more about that imaginary haircut Clinton had on a tarmac delaying traffic…

    • I don’t believe it. When does Teh One get furious about anything except like not eating his waffles in peace?

  26. I totally feel for those people who were obviously scared shitless! Not only was this fly-over a show of a complete lack of sensitivity to 9/11 … doesn’t also show that the Obama Admin is NOT real concerned about homeland security?

  27. Now can we kick him out of office? 100 days has been much, too, much! We can’t afford any more days.

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