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      .@GovRonDeSantis: “You don’t have to politicize every tragedy in this country.” Also @GovRonDeSantis: Immediately politicizes Hurricane Ian tragedy. pic.twitter.com/er3hjzL5kp — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 4, 2022
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Waiting On the World to Change

Take a Deep Breath, We'll be All Right

Take a Deep Breath, We'll be All Right

I don’t just have a special interest in the next few years in Politics because of my status as a Budding Mystic. I actually happen to have a future to look forward to, dreams to strive for, ect. Let’s just thanks all the Gods I have decided to go into Healthcare for now. It’s a recession proof field, so I’ll be all right, even if my Writing career has to be put on hold for a bit.

No doubt everyone here has heard of the coming Armageddon that is to supposedly befall us in 2012. We’ll get to that in a minute., but admittedly the news over the past few days has been rough. Torture Memos have been released, Iraq doesn’t appear to be doing all that well, Pakistan is trying to contain the Taliban in it’s own borders, the Swine Flu is spreading, Bea Arther has died (cries), ect.

And let’s not not forget the Economy.

Many people will tell you that the world is going to end in 2012 because that is when the Mayan calender ends. But that doesn’t really mean much. The Mayans vanished off the face of the Earth, if I remember correctly (and you will have to forgive me if my memory on this subject doesn’t serve me all that well, as I am too lazy to look it up). The Mayan calender has thirteen cycles, and 2012 is, I believe, the end of the last cycle.

So does that mean the world is going to self destruct? Hardly. You have likely heard of a series called Left Behind, by Jerry B. Jenkins. It is all about the “Rapture” and the “Tribulation” and the “End of the World.” It is possibly one of the silliest series on the planet, because, for one thing, it is based off of the Book of Revelations. Have you read Revelations? I laugh at anyone who claims they can actually interpret that book of the Bible. Left Behind was made into a movie that failed in the box office, but the nonetheless it sparked some of the “End of the World” feelings in the General Populace.

For one thing, I don’t take the book of Revelations seriously. I remember one incident in particular that solidified that feeling. My mom gave me twenty bucks to go to Youth Group with some old family friends when I was sixteen or so, and they were talking about Revelations. I was bored, and I took an interest in the conversation. That was around the time The Da Vinci Code was causing quite a controversy, and I had been reading Elaine Pagels, so I asked the Youth Pastor who wrote the Book of Revelations. This is how our exchange went. (Again, forgive me if some facts are wrong here. It has been at least a year since I last did any heavy lifting on this topic and as I explained, I am too lazy to look it up).

Youth Pastor: Well, all we really know is that it was written by a person named John. Some Biblical Scholars believe it was John the disciple-

Me: So no one actually knows who wrote it? It says here that this John had a dream and this is what the entire book is about. A dream.

Youth Pastor: Yes, well-

Me: And I am pretty sure that the Book of Revelations was written quite some time after Jesus’s death, right? Like…. hundreds of years or something? So how can this book have been written by John the Disciple? That makes no sense. So it must have been some other John. This entire book, the Book of Revelations, is just a dream by a random guy named John!

Youth Pastor:

Me: That’s it, isn’t it?

Youth Pastor: Well, yeah.

Me: Okay, then. I’ve proved my point. Carry on.

I didn’t bother arguing any further because the guy sitting next to me was really hot, and I got distracted. But I’m still not going to forget that conversation because it just made me think more about 2012.

Personally, I don’t think that in 2012, the world as we know it is going to end just because the Mayan Calender will.

A lot of people actually believe that the next few years will be filled with upheaval (Wars, Famine, and Economic Collapse) and the result will be a spiritual awakening, or something of the like, in 2012 that will mark the beginning of a long process that will take us to the Age of Aquarius.

I don’t know, myself. But I know I’m going to try to remain optimistic, no matter what happens. I won’t get upset about what’s in the news. What will happen will happen. As little people, we might not think we have control over much, but… okay, we don’t have control over much.

My point is to have a little Faith. It might seem like things are really terrible sometimes, but you know what they say: “With Darkness comes the Dawn.”

Shadows always pass, but then the Sun comes out. Sometimes, for things to drastically change (and don’t you agree that things need to drastically change?) we have to endure pain and sadness. It’s like making mistakes. You can’t regret them TOO much, or else you’ll never learn from them!

Well, anyway, I just needed to share that with someone.

It all just reminds me of my favorite Scene from Lord of the Rings. This one here:

Oh, and this is Bullet Witch, my favorite “End of the World” Video Game, because Alicia saves the world and blows up demons and such, all in High Heels:

“End of the World” Open Thread!

46 Responses

  1. Don’t everyone talk at once

  2. Pelosi aide asked where the faxes are to make the Speaker know single payer must be “on the table.”

    Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to contribute to a blizzard of faxes to our Dems who think single payer should not be on the table.

    Gob, at Corrente, has posted about an organization, 1payer.net, which will fax your messages to Baucus, Pelosi, the WH, etc.

    It appears that Congressional leaders are being deliberately dismissive of single-payer to the point of ludicrous statements. It’s like they have put their fingers in their ears and are yelling “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.” Here they are in all their Congressional member glory:

    Baucus a few days ago: “Everything BUT single payer is on the table. Single payer is off the table.”

    Pelosi: “In our caucus, over and over again, we hear single payer, single payer, single payer. Well, it’s not going to be a single payer.”

    Pelosi’s aide: “Where are the phone calls, e-mails and faxes in support of single-payer? Speaker Pelosi has been in favor of single-payer for a long time. Now make us do it.”

    OK. We are up to the challenge. He wants to see the faxes. Let’s break their damn fax machines with the faxes.

    You can send a fax right now to Pelosi, Baucus, the aide and the White House.

    Send one now and send another in a few minutes. Give them enough faxes that they have to run get more paper (or electronic ink, as the case may be.) Then when they have received all of these, we will do it again. And again. And we will print them out and dump them on Pelosi’s office desk.

    So let them see what happens when they ask for faxes. Then maybe they will have to take their fingers out of their ears.

    Thank You

    Clark Newhall MD JD
    Physician & Attorney
    Law Office at
    57 W. 200 South, Suite 101
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101

    We can’t afford to not have single payer. Next best, we must have a real public plan: like Medicare, an Everybody In, Nobody Out plan. If Big Insurance wants to go up against a public plan, to keep sucking up “rents,” well, let them try if Congress wants them around.

    We cannot allow nibbling around the edges, with the “reform” being a mandatory purchase of crap insurance offered by Big Insurance. And never, ever let Big Insurance prevent the states from offering public plans…if we can’t get a Federal public plan.

    • It was really easy to do too. I think this link should be spread around — post it to Facebook. Send it to your friends!

      It just took a minute to do (and I even added a note of my own!

      • And if you’ve got a blog of your own — post it there!!

        • That is on my list to do first thing in the morning Katie! I am trying to formulate some words to go along with it…having writers block at the moment…LOL

    • Next best, we must have a real public plan: like Medicare, an Everybody In, Nobody Out plan.

      I am becoming more and more supportive of this idea. If its good enough for the seniors, it should be good enough for everyone and it is portable and accepted in all the states. Sounds like a winner to me. I will get on it in the morning.
      Thank you.

    • “single payer” means…means…is that where you get to pick your own doctor?

      Or does it mean all the insurance companies will go out of business?

  3. There is an argument to be made that the Apocalypse was one of the earlier books of the Christian canon. Marx (drawing from the Germanic scholarship of his day) was certain that it was the first to be written, circa 70-80 A.D. Irenaeus said that it was written toward the end of Domitian’s reign (that would be 90-96), while Epiphanus said that it was written during the reign of good old uncle Cla-Cla-Claudius.

    The book was not written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus. Iranaeus wrote about a hundred years after that point.

    The meaning of the book is not hard to dope out. The key words: Nero Redivivus. It was a popular legend, or conspiracy theory. The book gives a transparently coded version of that theory.

    Basically, it offers a prophecy that never came true. That’s why so many early church fathers were against including the book intot he canon.

    That’s also why you never heard the phrase “Nero Redivivus” in Sunday School. Basically, clowns like Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye have raked in big bucks by keeping you in the dark.

    • Leave it to you to find the early conspiracy theories. but then I think religion is the ultimate conspiracy theory, so what do i know …

    • *nod nod*
      Geez! I never knew that! Well, I did know that the book of Revelations was a load of crap in the first place, but you really clarified it for me.
      And I HAVE been in the dark!
      But at least I knew something wasn’t right about it.

      • Just think if you were in prison on an island and you wanted to get a message out that the dude that imprisoned you was an idiot. It would have to be in code, right? Or the guards would tear it up. Well, we have the letter, so they didn’t tear it up.

        If those “taken up” authors really believed the end of the world was coming they would sell all their possessions and give everything to the poor, just like Jesus said in the Bible, in order to be ready for the Rapture. But they didn’t do that, did they. They have their mansions and they are laughing all the way to the bank. They don’t believe it themselves.

    • I try not to take a cave dwelling, schizophrenic, religious mad man seriously.
      I can’t believe the gullibility of people. They go out and buy those silly books and think that this is actually going to happen in their life time.

      I once argued this very thing with a “born again christian.” I tried to explain that this “Revelation” that he was quoting me was actually about Nero but he would not have any of it. If I recall correctly, this man called me a “Red Savage” and assured me I was going to Hell. Ahh the ignorance of that man. Did he not realize we already were in Hell?…LOL

      • You cannot argue with people like that, RD. I have noticed that the “BA Christian’s” who get really into evangelizing and refuse to believe even the facts put right in front of their face behave that way (btw, most of them don’t, so I don’t mean to generalize) because they are either insecure and need to feel superior or they are weak minded or emotionally fragile and need to be told what to think.

        • Oh Little One. I have been called every name in the book by Bible thumpers for being true to my ancestors beliefs. I have never embraced Christianity nor any other religion.
          I practice what my forefathers have for thousands of years. I have been called everything from a Warlock to a Devil…..I wear those names with pride. My ancestors died for their beliefs and I will also. I don’t condemn others their faith, but I abhor those that are intolerant of ways of others. Especially when those “Others” were being practiced long before Moses, David and Jesus was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye!

          • ackkk…in moderation!

          • The ‘missionaries’ to the Tsurpa (my lineage roots) promise refrigerators if you sit in their churches for a year. Can you imagine what it must be like to try to find followers by bribing them?

          • Love it, Red Dragon! You and I are in the same boat on that one! One time, my mother made me go see this psycho Prophetess lady because she wanted so badly for me to be saved… Woman ended up trying to do an exorcism on me! To get rid of the “spirit of Witchcraft” lurking within me!
            It was a real riot. I laughed and told her I wanted lasagna.

  4. The Mayan Calendar is shaped like a circle – so technically there IS NO END.

    Yes, lots of earthquakes, death, yada yada.

    Does time stop when a clock strikes 12 noon or midnight?

    No, right?

    Therefore, the Mayan Calendar with start all over again at Baktun 1 on December 22-23rd, 2012.

    And I gotta go to bed – will spend more time here hopefully later this coming week!

    • Night SM! That’s right, I remember now. But in 2012 the cycle will start over. Cool!

    • I went to a visit some Mayan ruins when I had chemotherapy the last time was like around 2 years ago just to do something to distract me from all the nastiness of the experience (I visited Chacchoben). I had my Mayan astrology done (funny given the big upheaval is due in a few years) and climbed up and down some very great ruins that were off the beaten path. Since I am such a history buff, I loved it! The Anasazi and the Mayans are two of my favorite ancients to follow because they totally used up the few resources at hand. Many lessons to learn from that. When I was a kid, my folks took me to Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and other places too. I took my oldest (now the DR. Jean) around some of them when she was little too. I am totally fascinated by these cultures that develop and then just seem to just disappear from the face of the earth.

      • I know, right? That is why it fascinates me too!

      • CHACO CANYON!!!!!!!!

        I was there earlier this month!!!

        Amazing place. The huge ruins were probably created with slave labor.

        (for those who don’t know much about Ancient Native Americans — Chaco Canyon is in New Mexico — near the 4 corners area.)

        Back in my college days (back in the stone ages) I studied Southwestern archaeology and now I’m seeing the places where the fantastic pre-historic Native American ceramics were created.

        Chaco Canyon is really a must see place.

  5. Mayans are alive and well in Mexico and Guatemala.

    • yup, with a little conquistador mixed in

    • Some believe that when the younger one destroy the Earth around them they (elder brothers) will then come back down. Many Mayan Shaman are said to be continuing their studies in remote areas and are very mystical people even today.

      Any one see the documentary on them?

  6. I read:
    “The Mayans vanished off the face of the Earth”

    I think the millions of Mayans who live in the state of Chiapas and Guatemala speaking the Mayan language are testimony that the Magans did not vanish off the face of the Earth and that the statement is very wrong. Perhaps you mean that the Mayan empire died, like the Roman empire, leaving only their monuments.

    • Yes, lol, that is what I meant. Not that there are no Mayans. I meant the Mayan empire, obviously :p
      Like I said, if I have any facts wrong, forgive me.

  7. Common thought re: Revelations is that it actually deals with then current history of the corruption and fall of Rome–all sort of ‘inside baseball’ Church references, and anything predicted concluded then, around the time it was written (70-100 AD), and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with later things, particularly not any future end of days. Religious leaders have been predicting the end of days since there started being religious leaders, it’s in their contract along with the hair shirt and the collection plate. Pay them no mind.

    • ever since I read about the council that set up the Roman Church in high school, I immediately dropped Christianity, it took me about a few short months from there to go to looking into recapturing my Jewish roots to Zen Buddhism and Atheism … now I’m a dzogchenmo … all physics, energies, and internal discovery for me

    • Just another way to keep the masses in their place

  8. Anywho, I am off to bed. Carry on without me! Watch the thread, okay Daki? Night!

  9. Revelation is an easy Book to understand if a person is led by the Spirit of God. It is to be compared to the OT Books as well, particularly the Book of Daniel. The Bible is replete with types and shadows and dual prophecies but it does take study and a heart open to the leading of God. Otherwise it will remain a closed book and “foolishness” to those who don’t understand.

    While some ridiculous and terrible things have happened in the name of “Christianity” that has turned multitudes of people off, the truth is that it is the Person of Jesus Christ we follow, not what some person said that he understand that Jesus said thus and so. It’s a relationship built on love and the desire to please God because He is the Creator and Sustainer of all that is.

    Anyway, that’s my take on the Book of Revelation. 🙂

  10. friend sent this link a few threads ago but still worth a look:

  11. In a literary/historic sense, Revelation, or the canonical Apocalypse of John, is a fascinating document. It’s part of the literature of the Jewish and later Christian apocalyptic period — apocalyptic coming from the Greek apokalypsis, for “revelation.” Daniel is indeed another example. Revelation is a tripped out series of visions that broadcast not only socio-religious expectations at the time (it was written near the end of the first century CE, when the early Christian community was still processing its own apocalyptic expectations), but a critique of Roman imperialism. History would unfold such that the unjust empire would be defeated.

    What’s even more fascinating to me is how apocalyptic imagery and language is so persistent and how we use to give events in our lives a framework of significance. Swine flu. Economic meltdown. We use apocalyptic language.

    BTW, there’s debate on the significance of the Mayan calendar and 2012 — it is interpreted by some as marking the transition to a new age.

    • Hey, Alice:

      I think you should teach a class on this. 😉

    • BTW, there’s debate on the significance of the Mayan calendar and 2012 — it is interpreted by some as marking the transition to a new age.

      Yes, that is the latest interpretation that I am hearing, apart form some others too.

    • Alice-why don’t you write a post on this-I, for one, would be fascinated!

  12. “…that there is something worth fighting for.”

    I understand why you like that scene, LI.

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