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WTF Open Thread

I first saw this commercial over at Tennessee Guerrilla Women a couple days ago (I’ve seen it on television since then)

The egregious sexism aside, what the f*ck do phone book shaped butts on women have to do with kids meals?  Are they implying that if you eat the meals you’ll get a big square ass?

I can’t blame Sir Mix-a-lot too much for trying to make a few more bucks off his 20 year old one-hit wonder, not when you consider that this ad is cleaner than the original music video.  But think about this – some advertising agency got paid big bucks by Burger King for coming up with this stupidity.

What shape is your butt is on your mind?

68 Responses

  1. Hated it in 1991 when Sir Mix a Lot came out with the original and hate it now.

    Tacky, awful, tasteless.

  2. Swine flu cases have been confirmed in NYC, Kansas, Texas, and California.


  3. I watch that commercial and feel zero desire to go eat at BK

    • I already had zero desire to eat there. Now I have less than zero.

      • I can’t figure out who the “target audience” is.

        The purpose of advertising is to increase sales. Who watches this commercial and is motivated to go to BK?

        Kids, teens, young adults, old farts? Boys, girls, men, women, or others?

    • my guess is they hired Jon Favreau for this ad campaign.

      • Yup, that man has signaled that it is OK to objectify women and so the ad perverts took things one step further and are using BK (Burger King) to sexualize children using KID meals and toys (for the love of GOD…just the name of KID meals should bring the ‘aha’ button on).

        Don’t they know that pedophiles too, use toys and food to lure young children. Burger King has done some permanent damage to their branding and I won’t buy anymore Sponge Bob toys for the little ones in my family.

        • Um, so do GRANDPARENTS. Toys and Food are pretty standard behavorial tools (i.e.: rewards). Plus, Burger King SELLS food and toys. What would you like them to use? Lawnmowers?

  4. I think this ad was though up by some thirty something frat boy reminiscing on his college days while he was working on this ad for SpongeBob/Burger King.

    Personally,. I think the ad would’ve worked MUCH better if it were a bunch of SpongeBobs dancing in the background versus the Burger King Fly Girls.

  5. I saw this about two weeks ago and fell off my chair – in disgust.

    Someone said BK is taking a lot of heat for this – damn straight they should! I know I’ll never go near the place again.

  6. i dont know mabey it means THE KING is kinky & he like girls with odd shaped butts & phone book implants & hes got a spong bob fetish

    • then again that might be the fantasy of every teen o-bot

    • They are using SEX to lure young children in to have a Kids meal and a toy…very pedophile like if you ask me. If a strange man outside of BK, was showing children women, shaking their buts and saying ‘Now buy the Kid’s Meal and I will give you a toy too’, the parents would call the police.

      They are de-sensitizing our children and sexualizing them in our homes. No ones mom shakes their but like that and tells their very young children, want a Kid’s Meal and a toy. These ad/marketing people have lost their minds, they simply have. Very sick, very, very sick.

  7. The elephant in the room is the entirely creepy burger king character. He’s sufficiently disgusting to overshadow the other creepiness, I always just cringe and change the channel when those ads come on.

    • I understand that “sex sells” but what’s sexy about the ad?

      This ad is inappropriate, ineffective AND stupid

      • Stupid sells. Just look at the last two presidents, Obama and Bush. America loves stupid.

    • Agreed. It’s the use of that nightmarish king that I’ve never understood. I’m not too worked up over the square butts-I think it’s meant to be a homage to Spongebob.

  8. well, that’s just weird. what does it mean? I’m missing something, like the message or the appeal. pretty tasteless, imo.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten at a Burger King. even before this obnoxious ad, the king was the stuff of nightmares.

    is Katie around? i wanted to tell her Happy Birthday!

  9. I’m with you Elliott. isn’t there an ad where people wake up and the king is in their bed? that’s so creepy. children couldn’t possibly like that king, do they?

    • I thought some of the BK ads with the King were funny and effective.

      But this is just weird.

    • (whispering) That commercial always made me laugh. I have no idea who they were trying to appeal to but it was so crazy — it still makes me laugh.

  10. When my step-daughter was a young child she LOVED the original of this song — she’d sing along and get to BIG BUTTS and laugh so hard she would actually fall down. She was a pretty serious kid but, this song just cracked her up.

    Maybe the ad is supposed to appeal to all those little kids who laughed so much back then?

    I don’t know…. I hated that song at the time but, I’m a little nostalgic for little Mary and her laughter.

  11. I am a big fan of SpongeBob and seen this ridiculous send-off for the first time (I am not all that hip, it seems). The idea of incorporating a kids cartoon in such a base,vile spew only makes it worse. Booty is booty indeed, and this “song” came right out of it.

    • The Burger King corp and the Sponge Bob corp have lost their collective minds, I can’t see any benefit for any generation, and it is plain sick to target small children.

  12. I wonder who the advertising agency is? They need to be fired, then shamed.

  13. The Man song:

  14. Maybe I should have made this a “bad commercial” thread.

  15. Sexist Commercial

  16. commercial break
    “Appropriation video dealing with sexist commercials from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. ”

    I remember the ‘fresh perked coffee’…eeeeeak.

  17. New thread up

  18. I think I must be missing something, because I really don’t get what’s appalling or offensive about this commercial.

    I liked the original song. I didn’t care that it was about wanting to fuck women. Hell, I did and do want to fuck women, so it’s not really offensive to me. As a woman of heft, I really appreciated a song about liking big butts when every other corner of popular culture was telling me that I was too damn fat.

    I’ve never been a spongebob fan, but I get that he’s a cartoon character. As such, his core audience is a combination of kids and stoner/hipster adults. Kids find butts fundamentally hilarious. Stoner/Hipster adults find Sir Mixalot fundamentally hilarious. Overall, I’d say it’s a successful ad. And if this ad is somehow “sexualizing” your kids, I shudder to think what kind of bubble they live in, since this ad is less sexually explicit than 90% of American popular culture. Several of the Pixar and Disney movies have more “adult” stuff than this in them.

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