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I Like Ron Paul

I know this is random, but I sort of like Ron Paul. He such a little oddball of a man, but I wouldn’t mind voting for him, depending on the alternative.

We’ve had a tough time of it lately, PUMAs, but it’ll be all right. It’s a beautiful day. Beltane is coming!

79 Responses

  1. Yay! Beltane is one of my favorite holidays. Definitely something to look forward to. We must plan a party or something. It’s a little hard to do a virtual bonfire but maybe we can find a youtube of a fire festival. That would be fun.

    • Beltane is also my Birthday RD 🙂 You are right, we should put a Par-tay together. Like a cyber-Conflucean online Beltane Party.

      • Are you old enough to drink beer yet??


        • LMFAO!
          Sadly, no.

          • I better be careful what I say , RD already thinks I’m trying to corrupt you.

          • She’s barely out of Jailbait category, myiq. Littleisis, you remember that talk we had about using protection when you traipse through the comment threads, right?

            BTW, while I admit that Paul has some of the folksy charm (euphemism for touch of insanity) that made Ross Perot a hit back in 1992, you do realize that he thinks laissez faire capitalism is still being oppressed byt the state by too much regulation and that his stance on abortion makes the pope look positively enlightened.

            I mean, really, littleisis, he tetched, and not in a good way.

  2. Ron Paul is an interesting person, but then again so is Ozzy Osbourne.

    I wouldn’t put either one in charge of anything.

  3. Has anyone watched the second video, from the movie, August Rush?
    I love that song.

  4. How about Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury.

  5. Ron Paul is one of those guys who says stuff and people think he’s not serious.

    But he is.

  6. (biting my tongue)

    This is a game anyone can play: What 3 things make him better than an alternative?

    blinking Anyone?

    • Depends on the alternative.
      I mean, he *could* be running in the primary against Dick Cheney. That would be worse, I guess.
      Atilla the Hun unfortunately isn’t a US citizen so there’s no real competition there from the Austrian school side of things.
      I’m drawing a blank. I guess if Hillary screwed up royally and brought us to the brink of nuclear annihilation, it might be good to have a non-interventionist slapping the hand off the button. But other than that…

    • well, he’s better than Dick Cheney because he’s never shot a companion in the face and covered up for it

      plus i don’t think he liked dickie’s torture memos

      • Isn’t it bizarre that Dick Cheney’s Legacy Tour consist of him running around and defending (actually advocating) torture?

        Even Pinochet didn’t do that.

    • Ron Paul has several good qualities:

      1. He opposed the Iraq invasion and in general opposes our imperial foreign policy.

      2. He was adamantly opposed to the Paulson/Geithner/Bernanke bank/Wall Street bailout.

      3. He voted against the Patriot Act and is an ardent defender of our Bill of Rights.

      In short, he has some kooky ideas, but he is a man of principle, which makes me like him more than most members of congress, in spite of his anti-regulatory, laissez-faire ideas about handling the economy and his opposition to abortion, as well as a couple of other oddball positions.

      • That is what I saw as his endearing qualities. His kookiness aside, I like how he articulates the foreign policy positions he has that I agree with.

        • I’m with you there, although it looks like I’ll have to take back some of what I said. He’s not very good on several civil liberties issues beyond abortion, such as granting whistle-blower protection to federally funded scientists. You can check out his entire voting record on Progressive Punch here:


      • 1.) He’d vote against NATO if you let him.
        2.) He’d rather let the whole system fail and have the market rebound on its own without help. Great for clearing out the bad guys. Not so great if it means plunging the world into an economic Dark Age.
        3.) He’s rather fond of the second amendment. Nothing wrong with being for Bill of Rights but there has to be an infrastructure that enforces them and that’s where Paul and I part ways.

        • It is also where I part ways with him. You know my politics are probably closest to yours out of all the people here, RD. But you have to give the old weirdo a hat tip for being brave enough to take and speak out on somewhat unpopular positions like the ones he rambles about in the video above. He was right to oppose the Iraqi invasion and he was right to oppose the Patriot Act, ect. I am willing to give the silly cook that much.

          • Yep, he was brave in standing up for what he really believes. That doesn’t mean he did the right thing for the right reasons. I’m pretty sre you would find life in a Paul America pretty unbearable. The only thing that would be state regulated is your uterus. Everything else would be whatever the market could bear. and you can get to first.
            It would be pretty awful.

    • You take me too seriously KatieBird 😀

  7. I’m sure Ron Paul is a very nice man, but I don’t want him running the government. He doesn’t believe in government. I think I’d rather hang onto social security and medicare. I might like to keep the UN around a little longer too. I’m also not in favor of getting rid of the income tax. I think we need some government services.

  8. Boy am I happy about my timing! I hope some Conflicians will join me here to party. Who said Germans were all about work?

    A Cultural Agenda of Celebrations 20 Years After the Wall’s Fall.

    In less than a generation, the city has been transformed from an austere oddity into one of the world’s most vibrant metropolises, with a nightlife and gallery scene that many consider the best in Europe. This year, that party will reach a new pitch, as Germans embark on a year-long commemoration of what the East German dissident Marianne Birthler calls “the peaceful revolution.” In events ranging from small neighborhood exhibitions to a citywide spectacle featuring giant puppets, Berlin is inviting the world back for another look around. Next month sees the year’s first major event, when several of the city’s leading institutions sponsor “History Forum 1989/2009,” a weekend of public discussions, exhibitions and theater performances. The year’s festivities will culminate on Nov. 9, when a two-kilometer-long chain of giant dominoes will be used to symbolically recreate the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

    • Wow! I’d love to be there but I don’t know if my bank account is going to cooperate.

    • It’s been 20 years. Gasp! It seems like only a few years ago.

    • My son adores Berlin ever since he visited it for a week, on a school trip 2 years ago. I’m sure he’s planning to live there some time in the future.

  9. Oh, Riverdaughter, I was just saying I thought his weirdness was charming and I wouldn’t mind voting for him. I mean, the only 2012 mentionable Republican I can even vote for at the moment without vomiting is Palin, but that would depend on Obama’s first term anyway.
    And yes, I remember our “Talk.” I will be a good girl.
    *rearranges skirt and looks innocent*
    oh Ross Perot, UGH. He is a lot like Ron Paul, isn’t he? A strange little man who makes me laugh out loud.

    • Ron Paul just gives me a lot of examples of WRONG WRONG WRONG in my econ classes

      he and Huckabee and his idiot ‘fair’ tax, what an oxymoron

      they both couldn’t pour water out of a boot even if it came with instructions on the heel

    • LI: You don’t have to vote for a Republican. It could be the case that someone will successfully challenge Obama in 2012. Weirder things have happened. Or, maybe this is the hour for the rise of a legitimate third party. I could see a Labor party arising if we sank into a Depression and the Democrats were held responsible for doing nothing.
      It doesn’t have to be a Palin. Unless she left her party and ran as an independent, I don’t think I’d ever vote for a Republican. I did it once as a protest and much as I like Palin and think she was unfairly maligned, I don’t want to see Republicans in power again in my lifetime. She’d have to prove to me she really was like Lincoln and Eisenhower before I’d vote for her.

      • If Obama signs decent Universal Health Care legislation, I’ll vote for him. That’s a promise.

      • if Dick Cheney keeps giving interviews, I doubt we’re going to see a Republican in office for a very long time, he’s like the gift that keeps on giving

      • I voted Green (Cynthia McKinney) this time around. I do get your point though.
        I would like to see Bam challenged in 2012. Like you said, stranger things have happened.

      • If Obama is running unopposed in the primaries (which is almost certain) I might switch parties briefly if Palin is running.

        I really don’t want to have to vote for Obama in November 2012 because the alternative is worse (Cheney, Gingrinch, Huckleberry)

        • I agree. I can’t stand those three blowhards. And Romney is even worse. He makes my skin crawl.

          • Romney wasn’t a bad guy when he became our governor in MA, even if I didn’t vote fore him. (I actually worked for Robert Reich in the primaries, silly me).

            Romney was your typical NE Republican, socially liberal and fiscally conservative, as cliched as it sounds. He was pro-choice, pro-gay and heck he tried universal healthcare.

            The guy almost beta Ted Kennedy in 1994 if it weren’t for Bill and Hillary Clinton who came there and campaigned their hearts out Ted. Well and then there were the ads.

            Somebody told him than he has to appeal to the Rightwing of his party, a trap Nosferatu Giulinai is also falling in.

          • I think Romney is pretty much an empty suit. Brian Joyce (state sen) often tells a story about Romney after 2 years in office blowing by the only republicans in the state senate because he didn’t recognize them. Much like Obama, he’s all about power and position and politics and pr rather than competence, policy or governing.

          • I’d vote for Obama over Romney any day.

        • throw Bobby Jindal in there and you have the four horsemen of the apocalypse imho

  10. I like Ron Paul, too. I wouldn’t put him charge, oh heck no, LOL, but I like some of his ideas.

    Hillary really handled him nicely in that video. I like how she praised his campaign and said his message had struck a chord with people. He’s right, it did.

    He darn near took the Republican primary in Wa state. He completely swept a few counties. Huckabee was so upset with Wa, he filed a complaint. LOL, it was amusing.

    • He did some impressive fundraising too, and it wasn’t Soros’ money laundered through the internet like Obama got

  11. New thread 🙂

  12. Anywho, I am going to take a nap. Need one.

  13. Ron Paul like Ross Perot is a nut case. Could we import a Canadian—maybe one who has dual citizenship with the US? I think we need a new constitutional convention. Just like Tommy J said, we need a revolution every so often.

    Are you noting all the hype coming up over the “first 100 days”. It’s like no one ever did a “first 100 days” before. I really like that Raygun beats him out and Carter ties him. It takes such small things to make me happy.

  14. Happy Beltane (next week) to all!

    …The First of May, the First of May!
    Outdoor loving begins today!

    (skips away)

  15. Nice to see a little of the other side of the argument come out. If anyone would like to read up on the ideas Ron Paul supports, here’s a little bit about:


    myth of laissez faire:

    aggregate demand:

    gold standard:

    Federal Reserve:

    flaws of Keynesianism:

    And as far as I know, Ron Paul believes the federal government does not have the Constitutional right to decide the abortion issue–that it should be left to the states. If you support a woman’s right to choose you would lobby your state legislature for it. It may not be the way you prefer, but it is a Constitutional question.

    I know there are opposing schools of economics, but the important thing is to read from each side before making a decision which one makes more sense.

  16. What else does Ron Paul do well? He’s good at getting pork for his district. That’s why they keep reelecting him. He simply inserts earmarks into a bill he knows is going to pass, then votes against it, since doncha know he’s against taxation. Then gee whillikers, the bill passes and his district gets their handout.

    Ron Paul? No thank you.

    On the other hand, Beltane looks like it has possibilities. Is there any chocolate involved?

  17. Ron Paul sucks. He’s a favorite of neo-Nazis, right wing anarchists, and secessionists. Fuck’m.

  18. I’d vote for your cat over Ron Paul. And I am a dog person.
    But I have my ribbons all picked for Beltane

  19. Hey sonicninjakitty, are you trying to make us think? Most of us on this list are just fine parroting each other about what a kook Ron Paul is. Why would we want to read any of that economic or history stuff?

    We’re happy with the way things are and our march to socialism. Soon the government will give us everything we need, because they’re really smart people and really want to help us.

    Don’t worry kids, big brother, the almighty state, will take care of us in the end with their greatest government program. I think they call it the Terminator. Anyway, for now, let’s just all go back to sleep. Hey, what’s Miley doing?

    • If I have to choose between government bureaucrats and the rich and shameless that are currently running things then I would rather be a socialist.

      At least I’ll have free health care.

      • Choose what you like. All I’m saying is give it a fair shake first. Be intellectually honest with yourself, as you and many fine people on this blog are. You may find many good, kind, knowledgeable and honest people with very logical points. If we still disagree after that, then we do so very respectfully.

    • We’re on a march to socialism? That’s fantastic! When do we get there?

    • Then there’s some of us on the list that teach economic history and economics because we’re economists. Ron Paul needs to stick to something he knows about like birthing babies.

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