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We hit 6,000,000 hits today!  Not so bad for a rinky-dink little blog out in the middle of East Bumf#@k in the Oort belt of the blogoverse. I’d like to thank all of the frontpagers, both past and present, who have made this blog a success, especially, Katiebird, BostonBoomer, Dakinikat, myiq2xu (bah, humbug), stateofdisbelief, SM77, littleisis, afrocity and our newest posters quixote and jangles.  It takes a lot of heart to do this day after day for low pay and no bennies.

Also, thanks to all of our commenters.  You are lively, witty and the reason we come to work each day.

And now a little something in celebration for our lurkers:

55 Responses

  1. Your secret’s out – you’re making lots of money from advertising and not sharing it.

  2. Awwww, myiq, does that sound like something I would do?

    • I was warned about you by Tom Bombadil

      • Tom’s been galavanting all over the damn woods in those stupid yellow boots of chinese plastic. Where is he when the fricking washer is broken and I have to lug the laundry down to the river in the rain?
        And to think I fell for that line about his silly magic rings.

    • OK, don’t spend all the IOUs 😆 and kisses in one day…spend them wisely to get to the next ➡ 6 million. :mrgreen:

  3. I think myiq2xu won the lottery predicting the 6,000,000th hit almost to the hour. He posted his prediction last Sunday or Monday (I think)

    (too lazy to find the comment)

  4. Congratulations y’all

  5. Wasn’t it just yesterday when the counter went over a million?
    But then I realize that I was in the thick of campaign mode this
    weekend last year when I was working the Hillary table at the State
    Democratic Convention. Sunday we rallied for Bill’s arrival. I was mis-
    interviewed by Ina Jaffee of NPR. Hillary was on a roll after Super Tuesday.

    What a difference a year makes!

    My new “party” is “Decline to State” since there is no non-affiliated
    Independent Party in California.

  6. Yay for US!!!!!!! We’re still here (wherever we are).

  7. Congratulations!!!

    Now I have a question. What is the blog” rumproast”?
    I cannot tell if they are PUMA or not. My blog stats said they linked to me and I went there and there were posts by PUMA people.

  8. I think I sent a comment that went to spammy

    • Try not to do that.

      • Is there a reason why it is there? I said congrats and asked a question…nothing bad I don’t think.

        • Do you mean did we single you out for punishment? Um, no, even I occasionally get thrown in the moderation queue. Sometimes, it gets whimsical.

          • No, I thought I had some buzz word in there. Anyway if someone gets a look at the question drop me a line if you know the answer. It is bugging me because I cant tell.

            Congrats on 6 mil

          • thats short for funny.
            CONGRATS R .D.

      • Wooo, Hooo!!! Way to go RD – thanks for this place – I never would have learned the benefits of honest to goodness blogging without The Confluence – and Lord, I’ve learned so much from you all this past year – THANK YOU, all! 😆

    • stay far away from that place Afrocity… it is definitely behind enemy lines.

  9. Congratulations on a blog well done everyone.

  10. Congratulations, RD. It’s your brilliance that brings us back. I cannot start my day without you.

  11. yea RD Congratulations

    pumacrat power

  12. One of my favorite Movies of all time… Did Tom Hulce with the Oscar for it???

    tish… i’m tee

    hehehehe (insane laughter)

  13. Well done RD. Here’s to 6 million more.

  14. and to all the like-minded lurkers among the 6 million:

    Find Your Voice. Speak Up. Express Yourself.

  15. Congrats RD & everyone who contributes.

    & now for the next 6 million! (You know we’ll never shut up.)

  16. I hate to break this to you, but 2,012,237 of those hits came from me. I really have to watch my habit.

    Nonetheless, I congratulate you!

  17. So is the volume of hits increasing?

    • It fluctuates. We definitely had more hits during the election, just like all of the other blogs. But we get spikes based on newsworthiness or blogdrama.
      The aftermath of the election was a low point. It happens. We looked like silly doomsayers for awhile there. Now, we look like we nailed the Obama presidency pretty well. He was finished before he started when he didn’t lobby for better TARP conditions back in September. For all intents and purposes, the Republicans have won. They knew what they were doing when they and the finance industry got the weakest candidate elected.
      Now, we don’t look so dumb anymore.

  18. You’re already past 6 million…by more than 5,000 hits! Congratulations all, and maybe now the big bucks will roll in, along with the accolades. (here’s hopin’ anyway, from a big luker)

  19. Oh, and I’m also a “lurker”.

  20. Congrats! There’s a lot here to be proud of and TC has become a regular part of my life for more than a year.

  21. Congratulations RD and everyone!

  22. Do we get to wear silly hats for this party??

    Congratulations one and all!

    Oh — do the posts that go to spam hell count as hits??

  23. Congratulations e1 for all your hard work and dedication.

    • My heart goes out to the moderators who have to read a lot of sh*t every single day.

  24. I think the late night zombie smut accounted for at least a half a million hits! 🙂

    Good job all, especially the writers and most especially Riverdaughter for hanging in there and continuing this safe place when she most certainly did not have to

  25. Congratulations … and many more. 😀

  26. Hooray for democracy and those who serve it!

    RD, front pagers, commenters, you all inspire me. You have already made a difference. More, please.

    • Good point, Purplefinn – Democracy is what this site is really all about – we get lost in the weeds sometimes but find our way out pretty quickly – I wouldn’t miss a day if possible.

  27. Okay, I’m trying this again. Serves me right for lurking so much. (Tried to change the email address I used last year (first time I showed up here), because I have not gone to it in forever (too much spam).

    Congratulations. It is unfortunate that without contributing anything, I’m responsible for 1M of those hits. True too, I work in the middle of an Obot camp and I read you guys all day. I wonder if that is grounds for termination.

    Oh well.

    Enough about me.

    Just want to say you guys, front pagers and posters, ROCK.

  28. Congratulations. TC deserves the traffic. And thanks to all the contributors for helping to clarify this very, very confusing political scene and for promoting the concept of integrity in politics.

  29. I have to stop coming to these parties after everyone has gone home. (Sips on leftover flat beer and picks up pretzel from the floor.) You guys keep me on my toes and sane. Thanks. Now, lets take back our country.

  30. ditto!

  31. Congrats RD. You’re probably the only person who’d let MYIQ run wild, and we do need some laughs around here!.

    • I agree – but in his lucid moments, Myiq keeps us grounded and puts forth significant wisdom. 🙂

  32. Congratulations from all of us at IA!!

    The squirrels are having a party to celebrate!!@!

    Saturday Sanity: The Antidote to the Madness (April 25, 2009) The Squirrels Invade

  33. Congrats! RD, you’ve made this a wonderful place. You and all the other fine PUMAs and PUMAfriends here. Many, many happy returns!

  34. Been a long time lurker, and need to give my congratulations, and here’s to many many more! Feel like I’ve probably nursed about 6 million coffees (and a couple of glasses of wine) on my daily visits here since the very beginning.

    One of my very favorite things as well is downloading your podcasts and having all your wit, knowledge and opinions on the go. Love it!

  35. ty! Please speak up more frequently. I love to hear from every one!

  36. waving..hi!!!!

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