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Thursday: Take your children to work day

Mornin’ all.  I have to hurry to work for an early TC and some fun with the kids so I don’t have time for a lengthy post.  BUT, there are some amusing videos of Hillary’s testimony on Capitol Hill in front of the House Foreign Affairs committee.  She got plenty of praise from Floridian Robert Wexler, who you may recall completely trashed her at the RBC meeting last year.  (BTW, Hillary, you were wrong about losing the primaries.  We can count, you know.  He may be the president but we know he didn’t win it fair and square.  We know it’s your job to be diplomatic but it was OUR VOTES.  We will never forget.)

So, without further adieu, I give you our SOS, speaking plainly:

and this out Dick Cheney:

There’s a lot more where that came from.  She’s fricking brilliant.  She should be president.  We all lost last year and will be paying for it for decades to come.  God, what a stupendous loss.

In other news, it’s bright and sunny in NJ!  Go outside and smell the periwinkle.

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98 Responses

  1. “We all lost last year……”

    Enough said.

    I’m off to bed but will enjoy another brilliant autumn sunshiny day here in Cairns tomorrow – just for you.

  2. Hillary should be ashamed to say…obama won. We as well as she know how he won. Is this what an ass kisser looks like?

    • I didn’t see what she said as ass kissing at all. I saw a strong, reality-based woman standing up to a (male) opponent who was trying to condescend and dictate to her. I don’t believe Hillary has any thought of drinking the koolaid. She’s far too brilliant, analytical and independent. If you think about it, the way she said “obama won” was even kind of a put-down. She said that he beat her in the primaries by talking about a different way of doing things.
      I don’t know about you, but I remember exactly what he promised in the primaries: nada, zip, zilch, zero. She had all the ideas, all the specifics. He had absolutely no plan, no ideas except ‘change’ ‘hope’ and the r@ce card. I heard a put-down of obama in that phrase.

      • her “he won with a different approach” also struck me as a putdown… she couldn’t say, “he’s a sneaky lying bastard and he won”…

        my feeling after watching that clip is that she is running for pres again… she’s going to have an opportunity to demonstrate her power in the SOS position and that is going to be worth more than gold…

        and I think she’s getting the opportunity to wow the nitwits that aligned against her…

      • She also used the word “preconditions” again. If she was not SOS, insisting on some backbone to our foreign policy, he’d be even weaker in his approach. Her message was clear: I am doing the best I can to serve this country. This is the reality–he is president–let’s do what we can to advance our values and goals.

    • Did you expect Hillary Clinton, SOS under the administration of POTUS Obama, declare in a hearing where she represents the administration that SHE won the election and Obama is illegitimate?

    • Hillary could have done a lot of things after what happened last year. She could have simply returned to the Senate and represented NY. She could have retired and traveled the world with Bill working on the CGI.

      She could have gone home and pouted.

      Of the options available to her, she chose to become SoS where she could use her talent and ability to serve us the best.

    • I’m with you. As far as I’m concerned, if you feel strongly enough about something, you don’t “get over it”. If one “gets over it” so easily, it was just a game to them, and they have no principles.

      If Hillary Clinton was so convincing here, shouldn’t the PUMA’s “get over it” too? They were just as incensed at some of the things complained about here.

      I’ve no doubt that Hillary would have made a better president than the turd we have now. However, she attached herself to a sleazeball. She’s just a brown-noser. But of course, she’s just a politician and they are pretty much all sleazy.

      • If your spouse leaves you and your children you still have to live and take care of your kids.

        You don’t get the luxury of curling up in the fetal position for a couple years.

        Grow up

      • See myiq2xu’s comment directly above yours.

      • (giggle) Or the one directly above mine.

      • I’m over feeling bad about Hillary losing. The way Obama won is another matter. There’s a difference between principles and personalities for me.

      • Did you not hear her say “her bottom line is to serve her country?” What is unambiguous about that? Would it have been better for all of us if she were marginalized in the Senate? Was she supposed to go public about the fraud, and been a political pariah with no political capital to advance her/our liberal goals? It’s infinitely more complicated than you are presenting it.

    • Hillary also said that he won using different approaches.

  3. Thanks for those clips, RD. “She’s fricking brilliant.” all right!

  4. Today’s paper has a political cartoon entitled “Take your child to work”. It shows long lones of people with their children at the Unemployment Offices.

    • The sad part is a year ago those kids went with their parents to work and now they will be staying home.

  5. So fast on her feet. She can take on anyone.

  6. Hillary recently responded to a question about Obama shaking hands with Chavez and how during the primaries she had spoken out about how things like that could be misinterpreted, could be viewed as giving legitamacy to a regime. She said Obama and I had our differences, but I’ve loved my country since I was 3 yrs old and I will continue to serve it and my president.

    That’s really what she’s done. She hasn’t capitulated or sold out to Obama or compromised, she’s taken the position of SOS in order to try and make the best of a bad situation for the sake of the country. Our country needs her desperately and she knows it. She could have turned her back on Obama and declared him a lost cause, but then he would have gone on to to be president anyway without even having her wisdom and skills to guide him and the whole country would have been in even worse shape.

  7. A mantra some of the Obots used to recite, in a lame attempt to be conciliatory went like this:

    “Sure Clinton would be a good president, but why settle for good when you could have great!”

    My response, “Why not settle for the good you can be sure you’d get, rather than the great you wish you’d get?”


    • Well said D_V!

    • “Why not settle for the good you can be sure you’d get, rather than the great you wish you’d get?”

      Someone recently wrote a piece along the lines of, “well America, you kissed a frog hoping for a prince, but it looks like all you got was a frog.”

      It made me laugh because that’s exactly what some in America did. They fell for a fairytale, just like Bill Clinton tried to say.

  8. You posted two videos, one has Hillary backing up Obama’s juvenile whine of “I won!’ The other has Hillary being taken to task for unprofessionalism.

    Way to go, Hillary?

    • Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

      • This is reasonable discourse between people with opposing viewpoints?

        Seems to me that your willingness for civil discourse stops at the Hillary Clinton doorstep.

        I actually thought that RohmbakerIsp), whom I loathe, was right to tell her that he hadn’t asked her for her opinion of Cheney. He hadn’t. That kind of bobbing and weaving from someone we didn’t like would not be praiseworthy let alone considered brilliant.

        I voted for Hillary Clinton. I supported Hillary Clinton. I loathe and despise the Obamacrats for what they did to Hillary Clinton. But unlike the Obots that think their guy walks on water, I see things in Hillary Clinton that I don’t like. And I say so.

        For folks that are all over others that will not allow dissenting points of view there are some of you that just don’t walk the talk when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

    • Applause

    • Yeah, Dick “Go F$ck Yourself” and Waterboard Cheney was the consummate professional.

      • I am not nor would I ever stick up for Dick Cheney. My response was based on the fact that Rohrbacher asked her is she thought that the other memos should be made public as Cheney had said. Seems a straight up question to me that had nothing to do with Cheney’s character or lack thereof.

        And who said “Yeah, Dick “Go F$ck Yourself” and Waterboard Cheney was the consummate professional” anything like that?

        • That was a witty slap at Cheney, but then she did answer the question. And no, I do not think she is a saint, but when you look at the options we usually have, she IS brilliant, and strong, and embodies most of the principles I support. No one is perfect–that is clear.

        • I think the world of Hill but was a bit disappointed in that little tap dance – she’s usually so direct and on the mark.

          But I kind of got the notion that she was really a bit annoyed with the “boys” and rather than say something really nasty she responded with a shuffle.

    • Ahhh…the mere mention of Hillary brings the tr0lls out. Can’t stand a strong, intelligent woman huh Chris? Please, tell us how you would hold up “professionally” as SOS? Love to hear it.

  9. 100 years ago “take your child to work” was a daily event for many people.

    • LOL, I’m a strong believer in child labor. We work out of our home, so everyday is take your child to work day.

      No, good point, myiq2xu. I wish we could communicate to the kids of today about how blessed they are. There’s always the factories and the potato fields if going to school becomes too much of a drag.

  10. On the Danish National Broadcast I hardly ever see or hear about Hillary.

    During her triumphant trip to Asia (it sure looked triumphant judging from Tifom’s posts), the only thing I heard, was a mentioning of an unfortunate remark she had apparently made towards a country, which could lead to great diplomatic controversy!? Never heard about it before … never since.

    Then today on the radio news this:
    “USA is concerned, about … “, and I wondered, why don’t they say Obama instead of USA, as they normally do. The answer followed, as they played a clip with Hillary speaking!

    After that the announcer continued: “… the American SoS said” – and went on about the issue. Hillary’s name wasn’t even mentioned! I have never before heard talk about a foreign minister of any country, without the mentioning of his/her name.

    Tinfoil hat or not, I find this weird. Very weird.

    • I guess CDS is an international phenomenon.

      • Yes but isn’t it sad – and kind of creepy that the astroturf has spread so far? As I’ve said before, why can’t the journalists get to the truth, when I, a private citizen, can?

        That’s why I also think, that PUMAs should keep on repeating what you know to be the truth. Kind of astroturfing the real truth!

      • And by the way, we looove Bill. Always have. So it is more like HDS. But why?

  11. He’s a sneaky lying bastard and the ONLY reason he won is because he cheated.

    Yes, but he is the President and we all have to real with that.

    • exactly. but because i’m not a politician, or in the public eye, i still get to have open contempt for him, even while i’m dealing with reality. i get to have (at least) two opposing ideas at the same time!
      that’s part of being an adult.

      • Contempt him all you want – I’m just bothered by commenters (not you) who seem to think we should try to make Obama fail as President.

  12. Speaking of brown nosing, I have a new post up on my blog about reverse discrimination.


    • afrocity

      Thanks! This is an insightfully written article on the ‘shameless selling of Dr. King’s legacy…’ Incredible!

  13. It’s bright and sunny in NYC too! And thanks for reminding us some of the stuff that got us together in the first place. We really needed that!

  14. Iraq Officials Say Suspected Al-Qaeda-Linked Chief Nabbed
    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Print ShareThisBAGHDAD — Iraqi security officials say the suspected leader of an Al Qaeda-linked militant network has been arrested.

    The arrest of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi could be a significant blow to Sunni insurgents struggling to regroup after being driven out of former strongholds in recent years. Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of Sunni militant factions.

    Iraqi state television quoted military spokesman Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi as saying Thursday that al-Baghdadi was in custody.


    while we’re sitting around holding court sessions, thank God someone is still fighting terrorism

  15. hi i think she answered those questions very well however
    (that by the way he won) part was a really bad move . i don’t think she need.ed to stick in there faces like that

    • I think it was a strategic move –Hill saying the country voted for Obama’s policies, not hers. It is a reminder to all that it could have been different (and there were differences—think–NCLB for instance–she wanted to scrap the program and start from scratch–but what do we have. A lover of more charter schools and High stakes testing). damm

  16. OT


    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration yesterday released new environmental rules that could put offshore wind farms in Sen. Ted Kennedy’s beloved sailing playground off Cape Cod.

    The move sets up a Highly charged showdown between the new president and Sen. Kennedy, one of Obama’s earliest and most powerful supporters.

    “We are establishing a program to authorize — for the very first time — the leasing of federal waters for projects to generate electricity from wind as well as from ocean currents and other renewable sources,” Obama said in a speech in Iowa, laying out his vision for America’s electric future.

    “This will open the door to major investments in offshore clean energy,” he added.

    Among the offshore wind farms waiting for approval from the federal government is Cape Wind on Nantucket Sound, which has almost single-handedly been thwarted by Sen. Kennedy, an avid sailor.

    Kennedy, the beloved liberal lion of the Senate, usually favors environmental concerns, but doesn’t want his family’s Hyannis Port compound’s ocean views to get cluttered by windmills.

    In his speech yesterday, Obama said there is “enormous interest” in wind projects off the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware, and that those projects will be helped under his administration’s new rules.

    But he notably did not mention the Cape Cod project, even though it is possibly the most famous such project in the United States and recently won high plaudits in an environmental-impact study by the Department of the Interior.

  17. Hillary is a mature individual who always turns lemons into Lemonade. She made the best of a bad situation when she became our SOS. Now she is respected around the world and even in our country by people who formerly knocked her. She lives by her credo: “Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward. Life is too short, time is too precious, and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been”. That is why she is my hero and always will be.

  18. I love that woman. Her iron strength when she responds to that question about Cheney–with such SNAP and snark–is frickin’ beautiful. Her intent is clear, and it’s always interesting to see how men who are questioning her react–they are not used to confronting that kind of force and confidence in most women. She is unapologetic about it, and it’s incredibly inspiring. I never get tired of listening to her.

    I can’t think about the loss–it’s still too painful.

  19. Her response regarding the Chavez handshake is also very telling. She “finds it amusing.” She is basically saying, “Hey, you chose him (though we know he cheated), and I made it clear he would conduct foreign policy this way, so stop complaining about it now. It’s not how I would do it.”

  20. Speaking of periwinkle, mine is looking better than it has in years! No doubt because of all the endless rain we’ve had, although it’s finally sunny today. Hooray! Now if my poor rose bush would just perk up a lil’ more!

    The loss of Hillary? Still too painful.

  21. […] agree with Staunchwoman when she says: He’s a sneaky lying bastard and the ONLY reason he won is because he […]

  22. My bottom line is that I am here to serve my country, which I have loved ever since I was a little girl.

    I burst into tears when she said that…that is her truth, and why she accepted SOS.

    Hated hearing her say he “beat her.” Absolutely not. But the subtext was: we need this administration to succeed, and I am going to do what it takes to advance goals to help this country.

    Heart aching now…

  23. I saw a couple of Hillary clips elsewhere last night, so I am not sure if what I will mention is contained in either of the ones embedded here..

    Last night, what really snapped my head back was when HRC was responding on his repeated question about her views on Cheney’s so called evidence and she said (paraphrasing) she supported the administration’s policy for some kind of bipartisan…here’s the quote I remember…”I should say NONPARTISAN inquiry.”

    WOW. That’s the difference, for me, of someone who can, when necessary, rise above party politics to act in the best interest of the country. What, in my long distant youth was called a “statesman”.

    I was/am a strong HRC supporter. That said, she is a politician, and a damned good one, and will do what politicians do….things I sometimes wince at. Nevertheless, the reason I still support her is because I see shining through the political crap a woman of substance, high values, and scary smart intelligence.

    That she has been willing to put aside her disappointment, give up a secure senate seat, and take on one of the toughest jobs in the world in order to serve her country only adds to her appeal for me.

    • She is one of the best lawyers in the country after all–there is always strategy and exacting discipline of language. Some people balk at that caution and “gamesmanship.” As someone else said, it’s reality. I want someone who can navigate those shark-infested waters, because everyone has an agenda. These hearings are propaganda displays, and she knows how to manage that, unlike Chavez-buddy Obama who is a sitting duck. Her pragmatism is one of the reasons I supported her–she could get things done in the real political world.

      BTW: I read a piece this morning that said open hearings will be extremely dicey, because Pelosi and others were well aware of the torture strategies and approved them. She was on the House Intelligence Committee in 2002. Should be interesting to see how BO placates MoveOn & deals with complicit pols.

  24. Notice how Hillary says that “Obama won the [national] election,” but “he beat me in the primary.” IOW, he used whatever fraudulent means he could to secure the nomination, but he didn’t actually “win” the primary. More like he sent a bunch of thuggish superdelegates to “beat” Hillary in a back room.

    She is brilliant. The nuance in her speech makes Obama the Orator look more like an amateur than the weakest member of my high school debating team.

  25. My favorite video from yesterday was Hillary’s exchange with Cong. Inglis about China and forced abortion.

    You might want to find it and add to OP.

    • That one was amazing – she talked abut her Bejing speech, and basically said how DARE you take ME to task over women’s rights!

      It was beautiful.

    • Her first response when asked showcased the lawyer in her.

  26. Why do some people who profess to idolize Hillary seem to have a lower opinion of her character than an Obama primary voter like myself? Some of her biggest fans sound like maniacs, suggesting she is still seething at Obama – projecting their own lingering hurt feelings about the primary loss when there is no evidence that is her own mindset and focus. Hillary did whatever she could to win the primary, as did Obama. No evidence she carries any personal resentment towards him WHATSOEVER. In her confirmation hearing, she spoke warmly about meeting Obama’s late grandmother and now, she sharply defends his foreign policy choices, even against her own challenge of it during the primary when someone tries to throw it in her face. I believe Hillary is interested in succeeding with -not competing with- Obama, and is hopeful for what can be accomplished in America and the world now that we’ve chased the right wing out of power. Crazy to me that I read diehard Hillary supporters whose assessment of her character is lower than my own.

    • bitchbeer

      If only Me-chele Obama could partake of your sentiments…During the International Women of Courage awards where HIllary had invited the Firstly Proud Lady Mechelle referred to HIllary (introducing her) as “Madam *Secretary*….gee how I love to say that…secretary”!!! She’s one vindictive piece of work this Chicago woman…She and her cousin Valerie Jarrett made Obama who he is….via the Chicago political rat-sewer machine. And can you forget what she said about Hillary shaking her angry fist in the air and yelling “if she can’t clean her own house, she aint’ gonna clean the White house…” And this is the glorious appendage to The Annointed Prince of Clueless Arrogance!

      • msakel, if only she had done that! But she didn’t even say “Madam”! She said “Secretary Clinton. How I love to say that …”. Stressing the “secretary” part.

        And wearing a tinfoil hat these days, I’ll say: I don’t think Hillary invited her to that ceremony. I believe the idea came from the White House.

        Hillary graciously shared the limelight with MO, while MO more or less stole the limelight from the recipients.

      • “Bitchbeer” – Nothing like misogynistic language used by those claiming to decry it. Luckily for Hillary she doesn’t walk around in misery like her supporters here. Otherwise, she’d have turned down the Secretary of State job and certainly not defended Obama as vigorously as she did this week. So insecure are you that you consider “secretary” to be a humiliating title, instead of the same one once belonging to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William Seward, William Jennings Bryant and Dean Acheson.

        What cheating was there, crazies? Obama won more delegates, as Hillary herself brought up in congressional testimony. And with no shred of a sign of the rabid personal animosity that rules (and probably ruins) your life.

    • Except that Obama did more. He cheated. That is a fact that should never be forgotten. Continue…..

  27. She erred. She did not lose in the primary.

  28. Betty,

    If Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is your definition of what an ass-kisser looks like, I’d like to see your definition of Dickie Cheney! How about admitting that the eight years of clueless, arrogant misadventures of the Dubya Administration were the most shameful years in American history? If this is not admitted, it’s because ideologically inflexible Repugnant (oops…Republican) positions on foreign policy have brought the world to an apocalyptic vision of a clueless anorexic resume-holder occupying via cheating the primary the White House!

    so please, try to understand that some people are born to serve their country in the finest tradition, protocol, dignity and honor possible–Hillary knows this and practices what she preaches.

    Barry and Dubya wouldn’t know how to spell their way out of these three words:

    The Brown-nosers are the Baracks and Dubyas, not Hillary. She remains an International Treasure and we should be proud to have her serve on the World stage!

    P.S. of course, Periodically, Baracks will feel down and start launching attacks against Hillary to boost his appeal…

  29. Off topic and I apologize. But have you heard of Ellen Moran’s being fired by the White House Boys Club staffers?
    Obamarama spokesMEN are saying that Ellen (a Hillary supporter and somewhat of an anomaly in the bowels of obamacholand) took a lesser position in Iowa ’cause of the “Mommy track”!!!Gimme a break!..

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