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Cutting off your nose to spite your face


Some of the comments in Riverdaughter’s thread this morning brought up an issue that should be dead and buried by now –  Barack Obama won the election and is now the 44th President of the United States.

I agree with Staunchwoman when she says:

He’s a sneaky lying bastard and the ONLY reason he won is because he cheated.

But I don’t agree with statements like this:

I’ve no doubt that Hillary would have made a better president than the turd we have now. However, she attached herself to a sleazeball. She’s just a brown-noser.

Hillary Clinton was wrongly denied the Democratic nomination and the job she earned. It had to be one of the most painful things that ever happened to her. She could have done a lot of things afterwards.  She could have simply returned to the Senate and continued to represent the state of New York. She could have retired and traveled the world with Bill working on the Clinton Global Initiative.

She could have gone home and pouted.

Of the options available to her, she chose to become Secretary of State where she could use her talent and ability to best serve both the United States and the world.

Some people seem to think Hillary should remain angry and bitter until the end of her days. They think that she and her supporters (that’s us) should obstruct and undermine everything Obama does, even if he’s doing something that benefits us. They want Obama to fail, and they want us to help make it happen. If we did that we would be the irrational haters that the pathetic blogstalkers claim we are.

I’m not gonna forget (or forgive) how Obama became POTUS, but like it or not he’s still gonna be the head cheese for a while.  If he fails we all suffer.  I’d rather have peace and prosperity.

I will oppose him when he deserves it, criticize him without mercy and mock him at every opportunity. But I will praise him when he deserves it, support him if he does the right thing and pray he successfully leads out nation out of the crisis we are in.

He deserves praise for appointing Hillary as SoS, even if she twisted his arm to make him do it. With more people like her in his Cabinet our nation will be in good hands while Obama spends his time walking the First Dog and whatever other things he is qualified to do.

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81 Responses

  1. Hillary was very smart to get herself out of domestic affairs.
    That is going to be a sticky place to be in.
    Foreign policy is most likely going to be an area of high success for Obama. Obama may sink himself and the country/world with his bank bailout plan, though.

    • Foreign policy is most likely going to be an area of high success for Obama.

      Only because Hillary is SOS and the Pres keeps his mouth shut. Then he’ll have foreign success. Otherwise his own love of himself will f*ck everything up.

      • Obama seems clueless. When asked to comment on Ortega’s speech, he says it was 50 minutes long. I would expect that response from a ten year old not the POTUS. I am glad Hillary is the SOS. She has worldwide respect and a brain to match.

        • I don’t think it was Obama who said that. It was the opposition leader from Britain. I can’t recall his name. Obama said he was glad Ortege didn’t blame him for the Bay of Pigs.

          • He said that, too! It has become the “Don’t blame me” response whenever he doesn’t know what to say.

          • Obama said, “thanks for not blaming me because I was only 3 months old.” First, he had the dates wrong, and second, as usual–it’s about him. He doesn’t seem to understand that he represents the U.S. (and its history), not just himself. He used that same excuse during the GE about another issue: I was only x years old…

  2. WordPress is acting weird today – if you have trouble commenting please be patient

  3. take a look at what’s happening in Pakistan, somebody better wake up and smell the damned coffee

    • I study the region this is very bad. Unfortunately Hillary is not doing anything to make this problem any better. I dont think this is her. I think its her boss. This really makes me angry as conditions for women there are going to become unimaginably worse.

  4. obama makes jimmy carter look like a warmonger

  5. Obama didn’t want Hillary anywhere near the White House, that is why he offered the job to Biden, he gave him a choice of SOS or VP.
    The only reason Hillary is SOS is because Obama knew full well he stole the presidency from Hillary and had to do something to quell her supporters.
    He wouldn’t have done it, had he not been forced into doing it.
    I don’t think Hillary could have twisted Obama’s arm to make him do anything he didnt want to do or wasn’t forced to do.
    I doubt you have had much to write about that is in anyway positive about Obama, he hasn’t done one damn thing to help our country or it’s people.
    We are in the depths of despair here, Obama has taken and taken from us and we are left holding the stimulus bag!
    I cant explain this to my children and grandchildren, why are they doing this to them and to us? What is there to be gained by the American people suffering, not having enough food to eat, no money to pay bills, no gas money and no job?
    We don’t have much to look forward to, pretty soon we wont be able to express our opinions online because Obama wants to take over the internet too!
    Where will we be then? With no way to express ourselves or any way to come together as a society to gather or to march. We must have open ways to communicate, Obama knows that, that is why he wants to take our rights as citizens away!
    I will not stand for it! I will fight!
    I don’t have one good thing to say about this fraud and if you do bring it on!

    • I’m no fan of Obama – but I’m not gonna knee-jerk oppose everything he says and does either.

    • Frankly, I think he gave her SOS to keep her quiet. If she were in the senate, she’d be in a better position to oppose him. This is keeping your enemies closer, frankly.

      I get what myiq is saying. Honestly I do. I want the best thing for the US. I’m willing to give credit where credit is due. But I’m also not going to lower the bar and give credit where it isn’t due just because I’m afraid of looking like a bitter hater. Obama is a useless weasel and I wish him ill. I think we would have been better off with McCain as Pres because while I doubt their policy would be vastly divergent (as much money sunk into stimulus, and just as ineffective, even if it did come from different places), at least McCain isn’t actively undermining the very idea of left-wing integrity. And I’m not going to move on and start talking about something else. Every time Obama fucks up, I’m going to say “THIS is what happens when you screw up democracy”. Every time Obama fucks up I’m going to say “Is THIS better than a shrill abrasive Woman running the country?” Every time Obama fucks up, I’m going to say “Does this look Liberal to YOU?”

  6. This might belong in the thread below? Anyway, today Hillary is hosting take your child to work day at the State Dept. At 3:25 she’ll be meeting with all the children. She really is incredible, talk about multi tasking. She never drops a ball, never misses an issue.

    Her schedule is fascinating, if anyone is interested it’s on the state dept website. She’ll be negotiating for the release of the American reporter being held in Iran in the morning, addressing Afganistan’s recent attempt to legalize marital rape in the afternoon, meeting with the president, coming back to mentor the state dept kids, etc. It’s astounding, I’d like somebody to write a book just based on her schedule and all the various issues she has her finger on.

  7. Other than walking the First Dog, what else is he “qualified to do”?

    • There must be something. Ribbon cuttings, supermarket openings, funerals of foreign heads of state.

      Oh wait, that last one is Biden’s job.

    • He’s talking to the banks about the credit card (loan SHARKING) they are doing, mainly to the poor and then reducing all the credit, including some home equity lines too. So, its a start, albeit I wish he would have started with Universal Health Care (being called a socialist for that would have been worth it, and ALL AMERICANS would have benefited), but let see if he can at least do some thing about credit card rate (Loan SHARKING RATES 😯 ).

      Those bankers have taken all the cookies in the cookie jar and asked for more and then gave them selves some more, instead of sharing, while keeping their hands out asking for more, more, more…naughty!

      • Irony. He got slapped in the primary debates on this issue. Hillary voted to cap cc interest rates. Obama shrugged it off.


        • Well, I think he is now trying to impress the base (main voters) since they learned of all his big Wall Street connections and that the stimulus isn’t trickling down to anyone and the un-employment rate continues to rise, so he had to do some thing. And yes, he voted against doing some thing with fuzzy logic, but let see what he does.

          He sure blew the Universal Health Care, even though they kept saying he was the same as Hillary, but I knew better. OK, here is for Hoping he will changie some thing.

      • Yea, but he didn’t allow any consumer advocates to be present at the meeting.

    • he could clean up after him..

  8. Or, she could have stood up for the things she campaigned on and avoided associating herself with a sleazeball. Affiliating with a turd is not the only way to make a stand.

    She had to sit there and defend Obama’s stupid behavior the other day. It’s about as undignified and embarrassing a think as I’ve ever seen. I hid my eyes.

    I thought you weren’t about “getting over it”. And BTW, if you’re going to pick fights with your commenters on the front page, I think you’re going to significantly lose your readership.

    And rightly so.

    • How could she avoid associating with the President of the United States?

      Should she have supported McCain? Ran on a 3rd party ticket?

      Gone home and pouted?

      As for losing readership, read my post from yesterday:


      • Here is a shock, if you travel outside of the country you will find out we are all associated with him…so let’s all practice… Ppppresident Baaarack Obamaaaa.

        Soon it will roll off the tongue with out the pause: President Barack Obama!

        • Why are you hanging out if you think we’re a bunch of sellouts? The biggest problem with the leftest movements is that people would rather be right and irrelevant then be realistic and do the best they can with a bad deck. If you walk away from the table then your issues will not be heard.

        • He is the President. I’ll call him that. You can call him whatever you want.

          • I did not support Obama but I hope, for all of our sake, that he puts this country back on track. The reality is that Bush almost destroyed our country and we are all affected. We cannot afford anymore loss of our livelihoods, benefits and our reputation. Do I want him to fail, just so I can say “i told you so”? NO!. I care too much for this country. And I was not born here, but I am grateful for what it gave me ,yet, embarassed and ashamed for what it has become under Bush.

        • WRONG.

          0zero is NOT my Prez!!

          I will do exactly what I did when frat boy bushie was Prez!! I inform everyone that I did NOT vote for the jerk.

          I was in the Caribbean when frat boy bushie ordered or was somehow involved in the kidnapping of Chavez. The people were pissed — and started all conversations with “YOUR President” blah blah — and I would interrupt and with, “I never voted for him, he is NOT my President, he is the President of the very rich folks. . ”

          Another thing about people outside of the US — they often know more about the US than citizens and voters IN the US. They watch TV and listen to the BBC — they are better informed than most Americans.

          0zero will never be my president — he cheated and he was selected/appointed over the will of the Primary voter. Most Americans don’t know a FRACTION of what we know. (Those of us who follow politics and see the dirty tactics of politicians.)

          As far as Clinton?? I’m withholding my judgment. I am NOT pleased that she is working for the FRAUD — and she will be forever tainted by his evilness.

          Perhaps when enough people are out of work — THEN they will be able to follow the dirty dealings of the politicians????

          • OK, then its back to the ‘Martin Sheen is my President’ bumper sticker until the next election?!? After eight years I need a new one…or Hill 2012!

          • Hillary “forever tainted”? Nonsense! Only in your mind, not mine or many of the people who know what a brilliant and hardworking, compassionate politician she is.

            You really need to chill and shed that anger…is bad for the soul.

          • Agreed across the board. That’s really the problem with a Democracy- Your president can be someone that you never supported and in fact actively dislike, and yet everyone associates him with you.

            I’m not pleased Hill took the SOS, but I’m hoping there’s some strategy going on there. Because I just WANT it to be true.

        • Nope, can’t do it. He is a non-entity to me. I do not conflate her representation of our country with him. He is illegitimate, just as Bush was. That said, wish the best for our country. I do not see him alone as particularly critical to that. He is a speechifier, and a salesman.

    • Buh bye then….

  9. I think most of us have faced reality, BO is the pres. and Hillary wants to serve her country in this capacity.
    I can think of noone better than she, we are damn lucky she chose to do so.

  10. couldn’t’ve said it better myself – brilliant, myiq!

  11. i thought it was quite interesting the other day when gretawire asked a her readers to name 4 things you like about what obama has done since being in office and then 4 things you dont like.

    the number one thing people liked was
    the girls finally got their dog.
    after that it was very difficult to comple the 3
    so let’s hear your next 3 you like? anyone?

    • Signing on to the UN’s LGBT rights declaration

      ordering the closing of Gitmo

      Releasing Bush’s dirty laundry for the world to see

      Reaffirming that torture is not permissable by US personnell

      Lilly Ledbetter act

      A progressive budget

      Restoring America’s image in the world…

      • He has not ordered the closing of Guantanamo. He ordered some people to look into the feasibility of closing it. Then he ordered the Bagram prison (which has worse conditions than Guantanamo) to be enlarged.

        He had nothing to do with the Lilly Ledbetter act.

        He is defending the Bush administration’s se of torture (and illegal spying) in court.

        Progressive budget? hahahahahahahahaha!

        Please explain how you think Obama has restored America’s image in 3 months? What has he done and please prove that our image has suddenly turned around.

        Is Axelrod still payin gyou Keisha? If so you just earned pay for one completed communication. Congrats, sweetie.

        • Oh bb, there you go with those pesky facts again. Remember: he only gets CREDIT for things, no criticism based in actual reality.

      • Is this Sarcasm?

        • I don’t think Keisha is that sophisticated…she strikes me as someone who is not tremendously informed…much like an Obamabot.

        • I doubt it’s sarcasm, I don’t believe Keisha is that sophisticated. I truly believe that she believes he’s accomplished all of the above, which means she’s not well-informed, just like the typical Obamabot.

      • He stopped global warming, resolved the Middle East crisis, saved the economy, and parted the Red Sea, too!

        • Don’t forget that there is no more discrimination or r@cism anymore either!

  12. oh yeah, some listed he was a great father and husband in slots 2, but to me he was that before
    the becoming president

  13. i truly wished i could have listed he helped hillary pay her campaign debts off, but alas:( i mean him being the great fundraiser and all

  14. Okay, let’s put this a different way:

    You go down to buy a new car. You worked hard and you deserve it. You pick out a brand-new top-of-the-line Lexus. You pay for it.

    But the salesman flim-flams you and the contract you sign is for a used POS Geo Metro. You try to fight it but the judge is on the take and says tough shit. So your money is gone and you’re stuck with a piece of crap for a car. It will be at least four years before you can save up enough money to buy a different one.

    Do you:

    A) Make do with the situation and drive the crappy car to work, school, the doctor, the store, etc.

    B) Refuse to drive the car and walk wherever you need to go

    C) Sit at home for four years doing nothing but complaining.


    • A. For the necessary four years. Then set the POS on fire in the driveway of the dealership.

    • LOL- B-get a bicycle

      • Or leave the POS car with a sign “LEMON” on it.

        Then leave the US in a sailboat.

        Or start doing serious job searches overseas and bag an interesting job on a Caribbean island. (THIS happened to a family member of a friend). People are leaving the US — educated, creative people and getting jobs overseas.

    • A) But kick the tires everyday so as to make sure NEVA to sign a contract without writing the description and the BIN number of the car and making sure to look two or three times under the hood. Then have someone else check. Kicking the tires and yelling will be cheaper than counseling for four years.

  15. myiq2xu, that is the stupidest analogy i have ever seen, why?
    c is not an option, hell, how you goin to the short stop, let alone work, school, where the hell ever you goin, come on, that’s ridiculous
    you go buy from another dealer LOLOLOLOLOL
    and sell that piece of crap to them

    • You mean trick the same dealer that sold you the car in the first place? You mean the DNC Dealer? D(ean)A(xelrod)B(razile)P(elosi) DABP…

    • That was the point, spending the next four years protesting by punishing yourself is stupid.

      BTW – I was kinda proud of that analogy, I thought it up while mowing the lawn.

  16. OT

    Chinese men threaten ‘lake of free love’ where women rule

    THE traditions of an ancient matriarchal society in southern China, where women choose and regularly change their sexual partners, is under threat from tourists hoping to experience its apparent promiscuity.

    Relationships among the Mosuo can last for a night, a decade or a lifetime. From the age of 18 women court the local men. After a coming-of-age ceremony, the woman moves from sleeping near the hearth at the front of the house to her own room at the back where she may receive her lovers. In the old days a tickle in the palm indicated to the man that he should come to the woman’s room once darkness had fallen.

    Now the women “lamp” their men by shining a flashlight on their chosen partner. After a time the women settle down, sleeping regularly with the same man, although they do not necessarily stick with him forever. Each Mosuo household is headed by a woman who lives with her brothers, sons, daughters and grandchildren. In the evening the adult men leave to visit their partners and the fathers of the children of the house come calling. Such arrangements are known as “walking marriages”.
    The isolation of the Mosuo people, who have lived in the remote lower reaches of the Tibetan plateau for more than 1,500 years, have enabled them to preserve a way of life once common in Tibet. Most of the rest of China believes that “it is better to have a dog than a daughter” and women are treated, at best, as second class citizens. The Mosuo women, however, are free from such attitudes. Indeed, male and female roles are almost reversed: women run the households, hold the purse strings and – to the fascination of their Chinese neighbours – choose their nightly sexual partners.

    The Mosuo women, however, disdain the visitors and the synthetic delights of the tourist restaurants, karaoke parlours and hotels built by outsiders on the approach to the lake. In these places “Mosuo-style” girls prostitute themselves to recreate the male fantasy of being “chosen” as a partner (for a fee, of course).

    The Mosuo women vow that they will have nothing to do with such places. Shan Ma’s sister, Ge Ma, said: “That area has changed and will continue to do so. We can’t really do anything about it but things won’t change here. The women are in charge, so it will remain the same as always.” The Mosuo say that they survived the worst excesses of the Mao era, so they will survive the tourists, too. In the 1960s attempts were made to “modernise” the Mosuo.


    • Fascinating article.

      • I’m afraid stupid tourists will ruin it. If you read the end of the article, there is mention of idiotic tourists leaving beer bottles and other rubbish at the shores of the lake. The men have to come and correct the mess they see. No way should women rule.

    • thx for this-Downticket

  17. He signed a massive environmental bill into law. Of course it was prepared by the Democratic congress but he did sign it — Bush would have vetoed it. He may just maybe might be taking baby steps to stem Israel’s intransigence in the ME. He did release the torture memos — although doing so was no more than following the law and he did it in his usual self-serving “Ain’t-I-the-greatest!” way.

    I do give credit where credit is due. He’s a big improvement over Dubya. And at the end of the day he is a politician — none of them are entirely trustworthy or free of corruption, all of them will disappoint you in some way. You can’t get emotionally attached.

    BTW, Keisha is a longtime Obot.

  18. I said it in the last thread, and I will repeat it here. Hillary is not perfect, and no one is claiming that she is. I would have loved to have seen her give them all the finger and expose the hypocrisy and fraud of the Party. Having said that, I understand why she did not.

    Again, we battle absolutist thinking: if she does not impale herself on a sword in the name of principle, thus eliminating her from participating in the work that she has spent 4 decades fighting for, then she is a sell-out. The standard is ridiculously high and unrealistic. And after what she has given, her entire life, who has the audacity to judge her so sanctimoniously for this decision? For those who dismiss her with such disdain, what have you done? Have you given that much time, energy, effort , and sacrificed so much privacy, and tolerated so much hate for country? I’m guessing not.

    She lived at the president’s side for 8 years, and served in the Senate–I am willing to bet her perspective on things is slightly different from a bunch of bloggers who have a very limited view. I’m willing to give her the benefit of a doubt–I think she has earned that much.

  19. Unlike eg0, Hillary ran because she thought she could bring universal healthcare to the masses, along with other issues she championed, like human rights.

    eg0 ran because he wanted to be the first black prez…fly on Airforce One, do the state dinners and be adored by crowds everywhere. I believe he thought that his cabinet would run the country whilst he did the PR work. ….and so far it’s working. His numbers are still up even as the country circles the bowl. Maybe has has Reagan teflon. Who knows.

    But back to Hillary. She had things she wanted to accomplish because she cares more about the country than her own ambition. That’s why she accepted SOS.

    Bill once said “When you can do good, you should”

    Hillary is an embodiment of that statement.

    And kudos to her.

    Though I will never forget or forgive eg0, I do agree that if he fails, we all suffer. So I intent to scream like a banshee when he screws up……..so far…..bail outs, “we should move forward”on torture, education and universal healthcare, and cutting “entitlements” But will give props when called for.

  20. My emotions concerning Hillary have been all over the place since the Convention. I wanted her fight for her delegates, I wanted her to walk away from the Democratic Party, I wanted her to tell Barack Obama to KISS HER ASS, but in the final analysis, I feel like she probably made the best choice for herself and possibly for those who supported her, only time will tell. But it was difficult to come to grips with her working for Obama when it should have been him working for her.

    I don’t think Hillary will re-emerge down the road as a presidential candidate and I’m afraid that the actions of the Obama administration may end up costing her the place in history that she deserves, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that she’s playing the hand she was dealt in the only way she knows how and that is “all in”.

    • In a movie she would have done something dramatic like ran 3rd party, and it being Hollywood she would have won in the end.

      We live somewhere else.

      They don’t hold victory parades for every winner, but Hillary deserves one because she wins by not ever giving up.

      Someone will break that glass ceiling eventually. If it’s not Hillary then whoever it is owes her for bashing her brains out just to put cracks in the damn thing. She made it farther than any woman ever did before, she just didn’t make it all the way.

      It wasn’t her fault, but like the many suffragettes that didn’t live long enough to cast a vote she blazed a path for others to follow.

  21. That last sentence was supposed to read “that is ALL IN”

  22. “They want Obama to fail and they want us to help make it happen” . Well it would be nice if we had that power. We don’t, even our votes don’t count with the Democrats. We do not have the power to make Obama fail but when he does fail you can be sure the BOites will point to our feminine witchcraft as the reason and cause, not their own arrogance or inexperience.

  23. Thanks for the word repair MYIQ, my poker language should be invincible to freudian slips, obviously I need to play more, 3 times a week isn’t nearly enough.

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