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A Storm is Gaythering

Some of you may have all ready seen this hilariously homophobic ad by the National Organization for Marriage. (According to Egalia from TGW, NOM also is also prejudiced towards single mothers):

OH, Fear Mongering. Doncha just love it? I love the woman who says, “I am a Massachusetts mother helplessly watching Public Schools Teach my Son… that Same Sex Marriage is okay.”

Well, my Public School did nothing when four different students from my graduating class committed suicide. Three boys and one girl, two of them were harassed so relentlessly with anti-gay slurs that parents are now trying to force my (former) High School to increase funding for a better anti-bullying program with a lawsuit (our current one was aimed at children in elementary schools. Obviously ineffective.) The father was quoted in an ABC news article that I have on file as saying that it’s a shame he had to use a lawsuit to get my school to pay attention to it’s “problem”, but it just struck him as strange that they could spend a million dollars on a new football field, but couldn’t bother to increase funding for student harassment prevention. Particularly since violent fights broke out in my school on an almost monthly basis and were something of a spectator sport.

Those terrible events happened when I was a Junior. The girl that killed herself was a Lesbian, and also personally deeply Religious. I cared about her very much. She had been a close friend of mine since we were eight years old, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her and think of her.

But I am getting ahead of myself. The NOM Ad has been parodied in several hilarious ways, but this one was my favorite:

But this all leads me back to this silly controversy over Perez Hilton and Miss California. Now, I just want to set the record straight. I don’t do Beauty Pageants. But a couple of days ago I got an email from my BFF, and she gave me links to what Miss California had said, and the subject line was, “what do you think of this?”

I clicked on it, expecting some stupid rant similar to the one above in NOM’s Marriage Ad, but all she really said was, “I was raised to believe that Marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

Well, obviously I disagree. I do support Gay Marriage personally. I don’t always agree with Wanda Sykes, but I like what she says, “If you’re against same sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex!” And I do think that Same Sex Marriage Laws should be left to the states, but I think equality of benefits is a right.

On my old Blog, I did a post after I watched the Lifetime movie, Prayers for Bobby. I explained my complete and utter intolerance for Homophobia.

Like Miss California, I was raised to believe that Marriage should be “between a man and a woman.” Well, actually, my Dad and brothers just made fun of Gays all the time. But the point is, I was not raised to be the Bisexual Fag Hag I am today.

For one thing, the girl I mentioned above, the one who killed herself, was the first person who ever compelled me to think seriously about my own sexuality.

For another, one of my closest friends, one I’ve known since I was in my mother’s womb, is a Gay Porn Star. I adore him, and he is the only reason I have any fashion sense. I have tons of Fags now, but as I was growing up, he was my very best friend. I knew him before he came out and after. Because of him, I know the law of woman that has existed since the first cave-woman went shopping for mammoth furs and whatnot with her first cave-fag, and that is this:

“No woman shoppeth without a faggeth”

When I was nine years old, before I had the faintest inkling of what the phrase “Domestic Partnership” or “Civil Unions” meant, I wrote a story for school called Bob and Cob. Bob and Cob lived together and were best friends. They loved each other very much and they did everything together. They went to the gym, shopped, took a cooking class, and ran on beaches shirtless, waves crashing on their well-toned, washboard abs. One day, Cob got upset with Bob because they went to a very nice restaurant that sold lots of coffee, and Bob was eating his salad so sloppily. So Cob moved out. But he missed Bob very much, so they decided to move back in together because they were still best friends.

I have been saturated in Gay Culture since before I could even walk. And while my Sanity is debatable, I do happen to believe I am a fully functional person. I pay my taxes, work almost full time, and go to school. I don’t do drugs and I get good grades. I may have a screw or two loose, but I am a loosely screwed respectable member of society.

But I digress.

As I explained in my movie review of Prayers for Bobby, if you happen to personally believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, then that is between you and your belief system. You can go ahead and vote against whatever same sex marriage legislation in your own state that you want, and even though I might wish you’d have a change of heart, You are entitled to your own opinion. As long as you don’t moralize or act self righteous, as long as you aren’t  homophobic, then I have no problem with you.

(and btw, I would say the same thing to a person who is pro life, all though I don’t get why this life/choice debate still exists half the time. Roe vs Wade is the law of the land. It has been for the last thirty some years and it still will be thirty some years from now. Accept it and move on.)

But the minute some bigot gets up in my face and gets all, “Homosexuality is a Sin” or “Homosexuality is immoral” or “Thank God for Aids.” Well, I have one thing to say to that person and that is this: Run. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, away from me, so your teeth don’t end up on the sidewalk.

And that is my reaction to this NOM ad. The fear mongering sends a message. It goes like this: “Gay marriage, and by extension Gay people, threaten MY way of life. They threaten MY freedom, for no other reason then that they are Gay and society forces me to interact with them like they are regular, nice people (which they are).”

And messages are powerful things.

Perez Hilton went too far. Despite my aversion to Beauty Pageants, Miss California did not say anything remotely terrible. She just said that she “was raised to believe that Marriage is between a man and a woman.” It is, in fact, the exact same position our beloved leader, Chicago Slim, has (actually, considering his love for homophobic Pastors like the Reverend James Meeks, I would say Bam is more in line with the speaker at the end of the NOM ad. Oh, Projection… don’t you just love it?). And yet, Perez Hilton is calling her a “Dumb Bitch.” Geez, over reacting much? At least she was honest.

For one thing, I am sick of Social issues like this and abortion. Not because I don’t believe they are worth debating on a Rainy Monday, but because they are such petty issues compared to all the bigger problems we have. I mean, come on. Corrupt Banks are getting bailed out with Billions of Dollars in tax payer money, the Taliban is closing in on Pakistan’s Capitol, and Africa’s first elected Female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has just written her memoirs. WHO the hell cares about what Miss California has to say about Gay Marriage? I mean, are you kidding me?

Issues like these are a distraction. They are highly publicized by blowhards who can’t win elections without dipping into the hate and fear of the general populace. What Americans need to do is stop putting up with it. When our Economy is in the hole and our beloved leader is sending more troops to Afghanistan, it is time to ignore this heaping pile of Bull Sh*t. Time to focus on real issues, don’t you think?

Friends always let friends  DIGG!!! and SHARE!!!

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121 Responses

  1. I would have to disagree with you on whether they are real issues, or a distraction. To those being denied those rights, they are not. That’s not to say that anyone who thinks it’s a distraction is a homophobe.

    I myself think sexism is a huge issue. I have friends who don’t think it’s that big a deal. Not that they are not for women’s rights, or don’t abhor misogyny – they are, and they do. But they don’t have my passion for it, don’t see it as that important. They can shrug it off.

    I think they are WRONG. But I don’t then make a leap and accuse them of being a misogynist woman-hater. And that’s the difference, IMO. people are at different places, and while I am all for calling out hate when I see it, I don’t lump everyone who doesn’t share my passions in with the true haters.

    • That is a good point WMCB. I was just saying that in certain elections I think politicians use them when they can’t win on bigger issues, like the Economy and Foreign Policy.
      Bush, for example. Kerry would not have been a great President, that is doubtless, but he was running against Dubya.
      Dubya knew he couldn’t win on the War in Iraq, so he and Rove ignited their base with the “Gay Marraige isssue”. I remember that about the ’04 election very well.

      • Okay, that’s a little more clear. I agree that they often trot those issues out at election time in order to exploit the strong feelings involved. They do make them a circus distraction rather than treating them seriously, as one of many serious issues.

      • I’m so sorry you lost a dear friend, Little Isis. That video is creepy. I’ve never seen it before.

        I agree with WMCB that people Miss CA shouldn’t be pilloried, since her position is the same as Obama’s. But people need to be educated. I like the way individual states are going ahead and changing their constitutions.

  2. great, very funny and very poignant!

    I’m going to add somethings to it like a break bar and the social links ok?

  3. As a lesbian and a proud fag hag – let me say this. I have talked to many gay friends (mostly male) and they all found Ms. Hilton to be a “disgusting drama queen” . Everyone would like to trade him in for a first round draft pick as we don’t want him on our team. Not even on the bench.

    • Yeah, that was quite a scene. And way to scare the homophones Perez!!!

      • My beef with the Ms. california thing was the confrontational way it was done, for cheap spectacle. I mean, really, what does one’s feelings on hot button social issues have to do with qualifications to win a beauty pageant? You don’t ask that crap for a job interview, so why there?

        Perez just wanted to stir the pot so he could have some drama for his blog. People like that CHEAPEN the cause, they do not help it.

        • I agree. He made something out of nothing for himself, not the cause of Marriage Equality.

        • Also, it’s a bit of an anti-lottery isn’t it? In the pageants I’ve seen the contestants each get a different question. Wasn’t this one bound to be a gottcha for just about any of the contestants? Are we really to believe that Miss California is the least gay accepting of all the contestants? Or was she just the only one who was asked?

      • Okay, I don’t know if that was a typo or not, but I’m totally going to use the word “homophone” from now on to mean people that sound gay.

    • The same goes for me and my gay friends as well. Being the resident conservative here, I would ask you when you have some free time to take a look at one of my fellow Repub bud’s blogs, both discuss the issue





    • Agreed. I HATE Perez Hilton. The straight folk can have him if they want him. I sure as hell don’t.

  4. … but all she really said was, “I was raised to
    believe that Marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

    Yeah, but she was a stoopid teenaged girl and pretty besides! ATTACK ATTACK!

    • Actually, it seems to me the only qualifier for attack is the “she” part.

      The young and pretty part just make it good drama.

      How many attractive young women with “so called progressive” values are going to compete in a beauty contest? Really. Perez was fishing for exactly what he got. Publicity.

  5. I agree with you that it was completely inappropriate for Perez to call her a b*itch. And so did Perez, because he apologized on his blog for calling her that. His explanation was that he was so frustrated and upset by her answer that he lashed out. I still think it was completely inappropriate, and people should justifiably criticize him for it, but I give him credit for at least admitting he has a problem when he gets angry. If none of you have ever said something stupid when you’re mad, well, congrats.

    Also, to say that all she said was “I was raised to believe…” is a little misleading. Within the context of her remarks, it was clear she said that she thinks that states should not give gay men and lesbians the right to marry.

    Now, again I agree that she has every right to believe that if she wants. However, I also think she is deserving of social shaming and ridicule, just as someone would be if they said that people of different races had no right to get married, or that women had no right to vote, or own property.

    It’s 2009. I think it’s ok to call out bigots for this kind of attitude. That’s not to say there aren’t reasons for their bigotry, and perhaps we can even empathize with those who went through the kind of religious programming as kids to make them bigots. But believing that some people should have fewer civil rights than others is wrong, and they should be called out on it every time.

    • You know, it’s funny how so many people who are “deserving of social shaming and ridicule” always manage to be teenaged girls, isn’t it?

      • What do you mean? Look at the anti-gay marriage video at the top of the post. Were those people teenage girls?

        Or are you saying that beauty pageant contestants should be exempted from shame and ridicule for their bigotry? To me, that point of view is even more insulting to her intelligence. And by the way, she’s a college graduate I believe. Not a teenager.

        • How is Ms. California’s statement any different from Obama’s, or many in the Democratic Party’s? I don’t think that beauty pageant contestants should be exempt, but I don’t think they should be singled out for ridicule to get blog hits, either.

          It’s sort of off-balance that she gets reamed as a nasty bigot for pretty much saying what Obama said when asked.

          • Well, I don’t disagree with you. I think Obama is a nasty bigot too. And his bigotry, of course, is more worrisome because he’s the president.

            But, again, two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because some people unfairly get away with it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call out bigotry every time we see it.

          • Thank you WMCB. It’s also what Hillary has said when asked. Though she has only gone so far as to say she “personally believes that Marriage should be between a man and a woman.”
            She has never stated that she doesn’t want to see Marriage Equality and she has expressed support for states that have ratified “Gay Marriage”
            I explained in my post that there is a difference between blatanly expressing bigotry, as the people in the NOM ad did, and stating a on homophobic personal belief.

        • We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this DK. I still don’t believe Miss California said anything all that bigoted. I am also frustrated by the opinions of smart people who should know better and yet remain stubborn about Marriage Equality. But Miss California was asked a question and she answered it truthfully. She is also entitled to free speech.
          My earlier response to you was hypothetical, btw.

          • Agreeing to disagree is fine. I can live with that.

            Perhaps it’s because I’m an atheist. Unlike you, I don’t care as much when the wacky Christianists say that homosexuality is a sin. If they have a belief system that says it’s a sin, what do I care? I don’t believe what they believe.

            But when someone says, or implies (as I think she did in her answer to her question), that gay people do not deserve the same civil rights as straight people, then I get angry. And of course she has the right of free speech. But that goes both ways, and I think it is important for us to exercise our right in criticizing her.

        • It’s one thing to criticize a perspective and another to criticize the person who holds the perspective. I believe all kinds of illogical, stupid things (to a greater or lesser degree). It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or illogical or a bad person. It just means that I’m wrong about whether or not carpet is a bad idea and whether my computer punishes me for wasting time by killing me in WoW and whether Janeane Garofalo has a brain in her skull and whether reincarnation exists.

      • Dayum but you are right on target there!

    • Another good point. But where was the public ridicule of people like Randhi Rhodes, who made sexist comments against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and Geraldine Ferraro? I just don’t get the publicity of a Pageant Contestant’s bigotry when people are saying bigoted things on a daily basis on Public Television and in the news.

      • But two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because Randhi Rhodes got a free pass by some does not mean we should ignore this incident of bigotry.

      • little isis, you are completely right on target here. It’s so much easier, and culturally acceptable, to put the “bimbo” in her place. Happily, I am seeing the beginning of a backlash, even my obot friend mentioned it and thought the attacks on this young woman were nasty and out of line.

    • I would beg to differ. I saw a tape from some NBC show and he ‘retracted’ his apology because Ms. California stood by her answer. Mr. Hilton said (loose quote here) ‘I called her the ‘b’ word, but I was really thinking that she was the ‘c’ word.”

      • Yes, name calling has done so much to further civil rights. I especially like the use of “b” and “c” here. It shows what a person who respects the rights of others sounds like.

    • I heard Perez take the apology back on CNN with Rick Sanchez

    • If he can’t keep himself open to opinions different then his own then perhaps he doesn’t belong judging a pageant.

      She didn’t give him a scripted answer, she gave him her belief system. Calling her a b*tch for that belief system is wrong imo.

  6. We are more upset by what Hilton did then what Miss Whatever said.

    P. Hilton does not represent my community. To say that he has embrassed the adults in the LGBT community is an understatement.

    Why is it always the freaks the msm like to push out front as if they are representative of our whole group? So the others can point a finger and laugh. Great, just great.

    • Speak for yourself, please.

      I’m an adult in the LGBT community, and what Perez did here by no means embarassed me. This woman chose to be in a contest representing the state of California. She has agency. Perez asked a question that has a great deal of timeliness in California right now. She reveaaled herself to hold a bigoted point of view.

      And what is it, in your view, that makes Perez a “freak?” I’m curious.

      • It does not embarras you that he called Miss California “a dumb bitch”?

        What makes him a freak? All of his self-aggrandizing, arm waving, please notice me drama.

        Things like an immediate posting on youtube with statements like “She gave the worst answer in Miss U.S.A history”. “If she had won I would have snatched that tiara off her head”.

        He is tedious in addition to being juvenile.

        • Right. Imagine if Perez was a Fundie asking her that question and her reply had been supportive of same sex marriage. Wouldn’t it be shameful of him if he did a youtube post saying those same things but still because she didn’t say what he wanted her to say?
          It was his public behavior that was fringe and freakish.

          • See, in my view you have the wrong analogy.

            My analogy would be this. What if the judge had been a fundie, and the fundie had asked whether fundamentalists should be denied their civil rights, and she had said yes, they should be denied their civil rights.

            Then, I think the fundie would have been within his rights to criticize her all day long (though, he should not do so by calling her a b*tch, of course).

        • Well, I believe she gave an offensive, bigoted answer. That angers me. Now, even when I’m angry I try to control myself, and not lash out at people with equally offensive responses. Perez obviously didn’t have the same self-control in that moment, though he did admit his error afterwards. I don’t see Miss California admitting the error of her offensive statement yet.

          And yah, he’s over the top. As are many many media figures. Do I agree he’s over the top. Sure. Am I embarassed as a gay person? No. Frankly, I’m glad someone had the guts to ask the question. I didn’t see anyone else there with the guts to do it.

          • Miss C may be a vain, selfish b*tch, or she could be a caring, sincere person. I don’t know.

            But I’m guessing she was raised in a family and church that teaches homosexuality and gay marriage are wrong. I was raised in a church like that – they taught me lots of stuff I no longer believe.

            She needs to be taught differently, not attacked.

          • DK, I am saying that whatever analogy I use is irrelevent. You do not ask a beauty pageant contestant a hot button social issue and then purposely cause a feeding frenzy and call her all sorts of demeaning names right after you unfairly or fairly believe she demeaned you. Okay? You don’t do that. My entire point was that it was asinine of him and he made an idiot of himself.
            Obama and and the NOM people deserve to be openly criticized because, for one thing, they and several other prominent people have publicly made MORE bigoted and/or ACTUAL bigoted statements and they are actually advancing a political agenda.
            If he was going to use his “guts” to do anything, he should have used inflammitory words against people that actually mattered, not a blasted beauty pageant contestant. Come on, DK. Be fair.
            Anyway, I’m going to go eat my dinner. Be back soon. Love ya.

        • I’m a Lesbian and it embarrasses me that he called her a dumb B.

          He should have called her a r@c1st, which is, as we all know, is a socially and politically acceptable name to call people with whom you disagree.

    • I totally agree with you on this one, but I would respectfully ask you not to use “we” in that way. There is no elected queer spokesperson.

      Well, except Margaret Cho, and even her approval ratings are down.

  7. Great post, litleisis: My beautiful wife is a 3rd grade teacher in the public schools here. They are trying to everything including being one of the first elementary schools in SF to have a “gay” assembly. There are a lot of gay teachers including the principal yet there is still intolerance among the parents. They carry on because of tragedies like this:


  8. lol, I meant, “a personal belief that is not insulting to a Gay person”

  9. Totally Off topic:

    30 people came here today after searching on the term, “kim jong il”

    I’m not sure what search engine they used. I didn’t see us listed in google….

  10. DK: Right. Our disagreement about isn’t about that. I just don’t think that Miss California implied any bigotry over what she said.

    And for the record, I am not an Athiest, but I am not a Christain either. Just keep that in mind.

    • I guess I don’t see how it was different from what Obama said at Rick Warren’s church (when he said that civil marriage should be between a man and a woman because God is in the mix). Or do you not see Obama as being bigoted on this subject either?

      • I see Obama as being Bigoted on that subject because when he injected God into the mix, he, as I explained in my post “sent message”. It is in line with saying “Homosexuality is a sin”.
        That somehow being Gay is wrong in Yahweh’s eyes, and therefore less than human.
        Miss California said nothing along those lines.

      • I see Obama as being bigoted, but then he’s in a position to legislate based on his opinions, whereas the most a beauty pageant winner is likely to do to promote those opinions is to wave in morse code and tour sunday schools.

    • I was raised a fundie Xtian, but I’m mostly agnostic ( I believe in a creator but not the Biblical version)

      If I die and find out my Sunday school teachers were right I’m gonna be both surprised and in deep shit.

  11. Perez had no right to call Ms Ca misogynistic names. Her position towards gay marriage was more favorable than Obama’s, Bidens, Reids, or Kaine’s, the head of the DNC. Perez can go pick on someone his own size and call them dumb bi&ches.

    He set her up and exploited people’s ingrained misogyny to try and further a politcal agenda. Gee, where have I seen that done before?

    • I don’t have the quote at my fingertips but MLK talked about hating racism but loving the racists – he didn’t want to kill them, he wanted to open their hearts and minds.

    • How are her views less bigoted than Obamas? I would say they are the same. And both should be called out it, again and again and again.

      • You can call out the bigoted view without attacking the person holding it.

        A pageant contestant doesn’t deserve to be attacked like that – a politician is another story.

      • She doesn’t deserve sexist slurs anymore than Obama deserves rac ial slurs, that’s always wrong. It’s not okay to use bigotry against bigots. As far as calling her out in other ways, refer to dee. Obama and kaine etc could be trying to make gay marriage legal, they’re not and they get no flack for it while someone who has no influence over anyone or anything is being put in an unfair position

    • Agree. The thing about Miss California – she is not running for office or seeking a position to write/dictate/influence public policy. No need to publicly humiliate her.

      Unless, of course, you want to use her as a vehicle to get attention and promote yourself. That makes Perez just a garden variety bully.

  12. I am still waiting for that Ms. Black Conservative America Contest.


    Michael Steele
    Jimmy Walker
    Karl Malone
    Condi Rice
    Alan Keyes

    • I don’t know if the Ms USA contest has a gay guy as a judge, then wouldn’t the Black Conservative America contest has a bunch of white liberals as judges???

  13. I am in moderation

  14. Remember when they were checking public records to get the names of the people who donated to the Yes on Prop H8 campaign.

    They were picketing and yelling and scaring people.

    I would have told them to use kindness – take that restaurant in LA for instance.

    I would have packed that place every day for lunch and dinner with gay and lesbian activists – straight people would need reservations to get in

    And I would have told them to be as nice as possible to the owner and staff – but not hide their sexual orientation. Show them the faces behind the rhetoric – make them ashamed without saying a single word of blame.

    I remember when Senator Barry Goldwater found out his grandson was gay. Suddenly he decided that sexual orientation wasn’t anyone else’s business – expecially the government’s

  15. OT, but some here were appalled in an earlier thread that 48% could still be approving of the direction the country was going, as stated int he latest poll.

    I saw this on another blog, and it appears the pollsters are skewing sampling to pump Obama’s numbers again.

    Mary B // April 23, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    How to produce high approval ratings for Obama


    Just read an AP report: the percentage of Americans that think the country is on the right track rose to 48% in March as compared to 40% in February. In light of the unemployment rising, the debacle in foreign affairs etc, I found it unlikely. So I looked into the details of the poll.

    73% of the Democrats polled thought we were on the right track
    17% of Independents
    10% of Republicans

    That made it even more suspicious as to how those numbers could result in a 48% overall right track vote.

    So digging deeper, it turns out

    36% of those polled were Democrats
    18% Republican
    26% Independent
    18% None claimed

    In the 2008 election the spread between Democrats and Republicans was 6.5 percentage points not 18 and independents made up 22% of the vote not 26%.

    Well, geez, if you only poll 18% R’s, OF COURSE you are going to get a higher approval rating!

  16. fuzzy’s heart is breaking and I had promised to withdraw to lurking status because my dearest friends have been fiighting. I have seen something so precious and so beautiful broken and I am helpless to fix it….I love you all every last puma.

    All of you are people I love and respect ALL (caps intentional) I cannot imagine my life without any of you. This is a hard time of year for me as many of you know…

    I am postiing this at the sites of all my friends because I want you to know even as I am wounded by this I still support ALL of you and I believe in all of you.

    I pray to the Creator Father Mother God/dess that in time we shall be healed because the job we must do is to big a yoke for anyone woman or man to carry alone…and because I can hear and feel the joy in the real enemy that he has torn us apart.

    these ourds do no justice to how I feel for all of you:

    He is victorious over the warrior queen lioness a limb its prize has taken
    a full measure its ransom in blood
    We mourning her mortal wound do beat the drum
    and wait for her reserection…
    her return that we should see
    her return with her pride
    Oh Mother PUMA spirit…
    Heal that which we mortals
    have so thuroughly opened
    the gaping wound
    that now matters not how it happened
    Here the cry of your wound bear spirit
    that we did lock shields
    not swords
    forgive us all Mother PUMA Spirit
    and and again let your pride hunt as one

    And yet she purrrs the Mother Puma Spirit
    I am the Spirit
    I am the Heart
    and I am Mind and Body
    There is Work to do I will it be done!

    • (((((((fuzzy))))))))

    • (((((((hugs)))))) We love you, too, fuzzy. Personally, I think everyone can make their own choices, and anyone can remain friends with anyone they want as far as I’m concerned. Everyone is going to view this painful situation differently, and I don’t play “you can’t be friends with them and still be friends with me” games. .

      Follow your heart. I know it’s a good one.

    • Fuzzy, please do not take on all of the hurt. The ill will isn’t as large as it appears, although it does cut deeply. I do appreciate that you can be a friend to so many.

      Amen to your prayer.

    • Fuzzy:

      We all love you here – nobody here expects you to choose sides.

      Just be the same person here that you are everywhere else.

      That goes for everybody.

      • No one has to choose sides. After last night, I’m completely over it. I’m sorry anyone has had to find out about this.

    • I don’t comment much, fuzzy, but I always look forward to reading your posts and prayers. Bless you, I too hope all these wounds heal and all of us can learn from them somehow. You are a treasure. {hugs}

  17. ((((fuzzy))))
    I made brownies last night!
    *sends you cyber brownie and some milk*

  18. Excellent post littleisis, thoroughly enjoyed reading. Gay, (faggeth) living in Boston, since I came out in 82 I’ve experienced being the victim of accepted homophobia, battled through the AIDS crisis losing lover and friends, and also witnessed an amazing transformation in societal views. It’s been a long and hard journey to get to the point where, although not fully equal – we don’t have to hide who we are.

    That said – Perez Hilton is an insecure, pathetic little twit that needs to be set out to sea on an ice float. The woman simply did what she was asked, she gave her opinion. I don’t agree with her opinion, but she’s entitled to it – she wasn’t running for office, she was running for Prom Queen. She should not have been judged on whether or not she’s on the right side of an issue in the eyes of the judges, but whether or not she gave her personal opinion without looking nervous or forgetting to smile……….PROM QUEEN!

    • Well said, I think a candidate for elected office that’s supposed to represent every one should be held to a much different standard than a beauty pageant entrant.

  19. I’m against heterosexual marriage, so I never know how to address this issue. I suppose that in some abstract sense, gay people should be able to make the same blunders that non-gays make. But in that same abstract sense, gay people (and straight people) have a right to eat ground glass if they so desire. I’m not going to FIGHT for someone’s right to eat ground glass.

    • I believe in marriage – I plan to try it 4-5 more times before I die.

      • I was married long enough to wail ‘until death do us part’ with the intended meaning

        next time i want to give my assets away and have my children treated like property in an ego fight, I’ll just bequeath it to vultures.

      • I’m done with marriage. I support anyone’s right to get married, but two times was enough for me.

        • I finally got it right on the third try, and couldn’t be happier. But I really don’t see the point in it unless there are children involved. If hubby had not had younger children at the time, we likely would have not formalized anything, just lived together indefinitely.

          Of course, there’s the tax breaks, too.

    • Oh cr@p, I agree with JC. Talk about a buzz kill.

  20. The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant’s lawyer is present, another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights. http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  21. If French Nail is here I answered you on my blog. I don’t know anything about Jindal and BC/citizenship issues and I did not delete your comment.

    • I deleted it

      Until a court of jurisdiction in the United States rules that the definition of a “natural born citizen” is the one she claims, it’s just an opinion with no legal authority.

      None of the cases she cited before provides on-point controlling legal authority to support her claim.

      Legal authority:

      1. A statute

      2. A Constitutional clause or Amendment

      3. A case decision in which the court’s holding provides that definition (not dicta)

      So far not a single judge in this country will touch it. The Constitution says “natural born citizen” but doesn’t define what that means.

      SCOTUS could handle it by simply saying it means “XYZ” but until they do there is no legal definition.

      • BTW – It doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks the definition should be – it’s what 5 or more Justices of SCOTUS think

      • Thanks for clearing that up Myiq. I never saw the comment and was confused. Did not know that the issue even existed.

  22. That second video is hilarious. (paraphrase) “They will march at you…well, not really march, kind of dance at you.” LOL.

    Little I, you’re so sweet and bold–I love it. Keep finding your voice and sharing it with us, it’s a treat.

    As for gay rights, it’s a civil rights issue. It seems so obvious to me: I do not understand how it can be argued that citizens must pay taxes but are exempt from equal rights and benefits. Religious belief has nothing to do with it–or shouldn’t. If they want to refuse gay marriage, then all gay people should get a tax break. I’m sure evangelicals will love that.

  23. Hey everybody –in case you haven’t heard,

    Gay Marriage is now legal in Connecticut!

    4 down, 53 to go …..

    • NY is on the cusp today. A recent poll showed overwhelming support, including rural NY. Now Schumer, Gillibrand and Paterson are all in full support–just a matter of time. The dam has broken, no putting that genie back in the bottle, commercials or not.

  24. Thank you. LI.

    (Now can I have our pant-suited love back for the weekend?)

  25. myiq2xu, on April 23rd, 2009 at 8:03 pm Said:

    It is better to give AND receive.

    Oopsie that thread ran out. But I did mean giving and receiving as in soixante-neuf.

    Wonderful giving and receiving that way! 😉

    • Hey Fredster!

      I was looking for you yesterday.

      I just needed some of your middle of the night sanity, is all.

      How are you?

    • I prefer 77 because you get 8 more

      (if you don’t get it then say it out loud)

  26. I have a problem with voting on people’s civil rights. Marriage is a civil right and it can’t be taken away. The same people who are so gung ho to get the opportunity to vote to take others’ rights away would scream bloody murder if they had to achieve an electoral majority in order to have a valid marriage. It’s ridiculous. Maybe we could vote on whether to strip their 1st amendment rights so they’d have to be quiet ..

  27. […] Go to the PUMA site, The Confluence, here for the full story, plus parody video of “The Gathering Storm,” the video on gays as a […]

  28. I don’t understand why Perez Hilton is taken so seriously — he’s a self-proclaimed media clown; he dances around in front of people hoping to get their attention

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