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I demand a raise!!! (Updated)


From Mark Penn at the Wall Street Journal:

In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters.


Demographically, bloggers are extremely well educated: three out of every four are college graduates. Most are white males reporting above-average incomes. One out of three young people reports blogging, but bloggers who do it for a living successfully are 2% of bloggers overall. It takes about 100,000 unique visitors a month to generate an income of $75,000 a year. Bloggers can get $75 to $200 for a good post, and some even serve as “spokesbloggers” — paid by advertisers to blog about products. As a job with zero commuting, blogging could be one of the most environmentally friendly jobs around — but it can also be quite profitable. For sites at the top, the returns can be substantial. At some point the value of the Huffington Post will no doubt pass the value of the Washington Post.

The barriers to entry couldn’t be lower. Most bloggers for hire pay $80 to get started, do it for about 35 months, and make a few hundred dollars. But a subgroup of these bloggers are the true professionals who work at corporations, serve as highly paid blogging consultants or write for sites with substantial traffic.

Pros who work for companies are typically paid $45,000 to $90,000 a year for their blogging. One percent make over $200,000. And they report long hours — 50 to 60 hours a week.

Effective immediately I want my salary doubled, no – make that tripled.  And I want double-time on holidays.  And a key to the executive washroom.

These demands are non-negotiable.



El Cheeto Grande states that in 2008 GOS “easily broke $1 million in revenues” which begs the question:


What does a political blog have to sell other than advertising?

I also wonder who shares in that revenue?  Not the majority of the diarists.

(h/t Katiebird)

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108 Responses

  1. I urge my fellow writers to join with me in forming a union

  2. You can have it…. but wait does two times zero still equal zero… Oh well, never mind….

  3. Myiq, I can’t form a union I am a conservative 🙂

    • Lots of conservatives belong to unions. I’ve never met a liberal Teamster.

      • John Rich’s “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” is a pretty moving country song of what’s going on and he’s got huge conservative credentials.

  4. myiq, can’t do much to help you here, but if you have a tip jar I’d like to throw a little something in it.

    after all, i have you to thank for teaching me the word

  5. Hey! Count me in — double my salary? I’ll be like Scrooge McDuck before you know it!

  6. The new Miss America application form at:


    • I saw that, and it’s great. I completely disagree with her view, but political position questions have no place as any sort of litmus test in those settings.

  7. we have an executive bathroom?

  8. This article is ludicrous. Where does the author get the idea that a blogger who receives 100,000 visitors in a month will make $75,000 a year? I’ve bettered that number of visitors in a good month; in a so-so month, I’ll speak to maybe half that audience.

    And how much do I earn from Adsense? Enough to buy a combo platter and a margarita at El Torito. Once a month. The click-through rate is miserable, and the ads attracted by political posts are not very lucrative. I keep Adsense ads on my site mostly as a way of thanking Blogger for offering me a free service.

    I’ve seen what one has to do to make a living from blogging. The job entails constant self-promotion — lectures, radio, endless advertising. No thanks.

  9. Wow..just think, if my salary is doubled, I’ll make…..$0. I’m rich!

  10. Does anyone know if the Warren hearings are still going on? They disappeared from CSpan.

  11. Warren seems to have a very bad cold.

  12. I always wondered, why there wasn’t more talk about the 15 mill. HuffPo received. Or was there? Or wasn’t it a big deal (I mean in the sense not worth talking about, LOL. Of course it was a big deal)?

  13. OT, but did you guys know that a witness to the breaching of Obama’s passport records was shot at close range in his car about a year ago? I saw it at Pumapac.


  14. Blogging is much like my previous career as a male stripper.

    Nobody ever offered me money to do it, but a few have offered to pay me to stop.

  15. Mark Penn? THE Mark Penn, Mr. “come up with no strategy to deal with caucas states” Mark Penn?
    Mr. “I think I’ll just go talk with some folks about getting a trade agreement passed that my candidate/my client has serious problems with?” That Mark Penn?

    • In fairness to Penn, no one ever spent millions building their own organizations inside the caucus states before.

      Typically the state party organizations handle everything and the “establishment” candidates get most of the votes. (Typically, unknown first-term Senators don’t raise $99 million before the first vote is cast either.) The red-state caucuses never played a more decisive role than big-state primaries before either.

      Hillary and her husband were experienced at running national campaigns and they didn’t see it coming.

      • But he was paid millions TO see it coming, or at least to adapt once it was apparent that it was critical. It was more than that too–he couldn’t figure out how to present her early on, and kept changing messages. How can you have trouble marketing Hillary–with her brains, experience, and historical first-woman candidacy? She ended up taking it on herself, and then she succeeded magnificently–but it was too late for the powers arrayed against her and promoting the Empty Suit.

        • I think part of the problem is that Hillary was supposed to be the “establishment” candidate but BHO clearly had lots of covert support that blindsided HRC.

          All those SD’s like Byrd and Rockerfeller that kept endorsing BHO even after HRC won their states decisively.

          • I think part of the problem was the rampant cheating that occurred in the caucus states, which I personally discovered while making calls to Texas on HIllary’s behalf.

            No-one expected that. In fact, I think the absolutely corrupt and unscrupulous behavior of a dem candidate and his staff took everyone by surprise.

            Even after the primary, which spelled out 0’s crookedness, McCain’s campaign never really got how much 0 cheated, lied, said one thing-did another, and so forth.

          • Bill Clinton is as good a strategist as Rove, Axelrove, or anyone. What he doesn’t know about running for president isn’t worth discussing. I think you are right and they blindsided HRC. In fact, I think she was actually set up for it, with that phony “inevitable winner” rap.

      • But Penn was chief strategist and pollster wunderkind.
        The info was out there– Dean’s 48 state strategy was going full bore. I know it’s been said many thought the primary would be decided by super tuesday, and so
        Penn did not give weight to the following caucases.
        But the role of chief strategist and pollster wunderkind is to know what the other side is up to. Hillary and Bill were going full speed campaigning. They trusted Penn to have a finger on the pulse. But I do see your point about cutting Penn slack. However, when he pulled the conflict of interest with the Columbian Free Trade Agreement, I really was way sick of him.

        • What makes me sick is the obscene amounts of money that gets spent by all sides, and the fact that political operatives and the media choose our leaders for us.

          • well, yeah.

          • and that the MSM seems to have become a political operative itself. If we had a free media, the caucus(damn, I knew I was spelling that word wrong) “irregularities”- to use a polite term- would have been exposed, Obama would have been vetted like everyone else, and we might have had a chance to have a free election.

    • Yea, and some of HC’s supporters are reluctant to help her pay off her debt because of THAT Mark Penn (if it’s the same one)–because some of the remaining funds due are for his “work.” If I ever met him, I’d be seriously p*ssed about how he blew the best presidential candidate’s chances with his incompetence (along with many other factors, of course).

      • I started giving to HRC’s campaign on the day he quit–yeah, I proably should have started sooner.

  16. Here is something on Huffpo getting an infusion of $15 million in venture captial. It says something about Oak Investment Partners participating.


    There are some interesting recent stories about Oak Investment Partners. I don’t know if they are associated with Obama in any way.


  17. I put up a new thread.

  18. Oak Investment Partners are trying to buy Saturn from GM and are currently involved in a fraud case in which someone stole 23 million from them. The fraudster was involved with Acorn Capital management (get it? Oak, acorn). What an odd syncronicity.


  19. Let’s start a Blogging University or training seminar to fund the PUMA movement!! Where do I sign up for Snark 101?

  20. hugs Klown, you are fably terrif!

    it’s the IQ factor!


    play some songs!
    I see you as a very great “solver” as a blogger — it’s in your nature!


  21. speaking of which, we’re barely a year old and closing in on 6 million hits …

  22. May I just take a moment to tell you how much I admire this site?
    Way back when… in the days of the primaries, I noticed that the TM site was undergoing a peculiar change.
    I commented here, asking if anyone knew what was going on over there with the change in tone. A Conflucian informed me that TM was taking in advertising and that the advertisers might have something to do with the possible change in tone I was noticing. The Conflucian stated that The Confluence doesn’t do advertising to avoid any
    situation like that occurring.
    So– you see– I admire you greatly. You all could have made some bucks, but you chose principle over the big bucks.

  23. You all should get a tip jar (paypal account), so you can at least cover your plane tickets to the ‘Annual The Confluence Conference’…yea!

    • RD doesn’t want to be corrupted. We thought about ads, but haven’t done anything about it yet.

      • Sell shirts through one of those online deals.

        All you need are some catchy slogans.

        There are certainly some creative class members around here? (not me, tech nerd)

        • nah, from what I hear we are all a bunch of uneducated hicks. Leastaways that what the “creative class” said.

  24. OT. I don’t know, if you have been following this, but at the Durban ll conference on r@cism in Genéve, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as expected, and as always, made r@cist attacks against Israel. Representants from the EU countries that attended (4 had all ready withdrawn) walked out during his speech.

    The Norwegian Foreign Minister, in his speech following Ahmadinejad’s, starkly criticized the speech … and his European colleagues for walking out: “If we start walking out every time we feel uncomfortable … the world would be the one to lose”.

    After listening to a Danish-Iranian ph.d. explain WARM (what A. really ment), I wonder if The White House truly understands what they are up against!

    But wait … Obama has tons of experience from living in Indonesia, so I guess we’re safe.

    Sorry for the OT.

  25. Aw crap.

    My mom just called and told me my old Sunday School teacher is on life support and basically brain dead. He’s 84.

    It was a beautiful day.

  26. Oh, myiq, everyone should have a petulant klown in their lives – you always have the right words and your timing is impeccable! 😆

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