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Blago Show a No Go

Cast photo from E on-line

Cat photo from E on-line

This is a real heartbreaker.

A federal judge ruled today that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich cannot go to Costa Rica to film a reality show, saying he does not “have confidence’’ that Blagojevich will comply with the conditions of his bail.

“It’s way too soon. I don’t think this defendant in all honesty … fully understands the position he finds himself in,’’ said U.S. District Judge James Zagel in denying the bid.

Blagojevich asked Zagel if he could travel to Costa Rica to appear on the “Survivor’’-style reality show “I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here.’’
Zagel’s rejection is a financial blow to Blagojevich, who stood to make as much as $123,000 from the show, according to a defense motion.

Blagojevich still has a contract for a book scheduled to be published in October. The poor guy says he needs the money badly to support his family. Blagojevich’s lawyer, Sheldon Sorosky argued that his client wouldn’t jump bail because he’d never leave his wife and children behind. But the judge said no.

NBC is disappointed but has no plans to relocate the show to a U.S. location.

Bonus Flashback: Take the Quiz.

129 Responses

  1. I’ve never watched a reality show, but I think I would have made an exception for this one. I can’t help it. I like Blago.

    • i’d just like to see him in the jungle without his infamous hairbrush

    • The only reality shows I watch, are the island celebrity ones-just cuz I love islands and the sea-very much for the same reason I enjoyed Castaway and the Titanic.

      Blago would’ve kept me glued to the screen!!!

      • Oh my god, I just got a flash in my head of blago starring in temptation island.

        Help me.

  2. And it would have done soooo much to enhance his credibility

  3. I watched the first edition of “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of her!” many years ago. It was a terrible let down — there was no way any of them would have given up the air time. I wonder how they’re going to beef it up to actually make them want to go?

    (said while watching American Idol, so take anything I say with a grain of salt)

  4. How about as a guest on “I’m a Celebrity, Throw Pointed Rocks At Me?”

  5. If we had to have a crook from Chicago as POTUS, I would have soooooo much prefered Hot Rod Blagojevich. He’s got so much more personality than Obama!!

    • Funfact of the day: Jadzia’s toddler (the older one) is the spitting image of Hot Rod. Filthy mouth, too.

    • At least blaggo can think on his feet. Watching him spin and reverse on a dime is extertaining. And he never gets imperious or defensive when confronted, just jovially spins a new whopper. Watching Obama try to string two sentences together is time consuming and suspenseful, and the bushesque pissiness grates.

  6. Be sure to take the quiz!

    • I did miserably on that quiz! I think I got 3 out of 10 right. But the quiz did make me recall one of my all-time favorite Red State Updates:

      • I can’t believe the things Blago said on tape!

        • Well, to be fair, he didn’t know he was being taped when he said those things. 😉

          • He had plenty of good reasons to think they might be listening to him. It just seems like he is totally reckless.

      • LOL! I missed that one, thanks!

      • Wow a humorous video that overcame serious language revulsion on my part. Hated the trailer though. But yes, I added it to my favorites.

    • The interesting thinf about the quiz is that the “f” word is used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, eic.

  7. hey BB, I kinda like Blago too. he’s entertaining.

    can I go a little OT? I have a rental car and turned on the radio and, of all people, heard Chuck Colson. remember him? Nixon’s hatchet man who went to prison over the Daniel Ellsberg affair and got religion – he became born again. so anyway, this was a religious station and I was about to change the channel when I noticed what he was talking about. it was about how pastors need to get a clue that women are being abused, both physically and emotionally, in a lot of “christian” homes. he said ministers need to pick up on the clues and HELP THESE WOMEN. I was pleased to hear him say this. I hope he has a big listening audience.

    • Hi kiki,

      There’s no OT. This is just a silly open thread. That’s interesting. Chuck Colson has been through a lot of changes over the years.

  8. Oooo, there’s a fierce thunderstorm going on right now over my house. Gettin’ kinda noisy out there. I had to cook a dish for our department meeting tomorrow and made Tuscan White Bean salad with grilled vegetables. Just pulled the grilling basket off the grill when the heavens opened up.

    • It’s been raining here all day. The bean salad sounds good. I’m glad you saved it from the storm.

  9. Is Rico around? I could use a bourbon. He’s so hot I could bake cookies on him.

  10. Coming right up.

  11. Both. You can have anything you want.

    • Really? I want to know who has been hiring bloggers and at what company? I mean, just in case I need a new job.
      BTW, would someone please tell myiq:
      1.) The check’s in the mail
      2.) I sent it out yesterday
      3.) I promise
      He’ll know what it means.

      • But will he still respect you in the morning?

        • Myiq? He never respected me in the first place. We don’t have a relationship built on that touchy feely stuff. We like it dirty. Have you ever seen his teeth and fingernails? It sends shivvers up my spine just thinking about it.

  12. OO, Is the bar open? I’d like a glass of that fine boxed Merlot.

  13. hey RD, I heard part of something on NPR today about pharma companies making up diseases ….something about overactive bladder and whether it’s a real disease or a marketing tool for big pharma – Pfizer I think?

    • Jeez, how do these silly rumors get started? What usually happens is that someone discovers a target like TRPA receptors and we try to figure out what the sucker does. We screen a bunch of compounds and find that the ones that are active against the target have this unexpected result. Then we say, hmmmm, is this a treatment for anything and can anyone benefit from it? I’ll betcha if you have an overactive bladder, you’re feeling a tad disgruntled over the description of your ailment.
      Such are the surprises in store for us as we traipse merrily through the human genome.
      But nowadays, we get just as much credit for killing projects as starting new ones that may lead to hangnail treatments.
      All in all, we work more on very serious diseases. But the odd cure does come up every now and then.

      • darn! I missed your reply because I was running to the bathroom for the 80th time today.

        just kidding!!!

    • Happy Birthday, Kiki!! Are you having a good day?

      Happy Birthday dear, Kiki — Happy birthday to you!
      (and many more…..)

  14. This is one of those days when there are too many TC threads and not enough time. Humph.

    • Don’t miss the morning post. Hiliarous article about rich people.

    • i can take a few days off if you’d like

      • Your thread today was interesting.

        • thank you, i’ve always found that topic really interesting and your link to that time magazine article really made it incredibly relevant!

          not so many folks reading it though, it looks wonkier than it is

          • People are thrilled to have myiq back.

          • You could always republish it tomorrow morning. It’s really hard to predict what mood your audience is in. Your posts are always worth reading so don’t take it personally.

          • It’s a great post.

          • I had to go back and comment after that. But it’s haaaaard to keep finding new ways to say ” Fantastic article and thanks for explaining and enlightening us in such a fun way” over again. /s.

            On second though, you probably won’t object too much if I use the same compliments over again!

            Seriously, I would love it if you’d keep gracing us with your know-how.

          • I read it twice and copied and pasted onto my hard drive BB’s behavioral link. The whole concept is so fascinating and relevant, that I didn’t really know what to say in a comment.

            Another post that was groundbreaking was Cinie’s on tea parties-didn’t comment because I didn’t know what to say. Same with Afrocity’s. The whole thing needs some digesting.

      • Nope. You and Krugman get no time off. Might not be able to save some of us any $ (can’t lose what ya don’t have), but y’all do your share toward saving those last little shreds of sanity.

  15. i dont care what they daid blago did anyone that can cause berry the DNC & his o-thugs that much pian cant be all bad

  16. It’s Kiki’s birthday?

    Happy Birthday, Kiki!!!!!!!!!!!

    And many more.

  17. *sings happy bday song to kiki and katiebird*

  18. Wait a minute. It’s Katiebird’s birthday too?

  19. I’m finding 56 to be much different than 55, so far.

    god, remember being a kid and actually being excited about being a year older?

    • There’s something about turning 60 that focuses the mind. Well, the parts that still function, anyway. Sixty just sounds so, well, irrevocably old.

      Get ready for the big odometer rollover in four years. It’s a bit of a shock.

      • I’m going to be 62 in December. I like this age.

        • Great! Tell ya what, I’ll donate my next three birthdays to you and in three years, you’ll be 65 – and I won’t. 😀

      • Well, it’s better than the alternative. besides, some of us age slower than our chonological age.
        You can’t do anything about it. Might as well live it up and embarrass your grandchildren. I’m planning to do the Auntie Mame thing when I get there.

        • Well, it’s better than the alternative.

          Isn’t that what they said about Obama last November? [insert wicked smiley face here]

    • happy birthday!!!

  20. poor bag o chips has to stay in crappy illinois while his protoege get to glode trot and act like a leader…..

    I think Rham should hire bag-o-chips to hold a crown of laurel over Pampers head and wisper constantly into ol pampers ear:

    “Remember Victory is fleeting and Glory too evaporates like the morning dew”

    hubris is a bad thing to suffer with if you also lake the tallent for independent thought

    • How was your dinner, Fuzzy?

      • Fuzzy went to dinner? I’ll bet is was better than the one I went to a couple of weeks ago. The food was pretty good. The company was Caroline Bingley, Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs. Ferrars times three. I had to escape to the bathroom twice and almost asked the maitre d’ to move me to another table.

        • Fuzzy went out for his regular get together with his Obot pals.

        • sounds bad but they had a tofu and arugulla salad special on the menu….seems the chef took a suggestion I made as a joke seriously….they called it the “Head O State” salad….give you taste buds the big “O”!

          I did not order it!

        • {{Riverdaughter}} I still can’t get over anyone having the nerve to treat you that way.

          • Meh, they were oblivious. Not my problem. I just refuse to go to dinner with them ever again.

        • you had to escape to the bathroom twice? Pfizer’s got a product for that!

          ok, I’ll shut up about pharma. I’m old and it’s the only new thing I learned today.

    • {{snort!}} I just read about triumphs the other day. Someone forgot to whisper in Obama’s ear, methinks.

      • RD

        I believe he is deaf to everything but praise and the words that flow from KO Tweety and Maddow’s mouth!

        The obots I eat with are beginning to get an inkling that they to are going under the bus….

        Oh and no one mentioned Ms California or Perez “bad hair gay” Hilton….

        We she holds the same position as the president on same sex marriage…oops did I say that?

    • I’d rather stay in il than live with heidi and spencer and dog, but after that prison would look pretty good

  21. night all fuzzy has to hit the rack dont forget the view form under the bus!

  22. All this dinner talk is making me hungry…

  23. Nite Fuzzybear!!!

  24. Pat J seems to have decamped. Did I miss another chapter or something?

    • I love Pat. All I can say is that when people whisper in your ear and tell you things that make you feel bad, they probably aren’t your friends.
      Let’s leave it at that.

  25. Evening guys.

    Boomer you have mail.

    • Afrocity, just want to say again that I’m glad you posted. Since being a born-again PUMA I will never again be so stupid as to let “R” or “D” define anything for me.

  26. hi afrocity!

  27. (Rico?)

    I wonder what happened to that Merlot?

    • Just because I’ve been sending emails non-stop for the last hour? He thinks I can’t drink a little wine at the same time?

    • I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an awful snob, but when you’re Rico and you’re trying to get by on $250,000.00 or so a year, it’s a powerful temptation when Merlot in a box lands on your bar…not that I’m accusing him of anything, but trying to survive on 250k? and being exposed to that rarest of rare wines, boxed merlot? let’s be realistic here.

  28. Wonder what the heck this is about? When Meghan McCain is sort of pushing Eminem’s new video where he’s supposedly nailin’ Palin, I think she may be a little confused.

    • forgot the link…

    • Ugh. No, don’t bother with the link. “Confused” is not a strong enough word.

    • She needs to find herself. She voted for Kerry and so did Cindy McCain. They do not call them RINOs for nothing.

    • But eminem is obviously so well adjusted and intelligent, why wouldn’t his opinion carry weight?

  29. Myiq,Katie, Dakini

    You all have mail. I think Boomer is sleeping. I forget that I am central time 😉

  30. Hi Afrocity!

    Sorry I fell asleep early last night and missed you.

  31. Hey, stop with all the mail already. You are making the rest of us feel sad. “There is Honora sitting at the lunch table by herself, with no mail” 😉

    • Honora,

      I saw all those messages when I woke up this morning too. Do you want some e-mail? I can oblige. I wouldn’t mind getting some of those pics Catarina mentioned below either!

  32. i dont care what they say about blago anyone that can cause berry the DNC % his o-thugs that much pain cant be all bad

  33. Meanwhile Dick Cheney still wields enough influence to
    make torture a good thing (or at least a political football)

  34. Honora
    Don’t be sad.
    If I had your email addy I’d forward you some of the naked fireman pics my elderly auntie sent me this morning!

    • I’ve got the wrong aunties. Mine sent me pictures of her grandchildren yesterday. I studied everyone of them, but probably with less care than you studied yours. 😉

  35. I knew a guy a lot like Blago once – he hung out at my local sports bar. He was the most charming self-aggrandizing sleaze, but in an odd way, and very popular. You didn’t trust him or make him your best friend, God, no. But you laughed and enjoyed him, because he was such a caricature of himself that he was entertaining – and you got the sense he knew that, and just went for it. He knew what he was.

  36. freddie mac ceo commits suicide??


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