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A Modest Proposal

Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” — F.Scott Fitzgerald

This is one of those open thread thingies

100 Responses

  1. I’ll take this opportunity to get something off my chest:

    Rant on

    I know, that politics is ‘the art of the possible’.

    I know, a politician has to be pragmatic.

    I know, that being in politics you can’t be vulnerable or squeamish. Or bear grudges.

    I know, that Hillary the politician did, what she saw fit to do to be able to stay relevant in politics.

    But that said, I really, really resent seeing her literally taking a backseat to the lesser man.

    I hate seeing her standing or sitting behind him, being a ‘servant’ to the less experienced, less knowledgable, less diplomatic, less visionary cheating, fratboy fraud. Who not only had the presidency presented to him, but accepted both that and the fraud that led to it.

    So I know, I have no business giving words to feelings on behalf of Hillary, but never the less I do feel humiliated on her behalf, as I do on behalf of every woman and girl, who now instead of having an accompliced female CiC of the US to look up to and admire, as we should have had, can watch yet another accomplished woman ‘mothering’ a (lesser) man.

    Rant off

    • I’m with you all the way on that.

    • … and it’s sad, that most women don’t even know, that they’ve been deprived.

      • Most women?

        How about the whole country?

        • I love you for that myiq 🙂

        • I ment to refer to women and girls all over the world, that have been deprived of seeing a woman rise to the highest office in the world.

          I guess men could appreciate it too, but in this instance I was concerned mostly about women and girls!

    • Welcome to PUMA

      • Thank you – though as a foreigner I can’t be a PUMA – and I humbly 😳 only consider myself a Conflucian on a guest pass, but that said I’m happy to feel both accepted and welcome here.

    • Pips, don’t hold back!

      I will never, never, ever forget how we were cheated of the first female president and how the law was subverted to accommodate an ill prepared, underhanded person to represent this country – we needed someone who could rebuild not someone who can continue to tear down.

      I’m sick at heart about it. 😦

    • Pips, I watched a friend of mine who had her career torn to shreds by sexism over 15 slow, painful years because she was female, “everyone thought” she was intimidating, and they promoted a lesser man over her, whom she had hired.

      She finally quit, got out of the workforce altogether, and is now a combination student and SAHW.

      She voted for Barky because, as she chirpily informed me, she had “nothing in common” with Hillary Clinton.

      I will never forget nor forgive her for subjecting me to FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS of WHINING for something that she flushed the minute she had the chance to put some muscle behind it. I never want to so much as make eye contact with her again. YEARS of whining, “I’m so depressed, poor me,” and “aren’t men awful,” and then she turns around and blows it all off when the time comes to stand the fuck up over it.

      • I don’t understand a woman who could do this after going through it herself for 15 years. It’s f@#king pathetic.

        • It became clear to me after a while that none of it mattered as much to her as she said it did. She whined over her job woes because she wanted to appear more enlightened than whining over her hair, weight, or nails.

          Fifteen years of it. Jesus Christ. I take NO ONE at their word anymore, on anything. Show me, or STFU.

      • So what did she have in common with Obama and not Hillary since it was often repeated that they had the same policies. I can’t believe people believed that lie.

        • She was anxious to prove how empowered she was by NOT picking up power when it was held in front of her. Girls are so empowered nowdays that we don’t even NEED power anymore! *giggle*

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your rant.

    • Welcome to the club.

    • I know…it makes me sad and I cringe every time I see her with him too. It’s so wrong that she is not setting policy and making principled stands while he waffles his way around the world, stumbling and bumbling. Having said that, I really do think she sees herself as a public servant, and that this was the opportunity that presented itself for her to be of value to the country. Imagine his foreign policy without her, Jones and Biden! It would have no muscle at all. He’d be shooting hoops with Ahmydinnerjacket.

    • You captured my gut reaction to the travesty of the DNC and the stealing of the presidency yet again.

      It is the most galling situation, isn’t it Pips?

    • I am SO with you. And I’ll never “get over it”. Never.

  2. Hello all Fuzzy his here to spread love and happiness…I have heard through the grapevine some folks who have my cell # have had a time reaching me well it is because about 4 weeks ago I washed the silly thing…at my laundramat.

    $ 1500.00 in car repairs have made replacement a little tough for me lately but I should have it back in ops thursday if I find my sim card!

    I have been a little depressed lately so forgive my absence it has had nothing to do with you here at the confluence. I love you all.

    I also have been busy with things that I have been putting off and now have climbed up the priority ladder.

    Also May 1st marks the eith anniversary of Douglas passing I get melancolia every year at this time…

    Specially since I am far from where I laid him to rest in the christ church chapel in Pensacola…

    I guess I have missed alot here sorry I have been letting my PUMA spirit slide…

    I usually recover around mid May so just be patient with me I get real emotional at this time of year…

  3. ooo-ooo less than 30,000 hits til we hit 6,000,000!!! Whoo, hooo! 😆

  4. thanks I just wanted to keep the record correct about me…

    I posted the above an all my other hang outs so that every one would know this is my tuff time of year

  5. Thought I would post this for anyone that might be thinking of taking their daughter to an all girls school.

    The National Coalition of girls schools

    • You know Downticket, my daughters go to an all-girls school. One did great, but the other would have done better in a co-ed setting. In a perfect world the girls schools would teach everything, but at our the girls school focuses more on english and history and the boys school (across the street, where my son goes) does more math and science. They say that they work to their students strengths and I get that , but they can be limiting if your child is not ‘typical;’.

      I do think that having the girls ‘run’ the school and run for office, etc. is great. I have found it to be a mixed blessing.

      • I went to an all-girls high school and thank God for it – I discovered myself and developed confidence in who I really am – I know that today I owe a great deal to that all girls education.

        • I did too. It also made big investments in science labs, language labs, and sports.
          I can’t imagine going to a mixed school with adolescent boys making fun of you, and putting you down. We were very proud of ourselves, and so were our teachers.

  6. Did you hear about the Swedish Pirate Bay court case?

    After the verdict Friday, where 4 youths were accused of and received rather harsh sentences (to pay 3 mill. Swedish kroner plus 1 year in prison each) for ‘assisting in making copyright content available’ on the internet, the Pirate Bay Party has gained so many new members, that it is now the fourth biggest political party in Sweden!

    If necessary they’ll appeal their case all the way to the EU court. Should be interesting.

    • This is a very interesting case. And let me tell you, Google will be watching the case very closely since most of the ruling could be the very same for what Google does with youtube among other things they sort of share or facilitate being shared.

    • That is interesting. Three million is too much money. Can they aford to pay it?

  7. Hey hey hey, eating them was my idea. Now Aerosmith is copying me. Wait, what do you mean they did that song before. Poop.

    Yep, eat the bankers, the wall street types, and the rest of the greedy obscene rich. They’re not safe to remain uneaten. 🙂

    • What do they taste like? Chicken?

      Can you fry ’em up? Oh hell, I’m in the South, We can fry anything.

  8. I bet you are right Myiq2xu!

  9. I think eating the rich woiuld constitute a form of the Atkins Diet….

    not very healthy to eat the rich I mean you could chip a tooth on one of the cosmetic inplants! and all the youth factor hormones you could put yourself through puberty again!

  10. myiq2xu,

    I feel an overwhelming urge to tell you how much I’m enjoying this post. And how glad I am that you posted it. (Great video choice too). And that your comments are very amusing!

  11. I hope this gets televised someplace.

    WASHINGTON — Former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will appear together in Toronto next month on a public stage for the first time since Mr. Bush ended his presidency, in a remarkable twist on the cultural cold war that Barack Obama and others are trying to lay to rest.

    The two will be appearing at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 29 for a moderated “conversation” that is expected to last about two hours.


    • Rumor has it that clinton is donating his appearance fee to planned parenthood and at the end of the conversation will thank the former usurper in chief for helping out the choice movement!

    • Thanks for that info (I live in Toronto)…I just booked a ticket!

    • oooh that will be interesting. I love it when Bill sneaks in those PUMA comments.

  12. it is off to dinner with the obots wish me luck!

  13. It’s been a bad Obama-news day. When isn’t it? But there are few issues on my mind, and I hope I am not too OT. First is that there are gay people being killed in Iraq while the US is occupying it. http://polis.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=122035
    Second is that the SCOTUS just ruled against veterans, and a WWII was denied VA benefits b/c he could not absolutely prove that an injury was service related. Souter, Ginsburg and Stevens were the dissenters, natch. But it was Obama’s sec’y of VA who went forward on this case. Shame on them.
    The rich don’t care who dies, and neither does the Obama admin (if there is in fact any difference between them).

  14. On the upside, this from The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090504/klein
    A Lexicon of Disappointment. Very funny and very true.

    • It’s just amazing that this is “news” to them. We all knew this a year ago, now they are so surprised, like it’s some kind of revelation.

      • Some people apparently have a much, much higher tolerance for suckering themselves.

  15. Okay, explain this to me – Cannonfire responds to a post by me, and he gets listed on Memorandum but we don’t.

    It’s a conspiracy!!

  16. New post up.

  17. Flight of the Conchords – Cheer Up, Murray Ep 11

    A funny teary clip for the open thingie.

  18. Has anyone ever heard of “Travel for Peace”? They do trips to concentration camps for teenagers. I put their website in my URL.

    Are concentration camps a little heavy for 10th graders? Someone’s daughter is going and he’s concerned.

    • I learned about concentration camps in school as the horrors were coming out. I was much younger than tenth grade. Kids are a lot smarter and wiser than most adults realize.

  19. “Are concentration camps a little heavy for 10th graders?”

    I wouldn’t think so, if they are thoroughly prepared before going. But it is very emotional.

    • That’s reassuring, thank you. I’ve never been.

      • And Nijma, if you are still here. No one should be forced to go, and any one should be allowed to leave if it becomes too much. But I actually think, that it will help them put many things/thoughts into perspective.

        I would recommend (to everyone, actually) reading Primo Levi’s “If this is a Man” – to me the ultimate book about that subject.

        Levi eventually (maybe) killed himself, because (maybe) he couldn’t live with the guilt of having survived, when so many died.

  20. Everyone forgets the riposte to Fitzgerald’s famous line about the rich — which Fitgerald said longingly, he was a desperate wannabe — anyway, when he said that line to Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway scoffed and snapped “Yeah — they have more money.” LOL…

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