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Getting back to those tea parties . . .

(I never heard of Cody Willard before but I had a haircut like that back in 1978)

There’s something wrong when we edit people’s words in a way that changes their meaning.  Distorting the views of our opponents for shitzengiggles doesn’t help fix anything.

90 Responses

  1. give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle

  2. Pitiful.

    The troubling part is how many “liberals” watched that, and thought it to be truthful?

    • During the primaries, I followed TC, TL and other blogs rather than the established US media, and regularly contacted tmy national media to set them straight, when I knew they were wrong.

      At one point a journalist from the National Broadcast wrote me back, advising me, if I really wanted to know about American politics, to watch Jon Stewart.

      I kid you not.

    • probably the same folks that thought Sarah Palin said should could see Russia from her front porch

  3. How many Obots get their “news” from TDS?

  4. Maddow, Olbermann, Shuster…

    the entire “liberal” press is broken.

    The only exception probably being Amy Goodman at this point.

    And Stewart certainly plays both sides of the news/entertainment game to a serious fault.

    Where as Colbert pretty much stays in character throughout, Stewart likes to jump back and forth between snark and actual “reporting”.

    Was he snarking, or “reporting” in that clip?

    • The whole MSNBO “tea bagging” routine was ridiculous.

      • Yes it was. Also shallow, stupid and smutty.
        Rachel Maddow made herself especially ridiculous.
        I’m beginning to believe that Maddow’s Rhodes scholarship came from Randi and not in honor of Cecil.

        • LOL !!

        • Stewart, Maddow et al could have reported on the Tea Party movement fairly and objectively without endorsing the partiers’ views.

          What purpose is served by ridiculing the views of so many Americans??

          • To force them away from liberalism? We live in a country where the ” liberal press ” is supposedly found on the General Electric network . It’s not Tue yet, but I think this class thing of laughing at the working class via the ” liberal press” is meant to help the GOP revamp . Other wise it’s too stupid

          • They are eating this up.

    • Amy Goodman was stainedpurple with the kool-aid for the last year and a half….you mean she’s no longer? Also I would say anyone broadcasting on the GE network cannot be called a member of the liberal press. They just play one on TV. I really don’t see any liberal press beyond the blogs

    • I’d say the whole MSM press is broken. The printing press is broken (heh heh). The “liberal” and the “conservative” press do their little back and forth, but when it comes time to “sell” something to us, they join forces (see Bush presidency, Iraq war, and Obama). I watched in utter disbelief (well, what I had of the ability to even achieve disbelief by the end of that last hideous election cycle) as Fox suddenly creeped into the Obama camp. WTF? I asked myself. But then I realized I was just being naive…. again.

  5. No tea parties in my area. However, I saw some graffiti that surprised me. Last week on an overpass in a rural burg I saw “F**k capitalism”. Not the usual comments we have in my neck of the woods.

  6. It’s really still a class thing. to Stewart , Tea parties = working class= bad joke

    • The snobbism on the (former) left is astounding at times. This isn’t liberalism, it’s classism, and it’s everywhere.

    • I completely agree. I can’t stand to watch either Stewart or Colbert. And I gave up on Bill Maher when I heard him call Hillary a c***. It’s not left, or liberal, or progressive. It’s completely a class issue — it’s about who can afford higher end consumerism, and who can’t. These days greed and consumerism comes disguised as “green” “organic” and “sustainable”. Doesn’t matter. It’s still about consumerism.

      • These days greed and consumerism comes disguised as “green” “organic” and “sustainable”. Doesn’t matter. It’s still about consumerism.

        Excellent point.

    • I stopped watching Stewart when he ridiculed small towns and people who lived in small towns after Obama made his remarks about bitter people clinging to guns and religion. He was downright nasty. Guess I’m just a bitter small town hick.

  7. I think that liberals are really hurting themselves with their reaction to the tea parties. I have heard totals of hundreds of thousands of people attended the parties. The liberal media insulted and derided them. And the PUMA sites were not much better telling them that they were too stupid to know how they were being used. It is true that there were probably a lot of right-leaning people in attendance. But there were also a lot people there because they saw congress pass a huge bailout bill with no transparency and watched the banks give themselves huge bonuses — and then congress passed the stimulus bill without anyone ever reading it — how is that not taxation without representation. And after the way they were treated, who are they going to gravitate to — republicans who respected them or democrats who derided them.

    • I think you mean “some PUMA sites”

      We don’t speak for all PUMAs and they don’t speak for us.

      • Indeed. As far as I can tell, no one here as an issue with those attending the tea parties . It’s those who are organizing them that needs to be looked and those organizing the ” Banks, but not Barry are to blame ” The Way Forward meetings as well….People are simply pointing out that swinging from GOP/ Bush to du Barry back to the GOP Without Bush , may not be progress .

    • I’m not going to lie to people to get them to like me.

      Taxes are a necessary evil. I’m not going to pretend we are overtaxed when we aren’t. If we were we wouldn’t be trillions in debt.

      I have no problem with the Paris Hiltons of the world having to shoulder a larger burden than the folks working at Burger King either.

      For that reason I did not attend a tea party. Furthermore I am glad that I did not attend because they used it as an opportunity to rail about woman’s choice and to rail about gun control laws which have little to nothing to do with taxation.

      While some parties may have been dual party protests, it is erroneous to suggest they all were. When I protest I will do so to seek solutions, not use it as an opportuinity to promote propaganda(Obama is a socialist)because I am angry my party is no longer in power.

      • My TEA(Taxed Enough Already) party site


        You’ll note they talk about tax rates today(as opposed to once upon a time.)

        I will be more than happy to protest when we are protesting about a non responsive government with little to no accountability that doesn’t even bother to read what it passes any longer.

      • If I had gone to a Tea Party it would have been as a spectator and not a participant. The TP movement is conservative and Republican at its core, and I am neither of those.

        But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be portrayed honestly.

      • It’s not the taxes I object to; it’s how they are spending/giving the tax revenues away to corporate cronies.

      • that is also what I saw on TV. But I wonder if TV reporting was accurate.
        On the other hand, the FOX new reporting was pathetic, having Newt Gingrich on pretending this was all about democrats increasing the debt. I have to wonder if the people attending those events were all part of the congressional aids for republicans organization. Where were those protest about the deficit when dubya was president.
        I hate to see people get used, but they were.

    • I agree that leftish types aren’t exactly covering themselves with glory vis a vis the tea parties. I’ve seen numbers of posts like this one on a downstairs thread and they are entirely believable. We are doing a big disservice to protesters who acted in good faith. What a shame.

      glennmcgahee, on April 20th, 2009 at 6:57 am Said:

      I too attended the Tea Party” demonstration n Ft. Lauderdale. It was definitely viral, meaning there was no promotion from any single blog or Fox News. It wasn’t even officially listed, it just happened. Talking to people there, everyone was aware that this wasn’t a political party demonstration as much as it was objecting to the Giant give-away and coverup of the banking industry and the administration’s deception. Many talked about when the money going to the banks dries up , the problem won’t be solved and the only recourse will be to halt other worthwhile programs or cut services that are now being funded. At least I was able to rant about my concerns of Goldman Sachs running the country through proxy. There was alot of information shared that day between citizens and this is very unusual for our community. There’s just not enough money. We’re now seeing that prophecy fulfilled as Obama is stating that he wants every Federal program audited and cut to the bone.

      We also didn’t get any media although there were thousands of people of all colors and stripes. No body felt a political affiliation that I could tell. It was only later that I learned I was a Republican right-winger and a racist and was demonstrating my adoration of Michelle Malkin and Limbaugh although I’ve never listened to them. That rally was a healthy demonstration to me that not everyone has their head in the sand. If you could see what is happening down here, you might understand. I swear every other house on every single street has a For Sale sign out front. That is no exageration.

      • In moderation again??? Help! I didn’t do it!

      • Thank you, Glen. I attended the same one and it decidedly did not have a republican flavor to it, The media was too busy covering the Obama’s dog.

    • I say just ignore them. hundreds of thousands????

      Hell, MILLIONS protested the Iraq war and Bush, and that got nothing. Eventually we faded away like the overlords wanted.

      So will the teabaggers.

  8. Cody Willard is on Fox Business Channel’s Happy Hour.

  9. Did anyone else see Howard Dean on CNBC this morning. He and the Republican counterpart agree that it’s time to decouple jobs and health care. They say we need an end to the unsustainable model of employer based health care. I knew this was coming, and we are going to be very sorry. For 30 years we the people have been asking our Congress and WH to fix the health insurance industry. They haven’t done their job, and now we are going to get screwed. Its all about the employer. They will tell you that salaries are going to go up to compensate, but they lie. We will have a system like Mass where health care is within reach of the poor or the comfortably well off. The folks in the middle get screwed.

    Obama said if your happy with your Employer’s health care you don’t have to do anything, but what he didn’t tell everyone is that no one will be happy with their Employer’s healthcare, because there won’t be any such benefit.

    • I’m all for decoupling jobs and health care…if we had national health care! They seem to want our lives to be a smack down in Thunder Dome 24/7.

      • I agree. Uncoupling healthcare from employers could be a VERY positive thing, but you need a real plan to replace it before you do that.

    • I concur with you. Do we really think that big employers are going to pass on the savings to the employees over time? If so, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale on the cheap and I think you’d like it.

  10. So Jon Stewart supports fascism?

  11. “This is about hating a black man. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks” – Janeane Garofalo

    Not exactly objective, is it?

    • Somerby is on fire.

      I thought the Cather section was wonderful as a standalone response to what’s going on, but it would have surely cause his detractors to complain. (Fck it he should have just posted it!!!!!)

  12. I just saw a poll that over half of Americans have a favorable view of the teaparties, 33% hold an unfavorable view, and 15% are unsure. And, get this: (yes, I said it many times) 25% of Americans personally know someone who attended.

    When a quarter of the country personally knows attendees, and then asshats like this guy and Maddow etc try to convince them that they were all firebreathing winger extremists, the left media merely loses credibility.

    The left is overplaying their hand, and making their astounding bias and arrogant sneering dismissal very clear to bitter Joe and Jane Sixpack.

    • we can’t just blame Maddow and crew for giving the wrong impression. The right wing media in the form of fox news did the same thing. They made it all about hating Obama (the socialist) and how HE is raising the deficit (forget the billions or trillions bush tacked on) and raising taxes.
      seriously, take them all and tie them together in a room and make them listen to one another for eternity…the idiot right and the idiot left “media” pundits.
      They all make me sick to death. There should be a law.

      • Well I watch Fox new pretty consistantly and no one ever suggested that the tea parties were about Obama.

    • Absolutely right. The left has overplayed their hand and they, along with the Democratic Party, are going to be taken to the cleaners in 2010 unless they snap out of the koolaid coma real fast.

  13. Thanks, myiq, for a fair and honest posting. After more than 40 years as a die-hard liberal Dem, I don’t know where I am politically, but I’m certainly no longer liberal Dem. That’s one of the reasons I read, but no longer comment here.
    Several months ago, I started reading a few conservative websites, and like some but certainly not all of what I see there. I’m not seeing the hateful lunatics I expected. I saw the birth of the tea party last Dec/Jan at Malkin’s site & Glenn Reynold’s. I didn’t attend any parties, but I’d like to point out that:
    1. LIke most grassroots movements, there was great variety from party to party and within a party.
    2. Fox News is a johnny-come-lately. I don’t know whether they joined due to ratings or ideology.
    3. Despite the Fox & MSM promos, the protest began as a response to bailout spending by Bush & the lack of public input and transparency that continued with Obama.
    4. The anger toward tax is the inevitable future taxes, not current ones, except for the CA contingent
    5. The organizers and most attendees are as at least as angry at Repubs as Dems, and booed several Repub speakers. Some are angrier at Repubs because they see a greater betrayal.
    6. It’s a mistake to blithely dismiss these as mere astroturfing. There’s real anger at what’s happening to our country. Liberal dismissal & MSM scorn is only fueling that anger, and accounts for partial impetus of the parties.

    • Thank you for rejoining our sometimes rather fractious conversation, POE. It’s good to hear from you again. Your voice is always welcome, no matter how uncertain your place on the political spectrum. This ain’t supposed to be an echo chamber, after all.

    • nice to see you back-parentofed 🙂

    • Hi, poe! Nice to see you.

  14. People are angry, working class people. The problem with ridiculing them with teabagging labels or dismissing them as “just” a bunch of conservatives, is that you fuel that anger and their numbers grow.

    All this has been brewing for a long time, from back when people were called bitter small towners or Palin was called trailor trash. These people hear these things being said and they take it personally. Then they watch the news with multi million dollar AIG bonuses and it’s like rubbing salt into a wound.

    The worst thing the left can do at the moment is to act condescending and elitist. That’s a talking point the right has used for years, and darnit, people like Stewart and CNN are proving them correct.

    • yttik, I agree. As an older woman living in a small town in rural Appalachia, I’m still very bitter at the Obama people for using this to pump up his base, at the media for gleefully promoting it, and at the Dems for agreeing with it. The only Dems I know who spoke out against these hateful stereotypes were Bill Clinton & WV gov Joe Manchion. I won’t be a party to this kind of hate, and I won’t be supporting any of the a**hole Dems in KY who went along with it.

      There’s a price for the hate speech of the 2008 Dems, and they have yet to pay.

      • I’m pretty flipping angry myself, being a Katrina veteran who’s married to a former firefighter with a measly disability pension and all.

      • yeah, well I am a small town Pennsylvanian and you can imagine how disgusted I was during the primaries when my friends and family agreed that anyone not supporing Obama was racist and that the Clintons were racist etc..

    • Exactly. See, here’s the thing. I talk to lots of middle-of-the-road people, some Dem, some Repub, some Other.

      MOST people don’t really want “govt you can drown in a bathtub”. They truly don’t. They have more sense than that. What they want is good and accountable and effective and reasonable-sized govt, that addresses social needs pragmatically without becoming a nanny state or a corporatist monolith.

      But they feel that they are not being offered that option, and never will be. That last part is important. It’s a crisis of trust. They no longer believe that EITHER party is going to offer them that. That their options are basically a) big government that bankrupts them, disdains them, and sucks, or b) smaller government that bankrupts them less, disdains them a little less publicly, and sucks.

      Given what people feel their two choices are, don’t be surprised a groundswell of support for drastically cutting govt is building. And yes, uber-conservatives are going to capitalize on that. But do not mistake that for the general populace really believing we ought to dismantle safety nets, etc. It’s not that they are believers, it’s that they don’t trust. It’s that they are feeling “If they are all going to lie and suck, the better part of valor is simply to give them less power and money.” And the left in this country is JUST as, if not more, responsible for pushing and hounding and shoving them to that drastic conclusion as the Newts of the world are. They are not stupid. They understand that they are being “used” – they don’t care, and they are not conservative idealogues. They are just tired, and distrustful.

      • I’m caught by spammy, if you’d fish me out, myiq.

      • Excellent post, WMCB. Thank you.

      • Thank you. Thank you a lot for that comment!

      • That IS what is going to happen though. Without a third alternative the pendulum swings back to conservative and if you don’t think that the GOP will not dismantle what little is left of a safety net, you aren’t paying attention to what many of their party are saying.

        • I agree. As a matter of fact, that’s what I said. I’m paying plenty of attention, thanks. My point is that both the right and the left are responsible for forcing the people into that “either or” feeling.

          We badly need a third alternative that is middle-way pragmatism, not an even more extreme fringe version of what either the right or the left are already doing. Unfortunately, those people get shot down by both the right and the left. They are DINOs, they are PINOs, they are dirty nasty evil compromisers.

          • I’ll sign on. I’m tired of choosing between bad and worse.

          • I keep clinging to the hope that an electable third party will emerge before the next election. Average Americans desperately need a party that has their best interests at heart. Right now, we got nothing.

      • This is how I feel anymore about the left, too. I’d LOVE to live in one of teh Scandinavian countries, where you pay a lot of taxes, but you get a damned good life in the bargain. No, you won’t have solid gold faucets, but who cares? You’ll have a nice, stable quality of life where you can innovate and be creative and enjoy what you’re doing for a living without fearing the sword of Damocles over your head all the time.

        But is handing a bunch of either incompetents or hateful embezzlers my money once a year going to get me anything like that? Not here it isn’t.

        This dump IS a tinpot dictatorship, period. We just have phones and the electricity stays on mostly so we don’t realize it. And we act like the media is either “liberal” or “conservative” — as if anyone with half a brain shouldn’t have figured out by now that there is ONE media in this coutnry: the money media, period. They latched onto the Repubs int he 70s and sucked them bone dry until it’s a dead party walking.

        Now, they disengaged themselves and latched onto the other party, and the new feeding cycle is starting. And since it says “D” instead of “R” now, it’s all better.

        There is ONE PARTY in this country. George Carlin was right: it’s a club that has bought and sold this place long ago, and you’re not a member and I’m not a member.

      • It’s the same absolutist thinking that suggests there is no middle ground between Bush’s cowboy diplomacy and welcoming dictators without pre-conditions. There are actually more nuanced choices, ya know…

      • This is the essence of small government conservatism. Our essential problem (imho) is that as government has grown larger and larger, it is less and less responsive to its erstwhile masters, we the people. Congress is not beholden to their constituencies or their state governments, but to the big money donors and backers in their respective political parties.

        Honestly it really doesn’t matter if the bailouts were good ideas or bad ideas, or if tax rates are too high or too low. The real issue is that our so-called elected representatives don’t represent us. If Americans wanted to let the entire financial industry go down the tubes (which is a debatable outcome of not passing the bailout package) it really isn’t up to the Congress to over rule us “for our own good.” If Americans want to have confiscatory tax rates on the rich, it isn’t up to the Congress to decide that we don’t know enough to make decisions. Their job is to represent us, not to decide for us as if we are children.

        I think this is the essence of the protest. It is not about taxes or spending, but about the fact that the average American feels and knows that the government is flatly unresponsive to their concerns. Inevitably big centralized government tends to cause that. If our congress actually had to answer to their state government for the policies they enact, or to the people the ostensibly represent, you can be sure they would be a lot more cautious. As it is, they are addicted to power and look upon the populace as mere annoyance to the pursuit thereof. They are beholden to party interests and really don’t care what we the people think.

  15. The corporatists who run things don’t want the voters to communicate with each other.

    They want us divided and bickering.

    • Ironically enough Captian Kumbaya was elected on the concept of both sides getting along and working together.

      I’m not as convinced that just because both sides are “talking” at rallies that they both see the end outcome.

    • The corps that run things couldn’t give a rat’s ass if the voters get together. Sorry. Now that there is no such thing as a straight election, we can “band together” and “find common ground” and “protest” all we want, and it won’t freaking matter.

      • That’s what I am afraid of. The majority didn’t want FISA. How’d that work? They didn’t want the bank bailout…..Again, how’d that go?

        Our government is non responsive and doesn’t even appear to be pretending that we matter enough to have a conversation on these types of subjects. They just shove it down our throats like it or not.

        My concern is that the conservatives are going to take advantage of this to retake control and dismantle the rest of what’s left of a safety net and we still fall behind.


  16. I hate to go on about Italian tv, but it’s the only thing I see. Well anyway at 6.30am RAI 3 broadcasts the tail end of its satellite service b4 starting its national (analogue) service at 7.00am.
    What I mean is I watch it at 6.30am they probably have it on sooner than that (ie broadcasting satellite digital on the ordinary analogue service, late at night).

    Anyway what got me was the special envoy from Washington, who came on last week, with a ten minute news special on the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan via the Internet. Apparently just b4 the election their site was getting 40,000 hits a day, and they now have perhaps 4,000 new members.

    It sounded so much like an Axelrod print-out, and it left me wondering who they were going to put down as r@cist next, the tea parties came first to mind, second came policing of the net.

    • They had a KKK rally here in Austin last year. Publicity on TV for over a week about it. Literally 4 people showed up from somewhere. There was a huge crowd protesting the 4 people who showed for the klan gathering.

      It was absolutely hilarious and a huge waste of time. Also a waste of city money in police protection for the event.

      • Yeah, Pips was saying something about Danish tv, starting to
        air the idea that:

        Far right wing cells might feel the need to blow something up or attempt assassination.
        “For those, the combination of a black president, financial crisis, and growing unemployment gives frustrations. So far there haven’t been concrete threats, but …”

        7.28am on BB’s tea post

        • All of the talk about Right-wing violence that I’ve seen is coming from the left-wing.

          Right-wing violence in this country was discredited by Tim McVeigh. There are still some crazies out there, but they will never get popular support.

        • In fairness (hmmm, or whatever!) they did also mention the prospect of violence coming from far left groups.

          But what’s with the fear stirring anyway? Why even debate the protests on Danish TV?

  17. All of the talk about Right-wing violence that I’ve seen is coming from the left-wing.

    Indeed. The same crowd who talked about ” riots ” endlessly .

    • people I know who are right wing and not terribly polically correct are postive that the left is going to cause the riots. There is fear on both sides and BOTH sides are buying guns and ammo like crazy. The country gun collectors and the city gun owners.
      I am starting to fear there really will be a show down of some sort. And both sides will be convinced the other side started it.

      • That sounds about right. The wingers aren’t buying guns because they plan to revolt, they just want to be armed when the riots start.

  18. They think this is funny. I’m sorry, but death of a free press is no laughing matter. Just ask Chavez, Obama’s new buddy.

    • I would love to see PUMAs organize protests against the bought and paid for MSM and the death of the free press. It would be wonderful to see a huge turnout standing outside the street windows on those insipid morning “news” shows.

      • Yes!!!

        Problem, the cameras would never, ever be trained on us. Any number of MSMers would volunteer to body block them, Katie Couric types included.

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