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Saturday: Forest and trees and The Marshall Plan

Yesterday, I was listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class and the topic du jour was The Marshall Plan.  As I might have mentioned before, my knowledge of history is non-linear as a consequence of having moved 14 times before I graduated high school.  So, I listen to podcasts like this to catch up on things that got lost in transit.  One of the things I learned yesterday about the Marshall Plan is that it wasn’t just a massive act of charity on the part of the US towards a wartorn Europe.  No, there was definitely an ulterior motive.

After WWII, Europe was so devastated economically, and then suffered a ruinous weather event in the winter of 1946 that killed the wheat crop, that the populations were suffering malnutrition and looking forward to debilitating poverty for decades to come.  George Marshall anticipated that the conditions were ripe for social uprising and a turn towards communism, what with Russia breathing down everyone’s neck in Eastern Europe.  In the wake of WWII, Greece was the first post war country to have to put down such an uprising but it wasn’t going to be the last.  So, Marshall devised his economic recovery plan to prevent the other countries in Europe from going commie.   There is plenty of historical precedent for the overthrow of governments when poverty rises and effects the majority and it doesn’t take much to set off an angry mob.  Marshall needed to nip that in the bud.

Where am I going with this?  Oh, yeah.  I was going to write today about the PUMA movement and principles.  I believe that a successful movement is based on principles.  I also believe that we are at a time in our nation’s history when the public is so fed up with the two party system that there is a window of opportunity to make a real change and the political principles of either party aren’t as relevent at the present time.  Our social safety net in this country is so fragile that it only takes a couple of missed paychecks or a catastrophic illness to put a family into insolvency.  The steady erosion of our quality of life has happened under the auspices of both parties through deregulation, regressive taxation, union busting and the outright fraud perpetrated by the financial industry and their cronies in the business management field.  Before the election last year, we knew that the Republican party was morally bankrupt but who would have suspected before November 2008 that Democrats would also seek the path of least resistance and sell us out?  Well, *us*.  We believed it because we watched it happening in real time with our eyes wide open and our minds unclouded by propaganda. But now, many more people know it too.

In order to make change happen we need to threaten the current power structure.  By threaten I don’t mean by the use of any form of sabotage or physical violence.  I mean we have to make sure that our elected officials know that we will toss them out and then we must do it.  The question is how do we do this?

The answer is in motivating voters to go to the polls to vote out people who do not put the general welfare first.  The public doesn’t like Republicans, even if the GOP has been more successful at channeling the rage into tea parties.  But the GOP is not in power right now and as long as Democrats feel they are safe, they are going to try to ride this recession out without biting the hands that feed them.  But once Democratic voters start to turn their attention towards their own party, then there will be hell to pay.  The question is, can we engage people outside the Democratic party to join us?  Yes, I think we can.

I think we have all had the experience of knowing people who say they do not vote for any party.  They vote for the individual.  And this may be true, although I think some of these people are influenced by the last voice they hear on the way into the voting booth.  But the truth is that there are very few Democrats running for office who haven’t sworn to uphold the party machine that gets them elected.  And once you buy into this machine, your chances of balking at the money that flows to you is very slim.  Without that money, you can’t run.  But is this true?

If it is true that people vote for the individual, what is it they really want?  I would say that most people want to be treated fairly.  They want to feel like they have as much right to representation as someone with wealth and connections.  The reason why people want fairness is because deep down inside, we Americans believe profoundly in promoting the General Welfare.  We believe that this country was founded because we wanted to be free from a power that did *not* see our General Welfare as important to its own survival.  Isn’t this the same situation we find ourselves in today?  The power is not a foreign one; it is homegrown.  But our welfare is completely incidental to its own.  We need to be rid of this power.

This is an idea that can potentially attract voters from many different political persuasions.  The recession is having a profound effect on Republicans no less than Democrats.  And when it comes right down to it, no one wants to see the end of Social Security.  Why?  Because it is an insurance policy against risk.  Now that Republican households are just as vulnerable as Democrats’, there are a lot more of us who want to keep it in a “lock box”.

We need to bring this home to Democrats in a very simple way, because, after all, THEY are the ones with the reins of power.  We need to primary as many of them as we can.  We need to register as Democrats again, find out what the local requirements are for Congress and Senate and just enter our names as an alternative to whoever is running as the blessed party candidate.  Getting our names on that primary ballot doesn’t take a party endorsement.  In fact, I wouldn’t expect one.  But in a primary, you don’t need to be known or popular or a politician to be an active citizen interested in public service.  Those of you who are unemployed can look forward to a nice salary and health benefits.  All you need to be is another name on that ballot under the Democratic party. Call yourself a PUMAcrat.  Throw some coffees and cocktail parties.  Then see what happens.

Now, there will probably be campaign ads against you saying you aren’t connected enough.  In this environment, that could be a plus.  There will be people digging up dirt about you and your family and your unpaid car registration.  Tell them those without sin can cast the first stone.  There will be people who will say you don’t know enough about the issues.  Um, if you are reading blogs instead of the mainstream media, you can run circles around anyone making that claim.

If we manage to upset some races around the country, it may put the fear of God into our party officials and the tide may turn in our favor.

If we don’t do it, we can look forward to social unrest.  It’s coming.  The financial aces who have been riding high on our 401K contributions are busily tunneling out our economy.  To them, it’s all global now.  What happens in the US is collateral damage as they race to the bottom chasing lower and lower labor costs.  It’s very short term thinking but they aren’t worried about it right now.  It is time to focus our elected officials’ attention.

It’s either reform now or socialism later.

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80 Responses

  1. I generally agree. I especially encourage all of you younger folks to get into the primaries– I’ll vote for any Democrat who promises a return to civil liberties and fair elections.

  2. What a great post. Thanks RD. Similarly, IMO, I think we need to target & pick off some vulnerable dems in ’10 who betrayed & continue to betray party principles. As you said, let’s put the fear of god into the democratic party. With a PUMA signature.

    • my point exactly we need to Target Dem’s take remove them from office reed , Barny frank. & dodd look very vulnerable but just 2 be fair it would be nice to target some reps 2 we need to put fear into these guys…. once they find out we can & will silence there voices then wont be so eager to silence ours again… its time 2 start playing hardball

      • I totally agree. Mostly the likes of dodd, reid, and frank, and a couple of repubs as well. And yes, hardball is the only way to be effective and relevant.

      • I would be stunned if Barney Frank were ever to be voted out of office.

      • Barney Frank? I doubt if he is vulnerable. Have you heard something?

  3. Why did you dismiss out of hand my idea of a congressional lottery party? I know it sounds stupid but it is not. Why try to fight a money machine? With the lottery party all we need is elbow grease, and dedicated volunteers. You say yourself: “They (we) want to feel like they have as much right to representation as someone with wealth and connections.”

    I know the thought of an arbitrary pick of a person to represent us is scary but with support from home I know any American Citizen is capable of doing what Betty McCullum or even Any Klobuchar does. That is the key: support from home. If my neighbor got picked I know for sure I would be watching her/him and giving her/him my opinion.

    Every community has people who love to research, organize, etc. Please let this idea percolate in your heads for a while.

    Only thing we would have to let go of any personal ambitions we may have toward the House of Representatives.

    All we have to do is convince people that they have a good chance of winning a two year stint at ~160K + perks/ year assignment. And once there are enough of us we can write a law saying our jobs must be kept open for us.

    • Um, I didn’t know you had proposed a congressional lottery party. So, how could I dismiss it out of hand?

      • Sorry maybe I got put into moderated since I generally just lurk . But I have worked hard for democrats all my life, I was in Denver with you, Murphy and Momma Puma – and all I have to offer is elbow grease.

    • BTW, no idea is stupid if it works.

  4. The single most important thing we can do at this point is make noise.

    Be a voice crying in the wilderness – keep shouting that the emperor has no clothes – rage against the dying of the light.

    You don’t need organization, money or a plan.

    Just a voice.

    • ps –

      Yes, I am still alive

    • No, No we have tried that we need an attack if not a revolution. They’re numb to our voices.

      Riverdaughter is more right then anyone can possibly know when she says:
      “But the truth is that there are very few Democrats running for office who haven’t sworn to uphold the party machine that gets them elected.”

      We don’t have enough money to fight them or voices loud enough, we need to try to take charge and that is what a Congressional lottery party will allow. It is scary because we might loose, might not be as strong as we think we are – but I think we (Pumas) are. Once people know they will be picking a person who beholding only to his/her neighbors more will join.

      I mentioned this idea to a co-worker last fall and he said “but what if someone unworthy get it” Now we know no one can out-unworthy the Senators and Representatives who sold our children and grand children into indentured servitude with out even bothering to read the bill of sale.

  5. Well, I have always understood the first rule of politics to be, to get into office, and the second rule of politics to be, to stay in for as long as you can.

    Politicians pay attention, only if you are capable of upsetting one or both of those rulz.

    Unfortunately they have found a multitude of ways of gaming the system in their favor.

    • No matter how well intentioned, every politician runs into Lord Acton’s maxim that power corrupts.

      • Or Andreotti’s famous maxim that “power corrupts those who don’t have it”.

        That pissed off the Left in Italy, who had been out of power for something like 40 years at that point. (They had kept local power.)

        They ended up getting at Andreotti(Christian Democrat) by accusing him of collusion with the mafia-the trial lasted years.
        Now he is an aged and revered Senator-but with little power.

  6. I wanted to post a link to this article by Naomi Klein. She has a website and it is in The Nation. But I decided to link to where I actually found it. I had stopped reading OpEd News much for the usual reasons. So, I found the comments on the article interesting. Even more, I found the ratings on the comments interesting.

    HopeOver, Hopelash, hopebreak: A lexicon of Disappointment


  7. […] our full ability and comfort level.  Same with Hillbuzz and other more activist PUMA sites.  If The Confluence idea of encouraging PUMAs to enter primaries appeals to you, go for it.   You like City […]

  8. Here, here.

  9. Off-topic: the state of Georgia is still trying to execute a man whose guilt is dubious at best:


    The link lets you send an e-mail to the governor.

  10. Cute picture at the top, although I could swear the mama tiger is thinking
    “you look like a tasty morsel”.

    Amazed to see these words too-“We need to register as Democrats again”
    but I would also encourage people to become state delegates to promote
    women and/or PUMA candidates; putting one’s name in for Senate or House
    is a pretty big first time step IMHO.

    Deval Patrick’s win was due in part to the number of delegates backing him at the state convention over the establishment candidates. So if there were women or Puma candidates at the state level, this is a way to go. Like if you were interested in defeating Barney Frank or John Kerry,etc..

  11. RD — what you have written in this piece is I feel, what the tea parties are about. Believe me — where I live it is 100 per cent SOLID DEM.
    No kidding.

    What you have said about the social unrest is correct. We have seen a lot of families killing themselves in the news. There was another one today. We need politicians who can tackle this. When I was first a Dem people who I was voting for out here were just normal. They were not corrupt and super rich. Actually, Jerry Brown is that kind of Dem.

    My town had the biggest Tea deal and then another one on Tax day — but, my town is the type to change things and believe me, my town will not put up with anything Pelosi is pulling, the FISA deal, the spying — any of that. We have a huge homeless problem along the coast — but, all the agricultural workers in the central corridor? What are they going to do.

    For me, it’s either Jerry Brown or the Repub. Meg Ryan. for feminist reasons. Our state needs HELP. All today I thought about why Jerry Brown is so great and I pulled weeds in the garden and soaked in the sun. He is the kind of old school Dem that really represents what a California Dem is all about. A real CA Dem. If you guys want to see what that looks like — check it out:


    I want to help him as much as I can. But if not, it’s Ryan.
    That is just the way it is.

    Where I live, and the people I know?

    Brown is BIG. He’s just like us! Check him out. RD, I never registered as Indy but you have a point — what you said!

    And RD, if I lived where you do, I’d be the first to support you for politics. I mean that RD. All you have done is try and help Hillary — but you know what?

    Like Sarah Palin — what about an RD pac?

    I mean it RD. You are fab, and you represent what being a DEM is!

    Anyways — here is Jerry Brown! –this is REAL CALIFORNIA!
    very fab too!


  12. during the GE JSND had an action page were one could do alot of things phone bank contack super dells ect .. ithink it would be a good idea to get something like that going again …

    • from there we could target the DEMs we want to get ride of… organization is key .. … & do a number of things that would help us & how to do it

      • but one of themost important parts of this is that we need the DNC to know 2 things that it was PUMAS that did this 2 them & that we will do it 2 them again … it time 2 playhard ball with these guys

        • we need 2 send a message 2 the DNC that scince that seem to have no prob not counting or of picking & choosing how they will .. so we need to make an example out of a few of them ….in the end they must fear the puma….

  13. geez I put him twice.

    RD and Jerry Brown! That is what I call the Democratic Party!

  14. ps: Klown is fab too, and I think Cannon is from here as well?

    Add me in and that makes 3. From out here. Friends and PUMAS forever. Klown is right on noise, and RD it will be PUMA-NOISE that they are going to hear. BROWN is what is right for California.

    Now you have helped me get fired up, RD. Perhaps politics is a field I might like myself…

    Reforming the Democratic Party in terms of women is not a bad idea.
    And Cindy Sheehan is in San Fran. She would help Brown I bet.

    It is time to go for it!

    hugs to the Conf!

  15. RD: I am in. In CA I think that in order to get on the ballot as a primary candidate you must pay a filing fee that is fairly reasonable; you must have supporting signatures of registered voters (if you are going to challenge the Dem. primary they must be Dems, I think) and you pay a fee to have your candidate statement posted in the election guide book. How simple is that?

  16. RD: I like the whole concept. We will make a statement writ large. Also, if you want to start a 3rd party, I do think now may be the time and I am up for that. I also think there are many people showing up at tea parties who could be allies. There is no doubt an organized right effort in the tea business but I did not see social issues front and center in our area or even taxes. It was all about economics and bailing out those who have on the back of those who have not. I also know that by Nov. 2010 you can bet that people will be pretty tired of unemployment, tight credit and very little recovery. CA just reported unemployment up to 12+ % —highest level since 1946. And we have not hit q2 with all the unemployed grads who are going to walk on the national job stage.

  17. Great post, RD. We need to stay together and stay strong and we’ll reach that tipping point.

    Can you add those cool little buttons so I can upload to my facebook account?

  18. Oops! It was Meg Whitman not Meg Ryan– geez.

    I really want Jerry Brown though and I never switched from being a Dem — although believe me– these Dems in CA need REFORM.

    ps: I made a post about Klown but it is in mod.

    Just that, as Dems we should go forward — even after 2008.
    I have got to see an HONEST DEMOCRAT pretty soon now.

  19. Riverdaughter, I believe that what you are talking about is beginning to occur right now. Thats exactly why they have to continue the us vs them theme the media is touting and of course, the Congress and administration. They have to know that our numbers (PUMA) plus some Republicans, the women’s movement and the LGBT community can and most likely will at sometime join forces. What a powerful group that would be. We have to look for the Republicans who are not riding the religious train. We’re seeing that same train in the Democrat’s Party. Look at Prop 8 in California. They try to pit them vs us to keep us from joining together for the country. Thats the only way they can survive.

    • i think we need 2 be very carefull about REPS

      i really dont trust them

      • Do you think they trust us? Trust is a 2-way street.

        • Exactly ralphb. So long as honest, decent people disrespect, distrust and dislike because of partisanship the majori parties and their corruption wins.

          1/2 my family, the maternal half, has always been Republicans. They don’t eat the neighbors cats and they don’t have horns and a tail.:evil: They are veterans and school teachers and auto workers and doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs. (We are part Oglala Sioux on that maternal side.)

          The Democratic family half is much the same as the Republican family half. Without the Native American part.

          I do so wish that people could stop hating on each other and focus their rage at the politicians who are the real enemy of all we hold dear.

  20. RiverDaughter, a friend sent me your column, one of many I’ve seen. I thought this one was beautifully written, but I found myself thinking, “Bright as this woman is, she just doesn’t get it.” The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of John F. Kennedy or even of Bill Clinton. It has nothing to do with such people. It is completely and fully the Party of Barack H. Obama, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. It doesn’t want (because it doesn’t need) people like you and those who made the heartfelt comments above. It won without you in 2008 and, to an extent, in 2006. It believes it will do so again next year and in 2012. Meanwhile, you’re all thinking, “Gee, how can we reform the Democratic Party?” RiverDaughter, that’s a little like asking, “How can we make a cesspool into drinkable water.” Gee, who was it that smeared Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Hint: for the most part, it certainly wasn’t Republicans. It was good, loyal Democrats. Eighty percent of people in the active military voted for McCain-Palin. Those are the people who defend this country, and defend our rights to write what we believe on our blogs. What I’m saying about your suggestion to have under-funded candidates run in the Democratic primaries is that they will be totally outspent and, if necessary, smeared beyond the imagination. Go check out who’s funding Obama, Dodd, Pelosi, and rest. It’s not the Great Unwashed. It’s our beloved Wall Street bankers and union bosses dedicated not the “general welfare,” but to their own bank accounts. My point? The Democratic Party is the source of most of our problems and the solution to none. Our country had an unfunded liability of more than $80 trillion, and the Democrats’ solution to that is borrow trillions more from Communist China. I’m going to write more about this on my very Republican blog: http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com. Thanks for providing your soap box.

    • Much of what you’re saying here has the ring of unfortunate truth. Thanks for joining in.

    • I agree with you about what you say about the Dem party currently in power ….but the GOP is no great shakes either. If only it was the party of the likes of Palin . But IMO, the GOP will use her as a campaign rain maker for the next few years , then push her aside for Jeb Bush or General Petraeus come 2012.
      I see no differance between the two parties

      • Palin fought her way up in Alaska against her own party. Imo she was really out to reform the national GOP too.

        PALIN might be up to starting a third national party! (Hillary is too committed to the Dems.)

        There are several issues where I disagree with decent grassroots Republicans. But I no longer blame them for the excesses of GOP leadership, since I’ve seen how powerless we were against Pelosi etc.

        Hm ballot: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Tea Party.

  21. Stephen,

    I am a Democrat turned Republican, it was a gradual change and had a lot more to do with the hypocrisy I experienced from the left more than it did with Barack Obama (though that was when I threw in the towel).

    Riverdaughter and the PUMA’s have no illusions about the Democratic Party and I say if they choose to reform it, I wish them the best of luck, Or maybe we need a new party on the scene- one that is viable. In other words the PUMAs do ‘get it” and they will solve this in the manner that is in accord with their hearts and values.
    I was really always a conservative but everyone has their own path to follow.



    • afrocity, I have no illusions about the Republican Party either. They treat pro choice people miserably. I ran as a Republican for the unicameral in Nebraska and because I was a pro-choice woman, I was stalked, turned into some kind of monster in various catholic and evangelical churches in the area, I was stalked, had my life and those of my very small children threatened daily. Republicans invented ugly politics.

      Both of the parties are worthless imho.

  22. Well – I live in probably the most Republican area of California…. Simi Valley – Home of the Reagan Library (I live literally down the hill from it – and it really is quite amazing after all).

    I feel quite inspired to run, but if I run as a Dem, I’ll get slaughtered by the Repub every time…. they just don’t elect Dems in this city/county.

    As an independent business owner (I would play that up to high heavan), I could probably afford to run and serve, and I’m fine with all the political machinations.

    But do I really run as a Dem? – I am still registered as a Dem, but I’ll never vote for any Dem that supported Obama – and I will check them all out first… I will never forget.

    I’m thinking I’d stand a better chance as an independent – if nothing else taking even more votes away from the Dem.


    • I’m answering my own question somewhat – I guess the point is to run in the primary, and make lots of noise about how my Dem Opponent supported Obama – the least qualified candidate for President…

      … but I will definitely get slaughtered by the Repub.

    • Go for it! I think an independent has as good a chance as anyone else – if you’re passionate and articulate, why not give it a go.

    • I’m your neighbor to the north — !
      It’s solid Dem up here — but I feel just like you do about what happened and I will never forget. NEVER.

      No PUMA will.

    • You are in the same boat I am. In my neck of the woods, it is solidly R, but as an Independent I might stand a chance. As a Dem? No way. Hell, there aren’t any Dems to run against in a primary!

  23. “The Democratic Party is the source of most of our problems and the solution to none” says S.R. Maloney.

    I beg to differ. Just look at the alternative. The Republican party has made a laughing stock of itself. When McCain’s daughter is the voice of reason – the party is in trouble. The mid-term elections are almost upon us and so far the Democrats still look a heck of a lot better than anything else out there.

    • Which Democrats are we talking about here? I can think of a hell of lot of them who are useless, and many others who have sold out and betrayed traditional Democratic ideals. Name a high profile Democrat and they most likely can be characterized as one of the foregoing. This is the party which stabbed Hillary in the back. This doesn’t make it “a heck of a lot better”. It makes it worse.

      • A hell of a lot of Dems might be useless, but the alternative is crap. All you have to do is read the freaking platforms. You want to go back to the dark ages? One party is pretty much entrenched in the age of dinosaurs.

        Hillary WAS stabbed in the back – and she’s fighting hard for her party. Good for her. She looks better every day. She’s stronger every day. Obama is weaker every day. Just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean I can’t see the line in the sand.

        • They’re not the only alternative. There are third parties. Everyday the obamacrats look more like bushies. What is the line, new improved more awesome extraconstitutionalism? That’s not going back to the dark ages?

          Hillary is great, but obama isn’t getting weaker in the party. They own this party top to bottom now. Party reform is a Herculean task. I can think of one good democrat offhand, Patterson. Any others? Trying to talmudicly (I made up a word!) the lesser of two evils isn’t cutting it anymore.

        • Still waiting for you to name that democrat. Gonna give it a shot?

        • I think the point of RD’s post is that while Repubs are not the alternative, the Dem party in it’s current form – Obamacratic – cannot be trusted or supported as before either.

          After being a Dem for 25 years, I will NEVER support the Dems anymore based on party loyalty. I will absolutely look at candidates on an individual basis, and give my vote as I see fit… but I can withhold my vote, or vote the opposition in protest of the Dem too… and I will.

    • “When McCain’s daughter is the voice of reason – the party is in trouble.”

      She is? (Move along nothing to see here)

      • I like Meghan McCain. The Democrats should be glad to get her. Then they might have one I could respect a little.

    • Why is it bad for Megan McCain to be seen as a voice of reason? I like many of the things she says. She is the next generation of Republicans and to me that is a good thing. She has, if nothing else, shown that she’s her own person. I respect and admire her for that.

      I doubt that the Republican Party will make much of a comeback in 2010. I personally believe that unless things get a whole lot worse that people will be willing to give Obama and the Democrats a chance to turn things around.

      However it isn’t only the Tea Party folks who are concerned about the way money is being thrown around. And much as the Obamamedia wanted to portray the Tea Party folks as being against paying taxes that wasn’t what I found to be true. They were mostly concerned about how their taxes were being spent. And bailouts are not popular with most people that I talk to D or R.

  24. Electing “Independents” (PUMAs!) to Congress would be great. Then they can be swing voters on legislation and part of the ‘gangs’ that meet in the back rooms and work out the compromises (like Snow and Collins etc).

  25. Very good ideas. And I agree. We should run or help people we know to run. Just to upset the cart of nothing else. And who knows. Make noise. Make lots of noise.

    The other thing to try to save and to make noise about is for something that used to be called back in days gone by, journalism. It was a quaint notion that independent brave souls would look for stories no matter where they were and what side they were on, and dig to find the truth. And the truth was worth fighting for. Now what we have are news models and corrupt corporate news organizations that are just as embedded with the corrupt inter circles of each party as each parties bosses are embedded with even bigger corporations.

    The joke on us all now is that the parties are the same and the news organizations are the same. They’re all fully owned and operated by the same set of people. And that’s not about tin foil hats or anything, that’s just the basic obvious facts of power and corruption in the system. The only difference from the past is that then, every once in a while, someone in the field of journalism would see something, uncover it, and change the world. Will we ever see that sort of change again. Maybe if we do it, or help others do it. That’s change you can believe in.

  26. We all must be in the same frame of mind this weekend. I’ve addressed some of this in my latest at BlueLyon.

    It has become increasingly clear to me that it makes the Powers That Be cream their shorts when We The People engage in things like right-wing tea parties and the accompanying snickering from the left. Are you outraged? Sign an online petition! That’ll show’em! Send a sternly worded email. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Stamp around on the steps of your local legislative body. Get your face on t.v.

    And no matter what, be sure to hold everyone one the other side with contempt. Never, ever entertain the idea that it just might not be your right-leaning neighbor, or your lefty co-worker who should be the focus of your ire.

    The Powers That Be love it when we are quarreling over crumbs under the table. It frees them to rig the game in whatever manner works best for them. Bread and Circuses, baby.

    • Very good point. Yep, we’re thinking alike here. It’s sadly too obvious watching Obama that there is very little different happening than if Bush were still in office. One holds the boss’ hand, the other bows.

      If you haven’t seen the Prisoner episode called Free for All, it has a nice bit of social commentary about the idea of free elections when it’s the same power behind both candidates (or parties). Here’s the promo to that episode:

      Just remember though, us better Sneetches, um, I mean Democrats, have green stars on our bellies, so we’re better than those other Sneetches, um I mean Republicans because they don’t have a green star on their bellies. And they’re so stupid they don’t know about tea bags.

  27. I don’t know how is lottery thing works? but running in the primaries could be a temporarily effort at least to get in action. It for sure will take the noise to the tv crowd.

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