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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Media Not Covering Obama Double Murder


It was inevitable that this would happen:

WASHINGTON—More than a week after President Barack Obama’s cold-blooded killing of a local couple, members of the American news media admitted Tuesday that they were still trying to find the best angle for covering the gruesome crime.

“I know there’s a story in there somewhere,” said Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, referring to Obama’s home invasion and execution-style slaying of Jeff and Sue Finowicz on Apr. 8. “Right now though, it’s probably best to just sit back and wait for more information to come in. After all, the only thing we know for sure is that our president senselessly murdered two unsuspecting Americans without emotion or hesitation.”


Since the killings took place, reporters across the country have struggled to come up with an appropriate take on the ruthless crime, with some wondering whether it warrants front-page coverage, and others questioning its relevance in a fast-changing media landscape.

“What exactly is the news hook here?” asked Rick Kaplan, executive producer of the CBS Evening News. “Is this an upbeat human-interest story about a ‘day in the life’ of a bloodthirsty president who likes to kill people? Or is it more of an examination of how Obama’s unusual upbringing in Hawaii helped to shape the way he would one day viciously butcher two helpless citizens in their own home?”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive by the New York Times it is reported that Bo, First Dog of the United States, dined last night on a meal of Wagyu beef and Pâté de foie gras prepared by his personal chef Andre.

79 Responses

  1. The Onion is hilarious. I believe the media would spend more time on a dog then on murder(with the exception of Nancy Grace).

    • This one has me laughing out loud. You know what they say about really good humor: it deals in truths. Love how the Onion just peels those layers away.

  2. This is funny. For a minute you had me. I thought “Oh God Obama killed Bill and Hill!!!”
    I saw it headlined at one of the conservative blogs I frequent.

    BTW let me know when you guys continue discussion on PUMA mission.


  3. Thanks for the laugh, myiq!!

  4. I love the Onion. Good job Onion!

  5. Considering The Onion’s prescience in the past, if my name was Sue Finowicz, I’d be changing it to something else. Especially if my husband’s name was Jeff.

  6. ROFL! The Onion sure can nail it. They’re so good, sometimes they’re scary. Nowdays you can’t always tell satire from the truth.

    • There actually was a double murder in Chicago of two gay men that were connected to Obama’s Trinity Church. It was covered up.

      • I was shocked that those double murders were not covered in the MSM at all. Not one person questioned Obama about it, nor did he use it as a tipping point for his platform.

        Wait? Did I really say that — asking Obama a real question and platform? That was so 2004 😉

      • If you take out the issue of what did Obama know or was Obama involved: you are still left with this rather sad scenario.. Donald Young, the choirmaster of Trinity Church for over twenty years, an openly gay man was murdered. Now Obama was a member of that church for over twenty years as well. He might have listened to sermons/ he might have slept through sermons/he might have played video games through sermons/he might never have gone to sermons.
        But wouldn’t it have been the decent thing to say something about the tragic death of a long time fellow church member? And wouldn’t it be reasonable of the press to ask Obama about it— even if it was just to ask about the continual violence of Chicago’s SouthSide? Nah.

        • I’m in moderation. aaayyyeeee…

          • Can someone get me out of moderation, please? It’s tight in here and dark.. and I think I hear something scuffling over in the corner.

          • i’ll just rewrite my comment. Donald Young was choirmaster at Trinity Church for over 20 years. Obama was a member there for same amount of time.
            Class would presume that Obama made some kind of comment about tragic murder of fellow churchmember. He didn’t. Common sense would presume that press would question Obama about the murder–even if to just use it as example of violence on Southside of Chi. They didn’t.

        • Can’t believe you used ‘reasonable’ and ‘the press’ in the same phrase. But yup, this would’ve been an occasion for Obama to put in a good word for the gay community. He clearly doesn’t give a sh*t.

        • What was the second murder?

          • There were actually three murders within a three month period. Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Larry Bland was openly gay as well. Nate Spencer is supposed to have been gay, but there were also blips saying that he wasn’t. All three men were members of Trinity Church.

      • Yes, and how about the murder of that guy in Arkansas right b4 the convention.
        I never liked it that the guy who was supposed to have shot him, was shot dead himself.

  7. Hey, Afrocity – good to see your smiling face – miss your wisdom a lot!

    • Hi Joanelle. gee I can hardly recognize you guys anymore. Too many “avatar-lifts” going on around here. At least myiq is still his gorgeous self.

      • Aha, afrocity, you are a visual person! That resonates with your cartoon filled web site. You’re so good with the written word too. A post from you would be most welcome.

      • Don’t judge me on my looks, judge me on my convictions.

        When they finally haul me away, you won’t see any of my neighbors on television saying “He seemed so normal

  8. This is great, myiq. A latter day Modest Proposal.

  9. OT French warship captures pirates


    “A French warship has captured 11 pirates off the coast of Kenya, amid calls for the international community to deal with the problem of piracy.

    The pirates were captured by a warship from an EU piracy patrol, French officials said, hours after a failed attack on a US ship.

    News of the incidents came as the UN special envoy for Somalia said the attacks threatened international peace.

    He said the pirates’ backers needed to be identified and held accountable………”

  10. is this true or is it a big hoax? surely the president didnt kill anyone :S
    it doesnt wholly affect me as im british but i came across this on the onion and was wondering the validity of it

  11. Klown you be fab! On the funny stuff…always.

    hugs from the pumasphere. The Conf. sure looks diff to me all of a sudden…I wonder if that Tweet thing has messed up WP or something –?

    If so what a drag — I liked it the old way better — it looked so much cooler when I could see your krazy mug! It always made me smile…

    hugs RD & Co.

    • ps! I fixed it — it was clearing the cache and force quitting — it was pretty scary for a mo when the Conf and Uppity looked the way they did — and I couldn’t see the news in the G like I usually do…


      but, now you are all back! I hung out my flag for the Tea Party set & I may go down there too– just to see — betcha it’s big here given all the unemployment and the tax increases of late in CA.


  12. Thanks, I needed that laugh. Sad, but true, regarding our state of MSM.

    And could there be any more press coverage over that pooch? Ridiculous.

  13. Have you seen the new PETA commercial against Biden buying a German Sheperd from a puppy mill? OOOOoooo, it’s good!

    It’s on their webpage:

    The line is “when you buy a pet from a store or breeder, you’re responsible for a new member of the family! You’re also responsible for the death of an animal in an animal shelter who needed a home.”

    Then, the man slams a plastic bag containing a dead dog on the kitchen table.

    I wonder if the Obamas are going to face the same scrutiny. Oh, geez, I forgot…

    • Well, I didn’t know this, and I am disgusted with the hypocrisy of PETA:


      google “PETA euthanasia”.

      PETA seems to be just a club for celebrities to hang together and get exposure.

      Through pawsible deniability, there is this link from Telegraph:

      Peta under fire over claim that it kills most animals left at its US headquarters

      But now Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – is itself on the receiving end of angry words over its own treatment of animals after it emerged that the organisation put down 96 per cent of the animals handed into its American headquarters. Of 2,216 animals taken to its premises in Norfolk, Virginia, last year, 2,124 were put to sleep – almost six per day. Homes were found for just seven.

  14. Well I broke with PETA a while ago for various reasons but I still support and volunteer with other animal-welfare groups…But the sad and brutal reality is that most animal shelters have to put down the majority of their animals, for various reasons but primarily because there just aren’t enough homes for them all. As the resident crazy cat lady of my town, I am forever inundated with unwanted pets of all stripes and people begging me to find homes for them — well there are no homes, and the shelter is the best alternative to dying a lonely, broken, death on the streets. (And don’t talk to me about no-kill shelters, those are often very problematic.)

    Just more fallout from the double whammy pets receive from overpopulation (people not spaying their pets) and stupid, narcisstic insistence on buying specific “breeds.” People’s inhumanity to the animals we profess to “love” appalls me on a daily basis.

    More and more I find myself inclined to the views of animal rights lawyer Gary Francione, who believes that the best thing that could happen to “pets” is the end of all pet ownership but that’s grist for another mill so I’ll quit now.

    • We adopted a shelter dog last fall. He is just a wonderful dog. We are his 4th home. He was $20 to adopt and then another $500 to try and get rid of a re-occurring ear infection. Recently, he had another ear infection and I had to take him in to the vet. I could hear quite a few dogs barking and asked what was going on. It was spring break and families had boarded their pets (80 dogs). They had a little dog run outside but still inside an enclosed area. People really dole out the bucks for gorgeous but expensive dogs. It is going too far when a pet becomes an accessory or a status symbol rather than a family friend.
      Not sure where I stand w/ PETA but I do like their new ads. The one about Biden and Cloris Leachman in a glam cabbage outfit promoting vegetarism. http://jollypeople.com/blog/2009/04/01/cloris-leachman-peta/

  15. Love the onion piece, great post highlighting that. Nothing like humor to get at the truth. Sarcasm and irony can be such fierce weapons. I guess they didn’t expect a kind of spanish inquisition….

    “Xirninez (MICHAEL) Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapon is surprise … surprise and fear … fear and surprise… our two weapons are fear and surprise… and ruthless efficiency. Our three weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope … Our four… no … amongst our weapons … amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise … I’ll come in again.”

    I couldn’t resist. I’m in a silly monty python mood today being tax day and all…

  16. I just came in from getting my car tire fixed, flipped the news on, and saw some signs at the Sacramento tea party that I like:

    “Career politicians are a systemic risk”

    “Transparent as a brick wall”

    • Meanwhile, the MSM is frantically spinning the tea parties as a bunch of right wing kooks. One article in the LA Times called them “insane.” No, idiot, they are fed up with taxation without representation. Sounds perfectly sane to me.

      • Another sign I like, with a pic of a bankster on it: “I am NOT your ATM!”

      • We have representation……it’s crappy of course. It is representation though.

        I told my husband I think there ought to be a law that allows us to recall jackasses that tell us they had no idea that the legislation they voted on contained x provision. We are paying them six figures with benefits the least we should be able to expect is that they read the darn legislation. the excuses are tiresome.

        • I don’t feel like they do represent us: many represent themselves, their donors, & their potential employers. They didn’t even count our votes–how can that be considered representative government?

    • By the way, WMCB, I have thought a lot about your name lately with all the discussion (and now reality) of the tea parties: Want My Country Back, indeed.

      • Yep. Want My Country Back was chosen well before the primaries, back when I was a regular on Wes Clark’s blog.

        I still want my country back, and we the people still don’t have it.

  17. Whoo-hoo! NJ sent me a tax document telling me I have a $729 credit! How did that slip by?
    Maybe it will offset that stupid PC I had to buy Brooke so she could finish her Algebra course.

    • Congrats. We barely got anything back from our state. It wasn’t even enough to cover our local taxes. Blech. We did do well with our Federal return though.

  18. LOL! Love it. People are jumping out of windows, shooting randomy because they lost their jobs, and all they can talk about is the dog. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be even funnier.

    Meanwhile, Ruth Marcus at WAPO needs another Kool Aid infusion–it seems her buzz is wearing off….

    Where’s the Backbone?

    WASHINGTON — When will President Obama fight, and when will he fold? That’s not entirely clear — and I’m beginning to worry that there may be a little too much presidential inclination to crumple. For all the chest-thumping about making hard choices and taking on entrenched interests, there has been disturbingly little evidence of the new president’s willingness to do that when it discomfits his allies.

    Well, not exactly. Look at the fate of various proposals in the Obama budget, and the question that arises is not Walter Mondale’s famous “Where’s the beef?” It’s “Where’s the backbone?”


    • Evidently she was too busy hollering “racist” when some of us were pointing out that when Obama was tested on issues and required to take a stand more often than not he voted “present” or flipped on his position. Sigh.

  19. Sarkozy isn’t in love anymore either…

    World Agenda: Nicolas Sarkozy puts Barack Obama in the doghouse

    “The President is annoyed by what he sees as the naivety and the herd mentality of the media,” said a journalist who is privy to Elysée thinking.


    • There was a funny incident, the first time Obama visited France. At the pressconference – and this was shortly after Obama had shamed Americans for only speaking one language – Sarkozy smugly said: We love America.

      The presscorpse, started with a giggle and then soon laughed out loud. Obama who up till then had been buzy “looking Presidential”, and apparently thought, that he didn’t have to actually listen, got a little flustered, and then he sheepishly put in the earplugs – through which he would be able to follow the translation, silly – mumbling: I better use these.

  20. I really wanted to go to our tea party here at the Alamo, since I’m hearing LOTS of Democrats are there, but unfortunately have 2 year old grandbaby with me, and she is feeling bad due to a severe wasp sting about 4 hours ago (she’s okay, but medicated and cranky.)

    • They are showing it on Glenn Beck right now down here in Oz – it says “LIVE” on the screen. Makes me actually miss San Antonio.

  21. WMCB said: “Transparent as a brick wall”

    Ain’t that the truth, sister 😕

  22. “Our nightmare of pace and prosperity is over”…The Onion often had the gift to summarize the zeitgeist of the time.
    As for using the dog to cover anything, I wrote earlier about
    the dog who ate the torture question
    Ah, and the media – for real didn’t cover Obama’s half brother raping a minor – so the Onion is almost literal

    • The media should report it but then let it go – it really has nothing to do with Obama.

      OTOH – they gave more attention to the burglary arrest of Sarah Palin’s husband’s half-sister.

  23. From the Onion’s, “Obama’s first 100 days”:

    DAY 85: President Obama was totally about to stop illegal federal wiretapping, but got distracted by this phone call and then dinner and suddenly, it was bedtime.

  24. Sorry myiq I used the r word. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to not speaking my mind.

  25. Great to see all of you again too. Let me know about the guest post or email me


    On one of the conservative sites I frequent, there is an ANNA PUMA. She is a republican.
    I would love for my friends to meet you guys.

  26. I just have to say that that photo of Obama’s cloyingly charming smile almost makes me yearn for the days of Richard M. Nixon. I think I might prefer it if all politicians had terrible fake smiles like Nixon’s. Although, come to think of it, Bobby Jindal has a terrible fake smile, and I don’t want to see him in power either.

  27. There’s a new PUMA planning thread up! 🙂

  28. Oh they’d know exactly how to cover it, it’s a cinch. A combo of the evil pasts of two horrible people who deserved to die and thank you o messiah for the act of humanitarianism in freeing these individuals from mortal care and strife

  29. The onion is priceless!! Talk about hitting the nail on the head..

  30. […] Media Not Covering Obama Double Murder It was inevitable that this would happen: WASHINGTON—More than a week after President Barack Obama’s […] […]

  31. Whoa, This is severe but very believable.
    The Mode of Operation is the same. “EXECUTION STYLE KILLING’ on the 3 members of his church and now this couple. And what about the sudden and mysterious death of Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones 3 days before the convention? The ‘squatter in chief ‘has an obsession for crushing free speech.

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