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To Zack and Alana

img_0076Maybe it was the weather.  It was rainy and cold in Manhattan,  I almost didn’t go.  Like many people in the NY-NJ area, I’m tired of the chill.   It’s been a very cold spring so far.  The last thing I wanted to do was pile on layers and go to a protest.  From Central NJ, there is no straight route.  As the crow flies, it is really no great distance.  About 36 miles straight east from my house.  But practically, I might as well be living in central PA.  I have to take multiple trains and once I get to Manhattan, there is always at least *one* line that’s undergoing maintenance.  In other words, it’s a pain in the ass.

But go I did.  I was late.  (See trains above)  I hoped I wasn’t too late for the speeches, the burning efigies, the crowds “marching and shouting slogans”, as they say in NPR speak. I hurried to Union Square from the subway station looking for the throng.  Alas, I didn’t find a throng.  I found a little crowd.  Well, crowd wasn’t exactly the word.  Group is more like it.  A small group.  My heart sank.  Here was one of the most important issues of the day, the debate over whether the banks should be nationalized, and it was going largely unprotested.

Then, a girl came up to me and handed me a small white flyer.  She asked me what I thought of the bank situation.  She was energetic and assertive but not pushy.  She knew her facts about the banks and even though she confessed to having voted for Obama, she was no Kool-ade drinker.  I liked her immediately.  In a few minutes, she was joined by her cousin Zack.  He too was articulate and passionate and knew by observation that Obama won the presidency by having the slickest, best paid PR firm around.

I asked them where their group was.  Apparently, they were it.  A group of two.  They didn’t really know the other protestors hanging around the subway exit.  I thought we might adopt them, Conflucians.  Our unParty could use two people like them who would make themselves cold and uncomfortable on a day like today and face complete strangers with courage and conviction.

Zack and Alana

Zack and Alana

37 Responses

  1. Thanks for making the trip. And yes, I do believe that we should do as you say and adopt these two.

  2. I bught some peach blossoms at Union Square so it wasn’t a total wash. Unfortunately, I think I am allergic to them. One of my eyes is swollen shut.

  3. RD,

    Zach and Alana look very nice. I hope they decide to check out The Confluence.

    Take an antihistamine quickly! Your eye is swollen shut? That sounds serious.

    • If I could only find the f%^ing antihistamines, I would. As it is, I’d have to drive to the store to get some and driving is out of the question right now.

      • bummer.

      • For the moment, try some cool compresses. That may take it down enough to get you to the store. If not, is there anyone that yoy can call to get you some Benadryl?

  4. They are so cute! I hope they check us out, too. Quite a big tent we have here, and varying views on how to get where we need to be, but all on the side of the People.

    OT but I had a thought, and I hereby make a prediction – you heard it here first:

    The dog will make its appearance on Wednesday. It’s already being planned, so that the 0bama-loving Big Media will have an excuse to gush over that all day, and thus have cover to avoid covering any tax day protests.

    Anyone want to bet I’m wrong?

  5. OT announcement: There will be a “worst movies” thread going up fairly soon. Get ready to post your pithy comments and links!

  6. I noticed that Zack has on a White Sox jersey so I automatically like him just for that.

    I wish the hopium crowd would finally admit that Obama used them and I wish they would get angry about it for a change. All I hear from them are excuses, it’s pathetic.

    I’m glad you went to the protest, no matter how small it was because you were able to send the message through you blog, with pics. For some reason, our country seems to be in a deep sleep and it doesn’t matter what the government does, they just shrug their shoulders and go along with it. It also seems that party is more important than truth or integrity.

    Happy Easter, btw….I left you a message on my old blog, Bad Habit.

    • And didn’t the White Sox win BIG today!!
      I’ve been working on my taxes all day. No way could I try to find a rally in Chicago.

  7. hi id just like 2 wish eveyone a happy easter

  8. hmm if you doe decide to adopt your new friends would it be safe to say there r probley some of the 1st

  9. Yup, let’s adopt them. Sorry your trip and the rally was kind of a wash. The weather had a lot to do with it, i think. The blog at ANWF showed a good crowd at SF and Raleigh, probably not raining there. Hope they do another one later this spring.

  10. I just checked google news, and there isn’t even one report about the rallies.

  11. RD, w compresshen I had pinkeye, I read up on the internet various home remedies, includung a well diluted rinse of Johnson’s baby shampoo, and also a cooled down teabag.

    • nope, defininitely not pinkeye. This is an allergic reaction with massive swelling of the eye. I took some benadryl. Hopefully, the swelling will go down by morning.

  12. oops, “compress” was sposed to be at end…

  13. OT but check out another child killing with a female, Muslim perp

  14. Adopting them is a great idea. They are young and still can learn from their mistake. They seem to have the courage to stand up for something they think is wrong.
    That is always a good thing.
    Welcome to our world.



  15. Correction
    should read
    the courage to stand up and speak out against something they think is wrong.

  16. WELCOME ZACH & ALANA! Thank you for putting yourselves out there.

  17. But wait, see, two more. It might take awhile, but its actually happening faster than I expected.I really didn’t think Obama and his company would show themselves so soon. People are waking up. Two at a time here and there its gonna happen.People all over the country are gonna start sayin bullshit.I’m seeing it all around me. These aren’t the organizing followers. They are people like you and me working and busy but getting fed up at the same time. Its not gonna be as long as I thought.

  18. Thank you for going. You are a trooper

  19. Obama wouldn’t have gotten where he is without the DNC and the MSM covering for him and praising him 24/7. They were his best asset. His own 24/7 PR firm although even with them on his side, he still had to cheat to win. Both times in the primary and general.
    Those two should have done their homework before they decided to vote for Mr. Hope.

  20. I appreciate your first hand account, RD.

    Perhaps Easter weekend is not the best time to call for a protest. With so many “name” blogs on the roster of the Way Forward, it doesn’t bode well for their influence.

  21. I didn’t go. I did eventually update my thoughts of it with some interesting findings from the other side – including a video from the banner protest in DC, Jane Hamsher projecting on the other side

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  23. […] Our research project left us paralyzed with laughter. Riverdaughter has the funny details about the Saturday boobery: I hoped I wasn’t too late for the speeches, the burning efigies, the crowds “marching and […]

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