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Movies Gone Terribly Wrong

Johnny Handsome was a 1989 movie that had everything going for it: a talented cast, including Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Elizabeth McGovern, Forest Whitaker, Scott Wilson, Lance Henriksen, Morgan Freeman; an innovative director, Walter Hill, and even a terrific soundtrack by Ry Cooder. What could possibly go wrong?

Synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes:

Born with a horribly disfigured face, and unable to become part of “normal” society, John Sedley turns to a life of crime. But his two fellow gang members trick him and Johnny is sent to prison. There he meets a plastic surgeon who takes sympathy on him and surgically transforms him into a new man. Now unrecognizable to those who once new him, the once ugly duckling plots a vicious revenge.

Walter Hill was director and scripwriter for one of the coolest movies of all time, The Warriors (1979). He also wrote the screenplay for The Getaway and was writer and producer of Aliens. Hill has a tendency to go a little too far at times. For example, his 1980 western about the James Gang, The Long Riders, was so violent and bloody that at times it was just too much; and I found myself laughing at the sheer over-the-top horror of it. But the movie was still worth watching for it’s visual beauty and for Hill’s efforts to realistically portray the brutal criminality of his characters while at the same time revealing their humanity.

With Johnny Handsome, Hill went way beyond over-the-top to side-splittingly bad. I went to see Johnny Handsome with a friend I think of as my movie buddy–whenever we get together, we see a movie. We have seen hundreds of movies together over the years; and yet we both still remember Johnny Handsome as one of the most stunningly bad movies we ever saw. We literally laughed out loud through much of it.

Although the film had had mixed reviews, I had heard some good things about it. The film was supposed to be a riff on the old gangster movie Dark Passage, (1947) starring Humphrey Bogart. I’m a fan of film noir, and I also like Mickey Rourke (I know, weird); so I wanted to see it. Check out the incredibly over-the-top violent ending.

Johnny Handsome was a movie that could have been good, but turned out really bad.

There are other movies that never really had a chance to be good, but turned out to be so bad that they are memorable. For me, an example of that category would be Robocop, (1987) a movie about a hero cop who is horribly injured and rebuilt as mostly machine. It’s hysterical.

Other movies are really terrific, but end with a big letdown. Some people love twist endings. I think they are hard to pull off and quite often they ruin the power of the movie for me. Some examples (IMO) are The Usual Suspects and Fight Club. Both are great movies, but I found the endings so disappointing that I would rather have left early and never known how they turned out. A couple more in this category are The Forgotten and The Pledge. I’m often disappointed in endings…

This is a “bad movie” thread, following on the success of last Saturday night’s “bad music video” thread. What are the most memorable bad movies you’ve ever seen? Please share your picks in the comments and, whenever possible, post links to clips of films and actors.

I’m sure there are as many categories of bad movies as there are moviegoers. Feel free to expand your selection to include your own categories. We could also discuss worst actors and actresses. One promising category I thought of is “great actors who have become caricatures of themselves.” For me, a good example of that would be Robert De Niro. Of course these judgments are all very subjective. Use your creativity and defend your points of view!

297 Responses

  1. I hope I’m not the only one here….

  2. How about the Ron Howard Classic “Eat My Dust?”

  3. Robocop trailer

  4. Trailer for Eat My Dust.

    I’ve never heard of it, but I looks really bad.

    • Oh, it was. One of those early 70’s car-racing things. I also nominate Jaws III. They sorta pulled off II but III was godwaful.

  5. After researching Johnny Handsome today, I kinda have a hankering to see it again.

  6. How about The Blair Witch Project? That was a bad plot with worse execution and a deplorable ending.

    • I thought about that one. My brother and I went to see it on the first night. After all the build-up on the internet it was a letdown. It wasn’t even that scary.

  7. Back in a few.

  8. Hey, I’ll be here all night, folks!


    {{mopping brow with handkerchief}}

  9. “Mr. No Legs”

    My husband took me to see this when we were dating back in 1978. It was sooooooooooooo bad. The only worse date was the tractor pull.

    And I still married him.

    • OMG!! You went to see that in a theatre? That’s definitely in the so bad it’s good category.

      LOL! I wonder what the budget was on that one? I know they didn’t spend it on the soundtrack!

      • it was so bad …. so so bad. My husband wanted to see it because the “no legs” guy used to live in his town.

        There were about 5 people in the theatre – including us.

    • I saw that with a bunch of martial arts folks who studied with one of the people in that film — a minor character I think. It was neat seeing that guy. But wow, that was a stunningly bad movie. The drive-in and group I was with made it a fun time though.

    • I too saw this one around then, but in a drive-in. It was with some martial arts friends who studied with someone who was in the movie, in a small part. It was neat seeing the teacher because of the friend connection, but what a horrible movie. Then again, we partied at the drive-in and made fun of the movie, so it wasn’t a waist. Wonder what ever happened to Ed.

      • Ha, took forever for my post to show up so I assumed it got lost. Ignore the mostly duplicate post.

  10. I think Al Pacino is in a tight race with De Niro for worse choice of movies since their classic “The Godfather”.

    • Di Niro was in “Goodfellas,” and they were both good in “Heat.”

      • Actually Pacino has made lots of great films since The Godfather. I actually think he has held up better than De Niro. Even Lawrence Olivier was in some turkeys.

    • I loved him in The Insider! Sooo wanted to “comb” my fingers through that gorge head of hairs of his. Sigh!

      (But the movie doesn’t fit in here, as it was great.)

  11. No horrible movie thread is complete without a mention of “Ishtar”

    • I’ve never watched that one. Have you seen it?

    • Do I have to admit it?

      • Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty are lucky they had talent to carry them past this loser.

        • I haven’t seen Waterworld either. Or The Postman.

          • are you bragging or complaining? 🙂

          • Neither. I guess I sort of feel like I should see these famous flops.

          • To me Kevin Costner films fall into the so bad they’re entertaining. I saw both those films on video and enjoyed them. I couldn’t see paying to watch though.

          • Oh, but Katie what about Costner in The Untouchables? Me like!

            And I know I’m only communicating with myself at this hour. Always miss the fun going on here at night. 😦

  12. …and the perennial favorite of those without good taste


  13. Pia Zadora…the quintessential no-talent


  14. This is a fun post, BostonBoomer!

    I liked RoboCop. I always assumed it’s humor was deliberate. The same director did Starship Troopers and Total Recall and used some of the same techniques in those films as well.

    My nomination for Bad Film of the Night is Face Off. Directed by John Woo and staring Nicholas Cage & John Travolta, it’s about a couple of guys who exchange faces and no one can tell them apart.

    Body shape, voice, hair — none of those things mattered as much as the (totally successful) transplant of the face-skin.

    It was a stunningly stupid premise.

    • I not only loved Robocop, I liked Robocop 2 and 3.

      Oh yeah, Face off really bit the big one. I went to see it in the theatre too. What a waste of 8 bucks.

      • (I’ve seen the RoboCop sequels too)

        I brought Face Off home from the library so at least I wasn’t out any money for it.

        • John Travolta has had quite a few flops. He turned his career around with Pulp Fiction.

          • I LOVE John Travolta but, he’s been in a bunch of clunkers. It’s too sad. Wasn’t Face Off after Pulp Fiction? (nodding) yep — 3 years later. The poor guy. He has terrible taste in scripts. Nicholas Cage too.

            You WANT to see them but, some of their films are soooo bad

          • Oh, k’bird, I thought Face Off was a real hoot. Saw it with my husband and a friend who insisted on sitting in the front row at a megaplex in New Orleans (first and last time for that, whew). The fun was in trying to keep ‘who was who’ straight. That and getting to watch Nicholas Cage & John Travolta in one go.

  15. Anything “Godzilla”

    • I don’t know, some of those are sort of in the bad enough to be kind of fun category. Cult classics I guess.

  16. Does “Reefer Madness” count?

  17. hmmm… I feel so all alone here. Everyone else must be busy glazing their Easter Hams.

    {{{ doesn’t need to glaze the tofu}}}

    • I was starting to get flop sweat before you showed up!

      • I’m sorry I was late. We started watching a LOST rerun with dinner and I couldn’t drag myself away.

        But, I’m back now. (running back up to the top of the comments)

  18. this one should’ve been Madonna’s clue that she should stay in the music business:

    Desperately Seeking Susan

  19. I used to host movie nights at my home with a whole bunch of friends and we’d all take turns choosing a movie. My friend Terry chose The Omega Man. He remembered it as a fantastic action movie with great special effects. Poor Terry. We were rolling on the floor laughing. It was a great idea for a movie (I love sci fi), but it was so dated. Chuck in a skin tight poly jumpsuit … zombies with white afros. WTF?

    As far as baaaad movies go, I walked out of the theater during Wild at Heart and wished I walked out on U-Turn.

  20. I wish I could find the trailer for this one. It’s worse than “Mr. No Legs.” My dad was a big mafia movie fan and he brought this over to our house to watch (when he was still alive we always had Sunday dinner and a movie together at our house after I got married.) But this was a STINKER.

    “They Paid with Bullets: Chicago 1929” Bad acting, bad directing, bad plot/script, bad bad bad.


    • The title alone is embarrassingly bad!

    • This was my husband’s submission for tonight’s thread. Whenever anyone says “bad movies” this title rolls off his tongue immediately.

  21. (off-ish the topic)

    Rutger Hauer has been in some doozies — but somehow they don’t end up being in the Horrible Film category. When he was at the top of career, he could pull off almost anything.

    Even, Blind Fury….. He may be blind but he don’t need no dog. The story of a blind Vietnam vet, trained as a swordfighter, who comes to America and helps to rescue the son of a fellow soldier.

    Steven Seagal was nearly as good in his early days.

    • Rutger Hauer was at the top of his game in Blade Runner.

      BTW, Katiebird … I also loved Robocop and Starship Troopers. 😉

      • I love starship troopers too! That reminds me of another so bad it’s good movie. One of my favorites! Have you seen “Deep Blue Sea?”

  22. OK…how many of you are brave enough to admit you saw this stinker?

    “Fantastic Voyage”

    Here’s the plot summary from IMDB. (The sad part is I’ve watched this more than once. )

    Scientist Jan Benes, who knows the secret to keeping soldiers shrunken for an indefinite period, escapes from behind the Iron Curtain with the help of CIA agent Grant. While being transferred, their motorcade is attacked. Benes strikes his head, causing a blood clot to form in his brain. Grant is ordered to accompany a group of scientists as they are miniaturized. The crew has one hour to get in Benes’s brain, remove the clot and get out.

  23. Have you seen Scanners? In a way it reminds me of Robocop.

    It’s the one with the head explosion.

  24. here’s another one I’m ashamed to admit I’ve seen multiple times:

    “The Blob” (original)

    • There’s no shame in that. It’s a classic. And it has Steve McQueen!

      I went to see Snakes on a Plane in the theatre. That’s how sick I am.

  25. …and if no one else is…I will

    “The attack of the Killer Tomatoes”

  26. Snakes on a Plane

    • Did you see that one? I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

      • It was hilarious! But I had to go by myself. I could get any of my friends to go with me. I wonder why?

  27. OK…raise your hand if you’ve seen this one:

    “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” with Vincent Price.

    (my aunt was a huge sci-fi fan and we watched these kinds of movies all day on Saturdays when I was a kid)

    • They used to show Vincent Price movies in school. I was pretty old before I realized he wasn’t a real actor.

      • He wasn’t a real actor????

      • Then you never saw him in Clifton Webb’s movie debut, where he played an effete man in love with Gene Tierney’s “Laura.” Great old film, haunting theme song, and funny, cute, little tough guy cop, Dana Andrews.

        • That was a good movie. I have to disagree with Katiebird. Vincent Price was an actor. He had a very long career. He was in Edward Scissorhands!

          • To be fair, it totally depends on how old Katiebird is. Price’s early career was more “serious.” but as he got older, he was pretty much relegated to “B” horror movies. Kinda like Shelly Winters.

          • I’m with you guys, but then I even love some of his B horror movies. In fact, I think he starred in one of the great horror movies of all time,<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4mYireNvcg”The Last Man on Earth.

          • I loved Shelley Winters. She was even good in The Posiden Adventure, speaking of bad movies with great casts. She was fantastic in Alfie.

            When she was young, she had a fling with Errol Flynn!

    • Did you ever see “The Raven?” It was a comedy/horror movie with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre.

  28. Anyone see Timeline?

    “They had to travel to the past to save the future!”

    A group of archaeologists and combat experts use a “3-D fax machine” to time-travel back to France in 1357, in hopes of retrieving Paul Walker’s father and returning safely to the present.

    Can you believe a movie was actually made out of a script that bad?

    Worst movie evah! But I was riveted as it did have Gerard Butler in the cast. And he was looking HAWT!

  29. Are we talking bad movies, movies that started out good and turned bad, or movies that should never have been made?
    Bad movies: Blankman, Damon Wayans as sort of a younger Fred Sanford turned Batman. Awful.

    Howard the Duck. Need I say more?

    Movie where the ending pissed me off so much I wished I hadn’t invested the two hours or so in the first part? “‘Night, Mother” hands down. Love Bancroft and Spacek, HATED that movie.

    • Any category of bad movies is fine. The bad ending ones really bug me. The Usual Suspects was still good, but the ending was a big letdown for me.

      • It always annoyes me, when the bad guys are killed off at the end, instead of being brought to justice.

        I’m all for justice LOL – even in movies!

  30. OK…this one was soooo bad. (but how come I didn’t know it the first time I saw it???)


    • My ex husband and his friends LOVED this film. It must have been on the Drive In circuit in 1971-1973 because they talked about it all the time. They thought the meaning of LIFE was in that film.

      I was pretty shocked when I finally saw it (years after my divorce) — if I’d seen it back then it probably would have kept me from getting married to the guy.

    • Did you know there was a character in the film named “Dildano?” — I”m sure no puns were intended…

    • LOL! What Jane Fonda was willing to do for a man.

  31. SOD,

    I think you win the prize so far with “Mr. No Legs.” I’m not going to be able to get that one out of my head.

  32. Dammit! I’m sitting here enjoying this movie thread and stuffing my face with Mike and Ike candy … and I should be doing homework.

    Gotta go. Night all.

  33. In the “so bad it achieves greatness” category, I recently saw a gem of Turkish pop cinema from the seventies called “Tarkan Versus the Vikings.” The movie had it all, including a man-eating octopus that would have made Ed Wood proud, as can be seen in this clip:

    Scene from Tarkan Versus the Vikings

    Just one of the many charming aspects of this film is that the evil Viking antagonist looks exactly like a young Cheech Marin with a ridiculous blond wig. Oh, and the costumes are to die for!

    • Oh my Gaaaad! I’m crying laughing. I’m so glad I saw that clip before I started my homework.

      I have to bookmark that!

    • LOL! That has to be the fakiest, most slow moving monster I’ve ever seen.

    • What’s that you say Lassie? Timmy the Turk is about to be carressed by a giant lethargic pool toy?

      • If you like movies about man-dog bonding, this is the film for you! You should see how Timmy and Turk and Lassie tag-team it in the battle scenes to defeat large armies of vicious vikings.

        Btw, RD, I just want to say that you are a better woman than I. I meant to attend today’s rally, and I even live in NYC, but I let the lousy weather dissuade me. (In my defense, I think I may be coming down with a cold.)

  34. Anyone else see this mess??

    “Eating Raoul”

    No trailer, but there’s a clip here.

  35. This thread made me realize I was subjected to all of the worst films ever when I was a kid. It’s my dad and my aunt’s fault. (however, my hubby gets the blame for Mr. No Legs)

  36. And I love this one

    “Night of Dark Shadows” (based on the soap opera)

    • That’s another one I saw in the theater as a girl! I remember liking it and loving the TV series. In fact, I even collected Dark Shadows bubble gum cards back then.

    • Angelique (Lara Parker) from DS was my first fantasy girl.

      I was too young to have fantasies back then but I wanted her to bite my neck

  37. movies got wrong hmmm… llets see anyone rember
    Tremors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUwhaLQy13o

  38. Attack of the 50 ft. Woman?

  39. Here’s a so bad it’s good one.

    Lake Placid

  40. Worst idea ever…try to use American Idol contestants in a movie:

    “From Justin to Kelly”

  41. Normally, I love Joel and Ethan Coen’s movies but The Man who Wasn’t There was the movie that wasn’t there. Completely pointless and boring. It wasn’t even interesting in a quirky way like Kitchen Stories, which I absolutely love.
    I’m not sure what they were thinking about when they made it.
    What made it worse was when I took it back to the library, I had to pay a fine because it was seriously late. That really ticked me off. I don’t mind paying a fine if it is a good or decent movie but the library shouldn’t have even had it in the first place. It was that bad.

    • I’m pretty sure I saw that movie, but I can’t remember anything about it. The movie that wasn’t there?

      The best ones were Blood Simple and Fargo.

      • Fargo and O Brother.
        And Blood Simple. And Miller’s Crossing

        • Raising Arizona was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. The scene where Nicolas Cage is trying to steal diapers was hilarious. And the one where the John Goodman and the other guy leave the baby on top of the car…LOL!

        • How could you forget The Big Lebowski??? Or Jeff Bridges, man of a million and more crushes.

        • I usually love even the lesser Coen Brothers films. I loved “Burn After Reading,” I really liked “Intolerable Cruelty,” and I even enjoyed “The Hudsucker Proxy.”

          I may have to check out “The Man Who Wasn’t There” just to see whether I’m capable of disliking one of their films.

  42. I can’t believe no one has put this one up yet — the so bad it’s like a train wreck “Showgirls”

  43. I think this got a 0 out of 5 stars:

    “Gigli” with Ben Affleck and J Lo

  44. OMG…I really have seen every awful movie ever made!


    • That was another movie I saw in the theater! Fortunately I saw it with a Times Square audience, because that was one movie that definitely benefited from raucous audience commenting.

  45. Totally OT but has everyone seen this article from The Nation by Kate Michelman, long time President of NARAL.

    Its her tragic personal story about health insurance and her family. Just remember as you read it that she endorsed first John Edwards then Obama in Feb.of 2008.


    Hope I did the link correctly – I am never quite sure.

  46. Actually, I would put Titanic on the list of worst movies of all time.

    • Also Castaway.

      • Nodding to both. Titanic didn’t surprise me. But, Castaway was a disappointment.

        The weird thing about Titanic is that both my mother and mister’s mother gave it to me for Christmas the same year. And I’d already checked it out from the Library -where I worked – and HATED it. AND told them I hated it.

    • Boomer!!!! noooooooooooooooo.

      That is my all time favorite. No lie, my daughter and I saw it 32 times in the theatre! we knew every word and watched it from ever possible theatre angle.

      I just watched the DVD again last week!

      • but then again, look at the list of films I’ve seen!

      • I know. I knew you’d hate me for that one. I went to see it in the theater, and it was toooooooo lonnnnggggg!

    • The Leonardo di Daprio one, but I realled loved the old B&W “A Night to Remember”>

    • wait you think Titanic was worse than son of blob

    • I adored the Titanic (Castaway too), saw the Titanic in the front row of a full to burst movie theater, among a load of teenage girls who knew every line by heart, and even managed to watch it twice!!!

      But then again I love anything with the sea as main protagonist-even celebrity desert island. We sailed around the world with my father in pre-teens.

      • One of the great things about us humans is that we can find joy and pleasure in so many different things. If we all liked the same things it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to interact with each other. IMHO, that is.

  47. This is the worst evah!

    “The Dukes of Hazzard” with Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxsville.

    We saw it on vacation and EVERYBODY except us walked out before it was half-way over. Why did we stay??? who the hell knows!?

    • I missed that one, fortunately.

    • Yeah, I have to say that watching Jessica Simpson in that movie made me really appreciate Pamela Lee Anderson’s acting chops for the first time.

      • That bad, huh?

        • I was so surprised. Before I saw the movie, I thought that Jessica Simpson was perfectly cast as Daisy Duke. But when I saw it, I really did think to myself, “Jeez, I never really realized that what Pamela Anderson takes real talent .”

          Of course, I saw the movie on tv and perhaps did not it the rapt attention it deserved.

  48. Can you believe I paid to see this?


    • LOL! (naughty!)

      • Not really. It was totally boring.

        • Boomer — you’ll like this. Here’s Roger Ebert’s review of Caligula:

          “Caligula” is sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash. If it is not the worst film I have ever seen, that makes it all the more shameful: People with talent allowed themselves to participate in this travesty. Disgusted and unspeakably depressed, I walked out of the film after two hours of its 170-minute length.

          • I can’t believe Malcolm McDowell ever lived it down. But he went on to make some good movies.

  49. {{{ still sobbing that anyone thinks Titanic is a bad movie…sniff, sniff }}}

    At least nobody put up Air Bud…I’d really be upset.

    • I’m sorry, SOD — really, I am.

    • I loved Air Bud!

      Can you ever forgive me for hating Titanic?


      • well…since you loved Air Bud…

        I also have all of the Air Buddies movies. That’s the big joke around my house. My neices know I love talking dog movies so they always get me the Air Buddies movies as gifts.

  50. Good bad 80’s movie favorites, John Sayles’ The Brother From Another Planet,” Griffin Dunne in “After Hours,” Cassavettes’ “Gloria,” Pacino in “And Justice For All” and “Cruisin’.”

    • Speaking of John Sayles, did you ever see “Alligator?”

      • No, but I saw “Lust in the Dust,” and a few other John Waters films. My fave was “Serial Mom.”

        • I love John Waters. My favorite is Hairspray–the original one with Riki Lake, Deborah Harry, and Divine.

        • Alligator was great. It’s about a baby alligator that gets flushed down the toilet and grows really big in the sewers.

  51. This one was just wrong on so many levels…and it ended with Michael Jackson singing a love song dedicated to a rat:


  52. “motel hell.” first drive in date hubby and i went to one halloween. so bad it was good. just got it on netflix. recently saw “vicky christina barcelona.” four extremely neurotic people. it was from woody allen so i should have known. i agree with ishtar and most kevin costner movies. in my opinion, most musicals also.

  53. “Last Rites” — Roger Ebert’s review pretty much sums it up:

    Many films are bad. Only a few declare themselves the work of people deficient in taste, judgment, reason, tact, morality and common sense. Was there no one connected with this project who read the screenplay, considered the story, evaluated the proposed film and vomited?

  54. Kevin Cosner did well in “Dancing With Wolves” and “The Untouchables”

    • What about Bull Durham and JFK?

    • “Dancing with Wolves” ranks right up there for me. It was so boring, I left the theater for a smoke break (back when that was a little more acceptable), and probably would have just left if I had gone alone.

      We just saw “Mama Mia” a couple of weeks ago, and I found myself fast-forwarding through it — something this long-time movie freak NEVER does. Were the producers of this film really unable to find actors who can sing? Or how about going back to the practice of dubbing? I don’t think I will ever be able to see Pierce Brosnan again without groaning.

  55. Who can resist a dog movie? I even liked Beethoven. The best dog movie I ever saw was “My Dog Skip.”

    • Homeward Bound and Milo and Otis are two of my favorites (after Air Bud of course!)

    • To my mind the greatest tear-jerker of all time (even beating out the classic tear-jerking dog movie “Old Yeller”) was the dog movie (and neo-realist masterpiece) “Umberto D” by the great Vittorio de Sica.

  56. Mission to Mars – promising cast. Horrible movie.

  57. And speaking of Nicholas Cage movies: Bringing Out the Dead made Carlito’s Way look like Mary Poppins.

  58. BB — you have a photoshop email!!

  59. BB — try opening the email titled “This might work” I resaved as a smaller file

  60. I have to nominate “The Da Vinci Code.” It was dark, dull and Tom Hanks sleepwalked through it. Major disappointment.
    And, he’s doing the pre-quel, “Angels and Demons.” Holding my breath for that one.

    • I did not see that one but my daughter did and she said the same thing.

    • I can’t stand Tom Hanks. I just can’t stand him. I did like Bosom Buddies, but that was about it.

  61. What was that movie about the cute little fluffy dog that solved mysteries?

  62. Altered States.

  63. How about “Flatliners”?

    • I can’t remember much about it, but IMHO, anything with Keifer Sutherland in it is automatically bad. Here’s another one.


  64. I just got home and I don’t have time to read the whole thread right now, but if no one mentioned Ishtar and Showgirls I’ll be shocked.

    BTW – I think Elizabeth Berkley was unfairly slammed for Showgirls. She didn’t write the stupid script or direct it. She definitely had the best parts in the movie.

    • beat you to it!

    • What’s really amazing is that Joe Esterhaus, who wrote the screenplay, was the best paid screenwriter in Hollywood when he committed that atrocity.

  65. Worst horror movie ever: Jeepers Creepers.

    The brother and sister in that movie were so stupid they must have been cousins too.

    “Gee sis, it looked like that guy was shoving bodies down a pipe behind that house back there. Lets go back and take a look!”

    Halfway through the movie I was rooting for the monster to kill everyone so there wouldn’t be any sequels.

  66. BTW – I think Elizabeth Berkley was unfairly slammed for Showgirls. She didn’t write the stupid script or direct it. She definitely had the best parts in the movie
    If you “looked” past the T & A, Showgirls was a sad and depressing movie. The funniest line in the movie was when the Japanese business men are watching a show and one guy says in Japanese: “All Americans are gynecologists”.

    • Porn movies have better scripts than Showgirls.

      (so I’ve heard anyway)

      The critics blame EB but it’s not like the rest of the movie was any better.

  67. BB — just for you:

    “Mr. No Legs'” (Ted Vollrath) bio from IMDB

    Ted Vollrath was born in 1934 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Vollrath served in the US Marines and fought in the Korean war. Ted had to have both of his legs amputated because of severe injuries received in combat. He began training in the martial arts in 1967 and was the first person to earn a black belt in karate while training out of a wheelchair. Vollrath eventually became a karate Grand Master and acquired black belts in several different styles of the martial arts. In 1971 Ted founded the Martial Arts for the Handicapable Incorporated; this organization is dedicated to teaching the martial arts to disabled people. Vollrath made his sole foray into feature film acting with a solid performance as Lou, a vicious and lethal enforcer for a drug dealer in the positively jaw-dropping low-budget action exploitation oddity “Mr. No-Legs.” Ted put on an impressively vigorous and exciting display of his martial arts prowess in a simply incredible protracted set piece which occurs halfway through the picture. Moreover, Vollrath also appeared in the documentary “Let Me Live in Your World.” Ted Vollrath died on November 18, 2001.

    and you can get the movie here. (LOL!)

    amazingly, the movie poster is a cult classic and goes for up to $100.00 on Ebay


  68. I have to get to bed. Thanks for joining me everyone. There weren’t many of us, but we came up with a lot of “good” bad movies.

  69. I can’t believe we’ve gone this long and no one mentioned


  70. (This was before the paparazzi published pictures of her vajajay on the internet)
    I was more interested in how well he recent c-section scar was healing.

  71. Internet posted vajayjay is a no-no.
    You never know where it’s been.

  72. I’m late to this party, and de-lurking (although perhaps no one’s around to see this but…) because one of the worst scenes in a truly bad movie is the “Oh Man Oh God” sequence from Norman Mailer’s Tough Guys Don’t Dance. It starred Ryan O’Neal and Isabella Rossellini and was written and directed by Norm. Here’s the hilarious bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9KyBdPeKHg

    • that is funny!

    • It is a bad reading, but also a bad line – try it.

    • OMG, that clip is even funnier than the “dog saves man from puffy floating octupus clip”, further up thread, which I didn’t think that was possible.

      I am coming up with some great links to send to family and friends, what a great thread.

      For me, this year, “Catch and Release” with Jennifer Garner was so awful that it grated. What possessed me to rent it is a mystery. I finally had to quit watching, as the pseudo acoustic guitar folk singer in the background became extremely annoying, in addition to the the movie’s other glaring flaws.

      For a brief moment, I thought fondly of John Belushi smashing the guitar in Animal House.

      I intend, at some time, to try to make it through the movie, just because the plot got sillier by the moment . Lots of plot cliches, along with the least appealing little kid (who’s supposed to be cute, I think) I’ve seen in movies that I can remember.

      I’m sure the ending, whatever it was, took the movie from the ridiculous to the sublime.

      What a great thread!

  73. This has to be one of the most gone-wrong Italian films ever. It was so bad I had to leave the cinema after half an hour-much to the annoyance of my boyfriend.

    The Grande Bouffe and Blow-Out) is a 1973 French–Italian film directed by Marco Ferreri.[1] It stars Marcello Mastroianni, Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Piccoli and Philippe Noiret. The film tells the story of four friends who gather in a villa for the weekend for the express purpose of eating themselves to death.

  74. Anyway-it’s 9.44am here-so Happy Easter e1!!!

    This is a youtube of what happens in our square every Easter.
    After mass, people flock out to see the “accension of the dove”, a traditional firework display, followed by an exhibition by the local “Sbandieratori” or flag waving group (They have done displays as far away as Edinburgh). It is really quite a powerful performance in real life.

    • That’s amazing. I don’t know how they can throw those flags and catch them again like that.

  75. This Danish-American science fiction movie from the 60’s, has been named the worst Monstermovie ever!
    It is so bad, that it has garnered cult status among film school students. 😀

    The “Lost Flying Scene” from Reptilicus, that didn’t appear in the American version

    Trailer for the American version

  76. Reply to Laurie at 3.28. Don’t seem to be able to log in up there?

    I remember that!

    Here it was called “The Big Glutton Feast”.

    People who saw it, said that you could almost smell it. And not in a good way.

  77. Good morning. Some people are celebrating Easter. I’m celebrating Spring! My daffodils are still blooming. There is hope. I will follow my tradition of imbibing in some chocolate today though.

    Happy day!

    • Continuing to be OT

      Origins, meanings, and practices of Easter (from http://www.religioustolerance.org/easter.htm)

      Modern-day Easter is derived from two ancient traditions: one Judeo-Christian and the other Pagan. Both Christians and Pagans have celebrated death and resurrection themes following the Spring Equinox for millennia. Most religious historians believe that many elements of the Christian observance of Easter were derived from earlier Pagan celebrations.

      The equinox occurs each year on March 20, 21 or 22. Both Neopagans and Christians continue to celebrate religious rituals linked to the equinox. Wiccans and other Neopagans usually hold their celebrations on the day or eve of the equinox. Western Christians celebrate Easter on the Sunday on or after the full moon that follows the nominal date of the Equinox — MAR-21. The Eastern Orthodox churches follow a different calculation; their Easter celebration is often many weeks after the date selected by the Western churches.

  78. Late to this party.
    BB – a movie that had a bad ending but started out well, I recommend, The Thirteenth Floor. It had a good premise.

    Just bad – The Little Shop of Horrors. It is sooo bad that it is funny. Jack Nicholson was in it too 😀

    • Here’s another early Roger Corman effort. The Man With the X-ray Eyes.

      Embarrassingly bad.

  79. I LOVED Little Shop of Horrors! How dare you?
    From real life – some bits that could make a bad movie – pirates, wars and girlie dogs

  80. I’ve seen the Thirteenth Floor. It did have potential. Little Shop of Horrors was so bad it achieved cult status. I had forgotten that Jack Nicholson was in it!

  81. Very Late to this party – Read this blog fathfully. Delurking because I have to mention one of my favorite films as a child. However, when I saw it a couple years ago it was so campy, fake and stunningly bad I was ashamed.

    “The adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai across the Eigth Dimension” – I don’t know how to link websites here but the IMDB plot synopsis is:

    “Neurosurgeon/Rock Star/Superhero Buckaroo has perfected the oscillation overthruster, which allows him to travel through solid matter by using the eighth dimension. The Red Lectroids from Planet 10 are after this device for their own evil ends, and it’s up to Buckaroo and his band and crime-fighting team The Hong Kong Cavaliers to stop them. Written by Jon Reeves {jreeves@imdb.com}

    Buckaroo Banzai is a rock-star/brain-surgeon / comic-book-hero/samurai/ etc who along with his group, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, must stop evil creatures from the 8th dimension (all named John) who are trying to conquer our dimension. He is helped by Penny Pretty, who is a dead ringer for his late wife, and some good extra-dimensional beings who look and talk like they are from Jamaica.”

    • I missed that when it came out, but I must say the trailer looks pretty darn funny.

      I think I may just have to Netflix it.

      Btw, it’s easy to link to websites. The easiest way is simply to copy the URL and paste it into your comment, as I did above. But you may want to get fancy and give your link its own name, like so:

      Buckaroo Banzai trailer

      To do that, you justfollow these instructions.


  82. BB – also hate ending in The Usual Suspects.

    Another movie I was so excited about but was disappointed after watching it was The league of extraordinary gentlemen. Good characters but a very stupid plot. What happened?

  83. New Post up.

  84. This one came to me in the middle of the night…OMG this was the best AWFUL movie ever and the trailer makes that inescapably clear:

    “The Thing with Two Heads” — remember Rosie Greer??

    Just listen to the premise as they roll the trailer…hysterical.

    • Hey! I can’t stop laughing…this is so preposterous, so, so bad. I love it.

      And no, I don’t remember Rosie Greer. What was (is) her claim to fame?

      • Rosie was a football player that took up acting after his retirement from the game. This is one of his major claims to fame. He was the black guy of the two headed experiment.

  85. Our favorite bad movie that became actually a blast was:

    The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

    We can still sing the theme song in our house.

  86. The Chronicles of Riddick

  87. Yeah,What you think about the famous old movie “Godzilla”?

  88. It may be the worse movie of all time– “Liquid Sky”– but I guarantee it has the worst soundtrack of all time. (It’s all about lesbians, heroin addicts, and UFOs and thinks it is serious art.)

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