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Disturbed and Pathetic


The PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers are burning me in effigy (again) because I hurt their tender feelings (again.)  There is something seriously wrong with those people.  I don’t understand their motives or intentions, and their actions and rhetoric indicate mental or emotional imbalance.  In other words, they “have issues”

As I have frequently stated and the blogstalkers themselves have noted I was previously a welcome commentor at Balloon Juice for nearly two years – from 2006 until several months after the Kool-aid epidemic of 2008 began.  When the Democratic primaries started I became the target of unrelenting attacks because I supported and defended Hillary Clinton and refused to support Barack Obama.  I also had endure constant lies and recycled right-wing memes attacking Hillary Clinton.  I finally left Balloon Juice and after a brief stop at Corrente I eventually found my way here where  Riverdaughter was kind enough to grant me posting privileges.

I freely admit that I am a semi-civilized guy with a raunchy and politically incorrect sense of humor and that I’ve said things from time to time that were inappropriate.  I’ve also made comments that were rude, sarcastic, offensive and/or insulting.  With Google and the obsessive focus of a blogstalker you can find some of them.  Although I’m not proud of every individual thing I have said over the past 3+ years when taken as a whole I am not ashamed.

There is a good reason I am called a “very petulant clown” and I wear that title with pride.  I hate it when I accidentally offend someone’s tender feelings because it’s much more fun to do it intentionally.But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a flaming liberal and that when it really matters my heart’s in the right place.  It also doesn’t disprove anything I have ever said or will say about Obama or any of his cult followers.

The blogstalkers have once again dug up a few old comments of mine, and even though I honestly don’t recollect making some of them I accept responsibility.  If you read them in the context of the threads in which they appeared it is obvious that they were meant and taken as jokes.

I will point out that my humor was aimed at a less genteel and refined audience than we have here.   It’s kind of like the difference between a comedian appearing on network television and in a nightclub.

If anyone thinks that makes me a hypocrite or a non-feminist then they can go ahead and think that but I’m not going to apologize or stop blogging because of it.  I’m not sure what the blogstalkers hoped to accomplish, my sense of humor has never been a secret and anyone likely to get offended by it left this place a long time ago.

It didn’t workwhen they tried it before  so they keep trying and hope for a different result, thus demonstrating the definition of insanity.  Every time they try to “expose” me it just boosts traffic here and adds to my reputation.  They really should dig harder, I’m sure I’ve said worse things than the stuff they found.

I could completely eliminate all the blogstalkers’ criticisms of me simply by retiring this alias and reemerging with a new one in a few months but there’s no reason to so I’m not gonna.  Unlike some bloggers I have not scrubbed nor edited any of my posts (with the exception of one post I reconsidered and chose on my own to delete within 10 minutes of posting)

During the Weblog Awards balloting and the Wonkette/TC blogwar I cited a post at  one of the stalker blogs featuring a Photoshopped picture of Jenni4Hillary and filled with misogynistic attacks on the women here and at PUMApac.  The evidence was promptly scrubbed and/or edited.  In criminal law that is called “consciousness of guilt.”

If the blogstalkers really cared about enacting a liberal/progressive agenda they would quit spending their time lurking in the comment threads at PUMA blogs and focus on holding their messiah’s “feet to the fire” like they promised to do.  I challenge them to show where we differ with them on substantive policy.  We support universal health care, gay rights, and an end to the war in Iraq.

Our differences with them are over Barack Obama.  We object to the way he “defeated” Hilary Clinton to become the Democratic nominee and we believe he is incompetent and isn’t truly progressive or even moderate.  We are not “birthers” nor do we believe that Barack Obama is a stealth muslim. We don’t claim that Obama is a socialist and in fact we would like him better if he was.

We think Obama is a conservative wolf in a progressive sheep’s clothing.  We are still waiting to be proven wrong, but in the meantime calling us insane, racist, Republican and/or hypocritical will not make  Obama competent nor will it help enact any liberal/progressive legislation.  Insulting us won’t make us like him any better either.

There are currently four or five blogs that exist solely to “oppose” PUMA.  I’m not sure what the relationship is between them but they’re obviously connected and it’s basically the same small group of people that post and comment at all of these blogs.  I think most of them were originally just frustrated Obot trolls that started their own blogs because our moderators deleted their comments and banned them from here.  They not only brag about evading the spam filter and posting troll comments here and at PUMApac, but they also write their posts and comments over there using the basic troll vocabulary.

The posts and comments that they publish indicate that their primary online activity is obsessing about us.  They lurk and follow our comment threads, then go back to their blogs to discuss what we say.  On a couple of occasions they were literally liveblogging our discussion threads.

Think about this for a minute – these people are strangers to us.  They have no real life connection with us, past or present.  They aren’t our former employees or jilted lovers, we didn’t give them a bad grade in Econ class, run over their dog or drink their last beer.

They have no monetary claims against us, nor do we have any moral or legal obligation to them that is unpaid.  The election is over, and depite our efforts their candidate won.  Barring scandal or tragedy he will be POTUS for at least four years and nothing we PUMAs do will change that.  But the blogstalkers remain obsessed with us anyway.

So what is their purpose, what goal do they hope to achieve?  During the campaign last year they could claim that their goal was to help elect Barack Obama, but they no longer have that lame excuse to justify their actions, and even if that was their original goal attacking fellow Democrats doesn’t seem reasonably related to achieving it.  They certainly aren’t interested in persuading us to kiss and make up.

Their writing shows that are not ignorant nor illiterate, but their words are not those of a person who is sane and rational.  They frequently claim PUMA is just a small  group of bitter, powerless nobodies and then alternatively claim we are Republican ratf*ckers.  Either way they still spend their time obsessing about us months after the election ended.

I noticed a long time ago that the blogstalkers don’t address the merits of our posts with cogent rebuttals and/or contradictory evidence.  They devote their creative energies to thinking up insults and derogatory nicknames for us.  Their attacks on female PUMAs are almost always misogynistic in nature.  They focus on trivialities like errors in spelling and grammar or other minor irrelevant mistakes.  Their “analysis” is reminiscent of some junior high kid turning in a book report that states “The book sucked.”

Another typical blogstalker post is called “nutpicking” which is where they search for a quote from a comment thread at a PUMA blog treat it as proof that all PUMAs are insane.  From the variety of comment sources they must read more PUMA blogs than I do.  The quotes are usually taken out of context and they seem incapable of recognizing snark or satire.

But their favorite tactic is the one they are trying to use on me which is a logical fallacy called an “ad hominem argument.”  An ad hominem argument looks like this:

Source A makes claim X
There is something objectionable about Source A
Therefore claim X is false

Here’s the key thing about ad hominem agrguments:

Ad hominem arguments are always invalid in syllogistic logic, since the truth value of premises is taken as given, and the validity of a logical inference is independent of the source making the inference.

In other words, they can’t refute our facts or defeat our logic so they attack us personally.  Sometimes they attack the source of our information as biased or inaccurate with a statement like “He got that from Wikipedia” or “That came from a conservative newspaper” as if that alone were enough to disprove the evidence.  (This is akin to their fellow Obots claiming Paul Krugman was biased because his son worked for Hillary.)

So even if I am a hypocritical asshole with bad personal habits it doesn’t disprove anything I say.  I am not holding myself out as role model or a paragon of virtue.  All of us are less perfect than we should be and we are all hypocritical at times, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know right from wrong or truth from falsehood.

They aren’t going to change our opinion of Barack Obama – he alone can do that with his actions. Getting angry at the kid who says the Emperor is butt naked won’t affect the obvious nudity everyone can see with their own eyes. So if our blogstalkers are truly progressive Democrats then they should forget about us and attack the winger blogs instead. If  they do disagree with us on an issue then they should offer cogent rebuttals rather than insults.

Or they can  continue yapping  like crazed chihuahuas.

284 Responses

  1. For what it’s worth and it may not be — I like you. I think you’re terribly bright and dedicated and sometimes weird. I don’t believe in everything you say and let the stuff that I don’t roll off my back. As you say as a whole – I think you’re brave !!

    Sometimes people need to be challenged.

    Keep writing – I like it !! I’d miss you if I couldn’t read your stuff.

  2. I like you too, myiq2xu. I couldn’t possibly care less about anything you said at Balloon Juice. Imagine if we posted the crap those idiot trolls write? Thank goodness for the WordPress spam filter!

  3. Abusers get off being abusive. Ignore them and they have no power.

    • alot of wisdom there

    • Bullies fear being laughed at more than anything.

      At its essence blogstalking is a form of bullying.

      That’s why they get so pissed that we won’t let them post here.

      In their minds we are obligated to let them come in here and insult us.

      Na ga hapen

      • ding ding ding, give that man a cookie. 🙂

      • “Bullies fear being laughed at more than anything.”

        That goes for narcissists too. How I would have loved to see someone – early on – mock him. Just a teensy little bit?

        • Well, the way I see it is: this is our sandbox and we don’t like the kids who throw sand, pee in the sand or hog the sand – but we love you Myiq – you can play in my sandbox anytime! 🙂

        • Well, Palin mocked his narcissism quite well in her RNC speech and that’s when the “pwog” lynch mobs stepped up the viciousness of their attacks on her. “How dare she mock Obama’s Styrofoam columns–let’s stone her!”

  4. This is definitely an attack Puma day. Somebody must have declared it was open Puma season. Apparently Puma’s are too feminist and a bunch of gender militants who hate men. Except the men, like myiq2xu, LOL, who are ironically anti-feminists.

    The theory today is that we need another group, a group that is mainstream, has political power, and doesn’t focus on women so much. I could have sworn we already those, they’re called Democrats and Republicans.

    • I read some of that today. Even liberalrapture took a small swing. It’s like they are just too lazy to do anything themselves so they think Puma should do it for them. Odd attitude at best.

      • They’re like the cheetoheads and cindy sheehan. They’re too “preoccupied” in mommy’s basement to do anything for themselves, so instead they’d write all these demands to cindy telling her what they wanted her to do to represent them, and going ballistic when she followed her own course. If they feel something important is being ignored, they’d do better to bring attention to it themselves rather than holding their breaths and stomping their feet until somebody does it for them

        • I’m a reader/commenter at LR and there are but a few who have criticized PUMA for its feminist leanings. We have pretty vigorous debates on that subject. Gotta keep in mind that those who debate at LR are into real debate and often positions are changed as a result. At times it’s pretty exhausting and frustrating and we call each other names, too. But we’re mostly affectionate with each other. It’s okay to question things, right? I wouldn’t put LR in the same league as cheetoblog or the other blogs who are the subject of this post. I know for sure we’re not sitting “..in mommy’s basement..” Many of us are PUMAs, if not by outright affiliation, at least in spirit.

          Join us some time for a rousing discussion.

    • blogstalkers are truly progressive Democrats then they should forget about us and attack the winger blogs instead. If they do disagree with us on an issue then they should offer cogent rebuttals rather than insults.

      Or they can continue yapping like crazed chihuahuas.

      Indeed the are on the ‘counter prowl’ as they call it. They insist that pumas and the 57 million voters who didn’t vote for Barry Hussein Obama are Republican racists and haters. It’s a mantra with them. They believe their own lies.

      The theory today is that we need another group, a group that is mainstream, has political power,


  5. A yet better reason for ignoring them: it makes them mad.

    • Normally I do, but I don’t want them claiming I am keeping secrets.

      They’re over there in there troll den whining that I’m preventing them from telling “the truth” about me and claiming that if everyone knew my dirty secrets I would be shunned and banished.

      • last time I read my job description as a human being there was something down there in the fine print about judge ye not least ye be judged ….

        and there’s all that stuff about living in glass houses, and motes in the eye vs. logs,

        who am I to question that kind of conventional wisdom?

      • I wonder if any of those morons have actual jobs? Or do they all live in the mothers’ basements?

      • Myiq has dirty secrets? Hmmm…Did you all know he was the illegitimate love child of cookie monster and miss piggy?

        I may not always agree with you My, but I do have to say that you have given me quite a few laughs. I think you have a sharp mind and to hell with those thumb sucking, basement dwellers!
        You, along with Boston and River were the main reason I started reading these blog! ( thats not to say that the other great writers are not fantastic!)

        For what it is worth, you have a loyal reader in me!

      • These people really need a life.
        I have come to the conclusion that this site, and others like it, are seen as a threat to those that fell victim to the Hopium epidemic.

        We stood our ground under tremendous pressure to succumb. We never wavered. We never sold our souls to “Fit in.”

        Many of us lost friends. Many of us lost family to the Great Kool-Aid Epidemic of 2008 and it pained us that we lost friendships that spanned years.

        Throughout all of the this we held our heads high. We refused to prostitute our beliefs simply to be seen as “cool.”

        I admire each and every writer here. I may not always believe what they are saying and sometimes I put my foot in it but even then, I am always made to feel at home.

        Screw them Myiq! Your too intelligent to fall for the bait that they are tossing your way. Take it for what it is worth. They fear you and those of us that think like you.

        For whatever it is worth, I admire you, respect you and dammit, I do love your wit brother!

      • Oh, Myiq – your smart, funny and gracious (at times) what’s not to love – I never go to those other blogs anyway. Perhaps they can’t read or speak another language or, or, or – oh, just forget about them and do your thing here.

  6. I’m not personally worried about those vermin, but I worry that they will intimidate others.

    The idea of someone stalking you through the internet and trying to dig up your personal information is unnerving for some people. Not to mention the obscene and ominous comments they like to post when they can evade the spam filter.

    If they did this stuff in real life they would get slapped with a restraining order toot sweet and they’d be locked up for stalking if (when) they violated it.

    • oh, I so understand that, I get amazed when they go after me … it’s like sheesh, don’t you have better things to do?

      and of course you know, they’ll link to this discussion and wreck havoc with it

      • Oh well, their lives are so empty. At least it will give them something to pass the time as they sit in their parents’ basement in their underwear wishing they had human relationships.

    • Even as a newcomer, and a rather insignificant one at that, I’ve already received my first hit&run attack. I must admit my heart skipped a beat. I mean being accused of lying for reporting facts! Then I had to remind myself, that Hey Pips, It’s all just pixels. 🙂

  7. Really, myiq, don’t you think the ad hominem part of your post went clean over their little brains? I do.

  8. I’m real tired of Puma being told what to do…. And Puma doesn’t do as its told….that’s kind of core

    • I mean I’m tired of being told what to do by the anti Puma crowd. They are forever telling Puma what it must do to be “serious”
      go scratch

      • I’m gonna do another post one of these days regarding all the PUMAs who keep telling everyone else what to do.

        I know they mean well but they always want someone else to take the initiative.

        I think if you have a vision for PUMA then you should take the lead in trying to make it come true.

        But let others PUMA in their own way.

        • On the money, Myiq – I have a key fob with Mahatma Ghandi’s quote Be the change you want to see and I try to live that quote – so that means when I say I’m going to do something I do it.
          That carries a heavy responsibility with it but how the heck else are we going to change things??? 😕

  9. This could be a mistake, but I have taken the tack that everyone has a learning curve and that they are teachable.Yes, I have engaged with them, but so far the results are less than stellar. I’m afraid that I have not had any luck with trying to discuss any substantive issues with them either.

    I think they are just bored and used to acting botlike and don’t know how to transform themselves into non-dronelike beings. I still have hopes that they can be rescued before it is too late. I shall not give up.

  10. myiq2xu,
    I read The Confluence daily, all day and night long. I don’t comment very much due to feeling inadequate. (My lack of confidence is years long!) However, I am an editor by trade, and I appreciate excellent writing when I read it. I adore your posts. I feel certain that you are not intimidated by these morons who are trying to intimidate you. Thank you for standing up to them and for people like me. You are much appreciated.

    • One particular blogstalker was going to PUMA blogs and posting a link to a picture of a dead puma with the title “best day ever” or something similar.

    • You have good taste, dwwenz. Myiq2xu is a terrific writer and he’s also funny and [shh…don’t tell anyone] a really nice person. At least when that Captain guy isn’t around….

    • Awww dwwenz! Me to – re lack of confidence – and yet I’ve come out of lurkerdom never the less. And I really, really like it here! I remember seeing you, and would love to see more of you! Don’t you often feel like commenting at something, you have read? It’s so easy now with the threading, and you can go back and forth and have several “conversations” at the same time. DO join in more often, please!

      (Sorry to the Adm. if I’m interfering with netiquette 😦 )

  11. myiq2xu – Love your writing! I read everyday and look forward to your posts. Don’t care what they say and don’t care what they do. This site belongs to RD, you, the other wonderful writers, and the readers who love you all!

  12. Official Statements from RD: Workouts are exhausting. I am dying for a Hershey’s with almonds bar. I have complete confidence in myiq2xu.

    • Hey RD. Congrats on hanging in there with the workouts! And remember chocolate is healthy now.

    • If you wash it down with a Diet Coke the calories cancel out.

      • Tried that. Turns out to be an urban myth.

        • Oh no. Does that mean that the calories in broken cookies actually count too?

          • Fraid so. Who knew?
            Also, there’s no such thing as amnesty by buying 5 boxes of girl scout cookies. Good intentions are calorie agnostic.

          • break the cookies, they loose the calories in the crummage!

    • I read somewhere that if you have a craving for chocolate or any other food it means you have a dietary need for it. Rather than deprive yourself, the advice went, you should inoculate yourself by eating one Hershey’s kiss in the morning. At that time of day you are unlikely to eat the whole package. I tried it myself, and what happened next was quite unlikely.

      • lol! Late to the party as usual, but I just wanted to let you know how much I laughed at this post Nijma.

  13. {{myiq2xu}} you are so brave — I couldn’t do what you do.

  14. I suspect that anyone the Christinas and DUmpster Divers of this world hate is de facto buena gente.

    Had a conversation with a True Believer this evening, and noted what appears to be a growing pattern of behavior among those who are devoted to teh Mess but not actually insane. I brought up FISA. He protested that Obama couldn’t undo all of Bush’s mess–and then shifted the conversation abruptly to the lawsuit to protect the Navajo/Hopi sacred mountains from becoming, literally, a sewer dump. You can’t engage with a true bot, and the less whacked-iin-the-head won’t engage. The fear is almost palpable.

    • Yep, those bots could easily be responsible for the collapse of the U.S. financial system and the government with it. They had to have their “change agent” and now look what’s happening.

      • Indeed – remember last Fall when we saw the Kids marching for O – here’s a new one



        • Whoever added the subtitles did not “translate” it correctly. The titles are completely bogus.

          It shows two children rocking back and forth in a traditional manner as they recite Koran. You can clearly hear both of them recite the phrase “Bismallah al-Rahman al-Raheem” (in the name of god the merciful the compassionate) that appears at the beginning of most of the chapters of the Koran.

          I don’t know which verse this is–perhaps if the comments were not disabled some Koranic scholar would have come along by now and identified it.

        • For comparison here is a video of children memorizing the Koran in Bangladesh.

          If you listen you will not hear the word “Obama” or “Ahm-ree-kah”, as America is pronounced in Arabic. There’s a Snopes thread about it from October 2008, so it’s been around since before the election.

    • FISA was only the beginning. How are they defending the continual extension of Bush policies, including protecting wiretapping, rendition, etc? I think Hillary needs to find a really good reason to get the hell out of there asap.

      • The thoroughly insane bots are defending Barack W. Obush because they’re so deeply, personally invested in the cult. That, or they’re paid. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

        The rest simply can’t face the cognitve dissonance and deflect the conversation.

        • “The two aren’t mutually exclusive.” Yup! Your whole comment resonates!

  15. Speaking of disturbed and pathetic:

    New Jersey-born actor Kal Penn, who played a stoner Guantanamo Bay escapee in the movies and a doctor on TV’s “House,” has scored a job in the White House. Way to go, dude!

    Penn, 31, will become associate director in the White House Office of Public Liaison, administration officials confirmed Tuesday. The Indian-American film star will be an emissary to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, along with arts and entertainment groups.

    • I’m just relieved that obama isn’t naming him surgeon general based on his medical expertise. How about putting ed Harris in charge of NASA?

    • You’re kidding?!? Is this a necessary position? Don’t we have a state department? And why does the entertainment industry need a WH emissary. And he’s an assistant director? What does the director do?
      How much is this going to cost taxpayers?

    • I suppose that this is way more important than fillinf those pesky treasury jobs.

    • Yeah, I posted this earlier today. Ri-DIC-ulous.

  16. Oh Good Grief ! I, for one, regret the waste of your considerable talent and humor on such a vacuous group of people.

    It’s simple. People either have a rich and rewarding life or they stay mired in their anal (I refer to psychological not physiological) fixations.

    Send them over to stalk GM, which is reportedly partnering with Segway to create some kind of Personal Mobility device, acronym PUMA. I doubt if they will notice the difference.

    • I don’t know if they have anal fixations. I think oral issues are more prominent. They may have been deprived of breastfeeding as infants and that is why their personalities are “characterized by pessimism, envy, suspicion and sarcasm.” That would also explain the hatred and fear of women.

  17. I think the explanation is fairly simple. You are smarter and funnier than they are and your writing attracts more eyeballs as well. That must be really infuriating to them.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you for making me laugh out loud on such a regular basis. These days we can use all the laughter we can get. I’ve never yet met a truly funny person who didn’t occasionally stray into offensive territory. And besides, I’m sure you’ve evolved a bit since you started handing out with this group of bitter knitters.

    • Funny you say that about being funny and “occasionally stray into offensive territory”. I listened to a discussion of the Muhammed Cartoons (yeah, that will never grow old around these premises) where someone said something similar but in reverse:

      “If you want to provoke through satire, you MUST be funny.”
      (Must as in Obligation)

      • Oooo, that could be misinterpreted!
        these premises=Denmark
        Sorry about that.

        • Never fear. I knew what you were referring to and besides, I rarely take offense.

          I’m not sure whether satire has to be funny to be provocative. I always think of Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” when I think of satire–not exactly a knee-slapper, but very powerful.

          But I do appreciate it greatly when someone can use humor to make a point.

          • I believe you’re right, that it doesn’t have to be funny. But you are less likely to hurt someone if you can satirize with humour. Monthy Python anyone 😉

            The Merriam Webster dictionary defines satire as a trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly.

  18. Myiq-dont you dare abandon you Captian Spalding “persona” it fits you and we would all be lost without it….

    oh and blogstalkers – you wanted him you got him you own him! so STFU!

    Vermot becomes State # 4 to allow gay marriage….

    It is the first state to do so by legislative action and it legalized gay marriage by VETO OVERRIDE of its Republican Governor….Amazing….

    The pressure is on California…looks like you are being left behind!

  19. Hang in there, myIQ.

    And now for the latest group to be thrown under the bus: Armenian-Americans.


    “The Armenians, Kurds, Irish, Marsh Arabs, Native Americans, African-Americans, Cambodians and residents of Darfur have also suffered.”–Riverdaughter, April 2

  20. myiq, don’t worry about it. I have posted on some less…um…civilized blogs in the past, and have likely said things worse than you supposedly have.

    And sometimes it’s deliberate, because if someone is being a prat and trying to pigeonhole me, my devilish streak decides to accommodate them in the extreme and say something patently outrageous, just to blow their tiny little minds.

    Then they run away chattering and shrieking that I really really believe some deeply horrible thing, unaware that I and those who know me are laughing at their outrage.

    • Don’t worry about me, it will take a lot more than some blogosphere bullies to to intimidate me.

      Most of them are just assholes with keyboard courage – if they ran into one of us in real life they wouldn’t dare talk the same way.

      But there’s one or two that are different, and I don’t think the others realize it.

      Pedophiles drift into occupations and activities that involve kids. What kind of personality would join up with blogstalkers?

  21. I’m occasionally offended by things you say, myiq, but so what? I tell you so and move on as it should be. I also laugh uproariously at half of what you write. That’s as it should be.
    Thanks for your contributions.

  22. It’s amazing the stuff you find on Wikipedia:

    In “A Study of Stalkers” Mullen et al.. (2000)[identified five types of stalkers:

    * Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).

    * Resentful stalkers pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims – motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the victim.

    * Intimacy seekers seek to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim. To them, the victim is a long-sought-after soul mate, and they were ‘meant’ to be together.

    * Incompetent suitors, despite poor social or courting skills, have a fixation, or in some cases a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest. Their victims are most often already in a dating relationship with someone else.

    * Predatory stalkers spy on the victim in order to prepare and plan an attack – usually sexual – on the victim.

    • Looks like the resentful type is most apt.

      • Uh HUh

      • Hmm, aren’t some of the Pumas gay–or at least they imagine so? Seems like the incompetent suitor type, wanting someone who can never want them. Or at the very least, displaying the sort of behaviors that will make them undesirable and make true love impossible. Sort of an eternal search for rejection.

    • Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).

      This reminds me of Barry’s relationship with his father.
      We all have to love him since his Dad didn’t

    • Don’t forget the type who get paid to do it. Fanning the flames of the “bros versus hos” debate seems to be the latest installment of a classic divide and conquor tactic. Other civilizations got bread and circuses. We get manufactured outrage.


  23. You were kicked off Balloon Juice, Corrente and TalkLeft. Don’t sugar-coat it.

    • Who cares? You? Get a life.

    • I left Balloon Juice voluntarily.

      I have previously posted about getting banned from TL and Corrente.

      I got banned from MyDD too.

      Some people can’t handle the truth.

      • I was banned from TL and only found out when I couldn’t log in, but all the misogynists were still posting including the ROYAL one who has some serious women issues.

        In retrospect I can’t see how I even bothered as they really weren’t interested in discussing the merits of certain cases just there to champion their maleness. Real men aren’t afraid of women, and you sure have that covered and don’t have to prove your maleness by bashing Palin on a daily basis. Besides, anyone that had the gusto to tell others that Hillary was the best candidate that just happened to be a woman is alright in my book.

        SHHH…say, I had you figured as being Kermit’s child, not the Cookie Monsters, but I can see Miss Piggy in you (stardom).

        • I was banned at TL when Jeralyn posted something bashing McCain for saying he was going to suspend his campaign and go to DC to deal with the bailout crisis.

          All I did was ask “And what’s Obama doing?”

        • My favorite poster at one of the major sites, I forget his name but all he did was post about his exwife and the women he knew and how angry he was because they wouldn’t have sex with him among all these other angry rants. I swear he sounded like a serial killer, but that didn’t hurt his popularity. You could always tell his posts after the first 5 words without checking the name.

    • Yeah, we know that. Most of us here CROWED about getting banned from other sites. It’s a badge of honor here, dipwad.

      • Someone suggested I invite the blogstalkers to come here and respond to my post and explain in a civilized manner their activities and the goal they hope to achieve.

        I said it would be a waste of time.

        I was right.

        • wow, i usually don’t think of hate as a goal in most sane people. they’ don’t seem to be representative of advanced civilization. seems like they can’t stay away tho. whenever traffic drops at the main site pumas get pulled in to up traffic to all of a dozen comments.

          please excuse typing, broke my right shouler in 2 places. makes me more grumpy than usual:)

      • dipwad! LOL! That’s an oldie, but goodie.

    • I tried to post on one of those un-Puma sites and they deleted my comment. They don’t want to discuss policy.

      I think you really have to look at who’s paying them and what kind of non-disclosure agreement they signed.

      • Policy and facts are so–yesterday. It’s all about emotional intoxication and branding man.

    • and just what is your claim to fame, jagoff? myiq is here, he’s staying, lots of us like him, so get over it, move on. thought the charred hiney group was like so bored with this group? if you think you’re so intelligent go get yourself a real mission in life. Cure poverty,cancer, aids etc.

    • It’s just so cute the way the little bot’s icon looks like a little teleprompter all yelling and angry-like with red lobster claws waving in the air.

    • Jeez, is that the best you can come up with? Hell, even I was kicked off TL, and I am rarely offensive. A bit tendentious and tedious at times, but rarely offensive.

      Damn, I wish I wrote well enough to have my own blogstalker. Oh well.

    • badge of honor dude. F’ning sugar coated badge of honor. Now go home troll.

    • Thank God! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have him here…

    • Ooh, is that like being “discouraged from attending” the d&d virtual costume ball?

    • To me that is a big plus for myiq. myiq should get a bumper sticker or have a t-shirt made to say it loud and proud.

  24. I lurk here often, rarely post because I came in too late and feel out of the loop. I think the writing here is always tops (as is mostly the case in the pumasphere). I think when they stop talking about you and your writing you should be worried, at this point you have them pooping in their pants.

    • Modesty forces me to point out that they usually poop in their pants.

    • jennifer, please post more. There is no “loop.” We’re all grateful for anyone’s respectful and sincere voice (and for myiq, who has…umm…his own particular voice) 🙂

  25. I had to stop laughing before I started typing. Please accept my Nobama like bow to your brilliant sense of humor and keen insight into the mind of the obot.

    • If you want insight into the mind of an Obot look through their ear.

      If you get the angle right you can see out the other side.

  26. Oh, to hell with ’em. I’m done with the purity police telling me I’m too feminist, not feminist enough, too lefty, a crypto-Republican, wrong on the Middle East, wrong on Aristotelian metaphysics, whatever. I’ll read what I want, when I want, where I want.

    Like JeanLouise said, sometimes you piss me off, but really, who cares? Other times, you’re witty as all get out. If you retired your alias and came back reborn… you know, I think we’d still figure out who you were!

    • I do too.

    • (nodding madly)

      • About the “still figure out who you were part” not so much (not at all) the “sometimes you piss me off” part.

        ’cause it wasn’t clear.

        • Heh, that’s fair, katiebird shouldn’t take the heat for my contrarian mood!

          Myiq, you took a break for awhile there and you know, I missed your presence round these parts, you crazy clown you. You’re provocative and I wouldn’t want you any other way.

      • The great thing about this place is that we agree to be able to disagree and actually discuss things as adults – It really gets annoying to have to deal with petulent childlike trolls.

        And Myiq, even when you are joking there is usually a message that rings true

  27. Wow. What brought that on?

    Yes, as a matter of fact I *do* live under a rock. Why do you ask?

  28. The Obot’s pull this kind of crap whenever their Obamassiah sticks it to them. They keep talking about how they will “hold his feet to the fire” but they don’t. Instead, they write posts attacking PUMA. It reminds me of a toddler who gets in trouble and is reprimanded by his mother and then he turns around and takes a swing at her, as if it was her fault that he screwed up.

    I imagine Obama wanting to continue spying on Americans through their phones, e-mails, etc, and taking away American’s right to sue the government is more than they can handle, so they do the only thing they can to save face….blame PUMA’s.

    • It’s more like a 5 year-old who gets in trouble and takes it out on his little sister.

    • You make a good point. Generally when Obama does something they want to avoid confronting, like defending FISA, they attack Palin, or criticize Hillary, or try to find a Puma to blame. I see the news is on a Palin rampage, a blog I visit is complaining about Hillary, and it is once again open season on Pumas.

      • Yes, I’ve noticed that, too. You’d think they’d talk about Glorious Leader?

        One of my big red flags during primary-election season was the incapability of Obotia to form any positive vision. Regardless of what I think of Palin’s political views, I always thought it was her ugly public witch-burning that dragged them to a scorched earth “victory” that was nothing but ashes. And even now, they can’t let go.

        • yup, just go check out any of the cheeto like sights and you will see that they hate Palin with a passion and attacking her and her family is all they have left to talk about.

      • Wow, Yttik, you mean there is a new condition: Myiq2Xu Derangement Syndrome?!? Hey, the Klown has made it to the big time, if they are obsessing about him on that level and he isn’t even running for office. 😯

    • The Obot’s pull this kind of crap whenever their Obamassiah sticks it to them.

      Indeed. It’s most likely not an accident this happened the day Barry made a “surprise” visit to the troops….all that was missing was Bush’s plastic turkey . Barry is completely Bush 3. Must suck to be an obot who actually believed .What to do? hmmmm…… I know! Attack a Puma! /snark

  29. Just to give you an idea why trying to engage with the blogstalkers is futile, I have posted exactly two comments at their primary blog. Neither comment was abusive or insulting.

    The blog owner promptly edited both of them to say something ridiculous.

    Here’s the kicker – in my second comment I was congratulating them and wishing them the best of luck on being nominated for a Weblog Award.

  30. I am a firm believer in the well placed snark. It is hard to be an Obama pod- harder as time goes on. He’s not even really a good speaker after all…and that was their last refuge.

    • Welcome John!

      I agree – well placed snark is the lubricant that keeps the blogosphere moving.

      OTOH – snark without substance is just a waste of time.

      All play and no work makes Jack an unemployed homeless bum.

    • They’re still claiming he’s MLK, Malcolm X, William Jennings Bryant, Winston Churchill, and Demosthenes all rolled into one…even after he managed to put most of the British press corps to sleep:


      It’s really sad when a delusional system starts to crumble.

      Keep on writing, Myiq – you’re observant, clever, funny, and one of the most entertaining reads out there (even when I disagree with you).

      • I don’t expect people to always agree with me (that would be really creepy)

        I expect them to prove me wrong with facts and logic.

        I try to keep an open mind, but not so wide open that my brains fall out.

  31. They once invited me to dialogue, and we did–at my place where I can keep my finger on the asterisk key–and it was as interesting as you might imagine.

    It has been said, “if someone tells you who they are, believe them”. But they never tell you who they are. They don’t know who they are.

    But then listen to them tell you who YOU are. They know that automatically without even reading your blog. How do they know so instinctively? Can you say “projecting”?

    D’où Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons Nous

    • Very good point.

      The guy at the University of Manitoba who wrote about authoritarians (his name has slipped my mind and I’m too lazy to look it up) said that they define themselves by who they hate.

      He was discussing how conservative hate liberals, but the principle is the same.

      Obots sure act like authoritarians, don’t they?

  32. And traditionally the Authoritarians are the …gulp…. the Republicans. You know, if it was Rove instead of Axelrod who turned out to be behind them, it would make a lot more sense.

    • Altemeyer said that all the authoritarians he had studied were right-wingers, but he speculated that there could be left-wing authoritarians too.

      But most hard core Obots seem ideology free. They just support whatever Obama does.

      • That doesn’t sound quite like the way my class on the subject went.

        Here’s an intoduction to The Authoritarians:


        the shorter blurb:

        “Authoritarianism is something authoritarian followers and authoritarian leaders cook up between themselves. It happens when the followers submit too much to the leaders, trust them too much, and give them too much leeway to do whatever they want–which often is something undemocratic, tyrannical and brutal. In my day, authoritarian fascist and authoritarian communist dictatorships posed the biggest threats to democracies, and eventually lost to them in wars both hot and cold. But authoritarianism itself has not disappeared, and I’m going to present the case in this book that the greatest threat to American democracy today arises from a militant authoritarianism that has become a cancer upon the nation.”

          • Here is the link to the rest of the book. It is all online.

            He talks about John Dean’s role in Watergate. Watergate has also been much talked about as an example of “groupthink” which can happen to any group, liberal or conservative or pragmatic. Groupthink is much studied in connection with decisions leading to the Challenger disaster.

            Clearly the stalkers have outgrown any political purposes. I do believe their current purpose is entirely social.

        • There have been plenty of authoritarian left-wingers in history. No need to speculate. Totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and China aren’t exactly the stuff of legend. Obot behavior is just the little baby brother of what people can do when they really get down to it.

      • If you want to cite psychology, Eric Hoffer’s True Believer would be the classic.

        • Highly recommend this short book and have wondered why I’ve not seen it mentioned before in connection with O. I’m reading it now and am blown away by how accurately it describes Obot psychology — really just plain old human psychology, masterfully exploited. Hoffer’s work could well have been the step-by-step guide to Axelrod’s campaign.

          BTW, after reading here for more than a year, I dared to share my thoughts recently, only to be swarmed for swimming against the current. Will risk the gauntlet again to say I too appreciate reading Myiq’s pithy posts.


  33. Oh MYIQ…we love you just the way you are. Utterly unique, wickedly funny, razor sharp intelligence, and liberal principles. You got it all babe. These sad little creatures do not exist as far as I’m concerned. If they have this much time to “research” PUMA posts, it’s quite pathetic. They deserve compassion–from a very great distance.

  34. DU, the Dailykos hate site, and their company are blinded by the “great one”. No matter what he says or does, it’s alright.
    Obama is doing worse than Bush on some matters and the lefty nuts are going crazy and loving it. Cult of Personality indeed.

  35. Here’s what one of the stalkers wrote tonight:

    What kind of personality would set himself up on a blog where the majority of the commenters are women as one of the main arbiters of what gets posted?

    Kind of telling, isn’t it. Women are supposed to be ironing his shirt, not making decisions. Especially decisions about what is ethical and misogynistic.

    Oh, no, he’s looking for the Big Magic Penis to bow down to.

    • Oh, dear, the blockquote should have closed after “what gets posted”

    • Believe it or not the blogstalkers think I’m only here to try to pick up women.

      That’s how reptilian brains work.

      • I’ve seen that before when a guy is commenting on a woman’s blog and some goon starts harassing her and the first guy defends her. It’s like their little cretin minds can’t encompass the possibility that a human being and a subhuman might actually agree.

      • Oh, I think they know better. It’s how they try to discredit people. That way they don’t have to react intellectually to content. Do you suppose it would help to explain ad hominem again?

        Thanks for the MyQian magic with the HTML.

      • Watch this.

        Hey stalkers, myiq is hhhhhawt.

        Hee, hee, hee, I just short-circuited their little brain cells.
        I bet that one will be echoing around their boring little blogs tomorrow.

      • That is funny! Considering that they said we are all Bitter Knitters, way past our prime and some not so nice things too. What would be your pay off, picking the color of the yarn or the flavor of the tea for tea time?

      • Maybe they don’t consider that there are some guys who need to think for themselves, need to bounce ideas off of other people who think–in an ethical way–and especially need to write. Intelligence is not a strictly female thing, although some days I wonder.

        Some of the stalkers can actually write some clever quips or know a lot of esoteric and interesting cultural references and so on, but they don’t have a moral compass. You have to wonder how they can look in a mirror. That kind of ugly doesn’t go away when you turn off the light.

        • Some people can’t grasp the idea that other people can be intelligent, informed and of good character but see the world differently.

          If you spend any time around the winger blogs you’ll learn that they aren’t a bunch of racist hicks. They are equal to the lefty blogs in intelligence, education and knowledge of current events. They want peace and prosperity just like we do.

          They can argue their beliefs eloquently and cogently, and you can argue with them until you’re blue in the face but they won’t budge.

          Part of it is tribalism. That’s why so many of the Obots suddenly turned into rabid Hillary haters last year.

          But then again a lot of them were already infected with CDS

          Both sides are guilty of thinking that the other side is stupid and/or evil.

          So if the blogstalkers aren’t stupid or evil then what the hell are they doing? Or are they the exception that proves the rule?

          • That course is starting to come back to me now, about authoritarianism and the four types. The Authoritarian wants to transform society to fit certain values. For instance, the Authorization’s ideal world would not have pornography or homosexuality, therefore the authoritarian would ban it for everyone. The second type would only regulate things when they interfered with someone else. So you couldn’t have pornography and homosexuality on your neighbor’s lawn but inside your house would be fine. The third type want no regulation at all and this would be I suppose like a libertarian. The fourth type wants to use government to transform society and I forget the name for this one too, but feminists are a prime example. In this example there would be no pornography since the goal would be to form a culture where women were treated with dignity. Everybody supposedly falls into more or less the first two categories, which correspond to conservatives and liberals.

            Sort of a gallop through political philosophy but it makes a certain amount of sense. Then there are those who are mixed, for example someone who is a fiscal conservative but a social liberal. But that’s a different course.

            The blogstalkers are amoral. They want to impress their buddies. They want friends. They have no concept of a political program they want to see come to fruition, and even less concept of what odd political bedfellows can accomplish working together towards a common goal. They only want to be liked. If they have to hate someone else to get someone to like them, they will bad mouth their former colleagues, sell them down the river. (Not that I’m thinking of any particular individual here. Certainly no one whose initials are similar to the Brown 25 video product.) It’s groupthink.

          • but I’ve reached my limit for the evening,

  36. Hey, myiq, chiming in here late per usual, just to say: you’re a born enfant terrible and we love you for it. You’re also a terribly good wit and a great writer. You, along with all the others here on TC, have gone a looong way toward helping some of us hold on to tiny shreds of sanity over the past months. If nothing else, History Will Vindicate Us. And I do believe that. Hopefully, there’ll be a chapter dedicated to Obot Hate, with all kinds of stomach turning illustrations of the nasty f*ckers.

  37. I saw your other post on your site (kinda similar to this) but this one is nice and clean.

    I liked the other one. 😉

  38. Uh, the italics were supposed to end with ‘terrible’. Consider it the Nijma effect.

  39. myiq – you have no idea how important your writings are. You and RD are demonstrating leadership which takes gall and balls and brings all sorts of weirdos out of the woodwork. put those sick twinky little basement dwellers out of your mind. whatever is dwelled upon becomes bigger, not smaller. they thrive on the negative attention. starve them of attention and let them be the slugs, worms, roaches and vermin that they truly are. I have been where you are, the object of insane attacks for the high crime of speaking my truth. there is no saving or convincing them, there is only saving yourself and that is an inside job requiring discipline and focus on what is truly important. you are loved here at the confluence. take that love and let it fuel everything you do.

  40. myiq2xu, as you know, I get these same comments. The writing style indicates the presence of only three or four individuals. As you note, these stalkers never mount counter-arguments. They simply deliver bile and invective.

    I moderate comments on my site and thus never allow this nonsense to infest my site. More than that. I usually delete the stalker comments after reading only one or two lines. The first sentence usually suffices to tell me who is trying to get a foot in the door: “Oh. THEM again.”

    The stalkers know that I will never print and rarely read their words. Yet they nevertheless send me a hate message every day.

    Every. Single. Day.

    During the primaries, the messages came once an hour.

    Their obsession is bizarre, irrational, and a little disturbing.

    Are they being paid? That idea seems paranoid, but I cannot imagine anyone continuing so unrewarding an off-stage game for so many months without some sort of recompense.

    At times, the hate comments are so outlandish that I suspect that they are engaging in a form of parody. For example, not long ago one of my stalkers said that I could never be “a truly creative artist like Shepard Fairey or Andy Warhol.”

    Andy freaking WARHOL?

    This absurd game doesn’t even seem to be about Obama anymore. These stalkers don’t love him (at least not now) — but they hate US, with that seething, obsessive life-long hate one usually finds only in 19th century novels.

    • I guess I need to step up my game. Since the election ended I usually only get 3-4 hate messages a week.

      I have motive to be pissed at a few people around the blogosphere who did things like ban me from their blogs.

      But after flaming them from here a couple times I move on to other things, and unless they give me a new motive I let it be.

      Hate and anger will do far more damage to you than the person it’s directed at. If nothing else, every minute you spend hating them is one less minute you have to live.

      There are places in the world where people grow up hating their neighbors, often for things that happened before they were born. Look at the former Yugoslavia – for decades the hate was kept in check by Tito’s government and then ka-pow! People started slaughtering neighbors they had lived peacefully with all their lives.

      In some places the mutual hatred goes back over millenia.

      I sometimes think “sane” people are in the minority.

    • I think that for people who don’t have much going on in their lives, finding a sense of community on the Internet gets blown out of proportion. For some of the more obsessed Obots, first they felt validated by finding plastic Jesus, then even more so by finding other like minded people. And like myiq says, it creates a form of tribalism–this void in their lives has been filled by this virtual community, and they grossly overreact and man the barricades in response to any perceived threat. It was pretty clear how overrinvested and lacking in perspective some of these people were t during the primary when they were calling people’s bosses and so on

    • For example, not long ago one of my stalkers said that I could never be “a truly creative artist like Shepard Fairey or Andy Warhol.

      I saw that comment on a site somewhere -perhaps it was ‘ette.

      Rememmber it because it was so absurd. Perhaps a bit of copying and pasting going round.

    • I don’t think it’s paranoid. It’s pretty obvious that many of these folks are getting paid. It was particularly obvious during the election. IMO, the goal now is to undermine the free thinkers who are calling attention to the naked emperor. Astroturfing doesn’t sleep. And it don’t come free either.

  41. G’nite, its late and I have lots to do in the morning time.

  42. Klown is fab.

  43. myiq,

    I wonder if there is a correlation with things in the news that make Obama look bad (not getting anything he wanted in Europe, N. Korea missile, etc.) and a renewed attack on PUMAs?

    Perhaps like the WH effort to focus on Rush during the budget bill efforts (look over here, don’t look at that bill) and then soon after that the switch to Palin after Rush sort of backfired. That is, the usual lame political games as dubya.

    Who knows, but it might be interesting to check the timing of these waves of attacks.

    But regardless it sounds like these children have some issues. And wow, what dirt. Oh, someone used some naughty words and some blue humor. Oh my, what shall I do. I declare, I do believe I’m being overcome with the vapors. Oh my.

  44. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing but in no way is he conservative.

    Don’t sweat the stalkers.

  45. Haven’t read the comments yet, but just want to say, I always loooved your sense of humour. I remember when entering the blogosphere in early 2008 you seemed to turn up “everywhere” with your humorous, elegant and often to-the-point oneliners. I often wished, in vain, that you would stick around a little longer. Here at The Confluence I have had my wish come true. 😉

    One thing I HAVE to say though, is that I feel very uncomfortable with jokes, that make me involuntarily want to cross my legs (yeah, I know I know!) or protectively cover my chest. But that’s just me. 🙂

    • Yes-the worse thing about nesting for me was the removal of Conflucian humorous, elegant and often to-the-point oneliners.

      (not only myiq, tho he had it down to an art, but also SOD, Angienc,Pat, Carol, Joaniebone and many others.)

      • Laurie, if I have in any way offended you by badmouthing your President I apologize. I shouldn’t have done that and I am truly sorry. Are we good?

        • Not my prez!!!!! 😉

          • I ment PM

          • Did you think I was being rude to you Pips-no, I was mentioning nesting (again).

            I have no probs with criticism of Berlusconi-e1 does it over here. (I live in Tuscany -basically a strong left-wing region since 1945) (some of the pensioners like Berlusca though)

    • No, Pips, it’s not just you

  46. I am very curious about what they’ve been posting about you Myiq-but I don’t know where to go to look. 👿

    They obviously must have their panties in a twist over the concept of a fox in a hen house.

    Company of equals never crosses their minds. 🙄

  47. MYIQ2XU
    You post facts in an interesting way. If the obots had not done such damage to the country I could feel sorry for them.
    Just think, having to face yourself in the mirror every day for the next 4 years knowing you help put in office an anti-american, racist -know nothing.
    If they face the facts posted here, they have to admit their mistake. Ego will not let that happen, so attack the messenger.

    As far as the latest attack on Puma for being anti-men and feminist only, that is silly. Yes we want equal rights and the ERA passed, but that is in the best interest of all. It will take intelligent people of all races and genders to understand that the ERA improves life for all Americans.



    • It seems to me that there were some PUMAs who—while aware and angered by the sexism in the campaign—are just not into women’s issues. I’m fine with that. But I don’t understand why they attack those PUMAs who are passionate about women’s issues. I’m not passionate about gay rights but I am grateful to our gay voices for bringing their important perspectives to the PUMAsphere. We need everyone’s passion. Passion and variety are good and essential elements to a vibrant movement.

      And myiq, I love that you’re so completely a guy and also so deeply a feminist. Let the obot a$$hats bring up your sometimes raunchy sense of humor and in return we’ll send the one big collective yawn.

  48. The world is so impressed with backtrack that the North Koreans sent off a missile
    then this article in the wall st journal

    spies infiltrate electric grid system of the USA.
    This was posted at No Quarter by I’mfedup



    • This article is propaganda, and more like this to follow, are in order to lubricate the public for the Obama Inc’s putsch to take over control of the Internet here.

      None of this is NEWS. Bill of Rights no longer exists.

      Bill Would Grant President Unprecedented Cyber-security Powers
      By Roy Mark
      The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 introduced in the Senate would allow the president to shut down private Internet networks. The legislation also calls for the government to have the authority to demand security data from private networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access.

      • Thanks for the information. I wrote this to PA Sen. Casey:

        Please do not vote for the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 as it stands. Presidents should not be above the law. Bush’s policies regarding public surveillance went too far. We need to rescind unregulated government intrusion on our citizens. We do not need more ways to make citizens fair game for government spying without cause.

        I am disgusted by the lack of integrity in our politics and culture at large. We need reasonable regulation, oversight and a balance of powers as guaranteed by our constitution. Or is the U. S. “too big” like some our institutions? Even if we are “too big,” we’re failing as a nation that promotes the general welfare.

        I voted for you and I trust that you will do your part to promote democracy and constitutionality in our nation’s laws. Thank you.

      • Where the hell are the lefties now?! This is an outrageous violation of civil rights and just as bad as FISA.

        • They’re drunk on kool-aid. And, as I’ve said before, they’re gonna have one helluva hangover when they finally wake up.

  49. The thing I have learned is that Bots are crazy and it’s impossible to reason with crazy.

    Also, although there is a good chance BO is a “conservative wolf in a progressive sheep’s clothing”, there’s also a good chance that he’s an opportunistic grifter who was a spoiled rotten brat as a kid (SRB) and who is now a grown SRB.

  50. I do not know why that link will not work.
    In the post about the election a commenter I’mFedUp post the link and it works there.

  51. ok the second time it worked.
    Maybe Fuzzy could give information about the damage this could do



  52. hi. I just stopped by to say keep on keeping on iq. I like you too, and I have read the comments you have said in the past. You have said a few things that you may not be proud of when taken out of context, but who hasn’t? As for the rumproasters and wankettes, they are obsessed and irrelevant. PUMA is not solely about feminism it is much more than that, and in the big scheme of things on balance you are ok with me, fwiw.

  53. myiq,

    I enjoy reading your posts, sometimes you say outrageous things, but I’ve attributed most of those comments to your sense of humor. And, what would life be without a sense of humor.

    At times I’ve read comments that I don’t agree with or that were a little over the top (or nutty) for me, but if anything I see benefits in considering viewpoints that don’t match my own. For the most part, however, I feel there are a wonderful group of gifted diarists and commenters here (otherwise I wouldn’t read here so much).

  54. oh.. I don’t know where my post disappeared. …

    well anyway it was something along the lines of, you’re ok by me iq. I haven’t posted for a while, but I just stopped by to say that. Lurking again.

  55. myiq,

    I also enjoy your wit. I also think your serious stuff is usually “spot-on”. I’ll try to pop over to your blog and lend you some moral support, if nothing else it will be fun.

  56. myiq, agree with you on the flakes. dropped in on their bile a half dozen times and that’s more than enough.

    on different matter, there’s been a schism, and I imagine it has been difficult for many people. a separate path may be best, but it doesn’t mean we have to be strangers. much of the purpose remains the same. jc was at the heart of this thing and so were you. am asking sincerely because it matters to me and to others. can you take a second to explain your relationship to jc. he’s your only link on klownhaus. is he you, or someone you can vouch for.

    during the past month, most of what i tried to convey on tc was between the lines, directly to specific individuals, because i did not want to create waves for everyone else. i failed miserably. so on this particular question myiq, i will be direct. if jc is not you, do you know him offline or in another manner that let’s you vouch for him.

    imo, this much clarification is not asking too much, given the personal impact it’s had on many people.

    • I could explain it, but I’m not going to. The last time I tried to explain anything relating to Joe Cannon I was accused of being offensive and disloyal.

      I will say however, that I am not Joe Cannon and he is not me.

      If you have criticisms or complaints about Joe Cannon I suggest you go to Cannonfire and discuss it with him.

    • Hi 3W! Sorry for being a buttinski. Just want to say, and I hope I’m diplomatic enough to not get deleted: As a European, and after what’s been going on for the last year, I don’t understand how anyone can trust the US media on ANYTHING!

      When I saw the pictures JC posted on his blog, that were called por n, for crying out loud, and that stirred so much controversy – I cried.

    • I was at the heart of WHAT thing?

      Jeez, I think some visitors to the Confluence care more about me than I care about this site, or even about my own site.

      I have no relationship of any other kind with any other blogger. I don’t go to local blogger parties. (The invites have stopped.) I do not lecture or appear on the radio. (Those invites have stopped too.) I don’t write for other sites.

      I used to be on friendly terms with Brad Friedman and Larisa Alexandrovna, but no longer. In Larisa’s case, she presumed a friendship based on hierarchy (with her in the higher position) while I had presumed equality. Brad’s a good guy; I was somewhat ticked off at him for refusing to denounce the psychotic Hillary-haters in public, although he privately admitted that he had no use for them.

      I also am routinely accused of somehow being “in it” with Daniel Hopsicker. I’ve never met the guy. I spoke to him once on the phone. We’ve corresponded maybe twice in the past six months. I like his work. That’s it.

      I cannot recall if I have ever corresponded with myiq. I certainly don’t know his real name or where he lives. I like his work. That’s it.

      If you don’t like my site, don’t visit it. I don’t go around trolling for new readers (except in the case of certain stories). I have asked larger sites to de-list me from their blogrolls. I’m not competitive or ambitious.

      (By the way, riverdaughter — your “Cannonfire” listing is a fine example of your dry wit.)

      Honestly, I think a lot of people apply WAY too much imagination as they try to dope out what’s going on behind the scenes in blogland.

  57. What Cinie said.
    I don’t mind my bloggers edgy as long as there’s thinking behind the lines.
    As for teh Kool One – he watches teevee while his real entourage gets probed

  58. Can I just ad that maybe they are following orders? I remember Obama saying that if you come across someone not going along that you were to “get in their face” and “shout them down”. But really, its very hard for me to believe that money is not involved. I’m very tempted to sign up for an indoctrination camp in Obama’s army just to learn the techniques taught. But i fear being taken to Jonestown.

  59. Who is Under the Bus this week?

  60. What a great post, myiq. I’ve seen some of the derangement, but I don’t “stray” often. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

  61. Keep on keeping on, myiq!

    When I found the Confluence immediately after the RBC debacle, I wasn’t familiar with any of the posters here.

    I just knew that it was a place of kindred souls, and was grateful for its existence.

    At that time, Obot comments were still getting through and I remember one particularly whiny Obot who complained that we were considering voting for McCain and how could we so called “progressives” do such a thing.

    One reply to this Bot’s diatribe stood out: “We’re SO bitter, we want to elect McCain so he can start WWW III and end the world.”

    I LMAO’d and took note of the poster’s name, of course none other than you. At that time, I thought you were a woman, but it’s OK, lots of men are very funny, too. Well, you are, definitely.

    Thanks for being steadfast and keeping your sharp wits about you, all while being subjected tocyberstalking vitriol and such.

    You’re an inspiration to me, a low visibility, under the radar poster, to be more outspoken and less timid.

  62. Paging Mr. Obvious!

    I just woke up and check the spam filter to see if any non-troll comments needed to be set free and I found a link to the stalker blog run by usedrubbernectar.

    I didn’t go there to check (not on an empty stomach) but apparently he’s claiming that I “failed to rebut charges of hypocrisy”

    Well no shit? Everyone’s a hypocrite from time to time.

    Any parent that isn’t a hypocrite with their kids is probably unfit to be a parent.

    None of us live up to 100% of the moral standards we believe in.

    So yes, I freely admit to occaisional hypocrisy. And as I always do when I fail to live up to my own standards I promise myself I will try to do better in the future.

    The blogstalkers are a lost cause – you can’t fix stupid.

    • Captain Spaulding isn’t a hypocrite – he has no morals.

    • wow. “failed to rebut charges of hypocrisy.” Something really strange about that phrase. Sounds downright Orwellian or Obamian. The thought police seemed to have dragged you into court. Their court, their judge, their jury. Paging Camus, Kafka, we have an old plot for you rearing its ugly head again.

      • The irony of an Obama supporter accusing anyone else of hypocrisy is totally lost on them.

        Obama has flip-flopped on everything they used to justify supporting him but they keep supporting him anyway.

    • gosh, didn’t you hear the latest? That’s actually JOHN STEWART!

  63. MY – try not to read the putrid bile emanating from their vacuum orifices… they really are skirting the edge of psychopathology…

    • We can’t leave them unsupervised can we?

      I read a lot of blogs every day, from moonbat left to winger right.

      I check on the haters periodically (when I’m feeling down) but their blogs are among the few Kool-aid sites where I read the comment threads as well as the posts. I do it to see who they have been stalking lately so I can give the person a heads up if they want a laugh. Besides, there aree usually less than 10 comments so it’s a quick read.

      At least the haters on the winger blogs can tell a joke. The blogstalkers idea of funny involves bodily functions and insults.

      That’s why Beavis and Butthead are at the top of this post – they are the role models for Obots everywhere.

  64. New thread up!

  65. Viva La PUMA!!!

    Bloggers who continue to take shots at PUMA in the face of Obama’s recent DOJ activites can, how do they say…

    suck it!

    Talk Left continues to take shots almost daily as well in you dip into the comment sections.

    I see you BTD.

  66. Delurking long enough to say that I love both your posts and your sarcastic wit. You make me laugh out loud at least once a day. Thanks, myiq.

  67. Finally got over to the Ballon Juice blog where their quotes originated, and, in context is totally different from out of context-Wow.

    Talk about twisting the truth-and being self congratulatory, and hyperbolic with it.

  68. Good, we love you MyIQ. Don’t let anyone run you off or shut you up. We, your faithful readers, would miss you too much. I even like your occasionally irritating maleness.

  69. I’m reading this post very late, but just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy your writing and haven’t been offended by anything you’ve posted. Heh, don’t take that as a challenge though! 🙂

    However, I would like to make a formal complaint about Capt Spaulding’s teeth. Too scary.

  70. Delurking to advise that I enjoy many sites for many different reasons. I’ve been here, lurking, since the site started.
    MY, you are one of the reasons I keep coming back (I lurk at Klownhaus also). The day that I cannot read something I disagree with, yet understand the underlying rationale, is the day I want someone to shoot me. Your posts make me think, and make me laugh. Not so at the blogstalkers sites, all of which remind me of the old canard my mom used to drill me with – Ignorance is no excuse. I don’t visit them anymore – I’m afraid lazy thinking might be infectious.

    Back to lurking, but keep on being you!

  71. Whoops, I meant
    “yet do not understand the underlying rationale”

  72. If you don’t want the handful of grossly inappropriate things you’ve said or done to discredit the rest of your work, I suggest you consider the way that you approached the case of a certain young speechwriter.

    He, at least, didn’t try to present himself as the ne-plus-ultra of feminist males.

    • reposted from nested comment somewhere above:

      Myiq, I love that you’re so completely a guy and also so deeply a feminist. Let the obot a$$hats bring up your sometimes raunchy sense of humor and in return we’ll send the one big collective yawn.

    • WTF is your point? Yeah, I know. You don’t have one. You’ve been hanging around here for a long time. Why don’t you get a life and find some friends?

    • Right. The fact that someone could be proscecuted for sexual harssment in the workplace shouldn’t harm his career or position as the public face of the white house. Blogging is not real life, you dumbass. Real life is real life. A lack of social skills/boundaries will hurt you in real life. Not paying your taxes is a crime; not paying virtual taxes is not. Jesus!

    • You know what they’re sayin?-that Favreau was touching her armpit. And that he has been sorely slandered, mainly by myiq….

      Well if he didn’t want anybody to notice, he shouldn’t have put that pic up for a laugh on his facebook site.

      • Obama said “we never claimed to be feminists–in fact we hate all damn bit ches, obviously. So we don’t have to conduct ourselves by grown up standards. We got no bit ches working here anyway, and if we did we could grope em for real–what they gonna do, complain to doj? Suck it–we never claimed to think of em as anything less than subhuman.”

        • Sorry, that was supposed to nest with j fritz’s ‘he never claimed to be a feminist, so he can abandon any standard of appropriate behavior.’

      • Her armpit? For what purpose? Is he a pervert?

        • Or could it have been some harmless tickling? What a jokester he is.

        • LOL maybe on star trek voyager, the armpit has some special meaning. We need the obot socially impaired and delusional to reality dictionary

  73. myiq2xu March 14th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    From myiq2xu

    “What is Hillary’s core constituency? Women.
    Older, yet “liberated” women.
    At 47 years old, I am a “boy toy.”
    Since they are post-menopausal, that means they don’t swell, they don’t tell, and they’re grateful as hell.”


    • oh Rhonda,
      here’s my 2 cents. Buy yourself a sense of humor.

    • you take one comment out of context – that Says more about you than Myiq. It indicates that you are too lazy to read what has been written here, and are too hidebound to understand satire and self deprecation. Oh, and I love your webstite, seems to be the standard website for all the denizens of Stupidpumas and Wonkette denizens.

      Myiq, if this is the measure of your detractors, you have nothing to worry about at all.

    • Yes, Rhonda, we’ve seen it before. We have made plenty of jokes about “postmenopausal, deadender, bitter old women” too. Guess why? Because that’s what we were called by Obots like you. Now why don’t you get a life of your own and stop obsessing about us?

    • *yawn* That all ya got?

      heck, we all had raunchy things to say about ourselves, Hillary, Big Dawg, and multiple other people all through the primaries.

      And I still have dibs on Big Dawg, y’all. Hands off.

  74. I think you’ve made mistakes and said some dumb things that have offended me, but this is a refreshing post from you. We’ve all made mistakes. Last year was a terrible experience for most of us.

    The Obots should focus their energies on issues like illegal surveillance and a crappy economic plan coming from their big kissy sweetheart, instead of staying obsessed with PUMAS–PUMAS who were generally right in their criticisms of Obama, which is being proven today, unfortunately. Tbogg is still kissing BO’s butt but Tbogg is still in high school trying to desperately to impress the cool girl, Jane Hamsher. Arrested development at Firedoglake. I can’t look at Digby the same way anymore. Jeralyn Merrit proved as shallow as they come. Look at her posts now–Hollywood gossip, mostly. I can’t even mention that unshaven ass on Talking Points Memo, what a sexist oinker he turned out to be, eh? It’s been a rough ride all around. Lots of people embarrassed themselves.

    My advice: say what you have to say but think before you click the post button. Sometimes it’s good to sleep on a post and look at it the next morning. I screw up on my blog all the time but fortunately for me nobody reads it so I get away with it.

    • Hæ, hæ! And I remember JM live blogging MO on the View! How embarrassing is that! It was embarrassing.

  75. Wow..I wish I had the passion to be a blog stalker. To care enough about another opinion to actually get personally upset and offended and feel that i needed to reprimand and “ fix things” with my ranting and raving….
    Really… I do wish I had that type of passion and dedication…
    Keep doing what your doing. If nothing else…. they make for greater amusement.

  76. I’m in excellent company, because we all understand the true nature of politics and refuse to be taken in so easily by wannabe political rockstars.

    We saw what Bush was doing; we raised our voices in objection along with 95% of the rest of our liberal brothers, or at least libertarians who believe in protecting the Constitution and freedoms.

    We agreed on retro-FISA immunity laws; we yelled about the “patriot” Act; we yelled about the mismanagement of the war in iraq, and how we shouldn’t be there in the first place. We opposed the Military Commission Act (2006), which is disgusting, and a blatant abuse of American rights.

    I do NOT want to hear from any ObamaBushBot about how much good he’s done. I have news for you: ANY Dem president would have removed the ban from stem cell research; ANY Dem would have banned torture, etc. Uhbama has not done anything brave in the name of the Progressive movement; he’s just done easy things.

    On things like retro-FISA immunity for telcoms, he voted Bush-like; has he made any attempt to pull back the Patriot Act(s)? MCA06? Improved “don’t ask don’t tell”?


    And guess what? It has nothing to do with the fact it’s only April. He won’t ever, because he has no ideological center.

  77. This comment was posted at Klownhaus but I want everyone to see it

    ulla the perky pink rose Says:
    April 8, 2009 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    Since you take the coward’s tactic of editing comments you don’t like, I’m taking a screenshot of my comment.

    A man who thinks it funny to post a picture of a witch crashed into a tree with the caption “My ex-wife injured in accident” and the sentiment “I was heartbroken to learn she will recover” is hardly in a position to complain about somebody else posting pictures of expired pumas. No actual woman was harmed in the first instance, and no particular woman was threatened.

    Your ex, OTOH, no doubt saw your little joke, and whatever may have happened, you aimed a blow at a living, particular woman, and it no doubt found its mark. Congrats.

    It is your hypocrisy that earns you the most contempt, calling other people misogynists while you pull crap far, far worse.

    And here’s the link to your Confluence post about your ex:https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/my-ex-wife-injured-in-accident/

    Some big feminist. Want to blame the patriarchy again?

    I hope for Ulla’s sake that he/she didn’t spend a lot of money on a college degree.

    • what she didn’t mention that a few of us yelled at you for it, you apologized and took it down?

      So, she has the measuring tape now that says practically perfect in every way? She never makes misjudgments?

      • I remember all the bruhaha over that pic, but don’t remember it being taken down? Didn’t offend me. I was rather impressed by all these Halloween displays and found them both amusing and creative/imaginative.

      • I remember some people (none of whom IIRC, were TC regulars) getting their knickers twisted about it, but I never took it down nor did I apologize.

        I ain’t gonna apologize either. The only thing I’m sorry about is that they don’t have a sense of humor.

        If someone didn’t think it was funny there’s nothing I can do about that. But anyone who gets offended by something like that picture needs to get a grip.

        As far as some people are concerned I’m genetically disqualified from being a feminist so nothing I ever do is gonna be good enough anyway.

        BTW – That picture has been floating around the intertoobz for years. The person who designed the Halloween display lacks a Y chromosome.so maybe it isn’t genetic.

    • That was back in what, October? It was discussed at length back then. As was proper. I doubt if any of myiq’s ex-wives were either surprised or intimidated. But why Bring It Up now?

      Is she saying it’s okay for an anonymous person to send a picture of a dead Puma to a blog? I missed the particulars of exactly what happened, but this sounds chilling.

  78. […] Disturbed and Pathetic The PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers are burning me in effigy (again) because I hurt their tender feelings (again.)  There […] […]

  79. I can understand being passionate about an issue or a candidate or a situation….but not about an anonymous blogger.

    I’m afraid I would not be a very good target, since my reaction would definitely not register the required hurt. I just consider personal attacks to reflect the attacker, not me.

    There are a lot of grumpy folks around the world. 🙂

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