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Sunday Evening Open Thread

News from a land down under:

THE bra market is expanding, literally. Up to 40 per cent of Australian women now buy bras with a cup size of DD or higher, new figures from lingerie suppliers show.

In the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B – three sizes less than a DD.

Modern breasts are getting so large that some bra companies have introduced cup sizes as high as K, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Up to 60% of Australian women can crush a Fosters beer can on their forehead.

What’s on your mind?

(just kidding about the beer can thingie)

46 Responses

  1. Traveling in a fried-out combie
    On a hippie trail, head full of zombie


    • Combie is a VW van, hippie trail (Based on the famed original trail when thousands of free spirited westerners headed east in search of adventure, enlightenment and a better world), head full of zombie (they were possibly high).

      Some how I think you already knew this…

      • Head full of Zombie – Zombie was a particularly strong batch of marijuana which was floating around Australia for a long time. People called it “Zombie Grass.”

        Just to stick with the Aussie slang. We’ve got a particularly vicious short term software project with a drop dead date of Apr 23rd starting tomorrow. From go to whoa, my team is gonna be flat out like a lizard drinking.

  2. (Feel free to skip this comment)

    The popularity of breast enhancement surgery made life much easier for me. Up through the mid-1980s it was MUCH harder for me to find blouses that were big enough (It’s like all blouses were made for 98 pound stick insects). I used to have to buy extra large. But, they wouldn’t fit right across my shoulders or back.

    But, NOW that every girl is supposed to have big boobs — life’s a breeze.

    • Some of us stick insects still refuse to get artifical breasts.

      • My marathon running GF would trade for an “A’ in a heart beat.

      • 5 kids later I wish I still had my smaller breast size. Gravity and time are not kind to the “girls” and I am not a huge fan of bras.

    • I think a lot of it has to do with hormones in the milk.

      • I think so too. And also a fat-laden diet in general. High fat diets create more estrogen – thus you get young girls developing much more quickly, larger breasts, earier menses, etc.

      • estrogen added to chicken feed to get the chickens to market faster.

        It happened here, too. Some two decades ago they were talking about American teenage girls developing faster and bigger, and they blamed the chickens.

    • A doctor would need rebar to reconstruct my tatas in any meaningful way. ((( sigh ))

  3. http://www.geo.tv/4-5-2009/39109.htm

    “BANNU: Some unidentified miscreants have blasted with explosives a girls’ school in the town here.”


    The news is depressing again, gays are being killed in Iraq and some miscreants are trying to prevent girls from attending school in Pakistan.

    • Meanwhile here at home:

      The FBI suspects that serial killers working as long-haul truckers are responsible for the slayings of hundreds of prostitutes, hitchhikers and stranded motorists whose bodies have been dumped near highways over the last three decades.

      • The map that goes along with that story is chilling.

      • God awful. How can we complain about how women are treated in other parts of the world, when it is open season on women in the US.

        Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Horrible, but necessary, to read.

      • This is all to frightening.

    • That is awful and I suspect that the killings will only increase with the cover of calling them ‘MODERATE TALIBAN’…(no such thing).

    • Link to the CNN video (not sure if this was covered this weekend, I haven’t caught up with all the posts).

  4. I’ve always preferred the 98 pound stick insects, and I find fake boobs gross.

  5. Three words: The Town Shop.

  6. Hillary is 44’s latest blog post on Obama’s European vacation http://www.hillaryis44.org/2009/04/05/world-leaders-and-north-korea-to-barack-obama-sucker/
    Looks like the American media is covering his ass again by focusing on his wife’s outfits instead of his insults, gaffes, and failure to get any European leaders to help him out on the economy or Afghanistan…

  7. Do they give the cows in Oz extra bST.

  8. I notice that Mandos is being particularly annoying to the “C” bloggers again. I wonder why they don’t just ban trolls like we do? It’s so much quicker and more efficent than arguing with them.

    • Lambert seems to be adopting my view of Mandos:

      I’m hard pressed to understand why, prospectively or retrospectively, the paragraph that begins “I find it very difficult …” is true. In fact, I can’t even figure out what it means.

    • I just looked at that, isn’t he considered a front pager over there?

      And also, amid all that hooplah, I’d just like to say we’ve been on top of the economics situation since fall. Only one person in one post mentioned we were hooked in on that.

      • He isn’t listed as a “fellow,” or whatever they call themselves.

  9. An Obot who gives Obama a B+ but at least gives Hillary an A:

  10. It’s funny because many of the Obots are claiming Obama is a disaster on domestic policy but at least has foreign policy right. Uh he picked Hill to work on his foreign policy team. Is it any surprise it has had a fair amount of success?

    • yeah, he’s just going over and being Prince Charming (but not sincere) while SOS does all the hard work. How can they claim victory for that?

  11. Up to 60% of Australian women can crush a Fosters beer can on their forehead.

    Myiq — only you could come up with this kind of bizarre trivia.

  12. spring break starts on friday, i’m so glad about that

  13. I posted a serious thread if you’re interested. A few things we were talking about on the last one about the bank bailout.

    • Yikes. I hope the HPV vaccine is effective for this as well.

      I’m not surprised though. On several occasions we’ve had patients with persistent throat infections, that when we cultured it turned out to be not strep (as they suspected), but gonorrhea. Boy, were they surprised! Oral sex is not risk-free.

  14. From The Telegraph:

    His speeches have long under-delivered, usually leaving a faintly empty sensation in this listener even though I welcomed, moderately, his victory last year as offering the possibility of a fresh start and a boost to confidence.

    Yet, we are told that he is a great orator and in one way he certainly is. He does have a preternatural calm in the spotlight and a mastery of the cadences we associate with the notable speakers in US history – such as JFK and MLK. But beyond that, am I alone in finding him increasingly to be something of a bore?


  15. Did you notice that the author of this article in the Telegraph noticed that everything Oblahblah says eventually leads back to Oblahblah?

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