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This is f**ked-up (UPDATED)

(WARNING – you may find this video disturbing)

These are the “good” Talibanis inside our close ally and nuclear weapon-possessing Pakistan.  The 17 year old girl was allegedly guilty of infidelity.

Why are people living in the 14th Century using cell phone technology?



From the Guardian:

The Pakistani government has ordered an inquiry into the flogging of a 17-year-old woman by Taliban militants in the troubled Swat valley, after public outrage triggered by shocking video footage of the punishment.

The images, played yesterday on private television channels, show a burka-clad woman being pinned to the ground by two men while a third whips her backside 34 times. The woman is seen screaming and begging for mercy as a crowd of largely silent men look on. She is accused of having had an illegal sexual relationship, according to local law. Her brother is among those restraining her.

President Asif Ali Zardari led a wave of public condemnation, and ordered the arrest of the perpetrators. Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani termed it “shocking” and called for an immediate inquiry. At the supreme court, the newly reinstated chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, summoned officials to a hearing scheduled for Monday to investigate the incident.

“Our constitution allows no space for such public brutality, and our civilisation and culture have no tolerance for it either,” said Sherry Rehman, a former information minister.

But the talk of arrests and inquiries are unlikely to amount to much. The Pakistan government’s writ has all but collapsed in Swat, where armed militants loyal to a hardline preacher named Maulana Fazlullah have taken control. The teenage woman was flogged in Kabbal, a remote district where Taliban rule is the law. An order by the chief justice to produce the woman in Islamabad next Monday is unlikely to be heeded.

Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesman, defended the punishment as appropriate under Islamic law, but said it should have been applied by a pre-pubescent boy in a private setting. “She had to be punished,” he told Geo News. “The punishment administered by local Taliban was in our knowledge and they did the right thing, but the method was wrong.”

That assertion was challenged by Islamic scholars who appeared on television chat shows throughout the day, often in between clips of outraged comments from ordinary Pakistanis. Harsh punishments such as flogging and stoning are considered to have been imported from the Middle East, and at odds with the milder version of Islam that is indigenous to South Asia.

61 Responses

  1. I want these guys hog tied and ball gaged face up on the ground and a large steam roller run over them.

    If they survive the “first test” then I want them taken up to a very hig cliff 2000 meters should do, in the Hindu Kush, and pushed off it again hod tied and ball gaged!

    if they survive this “second test” they then must survive the final test where they will be again hog tied and ball gaged taken up ito about 15000 meters and dropped out if a C-5 aircraft…I

    f they survive the final test they get to live after undergoing a forced sex change operation and an arranged marriage with a village chieftan on a high script of viagra!

    oh hell just shoot them in the back of the head and be done with it!

  2. this is sick…I have no compassion for these evil men! thay and ther morally bankrupt religion must come to an end!

  3. These are the “moderate” fuckers that Obama thinks we can certainly negotiate with and have a good relationship with.

    I am so angry I could spit and so saddened I could vomit.

    This kind of behavior needs to be fucking CONDEMNED and DESTROYED and called what it is – criminal inhuman barbarism.

    No, not all muslims believe or practice this way – very few do. But the ones who do keep hiding behind the skirts of “religion” , and the world falls all over themselves to avoid offending their “customs. It needs to fucking STOP.

    As Hillary said long ago This is not custom. This is not culture. This is criminal.

  4. This is very difficult to watch. Sobering.

  5. Her “infidelity” was that she refused the advances of that sick animal beating her. Then she was seen standing with her another male relative outside her house. What is scary is that these savages have been supported by the Pakistani intelligence over the years and now they are back – not only in Afghanistan but in Pakistan too where they have been given the freedom to do what they want in that Swat region by the Pakistani government no less. It’s frightening how quickly that country is going to seed..

    • If she had actually had sex they probably would have executed her.

      Why don’t they ever punish the men???

      (that’s a rhetorical question – I know the answer)

  6. This makes me want these fuckers bombed back to the 14th century. This is the 21st century for god’s sakes.
    Assholes. There is no excuse for this. None. No amount of cultural sensitivity will ever make accept holding a woman down and beati g her till she screams for what probably amounts to flirting. Even if she was the town whore, she wouldn’t deserve this.
    This tribal shit has got to stop. It’s inhumane.

    • Yep. It’s stuff like this that overwhelms my peacenik side, and makes me want to bomb the fuckers to the stoneage.

      I know, I know, not a measured or practical response. But damn, it makes me want to. People like the man doing that beating are not going to be educated out of their barbarism. They need to be removed from the planet.

      • Like they said about bombing Afganistan back to the stone age after 9/11 – it’s a short trip.

        • I want to turn every taliban stronghold into beaded glass the kind that is radioactive annd glows in the dark….The world is better off without them!

          sorry just how I feel!

    • There is no excuse for this. There were people in the 14th century in some parts of the world who still had the good sense not to do this to their own people. Cavemen had more f*%#ing sense than these guys.

      It’s even more disgusting to see these neanderthals use 21st century man made technology while acting like wild animals.

  7. BTW, I also think that any woman who wants to leave that country should be given an immediate priority visa and military escort, no questions asked.

  8. This reminds us how helpless we are to help these poor women unless we take our rightful place in society here. 51%. 51% 51%.

  9. And they have destroyed over a hundred girl schools as well. This is nothing but evil personified.


  10. Are we helpless? What can we do?

    • We need more women leaders everywhere!

      • i agree. But we can’t wait in the meantime. I’m going to follow the advice below and call my Reps and The State Dept. And I’ll write the President.

      • Someone tell me the circumstances in which a sex phone number was given out as the State Dept.’s number, please.

    • Well, FWIW I plan to make some phone calls tomorrow to my elected officials, and also the State Dept, demanding a strong response from the US.

      • excellent idea.

        • If there are enough calls, perhaps that gives Hill the cover/clout she needs to pressure Obama.

          US STATE DEPT # IS


        • That’s still in process. Give her some time.

          But now that you mention it, I’m adding that to my writing and phone call list! Actually, I think if enough of us protest those proposed laws we may stand a chance at stopping them. They have NOT become law yet and international pressure is mounting. I heard on the BBC this morning that Canada is leading the charge against this.

          That’s right. Canada.

          • And let’s remember the woman who was recently beheaded by her husband in the U.S (New York??). What’s happening with that case?

            This despicable treatment of women around to world has got to stop, but let’s not forget that it’s happening right here under our noses.

        • I’m appalled that there hasn’t been a strong response from State. This is beyond politics.

          • Well, Hillary did make a statement:

            At a press conference after the meeting, Clinton made clear US
            displeasure at the apparent backsliding on women’s rights.
            “This is an area of absolute concern for the United States. My
            message is very clear. Women’s rights are a central part of the
            foreign policy of the Obama administration,” she said.


  11. how does this sound:

    Today in Iowa the Heartland proves It has a Heart….the right for Civil Marriage Is Extended to Gay and Lesbian Couples!

    Often doing the right thing is hard and at first violently opposed eventually it is tollerated and finally it is seen as normal and even expected in civil society!

    What the Supreme Court in Iowa did today was its job the ruling was beautifully written!

    As a Son of Iowa and the Great Great Nephew of an Iowan Judge the Honorable Daniel Maguire….I am proud of the Judges of Iowa!

    When the legistature is to cowardly or unable to extend or enforce the nobel rights of equality and equal protection of the law then it is the duty of the courts to provide that just redress to the opressed.

    in this case the courts did there job and did it well!

  12. Before we point fingers I would like to point out that Pakistan is a nation that had a woman as Prime Minister.

    That puts them ahead of us in some respects.

    (hangs head in shame)

    • As Alanis says…isn’t it ironic?

      • SOD the funny thing about that Alanis song is all those things she says are “Ironic” are actually not “Ironic” but actually unfortunate…..LOL

        Myiq2xu…please release me from moderation….

    • Yes, and the likes of these ‘MODERATE’ Taliban assassinated Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. To me saying moderate Taliban is like claiming to see Big Foot! The both don’t exist!

  13. myiq2xu-seems they have taken ten steps back since then!

    Islam when practiced in a fundamentalist way is plain evil we need to seperate the sheep from the goats here and cull the heard so to speak….

    I want to get a whole stadium of PUMA Women and bring in the these woman haters a few at a time and say…

    OK ladies a new pair of manolos and a $10,000 gift certificate to bergdorf goodmans to the first one to bring us one of these guys balls! and dont worry ladies we got another 10000 groups of these guys comming if you dont win the first time!

    • I just don’t think we deserve to feel morally superior to Pakistan because we aren’t as bad as they are.

      Physician heal thyself and all that.

      • I understand the US may not be morally superior to Pakistan but the PUMA movement is!


      • We have a long way to go – but in most areas of the US, those guys would do jail time and someone would help the woman. It is NOT socially acceptable to flog a woman in public.

        Interesting that it’s not okay for her to “show herself,” but it’s okay for them display and flog her in public. To make matters worse, I understand one of those, um, “individuals” restraining her was her brother.

        I wish I could go over there and bring all of the women home with me.

  14. oops in moderation….spammy hates me again!

  15. Women need to come together – we are still separated by race, creed, sexual orientation, etc – we are WOMEN – we need to all look out for each other – until we realize that when we support women we support everyone we are scr@wed.

    Yes, wmcb – we are 51% of the population but we don’t act it.

  16. we could broadcast it on TV and make it a sporting event like Ultimate Fight Challange and Roller Derby!

    • Oh, I’d love to put the men in that video alone in a room with me and some of my sisters.

      • me to I could make a mint and we could all retire on the Pay Per View Royalties!

        RD SOD BB Angie and WMCB wouldnt that be mnice to retire on money made of Chauvanistic Pigs getting there come upance!

  17. If you remember a while back we had the converesation about the importance of getting at least 30% women in the legislature – that is the tipping point – once we have at least 30% we can begin to make things happen and see change.

  18. You know — having 51% is no guarantee that women’s lives would change. America is made up of what 52% and what has that done for us?

    How many women turned their backs on women every single day. Our very own NAARAL endorsed Obama before the primary was over.

    We need people to stand up and say ENOUGH. Until that happens …… you’ll keep seeing these type of videos. I am sure this is mild to what really happens.

    • simofish these guys just suck….and they should all be castrated in my opinion and forced into burkas and married off to some of thoise guys from OZ!

      • oh, OZ !! Naughty boys!!

        I think those men and the men / women who chain up girls to beds in Asia and use them as sex slaves. Pedophiles are no better!!

        Send them all to OZ !!

    • that is exactly my point simo – women are so disparate that we can’t achieve the basics. We need to come together.

      • it’s my understanding that all women, regardless of parties, voted Yea on the Lilly Ledbetter.

  19. As long as we need the oil, as long as we quietly support poppy growing as a economic system, as long as there is money to be exchanged for favors granted, nothing will change over there. As long as we continue to view the lack of tolerance as “religion then this will continue for ages to come. The mindset is mired in religious fervor which has been sworn into civil law. It is taught early and practiced unabated and women, along with any other group they deem “inferior” will be at the mercy of these crazies.

    I cannot even watch that video without suffering my own murderous impulses. These people are nothing short of insane.

  20. Obama is going to make Bush Sr’s throwing up all over the Japanese Prime MInister look like a “tribute”.

  21. New (open) thread

  22. i hate these pricks that hit women to me thet are all cowards …. & it dosent matter who they are or were they are from any man that hit or abuses a women is a cowards in my book….

  23. what stops women from creating a mercenary military and putting a few rounds through the brains of every “taliban” male in the ME?
    IF our government doesn’t value women, and it doesn’t and the democratic party least of all do we just sit complacently and wait for men to deal with this?
    Please, they only grudgingly support Choice and then will throw that under the bus to put some schmuck like Bob Casey in office.
    I am fed up

  24. Maybe these gooder than thou cowards are actually getting their jollies off of beating this girl. The “good” thing maybe that she wasn’t stoned to death or killed off in the name of protecting the family name.

    What can we do ? How is that different from our own nice American men beating up wives, girlfriends, mothers, etc The only difference is that these morons are doing that in public in the name of teaching her a lesson. American men do it in private.

    Just saying…

    • because it this country it is illegal and mean go to jail for this. It is not acceptable practice or part of any religion except perhaps Islam.


  26. Independent UK on NATO, Obama and Afghanistan:

    Most European Nato members will be able to sign up to this. Whether they will be willing to help to foot the bill in these austere times is a separate issue. As the outgoing Nato Secretary-General said yesterday, some Europeans may also be deterred from helping if the Kabul government approves a new law that could curb civil rights, especially the rights of women.

    His warning gets to the heart of a dilemma that will be posed more frequently, if – as some believe it must – Nato operates more “out of area”. How far should a Western, and Western-funded, alliance shore up regimes whose authority may depend on professing very different values?


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