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Inside the U.S. Treasury

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay it back.  (Your grandchildren will get stuck with the tab)

From McClatchy News:

Welcome to life in Mendota — the unemployment capital of California. With a 41 percent jobless rate, the town’s social fabric is tearing at the seams. Alcoholism and crime are on the rise. To save money, some mothers wash and re-use disposable diapers. Unemployed men with nothing to do wander the streets and sit on benches.

Why did I bring that up?  Because Mendota listings are in my local phone book.

42 Responses

  1. I fear that it is only going to get worse.

  2. Hi Myiq7x7- I just remembered this jukebox (courtesy of taggles) take a look at what your mom and pop were listening to, when you were conceived!!!!


  3. Prospect of Barack Obama show causes UK to clear its decks

    details of the Obama entourage:


    • Whoa. 500 person entourage? Isn’t this a bit excessive in these hard times?

      Let them eat waffles!

    • It’s so incredibly excessive and crass. A $300,000 limosine? No human being including Jesus needs a $300,000 limo – especially to a country like the UK. You’d think he was going into Kabul or something. In this economy, we don’t need a celebrity president who acts more like a diva than a leader.

      • Personally, I have no problem with extensive (and expensive) security precautions for the POTUS. I’m party neutral on that one. They’ve all had that, and it’s justified IMHO.

        • Did seriously all the presidents in the last 20 years have a 500 person entourage and a $300,000 limo for the G-20 Summit?

          • Not sure. Don’t think so. I do have a problem with the entourage, but I have no big problem with the president having the limo itself – that’s pretty standard.

            Whether he needs to take it to London is another story. If there were known security risks, maybe so. Or maybe not. I’m just saying that where POTUS security is concerned (not the entourage and the basketball coach,etc), I tend to err on the side of “keep the POTUS safe”, no matter if it is one I despise.

      • Vivienne westwood (our German, London correspondent, said she heard on the radio in the UK, this morning, that Obama was bringing his basketball coach with him. …

    • I found this comment interesting “And Obama’s personal aide Reggie Love – called by the president “the kid brother I never had” ”

      Guess Obama forgot he already has a younger half brother who is currently sick with cholera !!!

      Did I misread or is the 500 entourage not include the 200 security personnel?

  4. http://www.comedycentral.com

    Jon Stewart couldn’t resist the new government sponsored auto sales event and warranty back up plan.

    • oops, forgot to say the video is from noquarter.

    • OH.MY.GOD.
      I died laughing from that video.
      You know that car commercial was in our area — laughed my head off when I saw it last year. But the BO footage is priceless.

    • OH.MY.GOD.
      I died laughing from that video.
      You know that car commercial was in our area — laughed my head off when I saw it last year. But the BO footage is priceless.

    • This takes us to Steven Colbert and the space station.

  5. That story about Mendota is heartbreaking. But that’s the way it will be everywhere when Obama and the banksters are finished looting the country.

    • This line from the article “They blame the dry weather and federal environmental laws — meant to protect endangered species of fish — that have severely restricted how much water can flow into the west side.” says a lot.

      Right now out in Iowa the environmentalist are bitching about the “dust” during harvest and are trying to figure out how to make the farmers pay for that dust. They also want to tax the farmers $100.00 per head for cattle and sheep because when they belch it lets out methane gas.

      Give me an f’ing break. You can’t plant crops without dirt – their will be dust. Animals belch – get over it.

      I digress — those Fish. WTF are the fish going to do? They will swim and die – that’s it. So, now people must suffer so the fish can swim. Sometimes I think we go a little overboard. What’s the real story behind the water / fish? Is there one? The dinosaurs died for a reason.

      • I guess the fish are more important than *certain* people. I don’t know who makes those decisions….

        • Well, conservation is another area where one can’t have sane discussions in this country. One is either a tree-hugging moonbat, or a nasty environmental rapist, with NO middle ground allowed into the discussion.

          • I think it’s perfectly ok to dicuss saving the environment. Put lets do it in a way that makes sense. Cows / sheep belch – it’s a fact of life. Crops are planted in the dirt – there will be dust. We can’t pave the world. In fact I think there is too much concrete but that’s just my opinion.

            Can’t we try to stop the dumping of pollution by our very own NAVY into the Ocean — put our resources there instead of trying to control the natural belching of an animal?

    • Australian PM Kevin Rudd, speaking with Gordon Brown at St Paul’s Cathedral:

      Echoing Brown’s pledge to the poor, Rudd said the World Bank had advised that an extra 53 million people would be trapped in poverty this year alone as a result of the crisis and that 200,000 to 400,000 children per year might die from 2009 onwards if the crisis persists.

      “These are the human costs of the economic crisis. Each and every one of them is a human face.”

      from-“Stop behaving recklessly, Gordon Brown tells bankers”


  6. http://blogs.abcnews.com/george/2009/03/caught-my-eye-t.html

    “The watchdog for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the government’s financial rescue plan, said today that the Treasury Department has not been cooperating with oversight efforts up to this point.

    “We do not seem to be a priority for the Treasury Department,” the Congressional Oversight Panel’s Elizabeth Warren told a Senate Finance Committee hearing today.

    “We have sent letters. We have requested that there be someone named so that we can get technical information. And so far, we have not been a first priority,” Warren said. “We use what you give us, and we will exercise the leverage given to us by Congress. In part, that’s why I’m here today. I’m here to talk to you about what’s happened so far, what we have discovered so far, the inquiries that we have in mid-stream and for which we continue to await responses.”

    Warren, visibly frustrated with a lack of cooperation from the administration, emphasized, “This problem starts with Treasury.””

  7. http://theplumline.whorunsgov.com/economy/nominee-for-treasurys-number-two-helped-draft-legislation-deregulating-banks/

    “… nominee for number two at the Treasury Department, Neal Wolin, played a key role in drafting legislation in the late 1990s deregulating the banking system, a former Treasury Department official confirms to us.

    The law that Wolin helped draft has been blamed by some critics, many of them Democrats, for easing up regulatory pressure on huge financial institutions, tangentially helping create today’s mess — and his role drafting it could come under questioning at his upcoming confirmation hearings.”

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this earlier.

    • Oh, goody! Sam, have you ever thought about writing for this or another blog? You seem to be a terrific researcher.

      • Thanks for the compliment, for now I’m very content researching.

        • Well, I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your links. I’ll give you credit–I did yesterday, did you notice?

    • sam sam sam, don’t you see, it’s 11th dimensional chess! He has a secret plan that whereby continually hiring the architects of the disaster will avert disaster.

    • Hasn’t Bernie Sanders blocked that asshat’s nomination? If it weren’t for Sanders, and maybe Feingold, there’d be no one in Congress worth spitting on.

  8. Not to minimize the issue, but if people are re-washing disposable diapers to save money, why don’t they just buy some regular cloth diapers? Disposables can only be rewashed a few times, whereas cloth diapers last much longer.

    Makes a lot more sense, don’t you think?

    But still, my heart goes out

    • I thought that too!!!

    • me too, they could even just make their own cloth diapers — still my heart goes out to these people

    • One of my favorite subjects — I’ve put 3 kids in cloth diapers and I love them (the diapers and the kids). However, the “start up” costs for cloth diapers are pretty high. Plus if you don’t have your own washer and dryer I think it would be logistically quite difficult. (And would a laundromat even allow you to wash dirty diapers in their machines?)

  9. Hat tip to Sid Haig…. Somebody had to(sigh)

  10. The best part of that South Park episode in addition to the crazy cult that worshiped the economy was the ending. After Kyle saves the say by using his credit card to take on everyone’s debt so they’ll shop again, the news report says the local economy has turned around, and we have one person to think for it….. Obama. Then Kyle screams “Oh Come On”. Great. That was two South Park’s in a row that took a hit at Obama.

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