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Franz Kafka International Named Most Alienating Airport

Break out of ennui and use this an an open thread. Feel free to post Kafkaesqe, terrifying, alienating links or otherwise comment on the meaningless nightmarish quality of human existence.

71 Responses

  1. Kafka quotes:

    I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy.

    In the fight between you and the world, back the world.

    A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die.

  2. Our decompensating friend must be a Kafka disciple.

  3. “It could be just another April Fool’s joke, but just in case, security experts are warning Microsoft Windows users that the creators of the Conficker computer worm may launch a new campaign tomorrow to infect as many PCs as possible with their malicious software. This third generation of Conficker—the worm has been on the loose since November and has infected nearly 15 million computers—is expected to use new methods of spreading that security pros have yet to completely block”
    The worm has already infected the French Navy computer network Intramar, U.K. Ministry of Defense and Great Britain’s House of Commons, among others. Like a computer virus, a worm is a software program that can travel over a network and enter a computer through a flaw in that computer’s software or operating system. Unlike a virus, a worm can automatically copy itself from one computer to another.


    • I have yet to see a virus alert that turned out to be a real problem.

      If they know that much about the virus they can stop it.

      It’s the unknown virus that is dangerous.

    • In keeping with the Kafka theme, perhaps the “worm” will wake up tomorrow in the form of a giant cockroach.

  4. Did anyone watch the video? I thought it was hilarious.

    • At least it’s not Sartre International Airport, then there would be No Exits.

      • LOL!

        Did you ever read Metamorphosis? I was a depressed teenager.

        I liked the joke at the end about Dostoevsky too.

        • yeah, I actually have the complete kafka, got it in college, go figure

        • If you get really stoned, I’d recommend Investigations of a Dog.

          “Now one might say: “You complain about your fellow dogs, about their silence on crucial questions; you assert that they know more than they admit, more than they will allow to be valid, and that this silence, the mysterious reasons for which is also, of course, tacitly concealed, poisons existence and makes it unendurable for you, so that you must either alter it or have done with it; that may be; but you are yourself a dog, you have also the dog knowledge; well, bring it out, not merely in the form of a question, but as an answer. If you utter it, who will think of opposing you? The great choir of dogdom will join in as if it had been waiting for you.”

          • Wow, I’m not familiar with that one. Did you ever read Dostevsky’s “Notes from the Underground?” Now that was wild and wacky!

          • yup, i spent my senior year in high school in Russian Angst. I think the movie Nicholas and Alexandra came out and I dove into him and a bunch of Russians. I took a Russian history then and then as a freshman took Russian History and a Russian class. I was playing tons of Stravinsky too. Went completely overboard on it as I’m wont to do …

      • Would you want to fly out of JFK Jr. International?

      • Last airport I visited was Waiting For Godot.

      • now that is a funny remark. but you do get your own couch.

  5. “L’etat c’est moi.” Working title for the upcoming O-biomusical, with supporting cast of thousands, chorus lines without number. Ideas for musical numbers are hereby solicited.

  6. Happy birthday myiq–did you have a nice day?

  7. (Waving) I watched it, I watched — I thought it was hilarious!

  8. I was watching CNN earlier and there was a long segment on how Europe loves Michelle Obama. Do you think Barack will be jealous? He does hold grudges.

  9. Ah, how appropriate that this thread provides a platform for Act II of my Kafkaesque day. I was layed off from my job along with 18 other poor slobs. I, the hard working, diligent employee, am relieved of my duties over the slouches that sit at computers facebooking, googling and buying online all day. 10 long years of service.

    Now I pound the pavement in a decimated job market trying to make sense of how the hell we got here.

  10. Someone in London made up a fake Financial Times and distributed 10,000 copies.


  11. Thank you for the kind sentiments. I’m so lucky I can come here and let go.

    I pray I can squeeze my already voluminous resume onto one page and squeeze my aging body into the “interview” suit. Oy fuc*in vey.

    Maybe they need more ticket takers at the Franz Kafka Airport.

  12. Now I am depressed. BO’s approval ratings are actually inching up again, according to RCP. How can this be??? How???

    • spring fever?

    • If BO’s numbers are up it’s only because they :
      1. Totally made the numbers up.
      2. only surveyed Obama supporters.
      3. intimidated those voting.
      4. ACORN provided the information.
      5. Obama insisted that the MSM report things his way, to hell with the truth, what does the truth have to do with anything anyway.

      • Answer: All of the above.

      • Actually, your no. 5 comes closest to my best guess: the media have declared Obama permanently off limits to all but the mildest remonstrances. Why? Who the hell knows? I do know that the San Antonio paper, after showing some signs of integrity last year, has all but abandoned any mission other than making sure most of the comic strips and horoscopes remain in place. As for the Austin paper, it has gone from serving as Obama wallpaper to maintaining a discreet silence re national politics.

        You know, if it weren’t for the ‘Net, I’d be more than half mad by now. Just about the only place I see strong dissent re The One’s frequent insanity and incompetence is in reader comments all over the place, even on the NYTimes site now. The assumption is that these commenters are ferreting out actual news online. As for the non-Net masses…I don’t know, what are they doing? Why can’t they connect at least a few of the dots, in spite of the MSM? Why was I born? Why am I living? Oh, hell.

      • 6. Stole #s from other candidates and added them to BO’s.

  13. New thread up

    (I just had to – it’s MY BIRTHDAY)

  14. BB, the “Franz Kafka International Named Most Alienating Airport” vid was screamingly funny . Thank you!

  15. The video was excellent!!!!! And so good to see B Batista as anchor on ONN!! The Onion is brilliant. And Batista was the last CNN anchor (or any other station’s newsreporter) that I respected. So good to see her and the Onion doing the news. Too funny.

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