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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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The He-Man Woman Haters Ride Again!


Misogyny never dies.  From Greg Sargent:

Is the Rush Limbaugh strategy giving way to the Sarah Palin strategy?

Multiple Democratic strategists say the party plans to increasingly elevate Palin in the same manner it has employed Rush for weeks, using her high-visibility, her social conservatism, and memories of her harsh attacks on Obama during the campaign to tar the GOP as partisan, obstructionist, and backward-looking.

James Carville, a key architect of the Limbaugh strategy, says Dems will be seeking to elevate Palin more and more, because she’s “an identifiable person who has a hook,” unlike GOP leaders like Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell.

“Her name conjures up all kinds of reactions in people’s minds,” Carville told me, adding that her association with the campaign will be used to portray the GOP as hidebound and to alienate moderates. “She’s an uncomfortable figure for a lot of Republicans,” Carville says. “They want to move beyond her. We like her.”

“Luckily, she seems to present us with an opportunity every few days,” added a senior Dem strategist. “You could say it’s a turkey shoot.”

I guess this is part of the neverending campaign.  Obama needs to run against somebody so he can tear them down to make himself look good.  But Rush was apparently too tough for Teh Precious so he’s gonna try beating up on a woman instead.  Last time I checked the strategery of targeting the Big Fat Idiot only succeeded in pushing Limbaugh’s ratings through the roof. 

Let’s hope this plan is equally successful.


126 Responses

  1. I never understood why they were so dismissive of palin, when they know damn well they need her, the hopey changey movement is powered off misogyny. Without her, they’re sunk except on the off chance they can tap into some other form of hate that’s just as resonant. Just ageism and classism probably aren’t enough to power their little hearts.

    • Ironically they kept saying that they wanted her to go away but they won’t leave her alone.

      • Why, oh why, has Carville turned into such a slime? Or was he always one, and the war room simply gave him adequate camouflage?

        • I think it’s we, not Carville who have changed. The cruel and blatant misogyny that we witnessed during the primaries and the GE opened our eyes, removed the scales. Carville has been a pig forever — and Stephanopoulos and Dean and Pelose and Brazile. We just didn’t see it until they began to attack their own — Hillary, and her supporters.

  2. Lesson learned during the primaries and general = it’s easier to beat up on a girl, because enough people still hold sexists attitudes.

    As an aside, it’s funny that they laughed at Palin for saying from part of Alaska you could see Russia, and now there’s been some type of news about Russia developing an Arctic army (yeah, she’s a real maroon, Russia wouldn’t ever want to take over some disputed land rights from Canada now would they, what an idiot, so glad we didn’t elect her, she might not have agreed to go into exile like Biden and only speak from a teleprompter).

    • Kay Bailey Hutchison was bashing Palin for saying she could see Russia from her house, blissfully ignorant of the fact that Tina Fey said it, not Sarah.

      • Now, what I’ve never understood is why people didn’t realize that she had a valid point. Geography can become an issue in international relations. It’s not like she implied they feared Putin could attack at any moment, or that Alaska’s proximity to Russia made her an expert on foreign affairs.

      • Do you have a link for that bashing?

    • FYI – Much of my response was snark, but not all, for anyone who didn’t see this article:


      “Russia has announced plans to set up a military force to protect its interests in the Arctic.

      In a document published on its national security council’s website, Moscow says it expects the Arctic to become its main resource base by 2020.

      While the strategy is thought to have been approved in September, it has only now been made public.

      Moscow’s ambitions are likely to cause concern among other countries with claims to the Arctic.

      ‘Military security’

      The document foresees the Arctic becoming Russia’s main source of oil and gas within the next decade.

      In order to protect its assets, Moscow says one of its main goals will be the establishment of troops “capable of ensuring military security” in the region.

      With climate change opening up the possibility of making drilling viable in previously inaccessible areas, the Arctic has gained in strategic importance for Russia, says the BBC’s James Rodgers in Moscow.

      However, Russia’s arctic ambitions have already put those with competing claims on the defensive.

      In 2007, a Russian expedition planted a Russian flag on the seabed beneath the North Pole.

      Russia, Canada, Denmark, Norway and the United States, all of whom have an Arctic coastline, dispute the sovereignty over parts of the region.

      With an estimated 90 billion untapped barrels of oil, Russia’s strategy is likely to be scrutinised carefully by its neighbours in the far north.”

  3. Personally, I would like to see a lot more of Governor Palin in the news. If Mr. Carville, bless his heart, keeps her in the forefront, she’ll be all the more ready to run in 2012. What was it Hillary said? There’s nothing left to throw at her? Give it your best shot, Jimmy.

    • Yeah honestly, Carville’s political genius at work. Americans are sick of the Messiah–let’s fix it by reminding them there’s someone willing to call him out on his absurdities and deficiencies! Oh noes–they’ll hate that!

      He also might want to consider going outside teh Beltway once in a while. THOSE Republicans might hate her, but lots of others seem to like her. A focus group goes beyond Lugar, Hegel, and your wife.

      Je sus James, Clinton elected himself–you’re not so great at this. Go away!

  4. Sorry, this is off topic, and I don’t want to side track the thread, but there’s a good youtube of Thaddeus McCotter defending the auto industry at noquarter. Part of his concern is that the administration didn’t feel 50,000 job cuts were painful enough.

  5. Well, that sounds like a brilliant plan. Attack the governor of a state with almost no people in it. Meanwhile they keep Palin’s profile high. Plus they’ll probably use sexist attacks and alienate more women.

  6. I guess the Spring trolls must have hatched.

  7. A. Citizen,

    Erase your bookmark.

    • Glad I missed that comment. Always very bizarre.

      • she was more ready to LEAD than Obama, being ready to run is not something I was concerned about.
        obama’s only advantage was that he had the democrats behind him when making policy.

  8. It’s not like we’re all part of a Palin fan club. Although I thought she was treated unfairly during the general election, I also felt she wasn’t ready to run for the presidency (but, then again she wasn’t really at the top of the ticket was she).

    I don’t see her so much as a “clown and a winger” as I do a Governor and a mother, a person of both strengths and faults.

  9. Some people have trouble with the concept that the US is a two-party system.

    Every four years someone from one of the two parties will be elected President.

    It’s in our best interest that each party nominate the best person they have for the job.

    In 2012 it will be Obama vs. ???

    I really hope the GOP doesn’t nominate Romney or Huckleberry cuz the Republicans have a very good chance of winning.

  10. I’m just tired of this frat boy, let’s see who we can trash this week crap that is going on. The country is going down the tubes and they still feel the need to engage is this Kos-ian style bull$hit?

    Enough already!

  11. All I know is I don’t want OB in 2012

    • Obama will be the Democratic nominee. That means your choices will be two terms for Barack or a Republican.

      • We can always hope a third party scores an electable “name” candidate. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed because if Palin isn’t the Republican nominee, I don’t know that I could vote red.

        • For reals. I am NOT voting for Romney or anybody else. Especially since the damn Republicans burned us last time, I’m voting for McCain and they’re sitting at home??? Never again.

          • My feelings as well… like a bunch of spoiled rotten little dweebs, they all sit home on election day, since they would rather send the Country down the tubes than to cast a vote for the RINO Johnny Mac… I mean, honestly, I do hope they are all gnashing their right wing teeth over this.

          • They’ll be gnashing their teeth in the coming years when Obama and his minions out-Bush in terms of cheating and it’s too late to do anything about it. Oh, poor right wing Republicans, you couldn’t just suck it up and vote for someone you don’t like once, you spoiled little brats–well, enjoy it when the entire country’s run like the DNC ’08 and this time you’re on the short end of the stick. Fun times! You have been out thugged and you’re not going to like it much, but we warned you.

          • or Jindal ugh. The GOP members I could comfortably vote for are few and far between. Palin tops the list.

          • I couldn’t freakin’ believe that. The conservatives who stayed home screwed not just themselves but the entire country. What a bunch of #@%!!@#s. They’re almost as bad as the obots.

          • Not all of us- I certainly voted for Palin/McCain, though it was in the heart of darkness here in Chicago so my vote was most probably erased by Mickey Mouse or some dead guy. I also berated everyone I knew to get their arses to the booths all over the country.

            And trust me- over on my side, there’s a LOT of berating going on for the jagoffs that sat on their hands last election.

            Every moronic thing preznit karaoke does (and that is a multi-daily thing) prompts the “elections matter” commentary as well as more er, colorful verbiage.

            But hey, thanks to Barky we can all say:

            “I can see Russia from MY house too!”

          • Way off topic, but something that might bear some scrutiny:


            Under the auspices of “food safety”, a bill to essentially put small farms, roadside stands, and even people growing vegetables in their back yards out of business.

            Featuring fines of up to 1 million dollars.

            So much for organic farming, farmer’s markets, or even canning your own food.


          • Honest to god, rightish visitor, I would LOVE to talk to a few of those people. What the hell were they thinking? You don’t give thugs an opening and fall back on amorphous wishful thinking, we all know anything can happen in 4 years and it’s a lot harder to defeat an incumbent. Especially the “We love Palin, but we can’t vote for McCain!” people. Because, yes, letting Obama and the MSM get away with this campaign of villification is going to help Palin all right–the best thing they could have done for her future was to not put her in such a rotten position where she’s being unfairly blamed and subjected to 4 straight years of yet more ridicule. ACK!

            Hmm–someone needs to look at how much Obama’s received from ACM and agribusiness in general.

          • ADM

          • Does anyone have any statistical real evidence that alot of Repubs sat out this election? Because, what I’ve seen from Repubs I know & that my dh works with, they didn’t sit this out.

            Unless I seem some evidence otherwise, I think more than likely that more independents moved towards Oblahblah. That coupled with the much higher Dem turnout sealed McCains fate.

            If some sat out the election, I’m sure its a very small percentage (very very small). I’m only a moderate Repub; but my dh works with mostly conservative Repubs (he’s a Dem) & they were up in arms over Oblahblah for months…not happy at all with McCain; but none were sitting out the election. They felt that of the two choices, McCain was the lesser of two evils.

            From my friends and acquaintances, I’ve found that those that were conservative did vote & voted McCain (at least thats what they told me). Those that were more moderate or even independents (and had previously voted for Bush), tended to go for Obama. As explained to me by a mod Repub friend “Well, I just felt it was time for change” And, “Don’t worry Lisa, even if the Dems win both houses they won’t have 60 votes in the Senate”. Yeah, I have idiots for friends. They just disconnected and their eyes became glazed over when I tried to point out anything about The One.

            So, I think one has to assume that some of the Repubs voted Oblahblah (not out of spite for McCain, but because they drank the koolaid).

          • I am a Republican and I did not sit home I voted for Mccain. The ones who did not vote hurt us all.

      • Fine. Then the GOP will get my blessing.

        • And mine. There’s no way on earth Obama’s getting my vote for anything but impeachment.

  12. Yeah, it’s a turkey shoot all right. But it’s the Dems who are the turkeys and they’re shooting themselves in the collective foot.

    I like Sarah Palin and, at this point, would vote for her over Obama any day of the week.

  13. I’m with gxm17. All I can say is, “Be careful what you wish for!”

  14. The Obots want to engineer things so that Obama faces the weakest, least competent Republican in 2012.

    Assume they are successful, but that the Republican wins.

    IOW: It will be lose-lose for the country.

    • That scenario just sounds so familiar to me. Ahhh.. I know what it reminds me of:

      The Repubs wanted to engineer things so that their candidate faced the weakest, least competent Democrat in 2008.

      They were successful, but the (psuedo) Democrat won.

      And indeed it was a lose-lose for the country.

  15. I hope they call me with some of this rhetoric. I have a lot to say about it.

  16. I’m with gxm17 too. I’ll never forgive the DNC for this.

  17. A lot can happen between now and 2012 and I have no interest at this point in choosing up sides so far out. Right now I see absolutely no one who is ready or able to take on the mess that we are currently left with, and that goes for the current occupant of the WH. His policies so far are unpalatable from an economic standpoint and he has broken just about every promise made during the campaign.

    But to cast out nets so far from the next general election is futile and too early in the game for my taste. If I were to hazard of guess as to which one of the GOPer’s is being primed my money would be on Newt Gingrich. He has established himself once more with a forum coming out of Fox News and is often seen as the “voice of the opposition” as far as that is concerned.

    If things go badly then Obama may step aside in 2012 as I doubt he will be challenged from within his own party otherwise. But if not, he will be the nominee once again but by then, depending on the opposing nominee, I will wait until we are much closer in time to take an interest. And the next time I may just choose to just stay home since we all know now that most of these candidacies are “staged” and have little or no bearing on what the average voter decides.

    It is going to take a lot more than just voting “gender” for me to get onboard. I prefer a wholesale return to competency and readiness before I declare interest up front. Once burned, twice shy.

    • I will get extremely depressed right now if I start imagining 2012 will be Obama vs Gingrich…

      • The GOP won’t nominate Gingrinch. Even his friends don’t like him.

        • Gingrich is definitely pond scum, and the GOP knows it.

        • I’ve been watching Gingrich with his wife on Fox. He certainly is more subdued and calm than he was in his previous life. He’s more likable now, and he’s probably the most intelligent of possible GOP contenders.

          Don’t think it will be Romney, because the economy would have been his strong point, and he seems to have bad timing: Iraq was the issue in the primary, and I suspect something other than the recession will be the top issue in 2012, maybe foreign threats. Huckabee still seems likable to a lot of people, but his tv show isn’t showing the requisite gravitas to me.

        • Actually he’s a fairly smart dude buuuuuut the dude has baggage. His hypocrisy regarding Clinton and his affairs would make it like shooting fish in a barrel.

          I thought the GOP missed an opportunity by not having him run the party because he definitely has vision and he has a manipulative streak. His Contract with America was brilliant even if it was deceptive.

    • Of all the Republicans I can think of, Sarah Palin is the best choice.

      I don’t like seeing Obamanation try to destroy her in order to build him up.

  18. !! 😦

    • DINO Obama

    • ;*(

      • Drink the Kool-aid and you’ll understand.

        Just drink the Kool-aid . . .

      • ObamaNation is populated by self-absorbed know-nothings. They don’t give a rat’s a$$ about retirees. The only thing they “know” is that Obama’s shit don’t stink.

    • 👿

      • Yep.

      • I agree. Of course this presupposes that there is actually a plan involved. If it is an actual plan to put the final touches to Reagan and the GOPs’ plan to finish off unions and labor it is equally as shortsighted. Have they not seen that without good wages no one can buy their products? Would they really put themselves out of business just so they could stick it to the working class?
        Oh wait they already have. I hope they enjoy the gloat since thats all they have left.

        • All the while calling him an e-vil liberal listening to the far left. I think I’m gonna be sick.

      • It will put people out of work all over the country–dealerships, parts sellers and manufacters and on and on. Indiana will really suffer.

    • You know that the Cheeto style Democrats don’t believe in pensions at all. They think they you’re worthless and irresponsible if you can’t afford to save for your own retirement, so screw you. Doing away with pensions all together is a good thing in their eyes. And auto workers must be uncouth ra cists and probably susperstitious fools who don’t understand the complexities of whole foods, besides.

  19. In marketing, timing is everything and J.Carville is starting too soon – much too soon – if he wants to kill Palin’s chances – in fact he’d be helping her he starts now as he will “telegraph his punch” and allow her to create a full blown campaign – before the campaign – But then Jimmy isn’t Karl Rove. I guess he wasn’t paying attention. 😕

  20. For twenty million dollars I would ride a unicycle across the Grand Canyon on a rope made of dental floss! This guy is entitled to 20 million while the average hourly worker is being asked to “cut back”? Someone point out to me the fairness in this package deal.

  21. JEEBUS!

    • I just read that as well. But the tenor is better garnered from the diarists to the left of the page. So far they are still with him.

  22. Obama is not making policy. He is simply attempting to “sell it” a la Ed McMahon. He displays little or no interest in what the job entails. If so , there would be a much different outcome to how he has handled the economic crisis so far.

    It benefits few with the perks still favoring the “haves” of this nation. He more than likely gets the message through the “Letters to the Editor” section of his daily news briefing.

    It stinks!

    • Obama is just a rubber stamp for whoever is actually running things. None of these plans come from him. He just flies around in AF1 until they call and say something is ready for him to sign then he flies back for a big production and “speech”. He told everyone that this was his style and no one seemed to believe him except PUMAs. We are truly in the soup.

  23. MSM plays this as Obama getting tough with auto industry. But I thought they were supposed to have a viable plan by 3/31 or face restructuring. He just gave them another 60 days to come up with a plan, how is this a tough Obama?

    • The MSM play games with absolutely everything, including the future of this country, which consequently ain’t looking any too bright. This GM deal is purely a political ploy, meant to make Obama look like the Tough Guy Decider before he jets off to G20 with his entourage of 500 and full panoply of presidential toys (and hopefully gets his ass handed to him on top of a pile of cheap DVDS, courtesy of the Brits).

  24. round 1…

    • I feel bad for them. Then again, I am pissed because the UAW endorsed him before the primary was over, so another side of me feels like – “you wanted him, you got him. Don’t cry about it now.”

      • sigh…

        • I seem to remember that the rank and file were not to happy with him. Could be wrong though.

          • He wasn’t a first draft pick but they got in line fairly quick when Donna and Howie manipulated the game to pull Obama across the finish line.

      • yep, they should have been kicking and hollering for Hillary like the rest of us.

    • when will this nightmare end?

    • Okay, classic Obamacrat-ism. One the one hand, this guy thinks we should adhere more to standards of international law (which I agree with). On the other, he’s talking about some dictates of sharia law applying in the US–now which ones would those be, if I can’t guess? Obamacrats–listen up–global standards of law and morality accepted in the international community actually regard woman as (gasp) human beings with (gasp) human rights–pass it on! Human rights for ALL human beings, even if their genitals scare you!

    • That NYPost story looks pretty biased to me.

      • I agree..Koh My be POS but an article that uses
        gay marriage as the “straw-man” is highly suspect.

        “What would this look like in a practical sense? Well, California voters have overruled their courts, which had imposed same-sex marriage on the state. Koh would like to see such matters go up the chain through federal courts — which, in turn, should look to the rest of the world. If Canada, the European Human Rights Commission and the United Nations all say gay marriage should be legal — well, then, it should be legal in California too, regardless of what the state’s voters and elected representatives might say.”

      • In addition, the person writing that hit piece thinks that “civil right” are an issue of majority rules…

        • Yeah, the bias isn’t subtle. LOL

        • Oh, the article is definitely biased. But if you weed out the actual quotes from Koh from the boilerplate hyperbole attached to it, it is STILL pretty freaking bad.

          ANYONE who says sharia law should ever apply to the US in any way, shape or form is batshit crazy, period, and I do not care HOW they qualify it.

          • Sarah Palin just nominated a man for Attorney General in Alaska who refers to gays as “immoral and degenerates”. Makes you wonder where our court system will be in another 20 years. Not hard to imagine some form of Sharia Law being enforced eventually.

  25. ARgghhuUUUUGGhhHH!! Brooke is praciticing for her piano recital and she absolutely has to play it perfectly. Much sturm and drang. Driving me crazy.

  26. What’s she playing?

    • Ecossaise in G by Ludwig von Beethoven. It’s her first piano recital. She’s only been playing since November.

  27. I take it that Brooke is not quite ready for Carnegie Hall.

    • I think she’s doing pretty well for a kid who has only been playing for five months. But she is so impatient that if the damn thing isn’t perfect, she just pounds on the keys and wails like a banshee.

      • Be thankful she is not taking up the saxophone. I had to listen to that strum and drang with my kids and an arrow through my brain would have been comforting during practice sessions.

      • It’s almost bedtime isn’t it?

        Someday you’ll be happy you raised someone so meticulous, even if that moment isn’t now. 😉

      • Be glad it isn’t a violin. I once had to listen to a class of beginners sawing out the William Tell Overture, and twenty years later I still have the scars.

      • Be glad it isn’t a violin. I once had to listen to a class of beginners sawing out the William Tell Overture, and twenty years later I still have the scars.

        • Be glad Brooke doesn’t have a Marshall amp.

          Although the absolute worst was the singer my husband was recording who sounded like a wounded animal. A very loud wounded animal. At 3 AM it’s not something you want to wake up to.

  28. Betty Jean invites you to listen to her radio show this evening at 10:00PM on PUMA United Radio:

    “Free Us Now”

    Phyllis Adler LCSW R, senior Therapist at St. Anne Institute in Albany NY will be BettyJean’s guest. Phyllis will speak about the effects of trauma on children and take your questions.

  29. Pat Johnson, on March 30th, 2009 at 8:03 pm Said:

    Sarah Palin just nominated a man for Attorney General in Alaska who refers to gays as “immoral and degenerates”. (snip)
    His opinion is the same as Obama’s religious advisors..Jakes, Caldwell, Hunter, et al.

    • I’ve looked around all of the sites noting this but not one has a copy of this alleged letter.

      • Yeah–remember when Obama’s people were accusing Palin of calling him “Sam bo”? Absolutely shameless.

        • Or the “kill him” chants that even the Secret Service refuted but that didn’t stop the obots or Barry himself from spreading the rumor as gospel.

          • Yeah, and while Palin was being hanged in effigy and at least one person at yelled “Stone her!” at a rally. And then there was the rape kit bs, and the banned books bs, and oh about a million other lies that Obots are still spreading to this day.

    • True, but it’s a lot worse to have a crackpot Attorney General than crackpot religious advisors.

      • Unless, of course, it’s yet more disinformation put out by Obama, as just about every other horrible sounding bit of information has turned out to be.

      • Unless the views of the religious advisors are similar to the person being advised. I guess it is possible that a non-homophobic President would have rabidly homo-phobic religious advisors but I am doubtful.

        • How about the person placing an argument before the bar? Must they be concerned that the ruling is based more on the religious views of the magistrate rather than the interpretation of the laws of the land?

          Are the lines between separation of church and state becoming so blurred that we are willing to overlook rabid views in favor of religion? This is the problem I have with any of the judicial nominees in the last 20 years.

    • And therein lies the problem.

    • I was going to point out that at least Palin is a Republican.

      • My point is that it matters not which side picks these justices, their religious and bigoted beliefs should be considered as they are in the position to base their decisions more on orthodoxy than on constitutional matters.

        Speaking for myself, I am sick to death of “religion” being the litmus test for political hacks and appointees. This is a nation based on law not on someone’s religious leanings. I would hate to be in front of a justice who agreed that beating one’s wife was acceptable because he practices a religion that upholds that view.

        We are supposedly in the business of electing public servants not semi clerics who boast of and wear their religion on their sleeves. I could care less what Rick Warren has to say about the “beliefs” of candidates. I want someone who understands the Constitution of the US.

        • I would love to see more info. So many untruths came out about Palin that I just won’t believe it until I see it in black and white. Her last choice was far from extreme and didn’t share her views on choice(pro choice judge). She seemed very sympathetic to same sex couples even if she disagrees with the lifestyle during the campaign.

  30. My hope is Obama isn’t around in 2012, I still have hope that our courts will make him prove he is a citizen of the U.S..
    I pray his college papers will be released and that he will get exactly what is coming to him.
    He has in this short time in the White House caused so much destruction to our precious country it will take us years to get back on track.
    Obama wants to destroy our country, he is unamerican, he is a fraud, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    His associates alone should have been a warning, it was to most of us, but to those die hard kool aid drinkers, his qualifications or lack thereof, his associates, his lying and cheating, just were not enough to discourage those stupid stupid stupid twenty-somethings looking for some way to fit in during an election.
    I would hate to say that my first vote went to a man who is so disgraceful and disgusting, but they will understand what they did to us when they get nothing in return but a big tax hike!

  31. And the truth comes out….

    In the congressional hearings on ACORN, a witness/informant working with the NYT has said point blank that the NYT deliberately killed their stories on ACORN early in the primaries once it became clear that they were closely linked to Obama, because “it would be a game-changer.”


    • Wow, it will be interesting to see if additional information comes out to corroborate the story.

      • Are you kidding? This one’s destined for the big spike in the sky, along with soooo many others,

    • By now people should start recognizing that the NYT is not on the side of Americans. They did the same damn thing to get Bush accross the finish line. Screw em’. I hope they end up facing bankruptcy.

  32. http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/checker.aspx?v=ydkUaGaGaG

    Tweety compares Palin to a mail order bride. (okay, I’m guilty of reading at newsbusters again, I do find good stuff there on occasion)

  33. “NARAL Blasts DNC Chief”

    The abortion-rights wing of the Democratic Party is none too happy today with a top leader.

    Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia, President Obama’s hand-picked chairman of the Democratic National Committee, signed a bill including state funding for crisis pregnancy centers, which abortion right advocates calls “anti-choice organizations.”

    The NARAL Pro-Choice America political action committee said today that Kaine has “taken action that’s inconsistent with the strong pro-choice platform adopted by party leaders last August.”



    • I”ll take NARAL more seriously when they get rid of Nancy Keenan. When the head of a pro-choice organization agrees with her Church that abortion is a mortal sin..there is a problem. Nancy also gave NARAL’s support to Obama without consulting the state chapters.

    • Yeah, and NARAL further said that if this keeps up, they’ll, they’ll–they’ll take steps! Really! This time they mean it! No joke! They’ll boycott the performance of “99 Problems” at the ’12 DNC convention if they’re not given satisfaction!

  34. New post!

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