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Choosing Media Sources


I keep seeing people on the Kool-aid blogs get their knickers twisted because a negative story about Obama comes from an allegedly “right-wing” source.  If someone here refers to such a story (even if it was done to support a minor point or something trivial like the weather) the PUMAS-obsessed blogstalkers freak-out and say something like “ZOMG!  How can they believe anything those lying wingnut fucksticks say?  They’re either braindead morons or a Republican ratfuckers!”

According to the Kool-aid  chugging haters anything that comes from someone they consider right-wing is an automatic lie and renders any post that refers to an alleged right-wing source (other than to denounce it) null and void ab initio.  This saves them the time of doing any real analysis or providing contrary evidence.  Of course they consider a right-wing source to pretty much be anyone who doesn’t have chapped lips and a close-up view of the Presidential sphincter.

First  of all I would like to point out that contrary to popular belief there is no “liberal media.”  If you want proof all you have to do is look at the conduct of the “liberal” New York Times in the run-up to the Iraq invasion and relating to the outing of Valerie Plame.  With one or two exceptions the only real liberals in the media these days are some underpaid and underappreciated bloggers, and they’re pretty limited in their information gathering abilities because they blew their research budgets on stuff like food and shelter.

There is a “pro-Obama” media that is supposedly liberal except they don’t like any actual liberal programs, policies or politicians.  (They sure do like Obama though.)  This group is exemplified by the morons at MSNBC.  They not only refused to give any real scrutiny to Obama, his friends and associates or any of the shenanigans that occurred during last year’s primary campaign, but they actively supported Obama and helped tear down his opponents.

As Hillary supporters learned early last year, for news and information about Obama that is objective or even negative, the only option is often media that leans to the right.  FOX News’ coverage of the Democratic primary wasn’t so much supportive of Hillary as it was equally critical of both candidates, which of course the haters call “biased.”

I also want to point out that all right-wing media is not created equal.  There are otherwise respectable news organizations that have a conservative ideology, and then there are bloviating gasbags like Rush Limbaugh that have as much to do with news reporting as I have with sobriety.  But even sources like the National Enquirer can be accurate – just ask John Edwards.

As I mentioned earlier there really are a few genuine liberals in the media.  Bob Somerbyis one, but the most prominent is probably Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman (who is quoted here at The Confluence with approval on a frequent basis.)  So how do you think the sippy-kup kidz of the Kool-aid kingdom responded to this?:

090328_newsweek_coverA stark image of Paul Krugman, the bearded New York Times op-ed columnist and Princeton economist, appears on the cover of next week’s Newsweek, with the headline “OBAMA IS WRONG: The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman.”

Krugman, who won the Nobel Prize in economics last fall, has been arguing that Obama is doing too little to respond to threats to the nation’s banking and economic system, and he has contended that the $787 billion stimulus bill should have been bigger.

Krugman personifies a conundrum for Obama: He has to cope with complaints from the political left, as well as the more predictable opposition of the right.


They must have been happy to see the Shrill One getting attention, right?  I’ll give you a hint – here’s a quote from regular at an unnamed Obot blog:

Krugman will simply weaken the actual left by giving cover for the Blue Dogs. it doesn’t matter if Krugman is attacking from the left or from the right, he gives credence to the idea that “even the left thinks Obama is wrong.”

Krugman seems more and more like an ideologue who has no clue about how politics works and doesn’t care.

See kids?  This is your brain on Kool-aid.  Just say No!


Here’s the link to Newsweek

83 Responses

  1. I Like this:

    “There is a “pro-Obama” media that is supposedly liberal except they don’t like any actual liberal programs, policies or politicians. (They sure do like Obama though.) ”

    Well, I like the whole thing but, I just wanted to quote something.

    • When is the last time MoDo, Frank Rich or Tweety really approved of anything liberal?

    • lol katiebird,
      I liked the whole thing too and just wanted to quote something..
      “that have as much to do with news reporting as I have with sobriety. ”
      myiq, great writing.

  2. How would Krugman be giving cover to conservative blue dogs by saying that Obama isn’t being liberal enough?

    • He wouldn’t.

      Obots who say that are insane! Krugman reads the same blogs as us… He quotes Atrios for heaven’s sake! The name of his blog is “The Conscience of a Liberal” — No Blue Dog would do that.

      “Giving cover to Blue Dogs”. . . . . What a crock of shit.

  3. (barfing) The first President with a shaved chest.

  4. Last night one of the blogstalkers was here freaking out over Dakinikat’s post because she cited alleged right-wingers.

    • These days, every one who doesn’t agree with Obama is a right winger. Any source, that doesn’t agree with Obama is a right winger.

      And that point you make about Rush is right on. I’d never quote him as a source of well-informed, educated, whatever for anything. He’s just paid to bloviate propaganda. Just like KO. Conservatives can have valid points and criticisms. I just dont’ agree with their world view, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come up with an idea worth chewing on.

  5. Everybody must be in bed or out partying tonight.

  6. They go after anyone who even gives off the slightest whiff of disagreeing or criticizing Obama. It’s all surface to them. He can do no wrong. Anybody here willing to praise the likes of a Glen Beck for example would be chased right out of the room.

  7. Doubtful. But he is nuts!

  8. And what does that picture of Krugman say? It looks as if he is some kind of evil entity peeking at you around a half closed door. Not all that flattering. Why not the full face at least?

  9. Anything anti-Obama is right wing, even me, according to Obotia. But then, they’ve confused being “out on a limb” with being “left wing.”

  10. I’ve been afraid to go over to Stalkertown to see what the haters are up to. Last time I checked they were getting really weird.

    They used to be funny, but lately they’re just bizarre.

    • There are, apparently, some who spend their time taking screenshots of posts at non-Obot message boards and blogs to document those who didn’t vote for teh Messiah (hencefoward abbreviated teh Mess.) There’s a humorous aspect to this; think of all those little chained-in-the-basement borderline personalities frantically searching the web, sniffing out heresy against the little tin god. It’s also scary, given the obvious totalitarian informer mindset. Teh Mess himself is bad enough, but it’s his followers that really worry me.

    • Have you noticed how many of them are men from countries that are generally hostile to women’s rights? There’s a swaggering machismo over that appalls. I don’t understand how the handful of women deal with it.

  11. There is no reasoning or an opening to a discussion when they stick to the “us” against “them” theme. Anyone not as enthralled with Obama as they are are on an “enemies” list of sorts and are easily dismissed. A hint of criticism opens the floodgates to name calling and r*ce baiting. It would be an exercise in futility to claim otherwise since they are quick to anger and take refuge in labeling any and all as bigots.

    • They are still race cardiologists.

      They don’t know what to make of Cinie.

      • Now that’s funny.

        Cinie is magnificent!

      • One of them was criticizing Regency the other day. I don’t think they know she’s a young black woman.

        It reminds me of one day on Troll Mart when one of them accused DforHill of being a r@cist and D responded, yes i get up every day, look in the mirror, and say I hate you because you’re black!

        I nearly fell of the chair laughing on that.

  12. Came up with a great one while trolling Ace Of Spades (h/t to Ralph B for directions): “the sermon on the teleprompter”. Love it.

  13. I read the winger blogs (I read lots of blogs) and they keep claiming Obama is a socialist.

    My question is whether they really believe that or they’re giving him cover.

    • Some wingers believe anybody to the left of Attila the Hun is a socialist, and that would include a lot of blog commenters. The worrisome thing here is that increasing numbers on the left are starting to see Obama as being well right of center. The result may well be a new MSM narrative: “Poor Obama Just Can’t Win”.

      • It’s his fault for sucking up to everybody without owning up to anybody. He even distances himself from black people lest anybody gets offended. But Black Agenda Report has had him pegged as a DLC corporatist from day one.

        • Oh, I fully agree that a whole lot is Obama’s fault. Ditto the MSM. And yah, I’ve been reading BAR off and on and wishing like hell they had a bigger megaphone. Is there some media corollary that states “the smaller the voice, the more credible it is”?

        • The corporatists saw his ambition and made him a deal.

          He wasn’t using his soul anyway.

        • blackagendareport.com is the most soper, intelligent and to the point of the black media. I go there a lot. I hope it gathers more traffic and becomes more wide spread because blacks need to know the score now more than ever.

    • I don’t think right wing blogs know what socialists are.

      I don’t know how they can call themselves conservative and have such radical agendas like ‘outlawing’ gay marriage, controlling health issues, etc.

      I think there’s much confusion among the right wing on those labels because they’ve re-defined them so many times.

  14. Are New Democrats socialists?

  15. To the right wing, calling someone a “socialist” just means they don’t like them. They seem to think anyone to the left of Henry VIII is a socialist. 🙂

  16. (staggering off to bed)

  17. I’m watching “Pearl Harbor” on the History Channel.

    Kate Beckinsale is “donate a kidney” beautiful.

    • Okay, anachronisim alert:

      They show people playing baseball and stuff as the first wave of Japanese bombers approach Pearl Harbor.

      The attack started at 7:48 a.m. local time on a Sunday, so most people were still in bed or having breakfast.

  18. Okay. Someone please tell that man to either stop taking his shirt off in public or get a man bra. I was just getting ready to go up to bed but now I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares.

  19. Heh, good points, though what really tickles me pink is when they start attacking *left-wing* sources that criticize BO. I was circling the drain at a couple of places earlier today for kicks, and they’re upset with Counterpunch, Zmag, and Noam Chomsky now. They’re about to turn on Amy Goodman soon, methinks.

    The line for denunciation is long and it bends towards… hypocrisy.

  20. alice, on March 29th, 2009 at 12:50 am Said:
    …They’re about to turn on Amy Goodman soon, methinks

    Is Amy FINALLY waking up from her kool aide bender? She fell hard last Feb.

  21. Of course they consider a right-wing source to pretty much be anyone who doesn’t have chapped lips and a close-up view of the Presidential sphincter.


    & BTW: Krugman is not a “politician” or a political scientist idiots–he’s an economist, and that is his argument.

  22. Any of you recall that Victoria’s Secret ad with the tagline, “What sexy is?” That picture of Obama could be an ad for “What sexy ISN’T”.

  23. Obama is a con man falling apart at the seams. I almost feel embarrassed for him. Excluding the shrinking number of Hopium addled Obamacrats and the unfortunately duped African-American community, everyone else is waking up to Obama’s lies and teleprompter speeches which have managed to cover his incompetency until now.

    • Like you I feel embarssed for him. At some point there is part of me who wants to say I told you so. But another part of me when I look at some of the faces who deeply believed in him and honestly fell for all the lies, and I ask my self how horrible they must feel now. Would they ever again belive in the proccess and the system again. Shattered hopes and dreams are very strong and could have a lasting effects. So in a way I wish he will turn out to be half way decent for them.

      • Obama is a bigger con-man than Madoff. He got millions of people to vote for him and donate their hard earned cash to his campaign. And now he is giving billions of their tax dollars to Wall Street. It’s criminal and it makes me glad that I was not duped into voting for this guy. Just as those who voted for Bush should feel partly to blame for the thousands who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obamabots should feel partly to blame when our country sinks deeper into a depression. There is no excuse for it. We had Al Gore in 2000 and we had Hillary Clinton in 2008. What a waste.

  24. Being a left-leaning moderate Independent I have someone calling me names pretty much all of the time. Doesn’t bother me.

    I have to hold onto my integrity not swap it for membership in the Obamacrat Party. Integrity, thinking for yourself, basic common sense or free speech not welcome there. Doesn’t seem much like the Democratic Party I used to belong to.

    My few Republican friends, some who have joined me here as an Independent, are finding few points of recognition in the Republican Party of now to the one they once knew.

    One conservative friend said he thought it would do the Republican Party good to get the stuffing kicked out of it and get back to who they really are. Then he saw the Democrats come swarming back and they have learned nothing from the over reach and arrogance of the Republicans.

    I suspect there will be a whole lot more Independents in the future in light of the fact that neither party is gathering much respect. Except die hard partisans. There’s no hope for them. They’d rather see the country go down in flames than admit the otherparty had a good idea or wasn’t inherently evil.

    • I said it during the primaries as early as may Feb or March when it was obvious to me what was going on the party, and I will say it againg TIME FOR A NEW PARTY. It doesn’t have to start big or fancy. Just the membership for now any other logistics or legal mumbo jumbo can wait. If this happened back on April who kowns

    • They’d rather see the country go down in flames than admit the otherparty had a good idea or wasn’t inherently evil.

      Not just the other party, but even any individual person who happens to be a member of the other party is never ever allowed to be right, about anything.

      And yeah, sensible people on both sides of the aisle are really tired of this fundamentalist-style forced orthodoxy from both sides, and they way they use shunning and shaming as a weapon to enforce it.

      We are not allowed to simply disagree with our respective “camps” anymore on a single issue, like thinking human beings. Oh, no, we are SINNERS who have been tempted by the DEVIL and corrupted and DECEIVED from our ideological purity, have become an unwitting TOOL of TEH EVIL.

      People are getting fed up with that.

  25. Isn’t it telling that the Obot you quote in the set up piece says of Krugman, “….he doesn’t know how politics works”. It isn’t that Krugman does not know his game—economics—he doesn’t know politics. And there folks is the difference between us and them. They are about politics and power. We are about making this country work for all of us.

  26. Oh how oh how could you say these things, and how could Paul say these things. Obama is so dreamy (bats eyelashes). 🙂 hee hee

    Awww, the Obots are so in love. It’s kind of sweet.

    Here’s a new tactic, we get together and buy all the Obots Obama dolls. Then they’ll be too busy playing with their dolls to bother us.

  27. Thanks myiq for sharing this piece.

    “He was stepping into the shower at a hotel when his cell phone rang with the news that he had achieved his life’s ambition.”

    This quote stepped out at me while reading Newsweek’s piece on Krugman. Why is it he chose “life’s ambition”, but when describing Obama its his life’s dream????? The article indirectly perpetuates the myth that Obama is just out for the little people and everyone else, even Krugman, only cares about their career.

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