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The President’s Preacher Help Line

Recently, The New York Times and the Telegraph uk have published articles about five religious leaders who are advising President Barack Obama. Supposedly Obama has sought these five men’s counsel (yes, they are all men natch) because he has been without a church and pastor of his own since he threw his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright under the bus on April 28, 2008 and subsequently on June 1, 2008 resigned from Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, presumably in return for the unearned Michigan delegates he was handed by the DNC on May 31 at the infamous meeting of the Rules and Bylaws Committee in Washington, DC.

The five men who have been chosen to attend to the President’s spiritual needs are “overwhelmingly opposed to abortion,” according to the Telegraph; and all except Otis Moss, Jr. are opposed to equal rights for homosexuals. Here is a little information about each of Obama’s “prayer circle”:

Otis Moss, Jr.

Otis Moss, Jr.

Otis Moss, Jr., whom The New York Times calls “a graying lion of the civil rights movement,” is pastor emeritus of Cleveland’s Olivet Institutional Baptist Church and a member of Obama’s White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. He is also the father of Jerimiah Wright’s replacment as pastor of Obama’s former church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago (interestingly, this connection was not mentioned in the White House press release announcing Otis Moss, Jr.’s appointment). According to the Associated Baptist Press,

As a young preacher in his native Georgia, Moss helped lead sit-ins at segregated lunch counters and fought for voting rights for blacks. He went to jail several times for participating in sit-ins and marches.

He marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Ala., and Washington, and urged Jesse Jackson to run for president in 1983. Moss was co-chair of the National African American Religious Committee of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign…

According to the conservative Weekly Standard, Moss is close to Jeremiah Wright.

Otis Moss Jr. and Wright shared a mentor in Samuel DeWitt Proctor, who helped give rise to black liberation theology. In fact, it was the radical Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference that sponsored Wright’s now-infamous National Press Club appearance in late April 2008–which led to Obama’s break with Trinity and Wright. Less noted was the fact that the symposium’s guest preacher that day was Reverend Otis Moss Jr. Moss has publicly defended Wright and compared his preaching to that of Amos, Micah, Malachi, and John the Baptist.

Moss’s closeness to Wright is expressed most clearly in the 40-minute tribute sermon he preached from Trinity’s pulpit on the occasion of Wright’s 36th anniversary at the church in February 2008. Of Wright, Reverend Moss said: “All of us who know him and love him have been blessed by his genius, his creativity, his scholarship, his discipleship, his sensitivity as an artist, his boldness as a prophet, and, I agree, his rhythmic poetry.” This homage came long after Wright’s hit parade of sound-bites: “God Damn America”  . . .”America’s chickens are coming home to roost” .  .  . “Bill did us like he did Monica Lewinsky.” Poetry indeed.

Based on his relationship with Wright and his son’s position at TUCC, I assume he is an advocate of Black Liberation Theology. His appointment to the White House council and his relationships with Wright and TUCC certainly bring into question Obama’s claims to have cut his ties with his former pastor and church.

T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes is the “CEO” of “The Potter’s House,” a church in Dallas, TX. According to the NYT story linked above,

Bishop Jakes said he sought out Mr. Obama in Chicago because of their common interest in Kenya and because he was impressed with the speech Mr. Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Bishop Jakes is himself a nationally known preaching powerhouse who fills sports stadiums and draws 30,000 worshipers to his church in Dallas, the Potter’s House. He also produces movies, writes books and runs antipoverty programs in Dallas and Kenya, where Mr. Obama has ties through his Kenyan father.

The Telegraph story, also linked previously, reports that

The most controversial figure the president has been telephoning is Bishop T. D. Jakes… [who] refers to homosexuality as “brokenness” and recently claimed that he wouldn’t hire a sexually active gay person.

When Rev Jakes’ son Jermaine was arrested last month for soliciting gay sex in a Dallas park after exposing himself to two undercover male vice squad detectives, the bishop said he revealed he had issued “correction” to his son.

Bishop Jakes has also been criticised for his advocacy of “prosperity theology”, which teaches that God rewards the faithful with material gifts. In one sermon, “Provision for the Vision,” he bragged about his own stable of luxury cars.

Kirbyjohn Caldwell

Kirbyjohn Caldwell

Kirbyjohn Caldwell, according to the Telegraph story,

runs the world’s largest United Methodist congregation at Windsor Village Church in Houston, who has been criticised for going “too far in linking spiritual wholeness to financial wholeness”.

His church prohibits ordination for practicing homosexuals, same-sex unions and a woman on staff at Rev Caldwell’s church runs a group called Metanoia, a gay conversion programme which claims to use Christian teaching to “cure” those “seeking freedom from homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, sex addiction and other habitual sins”.

Caldwell was also a spiritual advisor to George W. Bush, and he presided over Jenna Bush’s wedding. During the primaries, Caldwell’s relationship to Obama because known because of the controversy over self-proclaimed “ex-gay” gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, who represented Obama at a rally in South Carolina. It soon became known on the liberal blogs that Caldwell ran a gay conversion “ministry” out of his church, and that he was a contributor to and involved in Obama’s presidential campaign. Shortly after all this became public the Metanoia gay conversion program was scrubbed from Caldwell’s website (full story at Lavendar Liberal).

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis, according to the Telegraph,

is president and chief executive of Sojourners, a liberal evangelical magazine based in Washington has made friendly overtures to gay Christians but he is a vocal opponent of abortion and gay marriage.

The NYT says of Wallis:

Mr. Wallis has recently joined conservatives in pressing the president’s office of faith-based initiatives to continue to allow government financing for religious social service groups that hire only employees of their own faith.

Mr. Wallis said he got to know Mr. Obama in the late 1990s when they participated in a traveling seminar that took bus trips to community programs across the country. Mr. Wallis said they “hit it off” because they were both Christians serious about their faith, fathers of young children the same age and believers in “transcending left and right” to find solutions to social problems.

“He and I were what we called back then ‘progressive Christians,’ as opposed to the dominant religious-right era we were in then,” Mr. Wallis said. “We didn’t think Jesus’ top priorities would be capital gains tax cuts and supporting the next war.”

Joel C. Hunter

Joel C. Hunter

Joel C. Hunter is pastor of Northland Church , a conservative megachurch in Longwood, Florida. He was elected head of The Christian Coalition, but stepped down because the organization refused to expand its agenda from just opposing abortion and gay rights to fighting poverty and global warming.

Apparently, the President gets advice from these five men and talks to them on the phone when he is in need of spiritual guidance or wants someone to pray with. The Telegraph reports that

Mr Obama prayed with Otis Moss and Joel Hunter on the eve of his election and would have added Revs Jakes and Caldwell to the conference call if they had been available.

The NYT says that:

Bishop Jakes said he had been tapped for several prayer phone calls — the most recent being when Mr. Obama’s grandmother died in November, two days before the election. “You take turns praying,” said Bishop Jakes, who like the other ministers did not want to divulge details of the calls. “It’s really more about contacting God than each other.”

Mr. Hunter said of the phone calls: “The times I have prayed with him, he’s always initiated it.”

The Obama administration has reached out to hundreds of religious leaders across the country to mobilize support and to seek advice on policy. These five pastors, however, have been brought into a more intimate inner circle. Their names were gleaned from interviews with people who know the president and religious leaders who work in Washington. Their role could change if Mr. Obama joins a church in Washington, but that could take some time because of the logistical challenges in finding a church that can accommodate the kind of crowd the Obamas would attract.

I really don’t know what to think about all this. When I think of the President of the U.S. asking for advice from Kirbyjohn Caldwell or T.D. Jakes, it gives me the creeps. I can’t believe all they are doing is praying together. These men are all wealthy and powerful; anti-gay and anti-abortion. Two of them believe that wealth is a sign of godliness. They have to be discussing politics and fund-raising. Besides, the NYT says Obama consults them about policy. I’m sorry, but couldn’t Barack Obama find any preachers to talk policy and religion with who are not homophobes and opposed to women being able to control their own bodies? And are these really the kinds of people the President feels comfortable discussing policy with? Why the heck do need a White House Council on faith anyway, and do the members get paid? What is the difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush again?

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93 Responses

  1. (throwing up) BB, this makes me sick. I don’t understand how anyone could attend churches run by these guys. Much less seek them out.

    • Katie,

      I don’t either–especially Kirbyjohn Caldwell, but all of them really.

      • The same freakin pastor as W. Isn’t it terrific? Obambi is talking to the same guy who convinced W that he was doing God’s work which included bombing the crap out of a country or two.

    • Obama needed to establish and maintain his credentials with the AA community.

      This way is easier than actually supporting policies that would help AAs and other minorities, and also helps him with the anti-abortion/homobigot fundies.

      • Yes, I completely agree with this analysis. For some reasons, I just don’t believe O being a true religious man. All those preachers are wealthy and powerfull, they are skill manipulators and that’s exactly what O likes and respects in them.

        I can see that if O had not wanted to be POTUS since high school, he would have been a perfect Megachurch pastor, cars and mansions included.

    • wow, these folks are more like hate groups, does the fbi know about them?

    • This is the reason Amendment II was considered so important that it was put in our Constitution. These men should have no more influence upon government than corporations and their lobbyists should. No “faith based initiatives.” It is illegal to give our tax money to any faith and churches have tax exempt status to aid in their “good works”. Both GWB and the guy known as Barack Obama have violated our Constitution.

      It seems as if the protectors of our Constitution, the Supreme Court, has gone out of business during the last decade.

  2. Well, in one piece of really GOOD news, we are reminded of the difference between Republicans and (real) Democrats:

    “In what’s being called the most sweeping land protection law in a quarter century, the US House of Representatives Wednesday passed a conservation plan to set aside more than 2 million acres of desert and forest in nine states.

    “The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act, which cleared the Senate last week, was approved by a margin of 285 to 140 and has been sent to President Obama for his signature.”


    Environmentalists are praising the bill to the skies.

    The voting was almost along strict party lines, most Democrats voting yes and most Republicans voting no. In the midst of our financial and social meltdown, it’s good to have this one bright spot of joy.

    • I wonder if Obama is going to sign it?

    • That is good news; we’re hoping to get more land protected up here. I just hope there aren’t any “OK to carry guns in Nat’l Parks” type of riders buried in the wording anywhere.

    • I’ve known about this Act for awhile now, because it includes one of the great wonders of America, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the eastern Upper Peninsula of MI. In its own way, it is as spectacular as the Grand Canyon, in terms of natural formations (although smaller in terms of land mass), and it is the only national *lakeshore*. Find a way to visit if you can. It is open from late spring to mid-October.

      • Pictured Rocks is fricking gorgeous, agrees this native Yooper.

      • It is not the only national lakeshore, there is also the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

        Would love to see Pictured Rocks one day. It sounds beautiful.

  3. The Honorable Pastor Manning on TD Jakes and the “Rent Money Dance”. h/t sugar


    *comes back to life*

    Funny as all hell!!!!!

    *lays back down in coffin*

  4. that Jakes fella sounds like a piece of work. God rewards people with a stable of luxury cars? Evidently he hasn’t got to the New Testament portion of the Bible where you are supposed to use your wealth to feed, clothe and minister to the poor. Gotta feel for his kid since dad thinks he is broken and feels he should be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation.Quite the piece of work.

    • this guy probably has a wife with purple hair and tacky gold guit furniture on his church sanctuary….what a crock! He has made suckers out of all his followers taking their money and buying diamonds and cadillacs with their hard earned money!

      • I personally have never believed in h3ll. That being said if there is such a place I feel fairly confident that this guy is earning his place there. My God doesn’t make”broken” children and he certainly doesn’tabide discriminating.

    • And he has a gay son.

  5. Holy Crap-that is what this is….

    Oh Fuzzy still Glowing about Mastrodicasa big win on the commission and the defeat of Charter Amendment #1 here in little liberal oasis Gville!

    Now US Senator Schumer is Out for Gay Marriage…Poor Obama what is he and his homophobic ass gonna do inb 2012….

    When supporet of Choice and Gay Marriage are going to be litmus tests for true liberalism and progressive behavior.

    • Isn’t it wonderful? I heard about it this morning, but you weren’t around then.

    • I’m sorry, but if Obama hangs out with these guys, he is no friend to women or gays.

      • I have never doubted Obamas “using and abusing” of the LGBT Community! He is a tool BB!

        Isnt it wonderful the Woman won itn Gville for doing the right thing and won big 30 points is a landslide!

    • Congrats on the victory fuzzy!

  6. None of these “men” should be advising any president, certainly not on policies that concern the entire population of our country.
    WTF does Obama think, if one cant get him out of the mess he has created then perhaps if five preachers are praying to God on his behalf maybe, just maybe, God will listen to his insane requests?
    I say make the final break and adhere to separation of church and state and what you do on Sunday’s is your own business.
    The American people don’t give a damn that Obama is praying, its what he is praying for that is killing us all!

  7. Obama anounces he is joining the republican party…Sept 1 2011….last 12 Obats in america applaude his “unifying actions” bringing the republican party and democrats together as his popularity slips to 19% lower than Congresses 23%

  8. Like obimbo gives a flying $hit about prayer. If by chance he does speak to one of these men on his prayer list…he is probably laughing. You know…gallows humor.

    • Probably asks for tips from the Jakes fella on how to bilk his own “flock”

      • I just hope he doesn’t believe that gays can be converted to straight!

        • When Jerry Fallwell told Barbara Walters that he wanted to make every gay man str8…..

          The Look on her face was shear horror! She had just bought a new Co-op on central park and who the F*ck was gonna decorate it?

          It was said that she was planning to hide a’la Anne Frank a gay decorator designer and hair dresser in her attic to ensure she would never be without!

          • She had just bought a new Co-op on central park and who the F*ck was gonna decorate it?

            ROTFLMAO! I am SO glad you are back and feeling better, love.

          • Barbara was probably afraid that he meant to turn lesbians straight as well. That would include her.

  9. Whatever happened to separation of church & state?

  10. Ok – my gaydar totally goes off the chart on two of those guys. It also elevates a little on another one.

    I hate homophobic homosexuals. They needed to be cleansed of their homophobia and then get busy being happy healthy homosexuals.

    • Dee I would not claim any of these B-zero’s though Rik Warren the purpose filled bigot is kind of bearishly cuddly!

      I pot them in the same group as Tom Cruise….

      • Hey fuzzy – your “type” prejudice is showin’.

        Personally, I would trade Warren, Cruise and all five of those haters in for one first round draft pick. My pick – Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) on NCIS.

        • Actually the memo I put out about 2 years ago said We dont claim Tome Cruise he is a wack job (and not in a good way)

          I agree I would keep any of them all traded for thePaul Sr and Paul Jr on OCC and Al from Home Improvement oh and Chris Mulroney or wat ever from OZ/SVU…..woof!

  11. Good Lord! Does the alleged Rev. Moss know that when he compare’s Wright’s “preaching to that of Amos, Micah, Malachi, and John the Baptist” that he is committing blasphemy?

    I’d wager not.

    Well, at least we can be glad that when Moss meets his maker he will finally find out how full of shit he is.

    • please Angie dont bore them with details like heresy and blasphemy….

      THey are gods personal representatives to Obama and as such the are the true first among equals!

  12. He seems to care nothing whatever about his choice of church, which was of United Church of Christ. Now he firgures Baptist or Methodist or ‘whatever’.

    If he were truly a follower of United Church of Christ, I suggest this person as his new pastor: “The Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, is the program director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Institute for Welcoming Resources, a national, ecumenical collaboration of the welcoming church movement. Before coming to the Task Force/Institute for Welcoming Resources, she served as interim national coordinator for the United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns, as pastor of Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ and as program staff for the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence.

    She is the author of Preventing Sexual Abuse: A Course of Study for Teenagers (Pilgrim Press, 1996) as well as numerous articles and sermons that have appeared in such journals as Spirit Currents, The Journal of Religion and Abuse, and Parenting for Peace and Justice. She is a graduate of Earlham College and Yale Divinity School and is currently working toward a doctor of ministry at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.”

    Oh, well THAT aint gonna work! She is a pastor in his supposed religion, but is a WOMAN, and supports LGBT concerns. No, he must change his religion in order to find a man, preferably black, anti-gay.

    • No, he must change his religion in order to find a man, preferably black, anti-gay.

      Yes. Interesting, isn’t it. In the same way as a compound fracture is “interesting.”

  13. Ot, NBC just reported that the war on terra is ova. It’s now the “overseas contingency plan.”

  14. “a matter of contacting God rather than each other” ??? Sounds like he thinks it’s just a matter of hitting the speed dial number for God on the BlackBerry.

    And this cabal includes W’s own choice too. The evidence keeps stacking up about Jr. jr.


  15. HomOPhobE in chief show true colors…..

    and they aint in a cindy lauper song!

  16. Ot, but everybody rejoice, the war on terror is over. It’s now going to be called the “overseas contingency operation.”

    • I heard that, and thought “that is the MOST ridiculous thing I’ve heard today.”

      My god, how WIMPY milktoast does that sound? I can see changing the name from Bush’s aggressive delusion, don’t get me wrong. But dammit, change it to “Initiative against terrorism” or something. Osama is in a cave somewhere, laughing his ass off at that one, no doubt.

    • “overseas contingency operation”. Now that is a mouthful of the alphabet! But what is its definition? Invasion? WAR?

  17. now for your enjoyment a song by a guy who is “my type”:

    • He is cute.

      Now, do me a favor and watch the video of Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) singing Temptation (full version) on youtube. I don’t know how to link.

      And remember while watching – on NCIS she is a trained assassin.

  18. Gosh if he wanted a spiritual advisor ho about the Rev. Gomes chaplian of Harvard University? He is a true scholar on theology and debate…..he also gave a stiring speach about Mass having the opldest constitution in the United States that embraces equality and inclusion…..

  19. BB have you ever heard the Rev. Gomes?

  20. These preachers make me SICK !

    When I was a kid, we too went to churches who advocated “prosperity theology”, which teaches that God rewards the faithful with material gifts Needless to say, the pastor had convinced my mother that she shhould be tithing her child support, AFDC, and SSI money (for my other half siblings) she received… and while our pastor was hanging out in his backyard with his underground pool WE HAD NO F****G FOOD TO EAT! When I confronted this pastor and explained that my mom was giving $ to them while we were without food, I was told that I thought too much and I should be doing more church activities instead of extra-curricular ones.

    I have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for supposed spiritual leaders that believe they should have riches while their parishioners are impoverished.

    NO wonder Obama hangs out with these people — frankly I’m not surprised. And the Faith-based Initiatives Program is just a way to continue the payouts to Black churches and conservative mega churches who convinced their parishioners to vote for this HACK.

    • This brings me to a question… Since churches are tax exempt, are the pastors also given such status?

      I’m now calling Pres 0 the Black W.

  21. oohhh boomer…
    who are these douchebags and do i really have the stomach for this information?
    just looking at the pictures is making me ill.

    • hey caterina (waves at one of my favs)

      It aint all bad Gville supports the woman candidate by 30 points over her rivals and defeats an AntiGay charter amendment! 58% to 42%!

      Inspite of obama supporters who voted for the amendment!

  22. Gee, how did Obama miss the Reverend Ike–the initial “wealth ministry” advocate and a real snake oil salesman? It strikes me that the one thing these “ministers” have in common is preaching–in other words, grandiose oratory. Maybe that’s their real appeal for Obama.

    Another great post, BB.

  23. This is one of the many reasons why I loathe and rebuke Obama.




    • SM you heard about Gville right? I am so happy!

      no ballot box gay bashing here!

      Oh and Jeanna Mastrodicasa re-ellected by 30 points over her homophobic challanger!

      Chuck Schumer comes “OUT” for Gay Marriage! talk about an I do!

      Of course the guy is just following US Senator Gillibrand ‘s lead!

      • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I congratulated you earlier this morning a couple fo posts back, but you had already left.


  24. Wow. Why are the liberal blogs not all over this shyt?! This is atrocious.

    I attended a dual rally for civil unions this past Sunday. There was an ad in the paper that ran the entire week, encouraging folks to show up to do the right thing and denounce civil unions. The pro civil union organizer called her event “Stop Spiritual Violence.” It was a nightmare to experience all that hate. These folks have scare off the senators who were backing this bill (18 of the 25), and they are RIGHT NOW considering amending it so it covers other family members(?!), or just not pulling it from a deadlocked committee and letting it die. Again, it’s spineless Democrats who control the HI legislature, and they are running scared.

    Here’s a video I did of Sunday’s event:

    We’ll know within a few hours how brave our reps are.

    • OK. Just heard our Dem reps caved to the religious hatred. They had children calling in this week, and I guess the reps felt they had to listen to those kiddies as they voted today to not pull the bill from a deadlocked committee. So nice to know that Dems listen to children rather than do what is right.

    • tears to my eyes the state of Aloha I lived there from 1987-1989 Ohanna means family….

      the Ohanna family is hawaiian by tradition not the nuclear family of the missionaries……

      Ohanna means no one is left behind….

      Mahalo and a wonderful video!

      • Thanks fuzzy. I’m heart broken. Been writing, calling, sign waving, begging the effing Dems here to do what is the number 2 line item in our effing party platform – civil rights. They caved. The religious nitwits – not all – some groups came out and supported us. Unions supported us. Damn, the woman who was number one against our rights in the 90s (from Focus on Family), Debbie Hartman, even she came out in support of this bill. These wet noodle, weak kneed, ignorant bast*rds let the hatred win. Un-fu**ing-believable. We needed 9 to pull it from committee and only 6 voted yes.

  25. Planned Parenthood Will Honor Pro-Abortion Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Why not Obama?


    • Maybe I’m just sensitive but “Pro-Abortion”? Can we not call it that?

      Oh, and they’re honoring her for stuff now? I swear to god, they’re just like Emily’s list.

      • yes we can definitely NOT call it that.

        That is a fundie site, downticket. please.

        • Sorry, it is just the surprise that they are honoring her when during her hour of need they chose Obama over her. why honor her and not him?

          • Because these organizations sold out to Obama’s “magical” ability to fundraise. Of course, if you have 1/2 of Wall St laundering money for him and getting a big fat bailout in return.

      • Consider the source of the article–one of those organizations that is totally opposed to abortion. Such a headline from such an organization is hardly surprising.

      • Maybe we could just call them anti-choice.

        • or obsessed utero-nazis

        • I already do. I’m more “pro life” then many of the nitwits who worry about the sanctity of life when a child is in utero and then promptly whine about expanding affordable health care coverage to thesame children they insisted neededtobeborn. Furthermore I actually care about the quality of life for children(you won’t hear me whining about expanding Pell grants). Oh and I also care about the maternal fetal housing unit(at least that’s how alot of them seem to view women). I was against a measure that increased the risks of hemorrhage and uterus preforation for women who were unfortunate enough to requiremaking a difficult decision during their final trimester(because 99% of the female species do not go through bloating, throwing up and having their body sapped of vital nutrients for months for sh~ts and giggles no matter what the clueless may believe)

      • how about Planned Parenthood recognizes it made a mistake and honors a true HERO who believes Women should have controll over their own bodies with out the interferience of state or religion!

        Hillary R Clinton!

        sorry Pampers we really aint into you anymore!

      • Ouch – you’re right Reg – I dont’ think anyone with a brain in their head is “pro-abortion” but certainly may support the right to choose.

  26. release me from moderation BB! or SOD please!

  27. did i just hear something on CNN about Obama making a fundraising appeal to dem donors?

    must be nice, not working..

  28. I’ll save you fuzzy! 😛

  29. Obama is speaking at his fundraiser now.

    Talking trash so far.

    He looks like death warmed over. Doing the teleprompter head swing.

  30. The Dems are still begging me for money like mad, and I keep emailing them back pithy replies. Harry reid wants me to help with his re-election campaign, and I mailed him back a doozy today.

    I also still send back mailers with lovely notes inside, so that the bastards have to pay the postage to be insulted!

  31. Why is Obama fundraising?

  32. TD Jakes was featured on “Entertainment Tonight” when his daughter got married. According to the segment he picked out the dresses for her bridesmaids, her own wedding dress, the design of the rings, and it seemed every small detail ceremony. A portion of it was covered by the show.

    First what is a serious preacher doing inviting a glib TV show devoted to celebrities to his daughter’s wedding.

    Second he sounded so controlling and he paraded his daughter like she was a poodle at the Westminster Dog Show.

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