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Truer words uttered by Rhett Butler to his whining spouse can also be applied to those members of congress who couch those same words in flowery prose but whose meaning is just the same.

Don’t let their supposed umbrage over the latest financial fiasco fool you. They truly could not care less about the rest of us unless we are the “hometown crowd” who are the only ones to make the cut when it comes to election time. Grandstanding and speechifying are essentially aimed at those constituents who lay claim to the right to “vote the bums out” or in when the time comes around once again to send them back to congress where all the “pickings” are left to be plucked and plundered.

Who cares what they think in Portland, ME as long as those regional voters are satisfied when one of those congress critters shows up with the ready smile, the pat on the back, the “how’s the family” query and he/she calls you by your first name? Aren’t they bringing home the bacon year after year and aren’t we proud of their name recognition and how often their lying talking head appears on tv on the Sunday morning talk show circuit?

They are beholden to no one but themselves. And if this means climbing into bed with the lobbyists and the special interest crowd, so be it. You really need the money to secure and ensure those congressional seats and if it means playing “kissy face” to achieve that end who are we to argue with how it plays out? If Wall Street is inspired to back their candidacies then Wall Street deserves a break!

After all, we sat back and let Cheney and the gas and oil barons write our energy policy. Is it such a stretch to conclude that those financial geniuses should not enjoy the same rights and fashion policy made in their own image? If it requires deregulation and the absence of oversight who are we to protest? If allowed during one Administration then why not in another?

How else to secure the representation we crave unless we are willing to look the other way on behalf of the fool who is promising to change the incestuousness that prevails? And if he is unable or unwilling to complete that promise than it is safe to say it is the fault of the “other side of the aisle” who keeps on preventing success. Maybe next time.

As Joe and Jane Bagadonuts teeter on the edge of financial ruin, who really gives a rat’s ass? Losing a job, which also signals the loss of healthcare and the possible loss of their home and income, is surely the fault of “the other guy”.  Some nameless, faceless, heartless entity, who lurks in the shadows but is never wholly accountable. Not our guy! Mr. Congressman Senator is out there working for you!

Hasn’t he told you that often enough over the years and years he has sat on his fat ass in DC, filling his election coffers with money donated by the movers and shakers? Or weren’t you listening?

Who gives a damn? Nobody. Not your congressperson, your senator, your president. Too busy playing slap and tickle with the Leno’s of the world. Too busy picking winners during March Madness. Too busy flying all over the nation and gazing at us from 30,000 feet to give a flying f*ck about where we go from here.

And where do we go from here? Who knows but before we get there it promises to be one bumpy ride. But rest assured, the answers and the road map will be decided by those whose only interests lies in their next election cycle. But we can all do as Rhett did when he finally had enough: walk away and not look back. Vote them out! And in our own words this time: frankly, my dears, we just don’t give a damn!

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53 Responses

  1. Excellent post!!!

    I saw a bit of the exchange this morning on GMA between Dana Perino and James Carville. Never could stand watching Dana, but she really held her own this morning and Carville had nothing much to offer in defense of the Leno appearance, the time being wasted by the POTUS on brackets, etc. The republicans are collecting some very damaging soundbites.

    • Want to hear the lastest major faux pas overseas?

      Two weeks ago, Obama insulted the Premier of England.

      Equal offender as usual, O and his office of (Lack of) Protocol, send a letter inviting the French President to work with O.

      The problem was that the letter was sent to the WRONG president. It was sent to Chirac who has been out of office for two years.


  2. Awesome rant and right on the mark!

  3. If I were a congress person-I’d start getting shudders up my back 👿

  4. Pat: I love it! And might I add, it’s about time you became a front-pager. 🙂

  5. Pat Johnson, you go, girl!
    We are incidental to the process, aren’t we? ‘Least, that’s the lesson I learned last year.
    But, that being said, you go ‘head wit’cho bad self, woman!

    • I hate them all! Particularly the pontificators (I am looking at you Dodd, Frank and Schumer) and those idiot pundits (and you Beck, Hannity and Olbermann) who know nothing and are not too proud to put it on display!

  6. The City of Gainesville in its desire to embrace diversity has extended domestic partnerships to LGBT employees and citizens I am truely proud to live in this liberal oasis in the red state dessert that is Florida.

    On Tuesday March 24th 2009 these protections are under attack by outside forces….Focus on the Family and American Family Association and Concerned American Women as well as other right wing fundamentalist psudeo Christian groups.

    The form of this attack is known as Charter Ammendment 1. Or as they fundies like to call it “Vote to keep Men out of Womens Bathrooms”!

    I have no faith in this amendment being voted down. So thanks again Pampers! please court these superstisious goons I hope you are all happy together!

    • Massachusetts may be cursed with Kerry, Kennedy and Deval but we have recognized “Domestic Partnerships” and then the right of same sex marriage long before the rest of the nation.

      It will happen throughout eventually. I think many of the youth of the nation are catching up with this civil right at least.

    • Actually, Broward County has long recognized domestic partnetships both by registry and by insurance benefits. Our blue counties are truly blue.

    • Keep fighting the good fight, Fuzzy! We will win this battle the the end. Focus on the Family, and the rest are a bunch of bigoted deadenders living in the past!

    • I hope those wingers get clipped fuzzy. Keep the faith!

  7. Courage – if a heavily catholic country like Spain can get it – there is hope!

  8. Love this post!

  9. Random thoughts on the “Advanced Citizenship” a voter should exercise…

    First they came for the Communists and I did not speak up because I was not a communist
    Then they came for the Socialists and I did not speak up because I was not a socialist
    Then they came for Trade Unionist and I did not speak up because I was not a tradesman
    Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up because I was a Christian
    Then they came for the Homosexuals and I did not speak up because I was not homosexual
    Then they came for the Catholics I did not speak up because I was a protestant
    Then they came for the Poles, Slavs, and foreigners from every nation I did not speak up because I was born here
    When they finally came there was no one left to speak up….

    paraphrased from Anonymous/ A concentration camp prisoner Nazi Germany

    Never expect someone to speak up or stand up for your rights if you will not defend or speak up for them.

    America has worked because men and women of great courage have spoken up so who have had no voice could be heard. They have stood up for the slave the person of color the suffragist; not because of some financial or personal gain, nor because it was easy, but because it was hard and it took great moral courage and it was simply the right thing to do.

    This country works because people have a social contract that even though we disagree we don’t deny each other the basic human rights. We agree to disagree.

    We are supposed to be mature enough to not allow other peoples prejudice, religious superstitions, and stereotypes to affect this mutual contract of respect.

    If you can not defend someone who holds a position or whose life you oppose are you really worthy of the freedoms the Constitution affords you.

    Remember “Equality” is a concept that we are always striving for…..in 1787, it was all men who were white property owners who were equal which gave way to all white men. Then it became all men regardless of the color of their skin. Finally in 1920 suffrage was extended to women and their fight for full inclusion still goes on to this day.

    Our Republic is a great experiment that continues to shed the light that all are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain rights….

    “…we work to make this not a perfect world but to make it a good world.”

    Isabel Allende

    • Fuzzy – I have that quote (it’s M. Niemoeller) on the wall next to my desk so that I see it every day and remember that if I won’t stand up for someone they have no responsibility to stand up for me.
      We’re all in this together and we need to stand up to those “powers that be” 😕

      • yes sorry I have on a plaque and attrib to anon but M. Niemoeller was a Lutheran Priest if I am not mistaken…who was captured by the nazi’s and put in a camp for a while.

    • fuzzybear,

      Yes, Martin Niemoller was a Lutheran Church pastor. His warning is meant for everyone who mistakenly feels “safe” and comfortable– some of them sleeping giants who will awaken angry and ready for action, but others who already are sell-outs and accomplices.

      Now here’s a warning shot fired from the other side, where Obobblehead is shedding darkness:

      “Fascism should more properly be called ‘corporatism,’ since it is the marriage of government and corporate power.”
      -Benito Mussolini, defining his chief goal for 20th century Italy

      We’re facing down Fascism, American Style in the 21st century. It won’t look and sound exactly the same as what Il Duce did. But it’s corporatism, Obama style. No surprise that the new “GIVE” legislation refers to the “volunteer” enforcement entity as The Corporation. Indeed.

  10. Great rant, Pat!

    I love how the idiot “Progressive Blogger Boyz” had such righteous anger over the oil barons writing a secretive Energy Bill, but vociferously defend the idea of the banking barons writing the financial bills with no details made public til after the fact.

    The ONLY difference in those two scenarios is the “brand” of the administration in power. That’s it.

    I have decided that save for a few sane on both sides of the aisle, our political acumen as a people is an endless circle-jerk of “my team can do no wrong (or any wrong they do is minor and excusable), but your side is teh suck, nyah nyah nyah.”

    I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, but NO MORE. I and many others are viewing them all with the same skepticism, and the “brand” of R or D no longer mean jack shit to me.

  11. Yes, great rant Pat – it’s about time you took the front page! I love your writing! 😀

  12. A number of GWTW parallels have arisen. Pat’s “Frankly, my dear” Carol (over on Electris Blues) “I don’t know nuthin’ about runnin’ no country” and I will add “As God is my witness, I will never vote for any of these bozos again!”

  13. The problem is not limited to the US, but in many European countries the lack of expertise and professionalism of the political class is mind-boggling. The big problem is what is the solution: not to vote, to vote for the lesser evil, or to get involved into politics?

  14. Pat advises,
    But we can all do as Rhett did when he finally had enough: walk away and not look back. Vote them out!

    You can count me in, Pat, re. “Vote Them Out” because I’ve invested my own time and skills in similar “Sweep the House Clean” and “Vote Independent” projects.

    Yet I won’t agree it’s “all we can do” Pat.

    We must do more or we won’t have much left to save by the time we reach the next election cycle– assuming we even have another election or it bears any semblance to a “free” and “fair” process. Obama along with his bot-troopers and financiers certainly is heading at a fast clip down the road to Fascism, American Style.

    [in no special order; they’re equally important]

    * Join or start groups to promote voter awareness about truly free and fair elections, preferably non-partisan or at least independent of the old Republican/Democrat duopoly. A new project can be done here and/or at your own sites.

    * Participate actively in new or existing projects to Impeach Obama & Biden. We needn’t wait any longer to begin asking him to resign or to be impeached. Merely uttering the words “Impeach Obama” is enough to get people’s attention. It is the beginning of what might be a long process to put to rest, finally, the notion we must wait 4 or even 8 years to rid ourselves of a destructive and false leader.

    I already have contributed to the above 2 efforts with completely free and original animated Stickers in the “Impeachment U.S.A.” & “Fair Elections” areas of my web art gallery. Get a couple of your favourites in button or banner sizes, and stick them on your own webpages.

    Blogging, e-mailing and exchanging weblinks are great, but…

    * Sometimes, Americans need to see their neighbours, co-workers and friends rise up and link together, arm in arm, through the streets of residential as well as business areas of their towns. Then and only then will Americans gather courage/strength to open their windows and display banners saying “Enough, Obama! Resign!” and “Yes, We Can Say No to Obama” or their own expressions of Anger and Rebellion.

    Blogging ain’t enough. Voting in 2012 ain’t enough.

    Now, today, immediately, we need to put a screeching halt to Business as Usual and to traffic, because that’s what it’ll take to wake the other people up. We need to make the Million Men-Only March and the more recent immigrant May Day Protest both look like small picnics by comparison.

    We need to add one to the history books.

    Impeach Obama & Non-Partisan Voting GIF stickers
    in “Impeachment U.S.A.” & “Fair Elections” areas
    of http://www.dgwhiz.net/Stickers/Stick-It.html

  15. Help Pat, my reply to you (around 5:15?) is in moderation hell. I might have included an HTML tag that wasn’t right.

    • It will take a lot more people than you and I. It will take a confluence of voters from all walks of life to make inroads into what constitutes the stewardship of this nation and return it to the principles on which it was founded. The effort will be daunting and overwhelming since most of the electorate is unversed and turned off to a large extent.

      • Pat,

        You’ve neatly summed up your post for any journalist who happens to be lurking. I am not a journalist, so I immediately grasped the gist of your post the first time I read it.

        What I can’t sum up for you is why I still do give a damn. I just can’t give up or give in. Furthermore, I have a hunch that you can’t either, or you wouldn’t even bother blogging here at all.

        You and I will be running ’round in circles if we merely debate Yes, We All Need to Join Forces But Gosh, It’s Too Damn Hard To Get Away From Our Computers .

        I’ll try something else this time. It’s a simple question, based on my initial comment.

        I already have stood up and been counted : I want to Impeach Obama.

        What about you? Utter the “Impeachment” word. Type “Impeach Obama” in this blog and do it with the same strength. “Impeach the Jackass Now.” “Say No to Another 4 Years of Obama.”

        Now make an “Impeach Obama!” banner on a big sheet of paper or an old sheet, and display it out your window for your neighbours and passing vehicles to see.

        Will you do it? If there were a march tomorrow, of the kind I described above, would you join us, or would you still say no, it’s too hard, it can’t be done.

        What the hell are the alternatives? As I said, if you wait for the familiarity and comfort of a trip to the voting booth in 2012, it might be too little, too late.

        Sorry, we all have to do more. We have to do it even if it’s hard.

        • Sorry, but that is unworkable. The only possible solution is to replace the House and Senate with new voices, new visionaries, new ideas. It can only be done if each party works hand in hand in seeking that redress through voting. Complacency is where we are and is delivering no more than we deserve.

          Obama is not the entire problem. It is the same people in both Houses who have been there for years guiding this ship of state into the shoals. He is merely a figurehead. Inexperienced and unqualified, but he cannot be held responsible for policies that came before him.

          • Pat, what statement or idea are you referring to…
            “Sorry, but that is unworkable.”

            …because when you say ” The only possible solution is to replace the House and Senate with new voices, new visionaries, new ideas.” you’re agreeing with my statements about voting to sweep out the R&D duopoly.

            Pat, non-partisan and truly independent voting is essential, but can’t be more than one part of a comprehensive solution with many other steps to take. The duopoly has a lock (i.e. a monopoly), a stranglehold and won’t let go willingly. We’ll have to pry them off and we won’t be able to do that solely with voting, which always happens after the fact.

            “Complacency is where we are and is delivering no more than we deserve.”

            Complacency indeed is what you describe. Voting in a rigged election is no more than what you’ll get.

            Yes, I know Obama is not the beginning & end of the problem. You say, “He is merely a figurehead.” That’s the very point, Pat. He is the familiar symbol who represents the American Dream and now The American Nightmare. We must take him down in order to take 2 steps forward on the road to real change. We must do it legally, just as legally as the vote you insist on.

            You talk to SOD and BB about despair and losing hope. Snap out of it, Pat. You deserve more but ya gotta give a little more, now, when it counts, and you won’t have to do it all alone.

          • Agreed. The whole structure needs to come down.

            Now, if Obama can be impeached in the process, all to the good. Nothing would please me more than his sorry ass on the sidewalk in front of 1600 Pennsylvania. But you have to have something to impeach him for–and at this stage, I’m not sure there are legal grounds.

  16. Pat, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for writing this post!!!!!!!!

    • Hi SM(waving to best FLa Puma Friend)

      fuzzy wonders where kiki has been he misses her!

      Oh and his beloved Arabella trefoil and Taggles…..

      sigh he is lonely!

      thanks that pat is here and SM

  17. I love your rant Pat! They don’t give a damn about us. I know Kerry and Kennedy don’t, and certainly not our Governor, who at point seems as bored with his job as Barack is.

    This morning I was behind a white pickup, a 4×4, on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge around 11:20. I looked up and saw two bumper stickers. One said “Hillary in 2012” and the other said “Women for McCain.” If that person reads the Confluence let me know! I actually tried to pull alongside and wave at her, but traffic wouldn’t allow me to. Still seeing that Hillary bumper sticker brightened up my morning.

  18. Fabulous post Pat! I’m beginning to sink into the depths of a horrific depression.

    • SOD,

      Don’t sink into depression, fight back. We need one of our photoshopping parties!

    • Mine runs along the lines of despair. No one is listening, no one actually cares, few have any rational reasons, the crooks march on. Credibility is at a premium and those in charge are useless. Whatever is left over grinds itself into the psyche and clings tightly to the innards.

      We expected something far better after 8 years of Bush. Instead, more of the same with the many voices who brought this mess to us in the first place. Not to difficult to lose hope.

      • I know. And I feel that way too a lot of the time. But I can’t control what happens. All I can do is keep on keepin’ on and try not to let the bastards beat me down.

      • PAT I am there too….but together we will get through this……

        When I said I am voting no on Charter Amendment 1 some moron said to me…

        “So you are voting for men using womens bathrooms?”

        I said:

        “NO I am voting against self righteous hypocritical bigots who are moron enough to think this is about ‘potty issues’ …and why would a man want to use the womans loo anyway, they always have the longest lines. I voting for women to be able to use the mens loo!-dickweed!”

    • I call mental health media blackout for SOD!

      Quick, everyone email her porn…

      Don’t make me come over there

  19. I am sure str8 men are hiding their pee pee’s even as I said it!

    • Oh, please. Every time I’ve ever walked into a men’s bathroom (and I have when desperate and the lines were long), I just breeze right in announcing, “I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and seen them all, honey. Nothing you have is any surprise or of any interest to me, so get over yourself”

      • Years ago I went to the Final Four at the Super Dome in Seattle…By then it was an old, out dated facility with very few women’s bathrooms. Women were about 1/2 of the men’s line..When I got in, most of the urinals were occupied by women.

    • Some of us are on your side and not hiding 🙂

  20. Somewhat OT, but I saw this about election fraud in KY. The RICO law has been used in the case.

    “Several Clay County Officials Arrested On Federal Charges”


    Here’s a blogger in KY discussing the arrest.

  21. okasha skatsi,

    (Replies can’t be nested beyond a certain level so I’m responding here.)

    I’ll match your bet on seeing “his sorry ass on the sidewalk” and I’ll raise it with Put His Sorry Ass In Jail. You didn’t specify your reasons but many probably would suffice for impeachment too.

    Yes, we have to be cautious and thorough re. the legal grounds for impeaching Obama. I’ve outlined several in a concise list of offenses, which you’ll find in the article, Stickers and poetry on my `Impeachment USA` page of the gallery.

  22. New Thread up 🙂

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