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“Don’t expect too much from me,” says the POTUS


The B.O.T., Barack Obama Teleprompter.

I’m just lucky that I still have some Tums handy:

From Yahoo News/AP

Obama seeks patience, warns of expecting too much

LOS ANGELES – Facing largely adoring crowds far from Washington, President Barack Obama on Thursday asked Americans to back his far-reaching economic and health policies, but warned them not to expect too much from him or the federal government. With many Republicans and even some Democrats in Congress resisting his budget plans, Obama went into full campaign mode in California, using television, friendly audiences and his massive e-mail list to counter his critics.

Also known as propaganda units and NBC, owned by General Electric, a massive donor to Obama’s Presidential Campaign.

Without naming names, he mocked Republican officials who call his plan too costly even though they presided over huge deficits while they controlled Congress and the White House.

“Where have you been?” he said to several hundred people at a raucous town-hall meeting in Los Angeles. “What have you been doing?”

Was that on the Teleprompter?  (Who by they way, The B.O.T., a.k.a, Barack Obama’s TelePrompter, has a new blog all on his/her/it’s own, here).

In his second California town hall in as many days, Obama mixed cockiness with humility.

Humility only is shown when it’s on the B.O.T.

He told Americans not to expect “something for nothing” from their government. Improvements to the economy and health care will take time and require unusually large deficits for a while, he said.

Only if you’re AIG or one of the 13 bailed out conglomerates that didn’t pay taxes.

“Nothing is free,” he said. Responding to a woman’s complaint about cuts in jobs and salaries for teachers in California, Obama urged people not to ask the federal and state governments to cut taxes and improve services at the same time.

So which are you going to do, Obama?  You already promised that 95% of the population is going to get their taxes cut, which equals about $13 extra dollars a week to the average working American.  How about concentrating on the economy instead of picking out your NCAA teams? Nero Dribbles while Rome burns.

“At some point you’ve got to make some choices,” he told the crowd, which loudly cheered him repeatedly. Obama also asked the country for patience and forbearance. “We are not always going to be right,” he said. “And I don’t want everybody disappointed if we make a mistake.”

Uh, how many are you going to make?  I’ll leave to WMCB to comment on that:

WMCB, on March 19th, 2009 at 8:15 am Said: I point out to them that this ENTIRE election was all about what a big mess Bush would leave, and who had the experience and work ethic and smarts to clean up that mountain of mess. Obama and his supporters assured us all that he was fully aware of the scope of the task, and could do the job. Could do the job handily, with great success, like no other! So no use now whining “But…Bush left such a huge mess!” Yeah, dipshit, we knew that. Cleaning up that mess is the job he APPLIED FOR, and wanted so badly, and insisted he was qualified to do, so STFU and do it or face the people’s anger.

Oh but Obama needs a compass apparently:

The important question, he said, is “are we moving in the right direction” and is he keeping his main campaign promises.

Then there’s a little dribble of “Hope” for foreclosed homeowners:

Obama also announced fresh aid to struggling homeowners in California. He said California was receiving $145 million to help communities hardest hit by the home foreclosure crisis. He said the money would be used to buy up and rehabilitate vacant homes, and provide loans to poorer and middle-income families to help with home assistance. He announced a new Web site to help people around the nation:http://www.makinghomeaffordable.gov/.

We all here at the Confluence support aid to homeowners a la Hillary’s plan adopting FDR’s plan like she proposed in Fall 2008.  We believe that taxes are good if the general public is receiving and benefitting fromn these services, as all card carrying liberals that we are.  We know how important it is for the government to do FOR the people, BY the people.  But what Obama is saying is, “if we f___k up, hey, don’t blame it all on us” while AIG and and other bailout baneficiaries skip out paying taxes while taking the bailout money in hordes out of our Treasury. If we can’t count on our government, or expect you to do the right thing because appraently you’re pre-empting the clusterf__k you’ve created, President Obama, then WHO do we trust?  This happened on your watch not on Chimperor’s and Darth Cheney’s.

Is integrity above your pay grade?

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143 Responses

  1. Go, SM! Go, SM!

    • I went through a 14 day pack of Prilosec in less than a week.

      But at least my throat doesn’t hurt anymore. The craziest thing is that that’s what’s screwing me up. But I’m getting there, day by day.


      • Try elevating the head of your bed. That usually helps with reflux.

        • I’ve done that, it’s super bad though. I need medical intervention. I have one of my tonslls that is about to give out because the acid reflux burnt a hole in it. That’s why I always have the throat problem.

          But now that I know what it is, it’s calmed down thanks to the Prilosec, but I still have yet to see an ENT. Can you believe that shit?

          No insurance SUCKS AZZ. Thanks, Obama.

          • but how would he get all of those donations for campaigns with out the insurance companies and other parts of the finance industry?

          • Fair enough, but never lie down after a meal. That just begs for reflux.

      • sm, you can’t do this constantly, maybe only every other day, but here’s what we did in the ER for bad reflux pain:

        Go get a bottle of something called viscous lidocaine. Ask the pharmacist, he’ll have it. Dissolve about a teaspoon of it in some water, maybe half a cup. Gargle and swallow. It basically numbs the gut for awhile. Not a fix, just a palliative, but it can help on the days with bad pain.

        • AWW!!! I love my Medical PUMAS!

          I got the Lidocaine.

          Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Cubana Version) gave me a concoction: Lidocaine, Benadryl and Mylanta. 15 ccs of each, mix it it all up and gargle it. Plus Prilosec 2 times a day if I have to, but typically 1x a day.

          • Oh, good! I know that GI Cocktail recipe too, but figured I’d give you the easier one.

      • Also, Walmart has a generic version for about $20.00 per month (OTC)

      • Are you buying the generic? It’s pretty reasonable at walmart.

        • I got the lidocaine at the county clinic pharmacy (where Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Cubana version works), much cheaper than anything you’ll find retail, amen for the government!!!

          Until Obama, that is.

  2. i tried to watch it but my colon revolted and i had to change room locations

  3. He’s privatizing the credit and socializing the blame. I’ll be over here in the corner taking a deep cleansing breath.

  4. I love that ‘don’t expect something for nothing’ bit. Why the hell not, BO? It seems to have worked for AIG and Goldman Sachs. Those of us who’ve been getting nothing for something would like to trade chairs with your good friends on Wall Street for a little while.

    • It also worked out ok for Barack–no experience, no ideas, no knowledge, competence, not even enough votes, but expecting to have the nomination handed to him.

  5. No, he has no integrity. He is the antithesis of the word.

  6. By the way, I think you should retitle to

    “Don’t expect too much from me,” says the TOTUS

    Would me more acccurate.

  7. 145 million dollars to buy up and rehabilitate homes? The government is house flipping now? Punitive taxes against AIG? Doesn’t the government own AIG? So, they’re punishing their own employees for getting paid under legal contract? Popcorn, anyone?
    “I guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.” – Airplane!

    • 13 of the companies receiving TARP funds are behind in taxes, some of them like millions of dollars and they weren’t supposed to be in order to get those funds …

      • Does that mean the taxes fraudulently owed, or just disputed? One company owed 113 mil, another, 102 mil. That leaves 5 mil between 11 companies. 220 mil is a tiny fraction of the total 300 BILLION+ TARP has already paid out, with more to come.

        • The House Ways and Means subcommittee on oversight discovered the unpaid taxes in a review of tax records from 23 of the firms receiving the most money, Lewis said as he opened a hearing on the issue.

          The committee said it could not legally release the names of the companies owing taxes. It said one recipient had almost $113 million in unpaid federal income taxes from 2005 and 2006. A second recipient owed almost $102 million dating to before 2004. Another was behind $1.1 million in federal income taxes and $223,000 in federal employment taxes.

        • some could be under challenge according to the IRS on that linked article in the post itself

    • Cinie, 145 Million is too low in my opinion.

      AT LEAST – and I’m no economist – 100 Billion to create a HOME HOLC type program, like Hillary said.

      Like FDR DID.

    • AIG pays contracts unless they want to break them. There are a number of blogs talking about the Rob Feilbogen case involving a $1.3 Mil bonus contract broken in 2003. A search under his name will bring up the blogposts.

      • Nothing justifies enacting punitive, retroactive tax laws against a company you (the government) own.

    • Compared to what the crooked banks got to continue foreclosing on the people, this gap in $ really should finally get through the heads of his hopeful supporters how little he cares about them, and how great his love for the big banks (AKA: contributors) is.

      I think it becomes more and more obvious how gigantic the lie was that he was being funded by millions and millions and millions of $25 donations from the little people.

  8. !! Thanks SM — this is great. I’ve added the Social Links to make it easy for us to share it with our friends.


    (on the acid reflux – not eating after 7pm makes a huge difference)

    • Thank you KBird!

      Eating after 7pm helps. But when that burning starts up, I eat a couple of soda crackers to help, then pop a Prilosec. It helps, but I’m doing double doses to actually feel relief.

      My entire diet has changed. And I haven’t lost a damn pound !!!!!!!

  9. Rethug talking points much here?

    Criticizing Obama…

    No problem.

    Mouthing the words of the morans of the ‘conservative’ movement….

    Not a good thing.

    • I’m from the old school of Democrats, you know, the kind that don’t believe that stealing from the taxpayers to pay off tax evaders is a-ok.

    • please clarify yourself these are liberal talking points if you want republican talking points I would have to refer you to ObamaforAmerica.com….

      This man is like George Bushes twin seperated at birth!

      no go give yourself a Koolaid and Battery Acid Enema and leave us to our echo chamber!

      I see Healthcare for all and social safety net and a demand for an FDR type home rescue plan thoose are not Redstate talking points!

    • LOL…who is spouting talking points Bot Head? You’re all the same, can spot you a mile away.

      • And I don’t think that was the B.O.T. (Barack Obama TelePrompter) talking.

        Tele is quite upset its not getting the credit its due. (see the blog, funny as hell!)

    • the “morans” ?

      Criticizing the posts of others…

      No problem.

      Being a “moran”…. (with a thing for ellipses)

      Not a good thing.

    • Wow, stop, you’re overwhelming us with the specificity and substance of your complaint. You should teach classes in critical thinking.

  10. And Obama is in CA playing the crowds. When in the hell is the election ever going to be over. I am so tired of this fuctard running around organizing fans to love him. When do people get it that a few thousand people at a rally is just smoke and mirrors. How many people are their in the US of 57 states Obo? The scene with Obama and this congress is just unbelieveable. OMG I thought it would be bad. I had no idea it would be a disaster of this size. We are doomed by the mediocrity of affirmative action.

    • excellent Jangles. I know, the never-ending Narcissist-a-Thon is unbelievable. He is the ultimate con artist.

  11. {{{{SM}}}}

    I guess that pictures of Pampers face obscured by an opaque teleprompter will be the legasy of his occupation of the “nifty house with the fountian that spouts green every march 17th” …..

    This guy just Irks My Soul!

  12. Integrity 🙂 I remember an endorsement Hillary got from a Texan college news paper which was like the endorsement she got from the NYT. In the endorsement, they told she needed to have some integrity like BO 🙂

    • Geez, now *I* have reflux. Metaphorically, at least.

      • Metaphorically is better than the real deal.

        • SM, can you get a hold of some Papaya Juice? The enzymes in it do something for a stressed out burning stomach. I drank it for my problem way back when I did not have insurance. Now I take Nexium, wish I could share it with you, since that is the best – even though it has not been able to restore me to a coloratura after four years now, nonetheless my life is much improved. Another natural is fresh celery. Is a bland diet helping at all?

          Papaya Juice (canned or fresh) and Celery

          • I eat papaya, which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE celery, which I also eat.

            I have that bland diet crap. It’s not solving the issue completely. Maybe in a few months? I dunno. But I am better now & THANK YOU for caring about this piece of crap that’s me. After Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Cubana version) told me that’s what is drilling that hole in my tonsil, gave me the prescription, I’m much better.

            But the Obama-drama doesn’t help. But at least I can read the news, be on the blog without getting that thing that wants to tear me in half and I can talk without my throat snapping. (yes, it’s been that bad.)

          • Another tummy saver that works for me is Chocolate Milk… syrup or powder (Nestles Quik) works, but I think the powder works best perhaps because of the alkali in it. I am lactose intolerant now, so its a stop gap measure for breakthrough problems, and it really works well. Lactaid is a life saver.

          • And then there are mindfulness things to do that can help. Relax, and live in the moment. Experience the emotions and practice opposite emotions if the emotions are too intense. When you are washing the dishes or cleaning the house, or rewriting the resume, the do THOSE things and free your mind from the other things in order to let your mind participate in the activities the body is performing.

            These installations of Dead Girl’s New Age Gothic Life and Health Coaching are compliments of the Hillary Partisans!!!

          • Dead girl, you are AWESOME!

            Seriously, the relax bit is done.

            That’s the reason why I stayed away from news, tv, even my wonderful cyberhome blog for so long.

            I dunno if you had it that bad where it affected your tonsils/thraot, but that shit SUCKS. I’ve been going through this since after the election. Oh, and I have anemia too, which doesn’t help JACK SHIT.

            Liver, Broccoli, beets, Pita Bread, rice (I’m Hispanic, gotta do the rice!), milk, green tea, non citrus fruits, spinach….yucca and platanos. Soup out the yang. Sometime eggs. Sometimes a bagel.

          • Oh yeah, I have had it that bad… I had to beg my Dr. to save my singing voice (its not back yet though) so he put me on the Nexium… but it is so effin expensive, even with insurance it costs me 40$ a month!!!

            oh no, I could never do liver… is that for the anemia?

          • DEAD GIRL:

            Yeah. Liver is for anemia. I’m not exactly a vampire yet, but I think you can relate to that.

          • Try some DGL- De-Glycerized Licorice. Coats and heals stomach. Combine with generic prilosec or pepcid, which reduce acid. Take for 2 weeks.
            Feel better.

    • Don’t know if this has been posted before. Saw it at Alegre’s corner

      President Barack Obama should serve the taxpayers, not Goldman Sachs, and liquidate AIG

      Barack Obama cannot walk on water after all, but that is unsurprising since he has four massive weights shackled to his ankles: AIG, Citigroup, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Of these, the most urgent challenge is posed by AIG. The current row over the payment of $165m in bonuses – an outrage, admittedly, especially since 11 employees who received more than $1m in “retention” bonuses have already left the company – is a distraction, like Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension in the UK, from the main concern.

      Barack Obama and Tim Geithner have one sensible option: they must send the liquidators in to AIG to pick the bones clean. The sooner they take this drastic action, the more effective it will be. The perception is growing that the real motive behind the AIG bailout is to save the posterior of Goldman Sachs: AIG appears to have become a staging post through which billions of taxpayers’ dollars travel into the coffers of Goldman Sachs and other banks.

      The question is also being asked why Goldman Sachs’ chief executive Lloyd Blankfein sat in on meetings discussing the AIG bailout. The core of the AIG problem and, by extension, of America’s banking crisis, is the question of Credit Default Swaps (CDS), the contracts invented by a team working for J P Morgan Chase in 1997, regarded as state-of-the-art financial practice and imported into the banking system like a plague bacillus.


      • And Tim Geithner hired a high ranking Citicorp guy to be his right hand man.

        And the transparency is ……where????

  13. I knew O would not be as good as Hillary but I really thought he would be a little better than W. My God I never thought he could be worse!

    • Jangles he is so much worse than Bush that even Carter’s Policies are appearing to be an economic brilliance compared to Pampers…..

      I’ll take 1 SuperPower and flush it down the John….

    • Neither did I.

      I knew he’d have a bumpy start, but I thought that he’d eventually gain some stability.

      But oh noes, this is still in quid pro quo mode.

      It’s the Chicago way, after all.

  14. Looks like Sarah Palin has put together a pretty good case for rejecting about half of the proposed stimulus money for Alaska.


  15. “Don’t expect too much from me,” says the POTUS


  16. I dont think there is a detergent around that will be able to wash the stench of Pampers “Soiled” Policies when he leaves Office in 2012 to be followed by an Asshat Republican…..

    I bet the tide turns against him about a year from now and MSNBO and CNN will have their viewership halved because they will still be trying to prop him up…

    Of course we will all be wiping our tushes with shares of GE and Time Warner because it will be cheeper than TP!

  17. Rumors are circulating that Texas has decided that it could do better on its own…..and we could make the US Virgin Islands a state so we wouldn’t have to change the flag…..

    er scratch that…..

    Hawaii may give US the Boot to…..they want a return of their monarchy! Real Good for Tourism ask the English!

    California thinks it could double tax revenue if they didnt have to pay those pesky federal taxes and founding the Second Bear Flag Republic would solve that issue….

    Well He was off. He may get to be President of the 47 not 57 states!

    • The US Virgin Islands, as beautiful and luscious as they are, can’t even touch the money Texas brings into the economy.

      If Cali is going to have a second bear flag, I nominate you to be on it!

      • that would be one handsome flag hugh? I would emigrate to California if it left the Union…..

        • I’m with ya!

          PUMA-SF and SimoFish, Helen K, MYIQ, OMG, can Cali take that much?

          • fuzzybear is always welcome in California.
            I even have a spare room with a murphy bed if he needs it.



          • Yeah Fuzzy.

            Come on out to the SF Bay Area. It’s bear country out here!

    • THAT’s it!

      I’m taking up my cousin’s offer in Dominican Republic.

      I won’t have PUMA Cub join that shit.

    • Sounds like Hitler Youth or the Red Pioneers or the Lie Feng Brigades!

      Totalitarianism …..thats what this is about the foundation of The United States of Omerica….

    • Maybe Texas would do better on it’s own? At least the fascists would have different accents.

      • The first fascist with a Texan Twang was Bush 2.0.

        • Bush is NOT a Texan, and the twang was affected.

          • CORRECTION, you are right, once again!

            See your comment in the post? It resonated with so many of us, me included. Couldn’t have said it better.

            I hope you call Conflucians Say tonight at 10pm!

    • I will teach every young person I know, the value of being free, and the power that surges when you all say “FUCK AUTHORITY!!!” when Authority comes to control you. That will be just before they drag me off to the re-education camp!!!

      • AMEN, Dead Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Seriously, my 11 year old future scientist WILL NOT be a part of the damn Obot Youth Brigade.

        Even if it means me moving back to the country my parents left 50 something years ago.

        At least there they don’t force kids to join no damn youth brigade.

        • They have no idea what they are unleashing with their PUTSCH they have got going on in no time at all. You fuck with American peoples kids, brand-buying consumerist sheeple or not, you are opening up a can o’ ugly. The blowback on this will be tremendous and could be our trigger, or rather, tipping point, of a fullblown populist revolt. So unless they intend to create chaos and social unrest, they better walk that one back too.

          • Damn straight! Even people who are pretty blase or even supportive about govt intervention get fucking “Mama Bear fierce” if you try to force something on their kids, especially stuff that reeks of messing with their heads, or usurping your right to teach them as you choose. Can O’ Ugly, indeed.

        • gulp. moderation, went over quota on f-bombs I think 😀

          • Ah, Thank You for getting me outta da dungeon, whoever you are! While I was in there I heard moans and groans… that must be the Obots getting stretched on the rack ! 😉

          • Being a Nor’easter, living in the south now, I now appreciate the term “openin’ up a can of whoop ass on you.”

            MAMA BEARS UNITE!

          • Stay and Fight SM, we NEED you!!! You got some spare cans laying around right???

    • Why are we quoting FOXNEWS as a source for fair and balanced info? Perhaps a better source could be found?

      I think it is a very big mistake to find our allies among the right.

  18. Totally OT post but interesting. She does make some good points. Since the council won’t do much for women, Obama might as well have created a Council on Men and boys’ issues. This could be perfect since almost 75% of those that will be making the decisions will be men in his council on Women and girls

    HICKS: Men are women’s ‘issue’

    Last week, President Obama signed an executive order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls.
    The folks who did attend seemed thrilled that a special White House council had been created to advance feminist ideas. I doubt it’s going to do much good for women and girls.

    If Mr. Obama wanted to actually do something significant for American’s women and girls, he would have created instead a White House Council on Men and Boys.


    Actually, I’m the mother of three girls, and I happen to think Mr. Obama’s new council won’t win the battle of the sexes. That’s because the best thing anyone can do for American women and girls is to encourage men and boys to “man up.”

    A council on men and boys would promote stable marriage as the best avenue to improve the lives and living conditions of America’s women and families. A council on men and boys would address the crisis in American manhood that results in the scourge of infidelity, divorce, lack of commitment and fatherhood with multiple partners.

    A council on men and boys would seek to eliminate the objectification of women in the media. It would battle our hypersexual culture by fighting against the “hook-up” mentality that defines the way in which young men view young women. And most importantly, it would stamp out the violence against women that emanates from men’s widespread exposure and growing addiction to pornography.

    Such a council would work to train a new generation of boys to become real men, who honor and uphold women as equals in the workplace, the community and the home – not because the government regulates such an attitude, but because it’s right.

    A council on men and boys also would address the underlying problems that create “women’s issues” such as child care, inadequate pay and domestic violence. These aren’t “women’s issues,” but issues related to the systemic collapse of the American family.


    • Especially with Michelle’s BFF, Ms. Valerie Jarrett, who only has major experience in REAL ESTATE.

    • This is like right out of “The Handmaids Tale…” fricken scary

  19. Oh, it’s ok, Axelrove says nobody really cares after all. Move along, nothing to see here…

    Axelrod: People Don’t Care About AIG Mess

    Come on, guys, can’t we get the message straight on this one?

    Yesterday I noted that Rahm Emanuel had said that Obama saw the AIG fiasco as a “big distraction” from efforts to fix the economy. Later in the day, Obama walked that back, asserting that the public was right to be “angry” about the whole mess and right to find it “consuming.”

    Today, another senior Obama adviser, David Axelrod, is throwing in his lot with Rahm and the AIG-isn’t-a-huge-deal camp: “People are not sitting around their kitchen tables thinking about AIG,” Axelrod said. “They are thinking about their own jobs.”


  20. The Economist gets it right. They are rather Kool Aid immune.

    Barack Obama’s election campaign runs on and on

    IN 1980 Sidney Blumenthal published a book entitled “The Permanent Campaign”. One of the main reasons that Barack Obama beat Mr Blumenthal’s favoured candidate, Hillary Clinton, was because he promised a new kind of post-partisan politics, supposedly above all that continual warfare. Now that the election is over, however, he is proving to be just as keen on the “permanent campaign” as anybody else in politics.

    Why is Mr Obama abandoning one of his central election pledges? Partly because he is surrounded by hard-nosed strategists, such as David Axelrod, who excel at campaigning. But also because he is worried about his political momentum. The administration’s difficulties with various nominees have created an unfortunate impression of incompetence. His poll numbers are sliding. And the combination of pork-stuffed legislation and scandal-riven bail-outs threatens to create a populist backlash.


  21. I will be curious to see if they cut out the little part of the Tonight Show where are esteemed POTUS makes fun of the Special Olympics.
    Comes when Leno is joking with him about the white house bowling alley and mr. obama, states something like “yeah, I can bowl a 129 now” and when Leno makes some remark indicating how that’s not so hot a score, the President of the United States of America makes some disgusting remarks along the lines of “I could be in the Special Olympics” with that score.
    Stupid frat boyz of america unite.

    • no effing way! how do you know this????

      • I was actually channel surfing and stopped at keithy oldbamamarama man’s show as he was talking to that late night comedian, ferguson. Keithy himself brought it up and said that it might not have been a good thing for the president to say and the other guy said if he were obama he would beg nbc to edit that out and call keithy and tell him not to screen things in advance.

    • It would be sweet karmic justice if this latest fell8te me now tour bites him in the ass big time……

    • He is still the crass, ill-mannered, bigoted turd we all found him out to be… His attempts at, what, stand up improv humor go over like a loud fart in church, and fall flatter than a pancake (waffles won’t do here)

    • I would really enjoy having an adult president. What a wonderful role model.

  22. ah, here it is in this advance of tonight’s exciting campaign stop:

    “The White House bowling alley remains in place, Obama said, bragging that he rolled a 129-point game (“Like the Special Olympics or something,” he said), but a basketball court is a priority.”


    As a parent of a special needs child I cannot tell you how disgusted and angered I am at this remark. It’s the kind of remark you expect to hear from 17 year old fat bully boyz.

    • I completely understand… I have a sweet niece with down’s. BO is a disgusting azzhole.

    • It just shows his lack of sensitivity. Next – Alzheimer’s humor.

      • remember when he made fun of McCain’s injury and old age with that computer ad?

    • he has been in the WH for 59 days in the midst of the greatest economic crisis the world may ever know and this jerkwad has time to bowl?????

      • Bowl, work-out at the gym, play basketball (and go to b-ball games & compose his own bracket for MM), cocktail parties, TV shows…and yet, the Treasury Dept is still completely unstaffed.

    • As another parent of a special needs child (now 27, and still the light of my life), I am equally disgusted. Has he ever BEEN to a Special Olympics? Those kids have more guts and discipline and determination in their little finger than Obama can even dream of.

      • Special Olympics = Kennedy clan. All will be overlooked.

      • AMEN, WMCB.

        I’ve volunteered for the MacDonald Foundation here in Tampa, which trains special needs people to re-enter the workforce.

        Never have I seen such tenacity and drive.

    • What an a$$hole he is!

    • You mean like his head speechwriter?

  23. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/

    Jake Tapper at Political Punch:

    President Obama Jokes About Being a Bad Bowler: ‘It’s Like the Special Olympics’
    March 19, 2009 8:56 PM

    The first appearance by a sitting president on “The Tonight Show” may well end up being the last.

    President Obama, in his taping with Jay Leno Thursday afternoon, attempted to yuk it up with the funnyman, and ended up insulting the disabled.

    Towards the end of his approximately 40-minute appearance, the president talked about how he’s gotten better at bowling and has been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

    He bowled a 129, the president said.

    “That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically.

    It’s “like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

    When asked about the remark, the White House had no comment.

    Facing tough questions about the performance of his Treasury Secretary, $165 million in bonuses for AIG officials and anticipating a fight over his $3.55 trillion budget, the president has not had a particularly good week, and it’s unlikely this will help matters.

    – jpt

    • thank goodness a reporter doing his JOB….. I expected this to go completely unnoticed by the press. A comment like this would be career ending for a politician that isn’t so protected.

      • I hope old teddy kennedy gets to hear about this before he checks out.
        son of a bitch! hope your happy now ted!

    • meanwhile, Sarah Palin shows how to demonstrate respect for the disabled and the role of the Special Olympics:

    • Is it possible that bush is paying him off so he will look less buffoonish by comparison? I can’t believe anyone could be this clueless. Remember when we needed Obama’s “cosmopolitanism” to save us from palin? The bumpkin who understands simple human dignity?

  24. Geithner admits he lied. He actually knew about all the bailouts and pressured Dodd to put exceptions into the bill!


  25. checked the comments over at tappers..
    bots attacking him already but most people are disgusted by BO…

    Someone typed this ~ an instant classic!

    “If narcissism was a fuel, Obama would be the king of renewable energy.”

  26. Wait until Glenn Beck gets going on his remark. GB has a special needs child. I don’t watch GB, but I read where he is tearing into Teh One lately.

  27. Did he have his teleprompter with him?
    If he opens his mouth without it and sometimes with it when it fails he shows his true colors.
    The Obots can not understand what idiot they helped put in the whitehouse and he really does not want them to find out.
    If this is a Harvard man remind me if I ever get my own business to only hire from state colleges. They seem to teach more common sense and civility.



  28. sm, I HATE nesting, but I gave ya a stopgap reflux remedy upthread – didn’t want you to miss it.

  29. This is getting f—king old with this idiot.
    Now the person he nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is under investigation for mismanagement of medicare funds.
    It there anyone that backtrack knows that has any honor or integrity?
    I guess not, birds of a feather and all that.
    No Quarter has a post on this.



    • I see it is an attack led my the Rs. The question I would have is does the facility house and care for horses that belong to her friends/contributors. Just a random thought because I don’t know how those places really work.

    • When Kerry dug up this Slick-O Televangelist Con Man and put him on the stage at the 2004 convention, my natural instinct and jaundiced eye found the whole scenario disgusting, and it was not just because I am a cynic with a jaundiced eye. I just have allergic reactions to blow hard “preacher man” grifters, and this boneheaded con is the best(worst) I have seen yet. And I have seen quite a few, having grown up in a pub in a gold mining town (producing gold mining town). I kept telling everyone he is a con, and they would say “but Hillary is not electable, and I grew up in a FEMINIST Household” (coughbullshitcough).

      I did have a bit of satisfaction when Hillary whomped his azz in the MA Primary… 😀

  30. Hi all –

    I’m usually just a lurker, but i love, love, love The Confluence &, now that I have joined the unemployed, check in several times a day. Thanks for being an awesome & ever-informative refuge for us PUMAS.

    Totally OT, but I wanted to throw out a possible remedy for your acid reflux, sm77. I used to suffer from this periodically, & would drink a glass of water with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda mixed in. Tastes awful, but it tends to release the acid thru lots of burping pretty quickly. Also, I take 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, mixed with water, every morning. This helps to regulate your pH balance, & I haven’t had any more issues with acid reflux since I started taking it. Good luck!!

    And thanks to RD for her AM posts, & everyone else here who contributes regularly to making this such an intelligent & funny outpost for us sane folk.

    • THANK YOU, mpeters!

      Stop being a lurker and join in on the fun!

      Apple cider, I heard it helps people with low acidic volume , I dunno whether mine is high or low.

      But I’ll try it, will let you know & thank YOU!

    • Battle against unemployment depression by joining in here.

  31. No problem, sm77 – my pleasure. And yes, I will join in the fun around here more often!

  32. When I watch TV news, I cannot believe I am in America. Congress is acting like it’s the Italian parliament of 30 years ago. Obama is acting like the Italian dictator of 85 years ago. When McCain said, Let’s halt campaigning and fix this crisis, people laughed at him and rushed through a bill that is the financial equivalent of the Patriot Act–a disaster. No thought, no preparation, we just need it now, come what may, and then what comes is so bad, we are slack-jawed. Hell, someone was willing to do the right thing back in October, 2008, and it was Obama’s opponent.

    • yep – and they said he was too scared to face TOTUS in a staged town hall debate.

      Do you remember? Obama didn’t even want to go to Washington-he was too busy preparing his lines. All he said was to bring out the champagne ….

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