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      .@GovRonDeSantis: “You don’t have to politicize every tragedy in this country.” Also @GovRonDeSantis: Immediately politicizes Hurricane Ian tragedy. pic.twitter.com/er3hjzL5kp — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 4, 2022
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Some more Caption This Photo fun…

Photo 1:


Photo 2:

Obama St Patrick's Day

Photo 3:


Leave us you captions in the comments sections…and away we go!

PS:  RIP Natasha Richardson.  A truly great talent and vehement AIDS activist.

From one of my favorite movies, The Handmaid’s Tale (just noticed a part is NSFW):

134 Responses

  1. Photo 1: I pledge allegiance to myself, under the United States of Obamaland, and to the Imperial Presidency, for which I stand…

    Photo 2: Arugula? Yay!!!

    Photo 3: Yeah, that Guinnessh, shure izz better in (hiccup) that green place over there (hiccup).

  2. 1. I think I had a bad clam for lunch…..

    2. THis bowl and 2 Kilos of Tofu and I can make a faux Turkey mold that will make your eyes water!

    3. I wish I had been the man the accompainied Jackie Kennedy to Paris….instead I got this….oop teleprompter goof! sorry MO!

  3. Rest in peace, Natasha. I still can’t believe it.

    • so sad.
      she seemed so sweet and talented.

      • The first time I saw her, was on an SNL episode in the 80’s (I think). If my memory serves me, she was on Sprockets and I was ROFLMAO at her skit. Classy, and hilarious, and a very serious acting talent.

        • I remember her from a lot of side roles over the years. She was gorgeous and really talented. I just hate that her sons have to lose her so soon.

          • So sad about Natasha. I’ve followed her career. A very special woman. Such emotion and energy always shown from her eyes! Very talented. Prayers for her mother and all her family.

    • I feel so sad, and I don’t usually get affected by people I don’t know this way. I was always captivated by her talent and her unusual beauty. I’m sitting her grieving and actually watching Larry King – something I NEVER do.

      • I too am very saddended by Natasha Richardson’s death. I wasn’t that familiar with her work, but I did see her in The Parent Trap and I just thought she was incredibly lovely. Absolutely Captivating. What a tragedy that she is gone. I feel so bad for her family, especially her sons. Terrible for them to lose their mother at such young ages.

  4. Capshun, photo 2:

    “David brought me this blooming astroturf for my desk”

  5. sorry should read:

    3. I wish I had been the man that accompainied Jackie Kennedy to Paris….instead I got this….oop teleprompter goof! sorry MO!

  6. Capshun photo one: the adoration becomes me

  7. Photo 1: Ahhh, Obamagasm…hope nobody can see my OTHER hand!

    Photo 2: Can I smoke this stuff?

    Re: Natasha Richardson–how sad! I loved her in the remake of the Parent Trap (back when Lindsay Lohan was young and innocent).

  8. the re4dgrave dynasty lost a shining star a good man lost a loving wife and two boys lost there mother…..

    silence is so eloquent…..

    Rest grant unto her oh Creator
    may your perpetual light shine upon her
    may her soul all all those who rest now
    through your mercy find joy and peace…

  9. 1. My heart is… not here actually.

    2. It’s time for my next vacation. Ah, man, you brought the weed. Holla!

    3. Picture says, “I could be less flattering, but I don’t know how.”

    • 2. It’s time for my next vacation. Ah, man, you brought the weed. Holla!


  10. 1. I am president I am president I am president

    2. Nothing better than weed. I promise I will legalize it

    3. Look MO, this is how you faux smile

  11. Capshun, photo 3

    “what do you got instead of a Texas Tornado?”

  12. Nell, on March 18th, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Me too. Her and Liam Neeson were one of the few hollywood couples that had been together for longer than 10 ten years.

  13. 1, Don’t look at my bulge… If I just pretend it’s not there, no one will notice…

    2.Ohhhh, now that is one amazing prostitute… wait, am I supposed to be paying attention to this plant?

    3.Hey! You over there! Cocktail waitress! Hit me up, over here!

  14. Wow! I am so shocked about Natasha Richardson. The fall doesn’t sound that serious. Maybe there was some internal flaw in her brain that she didn’t know she had.

    • No, it seemed she had major brain swelling which shut down her brain completely.

    • The official cause of death hasn’t been announce but it is a “classic” history for a “epidural bleed”. Can be minor trauma to the temple area of the head….the patient then may appear normal for varying period of time followed by rapid deterioration. If the diagnosis is not made quickly, the mortality is quite high.

      • There’s a moral here–if your head takes a hard jolt, go have it checked out! Don’t think you are invincible. (This from a woman who flew across the US after an attache case fell out of the overhead bin, hit her in the head with a metal corner and knocked her out for a few moments.)

  15. Am I in moderation?

  16. Photo 1: I can’t believe I ate the whooooole thing.
    Photo 2: Ranch. No, make it French
    Photo 3: And Michelle’s left breast is about *this* big.

  17. Caption 2: Ch-ch-ch-chia!

  18. What are your thoughts about the bastard that decided to keep his own daughter in a cell for 24 years and had seven children with her. Can you believe this stupid scum excuse of a human being said he was sorry! Sorry!!!!!!! now he says he is sorry for what he did? Is it so wrong to want this man to be totured for hours, days and years? Maybe have his fingers and toes cut off. That would cause him a lot of pain, wouldn’t it? The Death penalty is not good enough for this monster. How could someone do such a thing to his own daughter and the wife is dumb too 👿 she must have known.

    • Death is too much of a prize for that scumbag.

      • He needs to suffer and be totured to the point he wishes he was dead and not be granted it.

        • Is it so wrong to want this man to be totured for hours, days and years?

          Chemical castration sounds about right for me.

          • That’s way too nice. Depo-provera injections are not all that bad.

          • I second that. But I’m off to bed. Good night everyone!

          • Smash bones in feet and knees, hands and elbows. cut out tongue and castrate. This is my remedy for all child molesters.
            Their brain works so they know how they are suffering but can never never ever hurt someone again.



    • It is a disordered pathological need to dominate, and to dominate completely. This is an extreme psychopathy in this case. I am surmising from subjective observation of ours, as well as other cultures of the globe, that the milder form is quite endemic in all but the most egalitarian and socially developed cultures.

      in plain speech, the dude is a disgusting maggot, and unfortunately, there are others like him roaming the earth, albeit doing less damage. and I’d like to move to Sweden 😉

  19. Teh One has been forced to backtrack again – at least for now.


    “Obama administration to drop plan to bill vets for health care”

    • Isn’t that disgusting??????????????

      Any veteran that has a spouse with private insurance, or if you have a combination of Tricare with a supplemental private insurance, the gov’t won’t pay for their healthcare.


      I just want to know who the hell came up with that idea.

      After giving their life & service to their country, this is what their president says to them???? Pay for your combat injuries yourself if you or your spouse has a supplemental insurance???

    • He never should have thought or planned of doing such a thing. Where is his patriotism?

  20. 1. Fooled them all
    2. I saw a Chia Obama that looked better
    3.How many fingers am I holding?

  21. I am very sad about Natasha. It’s one of those reminders that life is so fragile, and we need to appreciate each moment as best we can. Her family must be devastated. A few days ago, she was fine. Anyone can take a minor fall–it seems so senseless. We are here for such a short time. At least she had what looked like a very rich life, full of love and adventure.


  22. My only question to this link is: what did they bribe him with to take the fall? His CT Senate seat is in jeopardy–they must have offered him a full court campaign press in return for being a willing scapegoat on this:

    BREAKING: I was responsible for bonus loophole, says Dodd


    • Oh hellz naw!!!!!!

      Dodd just came out this afternoon stating that the White House told him to do it!!!!!!!

    • Obama’s shadow handlers HAVE something on these people. Tinfoil hat, but one can’t help but wonder, after so many roll over for him.

  23. Photo 1: “Okay, this time I’ll hold my hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance. Must not smirk. Must not smirk!”

    Photo 2: Finally, someone thought to give me a Chia Obama! It grows twice a fast as a normal Chia figure becasue the base is full of crap.”

    Photo 3: “Hey, Hillary. Jon Favreau send his love … if you know what I mean.”

    Okay, my captions are too wordy by half.

  24. Photo2:

    President Obama, having not learned his lesson in “how not to be cheap and tacky” from the British incident, presents the German Chancellor with a Chia Pet during a state visit.

  25. 1. This is my solemn face. It looks a lot like my constipated face.

    2. You can’t have your tax dollars back, but you can have some arugula.

    3. This is the face I make when I see a TILF, a taxpayer I’d like to fuck over.

  26. No worries…

  27. Photo 1: “A flag pin and hand over heart during pledge is all it takes for me to be president. Suckers.”

    Photo 2: “Oh, how nice, a plant. Stupid liberals and their hippy presents. Can’t believe they think I’m one of them. Suckers.”

    Photo 3: “Me and you in 5, soon as I can ditch the ball and chain.”

    Natasha: Totally and completely loved her and I don’t even know why exactly. Just hit some chord or something in me. I’m very sad for her family.

    • It hit me hard too, she was phenomenal not just as an actor, but as an AIDS activist too. Her dad died from AIDS related illnesses and since then she truly championed the cause.

      She was class and poise with a good heart, personified.

      • Agree. I’ve always quite liked her mother as well. What an amazing woman. So I was never surprised by her heart and activism. They don’t make many like that sadly.

  28. Caption for photo 1:

    “Free as bird, guilty as hell…America is a great country.”

  29. Did anyone read the link from the other thread to an article in the Irish press. Due to a TelePrompTer mix up, Obama supposedly read the wrong speech and actually thanked himself. Seriously–how stupid is this guy?

    • Yeah, we commented on that earlier today.

      First they embarrass England, now they embarrass Ireland.

      Can’t wait till he screws up on Sarkozy.

    • Isn’t it interesting that with a monitor malfunction, the “genius, elegant, messiah” can’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag. But during the repub convention when her monitor malfunctioned, Palin delivered a perfect performance. I certainly don’t like Palin’s politics, but isn’t the difference interesting here.

      Sadly for us all, he’s about at the same level as dubya. He’s here for the free ride and you can tell from all the time away from home. As was evident by all of us paying attention during the election, he just doesn’t give a flying fuck. Yep, dubya 2. He’s like a bad sequel: “Dubya 2: The End of an Empire”

    • Darn. I missed that one. Sounds pretty funny, in a sad kinda way.

  30. I’ve been very upset about Natasha Richardson. I’m so sorry for her family.

    The father of one of my sister’s friends died in a similar way just 2 weeks ago. We had one cold-snowy day he stepped outside, slipped on the snow and went in a coma a couple of days later.

    I’m so sorry.

  31. Just read a hilarious comment by someone at TL on -what progressives should want and do – thread.

    (referring to Bill Clinton)
    “but anyone who know Bubbas history knows being “loved” was very very important to him. as far as I can tell Obama could give a sh*t.
    I like that.”

    • In a way I agree. Obama knows his credulous dip supporters will back him no matter what, so in that way he doesn’t give a sh it. That’s not in any sense a good thing.

  32. …when’s that pill gonna kick in…i’m dyin’ here…frikkin manuel…

    …alright finally, damn, here we go…who’s this jerkwad heh heh…

    …wheew, this is some strong shiite, heh heh heh…ohh looky, a mirror…hey there handsome…

  33. Natasha Richardsons death is so very sad.

  34. Just got back in after being out for a few hours and just have to ring my own bell for a moment….

    ainnj, on March 18th, 2009 at 5:34 pm Said:
    dodd is lying.

    we can say goodnight now to chrissy dodd and turbo tax timmy

  35. I just saw a clip of BO waving as he enters the stage at the “Tonight Show.” WTF?! We are in the middle of a historical economic crisis, and he is appearing on talk shows? Does this guy have ANY understanding of the importance and gravity of his job?

    Never mind–it was rhetorical.

    • silly non-believer, stop your whining, don’t you know the economy goes up and down, just like political polls? (oh wait, that is the stock market, right mr. president?) Mr. Obama will save us all, and it’s only going to cost you a few trillion….wait, wait….
      can you say “ZILLIONS”? How exciting! Isn’t math fun?

  36. Dodd: Blame Treasury for AIG loophole
    Posted March 18, 2009 8:45 PM
    by James Oliphant

    Sen. Christopher Dodd, accused by Republicans of writing a loophole in the economic stimulus bill that enabled the $165 million in bonuses to be paid to executives at American International Group, said Wednesday blamed the Treasury Department for the change in the bill.

    In an interview with CNN, Dodd said Treasury officials approached him in February and asked that he scale back a provision in the stimulus bill capping bonus payments to executives at firms that received government money.

    Dodd said he acceded to Treasury’s request, which made the limits on bonuses prospective only. Dodd’s provision, as it was originally proposed, operated retroactively, meaning it would have applied to any firm, such as AIG, that benefited from the first wave of federal assistance.

    The senator said he agreed to the change to protect the compensation restrictions. “The alternative was losing the amendment entirely,” Dodd said.

    On Tuesday, he had denied a role in the change.

  37. Photo 1: Please god, let that be a cigarette I feel in my pocket.

    Photo 2: This is what Arugula looks like in the wild. I eat this for breakfast and smoke it too in an emergency.

    Photo 3: I swear on my Uncle who liberated Auschwitzs grave, I am 3/4 Irish. My momma told me I was while we were marching in Selma.

  38. So when can we expect impeachment for Mr. Dodd?

    • Both Dodd and the administration are to blame for this. If Dodd put the clause back into the bill, at the behest of the administration, and the POTUS signed the bill with this item included, then both are to blame. The POTUS signed it. He owns it.

      • I am game for a double impeachment, now THAT will be a historic presidency!
        And with tv execs getting slammed with obamarama specials taking away incredibly important airtime…this is the very thing to fix it, think of the ratings a double impeachment will get!

  39. You have to read the comments after this piece–they are hilarious. There are many people out there that are getting very very tired of BO’s self-love fest.

    Networks reluctantly shuffle for Obama speech

    Networks are pulling their shows over to the side of the road to make room for the lights and sirens of president Barack Obama’s latest primetime address.

    Fulfilling their scheduling civic duty is starting to seem increasingly cumbersome to broadcasters, however. Between a struggling economy and ratings sagging in midseason, every interruption costs networks advertising dollars and momentum.

    “At a time when we’re struggling not only financially but to build audiences, this doesn’t help on either front,” one network executive said. “These repeated interruptions — and the rumor of even more to come — really make it difficult to build audience flow and loyalty. We will all lose one or two million dollars for this.”


    • I’ve talked to Howard and he’s agreed to share the tailpipe with chris. My heart bleeds for these guys. They all think they’re special and it’s such a shock when they’re helping Obama put the shiv in someone else and all of a sudden they feel this weird sensation in their own backs. Boo hoo.

  40. ok, this is my favorite so far and I promise the last one for the evening:

    Dodd KO’d
    By Helen Ubinas on March 18, 2009 6:39 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

    U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd’s already got quite a track record of ducking and weaving…

    Mortgages, what mortgages?

    Erin go — what Ireland cottage?

    Iowa? The Hawkeye state is just a temporary residence, my friends.

    But after the slick Senator spent the day insisting he had nothing to do with giving those AIG guys those fat bonuses — ridiculous, he said — he finally fessed up to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Read all about it here.

    Turns out Dodd was part of the committee that crafted a bill that allowed the companies to give out the big bucks, after all.

    “I apologize if we had some confusion.”

    No confusion Senator.

    You’re down for the count — and amazingly, you knocked yourself out.

  41. mr. dodd is sorry for the confusion and mr. obama claims the buck stops with him. phew, I am glad thats all water under the bridge now.
    Are we up to 100 days yet? I don’t know how much more of this historic, transparant and bipartisan administration the economy can handle!

  42. Remember the good old days mr. dodd? Sure gives me a chuckle.


    Today in Cleveland, Dodd became the first of the original 2008 presidential contenders to endorse Obama. Dodd told ABC News he has no interest in the second slot on the Democratic ticket.

    “Who would want to be vice president?” Dodd chuckled. “I’d rather be chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

  43. Dodd needs a credibility bailout. How much do they cost?

  44. Well if Dodd doesn’t go down for the bonus fumble, maybe he’ll go down for AIG’s pending payoffs to hedge funds which bet big on the housing collapse using credit default swaps, and AIG is on the hook.

    • Lots of hedge funds in CT that would benefit from the taxpayer bailout via AIG.

      • Good point..the bonuses are “peanuts” compared to the credit-default swaps. AIG wrote $2 trillion worth according to a NYT article. If that is true, AIG is hopeless and they are throwing billions down a rat hole.

        • That $100,000–not the greenbacks obama knew.

        • “A.I.G. Bailout Priorities Are in Critics’ Cross Hairs”


          “The system was undermined by asking the American people, under the veil of secrecy, to bail out one company when in fact they wanted to bail out someone else,” said Sylvain R. Raynes, an authority in structured finance and a founder of R & R Consulting, a firm that helps investors gauge debt risks. “The prospectus for the bailout was not delivered to the people. And it was not delivered because if it had been, the deal would not have gone through.”

  45. Found this about bonuses and the TALP program.


    “But the real danger here is that voter rage at the bonuses will put at risk the government’s response to the financial crisis. Jaret Seiberg, of the Washington research group at Concept Capital, notes that TALF participants are not covered by the executive compensation restrictions that apply to TARP participants.”

  46. Photo 1: I can fart all I want and nobody can say anything about it.

    Photo 2: Double score! Marajuana in a Waterford bowl!

    Photo 3: My OTHER hand is down her pants…

  47. Photo 1: I ain’t pledgin’ allegiance to nuthin’ !

    Photo 2: GANJA!

    Photo 3: Yeah, she’s been in one of those moods; meow!

  48. Dodd re-stated his statement – which makes for an interesting thought about the “when did they know it” timeline

    • Obama is falling back on the bush defense, we’re not crooks and liars, just incompetent fools!

      Somehow, I fail to be reassured

  49. Photo 1: I wish they would let me put my hand on the prompter. I pledge allegiance to the one Teleprompter … what would I do without you?
    Photo 2: I can’t believe he gave me a Chia Pet
    Photo 3: Please turn up the thermostat – the hell with Global Warming!

  50. Good morning, Fuzzy and any other early birds!

    Having digested much of the political horror we’ve witnessed just with W and Barry & Co., I’ve adopted the following motto: To nurture integrity wherever I can find it. Rome is burning.

    • Probably because the MSM has a hush order so as to avoid questioning about how far up it goes — you know, what did they know and when.

  51. check out the snark in the LSA times:


  52. Caption Photo 1: “I pledge allegiance to the me of the united me of me’ness, and to the me, for which I stand, one me, indivisible, over God, with me and me for me.

    Caption Photo 2: “Weed, schmeed, you can smoke all this arugula and it will never show up on a test!”

    Caption Photo 3: “Heeey Todd! Didn’t I tell you that a muscley armed black girl is the best “cover” ever!”

    I just logged on, if I plagiarize anyone elses joke, it is completely unintentional.

  53. #1 The sun – the glare is blotting out the teleprompter text. What to say… my mind is a blank… where are my handlers… hey, there’s my reflection, don’t I look cool as always! I’m so fascinating. I could gaze at myself forever. Where was I?

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