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Tuesday Ramblings plus a Caption This Photo!



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Hello my dearest Conflucians!  We’ve been doing a lot of money talk here at the blog.   Even though I don’t know jack about finance or economics like my more illustrious brethren here, I thought I’d add my two cents (about what we all have in our wallets and purses now) regarding the crisis.

So, anybody feel that Obama brand of Hope pouring through your soul?

Yeah, me neither.

Instead, I feel fear and cynicism all rolled up in a ball of “f__k you” and it’s the same kind I felt during the Bush 2.0 years.

Remember 7 years ago when Bush took office and brought us the Iraq war based on false information?  Yeah, and 7 years later we are still fighting that war.   BASED ON FALSE INFORMATION.   From my view at the bottom of the totem pole, I can’t shake the feeling that our financial meltdown is engineered the same exact way the Iraq War was.  And since it’s Tinfoil Tuesday (h/t to Stateofdisbelief), I’m betting that all this financial meltdown is an illusion made to appear like a crisis/catastrophe.  Here’s a quote from Conflucian Resident Economist DakiniKat that really stuck out at me:

The market seems to have stabilized for awhile as Ben Bernanke has been giving speeches and making appearances every where he can.  For those of you  that really want to take on empirical studies in Economics (econometrics and all), this is a part of a strategy he outlined in  Monetary Policy.

From my simplistic, peasant, lay-woman’s point of view, Wall Street is just some glorified Las Vegas gambling casino without the neon lights and flashy shows, although it very well could be.   It’s all speculation, opinion-based gambling.  For example, if there’s a rumor that corn farmers are scared that next years crops aren’t going to be as plentiful as last year, suddenly you see corn stock (pun intended) plummet and by the end of the day thousands of workers are laid off.   All based on speculation.  There’s no gradual or incremental adjustment to curtail the possible loss of corn, no riding out the storm, none of those things.  Actions are taken swiftly and severely in a matter of hours.  You punch in at 8 am, rumor gets released at 9:30am, stockbrokers go bezerk on the trading floor by 10:00am and you walk out with a pink slip by 5:00pm.   Who suffers?  You and me.  Who started the rumor?   No one will ever know (because no one is held accountable anymore), maybe a sugar ethanol lobbyist firm, who knows?   Then the fear/hope peddling cycle goes wash, rinse, repeat.

Yet in the same way Wall Street reacts to bad news via the government, all it takes are positive words and Wall Street shall be healed.  Here’s what Big Dawg said:

It used to be gospel in the nation’s power center: Presidents didn’t talk publicly about what the markets were doing. The notion was that anything a president said on this subject could be too easily misinterpreted, sending Wall Street into a dive.

Now, former President Clinton says he thinks President Barack Obama should talk more optimistically about the prospects that the nation will recover from its current deep economic woes.

Remember Obama’s quote regarding pressuring Congress to pass the stimulus package because a failure to act “could turn a crisis into a catastrophe.” President Obama learned that fearmongering got Bush 2.0 what he wanted, so he’s continuing the fear-peddling push.  Scare the masses into submission!  Worked for Stalin & Bush 2.0.  F__k Hope.

Color me a rainbow of stupid, but I ask myself the following questions:

  • If Wall Street is the gear that keeps America afloat since so many of our conglomerates which own everything trade publically, why do they depend on the government for morale-boosting if they are that powerful?
  • Why is it that Wall Street trading goes up when positive words are spewed by the President and the Cabinet, or it goes waaaay down when negative words are said, like “stimulus package?”
  • Who the f__k is really in control?  Is it truly Wall Street?  Who controls who?
  • And why is it that the only people that are benefiting from everything are banking conglomerates? And like MYIQ said below, where’s the money?
  • Bush 2.0’s agenda was clear as a bell.  Bush 2.0 started a war to get the oil speculators going batsh_t crazy and hike the price of gas and oil, which made Exxon-Mobil and other oil companies VERY happy while many families around the world choose between fuel or food.   But what is Obama’s agenda? Instead of oil, Obama is favoring the super elite global bankers.   What is it that global bankers want?
  • And what happens to us, the people who sweat and bleed to make this country the great place it should and could be?

Well, looks like Obama and the O Cabinet are heeding Big Dawg’s words, because some of the pesky peons that Hillary and Bill understand so well  (i.e. the people footing the bill a.k.a you and me) aren’t as drunk on the Hopium as Obama (and the media) would like.  Daily Telegraph from the UK has this to say:

Barack Obama goes upbeat on economy after popularity declines

President Barack Obama has launched an upbeat strategy over the economy in the face of approval ratings that have dipped below those of George W Bush at the same stage of his presidency.

As well as sounding more optimistic, the president will push more aggressively against Republican critics – painting them as belonging to a “party of no” – and sharply remind the public that the problems he has to cope with were very largely inherited from Mr Bush.

Mr Obama is changing his rhetorical course after criticism from fellow Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton, that he has sounded too negative in the first weeks of his presidency.

This week he will speak forcefully to Congress and the public about the need to pass his $3.6 trillion budget, which will double the national deficit, while stressing his belief that there is hope ahead.

The new president has already told an audience of business leaders that the economic crisis “is not as bad we think”. Over the weekend, Mr Obama assured investors of the soundness of investments in the US economy, after Chinese premier Wen Jiabao expressed his alarm about the safety of the “massive” number of US Treasury bonds Beijing was buying.

“There’s a reason why even in the midst of this economic crisis you’ve seen actual increases in investment flows here into the United States,” Mr Obama said. “I think it’s a recognition that the stability not only of our economic system, but also our political system, is extraordinary.

“I think that not just the Chinese government, but every investor, can have absolute confidence in the soundness of investments in the United States,” he added.

And of course, let’s make China super confident that their investment in the US of A is safe and sound.   Ni Hao, Wen Jiabao!  A-OK in the USA!  Mi casa es su casa, right Wen?

But wait, here comes Larry to add his input as well:

Lawrence Summers, chairman of the national economic council, exemplified the administration’s new approach with a populist swipe at AIG for paying in excess of $100 million in bonuses to staff, despite receiving $170 billion of taxpayers money.

“There are a lot of terrible things that have happened in the last 18 months, but what’s happened at AIG is the most outrageous,” he said on ABC on Sunday.

Mr Summers has also said Americans are showing “too much fear” about the economy.

Ok, let me stop right there.  Larry Summers???  Populist???  Outraged over AIG getting bonus money from the bailout???  BWAHHAHAHA!!!!   Slap on the wrist for AIG!  Bad little bankers!   Americans showing too much fear?  So it’s now OUR FAULT we’re feeling fear?  BTW, China, it’s not our corrupt government giving banking conglomerates unlimited amounts of money that’s at fault, it’s our citizens freaking out over nothing!  Nothing to see here.

Earth to Larry Summers:  When you are at your job and 1/2 of the workers on your floor are suddenly asked to leave at the bat of an eye, wouldn’t you be afraid?   When you’ve scrimped and saved for retirement only to watch that 401K lose 10-15 years worth of investment, with businesses suddenly shutting down, industries coming to a screeching halt, wouldn’t you be afraid?   It’s like RD said this morning:  it’s financial terrorism.  And with oligarchal and misogynist assholes like Larry Summers (among the many in Obama’s cabinet), running this whole speculation game from his cushy office, betting on fear/hope and gambling away the future of America like a craps game in the Bellagio, I’m very frightened.  And there is nothing Larry or his puppet prince president can do or say anything to change that except saying the words “I RESIGN FROM OFFICE, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.”

Despite the control the financial sector has on the White House, Wall Street also controls the financial sanctity of our nation.  If all they need are inspiring words to invest and trade confidently for our nation to prosper, I hope that they can see these:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

  • Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)
    3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)
  • Let Thomas Jefferson repeat that last part again:

    The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

    And with the 2 or 3 bailouts (I’ve lost count) – WE, THE PEOPLE, are the owners of these institutions.  We always had the power, it’s just that the perception buttons of hope/fear is what controls Wall Street and in turn, Wall Street controls our livelihoods and/or survival.

    And I’m f__cking tired of it.

    I was going to post Rage Against the Machine’s – “Killing in the Name,”  but for some reason the video’s not showing in the preview, so here it is.

    The financial machine  is killing the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I don’t know what to do next, except the only thing people do when they’ve had enough.   Protest.

    PS:  To the Irish Conflucians, Happy St. Pat’s Day!

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    90 Responses

    1. Life does not get any better than this. I get a red carpet life-style and don’t have to do a thing for it.

      • Or like Bill Ayers said:

        “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country!”

    2. “Yeah, we’ll take the twofer, no pepperoni on either.”


      “(sigh) This is hard work, more than I thought. Where else can I go on the plane?”

      I know, kinda lame.

    3. This is the life-I don’t even have to answer my own phone 😉

    4. I’m betting that all this financial meltdown is an illusion made to appear like a crisis/catastrophe.

      I think it was very carefully planned out and timed in such a way that the big banks could take unheard of sums of REAL money from the people and convince us we had to do give it to them to save ourselves. The losses are bogus dollars on paper, while the taxes we pay are anything but bogus.

      I don’t trust any of them, and I think our congress is just slow enough to be unwittingly helping without knowing they are being duped.

      • My idea on how to save a couple of bucks is to go ahead and give these Congresscritters median wage plus benefits. They,like the executive class, seem grossly overpaid. It’s hard to tell which is worse the time they spend naming park benches and patting people on the back(which seems to be a pretty simpletask that we could outsource to elementary schools) or the time they spend apologizing for not taking the time to consider the consequences before making BIG decisions(like war or committing billions of dollars no questions asked).

    5. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all.
      More and more jobs gone every day.
      My daughter just lost her job as a vet assistant.People do not have the money to bring animals to the vet.
      I do think that this is a manufactured economy meltdown.
      It was done to get a puppet to redistribute the wealth of this country in office.
      Every congressman needs to be investigated for their actions in helping this. I just read where chris dodd wrote an amendment that gave AIG the ok for the bonuses.
      Heck of job chris. How soon can he be replaced?



    6. “Ah, the life of Riley”

    7. Caption:

      “When it’s over, wake me in time to take the credit.”

    8. CAPTION
      Damn that was a good party last night.
      call and get me so alka seltzer.

      I am so tired call off the meetings.



    9. The President would like Mr Summers and Geither to come up and explain to him the economic thing again- yeah, uh this time he wants them to use apples in their presentation.

    10. My caption:

      “um uh yeah, could you send somebody up here? That damn thing just collapsed again. I thought it was supposed to be able to run on its battery pack for five hours. Piece of crap. It’s supposed to deliver another hopey-changey talk and it’s just sitting there in that chair doing absolutely nothing. Hell, is this thing even under warranty?”

    11. Caption:

      “Oh man I can’t believe we pulled this off. The effing voters are sooo stooopid!”

    12. Caption:

      “Where’s my mirror? Quick, quick!! I need to look at me now!”

    13. The same underlying theme in the Bush Administration is ever so apparent in this 0bama criminal enterprise. The theme is corruption. What is needed is a full scale RICCO investigation of the Bush and the follow on 0bama operation. Subpoenas should be issued. This eupemism for extortion or criminal behavior is called a “bailout”. How quaint! Everybody always talked about how stupid Bush was, or how inexperienced 0bama is or what ever word they try to attach to this crime syndicate. It is criminal. It is corrupt to the core. The last three elections were criminal. And now we have the wholesale looting of the entire government. Bush used Iraq War, Katrina to loot by schemes with the contractors. 0bama just uses the Treasury Dept to just transfer the wealth thru direct deposit. No mess, very few middle men. Clever. Hope and Change. Biggest JOKE ever!!!!

    14. Ahh! This is the Garden of Eden, think I’ll eat this apple.

    15. Caption:

      I could stay here all day just listening to you talk to people on the phone about how great I am.

    16. No wonder he had to return the bust of Winston Churchill – he had to make room for an Obama bobblehead on the table. jk.

    17. I do not for the life of me understand why obots don’t take one look at this smug a$$hole and puke up every last drop of their kool-aid.

    18. Here is my caption:

      “I wish this doofus had balls half the size of this apple”

      • I think the guy has plenty of balls. I just wish I felt he was equally equipped in the brains department and the fortitude department.

    19. Read this and weep-I was just looking up one trillion on the BBC website and found this little gem from 1999.


      (this is laurie -trying to change my gravatar)

    20. Lordy, our Irish ambassador is going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers coach.

    21. From the BBC article linked above-How Bill Clinton wanted to use his one trillion surplus:

      The Clinton administration says it wants to use the budget surplus to pay off the entire $3,700bn national debt by 2015.

      And it plans to boost spending on Medicare and Social Security, the programmes that provide income for the elderly.

      President Clinton said: “We must prepare for the great challenges facing our country – caring for our parents, caring for our children, freeing our nation from the shackles of debt so that we can have long-term, sustained economic prosperity.”

      Under the new proposals, $794bn would be set aside to strengthen Medicare, which provides health care for the elderly, an increase of $108bn on the previous budget proposal announced in January.

      Some of the money would go to pay for prescription drugs, which are now exempted from the government health insurance system.

      Additional funds would also go to boost the Social Security Trust Fund, which otherwise will run out of funds to pay retirement pensions in 2034. The allocation of an additional $543bn would keep the system solvent until 2053.

      snip (BUT)

      The surplus – which is only just beginning to come on stream for non-social security spending – is likely to be targeted by tax-cutting Republicans and by urban Democrats, both unhappy with the strict spending caps that have limited most domestic spending programmes. ..

      with Mr Clinton likely to veto the $775bn,10-year tax cut they have in mind – Republican leaders have increasingly been banking on a budget windfall to help avoid gridlock.

      Republican House of Representatives Speaker J Dennis Hastert said last week that he expected to promptly use any non-Social Security surpluses that become available.

    22. Caption: “Rahm ponders throwing an apple at Obama’s forehead to wake him up to reality.”

    23. Laurie –


      CLINTON…..best president since FDR.

    24. SM check out this pic to caption


      • Laurie – please post a warning before linking, my acid reflux can’t handle that much Obama Pr0n!

      • No matter what she puts on – be it a formal gown or her hubby’s suit jacket – MEchelle still looks like a piranha.

        • I see Michele has the chenille bedspread on again. That always make PBO want to make out on those little cotton balls.

    25. Caption:
      “He’s in a very important meeting right now. Can I take a message?”

    26. SM77:

      It looks like that guy named usedrubbernectar over obsessedpumahaters has noticed your work and done a post. I didn’t read it, I just saw the incoming link.

      (Having him express distain for for one of your posts is dubious honor, kinda like your dog pissing on a new piece of furniture.)

      You’re not a PUMA blogger until you have deranged stalkers

    27. after watching the deception video over a cinie’s:

      conspiracy theory, fo sho.

      Obama’s little “volunteer” army…

      Hollywood can’t come up with a script this damn creative. It’s scary.


      “Timmy…yeah man, strippers at 5 or 6? O-man…oh he’s catching a nap man, stayed up all night playin tonk and chain smokin.”

      • THAT video was SCARY. And very real. Now I can live without the conservative/liberatarian/Ron Paul crap that Alex Jones likes, but he made a very very good point.

        • There was an article about Bilderbergers on the front page of our regional paper today.

    28. caption
      quick bring the tire pump.he,s deflating again/must be a leak somewhere..

    29. caption “When can we throw out the dead white guy’s portrait and put my face on the wall behind me. His pic keeps reminding folks of the Constitution. We can’t have that!”

    30. A good place to let out hot air is near a fireplace.

      Either a breath of fresh air will dissipate the stench or it will start a fire!

    31. Rohm, the fruit is for AIG.

    32. Where is my caption?

    33. Caption
      …sell some of my stock and bring a soft pillow for Barack. All that huffing and puffing at AIG, took the wind out of him.

    34. thank you – )

    35. “He says, Jesus didn’t eat apples so he ain’t eatin’ no stinkin’ apples. It’s gotta be figs.”

    36. Caption: Lincoln (to Washington) He’s kicking back and taking it easy… again… it’s not like he fought a civil war or started a revolution or anything….

    37. “Ok, now I’m president, next step pope, the president of Earth. I wonder if I really have to be Catholic to be pope? Eeh, i can always fake it, noone checks up on my background anyway……”

    38. whoops “THEN president of Earth”

    39. SM: Slainte from this Irish O’Conflucian!

    40. Caption:

      Barack Obama, to himself “I shouldn’t have lit that fatty”

    41. caption: change we can believe in – working is for B-listers.

    42. Caption:

      Barack Obama to himself “That was a great blowjob.”

    43. Caption:

      Yes there is fruit in here but dammit, he needs a waffle infusion. Hurry.

    44. I was the second biggest reciever of AIG campaign contributions after Dodd….think it will come back to haunt me?

    45. I said peel me a f#cking GRAPE!

    46. I see 0bama keeps his dictator pose intact, even while sleeping off his hangover. Party hardy, 0bama. No one will notice if the country goes down the tubes.

    47. Terrific, SM! I’m so glad you’re feeling well enough to write. I’m with you on the protests. Time to get organized. Imagine the look on the Obot faces when the “bitter knitters” hit the streets again!

    48. Woof. Great post SM. Need to get Jefferson and Hamilton back into the ring, for one more round.

      Still trying to figure out who pays the Fed’s salary. The Board of Governors are public appointees, the board of directors at the New York Fed are private appointees. Maybe the Fed just prints some extra bills to pay its own salary.

      To topple the pyramid, the people at the apex should be brought to light. Private equity and hedge funds. Banks take orders. Target Chris Dodd. He either shines the light or he goes.

      • Thank you Three! Although I much prefer Jefferson over Hamilton any day when it comes to banking policies.

        Hamilton was a banker and wanted money to remain among the elite class while Jefferson wanted to give every American the opportunity participate in the nation’s wealth.

    49. “I’m just resting my eyes. Make sure that pizza has no anchovies. Wake me up when it gets here.”

    50. Since it’s St. Patty’s Day, can’t we have a mulligan, and bring Hillary back now?

      Caption: Wake me for the party after you’ve fixed the economy.

    51. Great post SM – really fun! 😀

    52. caption:I am so tired and I’m Glad Rahm is acting as president for me and doing all my work. I hope I don’t get found out before the bamboozle is complete.

      it’s the same kind I felt during the Bush 2.0 years.

      ME TOO! …No rest for the weary…another Irish saying.

    53. caption: damned, all the little banks are giving the tarp money back because they don’t want to comply with my rule to give me kick backs for my offshore account.

    54. (caption)

      “When you get done answering the phone, massage my left foot.”

    55. Should I tell that dolt they’re wax? Nah!

    56. I’ve been lurking here for so long, but as a shy type, haven’t posted yet. Thank you all for feeding my BOHCD–BO Hate Compulsion Disorder. I love reading your deeply thoughtful posts, but this one had me spitting my drink.

      So my caption (and my dream):

      “Hillary? Yeah, come back. He said the job’s not as fun as he thought it would be. You can have it.”

    57. Caption: The American people right…we don’t know our ass from our head.

    58. Sorry about that…it’s early. Missed the word are. (The American people are right..we don’t know our ass from our head.)

    59. Let me try another caption:

      Hello.., yes this is secret service. The President is practicing looking down his nose right now, could you send in a few peasants from the White House tour, we need to gauge the condescension level?

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