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Unemployed Chronicles – the saga continues: a rant with sprinklings of joy

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (and a black PUMA too!)

Here I am – and one million apologies to my fellow Conflucians.  I’ve been a gawd-damn mess the past couple of weeks.  Our dearest Katiebird told me that everything that I’m going through healthwise is actually stress.  I didn’t follow her words – but being the enlightened sage that she is, I have to finally admit she is right.   I’ve felt defeated, depressed dehumanized and demoralized.  I’ve stayed away from writing because I don’t want to project this ickiness to everyone.  There was a particular episode that brought me to that point – but there are some warm happy highlights despite the crap that is being me right now.  Be forewarned, this a rant.  Here goes:

The hunt for sustenance, a.k.a. a job:

The last time I officially looked for work in the corporate world was about 7 years ago.  I’ve been working independently for 5.5 years and I haven’t had the actual need until the past few months.  It’s just gotten more complicated and less personal.  Forget that “attach your resume to an email” business.  Human Resources isn’t “human” or “humane” anymore.   Job applicants are scrutinized or rejected by software database programs like Taleo, et al.  I’ve been at this for months and have applied to hundreds of postings  spending 6-8 hours a day perusing and filling out database applications.   It’s a full time job looking for full time work.

You can upload your resume to try to make things quicker, but then the program will pick and choose what it’ll decide to put where and it screws everything up.  So you have to start from the beginning.  Or it’s the famous bait-and-switch mode via the big career websites.  After pressing the “apply for this job” button, it redirects you to the corporation’s private site.  Then the process starts all over again.  You just spent 1 hour applying for 1 position, and repeatedly typed in your info 4 different times and then voilá – you get an email back saying that “someone will contact you.”   But seriously, who actually gets to see your resume/profile?  No one.  It sits in a database like hundreds of thousands of profiles like yours and if a human resources person has a receptionist position to fill, all they do is pull a query on PhDs looking for work and will find a boatload.  It’s redundant, impersonal and a ridiculous waste of time.  Yeah, real friggin progress.

Well the past week, I had a teeny image revamp project come through; the work is done but it hasn’t paid yet- yet it’s SOMETHING.   A couple of hundred dollars to help pay the rent.  On another side of the creative spectrum, a good friend/colleague is helping me land a translation gig of a new book coming out.  It’s not etched in stone yet, but it’s almost there.  (praying & begging the Universe to let this be it!)  The pay is nowhere near what a normal translation would cost – but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.   If you like Latin American magic-realism type stuff, then you’ll dig this book.   I wasn’t able to put it down & finished it in 1 day.   It’s a collection of short stories with a paranormal twist.    A mine for gender, race, cultural, age issues galore.  Let’s just say that if you are a fundamentalist, you will not enjoy this book.  I’ll have more details as soon as I’m allowed to give them out – I HOPE I GET THIS ONE!!!

I’ve applied for every government job you can possibly think of, state, federal, city levels, you name it.  I do heavy volunteering at PUMA cub’s after school program which is funded by they City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department.  A head coach there suggested I look on their job page for summer employment. To my glee, NO job database!  There is a 20-something page application, you fill it out, notarize it, then walk in the application.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that too!

Speaking of PUMA cub, let me share this joy:

For 2 days, I volunteered to help out PUMA cub’s school at the County Science Fair.  PUMA cub participated and even though her team did not win, she was happy to be a part of it.  My little future scientist was in her first science fair!  (Insert a “mother’s so proud of her baby girl” here.)    She also got in to the magnet school with a geology & archaeology concentration!  WOO-HOO!  This was based on lottery system selection.  One of the great things I loved about the science fair was watching all the young female math & science whizkids who were there competing and WINNING major prizes.  So piss off Larry Summers!  In my mind I was thinking: here they are, smart and competent as can be, excited and motivated to move forward in the fields of science until the world reminds them that they are just a girl.    Kudos to RiverDaughter for sticking to her guns and kicking butt in her field.

HEALTH.  It’s all the stress:

Ah, here we are.  Like I said in my beginning paragragh, Katiebird the Conflucian Sage, said to me it’s the stress.  Well she’s right.

Since last I posted, PUMA cub qualified for Medicaid, I didn’t.  I didn’t even qualify for the County insurance.  WHY?  Well, they said I had to put my child support through the Child Support state agency.  Now, I’m legally divorced and my court order is attached to that, but it doesn’t matter.  No Child Support through state agency = No Medicaid.  Ok, so I go and do this.  I understand the reason for this since the government wants to make sure that the custodial parent & non-custodial parent are actually divorced and not trying to get over on the system.   So I contact the ex about it because I needed certain info to put down on the paper.  Mind you, we’ve been on civil terms, but he became the raging asshole that he can be and this drama ensued into the biggest fight we’ve had since our divorce.  The last drop that toppled the cup is that the ex threatened to take custody of PUMA cub since I couldn’t afford to take care of her.   He lives in Puerto Rico.   I told him GO AHEAD, prove that I’m an unfit parent.  PUMA cub knows nothing about this fight.

The next day, I’m back at the county clinic.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Cubana version) told me what Katiebird said a while back – stress is the culprit of your illness, combined with anemia, pharyngitis and acute gastritis.    It could be worse right?  I tell her what’s going with my situation and I just let it all out.   I really try to remain stoic and level-headed about situations that are deciding to infiltrate my life, but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Dr. Cubana Quinn Medicine Woman recommended to detach myself from everything, the news, TV, anything and everything that can bring stress and to try to relax as best I can.  If I have to,  she recommended I get a restraining order against the ex until he calms the heck down if I feel he’s threatening me again and to talk to the clinic’s social worker.  So far, the ex has been very silent.  Maybe it was just BS macho posturing on his behalf, but we’ve had our major legal battles in the past.  I spent 2 yrs trying to divorce this bastard, had 2 restraining orders, 10s of thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, you name it.   He’s also a tad miffed with me because the last time I saw him (a few months ago), he attempted to flirt with me (BARF!!) and I shut his ass down in a major way.   I don’t believe in double dipping.  And now, I’m caught in a weak point in my life and he is threatening me with my weakness, my PUMA cub.  I called Bay Area Legal Services (Legal Aid), just in case.

So that’s the chronicle.   I’m now at the brink of a custody battle all because I need to see a specialist that I can’t afford to see.

I want to thank EVERYONE here on the Confluence for allowing me to speak my mind and for supporting me through this fucked up time in my life.  I love you all very much and please know that I am so very lucky and blessed to be able to say that you are my friends.

91 Responses

  1. ” If you like Latin American magic-realism type stuff, then you’ll dig this book. I wasn’t able to put it down & finished it in 1 day. It’s a collection of short stories with a paranormal twist. A mine for gender, race, cultural, age issues galore. ”

    Can’t wait to see what collection this might be, since it falls within my area of academic interest.

    • It’s a real treat. I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t go into too much detail. But I’ll announce it as soon as I can!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time, SM. I know you’ll get through it. I’m praying that all your job hopes come through for you. Every appendage is crossed.

    As far as ex-PumaHusband, let him try to take the Cub. Trust me, if he’s anything like my father, he’ll fail. The judge will laugh him out of court at trying to take her away after all this time.

    Like I said, I’m with you a hundred percent. Anything I can do to help, name it.

  3. SM, and the saddest part is that you are one of thousands and thousands who are going through this every day. You nicely describe what it is like to be up against the wall yet your spirit, humor, and tenacity shine through.

    Your situation won’t last forever. I just wish I could name the date when this all comes to fruition and life takes on a brighter hue. Let me know if I can do anything. You have my e-mail.

    • THANK YOU PAT!!!!

      I hope it doesn’t and from your mouth to Goddess’ ears.

      • So sorry to hear this, SM. You remind me of what I went through for years with my ex. He would threaten to take the kids when he knew I couldn’t afford an atty to fight him, but he didn’t want them. I finally called his bluff and told him the kids would be on an airplane to him (he lived in Australia at the time) as soon as I could get their visa applications approved. That put a really fast hault to the threats. Not all would respond the same way, of course.

        On the unemployment front, I’ve been there for a year now. Beware of the agencies. They are posting bogus jobs just to have something to do, and practicing their interview/screening scripts. I was called by an agency one afternoon for a telephone screening, determined to be a highly qualified candidate and asked to come in. The person who would interview me in person was not the person I had already talked with. When I got there, I scored in the high 90’s on every computer test but when she sat down to talk with me she told me she wouldn’t send me on to the job that I was asked to test for….she said I needed to revise my resume so people wouldn’t be able to figure out my age. I notified the other person of my experience and, imagine that, was immediately lined up for a telephone interview.

        If you have a good network of friends, some direct marketing companies are a really good option for income while you look for employment.

        I wish you the very best. It’s a tough, tough experience to go through. I didn’t come out the other side stronger, I hate to say.

  4. SM, delurking to advise that I’m so glad to see you resurface, yet so very sorry for all your troubles. As REgency posted, he’ll fail. He’s just pulling your chain, perhaps because you rightfully rejected his attempts at advances. Katiebird is correct, as is your DrQuinn, it’s stress.
    I have a friend who does translations. She started off in the low pay scale, but is now living off her endeavors. I have no doubts that this is a very, very difficult time, but you are one kick a@@ talented person. I just wish I had a load of money to help you out. Take care.
    Back to lurking.

    • Thank you – he’s a grade A first class asshole. Nothing else can describe him better. And thank you, it’s his way of making my life more of a living hell. Everything was cool until after that.

      • fuzzy longs to be with his tampa PUMA friend SM…

        I had a little problem taking in the carfor an oil chande and new pads and shoes for the breaks….

        it was a $ 961.65 bill so travel is out for a while but may sneak in a day trip to see you early April….

        There goes the tax refund

  5. After reading Pat’s lovely post about Randy and hearing that my son is coming home, we cannot let you go through something like a custody battle without us. I am here if you need me.

    Honestly, I have donated to 51% and I am still just another working woman. I donated to Hillary, a good cause, but she was robbed of her rights by a man. I have no problem with donating to a legal defense fund to make sure that you do not lose your cub.

    • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Your PUMA cub is coming home!!! I’m so happy to here this!

      And thank you thank you thank you – I looked into Legal Aid services just in case.

  6. SM:
    Hang in there
    On another note: where did you get that gorgeous pic ? I saw the Kahlo exhibit last year and she was something else!

    • Thank you! I got that doing a Yahoo search on this painting, look up: Frida Kahlo, thorns, hummingbird.

  7. SM, no apologies needed. Write when you can. Keep taking care of yourself and your family. It is enough!

    So glad you have found some work and such joy in your young scientist!

    You are very resourceful. I’m sorry it’s so difficult.

    • Thank you purple! I’m trying the best I can.

      My young scientist is is making her mama PUMA very proud.

  8. I am so sorry for everything that you are going through. My husband is also unemployed, and yes, it is a full time job looking for a full time job. Thank goodess that you are strong. You will need to pull out all the strength you have and then some to get through this terrible time. But you do have your family, which can be a great source of joy. They are enough to refill your strength reserves when they are low. Take one step at a time and this too shall pass.

    • Thank you my Floridian sista!

      Good luck to your hubby in his search – this state is CRAP right now. Had I had some cash (not!) I’d leave.

  9. What a b@stard not even helping you get medicaid. That is very bad.

    Cover your back and do exactly what Dr Quinn advised, and do it soon. He may be quiet because there is scheming afoot.
    Remember that you are vulnerable at the moment-make yourself invulnerable by getting institutions and social workers on your side.

    Volonteering is far more useful in finding a job than computer job searches. It is useful too, in building up that invulnerability.

    Get that restraining order -fast.

    • Laurie! How are you? Thanks for commenting – and yeah, he didn’t help. he probably thought I wanted to raise the monthly amount but that’s not it, but whatever. He’s a jerk and a snob.

      Child Support will get the rest. As long as I’m cooperating with them, I’ll be able to qualify now – hopefully!

      Volunteering at her program with 80 kids is a lot of fun for me. There are some really great kids there and i have a blast each time I participate. Hopefully I can get that summer position!

  10. sm77, I’m so sorry to hear about the horrible custody stuff. (The other things (except the science fair!) don’t sound any too good either, but I’m willing to bet it’s the custody BS that’s really got you in a knot.) Using kids against a parent is just subhuman. I guess it’s pretty clear why you left the turkey.

    My sister-in-law was a social worker for thirty years, dealing with divorce, custody and child abuse cases. (Some of the latter, I don’t know how she could deal with it. I can’t stand even to hear about it.) A few points: a US court will retain custody with the mother unless there’s some pretty shocking negligence. Things like toddlers pooping on the floor. I mean *negligence*. His threat to take custody away from you because you can’t “afford” to support her is pure bluster. The likeliest outcome is that the court might raise his child support payments (assuming there are any).

    Now, if he files, they have to hold hearings and all that crap. That doesn’t mean your chances are any worse, but it’s a lot of money and aggro. If you think there’s a real chance he might file, it might be a good idea to strike first. Get a lawyer to draft a letter to him, explaining whatever he/she thinks will have the most effect. See if he / she thinks saying you want more (some?) support is a good strategy. Best from your standpoint, of course, is if you can do that through Legal Aid. If not, and if there’s any way you can swing it, it might be worth doing on your own, on the principle that it could save you a bundle down the road.

    (If you’d like me to ask my sister-in-law who she knows in the SF area, let me know. There’s a contact page on my website. The email I give out on forums goes nowhere. Too much spam.)

    • Yes SM-you must strike first.

      Don’t waffle.

    • Thank you!!!!!

      He’s a P.O.S. And God as my witness I haven’t gotten this far to see my daughter raised the right way for him to threaten me. F__K him.

  11. sm77- if you have a batchelor’s degree or better, most states will hire you on as a substitute teacher, even without a credential. Amazingly, districts are still using subs, even though they’re laying teachers off, (or maybe because, cuz subs are a lot cheaper).

  12. {{SM}} I am so sorry. I hate people like your ex who get off on re-playing the divorce forever.

    With the job hunting don’t forget to apply to your local public libraries. If you can get an entry level (even part time) job in a Library you could find yourself in a successful second career. Check around. If there are ANY openings at all Call Me and I’ll talk to you about your resume. You would be surprised at the range of jobs open in libraries. They aren’t boring at all. AND the jobs don’t always show up on various lists.

    • ((((KATIEBIRD!!!!!!! )))) The sage!!!!!!!!

      I tried, they had major state & city funding cuts and are hiring Librarian Science degree holders only for now. So I’ll wait & see – I’m trying to get in on the summer employment youth rec leader gig, that way, I’m already in the city system and hopefully that’ll open some doors.

      *crossing fingers*

  13. SM, hang in there and you are always in my prayers as you persevere through these circumstances.

    Congratulations to the cub! I remember you writing how much she loves geology and had my fingers crossed that she would get into the magnet school as she so richly deserves that opportunity! I am very happy for you both on that score.

    • THANK YOU!!!

      Yep, she got it and we hit the ROOF when she got that letter!

      Yeah, a true joy for us here. They have great activities & programs specially geared for budding earth sciences students.

  14. I’m sorry to hear of your problems, sm. You truly are a hero to me for giving us our PUMA name and I am sad to hear that things are hard for you. You have a strong spirit and lots of friends here who adore you and are pulling for you, not to mention your PUMA cub. I hope things turn around quickly for you.

  15. SM ~ you have probably heard from someone about this already but here goes again. Are you signed up with any “Interim Consulting” agencies (aka Temps)? It may not get you anything you’d like to stay in, but if survival is the order of the day, it will not hurt. And long-term to perm positions can, and do, transpire from a contract position.

    And Thank You for posting that Frida Kahlo, she is one for the ages, and that self portrait is so lush and beautiful… Frida came up in conversation here last night so it was nice to see her bold and beautiful today!

    • Thanks Dead Girl!

      Yep, I’m signed up with 4 different agencies but it’s the same damn thing – I call & leave messages to my “agent” – got a couple of interviews but somebody else always gets the job.

      Frida is a goddess, I love that painting so much. It’s exactly how I feel right now.

  16. Oh, SM, the Universe is really putting you through the paces. But it’s wonderful that puma cub got into that school. She’s on her way to being an Earth Scientist. Next stop, MIT!

    By all means do what “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” says. Reduce the stress level any way you can. Get a restraining order if you have to. Your ex won’t be able to get custody, and he’s just threatening anyway. Jerk. I hate that. My ex could still get me raging mad many years after we broke up (no kids, fortunately).

    I release stress by coming to TC, but if that doesn’t work for you, do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself.

    • BB!!!!!

      Thank you – the Universe is testing my limits but dammit I gotta see my kid graduate from college!

      BB, they say ignorance is bliss, and even reading about how this country is going down the toilet thanks to this brand new idiot-in-chief doesn’t help either.

      I’m getting there!

      • SM,

        Trust me, in a few years you’ll be looking back on this a a growth experience that made you stronger and wiser. I know it’s very hard to believe that when you’re in the midst of the turmoil, but working through problems does that. (I know you have already experience this process in the past, but when you’re in the middle of the agony, reminders from friends are sometimes needed).

  17. I love that Kahlo painting. Perfect for your post of pain, too.

    I just spent a few hours doing errands, driving, and listening to NPR. There was a program about finding jobs in this market, with call-ins. One counselor advised people to pretty much forget about job searches on the Intenet. He said that most resumes just sort of fall into cyberspace, as there are so many people looking now.

    He suggested a networking approach, with a rule of three. I missed part of it, but it was something like, find three people, ask them to ask to ask three people, think of three new fields to look into, ask those three people about fields, contacts, jobs, etc. Sorry – I’m trying to reconstruct it, but network is the basic idea.

    Translating sounds like a great idea for you, too, because you’re such a good writer. Look for other opportunities along these lines.
    Also, how about some kind of consulting business, with PR, ads, and marketing for people out of work and starting businesses.

    And asking your ex sounds like a great idea. Maybe you could even get it.
    Also look into Section 8 help with housing, at local HUD office. You are eligible, you have a child, and also a mother who’s sick(?).

    One more idea – look into natural treatments for stress and your immune system. Check books by Gary Null, Balch and Balch, Dr. Burton Goldberg. Vitamin C, D, fish oils and probiotics (for gastro system) would all probably help.
    Good luck, SM.

    • Thank you!!!

      You’re right about the networking, and I’m hustling those as best I can.

      A few years ago, Monster was the perfect vehicle for finding work and having employers contact you – I remember (and I STLL hate myself to this day for turning this down), I was recruited by a firm in San Diego in 2003. I was working in the corp world at the time directing another firm here in Tampa & decided to stay. I know, I’m an ass for doing that and gawd knows how much I regret it.

  18. Sorry, should be asking your ex for more money, above.

  19. SM
    what can I do to help? You know my e-mail address.
    I will be more than glad to vouch for your caring and love for you daughter. Puma Cub has many many people who will stand with her mom and show their support.



    • Helen – YOU’ve done more than enough. THANK YOU!

      Do you want to know PUMA cub’s shown that Cherokee Rose to her science teacher and she FLIPPED out over it. PUMA cub even shows it off whenever someone comes over to the house. She loves it!

      • I am at work now but I will help all I can.
        I am so glad PUMA cub liked the rose.
        I asked my daughter to get me some Cape May Diamonds for her. They rocks that are found on the beach at Cape May NJ and they polish them and they look like diamonds. They make jewelry out of them.



  20. SM
    In Florida you will be able to do some substitute teaching. I love the Tampa Science Fair. Our eldest also participated. It was great fun.

    This is all a great mess, but such things don’t last forever. You have many skills and that will be a great help. However, the current situation is anxiety provoking and stressful.

    For relaxation I recommend a mixture of lavender and sesame oil. Start at the scalp and apply to the whole body ending at the feet. Lay down for 30 minutes then take a warm shower.

    • Thank you! Wasn’t it FUN?

      I’ll look back into that substitute teaching qualifications again. I thought you had to have a bachelor’s. Thanks for the tip!

      • Not unless they changed the substitute teacher qualifications since we lived there.

        The lavender and sesame oil was a recommendation from an Ayervedic physician. It does work…

      • SM-if you try for substitute teaching-be sure to go in person everywhere. Take your resume by hand like Constance below did.
        I know it sounds silly but having a very clear and loud speaking voice, (which you do) is a very big plus in teaching.
        Also looking like you can control a class.

  21. SM – am I going to have to give you pennance again for being away? 🙂

    Thanks for the update – I was wondering how it was going with you.

    And that book sounds like one I would like as well.

    • SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!

      Pennance away!!!! 😉

      Thank you about the book – I sure hope so too, it’s in Spanish and I can email you info where it can be purchased (available in PR only, so far, the book was just released and doing well there.)

      • Well, when the stars line up for you and the English version is completed because of you (we may as well ask the Universe for what we want), I may need you to send me a copy down to Oz. I’ll send you any necessary dineros, okay?

        Thanks again for checking in. I’m the worrying sort.

  22. from upthread: (corrected for spelling errors/or just translated for Bear English)

    fuzzy longs to be with his tampa PUMA friend SM…

    I had a little problem taking in the carf or an oil change and new pads and shoes for the breaks….

    It was a $ 961.65 bill so travel is out for a while but may sneak in a day trip to see you early April….

    There goes the tax refund! I want some stimulus! and not at $ 15.00 per week!


    • FUZZYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

      I hate car troubles! For that money you could’ve given a down payment on a brand new one!

      Yeah – I need a famous Fuzzybear hug now. BUt let me know when you’re in town again – please!

  23. sm77: Did you try looking to see if the Census Bureau is doing any hiring in the Tampa area? They usually hire anyone from field enumerators, to workers in a district office. Enumerators are the ones who are out hoofing it on the street. If there is a d.o. (and there should be in Tampa/St. Pete) that’s indoor stuff. And usually, by the time they get close to finishing up an area, they’re throwing overtime money around like drunken sailors.

    Anyway, might be worth checking out.

    • I was looking at their website yesterday. Can you believe they require you to have a land line phone? I’m tempted to apply anyway even though all I have is my cell phone. Why should I have to pay for both?

      • Was there a reason stated as to why a land-line phone is needed? Doesn’t make any sense.

        BTW BB: what’s the website address?

    • THANK YOU!

      I always forget about them! Good exercise too. Will look them up!

      • Hey SM! They *do* have a Tampa office. I’d definitely give them a call.

        It’s definitely different and was kinda fun when I worked at the New Orleans Processing Office. I think it was the only time they had 2 processing offices, the one in Indiana and NOLA.

        I figure we probably screwed it up so bad they never decided to use 2 offices again. 😆

        • Fredster, I checked it out – they’re hiring a bilingual specialist with some federal clearance (which I don’t have). They haven’t started the canvassing hires yet. But I bookmarked the page to look up new posting. THANKS A MILLION!

          • usually those clearances are just the basic NCIC check so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

            I’d definitely stay on top of it. They used to give a basic test for the potential hires (as in can you read/write do basic math) so you would want to be in the first groups they start testing. Hell at one point in NOLA, they weren’t even giving tests and were hiring GS-1s ! Those were the folks we used for literally moving things….”I need you to pick up that pile of stuff here and move it over there”.

      • SM,

        If you’re near a city where they have offices, they have other jobs available besides census takers. I was surprised to see they are even offering post-doctoral fellowships that pay really well. Unfortunately they aren’t in my field.

        • I saw that BB – looks like for more for social/economic post grads.

        • BB: Yeah, with you being in Boston they have a regional office there. Much bigger operation.

          I was just checking and was surprised to see they do not have an office in NOLA for Louisiana, but only Baton Rouge and Lafayette. That surprised me.

  24. SM, thinking of you and sending much respect and love your way.

    • Thank you Three!

      • Wish I could wiggle my nose and make it all go away ala Samantha. Unfortunately, none of us can do that, but we’re here for you!!!

        • DKat, wiggle some of that NOLA voodoo charm, LOL! Thank you always!!!!!!!!!!! Love your wonky posts & keeping it real although I haven’t been commenting/posting much.

          • well, we need some reality-based transparency !!! Not koolaid based transparency!!!! this bad economy isn’t about Obama it’s about the people that are being hurt by it

  25. SM, have you tried the Federal Aviation Administration. They are in the midst of a huge change in how they do business. If you have any HR or teaching experience they may be a good avenue, good luck and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    • I have none of those, except for volunteering at PUMA cub’s school & after school program. HR experience? Hiring & firing on a managerial/operations level.

      I’ll definitely look into it though – THANK YOU!!!!

      • If you are interested go to http://www.employees.faa.gov under “top requests” click on “jobs” then click the link for “career opportunities” then the link for “not a current faa employee” then you are on your own. Good luck.

        • I meant to also say there is a long list of job categories there, you don’t have to be a teacher or HR person.

  26. Scrubs: Hot, tall guy = Evan Bayh.

  27. delurking


    I’ve been worried about you since you haven’t posted for a while. As someone who’s gone through this a few times (including now), take some deep breaths, look for at least one good thing every day and remember – it only takes one opportunity to turn things around. I know that’s all very trite, but it actually seems to work.

    Being unemployed really sucks the big one sometimes but you’ve found that it also is very rewarding since you’re getting to spend some extra time with the PUMA cub.

    Please feel free to use a these philosophies (possibly borrowed, I can’t recall if they’re original or not) if it helps:

    When speaking with someone about your situation – Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and sold it for a profit many times over.

    Whenever that great opportunity presents itself – If you don’t ask, you don’t get and the most someone is going to say is no.

    And just for giggles at bedtime – Night, night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. If they do, hit ’em wit’ a shoe and say I don’t wanna sleep wit’choo.

    • That POS ex of mine is who I’m gonna hit with a shoe!

      Thank you for the worries – and for the good thoughts!

      I know this: NO ONE, will take my cub unless I’m dead cold and Grandma Puma is too. NO ONE. But that P.O.S. likes to make trouble. If I didn’t die from stress during our divorce (which can easily be a Lifetime movie), I will not allow him to berate nor humiliate me now, despite my financial difficulties now. I just can’t!

      Thank you for the love – it’s very much appreciated & well received!!!!!!!

  28. New post up.

  29. SM sending healing and de stress energies yuor way ………. holding you in my heart

    Love and HUGS

  30. You can vent here anytime as far as I’m concerned. If this helps….I was a house wife and Mom with four volunteer jobs for 17 years. My husband got laid off and couldn’t find anything in his field so I started looking. I worked in medical research before I had the kids. I found that on line applications were a waste of time. I called the person at the university near me who hired positions like I needed and asked her to take a look at and criticize my resume. Then I rewrote it to her suggestions. I went to all the labs I could find and I pushed my way through the big scary lab doors that said “authorized personnel only” and gave my resume to everyone who I could strike up a conversation with asking for their help. Of course I tracked down everyone I had ever worked with and asked for their help. I gave up on human resources and the internet. After two and a half months I found two jobs. I asked the guy who hired me in my current job why he would give a 50 year old mother who hadn’t had a paying job in 17 years a job. He told me because he assumed (correctly) that I would not quit to go back to school, get pregnant, or follow my boyfriend to Alaska and I had tuition to pay. Those were probably illegal prejudices however they worked in my favor. So don’t lose hope. I know it’s hard but you will win.

  31. My thoughts are with you SM.
    If you are a translator? Maybe you could make a wordpressblog (free) and advertise your services on that, as that?

    Ah to see Frida. Isn’t she all of us?


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