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Pin The Tail On Obama

obama-socialistAmidst the sturm und drang that is the nascent Obama administration, pundits, analysts, talking heads, blogger boyz and other professional bullshitters are running amok, racing each other to see who can be first to bang his/her head into a brick wall trying to figure out just where the Spokesmodel-in-Chief is coming from, and exactly where he might think he’s going.  Needless to say, none of them seem to have a freaking clue.  Is he too tired, over his head, fiendishly Machiavellian, liberal, centrist, Socialist, Marxist, fascist, or, just,  as Mickey Mouse allegedly said to the divorce court judge about Minnie, fucking Goofy?

The New York Times, in an interview aboard Air Force One, tried valiantly to pin the Teflon TelePrompTer Reader down about his overall philosophy of governance, to little avail:

Q. The first six weeks have given people a glimpse of your spending priorities. Are you a socialist as some people have suggested?

A. You know, let’s take a look at the budget – the answer would be no.

Q. Is there anything wrong with saying yes?

Obama then goes on to give a classic 4-paragraph, professorial ObAnswer that didn’t come anywhere near to answering the question.

Q. So to people who suggested that you are more liberal than you suggested on the campaign, you say, what?

A. I think it would be hard to argue, Jeff. We have delivered on every promise that we’ve made so far. We said that we would end the war in Iraq and we’ve put forward a responsible plan.

Q. In terms of spending.

Obama then goes on to give a classic 3-paragraph, professorial ObAnswer that didn’t come anywhere near to answering the question.  Which of course, prompted the interviewer to again ask the president if he was a Socialist:

Q. Is there one word name for your philosophy? If you’re not a socialist, are you a liberal? Are you progressive? One word?

A. No, I’m not going to engage in that.

No wonder the pundits, analysts, talking heads, blogger boyz and other professional bullshitters are all having such a hard time sussing out where he’s coming from; they’re using yardsticks to measure water temperature.  The only logical answer to the “where’s this guy coming from?” question is, “someplace only he knows.”  He fits no known description, he is an Obacanacratist.  He fully intends to “change” the “old ways of Washington,” just like he always said he would.  What I can’t understand is why so many people find something so obvious, so hard to comprehend.

Until everybody, on both sides of the aisle, and down the middle, wraps their heads around the fact that he’s not a Democrat or Republican, Socialist, Marxist, or any other -can,” “-crat,” or “-ist” you can think of, they’ll never be able to answer the only pertinent question, which is not, “what’s he up to?” but, “are we going to let him get away with it?”

Cross posted @ Cinie’s World

108 Responses

  1. the only pertinent question, which is not, “what’s he up to?” but, “are we going to let him get away with it?

    on the money, Cinie… on the MONEY!

  2. The only logical answer to the “where’s this guy coming from?” question is, “someplace only he knows.”

    I think he’s coming direct from the screenwriter of Being There. My thing is, I get why Obama has been successful, like you say he’s a spokesmodel and that’s about what we’re geared to as a country ay this point of time. What I don’t get is his staff. They seem to be horrible at everything, politics, PR, policy, dimplomacy, there’s not much of anything they can do. How did they get jobs and how is it we’ve managed to assemble the world’s largest collection of useless incompetents? That i don’t get/

    • The best staff in the world needs direction, and that comes from a leader. Either the one assigned the role has to do the job, or an underling has to step up. When the ego of the assigned leader precludes that, you get a rudderless Ship of Fools.

      • He has never ever been a leader , he is a follower and steals the credit for other peoples work . He did that throughout the enire campaign .

      • Giuliani: Obama ‘Never Led Anything’

      • This is what really scary. The puppet does not appear to have a puppet master. This administration seems to be on autopilot… or should that be autobama?

  3. Dear hearts and gentle people , morning will truly come all too soon ,,, …my eyelids are falling down nite nite and thank you for the gracious company 🙂

  4. Hey all, it’s after midnight and time to wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! I’d link the official website, but for some reason it’s got a load of balderdash on its front page regarding the alleged promotion of women under Pampers. (THREE of FIFTEEN cabinet members under Obama are women! the text hyperventilates…sheez. As if 20% were a number to celebrate.)

    Thanks a zillion for all the good work you do day after day. I’d be in the loony bin without you.

    Kisses, EA

  5. The rudeness to Gordon and Sarah did not seem to have the desired effect of showing the world that he could slight anyone and get away with it. The British press will not sit and take it like the lickspittles here. I think it also was pointed out that Mr. and Mrs. O will be in the UK in April and he may be treated rudely in return.

    It is too bad that President O is all worn out after busting it for two months and can’t think straight. Someone should have explained to him that he was not running for office against Gordon and he was supposed to be nice to him even if Gordon did not make a campaign donation. Maybe the Brits will explain how an abdication works.

  6. There is still too much Kool-aid available.

  7. corrine bailey rae

    madeleine peyroux

    joss stone

    depeche mode


    norah jones

    john mayer

  8. Great post cinie-right on!!!

    Happy women’s day e1. It’s a big thing here in Italy. Traditionally women are given sprigs of mimosa.

    Working women go out together to big meals in restaurants . (women only). Drunk fun times are had by all!!!

    In my small town, they’ve organised a conference about Women in the Resistance movement, with photographic documentation.
    A play called “portrait of women” (ritratto di donna) is being put on by an all female theater group.
    Last but not least, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Festa della Donna , a local lady who has just turned 100, will testify to the changes she has seen in her lifetime. This will be followed by a small buffet.

    • Traditionally women are given sprigs of mimosa.

      But are they given Mimosas to drink? 😉

    • Thank you, and Happy Women’s Day to you. I think it’s only fitting that women as a group are Pisces, like me.

    • Our house sits on a circle (oval) named in honor of the lovely mimosa. Think I’ll go break off a twig from the neighbors’ tree in honor of all the terrific women (and women-appreciating guys) here on TC.

  9. Hi wickets-you doing ok?

    Still having dark doubts about PUMAs?

    • Awh, come on Laurie. Not fair. I’ve been down with PUMAs since last June. I remember Hill’s suspension speech like it was yesterday, and Nov 4th was a no brainer. Always wishing for the cause to get bigger and stronger. Have a brilliant Women’s Day in Italia. Wish I could hand you that yellow mimosa sprig in person. Because of daylight savings, Women’s Day in the States has been cheated out of one hour, but will be thinking of everyone all day tomorrow and raising a glass in the evening. Big hugs and European kisses.

  10. On the same theme as this (and MIQ2XU’s thread), seems that war he believe in is already boring to tired Obama

    • that article is very revealing though it still contains some obaspin ( trying to do too much my ass ~ 3 vacays in 50 days).

      I think the foreign press is where PUMA should focus some effort…we will never get the bought and paid for american media to tell the truth during this catatastrophe known as the Obama presidency
      if PUMA is to accomplish its goal of showing the illegitimate means by which Teh One acquired the presidency it will have to be on a more massive scale than the internet…. there are always going to be those who do not believe something until it is on TV or in NewsWeek.

  11. Fab one, Cinie.

    He was a logo, till he got where he got.
    And now?
    He’s tired because it was all supposed to be so fun!
    But it isn’t fun.

    It’s a job.
    Not a job to take lightly.

    I see him as all of us — in college in the 80’s — drifting — but?
    Then he floated to Chicago and began to compromise whatever youthful principles he had. Rezko et al.

    That is the sad part, to me.
    His fall from grace will be sadder.
    We needed a tireless Dem, post Bush — like Hillary.
    We needed a 24/7 worker — but?

    He likes the photo-ops.

    He will want those like he wanted Germany — but the world will not accept him on only his terms. When he doesn’t get the accolades the tantrums will be more visible.

    This type of narcissism cannot really see further than its own nose?
    Truly. As the economy worsens, he will be resented for the parties, the Wagyu, even the swingsets. That really will happen — and worst he appears to take NOTHING seriously.

    He has no record of service. He arrived because he target marketed — they were fab at that.

    But every group he sold himself to — he is letting down.
    Every group. The anti-war people? Wow. Church & State — LGBT Wow. (Warren) — it amuses him to throw everyone together thinking that they all report to him as Dear L.

    But, the truth of it is?

    Not one of all the groups he raised megabucks from get along?
    They really don’t. And now, they will be mad as hell as he lets them down. One group after another. He didn’t pay his dues. He slid into place and never forget he is Cheney’s 8th cousin.

    Pacifist Dems? We saw right through him long ago last year — we never wanted Vietnam redux did we?

    Oh Cinie, that is the worst. He did have audacity around that one, didn’t he? It’s just unbelievable, actually. Unbelievable. From what we thought was a Dem.

    Anyway — thanks for the way you write around here…
    RD & Co — the voice of the blog is very powerful — all of you! — it has gotten stronger and stronger, RD.

    Amazing to have watched it flower as it has.

    Those of us from his gen? We’re just shaking our heads everyday.

    Both parties are.

    And I haven’t even looked into what Nader had to say lately. I will though. Poor Hillary. Oh God. That is the hardest — he doesn’t care about her at all. He gave her the finger.

    In that moment — he lost us. Just lost whatever shred of anything he might have had. Like respect.

    • Thanks, and, he’s still a logo. If things get worse, he’ll get a new one, and a flag, and a cool new seal, and maybe a bike. Anything to get the press to take pictures and let him read them to sleep from his TelePrompTer.

      • A new flag????

      • LOL Nobody puts these things better than you. You are indeed a wordsmith. 🙂 (Sorry to sound like a goony fangirl, but I can’t help it)

  12. Anyone around at 4:27 CDT on this thread? It seems folks are jumping all over the threads.

  13. Oh hello! this is screwed!! My post at 4:28 is above two several hours earlier. Did this thread get screwed up by nesting?

  14. For whatever reason this thread is goofy in that latest postings still not showing up at the bottom.

    So i’ll wait untiil tomorrow to ask for some lawyerly advice.

    I need to get some info on filing a TRO, exactly what it does, the duration of it and similar things.

    It seems our parish is demolishing house right and left that don’t fit their description of being repaired. They are doing this because reimbursement from FEMA for the demos ends this month and basically they want to knock down as many houses as they can while on the FEMA tit.

    The parish has changed their muni code to where you have to submit a plan with how long it will take to repair your house. If you are wanting to make changes, post Katrina that might take awhile well tough shit. In essence they are dictating to you how to repair your house and whether they think the timeline is appropriate. What it means it they are giving me and my contractors timelines for a repair.

    Right now I’m getting sorta picky. I have a house which is gutted, with a new roof and basiclaly sealed. I have major changes I want to make to this house to make it more energy efficient and to make some aesthetic changes.

    It seems to be the only way I can stop a bulldozer from tearing down what we’ve saved is to get a TRO which will override the parish Nazis.

    So, anyone who can give me some basic info on a trio, I’d appreciate it.

  15. “are we going to let him get away with it?”

    Before, I’d have said no, people would clue in sooner rather than later.

    But he got away with so much during the campaign, and he’s getting away with so much now, that I’m quite worried that he will get away with it.

    And by it, I mean whatever it is the people behind him want him to do – I have never believed he has the smarts to be the mastermind behind it all, and the more I see of him, the more I’m convinced of that.

    The ‘common’ people who support him, will probably keep holding him up, playing blind, because they don’t want to see him fail. They can’t allow their symbol of racial equality and progress to be trashed. They might say it would hurt the fight in the future if that happened, but a lot will probably do so because they don’t want to admit they were totally, catastrophically, wrong about him.

    Of course, the scarier thought is that they’re not playing blind, but are actually still clueless. Having seen this a helluva lot during the campaign, this is quite likely. Scary, bizarro world.

    it might be a sign of changing times though, that there has been much less nauseating O love coming from those I know. A few still talk, but quite a lot don’t mention a peep.

    Fingers crossed the awakening is real.

    • I don’t think the hardcore Obots will ever abandon him because they don’t have the character to admit they were totally, catastrophically wrong about him. Their whole self image is wrapped up in being the intellectual elect, not the credulous dupes. But I think the vast majority of his support is soft, people who were extremely wary of him but couldn’t vote for a Republican after Bush. These aren’t the upper class twits but the people whose lives are being affected by the economy. I can’t see them sticking with him without results. SOD pointed out the other day that his negatives are already higher than many 6 week Presidents.

      • I hope you’re right about the soft people.

        The thing is, though, a lot of those folks went for him even when faced with the unparalled candidate of Hillary Clinton. That lack of judgment isn’t very reassuring.

        As for polls, I don’t trust them much.

        However, maybe money, the lack of it, will be the one thing that finally shakes them out of their stupor.

        • Well, granted, the fact that Obama got any primary votes at all is worrying, lol, but looking at it positively, he lost the primary despite having unprescedented advantages in terms of money, establishment support, and an unrelenting media narrative. I think it reflects very well on us as a country that when we were old time and again that the fix was in and there was nothing we could do about it, we still stood in4 hour lines and turned out in unprescedented numbers to register that we wouldn’t accept that. When was the last time tht happened? We usually accept the media narrative, but evil witch vs oir savior didn’t made a dent. He spent and spent and spent and got zonked. Our judgment’s okay.

          • Right. And even after Hillary and Bill campaigned for Obama, still 9.5 million who voted for McCain said they would have voted for HIllary.

            That doesn’t even count the Hillary people who protested by staying home in November.

  16. When those who supported him realize that he knows nothing about gratitude, they might pressure/threaten/blackmail him into doing something. Since it has been pointed out in another post before, his supporters come from disparate sides, then we might see a really confusing chatter. All those who “fell in love with him” could just as easily fall out of love suddenly. His personality and Michelle, precludes appointing anyone who can help him lead or manage who might take away some of the media attention. I’m afraid that things could get much, much worse.

  17. It has not even been two months and he is an embarrassment to this country.
    The people that voted for him should look in the mirror and cry in shame. I could maybe understand the younger ones they really did know any better. There is no excuse for the so called democratic leadership that cheated, lied, and undermined this country to have him is office.
    I am furious over his remarks about Afghanistan and I do not have family fighting there.
    I am embarrassed about his ignorant treatment of the PM of England and I am of Irish descent.
    I am worried about the economy and I am retired and work a part time job and backtrack has no clue on what to do.
    The enemies of America must be having a ball at our expense over this fool. He is doing a lot of the work of hurting this country for them.
    Is incompetence a constitutional reason to remove him from office?



    • http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0309/19718.html

      Great story on Hillary’s European reception. And, she didn’t need to follow a few rock bands and hand out hotdogs and beer to get the crowds to gather!

      Obama is an embarrassment. He’s going to London in a few weeks, so we’ll see how they treat him.

      I remember being in Australia back when the Commonwealth Games were hosted by Brisbane. The Aussies had given very poor living quarters to the Scottish athletes and they were furious. The next games were scheduled to be in Edinburgh and their headlines were “it’s tents for the Aussies”.

  18. Yes, it is difficult to work out what Change Obama is working for. There are so many signs that are difficult to interpret.

    Take the way he always talks off teleprompters- which may be a sign that:

    a) he doesn’t really know what to say

    b)he feels very insecure in the role he has been assigned

    c) there is a deeper hidden agenda, and there are fears he might let the cat out of the bag.

    I was wondering last night if the fact that he would only dedicate 10 minutes of his time to Gordon Brown, who is running around the world doing his best to organize the G20 summit, was a sign of disinterest, inability to talk the economic talk- or worse.

    Geithner being seriously under-staffed in the middle of an enormous financial crisis is another bad sign.

    • Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner, tax cheat (TTTG,tc) has 1, count ’em, 1 staff member, and according to AFP, he’s not important.


      • Wasn’t Obama the great delegator? At least it’s what he bragged about in a debate

      • From the Spectator (UK)-“Obama needs to staff up his Treasury—and fast”


        also says:
        From a British political perspective, the withdrawal of Caroline Atkinson is a major blow to Brown. Now the Americans will almost certainly want to stall at the summit on all the issues surrounding changing the international financial architecture meaning that the summit is not likely to be the great triumph Brown so desperately wants it to be.

      • Amazing.
        Check out this nationalization of CITI for a laugh.

    • By worse I meant a deliberate intention to ignore the G20 summit and international efforts at financial regulation.

      Fuzzy’s remarks yesterday about stock prices getting so low that companies such as GE could be picked up for a song also worry me. So does deliberate shorting.

      • He should pretend to be sick and send Hillary. Remember during the meeting regarding the 780 billion bailout Obama had nothing to contribute.

        • Definitely. Remember the waffles ordeal in Penn.?
          The Obamas talk with their mouth open and have atrocious table manners. The Queen will be appalled.
          I hope she doesn’t serve them a stately dinner.
          These two are so embarassing.

  19. Hi all. Hubby thought he saw Tim Geithner yesterday afternoon quickly enter, then exit, the Gracious Homes store on the Upper East Side. I tried to catch up with him on the street to introduce myself as a DOT employee, but he was too fast for me.

    Cinie, I’m one of the grunts. We’re carrying on business-as-usual. But there’s still lots of grumbling about the Turbo Tax irregularities.

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was patience. Let’s see how all of this plays out. You can fool some of the people some of the time, etc.

    • What are they saying about the G20? just curious…

      • Hasn’t been discussed much. However the Turbo Tax incident hits home (esp with our union stewards) since personal income tax irregularities are grounds for firing for the rest of us.

        • it’s grounds for firing at the FED too … i can’t believe he made it into that position let alone this one with that problem … FED does a big background check on all its management … you can get in trouble if you don’t keep up your credit score too

  20. I was just checking the kool-aid blogs and they are completely ignoring the “Obama’s too tired” story.

    As far as they are concerned it’s all a lie.

    • Obviously, he’s preparing to go on another vacation. Those blogs can’t address his exhausion or they’d have to justify his next trip to some island paradise.

  21. Cinie: Great perpective and PREZACTLY how I feel everytime I watch the guy, he’s reinventing himself every few seconds and his philosophy OR ideology falls into no recognizable category. I suppose we could call him a:

  22. Cinie, as brilliant as your entire post was, and it was, one paragraph captured the essence with delightful presicision.

    That one paragraph should be reccomended reading on any blog or anywhere else where people of character and integrity and concern for their country assemble.

    Until everybody, on both sides of the aisle, and down the middle, wraps their heads around the fact that he’s not a Democrat or Republican, Socialist, Marxist, or any other -can,” “-crat,” or “-ist” you can think of, they’ll never be able to answer the only pertinent question, which is not, “what’s he up to?” but, “are we going to let him get away with it?”

  23. Read on Hillaryis44 that BO wrote a secret letter to Russia. Why did he do that?

  24. What is he? Well, actions speak louder than words. Think about it: Who are the only people eligible to receive mortgage help right now? Those who bought houses that were over-priced at the outset, not those who are struggling to make mortgage payments after losing their jobs. So who does that really help? Fannie, Freddie and the banks.

    Any homeowner with basically no equity in his/her home would be better off to just walk away from the deal. The lending agencies–those who encouraged consumers to buy those over-priced properties to begin with–will be left with the carrying costs. Obama cant’ have that now, can he? Meanwhile, those with real equity in their homes, who are at risk of losing all of it, aren’t being helped at all. So I think I see exactly what Obama is–a tool of all those who helped him get into office. His core values, as far as I can see, all have to do with self-glorification.

    • I agree, Grayslady. From what I’ve read, they are still just trying to reexpand the housing bubble. People who take the help will still not end up with equity in their houses, because the prices they are paying will still be inflated and unrealistic.

    • i called wells fargo yesterday to see if i could get some of that money, they told me they can only renegotiate on loans held by fannie and freddie and since I had an FHA loan, it was tough titties

      • basically, i was trying to go from a 30 year fixed into that 4%, they told me they’d only put me in a conventional or redo my fha loan in which case I could only get down to about 5.5 %, they’d pick up a bunch of fees (non tax deductible for me and just an added cost to me and income to them), and it wouldn’t save me much money at all …

        i frankly think they’re only going to renegotiate on home loans when the government forces them to … otherwise they’re just going to keep on taking the bail out money, they really have no incentive to renegotiate as long as they keep getting those funds without any strings attached to the $

      • Exactly, dakini. This is a thinly disguised Freddie/Fannie bailout. It’s not intended to help the homeowner.

        • well, i could tell that what was going on was we’re making money off of you right now, we know you’re unlikey to default on your house loan, so there is nothing in it for us unless we charge you all these fees and give you a marginally better deal … if this only applies to fannie and freddie loans, that’s exactly it … it’s a freddie/fannnie bailout and will only renegotiate loans that were bad to begin with, luckly to blow up again … it only generates tax payer paid fees to those banks and to fannie and freddie … it really is solving nothing … just another MASSIVE transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the creditors and bondholders of these institutions.

        • also the bottom line, is rather than giving me a few more hundred dollars a month to spend or save, i’m going to be paying for that loan when the market says I deserve a lower rate ….

          the government should say, look every one that’s got a loan and good standing can automatically get put into a 4% fixed rate 30 year. That would put a substantial amount of money into folks pockets. it would also be a predictable income stream so it would also most likely contribute to sustained spending and stimulus as well as de-leveraging households.

          • That was the republican suggestion in recent budget committee negotiations. It was poo-pooed.

          • Dakiinikat, I keep reading where people are saying the whole meltdown is the fault of the people buying too much house, blah, blah, blah. But from some of the other stuff I read, it seems like those poor folks were coerced into loans they couldn’t afford to bump up the volume of mortgages that could be packaged and sold and leveraged and fluffed up into fancy derivatives or some other such stuff. I’ve read articles about AIG and the stuff they were doing with mortgage backed securities that even experts didn’t fully understand, but knew were hinky, but nobody said nothin’ as long as they were making money. It just seems like this whole “crisis” is manufactured and the people who generated it are in a win/win/win ripoff with impunity, blameless by misdirection catbird seat.

          • yup cinie, lots of that happened, folks were given loans and put into loans that were bound to fail, but because there was a pass the trash market with credit default swaps and credit default obligations, and the securitization process of mortgages, no one cared because they didn’t think they’d get stuck with the loans and they all made fees and such off of them … Fannie and Freddie were a big part of that process as was a lot of hedge funds and investment banks …

          • I agree with Dak and Cinie.

            These bad loan homeowners fall into at least these categories:

            1. those who actually lied on their applications
            2. those who were honest, didn’t really qualify, but were pressured into bad loans and/or over-priced houses by the middlemen
            3. those who did qualify for good loans but were pressured as above
            4. those good buyers who signed gotcha contracts (such as an OVER-payment raising the interest rate sky high)

            I agree that the direct culprits were the lenders/middlemen. And indirect culprits included ACORN which pressured the lenders and insurers (inc fan and fred) to make loans to people who didn’t really qualify by the original standards. (And who was the rising Community Organizer who helped ACORN in this? I have cites on that if anyone wants them.)


    • Banks received TARP money saying they would help 400,000 people with rewriting theirmortgages. How many have people have they really helped? Only 315 people and their mortgages.

  25. Thank you for another great post, Cinie. My question is how can we stop him from getting away with it? Look at what Bush got away with. I know there isn’t any point in falling into despair and feeling powerless, but I just think all the old ways of resisting–demonstrations, writing letters to politicians, etc–are not working. We need new methods of fighting back.

    Is there some way we can “Alinsky-ize” Obama? One way that occurs to me is ridicule. Unrelenting ridicule.

    • bb–An excellent question. I think we, as PUMAs, need to continue to highlight the shortcomings we observe. While doing so, we need to be specific in our analyses. For example, I was pleased to see this morning that some of my favorite PUMA and PUMA-friendly sites are onto the Gordon Brown debacle like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. We need that kind of viral coverage and the analysis that goes with it.

      Our posts are being read. I think that time will result in converts. Since I firmly believe that Obama is not a leader, but, rather, is being lead by certain members of Congress, I think we should apply a full court press to our representatives. If they hear from enough of us, they will be able to craft the solutions that Obama seems incapable of doing. We are the loyal opposition.

    • Ridicule works. We saw that with the campaign against Sarah Palin.

      Fortunately, with Obama there will be no need to resort to lies. Let’s start with the Brown gaffe. He’s making himself as wide and high a target as Bush did.

    • BB, I just think we do whatever we can, and keep doing it A leaky faucet can flood your kitchen if it drips long enough. Every little bit helps/

      • I think cinie’s right.

        Also getting low level positions (the kind no-one wants) within the Dem party wouldn’t be bad.

    • Yep, ridicule. It would be good to have a site dedicated to anti-Obama cartoons. Things like that travel faster and last longer than text.

  26. This is Bob Herbert’s take on criticizing Obama only six weeks into his Presidency (not day one anymore, but nevermind.)

    “But there is a weird hysterical quality to some of the recent attacks that suggests an underlying fear or barely suppressed rage. It’s a quality that seems not just unhelpful but unhealthy.”

    It seems to me that Herbert’s intent is very clear: this “fear or barely suppressed rage” is r@cism!

    Talk about a bitter dead ender! Herbert and countless other Obama supporters will never “get over it.”

    • Herbert and his ilk are fighting against reality itself now, not against mere opinions that disagree with their own.

      Off to the playground with the offspring!

    • Herbert has been a poor excuse of a cheerleading joke of a journalistic embarrassment since he heard the name Obama and passed it on to his readers like a mantra everyday.

    • Bob Herbert: gag. Do we need to read back some of his “Hillary hysteria” to remind him of his own reactionary tendencies? Buy yourself a mirror, buddy.

  27. International Women’s Day Action

    Global Gender Caste Action

    Please tell your friends about the petition.

    To: U.S. Government and United Nations

    We call upon America’s government representatives and the international representatives of the United Nations to recognize the global threat of oppression and violence to women from Islamic supremacism.

    We demand that they pass national and international resolutions condemning Islamic supremacism as a threat to women everywhere. We demand that these world leaders recognize the existence of Islamic supremacism, and we demand that they take measures to protect the women of the world from the Islamic supremacist ideology.

    Women are being oppressed, beaten, murdered in America and around the world in the name of Islamic supremacism. Being “sorry” is not enough. We call upon the leaders of the world to take responsibility to SAVE WOMEN NOW from this cruel, vicious, and deadly ideology of Islamic supremacism.

    Sign Here

    Read more about the action here involving 2 marches – in London and Wash DC here:

  28. Happy International Women’s Day!

  29. Happy Woman’s Day everyone!!
    When my kids went to the American Elementary school in “Bella Napoli” years ago, I used to bring baskets of mimosa sprigs to their classmates: to the girls for themselves and to the boys to take to their moms. So, a basketful of virtual mimosa to you all with thanks for all the good work you do in educating the masses…

  30. Each day I scan certain sites to see what is out there, and the tenor of O criticism is definitely changing. Even the Boston Phoenix is daring to challenge his Wonderfulness now. For us, it’s surreal to see them discussing issues–as if they are new(s)–that we were talking about over a year ago. Talk about dense.

    Is President Obama Overexposed?

    Barack Obama is ubiquitous. In his first six weeks in office, he’s given an inaugural address, a State of the Union-like speech to a joint-session of Congress (since new presidents don’t really report on the state of the union), and an hour-long press conference. He’s also made several campaign trips and has been a daily fixture on magazine covers and the news shows. He’s talking to us all the time.

    Yes, he’s an intriguing and appealing figure. But you don’t have to go out on a limb to surmise that he may be risking overexposure — which often leads to failure.

    This is not an argument about the longevity of political popularity. Rather, it has to do with Obama’s creating what political scientist Theodore Lowi called “a personal presidency,” in which one unreasonably exaggerates the power of a president to influence events — especially economic ones. Going down that path, warned Lowi, is a sure road to political failure.

    And most of the crises now facing the country don’t lend themselves to clear answers that can be carried out with a signature on a single executive order — no matter how hard we want to believe that Obama can “save” us all.

    Even so, Obama is all over the place. He seems to think that he’s still in the middle of his “rock star” campaign, when the nation was understandably excited about electing its first African-American president. But we’ve already been there and done that.


  31. And for those of you who are worried about the economy, or have lost or are at risk of losing jobs–silly kids, O is not worried.

    Obama takes rosier view on economy

    For the first time since taking office, President Obama is suggesting that some Americans may be overreacting to the nation’s economic woes by dramatically ratcheting back their spending.


  32. I remain stoopified by the ignorance. BTD often can’t see through his own blind love for Obama, but the article he highlighted was spot on with the comparison between Obama and Bush. The nickname Axelrove was attached because of behavior.

    One comment stood out to me as complete ignorance.


    Whoa there. (5.00 / 2) (#10)
    by hitchhiker on Sat Mar 07, 2009 at 11:57:36 AM EST

    Obama hasn’t strayed far from Karl Rove’s playbook for routing the opposition
    He just tossed that one in for the fun of it, I suppose.

    Here’s the logic:

    Republicans are in a deep hole
    Obama is popular
    Ergo, Obama must have brutally shoved them into that hole by lying about them, sending people out to call them traitors, refusing to acknowledge anything they do, think or say that has merit, etc. — you know, the Rove playbook.

    You wonder if the writer is stupid, or just convinced that we are.

  33. Latest news:

    “Treasury Dept. gains 3 more Obama appointments ”


  34. http://johnbatchelorshow.com/jb/2009/03/aig-conspiracy-of-witches/

    “The September 2008 AIG Bailout Comedy Gets a Subplot.

    The Wall Street Journal reported after market close last evening March 6 that the decision to engineer the AIG bailout of last September, the weekend the music died at Lehman, included an analysis by a team from Goldman Sachs among others. In sum, Hank Paulson at Treasury asked his former firm to measure the risk of bailing out AIG, and that risk included GS. Fox, coop, fox apprentice, chickens. Calculated Risk grins at the fact. (We all grin at the peculiar coincidences of September 14, 2008, when GS rival Lehman was nixed and GS debtor AIG was rescued, all by the still unexplained-under-oath decisions of GS friend Hank Paulson.) The comedy gets stranger. The AIG bailout included at least $50 billion of US money passed through to major Europeans banks, including the wretchedly managed RBS, the lunatic Lloyds, and someone else’s problem Deutsche Bank. The parasites continue to drain AIG, which explains some of why AIG keeps posting deeper losses. The original low deal is open-ended:”


    Is anyone else wondering why the U.S. tax payer seems to be on the hook to make these banks whole (not that something shouldn’t have been done to prevent a banking collapse, but as of right now the tax payer seems to have handed over a blank check to AIG)? Shouldn’t those who were in charge of some of these banking institutions be fired and force to pay back the bonuses they never really earned?

  35. Say it with me:

    He’s an opportunist.

    Exploiting opportunities isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless that’s your core philosophy.

  36. (sorry for the b tag problem!)

  37. I thought he WANTED this job….he has the energy to jetset all over the country but he can’t wake up for a mid-morning press conference and meet and greet?
    uh oh….


  38. Bo is a Leo sun sign but the moon in his birth chart is in Gemini

    In general, those with the Moon in Gemini like to exercise both body and mind. Their time is usually divided between studying and socializing. They may live in more than one place or change residence quite often. In short, these individuals like to move around. The Moon in Gemini is excellent in terms of intellect and those who fall under its jurisdiction are inevitably attracted to the literary and the scientific, which tends to indicate that the chosen vocation will also be somewhat intellectual…writer, teacher, journalist or scientist, etc. However, the influence of Gemini usually leads to the changing of careers as often as it leads to the changing of residence. Gemini’s theme will continue through the life of this individual…he or she may be ambidextrous and will probably find it easy to do two things at once. Those with their Moon sign in Gemini are not always honest people, particularly in their dealings with those around them. However, they are usually so proficient at deception, that others rarely realize they have been hoodwinked. Moon in Gemini people tend to be nervous, witty and changeable, thriving on communication and the “cut and thrust” of the social world. Boredom cannot be tolerated by these persons and there is a proclavity for an “up and down” type of personality. The spoken word is the chief means of relating for those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Moon sign, and they are equally adept at coming up with the perfect “put-down” as they are with impressing others through their cleverness and wit. Working in media or travel are ideal for those with the Moon in Gemini, as are careers in sales. However, there is a proclavity for these individuals to push themselves too hard and they often feel exhausted when they have overdone the “partying.” Nevertheless, after a brief respite, they are ready to forge headlong into the world once more. A person born with the Moon in Gemini is not likely to be happy with his or her own company for very long.

    just sayin …

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