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Inside joke

While we’re all waking up and getting our act together, this is an open thread.

183 Responses

  1. I’m being repressed too

  2. According to the online translator, the Russian word for reset is:

    вновь устанавливать

    and the word for overcharge is:


    • Good to know if we ever need to communicate complicated concepts with Russian precedents.
      Not that we’ll ever need to…

      • Hillary was on CSpan for the press conference with the Russian “equivalent ” Of SOS after their meeting . She was brilliant , poised, gracious and beautiful ; she answered some of the toughest questions with lightning response, without a teleprompter in sight .
        It did my heart, mind and soul so much good I cannot begin to tell you …

        If you get a chance watch it …because it won’t get the same coverage as bo scratching his butt , or mo wearing a sleeveless dress , because after all that is what is important isn’t it??

    • According to one Russian blog, a syllable was left out. Instead of “перегрузка” (peregruzka), the button should have read “перезагрузка” (perezagruzka).

  3. Gupta’s withdrawal made for yet a third chance to humiliate Dean & his B0bots
    To be updated as it hits the nether regions of the net

  4. Not that we’ll ever need to…

    I’m just wondering how the State Department translators could screw it up by “accident”

    • Clearly, no one at State has Condi’s fluency in Russian.

    • I agree, my initial reaction was that it further demonstrated the incompetence of out current leaders. But then I figured the correct word didn’t fit on the reset button and so they picked another. Why else would Hillary begin by saying she hoped we got it right. With all the folks we pay in gov’t, its silly to think someone couldn’t find the correct word.

      • Having exhausted electrical metaphors, Mr. Lavrov then remarked that it was fortunate the United States and Russia were pushing a reset button instead of another red button that would start a war.

        Well looks like they had good fun with it in the end. But geez, did it have to be a red button. Too close for comfort..

        • It is funny though. Instead of Reset, they wrote Overload. That red button won’t be reset 😀

  5. Oh, and the watery tart – my favorite part! Poor Arthur! Not much luck with women….

  6. Well that started my day off with a laugh! Makes me feel a little better about being so repressed.

  7. “Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses…..” Mass media that is.

  8. This clip is too funny!
    Thanks for a great start to a busy Saturday!

  9. Love this clip. Thanks!
    Watched “1984” again yesterday. Chilling to realize that we are there. Now.

  10. Hmmmm:

    Police in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca Wednesday arrested a woman for violating the country’s ban on women driving, according to the Saudi English-language daily Arab News

    If ya let ’em drive the next thing ya know they’ll want to vote.

  11. that reset button gift was plain out and out tacky, period. Perhaps a golden olive branch would have been better…and the gifts that the Obamas gave the Browns were just plain stupid. Boring, much like the Obamas themselves.

    • I have the feeling they knew exactly what they were doing. great icebreaker

      • The photo in this morning’s paper of Hillary and the Russian foreign minister was fantastic – big expressions of genuine mirth on both faces. All by herself, the woman’s a walking icebreaker. We couldn’t have a more effective, welcomed by the world SOS. Hillary is just plain quality. (And here, I’ll forgo my usual, “If only…” this morning.)

  12. Too funny. …thx

  13. And then they’ll want their votes to count!

    Now you’re talking crazy

  14. Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less? The Democratic party wants to hear from you.

    The Democratic National Committee is soliciting slogans for a billboard to appear in Limbaugh’s “hometown” of West Palm Beach, Fla. The lucky winner will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the winning slogan.

    “Please keep your suggestion to ten words or fewer,” the request reads on the DNC’s Web site.


    and I thought we were in an economical crisis, I didnt know this was part of how you solve it, then again, of course i knew the childishness of Obama’s tactics, he and his boyz dont play fair on the court afterall do they.

    • What the hell is the matter with these dopes? This is getting really ridiculous. Did they not notice that they WON the election, & both houses of Congress? I am so glad I’m not a member of the Dem Party anymore–they are embarrassing. Indy all the way. I will reject this nonsense by either party. Leadership people!

    • Stupid Dems don’t know when to stop digging holes deeper.

  15. myiq2xu, I can’t find the title of the book written about the Obama campaign that you did a post on. Can you give me the date of the post or the title of the book?

  16. (giggling)

    I got a pair of head phones so now I can listen to all the clips. This is great fun! Thank you.

  17. Is Obama really at Camp David again this weekend???

    • I knew he was due for another vacation. He needs to rest up from all those parties!

      • Wonder when he will break W’s record for most-vacationed president?

        • I say it happens before the end of this term.

          • You’re probably right. He hasn’t spent a single weekend in the WH, has he?

        • are we counting the parties, the summits, and all the travels around reading speeches off teleprompters as work?

          Because if we do, I’d say he’s not worked a minute.

    • Actually, I can’t blame him for going to Camp David on the weekends. Minds, even ones as seemingly *brilliant* as Obama’s, don’t function well under stress. I’ve learned from the French that the best way to work is not to waste time, keep it humming when you’re there and then kick back and enjoy your vacation thoroughly so you come back to work with your brain refreshed.

      • but when does his work time start? that’s my question… i don’t consider holding a bunch of meetings and reading speeches anything remotely resembling work …

        • He could only find 10 minutes time for Gordon Brown and the G20 summit.

          British officials and other diplomatic sources are already privately expressing concern that the crucial G20 summit in London, now less than a month away, could be disrupted by the US failing to prepare properly for the talks. Gordon Brown used his visit to Washington this week to underline the need for urgent and co-ordinated international agreement on how to thaw frozen credit markets, stabilise the banking sector and reform financial institutions such as the IMF.”


        • Agreed, d’kat. Campaign friendly O-appearances seem to be the entirety of the job as defined by him. One must look good for one’s press, so therefore all the scheduled downtime.

      • I just read on a conservative blog that M and O had been giving a lot of parties (just plain parties) for friends at the WH, and that most of them lasted past midnite. And that they want the Wenesday coktail parties a ritual , and that Camelot is back.

        All that parying on top of their first full time job, you bet they need to rest during the WE!!

      • I agree that it’s important to make the best of your down time but I never thought of the presidency as a job with much down time. Given the current mess we’re in we need a workaholic in the WH. Someone smart, capable and who thrives under pressure. And we all know who fits that description. (Hint: it’s not BO.)

  18. myiq, I think I found it on Amazon: “How Barack Obama Won: A State-by-State Guide to the Historic 2008 Presidential Election”(Vintage) (Paperback)
    by Chuck Todd (Author), Sheldon Gawiser (Author) January 6, 2009

    Now I’ll look for your post.

    • It must be a short book. I can see if now, a listing of each state and next to it the sentence “He cheated.”. Of course, there could be a chapter on each of the ways he cheated. Chapter One: Caucus Fraud; Chapter Two: Campaign Finance Fraud; Chapter Three: Ra ce Baiting; Chapter Four: Rules and Bylaw manipulation.; and on and on….

      On second thought, the book could be really long.

      • lol!

        “Lies & Smears”
        “Media Whores”
        “The Art of Hypocrisy”

      • Chuck Todd said Hillary didn’t know why she wanted to be president meaning tha Obama knew and that is why he “won”. Amazing the guy who knew why he wanted to be president is the same guy that said: tell me what to say and I will say sell it. The same guy who wasn’t ready on DAY ONE!

  19. I can’t find the title of the book written about the Obama campaign

    It was Newsweek – “How Obama did It”

    (he cheated)

    • Thanks!

      • Paula Abeles did an interview with the author for No Quarter radio last week-listen and weep….

        To give you an idea-he knew nothing of caucus fraud-Bill Clinton possibly had a pathological desire for his wife not to be successful, when he made those remarks in N.Carolina- Hillary verged very close to the wind of racism in Pennsylvania-
        Obama was a great fund raiser – he knew nothing of irregularities in his finances.

        • Sorry -Abeles’ interview was of Evan Thomas (Newsweek) author of “A Long Time Coming”

          Perhaps his most interesting remark during the interview, was that reporters travelling on the plane with Obama “weren’t crazy about him” because he would give them very little of his time.
          Their editors OTOH were very fond of him and would take their children to his ‘historic’ rallies.

  20. Gordon Brown humiliation story was not normal Obama behavior. Usually, he uses someone (Dean, Brazille, Rev. Wright, etc) and then throws them under the bus. With Brown, O threw him under the bus first , but he will need Brown to make him look good in London at G-20.

    Didn’t he think it through? What if Londoners (if not Brown, the public and media) try to snub him?

    • Was it deliberate ? Perhaps the social graces are just elusive in this case.

      • I’m thinking it was intentional. You don’t treat one of your best allies like they’re not worth your time and energy for nothing. If it wasn’t intentional, it only means he is more over his head than we thought. Such behavior is inexcusable.
        Hillary’s ‘reset’ button faux pas almost seems intentional OTOH. I’m betting there was some kind of reference to Condi in it.

        • I don’t think it was intentional. That is just Obama. He probably didn’t think much of it. He needs nothing from Gordon Brown now so no need to suck up. He did the same to the president of Philippines. Just couldn’t squeeze in a 15 minutte chat or something. Completely ignored that she was visiting the US.

          • I agree. He’s a classic schmoozer. We’ve seen him do it over and over again: he uses people and then treats them with disdain when he doesn’t need them anymore. Right Coward Dean?

          • I heard that Gordon Brown has horrible approval ratings in GB. I suspect that obama just wants to hang out with cool kids – a PM on the way out isn’t a cool kid.

            I can’t remember how long it will be until the next election in GB, but it will be at least a year. obama can figure out how to hand out more cash here before he needs to be buddies with the incoming PM.

          • Soros has O’s back on the English front. Soros nearly brought the Bank of England to its knees recently. Soros probably assured O England would do as told when the time comes…

            So O let his true colors show. A profound distain for the English people who controled Kenya for years, enprisonned and tortured his grand-father and yet had to leave and go back to their cold climate island.

            Never forget Africans in general have a very conflicted relation with England.

          • It’s the nation’s relationship with the UK that matters, not his personal hangups. What a self absorbed idiot.

          • Bottom line: the Obamas have no class, an ocean of slobbery media ink notwithstanding.

    • So I am probably tiresome always hearkening to narcissism stuff, but among people who have known narcissists we have short hand terms for these behaviors.

      Using a cats paw to do your dirty work is ‘abuse by proxy.’

      And getting thrown under the bus is called the ‘D&D,’ which stands for ‘devalue and discard.’

      They all use the same bag of tricks.

      • perries, you’re never tiresome to me. I like your comments and I think that your observations about narcissistic personalities are very interesting. Your comment yesterday about the kinds of presents narcissists give really summed up the Obamas.

      • I have always thought the bos were narcissists…

    • I remember during OB’s campaign visit to London last July, before he was officially anything, he patted Brown on the back and gave him governing advice, saying Brown needed to learn how to delegate better. The nerve.

      OB global reputation for being smooth will fade quickly. He’s a dolt with hollow arrogance. He better take some lessons on international protocol and take it seriously before he turns into just another version of the accidental tourist.

      • I honestly think that the Obamas cannot imagine anything that they do ever being deemed insuffucient.

      • i can’t wait until he pulls the holier than thou bit at the G-20 meeting … thank god, we’ve still got hillary working the foreign ministers, my guess is obama’s poor manners and self-centeredness will alienate him from the leaders really, fast, they laughed at poor ol’ dumb bush, but they weren’t personally insulted by him, big difference, the latter makes you feel superior, the former just pisses the hell out of you

      • Remember this 2 week trip abroad to “prove his foreign policy credentials?” I forget which Iraqi official went public with his opinion that Obama “didn’t even look at him, and seemed bored.” We’ve heard this time and again too. Ugh…I can’t believe this guy is president, especially after 8 years of Bush. I’d really like to admire the person that leads our country, but there are really long dry spells.

        • every thing bores him but adoring crowds, i think that’s why he’s still out there giving speeches nearly every day someplace, he’s addicted to the adoration now, it’s an adrenal rush he can’t live without

          • This is his problem. I thought that since he became president he might just want to learn a few things but it seems he is not interested in learning anything. He did the same thing with Alice Palmer’s job which he stole from her. He took it and did nothing. Didn’t even bother to learn anything. He has hired people who are intelligent and under a great boss or someone more informed they would do well but unfortunately for them and Obama he isn’t as brilliant as his fans proclaim. Nancy Pelosi was set up for the faux stimulus. She got all the blame because Obama just didn’t have the time to get his hands dirty. He didn’t feel like working. He expects others to do the job and for him to take credit for it if it goes well. When will Obama get invested in the job he currently has? What is there left for him to achieve?

          • Downticket, he’s got access to some of the great minds of our times … only a real self-obsessed dolt wouldn’t take advantage of that … imagine a one on one with kissinger or bernanke or walter cronkite, or just about any one you could call into your office to ‘tutor’ you on things … just the great economic minds and diplomatic minds alone boggle

          • Shades of Godwin, but he is starting to remind me of Hitler. Hitler gave speeches to large throngs of adoring crowds too. He also seemed to thrive on the attention.

            The REALLY bad thing is that the way things are going now, there doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping BO, short of near total destruction of the US.

            This scares the crap out of me……

        • I agree. I would at least like a competent person in charge. American voters have been acting like abused spouses. They keep standing by the politicians who treat them like shit.

        • Hi all – I want to mention that another core thing to understand about narcissists is that they are junkies for adoration. The term ‘narcissistic supply’ is used to describe the positive attention, adoration, focus, worship, even idolatry that we saw the masses and see the media giving BO, and that the narcissist needs. It isn’t just that he thrives on it – it is that it is an addiction he will do anything to feed, just like any serious addict. Someone without that need would probably be uncomfortable with idolatry being directed to them, but since a narcissist actually is cultivating a grandiose facade that s/he uses to interact with the world (and is not interested in being merely human and relating on that level), they don’t shy away from being such a focus.

          To understand that the narcissist is always seeking supply, cultivating supply and manipulating to achieve supply and protect supply – helps understand why they do what they do.

          I can recommend some books or links if anyone is interested – mostly stuff from the perspective of intimates of narcissists. I will be out most of today because we are throwing a party later, but I will check back.

          • Freud on narcissism really messed with my head in college, before I learned to put him in context. Appreciate your take on it. Freud would have gone to town with BO.

    • Here’s what one Brit at the Guardian thought about the gift exchange.

      Someone in Downing Street had come up with an imaginative gift for the president. A desk sits in the Oval Office made of oak taken from HMS Resolute, one of the ships with which the Royal Navy conducted its campaign against slavery. Last week, Brown gave Obama a penholder carved from the timbers of HMS Gannet, Resolute’s sister ship.
      Although the set of famous American movies on DVD that Brown was given at least includes things worth watching, from Citizen Kane to Raging Bull, what was so wonderfully pointed was the sheer off-hand casualness of a present that anyone could order online. Even the exchange of children’s presents summed up the one-sided relationship. Young Sasha and Malia Obama were treated to outfits from Topshop; Fraser and John Brown got models of Marine One, the presidential helicopter, which must be worth several dollars each.


      • And the dumb intern in charge of the purchasing did not even know that US DVD are not playable in Europe (different technical specifications for the DVD players….

        • You have to be kidding. And I find it hard to understand why an intern would be put in charge of buying gifts for foreign dignitaries. It seems something that should be delegated to a person with protocol experience.

          • Obama plainly doesn’t give a sh*t about anything or anyone other than himself, this country’s – the entire planet’s – welfare included. I’ve thought this about him from the very beginning.

          • yeah I think he is a total ‘hungry ghost’

    • It was normal in the sense that he is of no use to him now. When Obama doesn’t think you are important to him he just treats you like dirt. When he does eventually need him, he will go into mode 2. That is when he sucks up to you, uses you and then throws you under the bus.

      • It’s the classic D&D cycle. I really hope people get the whole dynamic, or else they will go through it again and again and again and….

  21. What if Londoners (if not Brown, the public and media) try to snub him?

    If I was Queen Elizabeth when Obama shows up at the palace for tea I’d have him escorted to a room filled with little old ladies and seat him at a table in the middle of the room, then serve him a disposable cup of hot water with a bag of Lipton’s floating in it.

    Imagine the headline – “Queen tea-bags Obama”

  22. I heard yesterday that Oprah was going to share the cover of the next O magazine Michelle O. Michelle was going to talk about life in the White House and keeping a relationship going while in the White House. They’ve been there for TWO MONTHS! What can she possibly say about keeping her relationship going while in the White House? Is this woman trying to prevent any “ObamaGirl” eruptions?

    • Don’t you realise mo can save copies and give them as gifts to guests to the White House ??
      cheesh …

      ( In case anyone was concerned I have replenished my supply of snark , and it feels GOOD )

    • Sorry, but Oprah’s another one I have no time for. Never have. She’s another one entirely dedicated to self promotion, with any benefits for others serving primarily as set decoration.

    • (laughing)

      the President told the two pieces of glass, “So many of you have been watching jobs disappear long before this recession hit. I don’t need to tell this graduating class what it’s like to know that your job might be next. Because up until a few weeks ago, that is precisely future that this class faced – a future that millions of Americans still face right now.

      Do police cadets normally face unemployment when they graduate?

      • At least the two pieces of glass will be employed for the next four years. We can refer to them as ‘Teleprompter 1’ and ‘Teleprompter 2’.

        • “The Plexiglas, cracked and flawed as it was, overwhelmed in a shudder of Obamasmic satisfaction, had to be discarded after the speech, and was unavailable for comment.”

          Maybe not.

        • wouldn’t I just love to sit there close by and knock the damn things over and see how he sputters?

        • bet they wind up in the smithsonian at some point in time even though they’ll be a cover up at the obama presidential reading rooms

      • This group of police recruits had been told that they would be laid off. If was a cynical, union busting move by a Democratic mayor who has long supported Obama. Because Columbus has a budget shortfall, Mayor Coleman demanded that all the city unions accept pay cuts. The police are currently in contract negotiations with the city and insisted that the issue be handled within that process. The mayor didn’t want to do that so he punished the union, the police department and the citizens by laying off the first police officers in anyone’s memory in Columbus, OH. He ignored the projected shortfall if basic coverage due to anticipated retirements and the stupidity of providing over a million dollars worth of training, over six months, to officers, then firing them to save a million dollars or so in the city’s budget.

      • Btw, all of the recruits had received job offers from other law enforcement agencies because they’ve received superior training for which the other agencies would not have to foot the bill. Not a single recruit actually faced unemployment for more than a few days.

    • Love the bike …. perhaps that will be the new “green” standard issue form of transportation for all citizens. Then right before the next election, the administration will replace the square wheeled model with a round wheeled model, and the masses will re-elect him in relief (not realizing that we all formerly enjoyed much more comfortable forms of transportation).

  23. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123638394500958141.html

    “The beneficiaries of the government’s bailout of American International Group Inc. include at least two dozen U.S. and foreign financial institutions that have been paid roughly $50 billion since the Federal Reserve first extended aid to the insurance giant.”

    • That was the (claimed) reason for the original bailout loan, so that AIG would not take down their US and global creditors with them in domino fashion. Too big to fail, blah blah. Who knows how legit their latest plea for rescue is. Is Geither really on top of this. He’s developed this nervous tick lately, and he always looks like he’s just seen a ghost.

      Hank Greenberg, AIG’s former Chair, is now suing his former company for taking a hit on his personal fortune. Ha!! He should be doing the perp walk just for that piece of stupidity alone. Hank may not be at AIG now, but he built the toxic global landfill that AIG became. Spitzer should have gone all the way and locked him up when he had a chance. Greenberg, and Sandy Weill as well over at Citi. Both spit in the face of risk, and we are now paying for their recklessness.

  24. Why was Cannonfire removed from the blog list on the right and is this nesting permanent?

    • Downticket, nice to see you again. I read your nested comments re writing in Hillary. Nesting has its pros and cons.

      • I think there were many dems that wouldn’t get themselves to vote for McCain. I don’t think he got the 83% of her voters as it was reported

    • If I told you, I’d have to kill you afterwards.

  25. http://www.ibdeditorial.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=321237362312361

    Let the Inquisition Start with Frank

    “Even by the extraordinarily loose standards of Congress, it takes some chutzpah for someone such as Frank to suggest that he’ll seek prosecutions for those behind the housing and financial crunch and for what he called “a strongly empowered systemic risk regulator.”

    For Frank, perhaps more than any single individual in private or public life, is responsible for both the housing market mess and subsequent bank disaster. And no, this isn’t partisan hyperbole or historical exaggeration.”

  26. http://politicalwire.com/archives/2009/03/06/rove_says_obama_approval_is_just_average.html

    “Karl Rove looks at early presidential approval rates and finds President Obama’s rating is “approximately on par with that of several of his predecessors” including George W. Bush.

    He concludes “one thing is clear: Obama may have won the widest electoral victory since 1988, but six weeks into his presidency, his approval rating is average, rather than extraordinary.”

    Update: It turns out Charles Franklin made the same observation two weeks ago.”


    Imagine, The One, just average.

  27. Come laugh with me

    Let me bring out the Goddess in YOU with great music from the Women of Independent Music !!
    click here to listen

    or copy paste this link to your player where it says play URL

  28. “I didn’t vote for ya!”

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

  29. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation/story/937107.html

    Drivers may be taxed by the mile

    “Supporters say that a mileage tax would be a more reliable source of funding for the upkeep of the nation’s roads and bridges. Many environmentalists endorse it, saying that it would lead to less driving and less pollution.

    However, the proposal is raising privacy concerns — particularly if GPS devices were to monitor mileage — and opponents say that the last thing people need is a new tax, particularly in the middle of a recession. Some critics, moreover, fear that it would have a disproportionate impact in states such as California, which has longer-than-average commutes.

    A bipartisan commission that Congress created said last week lawmakers should increase the gasoline tax by 10 cents per gallon but begin shifting to a mileage tax.

    ”With the expected shift to more fuel efficient vehicles, it will be increasingly difficult to rely on the gas tax to raise the funds needed to improve — let alone maintain — our nation’s surface transportation infrastructure,” said Robert Atkinson, the chairman of the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission.”


    Wouldn’t a per mile tax seem to go against the idea of encouraging people to drive more fuel efficient cars? And, the implementation and ongoing administration of the tax would seem to be cumbersome and perhaps conducive to fraud.

    • It would also be a regressive tax since many people can’t afford housing close to city centers where they work. This would hit single mothers, lower-wage workers, and truckers the hardest. The rich can afford nice condos a few blocks from the office.

      Executives aren’t the ones with hour+ commutes each way, only peons such as myself.

  30. I’m finding it confusing to live in interesting times, especially when there is no viable news media.

    I’m hearing a lot of stuff about the workings of State but it is hard to know what is legit and what is msm or special interest bullsh*t.

    Psychological psy-ops on a national level has been going on for a long time. I’m going to filter everything I hear through a b*llshit filter.

  31. George W. Obama?

    Washington has spent the past couple of weeks debating whether Barack Obama’s ambitious agenda and political strategy are more comparable to those of Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan. Oddly, hardly anyone is talking about the ways in which Obama is beginning to resemble the man who just vacated the White House.


    Oh, and we could add many examples to this list…

    • Wow, that’s strong tea for the WaPo, not even two months into Obamanation. Once again, where the hell were these critical voices during the primary?

  32. I don’t watch the news these days, so I have no idea what all that button hilarity is.

  33. “Queen tea-bags Obama”

    Now that’s a NYPost cover for the ages!

  34. every thing bores him but adoring crowds

    As a Senator he was bored at meetings and spent most of his time running for President.

    Nothing has changed

    • I can’t tell you how many students like this I see … fortunately, I don’t get that many prep school grads, but i used to go to university with them, lord, they’re all that self-obsessed… it’s maddening how much that reminds me of that other prep school prez we just retired. They’re bored with anything that doesn’t directly entail self-worship

    • ITA but what will he strive for after his terms are over? He will be 55 years after his second term. Still plenty of time to do more, so what will he do then?

      • do reunion tours like the rest of the washed up rock stars

      • Move to a neighborhood near Wall Street and try to revitalize it?

      • I do not think he will have a second term . I think he will be ” branded” with this economic disaster no matter how much he blames the previous administration , because he cannot fix it .
        He cannot use teleprompters for four years , and his self obsession and lack of leadership will weary this country and he may not even get the nomination…..
        not to mention that the list of world leaders he will have insulted by the time this term is ending willbe much longer …

      • Go on holiday, write an autobiography, make millions…

      • Second term? Please, I’m still digesting breakfast.

    • now he is campaigning for the 2010 governor/senate elections which will soon morph into the 2012 reelection campaign.

  35. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=90945

    “An organization that serves as a watchdog on the U.S. government for American taxpayers has launched a campaign to uncover exactly how much tax money is being spent on parties at the Obama White House.”


    Okay, worldnetdaily is a questionable source, but I do wonder just how much tax payer money is being spent on parties. At least when Jimmy Carter told everyone to put on a sweater, I believe he was willing to wear one himself.

  36. But they are still young and have time to figure out what they want to be in life. Obama is 47 years old. By this time he should have already figured out what he wants.

  37. Downticket, on March 7th, 2009 at 11:20 am Said:
    ITA but what will he strive for after his terms are over? He will be 55 years after his second term. Still plenty of time to do more, so what will he do then?

    please dont even suggest he will get a second term, that’s scarrier than the economic crisis

    • I am preparing myself. For Obama not to get a second term, it would have to be his decision. No Democrat will be willing to challenge him. He will cheat his way to the presidency again.

  38. well it is day 10 with out pork chicken or beef…no alcohol soda or snacking between meals. Boss gave me a snickers bar so I thought I better eat it…but thats all the chocolat I have had…Lent is helping me shed a few pounds…

    My doctor is extatic-my theapist not so much…

  39. Does afrocicty still post here? I really enjoyed reading her posts and her point of view on various issues.

    • I think she found that differences were getting in the way of commonalities. We have to be very careful not to drive people away. Our motto is “reward good behavior”.

  40. Sigh!

    Obama Channels Cheney
    Obama adopts Bush view on the powers of the presidency.

    Why oh why, did our fellow Democrats do this do us? Why?

    PS: Shitty weather today in Berlin. The city is even more grey than usual. At least the spectracular cafes make up for the poor daylight.

  41. LOLOLOL! on the peasants….

    Rd, I am very upset about that 401. Everybody’s 401 — those rotters. RD — if you do end up putting some ads on here — you can choose what you feel like running? NQ is doing that.

    pss: Oh Cinie. I do love the way you write.

    ps: the hidden backstory starts to emerge! except yesterday this article was much longer…..


  42. Do you think it is wrong to spend money at this time to keep people in their homes?

    Which people?

    If you’re talking about Joe Moneybags the banker the answer is yes, it’s wrong.

    If you’re referring to Joe and Jane Bagodonuts the answer is no, it’s not wrong.

  43. Oh no!

    Ann Coulter and Keith Obamamann are engaged in a rhetorical steel cage death match and I’m out of popcorn.

    • Cornell ALS is ivy, sorta. But what does it matter. Why is he so insecure.

    • My money is on Ann. He was the one that started mocking people for where they went to school.

      • Didn’t she graduate from UofM Law School? She may be a conservative looney tune nut job but she is head over heels smarter than that sweaty old fat boy!

        • and I am not just saying that because I too graduated from U of M Law School …. (ok, that is the reason I am saying that!)

          • ainnj, getting used to your new power avatar, but I still jump a bit when you come around.

            Apparently when bears fight, they stand up on their hind legs and viciously claw down. Bulls otoh will get down low, then gore you up to the sky. Hence the financial terminology. Just learned that.

    • This shit is hilarious!!! And I’m happy/sorry to say that Coulter is winning this one. Olbermann and friends made colleges important. Obama, see, went to an Ivy League school. Palin, you see, didn’t. And neither did Olbermann. He probably bought that diploma on eBay and had it framed so you can’t examine it to prove that the seal is being held by chewing gum.

    • LOL, I just watched the youtube. That is very funny and I don’t even like ann coulter. He is such an easy target. an ego the size of a house and a stomach to match. I most especially loved the part where he actually shows his framed dipolma! what a maroon!

    • “I have a bracelet (and a diploma) too!”

  44. When Obama doesn’t think you are important to him he just treats you like dirt.

    “Ask not what Obama can do for you – ask what you can do for Obama”

  45. I read that some people thought the treatment of PM Brown was due to backtracks grandparent being held prisoner in Kenya.
    I do not believe that.
    He treated all his grandparents like shit.
    One grandmother waited how long to be buried?
    The other grandmother is still living in a hut.
    His family values sort of suck.



    • And Brown, a Scotsman, can hardly be blamed for what the English did in Kenya when Brown was a child, if he was even born at all. After all, Obama is not responsible for his “I want to be President” essay from kindergarten.

      • from the Daily Mail:

        Within minutes of landing in a snowbound Washington on Monday night, Mr Brown’s aides had been made aware that their high expectations for the trip were in danger of exceeding the low-key welcome the Obama administration was prepared to offer.

        Suggestions that the new President’s crowded diary made it impossible to give more time to Mr Brown rang hollow after it emerged that his other engagements included a routine speech to the Department for Interior and a meeting with the Boy Scouts of America.

  46. A friend of mine just phoned. Her daughter works for Dolce and Gabbana (accessories section).

    She said their European sales have fallen 70% over the last quarter.

  47. I read that some people thought the treatment of PM Brown was due to backtracks grandparent being held prisoner in Kenya.

    Whether it was intentional or not it was bad.

    What’s pretty telling it the Obots are either pretending it didn’t happen or they’re denying it was a snub. Mostly they are pretending it didn’t happen.

    They can’t even come up with an explanation of how it was “11-dimentional chess.”

  48. I know we’re not supposed to talk about women’s rights here but…


    • I didn’t know that-

      Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., addresses the Democratic National Convention …

      NEW YORK – A global women’s rights treaty completed 30 years ago has a better-than-ever chance for U.S. Senate ratification this year, yet the hunt for the needed 67 favorable votes is likely to incur the wrath of activists on both the left and right.

      Known as CEDAW (SEE-daw), the treaty’s formal name is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

      Since its adoption by the U.N. General Assembly in 1979, all but eight of the 192 U.N. members have become a party to it — the United States is one of the holdouts, along with Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Iran, Nauru, Palau and Tonga.


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