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Was it an Intentional Trans-Atlantic Cold Shoulder?


Within days of taking office Barack Obama caused a minor diplomatic flap when he brusquely rejected the continued loan of a bust of Winston Churchill that had stood in the Oval Office since shortly after the 9/11 attacks.  The valuable bronze art work was on loan from the British government’s art collection.

Then there was the visit this week from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

Number 10 may be content that they just about got away with the visit to the Oval Office yesterday, as Andrew Porter reports from Washington.

But on this side of the Atlantic the whole business looked pretty demeaning. The morning papers and TV last night featured plenty of comment focused on the White House’s very odd and, frankly, exceptionally rude treatment of a British PM. Squeezing in a meeting, denying him a full press conference with flags etc. The British press corps, left outside for an hour in the cold, can take it and their privations are of limited concern to the public.

But Obama’s merely warmish words (one of our closest allies, said with little sincerity or passion) left a bitter taste with this Atlanticist. Especially after his team had made Number 10 beg for a mini press conference and then not even offered the PM lunch.

Mister Brown didn’t come alone, he brought his wife Sarah and their two sons:

Like all good guests, Sarah Brown arrived bearing gifts for the children, Malia and Sasha. And they were really nice presents. A bit of thought had clearly gone into choosing them: Top Shop dresses (with matching necklaces) and a selection of books by British authors. Lovely.

Mrs Brown may have two boys but she certainly knows the way to a little girl’s heart. These were gifts chosen in the true spirit of present-giving: to please the recipient, not the giver.

In return Mrs Obama gave the Brown children, Fraser and John, two toy models of Marine One, the Presidential helicopter. Fair enough on the helicopter part, always a popular choice with small boys; but Marine One? It’s not as though anyone needs reminding that Barack Obama is President or that he has his own helicopter. Short of giving the boys Action Man models of her own husband smiting the evil forces of neoconservatism, Mrs Obama’s gesture could not have been more solipsistic or more inherently dismissive of Mrs Brown.

Not only did she demonstrate that she spent approximately three seconds contemplating the needs of the Brown boys (having an aide pop to the White House gift shop for a piece of merchandising does not imply a great deal of thought), she appeared to show a most uncharacteristic lapse of judgment.


Whether deliberate or not, the whole thing feels like a snub.

As for Fraser and John, their parents’ trip to America will always be remembered as the time that “Mum and Dad went to see the President, and all we got was this lousy plastic helicopter.”

So was it a snub or just bad manners?  From Baldilocks:

Many observers seem puzzled.  I’m not and neither is the UK press.  It’s about Kenya.

If you recall, before Kenya became Kenya (1963) it was a British colony known as British East Africa.  Between 1952 and 1960, there was this little “difference of opinion” between the UK and the natives of British East Africa—primarily from the Kikuyu tribe.  That conflict is known as the Mau Mau Uprising.  There were tens of thousands of African civilians killed and, according to Wiki, seven to ten thousand Africans interned by the British colonial masters.  In Dreams from My Father, President Obama says that his grandfather was tortured by the British during the conflict, though he was not a Kikuyu but a Luo.  Guess which prime minister ordered the Mau Mau insurgency to be put down.

Mystery solved.  It seems that the president is seeking to humiliate the progeny of those who humiliated his ancestors.  Revenge isn’t that complicated a motive.

However, a question remains.  Is this any way for a President of the United States to behave?

Is Barack Obama really that petty and vindictive? 


159 Responses

  1. Yes!

  2. To answer to your last question: “Yes. Why yes he is.”

    I just cannot stand that man.

  3. The answer to the last question is “You betcha.”

    Perhaps Obama would like to deliver a very special speech on how evil Churchill was. And why the entire country of England must be slapped back because of it. And why the current Prime Minister must be publicly humiliated.

  4. To be truthful, I’ve always wondered why we allow the British and other Europeans to look down on us when it comes to historical race relations in this country. They have their own transgressions to atone for.

    • Let’s not start counting transgressions.

      • Okay, I may have phrased that a little heavy handedly. What I intended to say, is Americans seem so quick to agree with whatever criticism the British and other European countries throw at us, without stopping to consider the historical track record of those countries (kind of like the pot calling the kettle black).

        • I’m not sure how much European criticism Americans accept. There’s a pretty strong anti-European sentiment and not just from the Republicans.

        • I don’t understand your correlation between the head of a country visiting the USA now and the past sins of both countries. If we judged every country based on past behavior, we wouldn’t be giving any heads of states any welcome presents. Instead we would be throwing shoes at them.

          • And vice versa!

          • Okay, maybe it would just be best to delete my comment, as it doesn’t really seem to convey what I was thinking. I truly don’t think that the prime minister should have been snubbed, and I don’t think countries should be judged by the behavior of previous generations (so, no correlation between current visits and past sins).

            It’s just that in reading the portion of the post discussing what happened in Kenya, it made me think of some of the comments during the primaries and general election about how embarrassed some people were to be Americans because of our history. The whole time the media kept harping on this country’s problems, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were turning a blind eye to the problems of other countries.

          • DYB,

            I would like to see who could dodge better Brown or Obama and can they both beat Bush’s dodging? (I don’t like Bush, but he sure dodged quickly to avoid that shoe!)

          • I have NEVER been embarrassed to be an American. I know my country’s history, there are some shameful episodes certainly, but every other country has it’s own share of r@cial, cultural, religious and/or ethnic bigotry. We weren’t the first, and we certainly won’t be the last.

    • After 9/11 the British rallied around the Americans like nothing I have ever witnessed. It brings tears to my eyes as I write about it. Atonement for past transgression be damned; the British, the Europeans, the Canadians and a whole slew of other earthlings were there for us in a New York minute. I know I will never forget that for the rest of my life.

      • Thank you, alnnj

      • Remember the headline in Le Figaro? “We Are All Americans.” And what did Bush and Republicans in Congress do? They renamed French fries “Freedom fries.”

  5. They have their own transgressions to atone for.

    Worse than ours actually. But their sins were committed in other countries and mostly in the days before photographs and video.

    We freed our slaves and they stayed here – the British just left the damage they caused behind.

    • Worse than ours? Since we’re being historical here, I suggest a review of history about the Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears. If that doesn’t do it, go further west and read about the battle of Wounded Knee. How about all that territory we annexed from Mexico called California, Texas, and New Mexico?

      No one has bothered to rank the scale of transgressions of nations other than the list of despots like Hitler, Pol Pot, and of course Hussein (who didn’t even make the top ten list). I remember an old chant from school days that when you point to someone else, four fingers are pointing back at you. And Mr. Soertoro/Obama was deeply involved in the Kenyan election of his cousin Odinga and we see how that turned out. Personal revenge is not the purgative of the president of the United States because he speaks for all of us. And doesn’t he have a protocol aide because this is just goauche? A copy of Emily Post could have prevented this faux pau!

  6. Yes, the Obamas are rude, petty people.

  7. I think Obama should just invade England and be done with it. That’s show them!

    • Britain has been invaded-by toxic waste in the form of triple A guaranteed, wrapped up with a pretty bow, US mortgage backed securities. (can’t remember the right word for them… sorry dak…. ) 😦

  8. Yes!!!!

    You forgot the 25 cd set!!!!


  9. I don’t understand your correlation between the head of a country visiting the USA now and the past sins of both countries.

    We fought wars against nations we now warmly greet as allies.

  10. You forgot the 25 cd set!!!!

    The collection of classics (old movies) that won’t play in European DVD players?

    • At different venues such as Amazon.com, you can often (but not always) get DVD’s for different regions (US and Canada are Region 1). And many DVD players will let you switch from between regions, but one is limited on the number of times one can do this on any particular player. (Got into trouble once with a Region 1 DVD in Norway and that bit of knowledge saved a presentation.) There are even “region-free” players, that supposedly can play all region DVD’s.

      This begs the question: were the DVD’s the President gave the PM actually for Region 1? If so, it’s really embarrassing.


  11. Okay, maybe it would just be best to delete my comment

    Why? There’s nothing wrong with what you said. Sometimes things don’t come out quite right the first time.

  12. Okay, short and simple: Obama has the manners of someone brought up in a barn. But then, I always knew that.

    • I think he has the manners of someone who’s always been priviliged, always been pampered and fawned over, and who as a result has grown up to be an aggressive narcissist.

  13. I don’t think it was Kenya (tho it could have been).
    (Gordon Brown is Scottish. His father was a minister of the Church of Scotland. Not exactly part of the Colonial set.)

    Probably Gordon Brown is both more experienced,further left, and an embarassment to Obama, in his insistence on the European plan for regulation of international financial markets.

    I remember at the time of BO’s European Tour, that Brown received him in Downing Street, but that Obama, according to the gossip sheets, got along much better with David Cameron- the new, youthful Conservative Party leader.

    • Or it could be a question of this leaked diplomatic letter days prior to Obama’s visit.

      “Exclusive: Barack Obama is ‘aloof’ says British ambassador to US ”

      Sir Nigel also detected a potential clash between Downing Street and an Obamaadministration over Iran.

      “If Obama wins, we will need to consider with him the articulation between (a) his desire for ‘unconditional’ dialogue with Iran and (b) our and the [United Nations Security Council]’s requirement of prior suspension of enrichment before the nuclear negotiations proper can begin.”


  14. I remember at the time of BO’s European Tour, that Brown received him in Downing Street, but that Obama, according to the gossip sheets, got along much better with David Cameron- the new, youthful Conservative Party leader.

    It’s a matter of protocol – Brown is the PM, not Cameron.

    Honor is paid to the country the person represents, not the individual.

    • myiq2xu, on March 5th, 2009 at 5:16 pm Said:It’s a matter of protocol -… Brown is the PM, not Cameron…
      Honor is paid to the country the person represents, not the individual.

      Exactly. Brown didn’t present the relevant and beautiful gift he brought because he likes Obama. He did it as an honor to the US and our election of the first black president. I could care less if Obama likes Brown or not, Great Britain is our ally and we owe the people of that country some respect. And based on what I am reading in the London papers, they are PISSED!!

    • I am sure that Obama has excellent advisors on protocol within the WH.

      He obviously chose to ignore their advice. (for petty motives).

      • Maybe he and Michelle fired all the protocol officers. This is unbelievably embarrassing and just what everyone predicted would happen. He’s in the big leagues now. Watch Hillary out-class him internationally without even trying.

    • myiq, I thought I had read that Brown was “less than impressed with Obama” during that meeting and Obama looked “obviously shaken” when he left the meeting.

      I know I read that in the British papers and I’m trying to find it on my computer.

  15. He probably had the bust removed not to replace it w/ suthin else. Rather, because of this quote:

    “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

    Winston Churchhill

    • That’s quite a WORM there.

    • lol – yes I could see where BO would hate that. He probably wanted to replace the bust with his Egg of Power. See the hillbuzz archives for the 411 on the Egg of Power.

  16. posted earlier- Obama’s gidt even worse than Michelles’s, especially after the Brits gave him a truly historic gift.

    From The World News:

    He (Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown) had put clearly great thought into giving the U.S. President lavish gifts to signify Britain’s ’special relationship’ with the U.S.
    During his historic trip to Washington, Gordon Brown gave Barack Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet – once called HMS President.
    The unique present delighted Mr Obama because oak from the Gannet’s sister ship, HMS Resolute, was carved to make a desk that already takes place in the Oval Office in the White House, after being presented by Britain to the US in 1880.

    The Prime Minister went to the trouble of hunting down the perfect gift after becoming the first world leader invited to the White House by the new Commander In Chief.
    So it would be perfectly understandable if Mr Brown felt a little underwhelmed at the official gift he received in return.
    For despite being leader of the world’s most bountiful nation, President Obama handed over nothing more thought-provoking than 25 classic American films on DVD.
    It was the equivalent of receiving a pair of socks from an unfamiliar aunt at Christmas – and a less-than-glowing affirmation of the UK-US bond.

    This gift took no thought at all, unlike the PM’s gift, which shows a lot of thought.

    • What did Obama give him? An Obama sticker?

    • Sounds like the WH needs to create at least one more job. Someone who can put some thought and research into providing gifts to diplomats and foreign heads that visit.

      • They already have protocol officers on staff. Either they need a new one, or the Obama’s ignored their advice. I would bet it is the latter. Narcissists don’t like to be told what to do.

        • Also narcissists are notoriously awful gift givers. They are absolutely incapable of thinking of a gift that would please the recipient, by definition. Reading this story is making me laugh because if you look around the internet, you’ll find all sorts of stories about narcissists and their crap gifts.

    • the only thing i have to say is class always wills out … and you can call me an effete snob for that one, but it’s true …

    • ugh…embarrassing.

  17. Does anyone think that the media focused far too much on the novelty idea that Obama “snubbed” the Prime Minister?

    Actually, most of the sources I used were from the British press.

    The US press is too busy fluffing Obama to notice.

    • Yes, we are hearing about the swing set the girls got.

      My understanding is that the meeting did not go well at all. Obama actually canceled part of it because he said he had to meet with the Dept of Transportation. Like they wouldn’t be around later for him to meet with. He did not in any way treat Brown the way protocol demands. He is an @ss.

      • It is incredible to me from a foreign policy perspective that he would treat an ally like this.

  18. I feel embarrassed that this is the best that Obama and wife could do.

    • It makes me want to go by nicer gifts and send them with an apologetic note.

      • I think we all should send notes of apology to all the foreign heads of state that the Obamas insult. That’ll keep us all busy the next 4 years. Sort of like the “I’m Sorry” website.

  19. I found a video that went beyond traditional American media

    Three of their “featured sources” were CNN, MSNBC and Al-Jazeera.

  20. No class.

  21. Tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky.

    That said, I think the theory that B0 is retaliating for the U.K.’s colonial adventures in Africa is giving him waaaaayyyyy too much credit. Does he really have that much historical awareness? And no, quoting from one of “his” books doesn’t prove his historical acumen (unless speculating on the identity of his ghostwriter is too tinfoil-hattish for a Thursday). Petty? Yes. Vindictive? Yes. But the “middle finger nose scratch” and the “dirt off my shoulder” business related to slights that intruded into B0’s personal bubble. It’s not like he’s previously demonstrated that he has *all* that much of a personal investment in the travails of his father’s side of the family….

  22. I think the theory that B0 is retaliating for the U.K.’s colonial adventures in Africa is giving him waaaaayyyyy too much credit.

    There aren’t many choices – either Obama is a clueless putz or he’s a vindictive snot.

  23. myiq-did you see the nested bit on the leaked diplomatic letter at 5.27?

  24. Not sugesting that any of the posters here are bots, but they are out in force (if you can call their pathetic efforts “force”) on other blogs today trying to do damage control.

    With all that pork spending in Washington you’d think they could leave a copy of Emily Post on one of the tables at the White House.

  25. Perhaps the gift thing is that the Obamas are not big on gifts for their children. I am not sure what religious ideology or socialist ideology this comes from, but I read that the girls do not get presents on holidays. So perhaps the gift to the English boys was a concession which Mrs. O. really did not want to do at all, but realized at the last minute that not giving them something would be considered rude so rounded up the helicopters from the toy stash. If anyone knows more about the holiday gift thing and cares to explain it further, please do.

    • there are folks in the Protocol section of the state department that are available to teach folks about what is and is not acceptable behavior for heads of state, etc.

      all I have to say is thank goodness this wasn’t HRH!

    • please also explain the CD set of old movies that can’t be played on a European dvd player.


      Gifts between Heads of States are questions of protocol- not of birthday presents for the kids.

      (BTW Afrocity did mention that rumor was going around Chicago that the Obamas were poss Black Muslims, and that was why their kids got no Xmas gifts. A sure sign of this, would be, she said, if the kids got no pet dog.)

      • i’m sure even if they do get a dog, it will be more the white house staff dog than any one else’s … it’ll be tossed to some one after they leave there too

      • I think afrocity also said that if they did get a dog it would be kept far from the family and, of course, used for strategic photo ops.

      • Laurie, there is no common format for DVD’s: they come in Regions. From Amazon.com’s excellent summary (and yes, I am addicted to Amazon.com):

        “Standard DVDs

        1. U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
        2. Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt
        3. Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
        4. Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
        5. Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
        6. China

        Blu-Ray DVDs

        * A/1: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
        * B/2: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
        * C/3: India, Nepal, Mainland China, Russia, Central and South Asia. ”

        If you have a US DVD player, you generally cannot play Region 2 DVD’s and visa versa (although there are work-arounds that I mentioned in a previous comment).


    • Gift giving is a seriously big deal. There is a protocol for everything. The Obamas and the Gordons would know what each is getting beforehand. There is a protocol as to how the gifts are wrapped and how (what order) they are presented.
      There is a lot more to it. Each first lady has written about it.
      Mrs. Obama had better get used to it. That is how it is done.

    • oh for pete’s sake.

    • I read once that they didn’t give Christmas presents. Poor kids.

    • that’s part of the narcissist thing, too, isn’t it?

  26. Let’s consider that this couple of graceless twits has been lauded by ObamaMedia and ObamaNation as the most elegant perfection of coupledom EVAH. But it seems that the fairytale world of ObamaLaLaLand is coming up against the harsh reality of the Obama boors.

  27. Perhaps the gift thing is that the Obamas are not big on gifts for their children.

    One would expect the protocol droids to have worked out everything (including gifts) so that there were no surprises.

    These kind of visits are mostly Kabuki

    • i know that’s what’s so odd … unless the Obamas refused the protocol folks help or suggestions

      • I think the problem is that the Obamas believe their own hype. And the hype is so extreme that it’s causing a frightening disconnect.

        As has been pointed out, this is the simple stuff. There is no good reason for it to have to have gone so wrong.

    • he also looked very bored during the press conference … he was like all over that chair with his legs crossed like a pissed off virgin princess in a date arranged by the parents, bouncing that damned leg of his the entire time and his arm on the chair on his chin … he looked even perturbed at the questions from the british press when he finally took them … his entire demeanor screamed I’d rather be watching reruns of bay watch and drinking bud

  28. It’s a relief to hear the UK media is not covering for them.

  29. Let’s consider that this couple of graceless twits has been lauded by ObamaMedia and ObamaNation as the most elegant perfection of coupledom EVAH.

    Protocol says that foreign heads of state are treated as equals to the Prez

    So either Obama thought the Queen is the British head of state or he thinks he is a king granting an audience to one of his subjects.

    • Actually, the Queen is the head of state (ceremonial functio.) The PM is the head of government (political function.)

      • Oops, double post. Some kind mod please delete one.

      • Hmmmm, so does that make Obama the American Queen? He’s certainly the ceremonial sideshow. What I want to know is … who the hell is President?

        • “Hmmmm, so does that make Obama the American Queen?”

          Haven’t there been rumors in Chicago going around for years that yes, Obama is an American Queen who frequented Boyztown for the down low.

          .. just had to add this :0

          • Which would explain why he’s such a rabid homophobe. After all, being locked up in small spaces can drive a person crazy.

  30. It’s a relief to hear the UK media is not covering for them.

    They’re pissed

    • well, let’s face it, you NEVER remind a washed up empire that it’s a washed up EMPIRE, because some day you’re time will come too!

  31. backtrack is ill mannered, vindictive, petty, and uncouth.
    He claims he went to private school, weren’t manners taught either at school or at home?
    He is an embarrassment to this country and I do not see it getting any better. He is too mule headed to learn.



    • I’m just hoping the dime finally drops some day for Americans.

    • That’s why I thought he preferred David Cameron who also comes from an elite school.
      Gordon Brown- like Hillary, rose thru the system on scholarships.

  32. They are both jerks ; complete vulgarians , neither of them posses a shred of sensibilty , discernment , or taste . I do not think even coaching would help break their armor of self involvement .

  33. OT and wonky warning read at own risk:

    Ok everyone just read Dakinikat’s last thread….I am scared we have another psychological market barrier tomorrow 6500-that is down from the July 2007 high of 14,000. I called the bottom at 5000 after first calling it at 6000 back in September 08 when I said that market bottom is 6000 for Pampers and 7000 for McCain…

    I followed on with a possibility that it could go briefly to 5000 under Pampers.

    While the markets tend to do better under Democrats than Republicans, a declining market can be less severe or volatile under a Republican Government than a Democratic Government.

    Is the market in a freefall? I am not sold on that yet we broke the 7000 barrier late last week and it depends on how quickly we break 6000…

    I am beginning to wonder when the Merger mania and the market meddlers or corporate raiders will come out.

    At some point between 6000-5000 the market to book ratio of the shares gets out of balance. Companies become very tempting to the raiders like T Boone Pickens and the Gordon (greed is good) Gecko’s of the world. Even Warren Buffett gets itchy feet in such cases.

    Market to Book is the difference between the “real value” of the company’s assets (Book Value) and the company’s stock price (Market Value) at some point the stock is selling cheaper than the value of the stuff that backs the stock up (Plant, Patents, Cash on hand, Land value etc.)

    When that happens bargain hunters like Warren Buffet who’s Berkshire Hathaway’s is sitting on a boatload of cash come out likes it is bargain basement days at Lomans!

    Castle and Cooke in the 80’s a prime example of a Market to Book Imbalance they owned Dole Foods and about 145,000 acres of prime Hawiian land As well as BumbleBee Tuna and some other brand names.

    Their land was carried on their books at only $ 37 million dollars but had a breakup value in the $ 5-10 billion dollars.

    The market value of the stock did not reflect this it reflected a total Market Cap of $2-3 Billion the value of the Dole Bumblebee and other brand names. The market said the land wasn’t event worth the $ 37 million it was carried on the books for.

    What was the result of this imbalance Look for Castle and Cook on the NYSE today…it’s not there at least not in its original formation. It was gobbled up.

    Why should we care? Well Corporate Raiding creates nothing it does not make cars or ships or pineapple or tuna or clothes corporate raiding employs few people.

    It generally leaves the target companies weaker and makes the raiders richer.

    Raiding wastes scarce resources and puts people out of work….as the companies are broke up and sold to the highest bidder. With financial resources scarce as they are can we really afford the raiders when they show up?

    A rising stock market is the only way to keep raiders at bay it makes the companies Market to Book unattractive to Raiders. In such a market money that raiders borrow to destroy is more profitably invested in creating new equity and capacity.

    This is just my wonky 2 cents.

  34. In moderation for using wonky terminology…please release me!

  35. dakini I got wonly if myiq2xu releases me from moderation you can see how two peas in a pod we are!

  36. “Jessi” was a flying monkey – we had similar comment from “kelsey” with the same link

  37. “Perhaps the gift thing is that the Obamas are not big on gifts for their children. I am not sure what religious ideology or socialist ideology this comes from, but I read that the girls do not get presents on holidays. So perhaps the gift to the English boys was a concession which Mrs. O. really did not want to do at all, but realized at the last minute that not giving them something would be considered rude so rounded up the helicopters from the toy stash. If anyone knows more about the holiday gift thing and cares to explain it further, please do.”

    This is not Obama’s country, and it is not to be ruled by his personal desires. He is a caretaker only and must represent the nation. He doesn’t see it this way, but he is on the wrong side of history.

  38. so much for barack obama, citizen of the world…

  39. fuzzy
    can you edit that down to a sentence or two for me? I have a wiked headache 😉

    • LOL…..((((Catarina)))))

    • katerina I wish I could…but basically when the market gets to a certian point (low enough) the raiders come out and start market mschief….buying companies and tearing them up and selling off the parts for profits…

      It is not helpful to the economy…think Gordon Gecko from the movie wallstreet…

      I think that could start to happen when the market falls to somewhere between 5000-6000

  40. perhaps Hillary could give them some etiquette advice.
    teach both how not to sit with their knees splayed apart, jesus christ.

  41. I’m surprised he didn’t give him an autographed copy of his book.

  42. OK…can someone explain why comments are posted out of order? check out the times of the last three or four.

    • I guess Mrs Brown should be glad she did not get the “Head O State” adult sex toy…remember the “lates member shaped like Pampers!

      • OMG fuzzy, You didn’t go there! I was going to say something similar but thought that would be too much. Thank you for doing it for me — HAHAHAHA

  43. OT
    I had to post this as I was laughing so hard. This has to be one of the comments I have heard in awhile.
    At No Quarter a commenter Strawberry wrote about the msm just starting to notice backtrack and the teleprompters.
    They are just noticing now? They should be made to have a Brazilian wax with gorilla glue.

    Since we all need to laugh I wanted to share this.



  44. Thanks for the release….sorry it is so long

    Dakini what do you think of my market analysis…I just feel the markert was like this in the Carter Reagan recession of 1978-1982?

    the market down and the raiders came out….

  45. I believe they are shaking the last few coins out of our piggy banks.

    • possibly SOD….good theory with the stimulus $$$ adrift in the economy the banks have cash for bargain hunting….

      The fact the Banks were given the money to revive the Housing market and not WallStreet is a minor techocality!

  46. the nesting is starting to assume human traits

  47. Hi Cat! howz it going?

    • hi sod
      was just thinking the nesting only goes nuts when you’re here.
      coincidence….or tinfoil underwear signal interference??

  48. It’s a necessity at this point.

  49. The Discourteous President and Uncouth First Lady Of The United States Of America

    The worst insult in Russian is “некультурный” which is “uncultured”

  50. New thread

  51. I don’t know if this has already been posted or not, but this is the second story I’ve seen by the Brits–they are PISSED. So much for their honeymoon with the Phoneyman. The theory in this piece? It’s because of Michelle’s chip on the shoulder that they were snubbed. Ignore the swipe they take at Hillary, but it’s interesting…

    Was ‘Lady Macbeth’ behind Barack Obama’s snub of Gordon Brown?

    Iain Martin is quite right here: no matter how utterly rubbish we have become as a nation in the Blair/Brown years, Britain’s friendship is something Obama will come to regret having dispensed with so lightly. This was not the act of a global statesman, but of a hormonal teenager dismissing her bestest of best BFs for no other reason than that she felt like it and she can, so there.

    We may just LURVE Michelle’s fashion sense. But Michelle doesn’t reciprocate our affection, one bit. Her broad-brush view of history associates Brits with the wicked white global hegemony responsible for the slave trade. Never mind that a white, Tory Englishman – William Wilberforce – brought the slave trade to an end. Judging by her record, Michelle does not make room for such subtle nuance.


  52. Didn’t even serve lunch–that’s a snub. Shocking.

  53. Didn’t he take a lame pic in front of 10 Downing Street as a candidate? There was no one to let him in. Might be payback for that.

  54. oops! Spammy got me – and I have no idea why.

  55. Swanspirit, SOD?
    Still here?

    Was just wondering, if anyone that’s good with photoshop can do up a graphic of Obama with a giant clock around his neck like Flav-a flav

  56. Yes,Yes a nd yes on the snub and his body language says it all. He is arrogant and not because hes black because he is ignorant! We thought Bush was bad , look out!! How can he be representing our country.? As far as the british being part of the slavery issue didn’t the A’s sell their own people? Then again, what about our own countries arrogance in stealing this country from Native Americans and then sticking them on reservations? The thing is we all have to do what is right for all of us ,not some of us. One more ramble , check out MSm , they are smearing the Clintons again! 16000 Pa.ave. shuster had people talking about missing Bill Clinton years and of course he kept bring up the monica thing and smirking and saying come on now. It was a republican who was saying after the bush years and now ob we can all appreciate Bill Clintons time in office.

  57. One more thing when does OB do anything when he is on television,having parties,kissing asses and lying to get this bill passed

  58. ‘Twill be a grimly entertaining four years. *headdesk*

  59. This is my second post on this subject. After reading all the comments, I think it comes down to the Obamas disdain for “American” tradition. They really do not like our country’s traditions, history, protocol, ways of doing things, and CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, is going to be the OBAMA WAY. Remember Frank Sinatra singing I DID IT MY WAY, well the Obamas are going to create their own WAY and to hell with what is expected of them. That is how I now see it. P.S. Michelle has said she plans to re-decorate the Lincoln bedroom. Yikes!!!

  60. It was at the moment of your last graphic that I recoiled internally.
    It boils down to savior faire, in the end.

    For the British it is about pageantry. Oh poor Hillary.
    I remember the Queen’s visit. This sent a very bad message, indeed.

    Yikes…I bet the Queen will be, ahem…

  61. I’m sorry, I don’t like Obama, but I am not buying for ONE minute that he snubbed the British Priminister over Kenya… let’s not be as crazy as the bots.

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