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      There’s a good article in Der Spiegel on the German energy/industrial crisis which is worth your time. Basically industries which have high energy costs are being crushed. In particular this means chemical and automotive, both big in Germany, but extends far further. (Indeed, the chemical industry was essentially invented by Germany in the 19th century, and […]
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I Told Ya So!

Big Fat Idiot

Big Fat Idiot

Yesterday I said I had a bad feeling about the Obama administration’s strategery of targeting Rush Limbaugh.  Today from The Big Fat Idiot:

But I have an idea.  If these guys are so impressed with themselves, and if they are so sure of their correctness, why doesn’t President Obama come on my show?  We will do a one-on-one debate of ideas and policies.  Now, his people in this Politico story, it’s on the record.  They’re claiming they wanted me all along.  They wanted me to be the focus of attention. So let’s have the debate! I am offering President Obama to come on this program — without staffers, without a teleprompter, without note cards — to debate me on the issues. 

Barack Obama obviously isn’t going to agree to debate Limbaugh, on Rush’s show or anywhere else.  So Rush will keep taunting Obama and he’ll claim that the President is afraid to face him.  The Dittoheads will eat it up with a spoon.

My grandma used to say “Never argue with a pig – it wastes your time and the pig enjoys it.”

155 Responses

  1. I heard his show-the first hour and he is loving it. Must have doubled his ratings.

  2. Fact is, if a debate were viable, Obama would be afraid to face Rush, especially “without staffers, without a teleprompter, without note cards” (the fat man is a master at hitting where it hurts). Obama obviously thrives only in environments where he’s given an unearned edge, not to mention unquestioning adulation

    • In my opinion if a debate were viable Rush wouldn’t dare issue the challenge. He only goes after the weak and or defenseless, he is to much of a coward to face a viable opponent. He knows that there is no way this debate would ever take place so he is going to make his entertainment schtick out of it and the idiots, sorry ditto-its will eat it up. Rational human beings will see it for what it is and ignore it.

      Seems to me that the posters who advise to just ignore Rush are the ones perpetuating this kerfluffal.

      • He only goes after the weak and or defenseless, he is to much of a coward to face a viable opponent.

        Sounds like these two would be more or less a perfect match when it comes to little things like ethics.

        BTW, you do realize you’re characterizing Obama, holder of the most powerful political office in the land, as being among “the weak and defenseless”. Quite an argument you have there.

        • Weak and defenseless — the President of the United States of America?!?!?! Oy vey! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Posters are not “perpetuating this kerfluffal.” Didn’t you read the Politico report today that clearly states that Begala, Carville, and Emmanuel planned to target Rush last fall, and have a coordinated campaign to portray him as the “face of the Republican Party?” THIS is what they are doing with their time while the entire world is in the grips of an economic crisis. The Dem Party has become an embarrassment. Juvenile.

  3. I don’t like either of them but I wud listen to that debate.

  4. All Obamanation has managed to do is increase Limbaugh’s ratings and elevate his status. It is just a lose lose situation for all of us in the middle. I see it as one bully kicking dirt at another.

  5. Seems to me that the posters who advise to just ignore Rush are the ones perpetuating this kerfluffal.

    The ones perpetuating this kerfluffle are Rush and the White House. They threw down the gauntlet, and he happily accepted the challenge.

    I doubt either side is paying any attention to this petulant clown.

    • You are right the gauntlet has been thrown down. My point is that now is the time to go for the kill. It is to late to second guess if there was a need for this particular challenge at this time. If what the WH really wants is to stain the Republican party with the image of Rush, I say more power to them. Lets see if PBO can do more than talk smack. In this case some of that Chicago thug may be appropriate. Logic and reason are lost on Rush.

  6. I welcome any attempt to link the pain that we are going through and the future pain we are going to have to the Republican party. It is their fault, no questions asked in my opinion. It started with Reagan, was slowed by Clinton and the pure form and consequences of their ideology was realized under Bush. All during this time Rush WAS the spokesperson and face of the Republican party. Repub leaders couldn’t wait to be seen with him and/or be on his program. He helped sow the destruction of this country and did it knowingly, I personally won’t shed any tears for him.

    • Who is talking about shedding tears for Rush? Ever heard of a little thing called the First Amendment? That is what I’m crying over — if the government shuts down Rush (or even f*cking tries to) and people think that is a GOOD thing because they don’t like what Rush has to say, then we are well & truly f*cked & do not deserve the Constitutional rights we have.

      If you don’t understand the difference between the President and a radio personality I can’t help you there.

      • The way I understand the strategy is for Dems to link the Repub party to that whacko Rush. I don’t see where they are trying to shut him down, if I missed that somewhere please point it out and I will gladly apologize. I personally want Rush out there spouting his drivel as much as he can. I am and have been intelligent enough to see it for what it is.

        I’m going to get pissy here, when I need your help I’ll ask for it.

        Sorry for that but I’m really not a Rush fan in case you can’t tell. Ang I enjoy your comments and hope you don’t carry grudges. I think I’ll just lurk for awhile while I try to mellow out. Sorry again.

        • I wasn’t trying to be pissy with you native1– I just honestly believe in a slippery slope when it comes to the First Amendment — it is one thing for us (private citizens) to bash Rush for his views. It is another thing for the President of the United States of America to do it. Love him or hate him (I personally, hate him) Rush is an American citizen & is not an elected politician. He can say whatever he wants about the President and the President (and/or his press secretary) shouldn’t be attacking him or calling him the “drug-addled” Machiavelli of the GOP. That smacks way too much of censorship — especially in the chilling effect on speech. If I see the President do this to a person who has a lot of money & popularity (and Rush does), then maybe I would think twice before criticizing Obama too (well, I won’t, but I hope you see what I mean — the average person might). And that is scary & dangerous no matter how much you don’t like Rush and think he “deserves” it.

          • I see your point. Again I apologize for getting pissy. I live in the only state where every single county went Republican and has voted Repub for years in the national elections We have two total clowns as senators. I can’t even describe the frustration that this causes. Then to rub it in there were reputable polls that indicated that Hillary could have actually won here. What a sea change that would have made in the political landscape.

            Rush is a God here and I have been banging my head against his idiocy for years. I see every day the damage his “entertainment” causes. He has a right to it but I don’t have to like it.

          • Thank God…some real thought instead of the usual insulting comments.

        • And don’t forget — Santelli & Cramer are also on the Obama “STFU” list not just Rush — I admit I had never heard of Santelli before his “rant” on tv and I think he was wrong; Cramer — sure I’d heard of him, but I don’t know much about him either. That doesn’t matter: the President should not have “STFU” lists with American citizens’ names on it — I don’t care WHO that person is/what his views are/how right or wrong I think he is. Every single one of us has the right, neigh the duty, to protest and speak out when we think our political reasons are wrong. Contrary to the new meme over at MoveOn — Dissent is still patriotic.

      • angienc2, on March 4th, 2009 at 3:40 pm Said:if the government shuts down Rush (or even f*cking tries to) and people think that is a GOOD thing because they don’t like what Rush has to say, then we are well & truly f*cked

        EXACTLY!! And then it will be easier for them to shut us down if and when they get back into power. As my grandma always said “be careful what you wish for.”

    • I am going to cry because even after all we’ve been through some folks still want to make this all a Republican vs Democrat issue. Try to think outside the box and realize that both the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this pain. The Dems were in charge for 2 years under Bush and did nothing. Does anyone really care to assign % of responsibility. Where were the Congressional Dems spines during the Clinton Admin when he was getting battered?

      If we bloggers continue to let these elites try to fool us into aligning as either Dems or Repub we will all lose. Stop thinking about what may have been true in the 80s, 90s etc. Look at what is true now!!!!! Rush is not the problem.

      • EXACTLY! I didn’t see any dims refusing $$$ from Fannie & Freddie. And right now the ONLY one speaking out about the Porkulus billS – plural – is McCain, the man Rush & most conservatives call a RINO. Neither party has a leg to stand on – they (dims & rethugs) dragged the US economic ship of state into a whirlpool and now they’re throwing us taxpayers overboard.

      • Thank You! That is exactly what happened to me when I would point out the obvious flaws in bot posts. I wuz labeled a “Pub”… ugh! Nope, not a Republican here. Nor am I a Dem. Who I am is an American who is concerned for my country.

  7. FL Voter-I’m with you on this one. I don’t remember the Clintons ever going after Rush or any other media person on a name basis. We all know that the right wing radio hammered them relentlessly.

    • All the Obama Administration has managed to do is elevate a wacko into legitimacy. I think that is a crazy strategy. The radio personalities are just that, nothing more. Limbaugh and his radio show are not the Republican Party, just like Keith Olberman is not the Democratic Party. Everything into perspective.

      However, it is troubling to see intimidation on the part of a government to restrain an individual in exercising his right to free speech. I do not like Limbaugh or anything he stands for, but he still is entitled to the rights and protections in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is a slippery slope when government starts attacking individuals for opposing its actions. After all, Limbaugh did not yell “fire” in a crowded theatre. Political criticisim when we disagree with our government is our responsibility as citizens of this country and our right.

  8. if a debate were viable

    There will be no debate. That’s why Limbaugh can’t lose by issuing the challenge.

    • My point exactly. He wins a non-contest.

      • Maybe Barack is just arrogant enough to try it? I have a feeling that Rush would soften his tone if it happened though. I don’t think he has the guts to really smack down the POTUS.

      • This is Obama we’re talking about. Rush is an idiot blowhard, but a) Obama is too lazy and arrogant to prepare for a debate despite the fact that he knows nothing about policy and b) he and rush agree more than they disagree. I’d take odds on a rotted out tree stump against dear leader.

        • This is Obama we’re talking about. Rush is an idiot blowhard

          He may be a blowhard, but an idiot he is not.

  9. OT-just found this on the BBC website.
    I remember Prolix remarking that the stimulus package was aimed at getting voters in 2010 -and this is confirmation:

    it will take some time for the money to be felt in the economy.

    Only $170bn will be spent before 1 October 2009, representing just over 1% of US GDP, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

    The bulk of spending (including tax cuts) would occur in 2010 ($354bn) and 2011 ($174bn).

    Individual states may not be able to rapidly increase spending on infrastructure projects which make up a large part of the stimulus package.

    It is also unclear how many jobs will be created: President Obama aims to create 3.5 million new jobs, but others say the stimulus package could create between 1.2 and 3.6 million more jobs.


  10. no debate..you can bet your bippy on it..

  11. I don’t like people who have over-inflated egos.

    Rush has never pretended to be unbiased. Unlike some who did w/in their own party.

  12. Anyone else find it funny that the Obots are attacking Rush as “drug-addled” when Obama admits to the past that he has? Talk about people who live in glass houses throwing stones.

  13. “It is their fault, no questions asked.”

    That says everything about your support of Obama. Milk it while you can. For a while I thought Obama would be given until June or so to blame Bush. Now I’m revising my estimate: You have until the end of April.

    • End of April maybe, but I talked to some people in my dentist’s waiting room today and they are not happy. Oh and they stopped blaming Bush after the Porkulus passed. Obama owns this jewel now and his actions so far are totally underwhelming.

      • This, in Austin??? Apparently, none of these folk would’ve made it into the NYTimes ‘editor-selected’ responses to MoDo’s earmark column, which sliced and diced Obama. I’ve noticed that the Times has begun deleting all but selected comments very shortly after posting begins. The tinfoil hat part of me suspects a hell of a lot of those deleted comments are unflattering to Obama.

        • Methinks the kool-aid is wearing off, at least for some of the voters. The students are probably still gaga over O, but they really don’t have anything for comparison.

        • I think your tin foil hat is right. I’ve had a letter to the editor of the NYT published, but can’t get a single comment in to save my butt.

  14. angienc – I’m just Hoping that O doesn’t leave too many ash burns on the White House carpets. He is after all the guy who will answer the call at three a.m.: He’s in the Oval Office chain-smoking and pacing all night already.

    Glass houses indeed.

  15. I just ran across this: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/03/04/hope-and-change-the-operation-rushbo-distraction/

    “Obama fiddled with Rush Limbaugh while Wall Street burned. Politico reports that the demonization of Rush Limbaugh comes as a deliberate strategy by Obama and the Democrats, who hoodwinked people into believing that a Chicago Machine pol really wanted to change the partisan nature of politics. “

  16. What does this say to you about my support of PBO? I’m not being confrontational but would like to know.

    I do believe that mess we are in is a direct result of Republican policies enacted starting with Reagan. I believe that Clinton was able to thwart there plans to a certain extent, it was only a temporary set back though. Bush carried through and it has culminated in the crisis we are now experiencing. This does not in any way equal support for Obama. I will hold him responsible for the results of his efforts or non efforts to get us back on track. I don’t have any confidence in what i have seen so far.

    • the above was in response to poplicola but didn’t nest right. sigh.

      • I’ve noticed sometimes the nesting doesn’t work right. Down with nesting!

        • Before nesting I don’t think anyone read my posts…after today I want to go back to no nesting…please. I feel like I’ve been beat raw and tossed on a salt lick. 🙂

          • I’ve read your posts plenty of times. Just keep commenting and other people will become familiar with you. I already recognize you.

          • stop it! I’m not mean — you’re just a sissy! 🙂

          • Angie,

            That’s what I was trying to say–only more diplomatically. LOL!

          • Hey I resemble that remark. 🙂

        • Hi bb
          How about a *just say no* to nesting post?

    • Native1, it is their fault, along with their democratic enablers. But we control two branches of the federal government now. The best way to demonstrate their perfidy would be to reverse their policies and enact better ones. The fact that we’re instead taking cues from rove and trying to create some sideshow of irrelevancy and distraction doesn’t inspire me. You pointed out yesterday that repubs pull this bs on us–that’s the problem. I don’t want us to become them. And not because I care about rush’s fee fees. Because of the principles involved and the way this crowd operates against everyone.

    • Both parties are no longer in the best interest of America.
      One party became a thief and the other the lookout.
      Both parties are trying to limit the constitutional rights of Americans.
      This would be a good time to ” throw the rascals out”.
      Term limits are needed. Elections need much better monitors.
      Voters need to educate themselves before voting.
      The media needs to be broken up from large corporations back to independent news gatherers.
      I doubt very much if these changes will be made in my lifetime, but for future generations I hope the American citizen will wake up and start demanding them.



  17. I’ll buy that. Anybody got change?

  18. “I’ve noticed that the Times has begun deleting all but selected comments very shortly after posting begins. The tinfoil hat part of me suspects a hell of a lot of those deleted comments are unflattering to Obama.”

    Kat 5 — That’s good news! The more energy they have to expend to suppress contrary views, the less they’ll have for new propaganda.

  19. That our White House–and let’s not forget it belongs to us no matter who lives there–is being run by people who think that demonizing a radio talk show host and making out like he’s the secret head of the Republican party is absolutely mind-blowing.

    Calling this absurd plan a “strategy?” Could the B0 team be any more adolescent? By the way, does this remind any of you of the race baiting in the primary and general elections? Here they target Limbaugh, then complain about the media and its games.

    Will the real grown-ups please step in and take over? Please.

    • I’m afraid there are no grownups. That’s one of the secrets they never tell you when you’re a kid.

    • Erica: I just saw your post, after I had written mine, and I made the exact same points: juvenile, and reminiscent of the r*ce baiting to silence critics. All this while we are in the midst of a historic economic crisis.

      • Incredible, isn’t it fif? I’ve lost about a decade of growth in my 401K, and the head of the FDIC is apparently saying that their funds to back up banks could be depleted by the end of the year.

        The market is one thing, but now I’m trying to figure out if I should even leave my small savings in the bank. All this while the Obama’s throw elaborate parties and his staff engage in a stupid spitting contest.

        We deserve so much better, but I fear he is incapable or unmotivated to provide what the country needs.

  20. WH Mouthpiece Robert Gibbs admits Limbaugh strategery is “counterproductive

  21. Nesting is going haywire again!

    • Down with nesting!

      • Down with nesting!

        S M A C K!! You should have made that a separate post instead of nesting! LOL!!

    • nah, some of us are just nesting-challenged.

      • In my line of work its called, operator error.

        • I usually blame ADAM ( a damn aggravating machine) my computer.
          I refuse to blame operator error on anything.
          I will take my cue from the selected office holder.
          IT IS NEVER MY FAULT//////////



  22. From a previous thread:

    cwaltz, on March 4th, 2009 at 5:13 am Said:

    The writer sounds upset that some women have found solace in banding together to work towards advancing feminism after the cycle. I don’t see aproblem with those that have made this a priority making it their priority. In my opinion I am happy that there are PUMAs out there that I can trust to keep their eyes on misogyny. I don’t think it is fair for him to charecterize all PUMA sites as purely feminist though and I don’t think it is fair to charecterize them as exclusionary.

    The post seemed contradictory. You can’t claim PUMA is public domain and then insist that people who are using it to further causes like feminism aren’t PUMA. If it is public domain then they have just as much claim to the term as those that believe the mission should be reform. Frankly, I’d like to see more than one mission group within PUMAs. I’d like to see PUMA sentinels on government and reforming it(with that as their primary function), I’d like to see PUMA sentinels focused on bringing about equality and fairness to womankind(with that as their primary function), I’d like to see PUMA sentinels in the gay and lesbian community who will fight to ensure they get the fairness they deserve(with that as thier primary function). Unlike the poster I think with varied primary interests if the groups were able to band together when one group is on high alert we could still be effective. JMHO of course.

    No, John was writing about some individuals wanting to make PUMA a completely and only a feminist movement. Go read what one person said to him about it.

    When someone or group tried to label The Confluence as a feminist site River Daughter completely dispelled that notion and quickly. I agreed with John in a lot of what he had to say.

  23. http://www.americanthinker.com/

    Obama appoints Rush Limbaugh leader of the opposition …. lots of liberal bashing, although I think they have a good point about Rush’s ability to be quick on his feet and sting like a bee.

    “That is also why President Obama and David Axelrod are making a huge mistake by elevating Rush to be the spokesman for the opposition. Rush is devastatingly clever, funny, fast on his feet, and he’s as strategic as Axelrod. He presents a clear, lawyerly case against the bizarro Left, over and over again. Rush brims with passion and confidence in himself and the American people. He reaches nearly 20 million listeners per week, and indirectly tens of millions more — far more than any politician. Rush is the only Churchillian presence in the world today; by comparison, David Cameron, the slick Tory Leader in London, is just a featherweight. Cameron has no center of gravity. Rush is both centered and quick on his feet, floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. And now Obama has made him even bigger.”

  24. I welcome any attempt to link the pain that we are going through and the future pain we are going to have to the Republican party.

    If you want to STOP THE PAIN, you have to put aside Partisan thinking like that. I thought that was what PUMA was all about – being able to see the faults and call them out!!!

    Honest to God, it is thinking like that which is enabling the PIG in chief to keep spending – Trillions upon trillions upon trillions while the media soothes you with stories about Obama’s lovely cocktail parties, Michelle’s lovely arms, soft-drink preferences and dreams of sex with the Obamas.

    For the good of our country – stand up against your won party who will vote on and pass trillions of dollars in spending bills that they have not even read.

    Stop people like Barney Frank – stop funding ACORN – oh please oh please oh please, WAKE UP!!!!

  25. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/03/the_emperor_has_no_clues.html

    “The Emperor has no clues

    ‘On the other hand, what you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.’

    It’s price/earnings ratios. The “p” is for price. Price. Got it?

    P-R-I-C-E. ”

    Sorry, off topic, but although he’s probably learned alot over the past year or two, I don’t think Obama yet has a strong grasp of economic and finacial concepts.

  26. Susan Estrich:

    He talks for hours every day. He gets paid to talk. Just talk. Doing it well is no small thing; witness the number of people who have tried to be him, or be the NOT-him, and failed. But he doesn’t have to build a coalition. He doesn’t need the votes of the other side to earn his check. He doesn’t have to write the legislation, convince Olympia Snowe, raise money to keep the lights on, put his name on the ballot. All the things he doesn’t have to do give him the freedom to be as effective as he is at what he does.

    Trying to beat him at his own game when your own game is played by a different set of rules is a losing proposition. He knows that.

    The Republican Party’s chairman and even some of my Democratic friends need to remember that.

    • Rush must be having a ‘big-O” over all the attention he’s getting right now.

    • That is a good quote, and I have always appreciated Susan’s intelligence, wit, and down-to-earthedness- but I am looking at the way she couched her statement somewhat generically- “He doesn’t have to write the legislation…” I hope she wasn’t referring to obambi here, as I don’t believe he’s ever written legislation, maybe convinced Snowe and put his name on the ballot, but that’s about it.

      • I took it as a reference to politicians in general (whose job it is to do that stuff) not to Obama in particular.

      • I believe she is referring to Rush.

        • Rush is obviously the subject, but dems or politicians or obama are the indirect subjects she was contrasting Rush with. No big deal, I was just making sure I didn’t miss some nuance, as I don’t trust many of those I once trusted anymore.

    • Oh ha ha, at first I read the quote and thought it was referring to BO.


  27. HaaaaHaaaa undemure cackle! Hey I am enjoying it! You go Rush!

  28. After reading Tamerlane I’m having second thoughts about adding Liberal Rapture to our blogroll.

    • No kidding. That was one stupid post over there. I haven’t seen any of that junk here at TC.

    • Well Tamerlane isn’t John is he? And also here’s what Cinie commented on that topic over there:

      I, too, decry the narrowing of an agenda. Why focus on a specific injustice, when injustices of all sorts assault those of us with common sensibilities every day?

      • Decrying the narrowing of the agenda isn’t saying we are in a coven & are nothing but a battered women’s shelter.

        • and for “proof” that that is what we are references the updates that taggles was kind enough to give us on Betty Jean’s daughter! GAH!

    • I second that motion — tamerlane is a woman hating tool who thinks repeating the trumped up charges concocted by the Church so they could burn Jehanne la Pucelle means that she wasn’t burned because she was a woman who “wore mens clothes” (actual charges) and fought on the battlefield.

    • From over at LB:

      Update: I’ve gotten a few emails indicating a belief that I wrote this post. I did not. It is a guest post by Tamerlane.

    • Me too. Maybe I should delete it.

      • If you wish to BB go ahead. It will still be one of the sites I read and visit everyday. As I just commented, that was a guest post on his site

        We’ve had our share of guest posters that not everyone agreed with.

  29. http://spectator.org/blog/2009/03/04/is-obama-scared-to-debate-rush

    “With an ineptness that leaves one breathless, the Obama team has now effectively labeled Obama himself as “paralyzed with fear” if in fact the President doesn’t have the guts to accept Limbaugh’s challenge. After all, if they claim that GOP chair Michael Steele and “Republicans” are cowards for not taking on Rush, Obama himself will surely have the guts to do what they claim Steele and Republicans do not: take on Rush Limbaugh one-on-one.”

  30. Rush must be having a ‘big-O” over all the attention he’s getting right now.

    He’s in hog heaven

  31. I think “counterproductive” is wildly underestimating this nonsense. It makes Obama look small. Course I think he is but that’s just me.

    Team Obama’s Petty Limbaugh Strategy


  32. http://www.freerepublic.com/%5Ehttp://www.lp.org/news/press-releases/libertarian-poll-what-is-obama-trying-to-distract-us-from

    Libertarian poll on what Obama is trying to distract us from by picking a fight with Rush.

    “The LNC has posted a poll at http://www.lp.org asking Americans to cast their vote for one of five harmful Obama policies the White House hopes their spat with Limbaugh will distract attention from.

    “Every time Obama announces higher taxes on unemployment, the market tanks. Economic research shows his spending plan causes long-term economic damage. He’s keeping 50,000 troops in Iraq and breaking his promise to end earmarks,” said Ferguson. “Now, with polls showing more and more Americans oppose his agenda, Barack Obama needs a distraction. He gets it by having his operatives pick a fight with a colorful radio personality.”

    “Instead of solving our economic problems by reducing spending during a recession and granting tax relief to job creators, Obama has instead chosen to kick mud at a radio entertainer,” said Ferguson. “That’s not change or hope. It’s a tired old political trick pulled out when you’re making problems worse.”

  33. Regarding PUMA being taken over by feminists. Well I am a real feminist and a PUMA. And frankly from what I have seen there is no reason for me to cheer the new east coast elitist feminists under their new name. They are the same bunch as before except they are perhaps more focused on the issues that affect women unlike NOW who devotes their time to every cause but women. They still are trading in outrage and they still are talking at people. What they need to do before they can actually represent women is attract women to their cause by always holding inclusive conversations where women who actually are not like them can participate. They need to nurture young women and women who have extreme needs and they need to give up on the outrage mongering. They should be working to develop a real womens media using the internet to save costs. I know some people need the outrage of the day to feel anything but most people are put off by it. So don’t worry about feminists taking over, that would make me happy but so far the only people I see who are more inept than feminists at winning people over to their side are Catholics. I mean how many people do you know who went through 13 years of Catholic education who still attend church? Not even 10% after the church had all those years to make their case.

    • Constance, with all due respect, from what I’ve seen of your posts you seem to waste a lot of time being “outraged” by “feminist” topics, notably violence against women. And you’re wrong. Most people aren’t “put off” by this issue. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t outraged by it. And, violence against women is just one of the myriad of issues that feminists (and other activists) are working to address.

      There’s room at the table for us all which means there will be people you don’t agree with as well as topics you don’t find compelling. You really should focus on the topics that concern you and just ignore the ones that don’t because you’re starting to come across as a bit of an “outrage monger” yourself.

  34. http://www.ihatethemedia.com/obama-press-secretary-gibbs-criticizes-jim-cramer

    “Criticize the president, his programs, or even the pattern on the White House china and suffer the wrath of thin-skinned Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “

    • I was just going to bring up Cramer as I was catching up on the thread, and read angie’s argument re: the First Amendment, but you beat me to it sam. That’s what is going on here–anyone who dares to question Obama, is targeted and eliminated. It’s the Alinsky way. This is not about defending Rush–this is about what the president and his administration chooses to do with their time (at our expense), instead of focusing on their own policies and the problems we all face. We’ve seen him do it time and again–using slander, lies, and smears (just like we hated Rove and the wingers for doing) to gain advantage and silence his critics. He was/is not above using r*ce as a cudgel either. Of course, he also has the sycophantic media as his personal press office, so the only voices of dissent that have a platform out there are Rush & Co.

      Today, I heard a sound bite of BO on the radio saying AGAIN: “This deficit we’ve inherited…blah blah blah.” Always passing the buck. He doesn’t mention the trillions he’s adding to the deficit or his highly questionable economic projections to reduce the deficit, because nothing is ever BO’s responsibility.

      • Yah, well, Obama inherited (was handed) the White House, which is right in line with the rest of his ‘career’. Of course he keeps hammering away at the inheritance angle – it’s all he knows. Nothing is his responsibility, while everything he covets is his right.

  35. Sam:

    Please don’t ever link to Freeperville again.

    Now I gotta take another shower.

    • Sorry, I was checking it out to see what the right has to say about Rush vs. Obama.

  36. http://conservativexpress.blogspot.com/2009/03/hey-its-just-like-us-chavez-declares.html

    “Hey! It’s Just Like The U.S.! Chavez Declares War on Opposition Media in Venezuela
    Any of this sound familiar? This is the exact same thing Our Dear Leader wants to do!”

  37. Speaking of china (the dinnerware, not the creditor nation), I heard the most hilarious ad on the radio awhile back pillorying the commemorative plate insanity- it was hawking commemorative dinner plates that one could purchase with Visa or foodstamps, commemorating “dinner”, including the pork chop, mashed potato, and green bean series; and not to miss, the spaghetti and meat ball collection. Place them on the wall as a reminder of what we once ate.

    • Food stamps for Obie memorabilia? What’s next, soliciting unemployment benefits to decorate the Obie family White House quarters?

  38. I think Obama’s attack on Rush may have multiple purposes – i.e. distraction, weakening the opposition. I think the consequences may surprise Obama. When he gave the signal to be all over Clinton on something – the Democratic Party responded on cue as well as his rabid followers. Rush feeds on the criticism of those two groups.

    I think Rush will take a bite out of Dear Reader. Dear Reader will go pick on someone else. All will be forgotten.

  39. I was checking it out to see what the right has to say about Rush vs. Obama.

    There’s “the right” and then there are “freepers”

    It’s kinda like the difference between motorcycle riders and Hell’s Angels

    • Okay, so until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what “freepers” really meant. For some reason, perhaps because for the first time in my life the Democratic Party is scaring me, I’ve started reading a lot of rightwing sites. I certainly don’t agree with everything I read, but I have gained a new found respect for the fear of concentrating too much power in the federal government and the administrative branch in particular.

  40. If Obama keeps this up, it will blow up in his face. Perhaps Limbaugh would officially become the face of the Republican party. Hey, they ran an actor! jk 😉

    What a dumb move on behalf of the Dems … but, its just a prelude to their drive for imposing a version of the Fairness Doctrine

    • But in his usual propaganda-way, he comes out publicly and denounces the Fairness Doctrine, but what they are planning on doing is choking small radio stations with local restrictions and conditions so they will be forced to comply or shut down. Typical Obama: say one thing publicly but do the opposite through back door means. All the same hypocritical M.O.

  41. We’ve had our share of guest posters that not everyone agreed with.

    It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing – it’s about a blog on our blogroll attacking us and posting disinformation about us.

    I don’t see why we should blogroll anyone who does that.

    (by “us” I mean both PUMA and The Confluence)

    • Are you aware there’s at least one blog on the roll that no longer exists? Divide and conquer via the promotion of infighting is a classic Obama/Axelrod/Alinsky approved opposition tactic.

  42. There was a plan hatched back in October – make Rush the GOP Boogie man according to Politico

  43. and as I said Angie: Tamerlane isn’t John, is he?

    It’s J-SOM’s blog

    • And he allowed a guest to blog. Hasn’t that been done here?

    • Myiq: do you think RD has been happy with every post put up here?

    • Myiq–if you haven’t seen it, I just left a reply for you on the thread below w/r/t Tamerlane as lesbian.

      BTW, are you REALLY a grandpa??? You realize, don’t you, that your grandfatherhood only endears you more to us bitter knitters?

  44. Bye-bye y’all. See you later.

  45. Bye-bye y’all. See you later.


  46. Myiq: do you think RD has been happy with every post put up here?

    I know for a fact she hasn’t been – but we’ve never had a guest blogger say these things either:


    When I was part of JSND, I spoke via conference call with a man named Jamal who was given credit for coming up with the acronym. Who actually coined the phrase is insignificant. What’s telling is that the obsessive focus on “woman lynching” — at Confluence as elsewhere — was absent until after Nov 5.

    PUMA *is now* being defined exclusively as a feminist org.
    tamerlane | Homepage | 03.04.09 – 10:17 am | #

    “The fact that you describe Murphy’s blog as a “coven” tells me that you aren’t very sympathetic to women’s issues in the first place.”
    angienc | 03.04.09 – 5:24 am | #

    Angie, I wish I had your amazing ability to determine a person’s character based on the use of a single word.

    I chose the word “coven” carefully: it was meant to mock what I consider foolish behavior. But if “coven” offends anyone, then please suggest another term that evokes a small, women’s-only cabal practicing near cultish devotion to a mystical anima force.
    tamerlane | Homepage | 03.04.09 – 10:22 am | #

    It pisses me off in general that, when I voice criticism of the assumptions, agenda and tactics of a particular group of feminists, I am accused of being anti-feminist. That is nothing more than fascism of the Left.

    I am a feminist, in that I support equal opportunity for men and women. I work almost exclusively with women, & prefer the social company of women. My mentor in business was a woman, who wrote a book on breaking the glass ceiling. I’ve gone out of my way to hire and mentor young women. (A few of whom were black, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling me a racist, either.)

    Hillary Clinton got my vote (twice) because she was the best candidate, period. Her gender was not a factor in my decision. How many of the femi-pumas can say that?

    My list of the PUMA grievances are in the general order of severity as I see them. Election fraud first. The misogyny infuriated me, but it wasn’t the most salient element. Just because *you* may be a woman and the sexism upset *you* the most, don’t allow that to cloud your view of the overall picture.

    Defining the fight against sexism as a *part* of the agenda is not denying its relevance.

    But neither PUMA as a whole, nor the several groups and blogs, can define sexism as the primary or sole issue (and certainly not in fringe terminology) and still hope to rally anyone but fellow extremists. Further, by doing so under the PUMA banner, they typecast all of us as kooks.
    tamerlane | Homepage | 03.04.09 – 10:49 am | #


    I shouldn’t waste much breath on you, as you are clearly one of those tunnel-visioned radicals of whom I speak. I didn’t call all feminists “kooks”, just the ones who are … kooks.

    By insisting on the importance of the gender of the creator of the name “PUMA”, do you intend to claim it for women only? If so, then you’re in for a fight.

    Just because women are half the population, doesn’t mean sexism was half, or all, the problem with the ’08 campaign. To claim that is a bit chauvinist of you.

    “Woman lynching” is Darragh Murphy’s term. But Confluence has echoed the ‘PUMA is a women’s support group’ meme.

    I was a regular reader of Confluence during the elections, but became turned off by its increasing women’s issues content. (And don’t tell me Confluence was always a women’s issues blog, or you belie your claim that it’s a big tent.) In particular, I found the endless “Betty Jean” stories inappropriate. The poor woman and her daughters were surely suffering, but it was not news fit to print. The heavy insinuations that all men were violent maniacs offended me. (Only about 4% of men display violent anti-social behavior. The other 96% of us are basically puppy dogs.) Nor was the dirty laundry of the spat between Confluence cadres and New Agenda operatives suitable content.

    If your extremism drives away Day One PUMAs and other rapturous liberals, then you’re really SOL when it comes to persuading the general public.

    P.S. per your ‘handle’, I seriously doubt it.
    tamerlane | Homepage | 03.04.09 – 12:26 pm | #

    The title “How to Sex a Puma” raises my hackles too

    • “Hillary Clinton got my vote (twice) because she was the best candidate, period. Her gender was not a factor in my decision. How many of the femi-pumas can say that?”

      ‘femi-pumas” is belittling from the get-go. But implying that gender was a factor in my vote for Hillary doesn’t do justice to me or Hillary. And when you insult Hillary………………

    • Is there any lingering doubt in anyone’s mind that Tamerlane is male?

  47. Spammy caught me.

  48. ‘femi-pumas” is belittling from the get-go.

    Yes it is –

  49. Is there any lingering doubt in anyone’s mind that Tamerlane is male?

    I always thought so – but I mistakenly thought he was claiming otherwise.

  50. New post up!

  51. gxm17: Actually I am fed up not outraged with “feminists”. I don’t care if you do or do not like me but please don’t tell me how I feel. I see some good things going on for feminism outside the usual groups. I like the historys of amazing women which folks are putting out to be distributed around because of women’s month. And I am not saying women do not face difficult circumstances in life. But I am sick of the outrage pandering and I don’t want to go to any web site that has the victim/outrage of the day mentality. There are certain ways humankind has passed needed information on through time. Stories, fables, myths…so why aren’t these feminist women who obviously have talent when it comes to writing, writing stories where the poor helpless victim woman finds strength and help and gets out of her situation? They should be inspiring women and especially the young not cataloging outrage. That is if they want to be effective to bring about change. Because intensifying the same tactics that have not worked for “feminists” in the past 20 years is not going to work now either. Actually I would separate the victim/outrage branch of feminism from the inspirational branch. Not that they can never talk but more people will be attracted to the movement that way.

  52. so why aren’t these feminist women who obviously have talent when it comes to writing, writing stories where the poor helpless victim woman finds strength and help and gets out of her situation?

    I can speak for others but I write about stuff that I feel like writing about.

    If you think something should be written about then you should write about it yourself.

  53. Constance, one person’s “outrage” is another person’s “fed up.”

    Why focus on the issues you (rather strenuously) dislike? It just seems that it would be more worthwhile to start writing some inspirational stories of your own.

    The people working to address violence against women are trying to save lives… And saving lives and inspiring youth are both worthy causes. These goals can easily coexist in any movement.

  54. I’m not going to defend Rush. He’s more than capable. But BO started this by suggesting that repubs not listen to him. How dare he presume what anyone listens to and whether his input is wanted or needed. I also heard the infamous “I want him to fail” in full context and the dems have stretched this as well. I am appalled how the dem leadership have gone after anyone who disagrees with them, starting with Hillary and her supporters, Sarah, Joe the Plumber, etc., and now this new administration continues this. I never expected to see the dems stoop so low.

  55. Are we debating what is a feminist again? Tamerlane sounds like an idiot, regardless of its gender. We’ve been there with the “are we feminists” and “what is a feminist” and have moved on. Tamerlane is welcome to crawl out of what we now see as the stone age.

  56. […] brilliant plan to elevate Limbaugh to status of leader of the opposition, and Limbaugh came up with a publicity stunt to turn the tables, and this is the part where he is right “Your flunkies are demanding this debate,” Limbaugh […]

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