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Open Thread: Snow Day!!!


Late Season Nor’Easter Blankets Much of East Coast With Heavy Snow

From the Carolinas to the shores of Maine, a brutal late winter snowstorm has paralyzed much of the Eastern Seaboard….Up to a foot of snow piled up in places like Jackson, Tenn., which saw 12.5 inches — the heaviest one-day snowfall there ever. Even the Deep South saw snow, including parts of Alabama that received nearly six inches.

Connecticut, Long Island, N.Y., and points farther north are expecting upward of a foot of snow — up to 15 inches. Some places are expecting record snowfalls.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled along the East Coast, starting Sunday night and continuing into this morning, including more than 100 flights at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Hundreds more flights were canceled at the New York region’s three major airports, said Jennifer Friedberg, a spokeswoman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

What are you doing instead of going to work or school? Or if you are in one of those places that doesn’t have snow, what’s happening where you are? If you don’t like snow, just remember that when March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. And if you are out and about during the storm, please be careful!

52 Responses

  1. Did everyone go back to bed? I set my alarm for 6AM so I could shovel and now I’m wide awake. I already cleared about a foot of snow off my front steps and sidewalk, and it’s still coming down steadily.

    • BB – I went back to sleep after awaking circa 3 a.m. to find the power was out. Thank Heavens, electrical service was restored several hours later.

      At last, we have our snow day! Yea! I’m at home, trying to get caught up with chores, but enjoying just watching the storm (and checking my fav blogs). It’s still snowing, blowing and drifting. (Temp: 21 deg. F, Wind chill: 5 deg. F, gusts to 40 mph, Visibility: 0.3 miles). The Winter Storm Warning has been extended to this evening.

      Wondered if Riverdaughter, or her daughter, has a snow day today in NJ.

      Enjoy your snow day!

      • RD does have a snow day. She posted on the last thread. I’m glad you have your power back!

        • Thank you, BB, and for letting me know about RD, too. The way the wind is blowing, while snow is piling on and clinging to the trees, I pray the power stays on! If the boughs break, the power lines may fall, somewhere down the line. Visualizing full power…

      • I do indeed have a snow day! I went back to sleep for awhile. God, that feels good to sleep in. Now, I’m up and just posted. I’m catching up with some favorite podcasts. I’m heading out in a bit to go to the home improvement store for some shims. The basement is never done unfortunately. I have to level the countertop I put in last weekend and secure it to some studs with a support bracket and lag bolts. Then, it’s a day for reorganizing the garage and basement.
        Doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!?

    • Snow? what’s that?

  2. There’s snow in NYC, but NYC doesn’t have snow-days. Argh.

  3. “It’s raining, it’s boring, I wish I was snoring”

  4. Sorry if I am being picky, but isn’t the ‘a’ in day backwards!!!

  5. I braved the snow and ice to get to work. I only work 1 mile from my home, though.

    • I think the Mayor or the Governor must have ordered the closings in Boston. It’s extremely rare that the big universities close around here. They must have wanted to keep cars off the streets.

  6. The streets aren’t yet plowed out here in Loudoun County and apparently traffic around the DC metro is a mess because of all the accidents. So I won’t make it in to work today. Unfortunately, I can work from home. Technology sucks.

  7. We got your snow on Saturday so the poor kids didn’t get a day off…

    I’m still immersed in old-school-ties….

    I grew up in a tiny-back-water area a little north of San Francisco. I went all the way from kindergarten through 7th grade with the same kids. At the very end of 7th grade we moved to Kansas and I never saw them again. My closest friends all scattered within a year of our move and there just wasn’t any way to get in touch after that.

    But I was poking around FaceBook looking at the list of kids who went to the High School I would have gone to and a girl with an unusual name showed up.

    So, I sent her a message and we’ve been communicating all weekend. It’s been so fun! My siblings are enough younger than me that they don’t remember the kids I knew. So this is the first time EVER that I’ve had someone who could say, “remember when ….”

    It’s making me a little teary….

    • Katiebird,

      That sounds like fun!

    • Petaluma?

      • Lucas Valley Here’s a map of it. The blank areas to the north and south are mountains with no development so it’s really isolated. It doesn’t really exist so The bubble marks where it is on a map

        • katiebird, that’s very nice. You were a flower child after all. And I wouldn’t exactly call that back-water. Please. That’s practically Tiburon. I would shame your back-water with my back-waters, and I’ve got more than a few.

          • That’s the thing, Three Wickets, it is just a couple of miles from Tiberon but, it’s very isolated — a tiny contained neighborhood. It’s even isolated now. When I was a kid they found a crashed plane about a mile from our house that went down during WWII with the body of the pilot still in it. I think that’s pretty isolated.

        • Ahh, near my old stomping grounds. I actually grew up south of there in the Santa Cruz mountains, but when I was a teen I would go up to Corta Madera and Cotati for musical gigs. Old times, great times…

          Enjoy the reminiscing!

  8. Snow day for me too! and it only took about and inch and a half here…

    • Yay! I’m afraid to look out. I shoveled my walk and everything behind me got covered up immediately. I walked back to the house through about a half inch of white stuff.

  9. Hey guys:

    I haven’t spoken to my family back home but I see that somethings never change in my beloved MA. (Can people actually live in other places in the US? Just askin’…)

    I’m catching up with some blog-reading and I just realized that Bob Somerby is still the greatest. His post from last Friday is just incredible. Just check the title:

    KEITH AND JANEANE’S TRIBAL VENTURE! Keith the Plumber helps us enter the world of the pseudo-lib tribe

    Keith The Plumber? How can anybody beat that?

  10. Hi MABlue! I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get out of my driveway, but I got the gift of a day off. The snow will melt quickly anyway. I don’t mind it.

    • Hey BB:

      It just looks like the day I left. There was snow all over MA and it was freezing. Something truly never change.

  11. Wow. The DOW is below 7000….

  12. I sadly don’t get snow days since thanks to the wonders of technology, I can work from home. I just log into work from here. It’s a double-edged sword; I don’t have to stay late or go in on weekends during busy times because I can always check stuff from home, but it means when others are out frolicking (ha! as if shoveling snow is frolicking!), I can still be on the clock. And I’m still on snow-clearing duty!

    However, I was just over at pumapac reading the founding statement of N.O.W. and some other goodies they have about the beginnings of the Second Wave. Interesting stuff. I missed a bunch of posts this weekend so maybe y’all have already discussed it.

  13. Somebody should tell Chuckles that his Obamessiah hates unions


  14. I started a nice fire in the fireplace … am having delish coffee and listening to the monday morning blues show on Cygnus radio which I seldom get to do …
    and I migh walk all the way to the mailbox ( about 100 yards ) later on woohooo yes for snow days !!!

    • Swanspirit – Sounds like a great way to spend a snow day. I envy you the satellite radio, and the Blues station. Just discovered that two of my favorite classical (and P.T. jazz) radio stations have no signal this morning, or seemed to have gone out within the last hour. Could be as a result of power outages, some miles apart, along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.

      One of my brothers just sent me a copy of the latest “Little Feat” album, so I might finally listen to that instead. Wonder if there are any Feat Fans out there. My brother and his daughter danced to “Dixie Chicken” at her wedding (and they’re both great dancers). That would be a good snow dance tune, too!

  15. awww, poor Howie Dean got stabbed in the back by the con men he helped put in power….

    Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean is making no secret of his dashed desires to become a member of President Obama’s Cabinet, after he got passed over yet again for the job of health and human services secretary

    “I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS but it is the president’s choice and he decided to go in a different direction,” Dean was quoted saying on Monday

    We told him Obama was Bush III, Both of them see loyalty as a one way street.

    • well, karma’s one classy bitch!

    • I don’t know about that gary — I actually see W as being more loyal than Obama — which isn’t much, granted, because Obama has absolutely no loyalty, but still. . . 🙂

  16. I just finished reading Three Cups of Tea and i want to thank who ever
    picked the selection. I read the post last week and while I agree the writing was so-so, it’s the story itself that is impressive. Mortenson is a brave guy, with a
    good heart and his mission to provide schools for the kids in backwater
    Pakistan came at great personal cost. It wasn’t written with a feminist viewpoint but he did understand that the education of girls(and boys) is key to the advancement of the family and village as a whole.
    He made me a believer in his mission too.

  17. I heard on CNN that two weeks ago that Obama chastised the DC school system for canceling school because of 2 inches of snow. Apparently he doesn’t understand that when a town hardly ever sees snow two inches has a big impact on transportation. Doesn’t he have more important things to worry about?

    • I read that too — I also read shortly thereafter that Obama keeps the heat in oval office at 78 degrees — he’s a delicate Hawaiian orchid dontchaknow. The hypocrisy boggles the mind.

  18. Snow day for me! I’m working from home — damn the internet.

  19. Temperature here in SoFla 68 degrees; my kind of a snow day.

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