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Monday: I really *need* this job. Please God, I need this job!

slide1Howard Dean auditioned for Secretary of HHS.

God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it!
How many people does he need? How many people does he need?
God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it!
How may boys, how many girls
How many boys, how many…

And was sent home.

God, I really blew it, I really blew it!
How could I do a thing like that? How could I do a thing like …?
Now, I’ll never make it
I’ll never make it!
He doesn’t like the way I look.
He doesn’t like the way I dance.
He doesn’t like the way I…

No, Howard, he doesn’t like you.  He used you.  Just like he used a lot of other people to get to the top.  Jeez, Howard, how thick can you be?  You and Brother Jim were the propaganda wing.  You were set up to look much bigger than you actually were.  Your operations were infiltrated by Cylons to undermine and destroy the progressive blogosphere.  “Are your bases are belong to us!”  Well, I outta…Bam! to the moon Howard!

Haven’t you noticed how many Republican types or Republicans carefully groomed to look like Democrats there are in Obama’s cabinet, not to mention how few women?  (Thanks for nothing for that last bit, Howard.)  There’s Robert Gates still at the Penatagon and Judd Gregg nearly slipped in to guard the henhouse at Commerce.  His choice of Daschle was inspired no doubt by the less than vigorous defense of the Senate while he was majority leader after 9/11.  Looks like that anthrax spore job really put the fear of God in him, eh, Howard?  And now, the *woman*, who you describe as “very nice”, Kathleen Sebelius, who has run around Kansas for the last several years recruiting Republicans to run as Democrats, is going to be taking your spot.

What’s coming next? What’s happening now?
Still it isn’t over
I’ve gotta imagine what he wants it isn’t over
I’ve gotta imagine what he does
God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it!
I’ve come this far, but even so: It could be yes, it could be no.
How many people does he…?
I really need this job
Please, God, I need this job I’ve got to get this show.

No soup for you, Howard.  I hear you really haven’t got a gig lined up.  Now, is that the kind of gratitude you expected from the person you just helped get elected?  When did you realize you were left out of the equation, Howard?  Did you become a part of the “old coalition” before or after the money men moved the operation to Chicago?  Was it just after the RBC hearing in May when your name fell off the email list?  After the Democrats surrendered, you became superfluous.

Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?
That is a picture of a person I don’t know.
What does he want from me?
What should I try to be?
So many faces all around and here we go,
I need this job Oh God, I need this show.

There’s plenty of time to work on your “50 State Strategy”.  Hey!  Maybe you can apply for a directorship with Accountability Now!  There’s no time like the present.  Actually, it’s too late but I don’t want you to get too despondent.  After all, you’ve now joined the ranks of the “old, uneducated, stupid, working class, sino-Peruvian lesbians” except that your branch still thinks it consists of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture”.  I have my doubts as to whether the Whole Foods nation will be able to withstand the forces of psychological warfare arrayed against them, although, flattery did work magnificently well the first time.  As long as they keep their distance from thos old hags, the PUMAs, the left of the party is effectively neutralized.

It’s OK, Howard.  Don’t worry about us.  We might be sitting at the wrong lunch table but once the glamour wears off the Messiah and everyone sees that his real agenda is to implement Republican Lite (now with 1/3 fewer fundamentalists!), we’re going to have a lot more company at this table.  The working class American voters are going to realize they were screwed and you, Howard, are going to get some of the blame for that.

You might be better off out of the spotlight.

107 Responses

  1. Strange that Howard didn’t get the job. Usually when you sell your soul to the devil you get rewarded. The devil throw Howard under the bus.

    • When you sell your soul to the devil you have to demand payment up front. Stupid of Howard.

  2. Did Howard give any thought to working as a community organizer…for ACORN?

  3. I heard that Rahm and Howard had a big blow-out and Howard lost…..for good, forever, amen.

    • Oh? Do tell. What did they fight about?

      • I had heard that too. Way back then and during the campaign and, now on Fox.

        My guess: Emanuel probably wanted more funds for Acorn from the DNC and Dean said no and funded his 50 states approach.

        • Howard refused to give money for all of Rahm’s blue dog candidates in 2006–is that the fight you’re talking about? Rahm never liked the 50-state strategy.

          • Of course Rahm didn’t like the 50-state strategy… he only likes the Chicago way strategy… thug your way to the top. Poor Howard… he was played by the big boys and lost big time 😉

      • HillBuzz-Will Obama screw Howard Dean over again?

        Here in Chicago, there are two camps: one that sees Dean would be an effective Health and Human Services Secretary for everything but reform of the healthcare system, and the other that believes Rahm Emanuel will do everything he can to keep Dean from getting any scrap from the new administration.

        Because Emanuel hates Dean, and vice versa.


      • That has more to do with turning over the 300,000 vulonteers over to ‘Super Obama Femanist’ which didn’t happen. Those are the ones that show up to every event, every election and they are the die hards that are still asking for Universal Health Care. Dean just sent out a message,and I don’t think he has given up the fight. 🙂

      • RD – I only caught the end of a story on Lou Dobbs today and never got the name but it seems as though there is another cabinet member who’s in trouble for taking donations and then “rewarding” the donations with contracts – do you know who it is?

    • Sadly, despite Howard’s scr*wing us over, he’s better on health care than Rahm or Rahm’s brother, who’s now the new Health Care Czar.

      It’s very unsatisfying schadenfreude, that one.

      But I still don’t want him under our bus. They need to get another bus anyway, the S*ckers! Under the Bus.

      If I knew how to contact him, I’d send him the words of the immortal Britney Spears:

      Oops!…I did it again
      I played with your heart, got lost in the game
      Oh baby, baby
      Oops!…You think I’m in love
      That I’m sent from above
      I’m not that innocent

      xoxoxo, Obie

    • But this is not new as I remember it after 2006 victory Rahm was saying it was him who did it and of course Howard thought it was his 50 state thing. It was really petty of them.

  4. Howard is NOT getting under our bus. Nuh uh. Let him find some rusting hulk up there in NH, where he can shiver alone in the depths of the long, long winter to come, and proclaim his virtue to the dirty brown ice and polluted snow.

    Not that I’m feeling vengeful or anything.

    • NH? I wonder how NH feels about that. I think you mean Vermont. Now is the time for Howie to get out his big “sugar on snow” bowl and pack it full of fresh manna from heaven. Then pour warm maple syrup on it and serve a sour pickle on the side.
      That’s it! He could become a Sugar on Snow vendor. Of course, business is going to be a little slow in the Summer…

      • My apologies to the good people of NH, who did have the sense to endorse Hillary in the primary.

    • nah you’re not vengeful Kat… now if you had said YELLOW snow, I might think otherwise!

    • maybe he can find a biography of Lord HaHa to read.
      He did the same undermining of democracy as Lord HaHa did for Germany during the second world war.



  5. “The governor will work closely with the National Democratic Institute on topics such as spreading democracy and monitoring elections.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/01/exclusive-dean-talks-abou_n_170874.html Based on his actions in the last election, Dean will most likely be helping developing countries make sure that voters’ votes do not count. Tips on monitoring elections will include bring enough thugs to ensure that your predetermined result is achieved.

    • HAH!! is he going to work on keeping the banana in banana republics? What a joke.

  6. Howard doesn’t bring anything to the table that Obama needs. There does appear to be some reason behind who Obama appoints to cabinet positions. It about who can help him for re-election. I think Howard expended all his chips getting Obama elected and now Obama doesn’t need him anymore and doesn’t think he will need him much in the future. Its all about Obama.

  7. BTW, mawm and I saw A Chorus Line on Broadway last february. It was fabulous. I will try to erase the association with Howie from my mind…..

    • Not my favorite B-way musical, though Tits and Ass was kinda funny. I’m not partial to ensemble casts. Guys and Dolls was my all time fave on Broadway. The cast I saw, with Tom Wopat as lead, was stellar.
      Oh, and Harispray on B-way was fantastic. Watching Harvey Fierstein pop out of that giant can in drag was hillarious. Great dancing, great songs. Highly recommended.

      • I saw chicago just recently here in Raleigh with Wopat. It was an excellent show.

        • Ah, Chicago, my all-time favorite musical. I was simply blown away by the movie version – the ultimate entertainment for a one-time chorus girl, if only in imagination. The media-puppet number (Both Reached for The Gun) is more pertinent than ever these days.

  8. Republicans for Single-Payer
    Universal Healthcare with Informed Choice

    How about this a DFA member joining Republicans for Single-Payer…yup, just joined. I am joining anyone that is trying to do the right thing, I did let them know I was not a Republican though. 😯

    • I looked at that and I wondered if that is a for real Republican group or if that is a faux group. Any thoughts on that?

      • I will see what they send me and then report back. If it is ‘faux group’, I will send the information to my business groups and tar and feather them justly!

  9. Of course, Howard Dean got the bum’s rush. After all, as a physician living near Canada, he believed that the United States would eventually adopt a single-payer model for health insurance. And as we all know, Obama has NEVER supported a single-payer system.

  10. I called the DNC several times last year to complain about the caucus fraud, etc. I always asked for Dean’s office and always spoke to the same woman.

    The last time I called was about the sexism. I could hear a man’s voice in the background, and he seemed to be listening and concerned, though defending the process. Then, a few days later he was on talk shows, finally acknowledging the sexism.

    I know this is farfetched, probably naive wishful thinking, but – is it possible that he really did rebel, and is being punished for that?

    I would prefer to think that, since his betrayal was one of the bad ones.

    • I was never a Deaniac. Never saw what others saw in him. And after his crack about Sebelius being a “nice lady”, I’d say that Howard Dean was right in on the sexism thing.
      We have to remember that voters actually preferred Hillary to Obama in the primaries last year and that Obama actually ran a very poor campaign that needed to be rescued by the RBC after his decision to remove himself from the Michigan ballot resulted in his failure to get the required number of delegates to win the primaries.
      THAT right there shows you that Howard was totally onboard with the process of screwing a woman out of her win in favor of a guy, who happened to be African American. Somewhere, sometime in those months previous to the hearing, there was a decision to deep six Hillary in favor of Obama. There was no reason to do this. Hillary was perfectly capable of winning but they didn’t want to take a chance. Maybe it’s because Howard and the other older white guys who ran the party thought she was a “nice lady”, instead of a ruthless politician. Old conditioning dies hard.
      The thing that annoys me about Howard is that he and the other DNC leadership types had an opportunity to radically change the dynamic of women in politics and the Democratic party but they punted and went with a weakling who rode racism to win the primaries and coasted on a broken economy to win the WH.
      I hope Howard never finds an influential job in politics again. I really hate the guy. There’s no way to sugar coat what he and his brother Jim did to Hillary last year.
      They stabbed her, and us, in the back.

      • I noticed at Huff Po that the comments about Dean were much more positive than the comments here, and found myself wondering why.

        Then I remembered the primary, the RBC meeting, and Dean’s active participation in defying the Democratic electorate, propping up a losing candidate, and stealing the election for him.

        Your comments here pretty much sum it all up, Riverdaughter.

      • Now HD knows how Hillary felt when she was double crossed by so many of her “friends”. This is Karma, all over again…

      • Nailed it perfectly. Nobody has analyzed it so succinctly…and perfectly.

      • Ditto, ditto, ditto & amen, amen, amen. Dean was 100% on board with this farce of a primary and I hope he lives a life of complete isolation & irrelevance — ignored by one and all. He ignored me when I wrote to him before the RBC meeting & afterward when I sent him my torn up Dem. voter’s registration card. The ninth circle of hell (the one for traitors) is too good for him.

      • ITA. Apparently, loyalty is loyalty and dues paying is dues paying – unless you happen to be female. Hillary was by far the most qualified, the strongest, the best, the most prepared candidate in the race – but the party left screwed her over for someone they thought they could control. Well, joke’s on them! The problem with supporting a cipher is that you have no idea what he will actually be LIKE.

        Did Howard honestly think Obama would cross Rahm for HIM?

        He did his job like a good little foot soldier and now he’s screwed. Sadly, so is the country.

  11. I always figured Howie was part of the DFH wing of the Democratic party.

    The villagers don’t want the DFH’s running anything.

    • Nah, Howard found his base with the DFH but I think he was just a dilettante. He has no real gift for politics. It’s just a hobby.

    • I know what DFA is, what is DFH? Is DFH; Democrats for Hillary?

      • Dirty f**king Hippie


        • [Blank]-

          It is hard to believe it’s been five years since we started Democracy for America.

          When my campaign for President ended in 2004, the political pundits and talking heads said our movement was over. They said you’d give up, you’d walk away, and politics would never hear from you again.

          They got it wrong.

          Five years later, DFA is stronger than ever. We started with a solid 300,000 members. Today, we boast over a million.

          We started our support for progressive candidates with the original Dean Dozen. Today, you’ve elected over 575 DFA-endorsed candidates to all levels of office, including our first Dean Dozen candidate Barack Obama and his campaign for U.S. Senate.

          We’ve done a lot in five years, and we’re just getting started. Stand with me again and deliver DFA the resources to win for another 50.


          Four years ago, thanks to your hard work, I was elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee. We continued to work together to reform the Democratic Party and fight for votes in all 50 States. Thanks to you I had the grassroots support needed to get the job done.

          When we launched DFA, a core mission of mine was to train a new generation of citizen activists. Five years later, the DFA Campaign Academy and Night School have trained almost 20,000 activists and candidates nationwide in the skills to win and the results will pay off for years to come.

          The DFA Community has held over 50,000 events from Juneau, Alaska to Wichita, Kansas, from Los Angeles to New York. Whether you participated in a candlelight vigil to end the war, delivered Social Security success stories to wavering members of Congress, or got together for a movie and phone banking night, your activism has changed the way Washington does business. They know we’re watching. And they know we aren’t going away.

          That’s why I’m returning to DFA and I have to admit, it’ll be nice to work out of my old office in Burlington. I’ll also be hitting the road with you, stumping for grassroots candidates and advocating for the issues that matter most to you and me. For one, I think you know that healthcare for all is an important issue to me. I look forward to working with you to pass meaningful reform that makes sure that every American has the care they need.

          To do all this and more, I need your help today. Let’s come together and make sure DFA has all the resources we need to accomplish another 50 years of victories.


          Thank you,[Blanck], for everything you do.


          Governor Howard Dean, MD
          Founder, Democracy for America
          “That’s why I’m returning to DFA “, well, imagine that, since the inception he is returning to the grassroots operation, having been kicked in the teeth by ‘Teh One’. 😯 OK, first he will have to do some ‘splainin’ about why he chose him, over The Best Candidate that just happened to be a woman: Hillary!

  12. “He used you.”

    Well, RD. That appears to be the gist of it. One wonders how many others and how much else will be used.

    I’d laugh but, this whole deal is too…
    No words for it, actually…

    • The thing is, now that he used everybody to get where he wanted to go, what’s he going to do?

      • Remember when it was he and Brazile last year?
        I’ll never forget what I read, RD.

        They are spending billions — on nothing


        I didn’t even know what pork or an earmark were until I looked into what McCain was saying — deep into the long ago last year. I really didn’t. People like his pal Ayers should be ultra-happy now. As the country slips into oblivion. I always felt (until this year) that the gov was doing the best for us. Not the wars, but otherwise. But this?
        It’s shameful — the partying in the face of such hard times…

        Which of them, by their actions will emerge as the good guys?

        As the true colors show more and more?

        Very sad to watch, RD.

      • Use em again for 2012

      • I believe you had a letter last week from someone from O’s inner circle who said that all O wanted to do was get elected President – and now that he did it he has nothing left to do.

  13. During the primary all of the Obama supporters kept screaming that if Hillary won the primary she would boot their hero Howard Dean. I kept pointing out that Rahm and David Axelrod were best friends and both had gone to war against Howard Dean in the prior campaign over the 50 state strategy and if Obama won he would kick Dean to the curb.

    They constantly and wrongly asserted that Rahm was a Hillary supporter. I repeatedly asked for the evidence since it was apparently Hillary who got Rahm fired from the W.H. because he was a big leaker and always running his own agenda instead of Bill’s.

    I believe that Rahm orchestrated the entire “Clintons are r*cist” campaign as the media kept repeating that their source was “close” to the Clintons. I read somewhere that Rahm was hiding under his desk while frantically working his Rolodex and Blackberry in Obama’s interest while everyone continued to assume he was a Clinton supporter.

    What a snake.

    • Rahm IS a snake and he is using his position of power to even old scores, even at the expense of the country.

      When Rove did that, the Democracts rightly had ten fits – where’s the indignation now?

  14. I agree with your above analysis, RD, except I don’t hate Howie. This seems hard to believe, but I get the feeling that Howie really is naive, innocent, and an a “dilettante” or amateur to politics. Though, that’s not all a bad thing. Judging from his tone in the background of that conversation (I do believe that was him), I think he was idealistic, “went along”, and was fooled. He just looks like such a big baby. Which is a little sweet.

    Which brings us back to the evil vs. stupid question, and which is worse.
    The whole issue is fascinating to me. What were all these people thinking?

    I do think evil is worse, much worse. But where are our smart and “good” leaders to save the rest of us?

    • I agree with you, speaktruth,
      In his book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Joe Trippi related how Dean basically sabotaged his own presidential bid. Seems Howard wouldn’t release his medical records, and Trippi was sweating him over it. Howie ran to his room and started hyperventilating. Joe found him, and Howie made his confession; he knew he was in way over his head:

      “This. I never thought it would go this far. I was going to raise my profile, raise health care as an issue, shake up the Democratic Party. Help change the country. But I never thought this would happen. Don’t you understand?” He turns and faces me. “I never thought I could actually win. I wanted to . . . but I never really thought it could happen.”


      I’ve said it before, Howie Dean is Dagwood.

      • Interesting, Cinie. Thanks for the info.

        Also, interesting – Obama never released his medical records, either.
        They’re probably both on tons of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, etc.

        Only Obama got away with it. As he gets away with everything.

    • Pretty hard to see Howie as naive or innocent, given what he did to Hillary last year.. That was some really cut throat dealing. He also had to know that Obama is a being with no moral compass and no core philosophy. Dean couldn’t be that that stupid.

  15. A reminder – Howie installed an evangelical minister as CEO of the DNC.

    Howie took down the gay help desk at the DNC while hiring more staff members to raise money from the gay community. He wanted out money but not our issues.

    For 30 years we had a seat at the table until Dean, Leah and Donna. Howard can go to h*ll – he is both sexist and homophobic.

    • 2nd paragraph correction

      He wanted our money but not our issues.

    • Dee, I posted on that last May, and still our gay brothers and sisters are drunk on the kool aid. It is so frustrating.

      • gary – I remember that post and was so glad to see it. I often felt like I was the only gay person in N.C. who was following the DNC shenanigans.

        Our community has contributed disproportionately high to the DNC over the years and likely the reason Tobias was chosen as Finance Chair. His claim of not being aware of what Dean, Donna and Leah were up to earns him a special place in a very dark and ugly closet.

      • That IS the most frustrating part, Gary: how our gay brothers and sisters remain drunk on the kool aid. I just don’t get it.

  16. I find it hard to feel sorry for Howard Dean. He did nothing while someone who hard campaigned and contributed to the Democratic Party for decades was called a racist. He didn’t even want her to have a roll call. He changed the rules for Obama and now he gets to pay.

  17. I am in moderation

  18. Well let’s see if Howard Dean writes a book. I wasn’t a Dean supporter even though I agreed with many of his positions. Maybe it is just the nurse in me that recognized certain doctors will raise the hair on the back of your neck. no matter what comes out of their mouth.

  19. My mom and dad are brother and sister

  20. Oil market colapsing…..Iran announces will not cut production at next meeting….

    lunch is over gotta get back to work!

  21. Sebelius on abortion:

    The liberal group Catholics United has come to Sebelius’ defense, saying the Kansas governor has taken several steps to lower the abortion rate in her state. The group also has posted excerpts of a 2006 speech in which Sebelius said she opposed abortion.

    “My Catholic faith teaches me that all life is sacred, and personally I believe abortion is wrong,” she said then. “However, I disagree with the suggestion that criminalizing women and their doctors is an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the number of abortions in our nation.”

    I am getting tired of DEMOCRATS hedging in their support for core dem principles, like equal rights and abortion. I don’t care what her religion tells her. And if she’s doing it to appease the fundies, it isn’t working because they’re using it against her.

    I don’t care about Obama’s personal religious views on gay marriage (god is not in the mix), and I don’t want to hear what sebelius’ crazy god says either.

  22. Maybe it’s because Howard and the other older white guys who ran the party thought she was a “nice lady”, instead of a ruthless politician.

    Naw, it was CDS

    All those idiots thought they could use Obama and he ended up using them instead.

    Give Barack credit – he’s got skills.

  23. Too bad for Howie, but you reap what you sow.

  24. I recite Obama talking points

  25. Looks like the recession has not stopped the Obamas from partying. AP writes that they have a busy social schedule from parties to “girls night out” to see a movie at the White House.


    Do you think Howie has his nosed pressed upto the window and is looking in at all the partying or did the guards run him off?

    • “The flurry of entertaining is in keeping with the Obamas’ promise to make the White House a more open place for everyone”

      have y’all gotten your inviitations yet?

  26. We are going to need a longer bus to fit all of us under it.

  27. Obama knew how Howard Dean is a slimeball. Knowing that Howard Dean had performed, without any promises, to do Obama’s dirty deeds, means Dean is constructed to do the same and against Obama if the conditions are right.

  28. I hope to God that Hillary calls Dean to “console” him for not being appointed HSS & just so happens to mention that he would have been her first choice for the position if she had won. BWAHAHAHA!!

    • That would be hilarious but I don’t think Dean is good enough to get a call from anyone in the administration these days. The Clintons probably “accidentally” deleted him from their Blackberry after the RBC meeting. No Christmas card or party invitations for Dean this year.

    • LOL!

  29. Well, at least Howard Dean can still get gigs. He’s the 2009 commencement speaker at Boston University Law School: http://www.bu.edu/law/events/commencement/speaker.html\
    I’m guessing BU got a really good deal. Heck, Dean would speak anywhere for free these days.

  30. Good Ole Howie Screaming Dean got just what he deserves.

    And to think I would’ve voted for him as President. Now Howie go prop up the other wheel on the bus.

    The Messiah Obama only uses and abuses any and everyone to get to the top after that he gives you a swift kick in the rear straight to the moon.

    Never trust a snake as he will bite you every time even if he says he wont.

    • Remember that fable the scorpion & the frog? The scorpion begs the frog to carry him across the river & the frog says “no, you will bite me” and the scorpion swears up & down that he will not, so the frog relents, puts the scorpion on his back & begins to carry him across the river. When they are in the middle of the river, the scorpion bites the frog. The frog asks “why did you do that? Now we will both drown!” and the scorpion replies “It’s my nature.”

      Obama is the epitome of the scorpion in that tale.

    • The only reason why Hillary wasn’t completely thrown under the bus was because Obama realized he needed someone as smart and experienced as her to manage foreign affairs after the economy collapsed. He was bold enough to not offer her the VP spot and take her supporters for granted. I’m pretty sure he would’ve thrown her under with Dean if he hadn’t reasoned that he needed her badly enough because his hands were full with domestic problems.

      • DV said: his hands were full with domestic problems

        I think it’s more like …his hands were full of domestic blood

        Afterall, he’s killed off any viable system, resource or social support.

      • I don’t think she gave him a choice.I think she made a pre-emptive strike and told him she wanted SOS, take it or leave it if he wanted her support. He took it.

  31. This is probably old news, but I find it entirely fitting that Rahm lives in a basement:

  32. I don’t feel any pity for Howard. We’re all responsible for our actions and Howard is responsible for his. He did this to himself and has no one to blame but himself.

    Remember when he said at the end of the primaries that he had no idea just how much sexism there was in the media because he didn’t watch cable news? The head of the DNC didn’t watch cable news? Seriously?

  33. If Dean wants to write a book and really promise to tell the truth, some publisher may give him a $1M to $2M book deal. I hope he is working on that.

    But his career may be over after that, but we don’t care. I want him to get his book deal money and tell the truth as to what actually happened in the primaries.

    • He would need to grow a spine first.

    • He would need to admit that he’d been bought, sold and paid for (not to mention played) and I don’t see him having that kind of humility.

    • I don’t think he has much of a political career to look forward to at this point anyway, Ecoast. But I’m sure he could become a very rich man if he wrote a truth-telling book about what really went on during 2007-2008

  34. So I read the other day that Rahm’s brother (Zeke) is now Obama’s advisor on health care policy. Zeke wants to phase out medicare (no new enrollees) and switch to some sort of insurance offering thingie. In other words, remove single payer from that group (over 65) that have been receiving same since 1966.

    Meanwhile, single payer advocates are banned from the meetings they are having right now. I have said it before and will say it again – Obama is not a Democrat.

    • a NY Post story in 2007:



      In a stunning putdown of the front-running Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama vowed to have an “open process” for crafting a universal health-care plan and rapped the former first lady’s failed 1993 effort as a secretive attempt that shut out the American public. “We will convene an open process which the American people will be watching,” Obama said at a coffee sitdown in Iowa

      • That Obama guy is a liar. Big time…

      • Yeah, “open” like all the bills that are supposed to be available for the American public to read & comment on before he signs — Obama doesn’t know what “open” means. That people still keep believing him is the most laughable part.

    • re “open health care meetings” Ted’s Table. Kennedy and the Corporate Lobbyists Craft a Business-Friendly Health Plan:

      So now we know where Senator Edward Kennedy has been in between treatments for his cancerous brain tumor and recuperating at his compound in Hyannisport, or at his other home in Florida. He’s been in secret, invitation only meetings with lobbyists from: Aetna, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the Business Roundtable, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PHRMA).

      Apparently, Mr. Kennedy doesn’t give a rat’s ass about President Obama’s promise of transparency and limiting the influence of corporate lobbyists in his administration. Mr. Obama is aware of these secret meetings with lobbyists but so far hasn’t expressed any concern or disapproval.


      Did you notice who is missing from the table: the California Nurses Association (CNA), the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), and the grassroots, national organization Health Care Now! These groups want a single-payer, government financed health care system. Kennedy hasn’t invited these organizations to his top secret brainstorming sessions (by the way, they represent the views of the majority of people in this country) because single-payer is off his table.

      The coward from Cape Cod is colluding once again with the same corporations to block single-payer, guaranteed health care for all. Mr. Kennedy has said many times that reforming the health care system has been “the cause of my life.” By any measure he has failed spectacularly


  35. Alegre’s Corner on Howie. The comments are spot on, as usual.

  36. This may be wishful thinking on my part but I think Howard Dean really bought into the whole hopey, changey rhetoric. I remember reading that Dean , as a freshman, requested specifically to room with an African-American. If I remember correctly, he also worked with underprivileged children in New Haven at that time.

    He believed he was progressive and the Clintons represented Republican lite. Unfortunately he used underhanded means to justify the end. Don’t get me wrong, I think karma’s biting him in the a** now for his Faustian deal with Obama.

  37. Frankly, I always thought Dean was Obama 1.0.
    He has been built from the same material – and I remember him promising before the primaries started: “In the GE I’ll move to the center”
    So, my Schadenfreude is undiminished. I’ll add this second rejection to my Schadenfreude list.

  38. […] And a second rejection for the same desired job I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS but it is the president’s choice and he decided to go in a different direction,” he said. As for the person who got the HHS nod over him – Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas – he said: “I think she will be very good. She is a very nice person and I think she will be fine.” […]

  39. I thought it was funny. Dean was a complete jerk about the primary.

    Good to see him get his real due.

    Now, if Brazille loses her job?

    I’d be happy.

  40. Could someone possibly explain to me (this is a genuine question, not an attack) why you are so angry at Howard Dean for his role in how the votes in Florida and Michigan were counted when Clinton–with whom you do not seem to be angry–initially agreed, and continued to agree for months, that the votes in Florida and Michigan would not count?

  41. I understand being upset at how the Florida and Michigan votes were handled. But it seems odd to be angry at Dean but not angry at Clinton when she held the same position as he did on the matter for quite a long time.

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