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Stuck On Stupid


Q:  What do Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Jonathan Krohn, Rick Santelli, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka “Joe the Plumber”) and Michael Steele have in common?

A:  None of them currently hold elective office anywhere in the country.

The past couple of weeks the Kool-aid bloggers have been going apeshit over Republicans.  Two people gave speeches on national television last Tuesday night, but whose speech got talked about the most?  Bobby Jindal’s speech got more attention, mostly for its Ed Wood “so bad it’s worth watching” quality and for his outrageous lie about Katrina that really wasn’t a lie after all, or at least not much of one.

Sarah Palin got attention several times, mostly for staying home and doing her job (which, ironically, the sippy-kup kidz say they want her to do) and CNBC talking head Rick Santelli got terabytes of bandwidth attention for saying something on television which is what he gets paid to do.   Now the Obloggers are convinced that Santelli is part of a vast conspiracy to . . . uh . . . do something.

For several days all we’ve been hearing all about is the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which is the annual gathering where conservatives get together and say conservative stuff.  As usual, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh drew cheers from the audience and jeers from Left Blogistan, but this year the big story was some 14 year-old whiz kid who is either the hottest thing since sliced bread or a hoax.

Do the Obama Fan Boiz not realize that Barack Obama won the election and that he is now the President of the United States or are they just stuck in campaign mode?  Have they been hating the GOP for so long they don’t know how to do anything else?  I think hatred is a least part of the explanation – Obots thrive on hate.  What’s amusing is that just like the PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers they insist their opponents are weak, irrelevant and headed for oblivion but they still can’t stop talking about them.

This silliest fauxrage ever (for which there is lots of competition) has to be the “ZOMG! The Republicans want Obama to fail!” panty-twist.  Well no shit?  Of course they want Obama to “fall on his ass and fail spectacularly.”  What other choice do they have?  Here’s how it breaks down:

1.  The GOP supports Obama and he is successful.  If that happens then they are irrelevant and will probably lose seats in the next couple elections, not that it will make any difference.

2.  The GOP supports Obama and he is a failure.  If that happens they go down with him.  Congressional GOPers will lose to primary challengers who promise to oppose Obama.

3.  The GOP opposes Obama and he is successful.  If that happens then they are irrelevant and will definitely lose seats in the next couple elections.

4.  The GOP opposes Obama and he is a failure.  If that happens the GOP will gain seats in the 2010 mid-terms and will probably win the White House in 2012.

Scenario #1 is a loser for the GOP – ask Tom Daschle and Max Cleland how well “me tooism” by the opposition party works.  At best they can hope they won’t lose any more seats.  Scenario #2 might help the GOP as a whole but it won’t help the current incumbents who are the ones making the decisions.  With scenario #3 the only thing they can claim is that they acted as a check on “liberal excess” but they are pretty much screwed.  

Scenario #4 on the other hand would be a big winner for the Republican party.  So with basically nothing to gain by supporting Obama and everything to gain by opposing him, why would anyone expect them to clap and cheer?  That’s especially true if the Republicans are as evil and corrupt as the proggers claim they are.

Right now the Republicans don’t have much choice anyway, they can’t block anything in the House and don’t really want to filibuster everything in the Senate for the next 2-4 years.  I expect that they won’t obstruct but they won’t help out either.  But despite what the Obots keep claiming the Republicans aren’t dead, sooner or later they will be back. 

FDR was elected in 1932 and led us out of the Great Depression and most of the way through WWII before dying in office.  Despite all of his accomplishments the voters elected a Republican by a landslide in 1952, and gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives too.  Back in 2002 the Republicans were talking about a permanent GOP majority, but that only lasted 4 years.

I suspect that the OFB are afraid of a rapidly resurgent GOP, which is why they keep attacking Palin and Jindal, who together are only 1/25th of the nation’s governors.  They hope to preemptively destroy Obama’s strongest competition in 2012, forgetting that the biggest threat to Obama is Obama.  If he succeeds, it doesn’t matter what the Republicans do.

As for myself, I don’t want Obama to fail, I think he will fail, and he will set back liberalism and the Democratic party for at least a decade when he does.  Unlike a certain vaginaphobic former PUMA I can’t pretend to support and agree with someone just further my career – I have principles.  I would be happy as hell to be proven wrong about Obama, because if I’m wrong that will be a good thing.  If the Obamafluffers are wrong we’re all f**ked.

97 Responses

  1. For Chuckles:

    (o Y o)


  2. Did you see Daily Howler’s take on KO’s interview with Jeanine Garofalo a few days ago? Garofalo said that any black person who is a Republican has mental problems. She and KO specifically mentioned Michael Steele. How r@cist is that! And yet, the left blogistan is silent. Apparently calling a lot of black people crazy is ok if you’re a liberal and are talking about Republicans.

    • You know, I’ve wondered why a gay person or a black person would be a Repub myself, but I would never say it on national TV! Good grief!

      BTW – I saw Janeane in Soho last week (I was going home after work). She is a teeny tiny person.

      • madamab> After this election, do you even have to ask that question??

      • perhaps the core value of minimal government trumps the personal gains they would attain in the Democratic party. I’m not gay or African American but if I went by rhethoric alone(and didn’t judge their track record) I would say small, efficient government sounds attractive.

    • There once was a time when most black folks were Republicans and most Democrats were the bad guys.

      • But now Barack has assumed the “legacy of Lincoln,” the first Republican.
        The party was born to block admission of Kansas as a slave state. Obama’s white relatives (some of whom lived in Kansas before his mother’s family moved to Washington State and then to Hawaii) owned slaves. Full circle.

  3. Here’s an actual transcript of a small bit of that exchange between KO and Garofalo:

    GAROFALO: She (former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan) dated him (Rush Limbaugh). So either she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, like Michael Steele, the black guy in the Republican party who suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, which means you try to curry favor with the oppressor.

    OLBERMANN: Yes. Talk about self-loathing.

    GAROFALO: Yes. Any female or person of color in the Republican party is struggling with Stockholm Syndrome. That’s a whole other issue. We don’t have time! Let’s go back to Rush Limbaugh.

    • Oh wow.

      I used to think that way, I really did. After all, Democrats were right on the issues!!!111!!! That is, until the 2006 Congress failed to end the war and impeach Dubya…and until RoBushMa showed up on the scene.

      I am absolutely humbled by the craptasticness of the Democratic Party now, though. I don’t think Garofalo and Olbermann have a whole lot to brag about with regard to women and the Democratic Party these days.

    • Oh no. That’s sick. She wasn’t like this before the tattoos.

      • I have tattoos, but the ink on my body has not penetrated my brain tissue, fortunately.

      • She said something like a month ago just as outrageous. I remember FOX had their panties in a twist over it.

    • The irony of her statement is that the women who stuck with the Democratic Party after all the sexism and misogyny this past year are the ones with Stockholm Syndrome. So Janeane, how does it feel to have Stockholm Syndrome?

  4. I don’t care if he fails. From what I can make of his plans, either way, we’re screwed.

  5. Garofoalo is the left’s Ann Coulter. I swear she talks and THEN engages her brain.

  6. If you’re right on the issues you don’t need to go ad hominem to win an argument.

  7. I’m like madamab. I’m going to prepare for him to fail and then if he manages to accomplish something I can be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Don’t you mean boob-o-phobic former puma?

    • He finds all them “lady” parts scary

    • You should really scare him and call yourself “bostonboob-mer”!


      • madamab,

        He’s already terrified of me. Why else would he be stalking me all over the internet and then discussing every little blog comment I make on some loser anti-puma blog. I’m really really scary.

    • Santelli’s got quite a following in the world of finance. He’s like Elvis for traders. Women investors swoon.

      • Just sayin, this Chuck person sounds insecure.

      • I don’t find him all that compelling myself. I thought he oversimplified and it sounded like he was anxious to just let the rich folk grab up cheap foreclosures myself.


      • Yeah, but he can grow on you if you keep watching him. Not that I’m recommending. But he’s the only guy on TV who can make treasury bonds sound sexy.

  9. thatguysiqlike1/3adoorknob, your latest attempt to express your thoughts failed nearly as much as your last one. At least you didn’t linearly extrapolate trendlines from two datapoints this time!

    Keep trying, failbot!

  10. Oh, wait there’s more to what Garofalo said. In case it wasn’t clear that she was calling black Republicans crazy…

    GAROFALO: Like I said, Rush Limbaugh will go to his grave unfixed. Human frailty—let’s go with human frailty. It is human frailty that makes it be a conservative. You know what I mean? Whoever the person is, and this transcends gender and skin color, people that cleave unto the conservative message or to the modern-day Republican party, there is something wrong with them. That is what makes them go—

    • Is it wrong that I laughed during Cats and Dogs. When exactly did she go mental. Cause she’s always been liberal, but then she started coming on Bill Maher sounding like Stalin. She wasn’t getting the parts anymore? Isn’t it really about the Hollywood patriarchy. Let’s be honest.

      • “Cats and Dogs” was amusing. And let’s not forget she masturbates in it! Usually romantic comedies don’t get that naughty. The roles definitely started drying up after that. I don’t know which came first, Garofalo’s political activism or the lack of parts. She’d never be cast in a romantic lead now in any case.

      • Oh, and of course she was sublime on “The Larry Sanders Show.” But then, everyone was sublime on that.

      • She was good in Minus Man. You know, where Owen Wilson gets to be a really cool serial killer. Much cooler than Javier Bardem, who for some reason Angie thinks is hot. Please. Owen, anyday over Javier. Movie wise, I mean.

        • Owen Wilson? With his broken nose and suicidal tendencies?

          I never saw “Minus Man,” but I thought Javier was pretty darn good!

        • Minus man, definitely worth the rent. Not to make light of his wrist incident, but that underneath stuff kind of comes out in this movie. Spooky and sweet. I think he has more depth than all those Stiller films. And Javier, he’s gotta show me something besides No Country.

          • “Before Night Falls?” “Vicky Christina Barcelona?”

            I couldn’t even tell you about the Ben Stiller movies. I stopped paying attention with “There’s Something About Mary.” His appearance at the Oscars this year was the best thing he’s done in years.

          • Alright already. I’ll get those. He just didn’t do too much in No Country except shoot people with that extinguisher.

  11. What’s amusing is that just like the PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers they insist their opponents are weak, irrelevant and headed for oblivion but they still can’t stop talking about them.

    Got one guy who kept coming to my little site and calling me names and swearing at me. Now he’s been reduced to whining that I should “give it a f*cking rest already.”

    Why? Why does he even care? I’m soooooo irrelevant and powerless, aren’t I?


  12. Poop! Am in moderation.

    I’d show ABG my boobs but I think he’d enjoy it too much.

  13. My feelings on backtrack are
    He was selected
    We are stuck with him
    Let’s pray he does not do too much damage to the country.

    on worth1000.com there is a photo by deaddonkeys rule titled Flying with friends.
    I can not get the address right to post it here.
    The picture reminds me of why we must continue to speak out and never give up for our country.
    I am not good with words but if you see the picture you will understand what I mean.



    • helen,

      I tried. Searched deaddonkeys rule and flying with friends on worth1000. Nada. Suggestions?

      • Try picture of the day. then click on see all or see more.
        It is a picture of an eagle and a cloud formation of an eagle.
        It reminds me of this country and all those who came before us that stood up for the country.



  14. Okay, time to go. Have a great evening everyone!

  15. Good night madamab!

  16. Hillary would have been a far better president than Obama, but Republicans are still the enemy, as far as I’m concerned. I hold them and their ideology responsible for most of our current problems. That’s why Hillary ran in the first place, for God’s sake! I supported her because she was going to kick ass and take names, especially on health care.

    I don’t really see the point of this post. I have no problem with Democrats who think Obama sucks and who want to primary him in 2012. I might even join you. There are a lot of reasons not to like him. But the CPAC Follies and the GOP make me want to puke.

    My two cents.

    • Enemy? Should we kill them all?

      Or should we win the argument?

    • I don’t see most of them as the enemy. I disagree with them on solutions to our common problems.

      From what I see the post is an attempt to explain why CPAC would say that they want Obama to fail. It’s an attempt to wake up the kumbaya crowd who elected a President who doesn’t recognize that the opposition party is not going to “like” him. Their success hinges on his failure.

      • I saw a clip from it on TV. Looked pretty radical. There’s clearly some sense of urgency there. Not like Barry and his long weekends.

        • The conservative party is just looking for its opening. Anyone who thinks it is dead is smoking some pretty strong hopium. It wasn’t even a decade ago they were prematurely declaring the democratic party dead.

          • They’ve been shopping Eric Cantor pretty aggressively on TV since the Jindal letdown. I don’t agree with him on much, but gotta say he’s looking smart and presentable. As a Dem, I’d be more afraid of him than Steele or Sarah personally. And Romney always hits the ceiling on credibility. If Barry falls, things could get intense. Just really pissed that Hill is not in the mix.

      • I’m not sure what anybody would expect from CPAC.

        I do think it’s interesting that Palin chose not to attend. I think it was a political decision on her part.

        • I hope so. I’m not sure after the charecter assasination that she’ll run again in 2012. It’s sad because I believe that she really is a compassionate conservative and prior to this I thought the term might have been a ploy.

          • I think I agree with you about 2012. I don’t think a woman will run in 2012. (Maybe a third party.) But I think that if Palin ever runs it will be in 2016 when the field will be wide open and there’ll be no incumbent in the White House.

  17. sheesh, and I just called them ostriches that head their heads in a hole … we’re going to loose our panache for being rrr’s you bet watch it !!!

  18. we’re going to loose our panache

    It’s spelled “panoche” and I don’t think you want to “loose” it.

    It would put Chuckles in therapy if you did

  19. Speaking of photos, on a more positive note, have you all checked out our Madame Secretary HRC’s outfit when she landed in Egypt yet? Found photo on HillBuzz (along with a video to the Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian). See: http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/

    I believe our Hill has transcended pantsuits with this coat of many colors. IMHO (for you seamstresses and tailors out there): From what I can see in the photos, the color-blocking of the coat design is pretty good – e.g. color change at the top to simulate a yolk-effect, vertical blocks on the side, all form-flattering. Who knows what she’ll come up with next!

    • Not sure that is traditional Egyptian garb. I just think Hill is having a good time and wanted to step out. Who knows. I want that job. Looks like fun.

      • it looks like a neru jacket to me … i want to sing something from sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band!

        • I was thinking that when I said she was an authentically transcendent Lady – also suitable for Transcendental Meditation.

          Don’t forget the story of Joseph and the Many-Colored Dream Coat in Egypt (Old Testament, or the Broadway Play, if you prefer.) Some parallels between Hillary and the Democrat Party and Joseph’s brothers, perhaps (she was sold off into slavery, too!). If we hear she has started interpreting Obama’s dreams, we’ll know it’s true..

    • That coat is hot!

    • Hadn’t seen the coat that closely before. That is a hot coat.

    • It’s beautiful. I want a jacket like that. Heh, could never be as stylish as Hillary though.

    • looks like jacquard silk to me.

  20. This is a great analysis miqu. The problem is that the extreme supporters of Obama believe that politics is not supposed to be partisan, in part because Obama has decreed it. Now, there is plenty of wasteful bickering that goes on in the name of politics, but it is politics: it is supposed to be full of bickering and fighting, because in a democracy we don’t all have to pretend to agree on what the problems are or what the solutions are.

    As for idjits – the Dems have some (see Blago, Burris) and so do the Republicans.

    Sidenote: Michael Steele is a graduate of the law school at which I work. Amidst the hype on the law school’s website about the appointees to the Obama administration is a note about Steele’s election as head of G.O.P.

    I don’t agree with most of the Republicans most of the time, but it cannot be that the color of your skin makes it mandatory that you do or do not support a particular party – or a particular candidate. That’s just insulting.

    • Using the logic Garofalo makes Soros ,Buffet and Gates ought to be die hard GOP members. I mean it would be in certainly be in their personal interest to support the party that would lower their tax burden. Sometimes people look beyond what is in their own personal interest and try to look at what they think would benefit the whole.

      We don’t all fit in neat little boxes.

    • You mean the university’s web-site mentions Steele’s job in passing?

      I agree that it’s insulting to suggest that the color of one’s skin must dictate one’s politics. It’s why I think what Garofalo and Olbermann said was actually r@cist.

      • Well, they couldn’t get away with just doing it in passing, although I notice the item has been booted from the page which notes faculty highlights and other law school related news items – but for a while right under the appointments from the law school to the new admin there was the announcement of Steele’s election. I do think it is strange it is gone now.

      • Saw that you said that – was agreeing with you, DYB

    • Politics no longer partisan, but Blacks owe it to themselves to be black….

  21. I really think Hillary wore that coat just to rail up Rachel Madcow. Remember when Hillary stepped off the plane in Tokyo and her coat lining showed up with a nice what I call Indian design. Rachel went crazy and she did her own version of ‘special comment” on that.

    Will someone watch Rachel tomorrow to see if she picks up on that?

  22. Greetings

  23. They hope to preemptively destroy Obama’s strongest competition in 2012, forgetting that the biggest threat to Obama is Obama.

    Wiser words were never written!

  24. It’s interesting that the Obloggers and others talk on and on about wanting Obama to succeed. Personally, I don’t give a fuck whether Obama succeeds or not. I don’t know what he wants, I don’t have the first idea what he stands for (except himself and his own ego). He can succeed or he can fail — it doesn’t make one bit of difference to me.

    I do want us, the people, to survive this created financial disaster we’re in. From where I sit, though, I don’t see that anything Obama has done so far is going to help us do that. I want us to succeed, to make it through — Obama can (and, as he always has, will) take care of himself.

    As for the nasty Obloggers — that is the main reason I will NOT support Pampers. I was horrified by the nastiness and cruelty of the left during the last campaign. I feel that he encouraged it by his own “cool guy” attitude. I want a president who is presidentila, NOT one who thinks he’s a gangsta-thug.

    • ITA. I’m not sure Obama has a plan so IMO he can’t really “succeed.” I guess he could accidentally succeed. I just hope he doesn’t screw us as bad as it looks like he’s going to.

      And the vile and vicious spew that is still coming from ObamaNation shows me that Obama “inspires” hate. And that’s never a good a thing. I refuse to support a hatemonger.

  25. I had the pleasure of hearing last night from a friend that really, the economy just IS more important than gay rights or the fact that Obama hangs out with gay haters. So this supports my theory of Obama’s Willing Executioners. It just IS more important to have a Volkswagen than worry about those neighbors of ours whose rights are being violated. Obama is a hatemonger, and gays are the people he dangles in front of his evangelical audience, while making everything all better for the progressives by trotting out a couple of gay people who will do his bidding. Why can’t the economy and a people’s rights be important? And who says he is a master of economics anyway? This idea that I have to hope he succeeds is BS. I want Americans to succeed. I do not have to collaborate with a man who hates me.

  26. I don’t think BO is a hatemonger…he’s just throwing everything out there and wants to see what sticks..Thats the way he works…he can’t make a decision, he doesn’t have the character or the b**^s!

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