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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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15 year-old girl beaten by thug with badge

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A video showing a King County Sheriff’s deputy pummeling a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell was released Friday over the strenuous objections of the officer’s attorney.

“We had argued strenuously that the videotape released to the media this morning not be released because it does not tell the whole story of the incident,” attorney Anne Bremner said in a statement.


“As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy’s right to a fair trial.”

The video shows Schene and Brunner as they escorted the girl into the holding cell. Schene had asked her to remove her basketball shoes, and, as she slipped out of her left shoe, she appeared to kick it at Schene.

Schene then lunged through the door and kicked her, striking either her stomach or upper thigh area, court documents say. He pushed her against a corner wall before flinging her to the floor by her hair. He then squatted down on her and made “two overhead strikes,” although it’s unclear where the blows landed.

I’ll bet the thug’s attorney objected.  Video like that is highly prejudicial and likely to convince a jury that he is guilty.  Without the video that girl would just another criminal who “resisted arrest.”

I really HATE bad cops.

111 Responses

  1. I was in a pleasant mood until I saw this.

    Now I’m back to my usual grouchy state.

  2. I’ll bet anything his attorney will argue against jail time because “he already lost his job – he’s suffered enough.”

    • He’s suffered enough? Where’d he take her and what did he do to her out of camera range? She might have suffered even more than we know.

      • He didn’t lose his job (yet). He’s on PAID administrative leave.

        There were also cameras in the hallway. They showed the clip of her shoe hitting him below the knee with minimal force.

        They took her to an area in the facility that looked like a locker room to me and paramedics were called in because she complained she was having difficulty breathing after the attack.

        This film was only discovered recently and his attorney attempted to keep it from being made public. Laws prevented his success in that and the film was released yesterday. I still haven’t heard how long ago the incident actually happened.

        I’m thinking that the paramedics may have been behind the review of tapes since all news here has been that “someone” came across the footage.

  3. My uncle was a policeman and he hated bad cops too.

    • I have a lot of respect for good cops – they do a tough and dangerous job.

      Bad cops are scum

      • any man that lays hands on a woman like that is scum.

        • “As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy’s right to a fair trial.”

          That’s my favorite part. He really deserves so much more concern and humane treatment than his victim did.

          • Women are three-quarters of a person in America. After all, they get paid that way.

            This man’s pen$s gets him all the way up to 100% human. Naturally his needs are more important than hers.

  4. The attorney will argue against jail time after he argues it was her fault and she deserved it.

    • (Hi Abycat!) You bet the attorney will argue against jail time, if his client were to go to jail, the officer would be in the same place as those he had arrested…which brings about some moments of revenge. Still, arguing against jail time and receiving it are two different things. The judge knows this is a double edged sword…not a good place to find oneself.

      I can’t speak for all jail systems, but in Montana the inmates tend to have their own idea of justice. Those who harm women and or children would rather have solitary confinement. This is an instance of both. You bet that attorney will be arguing against jail time!

  5. I read that Rihanna took the guy who beat her up back. great role model…..

    • I’ve said it before, decisions about how to respond to cheating and abuse in a relationship would be very easy if human beings didn’t have the capacity to love.

      • true, I shouldn’t make judgments, but it is difficult not to.

        • I know, but we all tend to look at emotional issues and situations with the clinical eye distance affords us and sometimes end up missing the big picture. Or, maybe I’m just a punchy hopeless romantic. Rihanna’s young, she’ll become jaded enough to protect her heart and herself as soon as he beats some sense into her. Unfortunately, that’s not snark.

          • Can’t believe you said that, cinie! There is NO excuse for physical abuse, ever, and to describe it as a learning experience is just, well, very unfortunate. I grew up with physically abusive parents, so I’m hardly viewing this with a clinical eye. Physical abuse has absolutely nothing to with love, nothing to do with romance, certainly, good goddess. It’s a control issue which has everything to do with lack of self esteem – the only thing which gets beaten into the injured party, and then passed down through generations.

            Abused women typically suffer from a deep lack of self esteem dating from childhood. As adults, they enter, and re-enter abusive relationships, because they secretly believe this is all they deserve. Some of them end up in hospitals, some of them end up dead. There’s nothing romantic, or life enhancing or loving, about any of it.

          • Cinie – I know what you mean. She will have to make her own decisions about whether or not to leave her abusive boyfriend. Unlike so many women in these situations, Rihanna has the means and the ability to do so.

            Unfortunately, she may not, and it’s really really sad that she would accept this man laying even one hand on her, but that’s not something we can control. A lot of people around her are pressuring her to take this guy back, and it looks like she is listening.

            I agree with taggles. The critical eye of society always focuses on the women for putting up with, or not putting up with, physical or sexual abuse. Why don’t we blame the man for beating up on the woman? Why is there ever the idea that “the bitch deserved it?”

          • I know that rihanna suffers the psychological side and usually I would never judge someone in her position, but in this case she’s the extremely rare woman who has the financial and social ability to go to court and be believed. She lets him off and he’ll learn the lesson that he can do whatever he wants, just target a prostitute or poor non famous woman who can’t successfully take it to court and stop him even if she wants to. And with as—— like her “friend” kanye saying hey no biggie, we all make little mistakes, somebody who’ll be listened to’s got to say no to this $&@”.

          • Kat5, I was not trying to excuse any bad behavior, or suggest that she accept it. I did not mean that it was just a learning experience, or any other such thing. My point was, and is, that while many people judge women who take back their abusive lovers, for whatever reason, they always discount the fact that for whatever reason, the victim often feels that she is in love. She may think she deserves abuse, she make think she can help her abuser to change, she may exhibit all the classic signs of clinical psychological whatever. But the fact remains that all too often, the victim herself feels her decisions to be motivated by love. The power of that factor is often dismissed and minimized by those who claim to want to help.

          • I think this is one of those things that you really can’t know the ‘why’ to unless you’ve actually walked in those shoes.

            Most of what you are saying is over-simplifying the reality of being caught in an abusive relationship and why it is so difficult to leave. You must understand that the danger is really at its greatest after you leave.

          • Ah, thanks much for the clarification, cinie. I get what you’re saying now.

        • Gary,

          I can’t wait for the day people make judgments about the men the way so many are willing to make judgments about a woman who finds herself in a position like that.

          It is like a stockholm syndrome. It is a syndrome.

          Rihanna has the means and support to leave and never look back, but she can’t.

          Some would just like to cast aspersions on her as it is her fault that society is like this.

          It makes me really sad.

          Why can’t men just keep their hands off of woman, and all of this will be moot.

          • I know, lumping women who are abused into categories, “low self esteem”, “thinking they deserve it” etc, etc, completely ignores the very effective methods used by abusers to keep that person from leaving them.

            An abuser’s sole goal is to intimidate and strike fear into that woman (or man), and with a law enforcement system populated by men like the above deputy, they have a lot of support. They want complete and total control and often will stop at nothing to achieve it.

            It would be nice to see the day when labeling a man an “abuser” has the same negative cache as being “abused” does for the woman.

            Sean Connery bragged about it, David Bowie sang about it. Jackson Browne roughed up Darryl Hannah and James Taylor hit Carly Simon. None of those abusers’ careers suffered for it.

            And, now I guess Darryl and Carly get to be lumped into that category of having extremely low self esteem and believing that was what they deserved. They asked for it, apparently.

            Sean, David, Jackson and James, well, I guess for them it’s just a matter of boyz will be boyz.

          • Why can’t men just keep their hands off of woman, and all of this will be moot.

            Tags, the reality is they won’t. Women who are abused and nevertheless take back their poor-didn’t-mean-it-I-still-love-you-men do bear the responsibility for their own actions.

            Of course the abuse is not their fault. But women are grown, reasoning adults and should be treated as such.

          • And, now I guess Darryl and Carly get to be lumped into that category of having extremely low self esteem and believing that was what they deserved. They asked for it, apparently.

            No one here is saying that any abused woman “asks for it”. Implying that we are only serves to distort the discussion. You cannot simply ignore the role that low self esteem plays in the dynamics of physical (and verbal) abuse, because it is real. I know because I lived it and spent ten years in therapy trying to turn things around – which I did, but only with a great deal of effort, pain, and expense.

            It takes two (or more) to make the syndrome of abuse possible. The abuser is not going to offer to end it, believe me. I finally refused to participate ever again, to the point of letting an ex-husband know that I had a gun and knew how to use it. I scared the pants off him (most bullies are cowards) and the foaming at the mouth scenes ended pronto. (Goddess help the next guy who tries to lay a hand on me. )

            Point is, it’s possible to fight back, with help and support, with understanding of the dynamics of abuse, with enough insight into oneself. Not easy, but it is possible. And yes, there needs to be a great deal more societal pressure on those who would abuse and degrade women and children. Shunning would be a good start.

          • kat5,

            I don’t disagree with you, but no one here or anyone else, except rihanna know where she is in her journey.

            So I tend to with hold judgment.

      • That’s not love driving those decisions, it’s control.

        • How long did it take you to learn the difference? No offense meant, but, there just ain’t no easy answers. Even when you know better intellectually, emotionally can be a whole ‘nother animal.

          • I’m not sure I have learned the difference even yet. I just know that being “loved” like that is really, really scarey and the fear controls.

    • He probably apologized and told her he only did it because he loves her so much.

      It was her fault anyway – she shouldn’t have made him mad.


  6. Holey crap. OOO she called them fat pigs…poor babies! They got their widdle fee-fees hurt.

    • I thought cops were trained to block out verbal abuse. She certainly does not appear to making any physically threatening gestures. I don’t care *what* she said, she didn’t deserve this. I would imagine most cops get called a fat pig or worse each at least once a day.

      I also wonder why the other officer doesn’t appear to attempt to restrain him. In fact, the other officer appears to cooperate with the assault.

      I too have a great deal of respect for good cops. This oughta piss off good cops.

  7. 10 years ago or so my husband and were on our way home from grocery shopping when we were stopped a little more than a block from our house by a police road-block. When we pointed to our house and explained that we were just trying to get home they let us through.

    As we looked around to see what was going on we saw our next-door-neighbor naked & stretched out – dead – on the path to his front door. He’d been shot & killed by a policeman.

    It turned out he was the eighth person killed by this cop.

    The entire episode has haunted me — His shooting, the indignity of his being left naked (in the COLD) for hours in the clear view of the neighborhood, the risk to the neighborhood (they didn’t evacuate the area,) his 12 year old daughter (who eventually successfully sued the city for the wrongful death of her father)

    I don’t know why (maybe the weather?) but your post brought this all to the forefront of my mind….

    • that’s a horrible story Katiebird. I have a few of my own memories of cops behaving badly. It’s a first-hand view of fascism and it’s not pretty.

    • WOW!

      That’s just awful. Eight people killed by this cop and he kept being allowed on the streets?

      I’d ask the ethnicity of the people killed by the cop versus the cop’s ethnicity, but I have a feeling I know the answer.

      • My memory isn’t clear about the details but, I think the killings happened in several different cities — not all here. Which I guess is worse — how did he keep getting hired?

    • That’s a terrible story kb — but you know, the fact that you mention that it was cold kind of made me giggle — the dead guy didn’t care about the weather. 🙂

  8. Cops are allowed to use force to:

    1. Overcome resistence

    2. Defend themselves or others.

    That’s it – they are not allowed to use force to “teach a lesson” or as “payback”

  9. I also wonder why the other officer doesn’t appear to attempt to restrain him.

    In the Rodney King case only four officers participated in the beating, but a bunch more stood around watching (and none of them reported anything)

  10. I’m not going to watch it — but thank you for being a reporter.
    The old-school kind, with newfangled tools.

    Wish I was in Yosemite…some little town with old style values.
    plus those peaches that are growing right now…….

    the country — seems like a smart move.
    (assuming anyplace is a smart move)…

  11. The fact there is anyone even attempting to defend this officer’s actions is amazing to me. It’s a local story and the news commentators are saying that we haven’t heard the entire story yet, so not to judge the officer until he gets his chance to explain.

    He has already said he snapped because she called him a “fat pig”. She sure couldn’t have been much of a threat since they escorted her to the holding cell and she wasn’t cuffed. Even the kicking off her shoes at them posed no threat of injury to them.

    He has 1 previous on his record having shot and killed a man, but he was given a justifiable on that.

    Yesterday, Seattle news was not mentioning the two times he clearly punched her in the area of the head while she was on the ground.

    He’s on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated. Note that this did not HAPPEN yesterday. The tape was simply made public yesterday. The incident went unreported. Makes me wonder what threat he made to her to stop her from filing a complaint against him.

  12. Horrible. I hope that bully with a badge goes to jail.

    I will add this to my file of police abuse cases. If this one upset you myiq, I won’t post links to the case where the cops handed a teenager (booked on traffic violations) over to the inmates to be “taught a lesson” by spending the night being raped.

  13. The thing is that this video will prejudice the jury pool. So the options now are to move the trial elsewhere or he might argue he never received a fair trial and get off.

    • That’s the problem exactly. Releasing the video now instead of waiting to place it in evidence at the trial may in fact result in letting the bastard off. Finding an untainted jury will now be difficult.

  14. and for Rodney King too.

    • WTF is going on and why are the liberal watchdogs sleeping through it?

      • the liberal “watchdogs” are now all media mongrels drooling over ” the resident ” and his sleeveless lady” I guess she keeps the heat turned up too …

    • When I went to read that story, I also noticed the story about CA’s unemployment rate reaching 10.1%. The highest it has been in 25 years.

    • The department said the judge had no power to enforce such an order????

      Okay, it’s been fun, can we please have our country back now? 

    • I’d like to see the budget line for his entertainment.

      The security that is required when a POTUS shows up at a public event is astronomical.

      He doesn’t think twice about being obvious in the sense of entitlement he believes he now has. He reminds me of other country leaders in history, just nothing we’ve ever quite experienced in our democracy before.

      • Does anyone else think he learned his governing style from his cousin in Kenya?
        What do mean he is supposed to actually work? That is against everything he has done and gotten away with his whole life.
        He getting to do all the things he always wanted to do on our dime. travel, play,do as little as possible and get paid.



        • I generally think of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos when I see him spending lavishly on himself.

    • State: why would you divert from this VERY important subject of abuse??

      I hope all the commenters here take the time to comment where it might be heard among the general public outcry:


  15. YANNOW I worked in adolescent psych for years ( which explains a lot I know snark snark )

    and if an day or sometimes an hour went by .. when someone did not call me a fucking bitch… or some other charming phrase from a long list of virtuoso “phrasers”
    .. I probably was not doing my job that guy needs to be prosecuted .. he has snapped and not belong there beating up other peoples children

    • Apparently, whatever classification they gave this only risks him being jailed for a year.

      She is much smaller than him, and the reason she was arrested is that she was “under suspicion” of auto theft….the car belonged to her parents.

      • If i were that kids parents i wuold so sue ….and press charges

        • I’m hoping we will one day hear who the hero was who found that video and managed to get this investigation underway. I have a feeling someone in the know encouraged someone who had access to go looking for it.

    • I worked for awhile in an adolescent psych hospital also. I worked on the admitting unit. The first thing I learned was to tune out the verbal abuse and focus on any action that could cause harm to the patient or staff. I at times had to physically restrain some of the kids ( 7-18 yr olds ), it always left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. I too am a big guy and with the proper care to be careful it was no problem to do it in a way that did not harm the patient. Any cop with any experience should have been able to defuse the situation without even thinking about it. This cop obviously had issues. Also the staff where I worked would have never allowed the abuse of any patient, even a violent one…and we had numerous violent ones.

      • I had to restrain violent kids too , and I am not a “big guy” everyone involved had a great deal of training in how to restrain anyone without harming them and cops get that and then some .
        There is NO excuse. Absofuckinglutely none .
        and as for the verbal “abuse ” there is training for that too , and if you are creative and interested in your job you can use that to yours and the childs advantage for therapy , and cops can too . I used to ask the kids to come up with somehting different or more meaningful to break the monotony . Stops them and makes them think …sometimes
        I mean after the fifteenth thousandth ” Fucking bitch ” it is old ….

  16. Hmmm. I live in Seattle. Did you know that Obama snatched our Police Chief to be the head of federal drug enforcement? I guess the department must be without direction now without their leader to keep them in control. Usually Seattle cops are not evil.

    • The scumbag in the video is a King County Sheriff’s deputy.

      • myiq is correct. And, the former King County Sheriff was Dave Reichert…the guy (R Representative) who got a lowly school bus driver fired for flipping the bird at the Bush motorcade when it crossed in front of her.

  17. the liberal “watchdogs” are now all media mongrels drooling over ” the resident ” and his sleeveless lady” I guess she keeps the heat turned up too

    From CNN:

    First lady Michelle Obama has a fashion following, with blogs tracking her daily garment choices.

    She’s on the March cover of Vogue in a sleeveless silk sheath. Then there was the purple sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez she wore to the president’s joint session of Congress on Tuesday. And she’s on the cover of the latest People magazine in a lacy pink number, also without sleeves.

    Those toned arms are becoming a trademark. And a source of inspiration for some women.

    Rylan Duggan, a personal trainer who runs Go Sleeveless, a blog that instructs women how to tone up flabby arms and “eliminate bat wings,” said that in addition to asking how to get “Madonna arms” or “Kelly Ripa arms,” clients are now asking about getting “Obama arms.”

    “The Obama effect has been that women of all ages have been inspired to take responsibility for their health and their body,” said Duggan. “As the first lady of the United States, at 44 years old, and with two young children, Mrs. Obama has shown the world that you are never too busy to take care of yourself and look good doing it too,” he said.

    • That is so much more important than the separation of powers, thanks CNN! Empower yourself–go sleeveless! Use the time you would have spent in law school for toning instead, cuz honey you ain’t gonna be hired for anything in the west wing without a y chromsome.

    • Of course you are “never too busy to take care of yourself” – IF you have a housekeeping staff, a chef, a personal trainer, a driver, your mom living with you to take care of the kids….

    • And thus my point from yesterday is proven — we are being sold Michelle Obama as a fashionista — she is the one putting her clothes “in play” (if you will). I feel no shame saying that with all that help she still doesn’t know how to dress. The old adage that $ doesn’t buy class is true.

      • Angie, my sister said michelle went on leno and slammed palin, saying she and Barack like to pay for their own clothes. Only as it turns out, no, but hey that’s not a story either

        • ObamaNation doesn’t care what lies the Obamas tell. They love the lies. They eat ’em up and ask for more. What a freakin’ circus!

      • Her clothes also never fit her properly. Even if they are being created just for her by a designer, it is obvious she is refusing to be fitted.

    • That article is such a joke.

      “It’s unclear what kind of exercises Obama does to maintain her buff arms…”

      That’s probably because she doesn’t do any. Where one carries fat is hereditary. Michelle is pear-shaped, meaning she doesn’t carry weight on her upper half. What a crock of sh!t.

    • and their evidence for this is?

  18. Another shoe throwing. Only the guy throwing the shoe at the president got a lot better treatment.

  19. ah but, myiq, you don’t understand us here in the politically correct northwest. ie, that poor cop is a human being toooo and he suffered a boo-boo on his shin, for which HE went to the hospital while her injuries were handled by paramedics!

    • Yes, well he needed the visit to be able to say those macho words, “she hurt me first”. Unfortunately for him, it is clear in the video that he slammed his right shin into the steel toilet when he violently rammed her into the wall.

  20. My comment’s hung up in moderation, but I want to be clear, it is a post in which I referenced several celebrities and their not so stellar past comments or actions.

    David Bowie, AFAIK, only SANG about punching a woman in the jaw, in an otherwise great song, so he shouldn’t be counted as an abuser.

  21. You know, watching the video carefully, I bet she was asked to remove her shoes. You can see her push one off & toss it forward, then she moves her shoeless foot to her other heel to remove the other shoe.

    Isn’t it standard procedure to remove shoes (and shoestrings) and such before putting someone in a cell?

    That cop is a jerk. He needs to go to prison for a few months. And the guy with him? Unless he reported the incident, I think he should be fired as well.

  22. This makes me physically ill. I know a police psychologist who works with this department. This just makes me want to know how these guys are screened for mental health issues, how often, and what happens if they fail? Because this dude is clearly a fsking sociopath. And yet this police psychologist and the police dispatcher I know are both decent folks, convinced of what great guys their officers are.

    It’s all in-group/out-group dynamics. If you’re in, then you’re one of the guys, you’re trustworthy and you will be protected. But if you’re out-group you’re subhuman.

    I know that most cops are going to have high levels of control and aggression issues (that’s probably what motivates them to become cops). But seriously, knowing that we need to be much more vigilant about this shit.

    So do I call the Police Chief, Greg Nickels, Chris Gregoire? Any and all?

    • But some of them are NOT screened – google the case of Tacoma, WA police chief David Brame.

      Brame abused his wife for years – until he finally shot her to death in a shopping center parking lot in front of the couple’s 2 children and horrified witnesses and then turned the gun on himself.

      It was an awful case – made even worse by the fact that afterward it was revealed that Brame had NOT passed the psychological tests to even be a policeman, let alone Chief of Police. He had also raped a co-worker years before – and got away with it.

      • There were so many red flags on Brame! Tacoma has a lousy reputation and has always had a terrible crime record.

    • Greg Nickels is the Mayor of the City of Seattle. He has no authority over the King County Sheriff’s department. Which, by the way, is headed up by Sheriff Sue Rahr. Let’s see how a female handles this.

      If you want to write to someone, start with her and King County Executive Ron Sims.


      Apparently, there are people who think this police department is corrupt 🙂

      Sandra – I believe your friends probably work for the Seattle Police Dept based on what you said.

  23. Any and all?


    But this cop is done – he’ll be fired, and the rest of the cops will close ranks and assert that he was a “bad apple” and that such stuff is extremely rare.

    The reality is that that kind of stuff is much more common than most people realize.

    Poor people (of all colors) know better.

  24. Just for the record: the cop came in KNEED HER in the stomach, HIT HER in the face and THEN SMASHED HER INTO THE WALL USING HER HAIR TO CONTROL HER BODY.

    Then he THREW HER BODY TO THE FLOOR AGAIN USING HER HAIR FOR LEVERAGE and HIT HER WITH HIS FIST FROM AN OVERHEAD POSITION. Those blows may have gone to her back, back of neck, or head. Any one of those places would be extremely painful and could cause permanent damage.

    THE ASSISTANT COP SHOULD ALSO LOSE HIS JOB. And women and men should be OUTRAGED at this jackass “Sgt Jim Laing” who won’t even COMMENT!!

    I hope this girl sues them and gets millions!!

    • Then he lifted her up off the floor BY HER HAIR and pushed her out the door still grasping her hair.

    • BTW: That girl could theoretically still die from this attack. If that cop was hitting her in the head (we can’t see where his fists land) he could cause a blood clot that could kill her later. These cops know this. Look at his techniques. He’s trained.

  25. What could “the other side” of this story possibily be? It’s sounds like they are arguing there could be any rational reason for a 200 pound adult man beating a 15 year old girl–because she kicked her shoe at him and called him names? Give me a break!

    • All the cop had to do was slam the door and add “assaulting a peace officer” to his report.

      I wouldn’t even call what she did an assault – I don’t think she was trying to hit him.

  26. New thread up

  27. NationalAunthem, I’ve walked a similar path in similar shoes. Oversimplification is what you do when you say, “you’re a victim with low self-esteem, if you felt better about yourself and your value as a human being you would just leave.” Whether that’s true or not, it does not take into account the fact that the victim has feelings that she, or he, identifies as love.

    • Might have been true in your situation, but fear is the stronger ruler in others.

      The greater danger in many (not all) situations occurs AFTER the woman manages the courage to leave the abuser. They know they are actually safer staying.

      Often the abuser will use the “I’d kill myself if you ever left me” ploy and it is very easy to confuse pity with love; and just as often they use “I’ll kill you rather than let you walk away.”

      I have no idea what the dynamic specifics are in Rhianna’s relationship, but it is clear he has a hold on her. I did read an article that said she admitted this was not the first time when she made her police report.
      You can be sure that the potential destruction of Brown’s career over this is putting some guilty pressure on her. What decent person would ever want to be at the center of destroying someone else’s success?

  28. In the case of someone like Rihanna, I must say I’ll apply the “fool me once” principle. Chris Brown beat her once, shame on him. She’s giving him the chance to do it again and again and again. My sympathy for her is somewhere near 0% at this point.

    • He got caught beating her once. Unfortunately, he’s probably done it before. Money and means don’t have a lot to do with anything.

      • I don’t know; I think there’s a difference between a woman who has no money to go elsewhere and who thinks she’s staying for the kids, and a young unmarried woman with no kids and with a large bank account.

        • And, being put in a position where her own celebrity peers and agents and record labels could very well be threatening her future should she damage his.

          That is a plausible scenario and she is very young.

          Do you know if she was raised in a home where her mother was abused and made her high risk for being abused?

  29. Audio: “Oohh, ouch, eek, ugh!”

  30. This is really bizarre in that I have never even heard of this beating that took place right where I live. I do actually read the papers. King County is pretty much Seattle. Seattle is an urban sprawl that goes between Everett to the north through Seattle and on to Tacoma in the south. Washington state has two mountain ranges, a rain forest and is more than half federal forest land. The eastern part of the state is sort of a desert. There isn’t really any place to have a city in most of the state because of all that, the population is really concentrated.

    • Well, Constance, the news was only released here yesterday.

      You sure you live here? You describe Seattle in a way I’ve never heard before. Then, I’ve only lived here for 47 years.

  31. I also will not feel sorry for Rihanna next time. She is setting a bad example for her young fans too. Lets just pretend everything is great!

    • I wish that she would make a different decision, since she has a fanbase and, unlike most women in her position, could get her voice out there and at least be listened to, by some. But that’s on a macro level. On a human level, cinie and national aunthem are right. She’s a kid who’s still got bruises from the attack, and we don’t know what kind of pressures are being brought on her or what kind of turmoil she’s in. No matter what she does, I feel for her. She’s in a situation no one should ever be in.

  32. NationalAunthem: Well can you tell when you leave the city of Seattle? I drive up to BC often and it is just the same burbs from different decades through Everett. The first City I feel has a different feel northward is Bellingham. Going south things pretty much blur into Tacoma. Yeah you can pretend Seattle is more sophisticated than the burbs but the fact is the people I work with drive in from the burbs because they are young and that is all they can afford. And yeah I know Bellevue people think they have their own flavor but sorry it is one big blur to me and I have lived here at least 50 years. It is very different from some place like Ohio that has a different small town every 20 miles all with their own little down town and separate identity. And the farm land between the burbs are mostly gone here.

    • Sorry, Constance, but your knowledge of the area just isn’t obvious in the things you’ve said….including your understanding of the difference between the county and the city gov’ts.

      No, I have absolutely no difficulty at all in seeing the very real differences in the numerous cities between Seattle and Bellingham, Seattle and Tacoma, Seattle and Snoqualmie. I know which city I’m in at all times and think they all have their own unique feel. Just the width of the streets and the existence of garages on the houses is enough to mark the fact that you’ve left Seattle.

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